• May 17, 2022

Back Surgery For Eagles Right Tackle Ryan Harris, Out Indefinitely

Well isn’t this great news? With the right side of the line looking like a trainwreck Thursday night, the Eagles could use some good news regarding that part of the line. Well, this isn’t it.

Howard Eskin of 610 WIP reports that Harris has a herniated disc in his back. To take it a step further, two league sources tell CSN‘s Derrick Gunn that Harris will have back surgery likely in the next week. He’s out indefinitely.

This was supposed to be the guy to win that right tackle job. At one point early in his career with the Broncos, he and Ryan Clady were considered one of the top pairs of young bookends in the NFL. But, injuries have changed that and they are a big reason the Eagles got their mitts on him in the first place.

According to CSNPhilly.com, he had three back surgeries at Notre Dame, so this is a disturbing trend.

Couple this with the fact that Winston Justice is still recovering from off-season knee surgeries, and you find yourself staring down the barrel of King Dunlap. He’s been decent in the preseason, but do you really want him out there against the likes of DeMarcus Ware and “insert the name of a Giants defensive end here”? Me neither.

Todd Herremans could still be moved to right tackle, but now he’s playing out of position and you’ve probably weakened the left side of the line now too. Great.

Micah Warren

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    We could have signed Jean Gilles and plugged Gabe Carimi in immediately, friggin Andy Reid deserves to lose his friggin job. He thinks he’s so smart. I guarantee Bill Belichek would have taken Gabe Carimi with that pick. Stupid bastard!

  • No real surprise here Micah,
    The guy was damaged good the last year and a 1/2 and the fact that his old team that knows him and his condition best (the Denver Broncos) didn’t even make a token offer to retain him and we all know how new Coach J Fox loves big OT and to run the ball.. So when he was still out on the market 2 weeks after Free-agency started with very little bites, the Red Flags were up and waving,, I expect he will be IR and see if he is in the discussion in 2012..

  • run, help me out with this stat, I forget completely – what year did Gabe Carimi get inducted into the hall of fame? We all know he’s the best OL ever, but the year of his induction escapes me.

    You are blaming Reid and co for “Think(ing) they know everything” but you are sitting here calling them dumb for not picking a guy who has done NOTHING AT ALL WELL IN THE NFL. You know why I say he’s done nothing at all well in the NFL? BECAUSE HE HAS DONE NOTHING NADA ZILCH ZIPPO in the NFL. he’s a rookie who never played an NFL snap. And on top of that, he’s a run blocking specialist, not a pass blocker.

    You are so friggin hardheaded and arrogant. It’s silly

    Are you dating Gabe? Did he feed your family for a year?

  • Great Reply Schiller! What’s the big deal with Carimi? If runtheball09 wants to argue that they should have picked up..or still can pick up a right tackle…that’s an argument…but to pimp Carimi as some savior..who cares? And I still think if they start Jackson…a seasoned veteran along side of Watkins…Watkins looks way better than with Kelco. I’m not worried yet.

  • The real error was in last years draft where they we a lot of quality tackles
    Take a look at the Rams LT Roger SAffold who went at #33- 1st pick in the 2nd ROund) He is a Starter already and probably will be a Perennial Pro-Bowler for the next 6-8-10 Years.. The Eagles missed their opporutnity for a Good RT in last year’s Draft where there was more quality and depth along the O/Line and than this years crop of OL which simply was not as strong.. There were Better DL this year and Better OL last draft and the Eagles drafted the direct the opposite…(They are always trying to outsmart everyone and find that diamond in the rough instead of playing the % and going by conventional wisdom..)

  • Schiller we all know your other account is tkotanch. Quit deep throating reid. Carimi was the pick we needed not a guard moron.

  • BTW schiller It’s not about Gabe Carimi we could have taken James Carpenter or any other OT for that matter. We needed a tackle, if you don’t know then you don’t know this team at all. Any fan will tell you the Danny Watkins pick was dumb for this season. Did Danny Watkins, King Dunlap, Winston Justice get inducted into the Hall of Fame? It must of slipped my mind. Do you rely on Danny Watkins, King Dunlap or Winston Justice for anal pleasure?

