• May 21, 2022

Matthews And Eagles Run Defense Is Headed For Another Challenge

The entire Eagles coaching staff and roster knows what the Falcons offense is going to do on Sunday, but nobody knows exactly how they’re going to do it. We know Atlanta is going to attack the Eagles run defense by handing the ball off to their big diesel running back Michael Turner.

Yesterday during his weekly Wednesday news conference, Andy Reid had to admit that the Birds run defense needs to improve in order for the Birds to stop Turner and the Falcons.

“Turner is a phenomenal player”, Reid said yesterday. He’s a heck of player and he’s going to gain a couple yards. You know that going in. He knows how to do that. But at the same time we’ve got to make sure that we work to secure things up and get better in that area. They’re going to continue to give it to him, and they should, he’s a heck of a player.”

Rookie middle linebacker Casey Matthews knows the challenge he and the team’s run defense will face on Sunday when they try to stop Turner.

“I think he’s the leading running back in yards after contact in the league the last 2 years,” Matthews said of Turner. “He’s going to be tough to bring down. He’s got thick legs, and he knows how to use ’em. Gang tackle, and everybody rally to the ball.”

Last year the Eagles got off to a quick start and jumped out to a big lead against Atlanta and it took Turner out of the game, but he still gained 100 yards on ten carries. You know Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg will be looking to strike quick again this year with all of their explosive weapons. The coaches know that their defense is built to play with a lead, rather than from behind.

It will be a much tougher job this time around in the Georgia Dome if the game is close or the Falcons get a first quarter lead. Early on everybody’s eyes will be on Matthews as he battles Turner and the Falcons big offensive linemen while standing on that island called the “Wide Nine”.

The Falcons have to be salivating to get a shot at this kid with Turner attacking him and the Eagles defensive ends lined up wide. Matthews must feel like he’s got one defensive end lining up in Center City and the other is down the shore. Turner and the Falcons are going to gain some yardage on the ground, but will they be able to control the game and stay up with the Birds high-scoring offense while doing so.

Early on in the yesterday’s session with the media, Reid let us know that Matthews would be starting again on Sunday. Big Red was trying to be positive about the play of the youngster and the other Eagles run stoppers against the Rams while knowing they will have a bulls-eye on their backs on Sunday.

“Well, you know, I thought in general the defense improved as it went on. I thought, obviously we started off slow, with the first run, and then the next time they came back and tried that same run it was a two-yard gain as opposed to a long one, touchdown. So, you know, the thing I look at is progress especially with young players. I thought that’s what I saw from all our young guys.”

Matthews emphasized the positive when he was questioned about their performance against the Rams running game yesterday.

“As a defensive unit, it was a little slow to start; you can expect that, especially the first game of the year, but once we made the adjustments, we felt the second half we came together and shut down what they had for us,” Matthews said. “We can always play better. There’s always stuff you can learn from.”

His fellow linebacker Jamar Chaney came to his defense, while emphasizing the fact that last week was the young linebacker’s first NFL game.

“You can’t compare him to all the other middle linebackers in the league, or nothing like that,” Chaney said. “If you’re going to compare him to somebody, compare him to all the other rookie linebackers starting. He’s the MIKE linebacker, calling plays. I don’t think there’s any other rookie linebacker doing that for a defense. So I think he did pretty well.”

Matthews has to be wondering how he got himself into this position. First, he was shocked when he found out he was the team’s starting middle linebacker after arriving at training camp.

You could imagine how he felt when he found out that each of the Eagles defensive ends would be lining up on the sidelines and his job was to fight off these big offensive linemen and make tackles. He’s just not big or quick enough to beat these big offensive linemen and get off these blocks to make tackles.

I think they need to use Brian Rolle at the middle linebacker spot if they’re not going to move Chaney back to that position because Rolle’s quickness would make him difficult to block for the league’s big offensive linemen. Rolle is only 5’10” 235 but he’s explosive and quick as a cat.


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  • G-Cobb thats exactly what I posted yesterday. The LB are suppose to take on the 315 lb offensive lineman and make the tackle? Are you serious? What LB in the NFL does that on a consistant basis? Isnt it always that you hear the DT hold up the olineman so the LB are freed up to make plays? I cant imagine even if its Ray Lewis or Urlacher it doesnt matter if the guard ,who out weighs them by 50-75 lbs, gets a free run at them they arent making plays eithier. We might be looking at the wrong group of players not doing thier job against the run. If the center and guards are blocking the LB then what the hell are the DT doing?

  • G,
    I agree with you 100%. I just don’t understand Andy’s off season. He did nothing to IMPROVE upon the LB’s & O-Line from last year. He also took the only bright spot from LB last year, in Chaney & moved him to the outside. Then replaced him with a rookie, who is not a MIKE, is too small & is being overwhelmed. I am sick of square peg in round hole Andy & his stubborn, illogical, ignorant roster moves & his holier than thou, I invented the game attitude! Every year he does it, every year it bites him in the @$$! Draft a damn guy & play him where he belongs.

  • Heres a question. With Trent Cole, Babin, Jenkins etc. The secondary we have assembled. I would think that with that talent those players can play in any system. Hell Cole was effective without the “Wide Nine”. Do they need to play the “Wide Nine” if they are getting gashed by the run? Why not just play the wide 9 on obvious passing downs if we are struggling against the run. Get a lead first then go to the wide 9. Help the LB out a little. Just a thought.

