• August 8, 2022

Despite Last Year’s Embarrassment, Giants Players Are Talking Smack

After that amazing game last year in the Meadowlands when the Eagles made the unbelievable comeback to beat the Giants, you would think that the New York club would approach the next game against the Birds with some humility, especially when you realize that the Eagles have beaten the Giants in six straight game. But, that hasn’t been the case with some of the Giants players so far.

In fact, all of the Giants who have said something about Michael Vick playing in the upcoming game have said they want Vick to play. New York safety Antrel Rolle doesn’t just want Vick to play but he’s already started challenging Vick and his speedy wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

“I don’t want any excuses when we go down there and put it to ‘em,’’ said Rolle. “I’ve handled DeSean Jackson one-on-one before and I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to do it again.’’

Let’s be serious, Rolle couldn’t cover Jackson if his life depended on it. Jackson and his blazing speed would easily beat Rolle in a one-on-one matchup.

Giants offensive guard Chris Snee isn’t even on the field when Vick is playing, yet he’s talking about not being afraid of Vick.

“I don’t think anybody in here is scared of Michael Vick,” Snee said. “We’re not intimidated or afraid. You hate to see anybody get hurt. You always want to take their best shot. Hopefully, he’s out there. I just hope he’s OK. We don’t want to get caught up in who’s playing and who’s not.”

New York defensive end Justin Tuck was more respectful of Vick and the Eagles.

“That guy is a tremendous athlete, and obviously as he goes, that offense and that team goes,” Tuck said. “But you always want to be beat teams at their best. Me personally, yes I do, I would love for him to play. I think he brings the best out of us, too. Maybe we go down there and he’s not in there, and we think, ‘Oh we’ve got this thing won.’

“If he’s playing, then we know we gotta be on our toes. That’s not a shot at whoever would play if he doesn’t play. We all know that Philadelphia’s a great football team. They got a lot of pieces to the puzzle. We’re going to have play a great game, regardless of if Vick plays or not.”

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin isn’t buying any of the talk about Vick not being able to play in the game on Sunday.

“I expect Michael Vick will play and if he can’t play, I am sure he will,” Coughlin told a group of reporters on a conference call.

“I expect Michael Vick will play and if he can’t play, I am sure he will,” Coughlin told reporters on a conference call, via the Associated Press.


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  • This is what people from NY do…

    You would think that Pentagon was never attacked and Flight 53 never crashed in PA the way NY always hogs all the attention because they believe that they are the center of the Universe.

    Having said that, that’s why they have about 28 world series titles and a few superbowl titles, from 2 different teams mind you. They think they are the best and they demand the best from their sports teams.

    Please let that sink in, the next time you start making excuses for 13 year Andy.

    Coughlin has already won a superbowl and it’s probably because he had that ex-eagle coach running that defense to perfection. Because he’s a knucklehead. Looks like he’s on the verge of a heart attack on every play. Andy on the other hand, really is one chessburger away from massive heart failure. Seriously, he needs to get in shape. His heart, knees and back will where out. While I don’t like Andy as a coach I think he’s a quality human being.

    There. I said something nice about “Crystal Ball”.

  • There trying to syke themselves up. As an athlete you feel when someone has your #. And thats the case here. Doesnt have anything to do with center of the universe b..s.. As much as i’ve seen there attitude come off that way ,this is a team trying to let the media and everyone who will listen know that there gonna win the game. When in actuality there talking to each other in practice saying things liek..come on we gotta get these guys,or this is our turn.The Eagles know if they play there game with Kafka and a heavy dose of run,Young and a doese of run and his athelticism shining soemtimes,or Vick..being a ninja…they win.

    It’s wear out …not where out.

    Birds win this game if recievers beat these bums like the Rams did….and if d-line plays there game. Dont fear there plodding back and Bradshaw. I like the Birds in this one after a heartbreaker.The boys get it done in front of the faithful.

