• July 4, 2022

Switching Chaney And Matthews Gives Them Better Chance To Succeed

Last year Jamar Chaney showed the potential and ability to play the middle linebacker position at a high level. He needed to become more consistent, but he showed the ability to make the big play. He showed the ability to make plays all over the field from sideline-to-sideline. I was eager to see if he could get better with more reps. His chances were very good since he was only a rookie and started only three games. The sky was the limit.

So far this season, Chaney has been struggling at Sam linebacker. He was overmatched against future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez and he didn’t play that well in the first game of the season against the Rams.

Put that together with the struggles of rookie Casey Matthews at the middle linebacker position, and it made sense for them to make the switch. Matthews didn’t look like he belonged on the field during much of the Atlanta game.

A number of times he got turned around in a circle, there were other times when he was pushed around. After being the starting middle linebacker for the Birds in four preseason games and two regular season games, Matthews was getting worse rather than getting better.

I don’t know if the moving of Chaney to the Mike position will be the answer to the Eagles problems against the run, but it’s a step in the right direction. Chaney is a natural middle linebacker who has good instincts to get to the football and make tackles, but he proved that he isn’t a Sam linebacker.

“I like to look at the whole offensive line, all the way to the fullback. Being at the MIKE, you can see all of that. At the SAM, you can pretty much see half of the line,” Chaney said.

The middle linebacker has a better chance to get to the football on every play than the Will or Sam linebackers because Mike can easily go to either side to make a play. Chaney is more experienced and quicker than Matthews, plus he has shown the ability to get to the football and make plays.

Chaney will attack the blocking scheme and that is a must. The middle linebacker in this “Wide Nine” alignment doesn’t have the freedom to hesitate on his reads. He must be sure and immediate with his recognition and his footwork must be perfect.

Some guys have that ability to read plays in an instant and find the football while others players just can’t get the job done. I believe Chaney has that ability.

It was a disservice by the Eagles to put this rookie, Matthews in the middle of the “Wide Nine” and ask him to succeed. He got exposed and it could have been much worse. He was getting his clock cleaned on blocks by the center, guards and the tackles. It seemed that he had no idea what he was doing near the end of the Falcons game which is amazing.

On the 61-yard run by Michael Turner in the fourth quarter of the Atlanta game, Matthews had no idea where the ball was.

Matthews has a better chance of being successful at the Will linebacker position than at Mike. I’m not guaranteeing that he’s going to be successful at Will because he might not be fast enough to succeed at that spot.

“Really, it just puts us all back into our natural positions,” Matthews said yesterday about the changes in the lineup. “Jamar played middle last year, Moise played strong-side last year and I was a MIKE last year (in college at Oregon), but really I played outside a lot, so I’m comfortable there. It’ll work.”

The Will linebacker position requires that you cover the best pass receiving running backs in the league. Many times offenses will split the halfback out to get him matched up in a one-on-one situation with Will.

Will must have the instincts to get to the ball, but he won’t have to deal with offensive linemen attacking him from both sides. He’ll know where they’re coming from, which will make playing the run simpler for him.

I think he’ll be challenged at this position by Brian Rolle and Keenan Clayton, who are faster and better coverage guys. Matthews will have to show that he’s a better run defender than these smaller linebackers.


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  • Why does “Bozo the Clown” feel the need to start matthews at all?

    Is it his great size?

    His tenacious attitude?

    His amazing speed?

    Is it his golden locks?

    Juan named as defensive coordinator because he talked alot to Jim Johnson.

    Based on that logic, somebody hire his wife as defensive coordinator. I’m sure she talked to him alot more than Juan.

  • Maybe I should loan my tv to the eagles coaching staff because this was evident in preseason.

  • I swear some people on this board are negative nancies over any move this team makes. We could win it all and you would complain that on the second drive of the game, so and so was taking too long of strides.

    Hope you dont live your lives like this.

  • wild_bk

    Some of us believe that we “couldn’t win it all,” with Reid at the helm. After all, there’s quite a bit of history contributing to such a belief.

    If this belief is true, that might be cause for some negativity. Some fans are happy with having semi-successful and entertaining team, and that’s fine. To each his own, but others insist on a Lombardi trophy. Personally, I’ll take the Lombardi.

  • No drummer – some fans just disagree completely. Some of us believe we can win it all with Ried – and your constant wanking we can’t is tiresome – I could ignore it, or I could respond – I chose to respond – name the coach that can ‘win it all. And histiry can be twisted turned distorted to make it say anything you want it say.

    I wonder if the Red Sox fans ‘got negative’ as they went through the curse of the bambino…… why don’t you try something – instead of pulling back and being negative – go full bore in your never ending and undying support of the birds?

    And – yet another BS comment floating – NO FAN, no person that is an Eagle fan, is happy when the season ends – no one. 1) it means we don’t get to watch the eagles every weekend, and 2) unless it is the last NFL game of the season, we were short of the goal. See the difference is (in my particular case can’t speak for others) I am mature enough to understand that things don’t always go exaclty the way you want then, that’s part of life. Only one team can win it all and there are many, many, many variables including luck, injuries, getting hot at the right time.