  • Yeah, let’s draft a guy like Gocong, who had 20 sacks & make him a LB. Let me draft a skier, who hasn’t played football in years & make him starting return man. Let me make our horrible special teams coach our DLine coach. Let’s trade out of the 1st round, 2 years in a row because quantities are better than qualities. Let’s trade up 10 spots & draft a smurf 3-4 lb & make him starting DE, but play him at DT half the game. Let’s draft a 26 year old firefighter, who only has played football for 4 years, immediately change his position & pronounce him starter, only to be wrong again. Let’s draft a smurf outside LB, change his position to our MIKE LB, QB of the DF. Let’s reinvent the game & make our mediocre, OLine coach into a DF coordinator, even though he has never been a coordinator or on that side of the ball. The list goes on & on & on. I haven’t even touched on his flawed, predictable, stubborn play calling & time management or challenge calls. Stevie Wonder, can do better than him. Reid must go to win SB!

  • Turner, Abraham & Edward are going to eat them alive Sunday night. They also have good lines, that are going to be playing with a tree sized chip on their shoulders. They better hope Vick gets us the lead early, because it will be a long night. Also the Birds aren’t as good as last week & Atlanta isn’t as bad as last week. They better not take them lightly.

  • KJ Wright was the LB the Eagles missed on in the Draft
    Seahawks grabbed him in the 4th Round and he’s 6-4 250lbs MLB who is a monster and was a 2 year College Teammate with J Chaney at Miss State and helped that team to lead the tough SEC Conference in Run Defense..

    Back on topic, I am not as concerned about Mike Turner who is a straight North & SOuth Runner and really doesn’t have the wiggle or 1 cut and change direction like he used to when he was younger.. He’s is more of a striaght to the hole runner… This may be a game at least on the early downs to not have the DE line up so wide and also have the LB’s line up closer to the line-of-scrimmage, when Turner has to move laterally or wait for hole to develop, he is not very effective and is very similar to the Giants Brandon Jacobs.. But give him space and holes where he gets running straight with his shoulders squared up and then he’s a load…

  • I would say my thoughts on this but it would be “old hat.” The bottom line is that I don’t blame Matthews for sucking, he is what he is right now. Good thing they saved money on not signing Stew because they signed desean… oh wait… nevermind.

  • @paulman I’m not faulting them for taking this kid if they like him, I’m faulting them because it was obvious he isn’t NFL caliber right now, and they went about the linebackers in the wrong way. I will say this, I remember when Sean Lee from PSU was on the board and he was one of the best players available and the eagles traded the pick to none other than dallas. If it would have been any other team I might not have cared as much.

  • ddcar, that post above is a classic and should be required reading for all the kool aid drinkers, schiller, et.al, maybe drive some of the brainwashing out, nice

  • DD, you pissed off much??? Typical negadelphian that constantly looks for everything bad and never focus on the good … You guys are annoying as hell!!! Quit crying like a little bitch …

    Atlanta has a weak weak defense. Their corners would be backups on any other team. They only have one DT with starting experience playing this week. Yes, their ends are decent, but Edwards played on one of the best front lines in the league. We’ll see what he can do on a weak line this year. I am not scared of this team. If our front four continues to get pressure on Ryan (like we did on Bradford), he will break down like he always does. Aren’t they playing without their starting center?

    Also, the Birds were awful last week. So if you don’t think we are as good as last week, then we just flat out suck (and that is false). Atlanta, got out played last week. They were overrated last year and GB exposed that in the playoffs. I still feel this team is overrated and hopefully we will expose that again Sunday.

  • For all the Bradley lovers out there..
    Bradley is 2nd String on the Cardinals Defense and was beat out for the Starters spot by a 10-year journerymen named Paris Lenon..
    Bradley was not the answer LB either..

  • drafting a skier and making him a return man, if you didnt know that was fact you would think ddcar was hallucinating, think about how ridiculous that sounds, but that is reid’s mo

  • Jakedog – I LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE me some Kool Aid – I am drinking – I admitted, conceded, abdicated that the Eagles LBs needed to play betterSo here is my question – same one I asked yesturday after my rather comical dead horse post (see we are getting a couple more wacks in today – that poor old nag is down to the bones)

    Rather then sit and blather (hey DD – come in from the ledge – its OK man – we actually won last week and we are 1-0, we lead the league in rushing and we have the #5 ranked scoring defense its OK) and hypothesize about what everyone is going to do to us – and I guess St Louis didn’t get the memo, cause after the first play they didn’t cross the goal line, inform me (as I sip my kool aid) what exactly it would take for the Eagles D this week – Sunday, in Atlanta – to shut you guys up – to buy one week – hey the D looked good this weekend – withot dread, doom and loathing becuase 10 weeks from now we play….

    I mean imagine – after week one we have identified several areas people need to improve – how dare we only win 31-13 on the road against a projected divisional champ…..

  • Daggolden
    My thoughts also
    Where are those LBers that shred 310 lb lineman
    300 lb D Lineman can’t always do it
    Yeah we need 280 LBers that can also cover TEs etc

  • Dont forget about OL Guard J Vandervelde either… The guy is a “Tenor” singer.. Good grief….