  • I just don’t understand the Giants trash talking they didn’t look good at all in both of there games so far this season. The simple fact that its the Eagles first home game of the season and there coming off a lost in a game they should of won I’m expecting this game not to be close once the 4th Quarter starts. All I have to say is the Eagles will only lose to elite teams Patriots, Jets, Chicago and Dallas. Washington will be close game and a few road games will be tough but I have them with 3or 4 loses and maybe 5 but no more than that.

  • Bsm, you are priceless, love that concern for our leader

  • It will be almost impossible for the Eagles to win the Superbowl this year. Oh the talent is there, but the more I look at that defense, it looks like “Wee Willie Webber” is coaching it. (For you young bucks out there, there is a youtube video posted about the philly legend)

    With the exception of Washburn, almost the entire defensive staff is “green”.
    Pun intended.

    How can you just give up yards on the ground and let everybody have 2nd and 6. 2nd and 4. Or 1st and 10. Then rationalize that “it’s a passing league.”
    It will be a running league for the Eagles as long as they continue to play a wide gap defense like that. With garbage in the middle at linebacker.

    Starting a rookie at MLB, who has never played the position, without keeping Bradley or picking up a vetran, has just a slight pinch of Moron to it. Watkins was not ready, so they picked up a vetran. Is it so hard to do the same at MLB?

    Looks like Mudd knows what he’s doing. He got Peters to stop jumping offsides and Peters looked like a real probowler the other night. Stop gap guard played fine also.

    It would have been nice if Andy had hired a “wiley old vetran to coach the defense” also. Instead he hired “baby face” last year, and “Bozo the clown this year.” Two hires with no experience and it shows Andy’s desire to control everything. Instead of hiring the most qualified coach.

    Some one laughed and critisized me when I posted earlier this summer that Detroit was going to the play-offs. What most people don’t realize is that Swartze hired 2 former head coaches to run his offense and defense. He is young but he was not affraid to bring in experienced guys.

    Mcdermott probably knew the defense well and if he did not have to play with 10 men on the field they would have been better. But “Shark in the water” was completely invisable. Pure garbage. Ernie Sims picture is on the FBI’s most wanted list. A brazen thief who stole millions of dollars from the Philadelphia Eagles. He was a “Berni Madoff” ponzi sceme pretending to be a football player and bilking the Eagles out of their investment. Mcdermott also had to deal with No penetration from those defensive tackles last year. McDermott was handicapped. Juan just does’nt know what the heck he’s doing.

    I am going to enjoy watching the Eagles beat up on the scrub teams this year and make the play-offs. It will be fun. Especially if we beat the division rivals. I love when we beat the Giants or Cowboys and the TV camera pans into the stands, and thet dejected look is on their fans faces. I think it’s the Eagles 2003 dvd that has the Westbrook punt return and then they pan into the stands on the face of that Giant fan who painted a smile on his face. Watching his agony never gets old.

    Maclin, Desean, Celek and Avant all dropped balls in that last game. Now that we don’t have McNabb throwing gopher balls, what’s the excuse?

    Shady McCoy is awesome. He has the heart of a champion. Never gives up.

    That’s who needs a pay raise. Not “boney James”.

  • BSM, I thought I was hard on square peg, in round hole Reid! HAHAHA!!! Good stuff. I hate everything & everybody from NY! Flushings, NY is the perfect name for it, because all of NY should be flushed in the toilet! I hope we beat them by 4 TD’s! It will be priceless to see Coughdrops face turn into hellboy!

  • Giants never learn… You’d think they’d smarten up and have some respect after 6 straight losses… *shakes head*

  • For a couple of guys faking injuries on the field because they can’t play the whole team needs to shut up. We own the Giants and as long as Eli is their QB they need to exercise some humility.

  • BSM you crack me up – when did you live in NY???