  • (*sign into another account)

    Great reply runtheball09 you really gave it to schiller good.

    (*sign out of other account)

  • every other coach new Harris was damaged goods , but of course Reid knows better and is smarter then the other coaches. Vick is dead meat !!!!!

  • I aint’ faulting him for signing Harris, he went with what the doctors said, I’m faulting him because he went with best available versus best available at our BIGGEST glaring hole. We all knew. We all friggin knew that RT was the biggest question mark and as if we needed proof, which we don’t, he proved it by signing Harris. We should have just been smart and signed Gilles and drafted a ready OT. I guarantee Andy knew he blew it when he didn’t jump up and grab Nate Solder so he thought, “well we’ll just be creative and grab the best player on the board.” It would have been one thing if Watkins could have converted to OT but he can’t and so here we are with Vick’s blind side with two turds protecting him. Unbelievable. Andy pisses me off.

  • And I’m not calling Watkins a turd, the two turds I was referring to are Dunlap and Justice

  • 3 back surgeries and the Eagles docs cleared him ?

    I don’t see how

    Backs are real tricky and surgery is the last resort and he had 3

  • 3 weeks of hard work anyone think harris’s # 64 should be retiired!

  • Does this surprise anyone?

    We must be breaking a record for picking up players with injury history on;y to have them get injured and go on injury reserve.

    we need to fire our medical guy that clear these guys to be signed here.

    Let’s pick up Shawn Andrews….

    It can get any worse can it?

    Damn…it can..Winston Justice will be coming back from injury….Vick put on the Jets buddy, you’ll need em

  • Not to change the subject or anything, but this is the reason I don’t want Lofa Tatupu on this team. Word is he is a great guy, good leader, and we all know he was a pretty good player. Thing is, he has 2 shot knees and would be another half-ass attempt at filling a hole/need.

    That is why he was released in the first place, and why he still is unsigned. I am sure some team will bring him on board as a backup after some cuts that are forthcoming, and I would do it only with intentions of making him a backup. Anything greater than that would be a cherry on top. One bad knee is enough (ask Nate Allen and you have seen many go through it), but 2 is not something I want to invest a roster spot in.

    Back to the topic, I feel bad for this guy. He is smart and athletic, and somehow caught the Shawn Andrews syndrome. Good luck to Ryan Harris.

    Concerning our season, Winston Justice played solid last season before ending on a bad note the last handful of games. Coming back from injury as a heavy lineman, we can’t depend on him either. We just might have to roll with King Dunlap unless we can pull off a decent trade. We’ll still be fine either way, it just means that Brent Celek will be our 6th blocker again this season.

  • run – ha nope, wasn’t me but nice try. Seriously though – you called Reid and the front office arrogant because they think they know things. Same goes for you. You thought our guard play was good last year at RG? Really? IT SUCKED. It was worse than Justice was last year. Truth is, going into this offseason, we needed BOTH a RG and a RT. You feel we needed RT more. OK. That’s your opinion. I personally felt we needed an RG most and then a RT. If you are going to sit her right now and tell me that Watkins won’t turn out well, or that another rookie OL would have been better, well that is 100 % absolute bullshit. You are entitled to your opinion, but to act like you know more than the front office about how this rookie class (league wide) will pan out is fortunetelling – in otherwords – BULLSHIT. I know deep down you get that.

  • Songs – yeah it feels like that doesn’t it? But guess what – it’s FOOTBALL. Most of the guys that signed with new teams this year had some recent injury history. If you pay attention to other teams, you’d know that it by no means is something the Eagles do more than other teams – sign injured players that is – it just feels that way because we are Eagles fans.