  • The Rolle comment sounds crazy, but guess what small linebacker took on offensive llineman last Sunday and knocked them to the ground or got off them quickly. I can’t imagine Rolle being the MIKE, but he seems to be the best at delivering a hit and getting off blocks. We saw Chaney stay clean last year at MIKE, isn’t it easier to get an good or average SAM and keep a good MIKE in Chaney. Rolle looks like a guy that the coaches can’t keep off the field.

  • Jake – do your homework brother – Jeremy Bloom was an outstanding multi sport athlete. He was a phenom return man in college and got caught up with the NCAA who told him he couldn’t make a living skiing (multiple world champion and olympic medalist) and play college football – the NCAA declared he couldn’t play football anymore – I think at the time he held many of the college return records.

    Pittsburg must be idiots too cause he was on their practice squad for two years after he left Philly

  • DDcar – just cause I like to let everyone know I am smarter then them – I keep reading the angst about Reid’schallenege flag – You know Ried is actually aboce avergae when compared to the rest of the coaches in the NFL in getting calls overturned – he has like a 38% overturn rate – league avergae is like 34% – gues whatt coach is the worst – the absolute basement , has the fewest calls overturned on challenegs – wait for it, wait for it, none other then the Coach from NEw England himself! Bellicheck – Philly.com did an analuysis of avery NFL challenge – Ried is actaully in the top half of coaches.

  • navy – ha yeah, love when the haters dismiss or leave out 50% (or more) of the information to make their point! It’s the sure sign of a hater.

    “Danny Watkins the firefighter” – actually, he also was a dominant college football player – now which is more relevant to the NFL and the Eagles? And which do the haters leave out? case in point

    Jeremy Bloom – Skier and Dominant College Football Player. Which do the hater’s leave out – the football player.

    Haters love to put the blinders on and literally pretend the positives don’t exist. It’s pure foolishness.

  • Bloom was not a dominant football player, he was a skier turned specialist for a low level d1 program, played two years only, wasted 5th round pick, cut by eagles and steelers, Watkins’ pedigree is hockey, firefighting and an AARP card, as he will be approaching retirement if andcwhen he ever suits up

  • I can’t complain about this off-season. The team just had too many holes to fill with quality players. At this point the O-line and the LBs are a concern. As far as drafting Watkins, he was the consensus best guard in the draft. I am not defending the Eagles here, because I think that you don’t take a guard in the first round. That has got to be a tackle or a dominant center, but they took the best guard available.

    I like what I have seen of Rolle (which is very little). He is undersized, but he seems to be able to get into gaps. Why not?

    I want to see Dixon in the lineup. He would make a huge difference against the run.

  • jake – Bloom dominated the opposition on the team he played on. You can’t deny that. Yes he didn’t work out but you first said he was a skier – ignoring his football success. That’s my point – “Michael Jordan is an underwear adman” – would you say that?

    Watkins pedigree is all those thing plus being an excellent college football player. Again – you’re blatantly ignoring FACTS HUGELY RELEVANT FACTS!

    Approaching retirement. Right, so if he starts next year (and I think it’s silly to say we know he won’t start this year and do it well – it’s not even game 2 yet). But let’s stay he starts next year – then he’s 27 which is NOT approaching retirement. He will be less damaged goods and well within the range of having 5-8 or so quality years. You are being an immature hater by overexageratting – without using your brain or any semblance of rationality;

  • Jake – again do your homework – he was a freshman all american at colorado – Pac 10 now Pac 12 – I guess that qualifies as low level – multiple TD returns. Bloom was an outstanding high school football player, track start, and skier – see if you understand how the NCAA recruiting and eligibilty process works, you would understand you have to be certified as an amatuer – now if you follow pac 10 football – bloom was feared as a returner and WR – much like Djax was when he was a Cal – Bloom is probably as fast if not faster then Djax (note part where he was a teack star)

    Stop hating man – every year every team ‘wastes’ draft picks – its number man – you draft 7 each year – are they all going to replace 7 from your roster? Most of you friggin ignorant morons don’t realize the eagles work the draft board so well they typically have the most draft picks hence they ‘waste’ more. Note that becuase the eagles typically have winning teams they typically have fewer holes then say the Detroit of Old – and logic would follow, becuase they tend to win 10-11 games every year, the talent level must be decent, so fewer holes to fill again (unless you guys want to admit the talent sucks and its great coaching)

  • boy – I can’t spell TRACK –

  • had bloom finished his last two years playing football – he would have had to give up the 2006 Olympics – NCAA said you accept any ‘swag’ you lose amatuer status. Had he gone that route, he probably would have been looked at much like DJax coming out of college..

    now note – I have only talked about Bloom and Djax in reference to speed and COLLEGE – clearly Bloom did not work out in the pros

  • Other SPecial Talents by recent Eagle Draft Picks

    RB/Returner Reno Mahe was a College Hula-Hoop Dancer Champion..
    CB Jack Igeweke was a College X-Box Champion
    OL Max Jean-Gilles was a Southeast Regional IHOP Restaurant Pancake eating Champion in College
    QB Kevin Kolb was a Pheasant Shooting Champion in Houston,Tx
    DE T Cole had the biggest Deer Kill in Ohio with a Bow during his College Days
    QB M Kafka has the highest GPA while at Northwestern

  • Jake – it’s just pathetic you’re focusing on Bloom and drafting from years ago. This team is very good and undefeated. You’re caught in your hate from the past. Grow up and beyond that – or don’t, it’s your choice – but it’s like arguing with a 5 year old “but you didn’t let me eat desert without finnishing my vegatables in kindegarten, that’s why I’m bratty now mom!”

