• May 19, 2022

Still No Contract, But Jackson Has Multi-Million Dollar Insurance Policy

DeSean Jackson isn’t letting his contract dominate his mind any longer. It seems that he might be willing to play out his contract this year and become a free agent.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has reported that Jackson has acquired a multi-million dollar insurance policy to give him some security if he gets injured this year. If he doesn’t get injured and continues to play like he has the last few years, Jackson is going to be a very rich man.

“I’ve moved on. It’s part of the game. Unfortunate, but I’ve just got to play football,” he said. “Whatever I’ve got to do to get the job done, that’s what I’m going to be doing. I’m just going to try to not really think about that and just play and protect myself out there.”

As for his contract negotiations with the Eagles, I’ve heard that the two parties are not even close. Jackson reportedly wants a deal that pays him in the vicinity of what the Jets gave Santonio Holmes, which was a deal in the five-year $50 million dollar range.

We’ll all see how this story ends.


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  • Is it me or is anyone else tired of hearing,reading oe discussing this..
    It’s football season and it’s time to play ball. All this off the field stuff contracts,bonuses, I am done commenting on..

  • You are beating a dead horse when you insist on talking about something that cannot be changed.

    Beating a dead horse is an action that has no purpose, because no matter how hard or how long you beat a dead horse, it is not going to get up and run.

    To repeatedly bring up a particular topic with no chance of affecting the outcome is beating a dead horse.

    For you RTB! topics include 1) The Eagles LBs 2) The Eagles OL 3) DJax contract 4) Vick going back to Atlanta

  • I’ve said it before – franchise him and trade him to some sucker team with no chance to win. If he wants his money, he can have it somewhere else.

    Amazing how these players get consumed with greed and can’t see the bigger picture of team success.

  • And for the Record, as I have stated a few times, Fans need to enjoy D-Jax this Season for this will be his final one as an Eagle.. He and his Agent (Rosenstain) will bolt for larger deal elsewhere and that’s just the way it is…
    Eagles will extend S Smith to a 2-3 Year Deal at 25% of what D-Jax wants and they will go into the 2012 Season with Maclin/Smith/Avant/Cooper as their Top 4 WR’s and have some Draft Picks/young players battling for the 5th WR spot which is still a pretty good WR Corps and I have no problem if this is the case.. The Eagles can’t pay everyone at every posistion Top Dollar

  • I think the money he wants seems to be a little high, if he reports we read are correct: but then, NFL contract numbers are always kinda in the ‘twilight zone’ since the announced numbers rarely jibe with reality.

    However, Jackson is definitely underpaid, and, despite concerns about his size, I think he has shown that he is one of the best receivers in the league, and versatile too…He can go deep, is not afraid to go across the middle…And then there is his return ability…This guy is a genuine star.

    Quite smart for him to buy the insurance policy…I think the Eagles are bogarting him.

  • I agree P-Man. You and I have been in agreement about this since last year. D-Jacc will most likely not be an Eagle next year. (Which is why I haven’t bought his authentic jersey yet). Maclin/Smith/Avant/Cooper will still be above average.

    My Vick one is on the way though.

  • Don’t teams have until 9/20 to come to a deal with future free agents? if not what is the date?

    @EricT, DJAX is playing football right now, and actually played at a pretty high level on Sunday, I dont think this is impacting his play one bit….nothing to do with greed, DJAX is making 600K this season (maybe even thousand of dollars less) Does he not deserve to make more than 600K? Some would argue, he deserved more than 600K going into the 2010 season…in my opinion he already outplayed that rookie contract…

    Truthfully, if DJAX doesn’t get a new contract this season and still plays at a higher level, the Eagles better be ready to pay him more than he may be currently requesting…I see nothing wrong with DJAX wanting to make around the same type of money as Holmes, nothing wrong with it whatsoever!

  • real – what if Desean is demanding larry fitz/ andre johnson money?

  • one positive note – is it me or has Drew R been remarkably ‘not’ in the news with this negotiation? It really does seem to be going on without much media ‘insider’ type comments –

    Who knows/understands enough about the cap to know what the max is they could pay the guy?

  • navyeaglefan, what do you mean by remarkably NOT in the news? Drew is never public with his affairs. Don’t let one malcontent in Terrell Owens dictate your perception of Drew R. He’s the best agent in the game.