  • How is an obvious glaring need fortune telling? This is the same bullshit we dealt with when Mcnabb had 0 wide receivers, and anyone could look at the team and say, how about getting a true 1. Then look what happens when we do. This is the same damn thing we’ve been saying about safety when dawkins was let go, “uhh hello, Andy, Front Office, we need a safety we’re getting destroyed in the backfield…”

    This front office and Andy did not address the Right Tackle position at all. Name me the OT they drafted this year who can start right away? Name him.

    The Right Tackle was a million times worse than our RG last year for starters and secondly an interior lineman is less valuable than an OT. OT can at least convert to a guard more easily than vice versa. This team blew the draft. It’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of fact I’m done arguing with you because you have to be one of the biggest fucking retards to ever grace this planet. You understand nothing. You have zero common sense and or enlightenment. Piss off you little troll.

  • Run, thanks, I am truly flattered but the thing is, I don’t date negadelphs. I still love that you try to speak of intelligence but you insist that you know for a fact how the future will turn out – THAT sir is fortunetelling. It is a known FACT – to use your word – that judging a draft too early – and trust me, that counts as ‘before a game is played’!

    Here’s you in a nutshell “You fucking idiot, you don’t even know that 5+2 = 490,389.44”

    They didn’t address it at all eh? They did in free agency buddy. It didn’t go so well, but you are wrong if you are saying the didn’t address it at all. They SIGNED A RT you nimwit. Did they not address the CB position at all? They didn’t draft a corner till the third round. Guess NNamdi and DRC don’t count.

    You really think that it is possible to fill every position with studs and everything else is unacceptable don’t you? What world do you live in. Are you a complete failure because you’re not a billionaire married to a supermodel? I say no, but by your standards, it’s not only possible to obtain perfection, it’s expected.

    Your pms called, it’s getting tired of your attitude. And what is your fascination with homosexual references? That’s messed up that you gotta disparage an irrelevant population of people when you get angry. That’s real messed up.

  • The thing that pisses me off, is EAgles knew that WJ wound’t be ready to start the Season, why not just move Herremans to RT at the start of Camp..
    The Picked up Gaurd E Mathis, HAve MCGlynn and even signed R Wells who has started 60 games at LG.. Why dick around another 2-3 weeks when Herreamans could have gotten the reps from the get go and handle RT until WJ was a 100% of possibly even keep Herramans as the RT Starter if he was was doing a good job.. Bottom line, what’s the downside.. Herremans knows the system better than any other OL and is tough and healthy enough to make all the practices and play all the time.. I just don’t understand this dicking around and wasting time when they had a solid short-term and potential longer term solution on their team already..In the shortened CAMp/Preseson schedule that all teams are under, get the 5 best guys on the field along that OL..and worry about injured players who were starters when they are finally healthy..

  • MICAH, perfect word, “Trainwreck.” This is 2 years in a row now, that they did zip, ziltch, nadda. O-line has been the biggest need for 2 years, so what do they do, they waste another 1st rounder by drafting a 27 year old fireman, who has only played football for 3-4 years & immediately change his position, with no practice time. Just freaking brilliant!!! Square peg, in round hole Andy! Every freaking year! Then they do their usual yearly signing, out of the Hospital room, in Harris. Who the f^@# is giving these players physicals, Hellen Keller!?!? This is so f^@#ing frustrating, that year after year, that these @$$ clowns don’t see what everyone else sees!
    AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP TRYING TO REINVENT THE GAME, BY CHANGING PLAYERS POSITIONS, THAT THEY HAVE NEVER PLAYED! DAMN IT!!! Vick will be out by week 2! Bank on it! All hail the on paper dream team! Bunch of bull$#!t!!!!

  • Schiller must be a paid troll by the eagles, to constantly defend some of the most bonehead decisions by Reid, this season will end in futility, Vick will be lucky to make it seven games, you can bank on that, the frigging Cleveland browns almost took him out, but somehow Schiller will be here criticizing us who had an opinion that this season would fail

  • JAKE, I agree with ya 100%! But I agree with him in that, we are getting a little doomsdayish. But he can’t keep ignoring the obvious flaws, stupidity, arrogance & ignorance of this team & FO!