  • Oh and just becuase I am on a roll – St Louis didn’t dress there 1st rd pick from last years draft either. Shawn Andrews and Todd Hermanns and Mike McGlynn and even the great Logan Mankins were all TACKLES in college. two points to shut you know-nothings up:

    one – most really good offensive lineman in high school (ie the teams best OL) end up playing TACKLE – hence when colleges go looking at high school, they typically recruit the biggest and best – which… amazingly are high school tackles.

    Once at college, the lineman get reshuffled and guess where the best OLineman end up playing…. wait – TACKLE (on my god)

    Then when they go from college to the pros, the pros look and project based upon such things as size, quickness, arm length (yes, arm length) ability to do that shuffle step etc. and then say based upon those skills you will be this.

    Now – just cause I can – Evry coach, I mean every coach, i am talking every coach in every sport, was I not clear, every coach, all coaches, every single coach – wait, maybe I stuttered, every coach will tell you, no I wasn’t clear enough, all coaches in all sport, will tell you they look for ATHLETES. Give them an ATHLETE with solid fundamentals and they will make them the player.

    So to be clear DD – Ried is arrogant, he does think he knows evrything – guess what dude – so does EVERY FRIGGIN COLLEGE COACH. So does EVRY FRIGGIN PRO COACH.

  • Center Jamall Jackson was “Shot-Put” Champion while at Delaware State
    WR R Cooper won the “High Jump” award down in Florida
    LT J Peters won the “Hog Wrestling” award when he was at U of Arkansas
    S C Andersons won the “Rodeo Championship” while at Montana

    QB M Vick… we already know what he won while at Virginia Tech…

  • Those two weeks off from posting were refreshing

  • Wasn’t it hank baskett who was the high jump champ

  • “He’s the MIKE linebacker, calling plays. I don’t think there’s any other rookie linebacker doing that for a defense.”

    Exactly the problem. A team with superbowl aspirations should not have a rookie in probably the most important position on a 4-3 defense ESPECIALLY with the guys on either side of him aren’t anything special.

  • And don’t get me wrong, I have no idea what Matthews (or Watkins) will be in the future. All I can judge on is right now. And right now we already see Watkins and Matthews isn’t a natural MLB. Maybe he could develop into one but again, a team with these type of aspirations should not have this type of demand on a rookie. Too important of a position and too hard of a league to just plug anyone there and still think you are going to win. Move him to weakside and put Chaney in the middle. Still not a stellar corps but I think much more solid playing their natural positions.

  • Really scorp – that like an unwritten law of urban warfare or something – maybe I should find that in my ‘guide to prospective NFL defensive coordinators’ handbook and write that inside the front cover ‘team with Super Bowl aspirations no have rookie MLB if guys on each side not special……..’

    Kind of funny – the most complex time for a defensive signal caller is passing situations – multiple rcvrs, spread formations, guys going in motion and you all have admitted this team is ‘built for that’.

    The simplest defense is the basic stop the run – you smask ahead, we smash ahead.

    Guys can’t help but trip all over yourselves trying to out ESPN ESPN –

    again an easy one for all you ‘we are gonna get run over cause I know so much types’ give me what you would consider a good day for the eagles defense – what do they have to do to atlanta, this weekend, this Sunday – I don’t care about Chicago 9 weeks from now, Atlanta, Sunday – what would stop your non stop since week 2 of the pre-season wanking..

  • DDCar, don’t forget moving Dan Klecko, a DT to FB instead of actually taking the position serious. Greg Lewis to punt returner which led to the resigning of Reno Mahe all because he can actually catch the punt. Drafting Tony Hunt as a RB and moving him to FB because he was too slow but then found out he couldn’t block either. Macho Harris, a CB moved to Safety and we all know what happened to him. King Dunlap is comical. He can’t play anywhere on the line. And we all know about the lineman shuffle, guards playing tackle, centers playing guards, etc. It’s ok to do these things sometimes and if the player can do it. But in many cases the player can’t do it and we do it too often and sometimes too much in the same year. That’s my problem with it. Not that they do it, but it’s just too often with too many important positions and then have the nerve to talk Super Bowl.

    Only thing worst than this is the “Torn ACL guy”.

  • Having guys play positions they can’t play are career killers.

  • Navy, like I said and I stand by my contention that a rookie especially one who isn’t a top draft pick nor is surrounded by good players should be commanding the defense. That’s just my opinion but that’s what I believe. Now, if he actually played MLB and we had other good LBs then it wouldn’t be so questionable. But you combine that with so-so outside LBs and questionable safeties, that’s too much for a team that wants to win a championship. Just my thoughts. Of course, I hope I’m wrong, but that’s how I feel and nothing will happen over the next few weeks that will change that.

