• May 19, 2022

Vick, Kafka Or Young Could Start For Birds On Sunday

Your guess is as good as mine about who will be the Eagles starting quarterback on Sunday afternoon. It would be feasible that each of the three Eagles quarterbacks could start on Sunday. Of course we hope that the starter Michael Vick, is able to play, but there’s guarantee that he will.

Vick was trying to convince the team’s coaches and trainers that he could come back into the game on Sunday night, but of course they refused to let him. Team head trainer Rick Burkholder said on Monday that Vick was clear-headed after the game which is a good sign. They say it was a mild concussion, which should enhance his chances of being the starter against the Giants.

Head coach Andy Reid said he talked to Vick on Monday and he felt fine. Vick believes he can and should play on Sunday afternoon, but that decision won’t be in his hands. For that reason I don’t think he will get the majority of the reps in practice this week.

If he is cleared to practice on Wednesday or Thursday, I think he will play. If he’s not cleared until Friday or Saturday, I think his chances of starting will be much less. Remember he can’t be cleared solely by the Eagles physician. An independent neurologist will have to give him the okay before he can play.

Last year the Eagles cleared wide receiver Jason Avant to play in a game just a week after he suffered a concussion, so it wouldn’t be a shock if he plays on Sunday.

Vince Young has been coming back from a hamstring injury. I think he can play, but there’s no telling what will happen to his hamstring once he tries to take off and run at full speed. If he does play, you know that using his legs to run and escape pressure is a big part of his game. If he can’t do that then he won’t be operating at any where near 100%.

I don’t think Young will get the nod over Kafka because he hasn’t been practicing for weeks since he strained his hamstring. He was getting more comfortable in the offense during the preseason, but not being able to take any snaps for a couple of weeks can’t have helped him.

Mike Kafka looked very good during his time on Sunday night. He did a great job of making good decisions and accurately delivering the football. Kafka came to the line of scrimmage, identified the blitz look, then he got the football out of his hands.

Kafka has shown that he can do the job. He’s doesn’t have the strongest of arms, but he proved on Sunday that it’s strong enough. I loved that throw he made on the corner route to Jeremy Maclin.

I think Kafka is going to be the starter on Sunday with Young backing him up and possibly Vick as well.


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  • Vick, Kafka or Young could start on Sunday!? Way to narrow it down Garry! BWAHAHAHA! Just messing with you! Their is no way Vick is starting. If the league or the Birds let him play after only 1 week after a concussion, they will get what they deserve! Then they will show they don’t really give a crap about the players, which I already know they don’t. They are just trying to show face with the media because of all of the suicides, brain damage, Alzheimer’s & dementia outcomes of all of the prior head injuries! They better not play him!

  • Agree
    Vick should not start
    Not only for his own health but they will need him later in the season and the way he has been getting hit he won’t make it to the end

  • I heard Coach Ar reached out to former Temple QB Adam DeMichelle…
    (my source is BIll Cosby) in case they have to shelve Vick for a couple of weeks

  • The question will be will he be able to start or will the Eagles just give him an extra week rest because it’s so early. I think it all depends on how healthy Vince Young is this week. If they feel that either him or Kafka can go then they probably sit Vick. But if Vince cannot go and Vick is healthy enough to play you can’t go in the game with just Kafka. It seems the the only reason to hold Vick out is for precaution. Last year Aaron Rodgers got a concussion and played the very next week.

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