  • @DDcar “helen keller” wow, i fell backwards… lol…

  • After going thru all the crap that the Andrew brothers gave us. You sign a guy who had 3 back surgerys? Your returning starter is coming off end of the year surgery. And your other option was not even good enough to start for his COLLEGE TEAM.

    And this is your plan for protecting the blindside of your Franchise QB?

    That’s like investing in a Bently and not putting oil in it.

    This is the lack of logic that makes me critisize Crystal Ball Andy. You are a passing coach. How do you not make repairing the offensive line a MAJOR priority.

    I am sick of our QBs having to run for their life all the time. Holding your breath on every play hoping that he does’nt get hurt.

    If no one in the history of the NFL has ever drafted a 27 year old in the first round, does not it make sense that he would be there in the 2nd round? You could have drafted a young stud and still got this guy. But you spent a precious 1st round pick on a guy who Mr. Cobb pointed out, appears to have no upside.

    1. Draft a 27 year old in the first round.

    2. Hire a sorry Offensive line coach as your defensive coordinator.

    3. Put an undersized defense on the field every year.

    4. Draft a good RB, sign a good RB, have a good RB and you don’t Run.

    5. Need a RT and you have bum, back up a bum and you don’t draft one.

    6. Still can’t manage your timeouts after 12 years as Head Coach

    7. Stubborn – won’t grow and learn from his experiences.

    Andy Reid has not grown. He has not improved his play calling, his clock management, and his personel moves. In 12 years he has regressed. Instead of NFC Championship, it’s one game and out. That is why I find it baffling he gets this blind support.

    Who hires somebody and keeps him on as he gets worse at his job? Not in the real world and not in the NFL. Donavan get worse, trade him. Trotter gets worst cut him. Andy gets worst. Extend his contract. Numbers don’t lie.

    It’s not hate it’s the facts. Every year the NFL fires on average 7 head coaches. Even guys who have WON SUPERBOWLS (Brian Billeck, Shanahan) have been fired.

    And the guy keeps his job for 12 years? Please.

    The goal in the NFL is to win the SUPERBOWL. John McKay the old USC great and Tampa Bay coach use to say he had a 4 year plan to win the Superbowl. Reporters asked him, why a 4 year plan? He said “because that’s how long my contract is.”

    Crystal Ball Andy should be held to the same standard that every other coach in the history of the NFL is held to. That same standard that we are held to on our jobs. Produce or find another job. Period.

    He thumbs his nose at Philadelphia and refuses to incorporate a consistant running game. He goes out of his way to draft players that defy logic. Just to prove how smart he is. If he needs a Center or a WR he might wait 2 or 3 years to pick one just to prove that he does not have to do what the fans want or what convential wisdom dictates.

    We went years without a WR only to hear “I’m happy with the ones we have”

    We need a return man and he gives us Reno Mahe

    We need a center and he completely ignores it. And drafts a offensive lineman a year later.

    You trade your starting MLB then move his replacement to another position and start an undersized rookie who has NEVER PLAYED MIDDLELINEBACKER.

    He is Arrogant and stubborn. So smart.

    All of this has delivered O championships. ZERO.

    We can not do any worst. I don’t care about making the playoffs.

    New York

    All in the division and all multiple Superbowl Champions. Not one, championship for a major metropoliton city with the greatest fan base in the NFL. The Eagle merchandise is always in the top 5 in sales. A waiting list of years to get season tickets. Sell out all the time.

    That is why we deserve, no, should demand a Superbowl. Not an accountant who is millions under the cap year after year.

    New Orleans and Tampa Bay. Two of the worst francises in the history of the NFL have won Superbowls in the time Andy Reid has been head coach. Tampa took ours from us on our home field.

    Joe Jurivious.

    Andy Reid consistantly loses to Jeff Fisher, Lovie Smith and Bill Belicheck. Why? They are winners with plenty of game experience. They don’t fall for the gimmicks. They are logical.