  • What problem would sliding Mathews over or putting in different linebackers solve? The problem that the Eagles are winning games? Or the problem that our win in St. Louis wasn’t a shutout?

    If it becomes a problem, then fix it. If not, why fix a non-existing problem? I’m not saying I like Mathews in the middle. But the arguement of us being a sueprbowl contending team and Mathews not being a good player to start at MLB for a superbowl contender — we’re not a superbowl contender until we have enough wins to make the playoffs. If we can beat the falcons with Mathews in there, that’s all that matters. There’s plenty of time to develop players, develop an LB corp and decide what to do there if and when the playoffs come. But it’s week 2 and the the Eagles won game 1.

  • Scorp – I don’t live in the past or the future I live now – Eagles are 1-0, #5 SCORING (to me the most important indication of a good defense) defense in the NFL. I don’t care who plays LB or even if they have an LB on the field if they hold Atlanta to under 14 this week.

    And Scorp – unless you are going to do a detailed analysis of all 32 teams – and I am sure you will find multiple and I do mean multiple examples – of people moving people into different positions, trying people at different positions, draft picks not working out, you are being unfairly harsh and critical of the team – my team – our team. Its only when people are openly looking for reasons to be critical (what did Andy eat your cheesburger or soemthing) that you point all this stuff out – I mean really – what the hell does Greg Lewis have to do with anything this year? MAcho Harris – really? What impact is that on Atlanta.

    Come on Scorp I know you got some good insights and postings – what numbers would make you happy this week – lean forward – 14 points, under 300 total offense, NO PENALTIES (ok maybe one or two) 5 sacks. What goals would you set as the D Coordinator for this week

    I will respect your contention – Go EAGLES!

  • schiller, what I was saying was lining up a rookie, inexperience MLB with 2 other LBs who aren’t that good is different then lining him up with LBs who are good. It’s about the overall strength of the LB corps and not just Matthews. Sure, he wouldn’t be a better player individually but at least you wouldn’t have to worry about all 3 LBs being out of place. That’s my point.

    Navy, it’s cool, you don’t need to live in the past. You voice your opinions, I voice mine. Regardless of how we all feel about the Eagles or Andy Reid it doesn’t change the fact that every year we go into the season with glaring holes at key positions. Every team has holes, but we have the same holes each year and the same behavior with players that don’t even belong in the league or playing the wrong position. And that may be ok for you and choose not to acknowledge those. That’s fine. But rather talk about the team in totality and not act like every is fine because we beat the Rams. So you’ll have to excuse me for the rest of the year. Thanks.

  • navy, I know all teams move players around. But what does that have to do with us. The problem here is that it hasn’t really worked for Andy. So you can talk about what other teams do but that doesn’t mean we should do it. If it works, then he gets the credit. But at the end of the day, how many successful player conversions have we had that makes the criticism unwarranted? Most of them end up a waste of time and a roster spot. Instead of drafting a top pick at the position you want, they trade down for 3 draft picks and pick 3 players that don’t play the position and have them all try to convert in camp. Then they all wind up getting cut. That’s the problem. Every team experiments, but has nothing to do with the Eagles.

  • What is has do do with id (as I duscussed on the other post) you are being unfairly harsh and critical of our coaches for doing a practive that is common in the NFL – and then you want to control the argument – I can say what ever I wnat about the Eagles, and you can’t use any facts, statistics, or information about any of the other 32 teams to refute because thats not the eagles – sorry dude – gotta call that one lame. All 32 teams do exactly what you are bitching at the eagles for doing – its a copycat league.

    You must not have been an eagle fan for a long time – used to not have a good punt returner – now have D JAx – check, used to not have good WRs – now have DJax, Maclin, Smith, Avant… TE during LJ SMith era weak – I am liking the Harbor, Celek combo.. Went from 3 headed monster to Westbrook and ?, now back to three RBs I like – I like our 3 QBs- so – not feeling your comment other then you feel the need to criticise a team that right now hasn’t lost a game

    Now – these – ‘Glaring Holes’ – ummm…. exaclty where did this ‘percieved’ glaring holes show up THIS WEEK against St Loius – not some magical ones you think MIGHT happen in the future – again – on the road – against a projected division (that would mean playoff team) champ – we held them to 13 points? What glaring weakness? We held them to one touchdown. Spagnolu must have gotten the memo on how to ‘exploit and attack’ our weaknesses…

  • Scorp- It seems to me that they filled some pretty glaring holes with pretty big talent this year. CB check, DE Check, DT check. They took a shot at Guard in the 1st round and Safety in the 2nd and it hasn’t worked out yet (only been 1 game).. The bottom line is that they had too many holes to fill this year especially if you wanted them filled with talented players. LB is a huge concern, but this was certainly not an off-season like any other that this team has had.

  • Scorp – “But what does that have to do with us. ” and “Every team experiments, but has nothing to do with the Eagles”

    Here’s why – a criticism at an individual (or individual team) that is true universally is therefore a universal truth that is just the way things work. If you called a person disgusting becuase they fart sometimes – that’s an invalid criticism becuase everyone farts and it’s an inevitability. You can say ‘don’t experiment’ – but look at Westbrook being used as a WR. Vick was seen as an ‘experiment’ – the mobile/athletic QB. Desean was seen as a bad fit for the NFL….