    My personal life experience is that being negative or worrying never helps anything – why I repeatedly ask people what pleasure they get out of bashing the Eagles –

    and by far the stupidest comment ever – you ‘insist’ on the Lombardi trophy – really, how do you insist? Are you going to withhold sex or refuse to eat until your demands are met – do you realize how immature this sounds – it a freakin game, a sport, you are a fan – you are supposed to ENJOY it, not run around making demands.

    HEre is how to really punish the eagles – Do not buy tickets to a game, do not buy anything NFL.COM, NFL TV, or any official eagle merchandise, BVOYCOTT anything to do with the Eagles, do not drive to the Linc, pay for parking, nothing.

    So you can ‘personally’ take the Lombardi (yes, that ‘sounds’ tough) but people on here being ‘negative’ under the we aren’t like some fans that are happy with a semi-successful adnd entertaining (how dare the product be entertaining!) team (translation – the grown ups in the room).

    and to ‘enhance’ the conversation – what exactly is the difference between successful and unsuccssful – and when you say ‘win a Super Bowl’ be ready to respond to – so the KC Chiefs are successful – and all the other current turd teams that 15, 20 years ago won it all

  • crickets chirping

  • Navy

    How many coaches have won Superbowls since Lombardi retired? Could you have named them prior to their winning? Uh-duh!

    It is this professional organization’s job to find the right coach. How did they find Andy Reid? He had never even been a coordinator prior to becoming a head coach. That didn’t stop the Birds from finding and hiring him.

    You obviously find this hard to believe, but there are coaches who will go on to win Superbowls that you and I have never heard of. Trust me!

    The front office has the resources to find the right candidate. Me, I’m just a fan. I have no such resources.

    Why would you ask such a dumb question?

  • I would have to admit to being in the “get Reid outta here” group for the past number of years. Not that he is the worst coach imaginable, but rather he has certain “blind-spots” in his coaching philosophy and strategy that have been constant for his time as a head coach. He is a good coach, had lots of success, but after 14 years you have to ask yourself if there needs to be a change for things to end differently.

    I was happy to see him hire the veteran line coaches this past off season, but also need to realize that he is the guy that replaced Tommy Brazer with Rory Seacrest…he created his own mess.

    Navy- I respect much of what you have to say, and your experience with various levels of the game, but your comment about the Red Sox and the curse of the Bambino actually makes me think oppositely from the point you were trying to make. Those of us who live around Philly will recall that we had similar feelings about the Phillies organization not too long ago. The organization made the necessary changes, and low and behold there was a World Series Championship team here in 2008, and boy is it great going to CBP and watching a championship team. If the Phillies had just stayed the course, we would still be watching a team run by Ed Wade and managed by Terry Francona…the point is, Reid may be a good or even a great coach, but we keep living Groundhog Day over and over again each year. Time for a new director.

  • BSM, reason he is still in the lineup is, the dirty pictures Matthews has on Reid, tickling Schiller & Navy’s feet, while they are sticking out of his @$$!

  • Drummer, surely you realize you are trying to rationalize with someone who IS content with losing Playoff games. The one constant these morons use to rationalize there humoristic stance is that if you cannot name a hall-of-fame replacement than you shouldn’t suggest replacing the Reidtard with someone who may not spend so much time making the same mistakes they did since day one.

    The one thing you can be assured of is that as long as Lurie believes the Reidtard can get the team to a playoff loss then you will continue to see him being extended, sad commentary but entirely true. Lurie only mentions winning the Super Bowl to appease the homers, his favorite team has already won a couple of Super Bowls and if he could go back in time he would have bid more so his buddy could have settled on the Eagles. The real problem begins at the top, if the Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl the Franchise needs a new Owner.

  • KACH, welcome, & welcome to the Jedi & not the dark side of the delusional force. They are all content with being second best, or in contention every year. I’d give up 5 years out of the playoffs, to win a SB!

  • Saun Payton was fired by the Eagles and won a Super Bowl. He has constantly out coaches Andy Reid. John Fox outcoached Andy Reid in tan NFC Championship game. John Gruden outcoached Andy reid in an NFC Chapionship game. Reid is the guy the better coaches beat on the way to the Super Bowl. Probably the worst challenge coach in the league. If he is such a great QB guru why has McNaab failed in running the 2 minute drill and reading defenses and beating the blitz and why is Vick struggling with the same. Farve made Reid not the other way around. This guy is not an in game coach he is more of a deer in the headlights. Fans recognized Matthews was not a MLB befor Coaches made the change. Does Andy wear his Packer’s super Bowl ring on the sidelines at Eagles games because that offends me.

  • good post green, and for those of us who are 4 for 4 fans, the phillies championship, runs for championships, gives us all the more reason to be impatient with Reid, especially since we all know how this will end up, one and done in playoffs, many of us would be willing to have some lean years with a new coach, new philosophy, different ultimate outcome

  • Well Dcar, I am fed up with the status-quo. Knowing that the Reidtard’s stats every season are going to read “lost to” weighs heavy on his remaining the Eagles Head Coach. I was one of the people who believed the Reidtard should not have been given the last extension, especially during the season, and should have been shown the door with McNabb after being embarrassed by Dallas in ‘09.