    Andy Reid is a winner.

    He is Not a Champion. Period

    That’s the bottom line nobody can argue.

  • jake, ha, you know that that is just as absurd as me calling you a cowboy fan cause you’re so negative about the team. Right?

    See man ‘this season will end in futility’. You work in a psychic parlor? Or are just STUPID. Thinking you know the future. That’s the sign of a FOOL. A FOOL. Sure, the odds of you being right are high, 31 other teams and a long season, plenty of variables. But you have the typical sorry outlook of a jaded all ID bafoon negadelph. I know there’s a real person under that. But you gotta act tough for your boys on Gcobb right?

  • Who hires somebody and keeps him on as he gets worse at his job? – Run

    He is Arrogant and stubborn. – Run

    For the first – um, he got worse? How? Record doesn’t say so. Records on offense doesn’t say so. Best talent at sill positions ever in franchise history doesn’t say so. See run, you are ANGRY. We get it. And you know what? Your anger makes you sound like a true grade A idiot.

    And for the stubborn and arrogant thing, um, first why is he arrogant? Because he doesn’t agree with YOU or do what YOU want? What has Reid said – EVER said – that is arrogant? And Stubborn? I thought you said he was complacent at WR. So brining in DJax, Mac, Avant, Smith, Cooper is the same old? How is he stubborn if he’s always doing stuff that is random/never done before – that’s contradictory. You make no sense, you’re just a raging beast spewing diarrhea out of your mouth.

  • ha my bad, I confused the haters – run/bsm

    But for both of you – are your eye’s dried out yet or are you going to keep crying? Isn’t there a theory where a baby left crying will eventually learn to soothe themselves? Are you two developmentally delayed to the point where you just keep whining and crying and whining and crying and whining and crying and whining and crying and whining and crying and whining and crying and whining and crying and……….

    did you never develop the ability to move on?

  • schiller go back to bed with eskin and spadaro you butt lover

  • I’m not tired, those two people annoy me and wait a minute, you don’t appreciate a nice piece of ass? You’ve never admired or enjoyed a woman’s butt? Or are you trying to be a dick to a whole huge portion of humanity?

  • Schiller

    How many Superbowls has Andy Reid won?

    When that number is more than Zero, you can speak.

  • bsm – thanks for the permission son. The answer to your question is 1. If you are asking how many he’s won as a part of the Philadelphia Eagles, the answer is 0 and it’s a stupid question because we all know that.

    How many superbowl wins did Bill Cowher, Bill bilicheat, sean peyton, Mike Tomlin, etc etc etc etc have before they won the superbowl? Did that mean that they sucked beforehand? Nope you dope

  • (50% joke, 50% for real) — Dhani Jones is available….Thoughts?

  • Some great news , Les Bowen just reported the Eagles have finally moved T Herremans over to RT as of today and that WR’s J Maclin & S Smith participated in their 1st Practices of the Season .. Things are looking up..

  • schiller (dave spadaro)

    by your logic no coach in the league should get fired. After all he could win a superbowl someday.

    Some people you look at and think are stupid.

    You open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • bsm – no, not everyone should get fired – coaches who aren’t winning (and you yourself admitted Reid is a – to quote you ‘Winner”) – who aren’t indicating that they make their team better and in position to compete for the SB over time – THEY should get fired.

    But coaches who ARE winning, who deliever contenders year after year are worth keeping because if you go in a different direction, you decrease the chances of getting a shot at the SB.

    See, it’s your logic that although not stupid, is incredibly limited. YOUR logic, is all or nothing – a type of thinking that is off base with EARTH/THE WORLD.

  • I don’t know why you guys go back and forth with shit nose..I mean Schiller.

    He keeps his face square with his nose in Andy’s ass.


    Come up for oxygen and type more.

  • No problem…Let’s sign Shawn Andrews

    Big Baby Back

  • how adorable, songs found a post from last week that he can contribute something mature and constructive to.

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