  • So what happens if DJax catches 75 balls for 1300 yards and 12 tds. Has 2 punt returns for tds and plays all year? Gotta believe 6 tds will be of the looong variety. Thats the numbers Im expecting. You let that walk? I honestly believe Vick is the SOLE reason why DJax is here and quiet. I also believe Vick will do everything in his power to get DJax numbers in this contract year. Fans that think players dont talk about this stuff are crazy. If it was me thats what I would be telling Vick. You getting me the ball helps us win also would be my rationale. If healthy I expect Jackson to have a monster year. Eagles will just let him walk? For nothing? Im trying to remember what young,stud, probowl player the Eagles have ever let walk for nothing.

  • dag, in the Andy Reid era? Not many. Most are signed WELL ahead of their contract year. Which leads me to believe that the Eagles are ready to let D-jacc walk after this year.

  • BoB – remember when Lito Shepard wanted a new contract he was doing podcasts or whatever and a few other times ( I think even with Max Jean Giles) I saw some snippets of him talking about contracts with those guys.

    As for best agent in the business – I don’t know enough to form an opinion about agents – which ones are good or bad –

    I did at one point ask a question – maybe you can answer – If everyone screams ‘pay da man’ and Drew’s job is to get the man paid, why would people not like Drew R?

    IMO – the whole TO problem blew up because of TO. I think he got belligerent, and when his belligerence did not get him rewerded he decided to go to extremes – I am hoping that Drew R is using that example to help his client 1) get the best contract possible and 2) keep his client from burning bridges

    For the record – I think Djax should be well compensated – I would go a little over because he has underpaid.

  • @Schiller – DJAX is not demanding that type of money…he’s already spoke on Fitz contract, and stated he knows he is not there yet…but as far as him getting Holmes type money, in my opinion, if Holmes deserves it, so does DJAX…

  • Birdo I agree with that also. History shows that if the Eagles wanted DJax long term he would already be signed. But If Djax has a monster year, which I believe he will, thats gonna force their hand. Can you imagine letting this kid walk for nothing and he signs with a Dallas or NY. Whats the fans excuse gonna be. Well he only torched us for 130 yards a 2 tds but we saved money. Atleast were not paying himm 10 million a year? Doesnt matter how much you make on gameday.

  • Fellas history is gone…The CBA is much different now, I dont know all of the information on what’s new, but no way will the Eagles let DJAX walk for nothing! No way…..If they do, then I might become one of those fans, that people label haters on this site….because that would be utterly stupid!

  • Ehhh, I hear you dag. But with this secondary, I don’t think anybody is going to be torching us for 130 and 2 tds anytime soon.

  • RT 777 – I will join you as part of the Hater Nation worst case – absolute worst case – he gets franchised.

  • If the Eagles didn’t have a young WR corps with a massive amount of potential like they do now (Maclin/Avant/Steve Smith are all very good and Cooper is working his way up), I would agree with y’all.

    But thats the thing, they DO. They have PLENTY of talent at receiver now. One man doesn’t make or break this WR corps.

    Now if it was Desean Jackson, Jabar Gaffney and Eddie Royal — then yes, I would be like most of you and say they BETTER not let him walk. But we’re not in that predicament.

    Remember fellas, the name on the front of the jersey means more than the name on the back.

  • If he isn’t signed by the deadline, he is as good as gone. The Birds will not make him one of the top paid receivers, by franchising him. I still think this whole Steve Smith signing, was more than just insurance for Maclin. IMO, I think the Birds think, it’s a foregone conclusion, that DJax is going to either get hurt & ain’t worth the risk, or leave at years end.

  • birdo – yes and no, I mean the man is still a stud returner and the best knockout punch for a long bomb from Vick. Yes, if we lose him, we’re pretty well equipped to be ok. But he makes the copr MUCH stronger. Here’s the pat that 99% on here will hate me saying – lets wait and see what happens. I have a hard time caring about next year in week 2. I’m happy Desean’s on the team, in good enough spirits, and playing well. I’m content to only focus on this season. Becuase there’s a good chance we’ll know more about Djax’s contract status after the superbowl this year (regardless of who plays in it and wins it). I’m a one goal at a time kind of guy.

  • I heard that D-Jax has signed up for next Seasons “Dancing with the Stars” Show and will not be Summer Camp next Season anyways while he concentrated on his dancing skills and shooting the show out in California..

  • Paul, you need help! You have too much time on your hands! LMFBO!!!
    Schill, damn, I actually agree with you! HAHA! He is low man on the totem pole of worries & responsibilities, right now. Let’s get the OLine working cohesively, teach the LB’s how to get off blocks & tackle & keep Vick out of the hospital!