    It still seems odd to me that you’re bringing up ‘experiments’ – what did the do this year that’s an experiment? How is it relevant to THIS team. Don’t give me Mathews – LBs are tried at different spots in the Lb corp all the time. That’s standard NFl practice.

  • Edwards/Abraham are gonna be matched up against Peters/Herremens who are the strength of the O-line. Other than that, the Falcons D is weak especially in their secondary. Nnamdi and Assante are going to take White and Jones outta the game, but it will be a challenge to stop Turner and Tony Gonzalez. We will see how the LBs handle it. If the D-line plays well enough, they may have to keep Gonzo in to block. Probably a shootout, but I like the Eagles O against the Falcons D a lot more than the Falcons O vs. the Eagles D.

  • A win is the most important thing overall, no doubt….but you can’t continue to play with fire over and over again…regardless if you win, at some point you gotta make that adjustment so you dont lose..

  • but Real – Let it be a problem first…. The team gave up 13 point the Rams crossed the goal line once – 1 time – that’s pretty good days work for a Defense.

    individuals need to play better – but Juan Castillo and his boys got the job done….. now if Rolle outplays someone, or earns his playtime – good for him.

  • Navy, you put it that way, I agree 100%…If the Eagles could hold every team to 13 points they go underfeated…

  • I disagree RT777
    The Eagles would still lose the Bears 13-12.. They just can’t beat those guys for some reason (just like Falcons can’t beat the Eagles)

  • I would say 40%-50% of Guards in the NFL Today were former Offensive Tackles at athe College level, It’s very common to move them to Guard either due a lack o height,weight or the pure athleticism that today’s OT need to have

  • The offseason The Eagles organization blamed the coaching for our unproductive high round picks. Now, what is the excuse?

    Top 2 picks in civies eating popcorn.

    And the 5th rounder in the middle of our new and improved defense, stinking up the joint.

    It’s as if the Eagles are playing a rookie to take the sting off another horrendous draft crop in the 1st few rounds.

    Eagles should trade their top picks in the future for proven players and start picking at the 5th round thru rookie free agents, where they’re actually successful.

  • schiller is content with mediocrity. it’s obvious he doesn’t have the ability to watch a game and observe when somebody blatantly sucks. game 1 or not, Matthews had 4 games before this.

  • Songs – who freakin cares – get on board with the program – I don’t care if we win with jose, patron and cazadore playing LB, beefeater and bombay playing CB and Johnny red and Black playing safety – it doesnt freakin matter – just win!

    I don’t care if they were free agents, practice squad stiffs, 1st rounders or retreads from the UFL – just win – I don’t care how old they are, how young they are, if they are rookies or 19 year vet – just win – I don’t care if Bednarik comes back to play MLB – just win – get the hint – it is no longer the off season so who freakin cares – its game time – just win –

    and in all honesty – unless you are going to look at all 32 teams and determine who had the top picks eating popcorn (I know St Loius did the EXACT same thing and did not dress there 1st rounder) – but know the difference between us and 16 other teams – we freakin won!

    BEAT ATLANTA – just win!

  • its a team game RTB, a team game, 13 points, 5 sacks, TD return off turnover, perfect in red zone – did I mention 13 points…..

    You my firned would be the first person in history that can determine – based upon TV camera angles, anything about a football game, must watch FILM, if you did not watch each play three times, knowing what play call was, you are guessing.

    No doubt LBs need to play better – but give it a freakin rest and let them play Atlanta – if Ried/Castillo find someone better or who they want more – god bless – but I will ask u the same as I ask everyone else beating the already dead stinky burned horse carcass – what will it take this weekend to get you guys to stow the tampons for a week

  • Songs, you awful crybaby. They are undefeated!

    What do you mean ‘ the Eagles organization blamed” – stop your quote right there – they didn’t blame anyone. Who said they did? Sure they fired McD and Segrest, and moved Castillo, but that’s not blaming anyone for anything. That’s making changes. Those moves were not tied to unproductive high round picks. Unproductive high round picks are like pimples in adolescence – EVERYONE GETS THEM.

  • I love all you guys. Even the haters.

  • rtb – you count presason games equal to regular season ones?

    And I’m not content with mediocrity, but I’m content with a win week one of the season. If we’re mediocre in the playoffs or don’t get into the playoffs, I’m not content. But if we win the superbowl, our LBs play not much different from what they did today, and you’re still bitching, then that sir will be very very very pathetic.

  • Do I believe we have a weakness at LBer? Yes.

    Do I believe that weakness will hold back the overall success of the team and stop us from winning a Superbowl? No.

  • I’m glad navy is content holding an injured shit team like the st. louis rams to 13 points as a sign of strength. i wish i was that clueless.

  • schiller drop this undefeated bull. One game

  • Scorp, Jake, did Schill say Jeremy Bloom was dominant!? I want some of that $#!T he’s smoking. BWAHAHAHA!!! I was just making a point Schill. If you can’t handle the truth, I don’t know what to tell you. You are beyond help. The brainwashing is complete. You are 100% a Reid stepford.

  • RTB – my friend you are in fact the clueless shit – you only play the team you are assigned to play – you do your job that day –

    I have begged, implored, asked politely, and every other way possible to get someone as smart and educated and knowledgable as you to provide me what the eagles team defensive goals should be for this week – the same way I as a coach would give my players – your rather for lack of a better team ignorant comments clearly show me, and anyone else with knowledge, that 1) you have never played the game at a high level (did you play even inhigh school?) and 2) you have never coached.