    Never have I seen anyone with the ability to put together so much ‘cliche’ and ‘fluff’ talk about the eagles being soft – there is not one ounce of anything other then rehashed garbage – Really – a pass rcvr dropped a pass – wow… I thought that only happened in St Loius – really the eagles 2-gap DT didn’t penetrate – probably becuase they weren’t supposed to – really – Jim Johnson was the D Coordinator for how many years? I think he was considered a willy old veteran – how that work out for us in 3 NFCC games and the SB – oh – we are about at the same level so he tried some new blood – but what – he is stubborn and obstinate – wiat he should have…

    so the eagles will beat 10 to 11 ‘scrub’ teams – ‘soft’ teams – please difne ‘scrub or soft’

    Yeah – Andy has control issues – lets see – he has been coaching since about 1982 (that’s 28/29 years) he is a 2 time NFL coach of the year, 6 dvision titles 9 playoof appearances in 12 years, and you are right

    how dare he not take input from people that 1)barely played the game – yes – how many of you played in college – I would LOVE to have you post that you played college ball 2) Coached it – it is really easy to be a MMQ – story that interests only me –

    I love hearing the word ‘soft’. I sit there when I work the flanks at games and all these ‘hard’ coaches tell the players they are ‘soft’ and don’t listen, one play the coach yells Jimmy got come up strong and be ‘hard’ next play team runs a HB pass and Jimmy comes up ‘hard’ and the ball sails over his head and then the coach tells him ‘gotte read the play’ kinda like you clowns – should have done something idifferent – I will tell you on Monday what you should have done better on Sunday..

    Do you ref? Amazing the number of people that do NOT – repeat NOT know the rules of the game. I actually had a coach in a pre-game (I was umpiring) tell me to watch the screen passes by the other team – the O Line all go downfield and block….. really…

    see its really easy to sit here and go (Monday morning) Ried should have.. well somehow Ried ‘does, did and will’ win 10 to 11 games , probaly win the division.

    How dare Ried not listen or think he knows more

    Cliche, stupid ESPN comment, cliche, post comment

  • wait – now insert comments about ongoing or future sexual relations with Ried

  • During his tenure, Reid has compiled the best win total (107), winning percentage (.618) and playoff victory total (10) in team history. He has captured six division titles and five trips to the NFC Championship game. Since he was hired in 1999, no other franchise has earned more divisional playoff round appearances (7) and only Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots have matched Philadelphia in conference championship game appearances (5). Since 1999, Reid has also sent 19 players to 44 Pro Bowl appearances, the highest total for any team in the NFL during that period. None of these players had ever appeared in a Pro Bowl before Reid was hired.

    How dare Ried not listen to fans…. he sucks at interviews – he just sez the same things over and over again

  • Assistant coaches under Andy Reid who are NFL head coaches:

    John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens (2008–present)
    Steve Spagnuolo, St. Louis Rams (2009–present)
    Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings (2010–present)
    Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers (2011–present)
    Pat Shurmur, Cleveland Browns (2011–present)

    hope they learned how to NOT be like Andy Ried

  • lol…..I thought the NAVY only had torpedos…..dude is dropping bombs on you cats

  • ha Navy – Yeah, it’s funny how BSM and many haters love to use cliche after cliche after cliche yet they ignore some overarching (above football and sports) ones – “hindsight is 20/20”, and “assuming makes an ass out of you and me”. Not to mention “the grass is always greener (ironic) on the other side”.

  • one more Andy Ried oriented rant – I picked a TEam and looked at there outstanding first round draft choices to see if Andy is any better/worse – ny buddy is from Chicago – so I picked the GBears – lets see how the Bears do during the first round shall we:

    2011 Camarini – starting RT
    2010 – no pick
    2009 no pick (wait two years of trading our of the first round blasphenmy)
    2008 Chris Williams – moved from RT to LT to LG 25 career games only 16 starts ZERO pro bowls
    2007 Greg Olsen – nt a bad TE but now plays for Carolina – traded for a 3rd rounder hmmmm
    2006 no pick
    2005 Cedric Benson – do we even need to go here? released after 4 years #4 pick in draft don’t think he even started…
    2004 Tommie HArris a wineer here – some really good year – but benched in 10 then released – overall great pick 3 time probowler
    2003 Rex Grossman – never was a fan
    2003 (2 picks) Mike Haynes – picked #14 in draft – you never heard of him cause he never made it to the field