  • Another thing people need to take into consideration. There’s a certain running back on the Philadelphia Eagles who is going to be in line for a massive contract as well. The Eagles covet this running back. He’s the new Westbrook and may even surpass him.

    Do you really think the Eagles will be able to afford paying their QB, their WR, AND their halfback TOP DOLLAR? I don’t. You can afford to pay TOP 5 money to Vick, you can afford to pay TOP 5 to Shady, but will you be able to and is it worth paying TOP 5 to Desean?

    I think that’s what it all comes down to. People talk about how much Desean means to the offense but Shady means that much and more.

  • No way the Eagles “let him walk” at end of year. They’d franchise him first then get a draft pick from another team. If Maclin doesn’t return to form by midyear or better, and not too much has come from Smitty, they sure can’t let Jax walk.

    Does CBA even make him unrestricted at end of this year, or is he restricted?

  • BoB – outstanding point… is it game time yet? I hate Sunday late games – you actually have to want the WE to go fast…

  • Birdo, you’re 100% dead on. That’s why DJax ain’t getting Franchised! He is gone, if he isn’t signed by the deadline.

  • birdo – No doubt.

  • Shut up Schill! Don’t be jealous! Your still a tool!

  • Birdo: I agree about McCoy’s premium value to this team. You can bet that Eagles will make attempt to sign him to new deal before current contract runs out. Finding good receivers is not hard (draft, trade or FA), versatile backs in Eagles system not so.

  • Schill, haven’t had an argument with you in awhile, trying with something nonsensical. HAHAHA!!!

  • DDC – I’m jealous of nothing at this current time, thank you. And I find it funny to be called a tool by a man who hates his favorite football team.

  • I miss you too Dcar – looks like we were thinking along the same lines (wtf!? right?)

  • Is he more valuable than what he is getting paid right now? Yes, of course. Nobody will argue differently. But he is still under contract and the Birds can franchise him for next year. He’ll make very, very good money and they will either sign him to an extension or trade him. I can’t imagine there’s a single team in the league that would not want to trade for him.

    Banner doesn’t have the cap money to sign him this year, but he will next year. That’s why he has to play out the year on the existing contract. They only have $5m cap left (see http://www.eaglescap.com/ ) and they need to leave room for injuries, etc.

    Relax and let things play out. If he does end up leaving, he will not be allowed to walk without the team getting something in return. I don’t want him to go but the team has to do what they thing is right.

  • its quite simple actaully, the reason they will not give him a contract extension is they want him to be as hungry as ever.. This is when players always have there best years.. and the eagles plan on winning the super bowl this year.. and i believe they will have no problem paying him if he progresses.. also its not like he can just go anywhere else .. vick has the strongest arm in the league.. and what does jackson moslty do . go deep..

  • @Birdo – I feel you, me and you had a pretty heated discussion on this topic a few weeks back…you’re right we have a talented WR’s corps, Maclin is proven, Avant is proven, Steve Smith is proven, but has to prove hisself again, what he’ll give us right now us an unknown….that knee injury is no joke. But out of the 3 the only one guy I can count on to get hisself open would be Maclin….without DJAX right now (emphasis on “right now”) our offense could be stalled…

    MM said Smith would get more snaps Sunday…and that he’s looking good…he had a pretty solid practice this week and is improving day by day

  • But I say pay the man, he deserves to be an Eagle for many more years to come!

    Eagles gonna put some work in on Sunday night….34-20 Eagles!

  • i would pay him sanantonio holmes money 5 years/$50mill

    question: who is better holmes or jackson?

  • I think Santonio is a more complete receiver than Jackson. But Desean is hands down more dangerous.

  • this is a wait and see deal ! if sundays game he is a stud what do you do ? this guy is capable of many 100 yds games this games . i think u goytta pay the man , probably by bye week !!

  • who ever is deciding not to do this contract, I PRAY FOR YOU DEATH TO BE NOW AND HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FU DIE DIE DIE , GOD KILL THIS PERSON,,, PLEASE !!! DIE DIE DIE EMBARRASSING US!

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing D-Jax’s Agent Drew Rosnehaus disappear…2000man.

  • 2000 – has it ocurred to you that that person may just be a guy named Desean Jackson? He may think that other teams out there will give him more money than the Eagles will, no or ever. So all he has to do is keep playing, and wait for a big payday. We all know that whatever the Eagles are offering him, be it $1 or $100,000,000, he has to sign the contract for it to be a deal. He may just be reserved to the thought that bottom line, the way for him to get the most money, is to become a free agent. If that’s the case, he cares more about the money than particularly staying an Eagle. I don’t think that it’s out of the question that this is what’s really going on.