    I am content that we beat the team we played on Sunday – I have stated repeatedly the LBs need to improve but as a TEAM defense, on the road, 13 points – and the ‘injured shit’ Packers won the SB last year jackass. The Rams were being projected as the NFC West champs (that would mean playoff team for the slow ones in the crowd)

    Now this Sunday – we can’t play NE, or NO or GB or NYG or NYJ or any other team ‘that’s gonna run us over’ – we can only play Atlanta – you do understand that right – Atlanta – I don’t car eif the cheerleaders suit up, as long as at the end of the day we win – I will leave the worrying to the women and all of you concerned with what is going to happen in 4 months – I want to know what will shut the likes of you for 1 week so we can let the poor dead horse RIP

  • DD learn your football – Jeremy Bloom was a dominant return man in COLLEGE. In COLLEGE, that is what I wrote – he was a freshman all american. Had he played all 4 years of College he was copmparable to Djax only faster (yes, Bloom was FASTER – he was also a track start) The NCAA took football away from him for accepting SWAG while on the National Ski team – and you ignorant turd – the dude represented this fine nation in the 2006 Olympics. He was a world champion who ended up being in pro football for 4 years – what have you ever done???? Been on any national teams? Medals got any? Ever started a college football game – Any all-american notes in your background –

    So I will say it again – in Bloom’s 2 years at Colorado – he was the most feared return man in the Pac 10 (now 12)

  • We should win at ATL 30-20.
    If you don’t like it, ignore the action and count the number of Vick jerseys that you see in the stands on the road lmao!

  • @Navy you’re such a fucking clueless bastard. You open your mouth to seek to impress but the only person you impress is your girlfriend schill. By the way do you need anymore reading materials or are you still trying to figure out who “herbert corly” is? I don’t need to share my defensive philosophy with you because it will just fall on deaf ears to a know nothing.

    By the way Colorado played in the Big 12 when Bloom played there you stupid fuck.

  • If anyone is flogging a dead horse it’s you by saying “flog the dead horse” over and over. Did you just learn that saying? Were you in an automobile accident and banged on the head and thats all you can keep saying? Did you want to interject any intelligent observations? You see what you stupid bastards on here fail to realize is that just because there are people who are critical on here, you assume they are “haters” all the time. We take pleasure in winning but the thing about Andy Reid and this front office is that they are content with wins and with attendance and with getting their prime time spots. The fans who are critical about the eagles are the ones who put the dominance of the team first and foremost. They’re the ones who get it. They’re the ones who want perfection. They’re the ones who know that everything else will follow. Are we there? No! Could we be? Yes! but it takes fans are not content and are outspoken about blatant missing pieces. Whether or not outside pressure influences these stupid bastards in the front office is debatable but at least we try. At least we don’t just tow the line like you content kool aid drinkers!

  • Navy, who the f^#@ are you to call me a ignorant turd!? F^#@ you you clueless b@$t@rd. First off I wasn’t talking to you jerk@**. The Eagles drafted him then played him & anointed him starting returner, when clearly he was way to small & over matched in the pros. This is after he didn’t play for almost 2 years, you @$$#ole. Get your tongue out of Shillers, @$$. What the F^#@ do I care what he did in the Olympics, we’re talking about football. OOOH he spent 4 years on practice squads, give me a break you @$$#ole! What have you done, but brag about being an ex-coach. Who gives a crap. If you guys can’t take a little criticism for the all mighty Andrew Reid, who walks on water to you tools, I don’t give a crap! You don’t like it too bad. Live in your lady daa worlds, if you want, I choose to live in reality. I love the Birds, just as much as you or anyone else on here does. I choose to not ignore the obvious flaws. I will say what I want & nobody on here will tell me what to say. Mind your business. It’s just conversation. Just because my opinions are harsh & you don’t like it, doesn’t make them wrong. So pull your pom poms, out of Andy’s @$$, once you push Schiller aside & go to town. Don’t give me orders & tell me what I know & don’t know. I’ve played sports my whole life & could have been a MLB 3B-2B if I didn’t destroy my knee. So don’t assume things, while being a keyboard gangster!! J O!!!
    Run, thanks for having my back, i’m sick of these scumbags on here. f^#@ing comment Nazi’s.

  • I can’t believe we’re arguing about J. Bloom!!! HE WAS A WASTE! IN A LONG LINE OF WASTE’S! You guys crack me the hell up! Pom pom waving, delusional, stubborn, kool aid drinking, stepford, @$$ kissing, mindless, brainless, condescending, idiots.

  • Navy, oh my God, I haven’t been on any Olympic teams, man my life is a disaster & disappointment, maybe I ought to go off myself. Boo hoo! I’m a disappointment. I can’t take it. LMFAO!!!!!! You don’t know me or my accomplishments, because I don’t come on to brag &/or lie! This is supposed to be about sports talk, not personal attacks, butt plug!! So get off of your high horse & put your head in it’s @$$, instead of Andy’s.