    You guys get my point – you want to make broad/bullshit statements – take a look at the bears (or any other team) here are 10 first rd picks and only 1 made a pro bowl – McNabb, Corey Simon Lito Shepard and Shawn Andrews all made pro bowls – MacLin keeps it up he make make one too – so the Bears have 1 of the last 10 players make the pro bowl 0% average = eagles have 4 of last 10 first rounders make pro bowl – 40% yeah – Ried sucks!

  • navy, you must be paid by the eagles to harrass intelligent and senior posters like besmvideos, where you played, what you played, that doesn’t mean anything on this board, you are judged by the content of your posts, and i would beet you dollars to donuts that your boy schiller never wore a sweaty jock, neither did howie reoseman



  • No not paid but I would love that job the Spadaro has.. that would be sweet. Schiller, to the best have my knowledge – has never made broad, stupid, not fact supported, broad stroke generilzations. I try not to get worked up, but some of the crap posted on here is just that crap – so I call people on it.

    I post from all four perspective – fan, coach, former player and now ref. Its easy to sit there and talk about ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ I see it all the time (every freakin Saturday). Its easy to post ‘Ried can’t manage the clock – OK great – support that staement with some factoid – maybe its just the scientist/mathematician in me. Who is this phenominal clock managing guru? Have I ever been in a game where I think I wasted a TO – yes – have I ever been in a game where I wish I had another time out – yes, it happens to EVERY COACH – Ried experiments with his players – Urlacher was a rover back coming out of college – Willims played 3 differetn line positions (staying on the BEars theme – EVRY coach does it – so you are faulting Ried because it didn’t work (yet) with Watkins, but HErmanns and Trent Cole (he was an LB in the draft) – Shawn Andrews and Jerome McDougal (poor guy gets jacked and shot) drafts make Ried horrible – but the BEars get a pass on Enis and McNown…..

    so Jake what does mena anything – what is the context – and if the context is anyone can post anything they want – it cuts both ways, but I will call bullshit when bullshit needs to be called – you want to piss and moan, go to the local pub for happy hour and cry in your beer – you want to talk meaningful football, lets go

  • BSM- you are killing me- hahahahaha.

    Love it.

  • Good News Jon Hart and ( (along with many others) have been waiting for this to happen for about 6 weeks now.. I would actually have LB B Rolle as the Starter on the Weakside over Matthews and let Matthews come in replace Fokou on passing situations.. but that’s just me …
    I think B Rolle is most instinctive LB on this roster and needs to build up strength, but he has a real nose for the Football.. The others I am not sold on but Fokou has done better playing on the Strong side

  • jake – for your info, nope never played sports beyond little leages, but I never pretend to have a player’s perspective or criticize people’s knowledge of having played the game. So that point is mute. And as far as BSM or anyone else being senior…um, that’s also mute. There’s older poeple that are dumber than younger people and younger people that are dumber than older ones. An old guy who says 2+2= 500 isn’t any more right than a young guy who says it = 4.

  • See Jake – its the mathmatical logic in Schill

    Pman – this coud be the slow decline of Matthews – first to the WS – then out and platooning – he needs to pick it up. What does Rolle wiegh?

  • Rolle is about 5’11” and 230lbs and reminds me a lot of a Byron Evans type.. On the small side but quick,tenacious and good anticipation to beat the bigger OL to the hole and just a sound tackler.. I think Rolle is the most instinctive LB on this squad by far.. I tell you waht, Chaney missed 4-5 tackles the other evening and did not look that good to me at all.. I still rathe rhave Chaney at MLB the Matthews who should only see th fiels in passing situations and special teams which many of us thought from the get go and he has been rushed in way too fast and is not up for it physically or mentally at this stage of his young career..

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