  • I believe we pay him his extension tomorrow before sunday. It’s coming and tomorrow Djax will be a happy man!

  • I believe King Dunlap played in last years game versus the Falcons and held his own versus FAlcons DE J Abraham.. They should be fine..

  • 1. Steve Smith and DJ play different positions! Signing Smith does not fill a void left by losing DJ. (sorry Paulman – you are wrong – AGAIN).
    2. There are FEW WRs that can do what DJ does. He makes all our other WRs better.
    3. The Eagles WILL PAY special players!
    4. We can always tag DJ – which is less than he is supposedly asking.

    Looks like we are clearing cap space so I would not be surprised if we extend him at the deadline (when this years pro-rata payment wil be less, but the
    annualized number will look inflated).

  • 1 – If DJax isn’t signed by week 5…might as well say good-bye
    2 – He will not be franchised. I refuse to believe the Birds will pay anyone (let alone him) top 5 WR $$. They don’t seem to value the position that much (I agree)

    Not sure I agree with Birdo…..Not in Birds nature to sign RBs to big $$. Also in Birds nature is to draft guys a year early to replace guys on way out…..is that Dion Lewis?? I love McCoy and hope he resigns, but it will only happen at $$ Eagles want…otherwise they’ll replace him with Lewis.

    On another note. Peyton Manning is done. Not coming back. Oh…and Vick stinks.

  • @paulman dude Abraham was listed questionable in the last game we played the Falcons but he played on a bad anckle. Dunlap sucks dude. I dont see us winning if Vick still cant pick up a blitz. Its rather embarrassing that we paid a qb thats been in the league 10 years,100 mill, and he still can pick up blitzes. Yet Cam Newton destroyed the blitz throwing 400+ yards in his very 1st NFL game.

  • newton was playing against the cardinals….can u name anyone other then that rookie peterson in the cardinals starting secondary?

  • Mubi….can you name anyone in the STl starting secondary? 14 of 32 186??

  • People keep saying Jackson is asking for an outrageous amount are completely wrong. “Both sides would likely prefer a multi-year deal. There has been no movement in negotiations, according to league sources. Jackson is seeking a contract similar to the five-year, $45 million deal Santonio Holmes received from the N.Y. Jets in July, a source close to the receiver said”.

  • How can they not even be in the vicinity? I hate this front office. Greedy bastards.

  • This is ridiculous…DJax is an elitr reciever and should be paid like an elite receiver.

    Why is it such a haggle when our stars outside of the QB position ask to be paid along the lines of their elite piers?

  • Not true Songs

    A Samuel, Asmo,T Cole, J Peters (and ex FB L Weaver) are highly paid players comprable to most of thier peers (FB Weaver was the highest paid FB which he signed his deal 2 years before getting hurt)
    Even Kicker Dave Akers was highly paid for his position and turned down a deal last Decemeber which would have made him in the Top Tier of Salaries for Kickers…
    I get back to the Eagles valueing the Positions and I still believe that the Eagles as an organization, just simply do no value the LB/WR positions as much as others and think that their “Offensive System ” is so strong that it almost doesn’t matter who you plug in the WR Corps in their pass-happy Offense, that the top 4 WR’s will get plenty of chances to make plays and you know what, they are probably right…
    I do not see the Eagles Offering S Holmes type of $$$ ($10 MIllion per Season) now or after the Season, I also don’t see them Franchising him either, just to have a a 1 Year Rental for about $12-13 Million).. If they can’t come to terms here in the next week or 2, then he will play out the Season and move on next Free-Agency period.. I would even guess that the Yearly Salary is not really the issue with D-Jax re-signing with the Eagles, I think it’s the length of the deal that is holding things up.. the Eagles probably want a 3 – 4 year Deal (to protect against Injury) while D-Jax and his camp probably would prefer a longer 5-6 year Deal for more security (like Holmes,Rice,Fitz)

    Someone mentioned in another post for the Eagles to Franchise him next year and then trade him..That doesn’t work in the NFL, a player has to be under a contract before you trade him.. The only way the Eagles would be able to get anything in return for trading him (Draft Picks/Players) would be to trade him now before this years Trade Deadline, which is not going to happen
    Bottom line, let’s all enjoy # 10this Season, while we can…

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