  • RTB – when Bloom played Colorado was the Pac 10 – it became the Pac 12 in 2010 (stay up with me man – you are slow)

    DD – talks sports bro – talk away – say something – anything intelligent that in any way implies to me (this can go for you too RTB) imply in any way you have ANY knowledge whatsoever –

    All we get from you fellow brother in arms is a long laundry list of everything that 1) hasn’t gone right and 2) will go wrong in the future

    RTB – what is ‘dominance’ define it – state what it is. I have repeatedly asked you to explain to stupid me what the heck it is the eagles team D needs to do this week – and you state – I won’t tell you becuase it will fall on deaf ears? Really. What world do you live in where anything you post on GCobb is in any way going to influnce what the front office does – thanks – I needed that laugh – the old ‘we will only settle for dominance’ argument

  • DD – my experince is that people that are hyper critical with brutal opinions are trying to overcompensate for their early failures in life – ever watch a kids sporting event – the nut cake parents on the side – typically you are looking at an over involved person trying to recreate their own failures in life – I never said your life was a disaster – you did bro – sorry. I was offended that anyone can take a look at someone who was as accomplished as Bloom and call him a waste –

    So you love the Eagles – I thought I read in one of your posts you were a cop – that right – doesn’t matter –

    to me – you love the Eagles like the dude that just slapped his wife around loves his wife – sorry for that black eye babe – I love you – please don’t make me do it again.

    And I assure you – If I was standing 5 feet in front of you – I would call you an ignorant turd – why – on your posts you sound like an ignorant turd

  • Maybe you can’t read, so I’ll say it again. Colorado played in the Big 12 when Bloom played there you stupid fuck. Try and stay up with me MAN- YOU FUCKING RETARD

  • even with google you’re a fucking retard. you can’t even copy paste herbert croly’s name correctly. i’d love to meet you in person, because you’re about as dumb as they come.

  • RTB – stop insulting retards by comparing them to me – even retards have feelings and want to have some form of self worth – comparing them to me will just make them feel worse

    Hey – a real reading recommendation for you – Try Tom Clancy’s latest – he goes above and beyond anything he has done – its great.

    As for meeting you – sure – I travel and have no problem meeting fellow eagles fans at a local sports bar or tavern for good convesations about football – you in the Philly area – let me know what part of town and when I come out we can meet

  • Navy, now your a psychiatrist? I never had many failures. So again, you sir don’t know what your talking about! Hate to burst your personnel, I know it all bubble, but you are clueless. I agree about the nutbag parents. What is it with you guys? Just because someone disagrees with you, you say they’re wrong, stupid, haters & all kinds of things are wrong with them. You are the ones that are f^#@ED up.

  • Again DD – I never said I was a shrink, just like I never said you were a failure, you say those things (though on the shrink side – very passive aggressive of you – proclaim yourslef the victim then attack – nice… – I said in my EXPERIENCE.

    By ‘us guys’ what is with us – let me try to explain – I love my Eagles – I love them so much it HURTS when they lose. If I am in a bar in New York or Texas or where ever – and some fool starts talking bad about my beloved Eagles, it pisses me off – you with me, you understand me. I remember running out onto the field at the Vet after the Eagles beat the Giants to go 9-7 and finally, for the first time since I was a fan, the Eagles had a winning record and qualified for the playoffs – the Euphoria….

    And I came to this website – because, especially during pre-season games, I did not like some of the other ‘reporting’ venues that glossed over things, and this site would say things like – it may be pre-season, but the team needs to do certain things right.

    But now, this site has become, almost toxic. The constant need to trash anything related to the Eagles. As a former Navy guy and a navy town, almost everyone at work has a different team. I hear more negativity about the Eagles, and get in more arguments about how good the Eagles orgamization, with people who proclaim to ‘love’ the eagles –

    Come on DD – there were people posting on this site last week predicting – predicting the Eagles – the team I love, that you proclaim to love, to lose. I would never – never, never ‘predict’ the eagles to lose. I don’t bet on the Eagles because its emotional. I have ZERO problem with saying, LB play needs to improve, punter needs to do better, would love to run the ball more in the first half – that would help slow down the blitz.

    So yes, you have the right to post what you want, I have the right to point out how and why I think it is wrong – and often unfair. You can’t say – Andy Ried suck because reason he only hits on 40% of his draft picks – if the league average is 25% – a 40% (.400 average) is great in baseball, suck for free throw shooting right)

    Like I wrote in previous post – I read you were a cop – much respect for that, our posting don’t change that – but you understand that pride – and you take offense when anyone pokes at the thing you care about

  • OK, Navy, good points. *OLIVE BRANCH* Since I love the Birds too. But it still doesn’t change the facts about Reid. But anyway, I hope they blow the Falcons out in spite of him! It’s giving me an ulcer arguing with you guys anyways. We will converse more after the game. GO BIRDS!!

  • we’re good – now someone is going to say Schill is jealous – but unless he is 5′ with long black hair, can walk on my back and (barely) speaks english as a 2nd language… he is not really my type

  • Washy, washy, love you long time, will bring a smile to the most miserable person! LMFBO!! Are their cooches really sideways!? BWAHAHA!!!!!

  • ok, enough, this truce has as much chance as a fart in a blizzard, give it up already

  • Jake, that’s why I said we’ll converse after the game! LMFBO!!!!

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