• May 26, 2022

Falcons “No Huddle” Offense Was The Answer In Fourth Quarter

One of the key strategies of the Eagles-Falcons game was the brilliant decision by Atlanta to go to a “No Huddle” offense in the fourth quarter. It seemed that the “No Huddle” offense tired out the Eagles defensive line which had been beating up on quarterback Matt Ryan and dominating the Falcons offensive line.

Think about the drives which took place in the fourth quarter, when this defensive line was supposed to dominate. At the beginning of the fourth quarter it seemed that the Eagles had “Matty Ice” on the verge of checking out of the game, but the “No Huddle” changed everything.

First of all the quickness with which the plays were run was a plus in tiring out the Eagles pass rush. In addition, the “No Huddle” offense makes it impossible for the Birds defensive line to continue the wrestling tag team platoon system which keeps fresh defensive linemen on the field at all times.

The Eagles defense will be facing “No Huddle” offenses all year long. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point the Giants go to a “No Huddle” offense to stop Jim Washburn and his defensive line from staying fresh and dominating the game.


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  • Well then shuttle the D linemen off as soon as the whistle blows for the tackle
    Have it part of the game plan if the Giants go no huddle

  • Opponments watching the tape of this game will see 3 ways to attack this Eagle Defense

    #1) Isolate TE/Slot Reciever on the Eagles LB/Safeties (which we knew)
    #2) Run a lot of plays to the right side with sweeps and short passes to the right side to make CB Samuel come and have to make tackles..
    #3) Go to the No-Huddle to make it more difficult for the Eagles to substitute

    I expect the Giants,Redskins,Bills,Patriots,Dolphins,Cowboys all to use lots of no-huddle.. (the Patriots run in about 60% of their snaps anyways)

  • Giving up a 3 and 12 to start the drive should have ended the game with a 10 point lead. The defense gave up several other 3rd down conversions. I saw the reply on the nfl netwotk last night(only 90 minutes is great). 75% of the key plays for the Atlanta offense were beating Cheney or Page. I give credit to Atlanta for attacking them, but the Eagles have to make the stops. I still think this years defense is far better than the last few years. They will only get better with the talent and don’t expect teams to score under 17. This team has a lot of upside.

  • The Eagles can always fake some injuries against the Giants to slow the game down. Assante usually gets hurt if he gets within 3 yards of a tackle.

  • Defense is far better ,no doubt lines….great watching Nmandi beat the sh!t outta those receivers on the other side instead on Patt getting smoked. DRC. dline is really impressive.

    Indeed Paul..Sant has improved his physicality alot..still not a good idea for him to be trying to take on huge dudes as it will risk him leaving the game. And no huddle has to be something they get themselves ready for.

    You didnt see the nice tackle Sant made last week and the lick he put on Julio? He made the best pick of the year and your running your jibs about em.Suspect.

    X’S O’S….Nicks vs. Aso…this is what we signed him for..him and Dez.Need him to lock this guy down and give help on that tight.Notice the route he jumped was Gonzos ball.

  • Pman Jpal – that was mostly the damage Gonzalez did – who is the TE for the giants these days?

  • Giants have no real TE Threats — Travis Beckham, a 3rd Round High Draft pick from Wisconsin 2-3 Years ago who has not emerged at the NFL Level and has been a disappointment so far and TE Bear Pascoe who is more of a blocking TE aan not very athletic at all…
    Giants also lost 3rd WR Domenic Hixon to a torn ACL… and will be out for the Season.. MAnningham is still hurting and Nicks is not 100% .. The Eagles should line up 8 in box and has Asmo take NIcks out of the game beat these Giants

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