  • Navy

    Still chose to respond? Silence is golden.

    By your rationale, the only people capable of winning a superbowl are the ones who have already won one.

    There is an old age, If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I ask two questions:

    1. What do you do if “is” broke?
    2. How do you know when it’s broke?

    My answer to the first come in form of another adage: Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results is insanity (not maturity).

    My answer to the second question is that it’s subjective. Where you and differ is think it’s broke and you don’t. That’s no reason to disrespect other peoples’ opinions. You’re not nearly as smart as you think, because if you were, you’d be cashing in on that big mutli-billion dollar pie that the NFL is raking in. Instead, you’re on GCobb blogging with the rest of us. What does that say about you? You’re opinion is only as valuable as mine, Dickweed!

  • Navy

    Please allow me to offer a word of advice. Next time, chose to ignore. You’re way out of your depth.

  • Had a meeting just getting back –

    Big E – I love Sean Peyton – if he was available that would I think a bold move –

    Jon Fox has tanked since then, Jon Gruden took Tony Dungy’s team, gave it enough O to win and ran it into the ground. He was fired from Tampa – So I am not interested in Fox or Gruden.

    Now lets say – Ried quits – and me Navy were on the coach serach comittee –

    here is my list that I call 1) Cowher 2) Fisher 3) Dungy 4 ) Vermiel and 5) The Ryan brother now coaching D in Dallas

    Now I am betting that only 2 would call back – Fisher and Ryan

    Now – you say no I want some new blood – I like Paul Johnson coach from G Tech, and Brady Hoke, coach at Michigan – note – I would have looked at the HArbuagh now in Frisco…

    How’s that – sound like a reasonable plan for a job search – but I can not say – nor can you, that any will do better then Ried nor can you say they will do worse… that’s a risk

    See I am convinced most want Ried gone to PUNISH Ried. You want to have him be publicly fired and humiliated to justify your anger and frustration at him not winning the SB that people demand.

    Now my experience with multiple Eagle coaching changes is they usually go OK for a bt then …….. we go thorugh the same cycle. The difference here – is that Ried isn’t getting fired for winning 3 or 5 or 6 games or not making the playoffs etc. He is being fired after winning 10 or 11 games and 6 divisional titles and most still expect he will win again this year.

    And Jake – yeah man – love the Phils – but think of your excitement level the last time they won the series – the rain delay – Hamels pitching out of his mind, when Lidge walked in – man that was insane –

    now – its like – should win, better win or we suck… maybe you are as excieted, but Its more like being the number 1 seed…. your expoected

  • Drumm – were you being a douche when I went to a meeting … sorry I did not respond to you fast enough, my bad – I don’t do that crack berry thing…

    what is it you would like me to respond to fine sir – what is your question and what depth am I out of?

  • Oh – now I see –

    OK – here we go – I think I answered the question in my response to Big E about who I would look at to bring in if for some reason Ried were to resign… notice I didn’t think any former SB winning coaches would take the job – and I have a current coordiantor and two college coaches I like –

  • drummer, you give a solid, objective, dispassionate view of the error of navy’s thinking and finish by calling him “dickweed”?….Nice

  • . What do you do if “is” broke? you 1) confirm it is broke 2) Figure out if it is a systematic problem or a personnel issue 3) make corrections and observe 4) if problem solved rock on 5) if not repeat
    2. How do you know when it’s broke? – first off – define what it means to be broke – and in this case I think you mean ‘team hasn’t won SB’ go back to answer to question 1

    My answer to the first come in form of another adage: Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results is insanity (not maturity).

    This is the easy one – you are looking at one result and only one result – did the eagles win the superbowl, and only one variable – who was the head coach. The egales have tried multiple times, multiple different ways to reach the objective of winning the superbowl – the 3 headed monster, different QBs, a great D not so hot O, elite WR core, – see again, its a maturity thing – if the eagles do ANYTHING that results inthe not winnning the Sb you will say they repeated the same mistakes – when this year they went crazy in FA hihc to me is different (see – there is that key word). And I think the correct adage is The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and
    expecting different results – from our fellow philadelphian B Franklin – but every year the eagles have made adjustments, corrections etc – as I just pointed outwith the going nuts in FA – trading McNabb last year – going with McCoy – switching to the Wide 9 – these are all fine counter example

  • but see the whole immaturity issue rears it ugly head – you want the result to be different – you could care lkess if the change the method of getting there – you want the result to change.

  • You’re ignoring the one constant: Andy Reid.

    With his team running the ball down the Carolin Panthers throats and Jon Runyan telling Reid to keep running because he owned his man, what did Reid do?

    With his team throwing more passes than any team in the history of the league (including Air Coryell), what did Reid decide? That his great system didn’t require No

  • Kach – I am not onboard with firing Ried – hence my hesitation at naming possible replacements – but please notice I handled the question in my respinse to BigE

    just to enlighten you to my way of thinking – I do not belive winning or losing a Super Bowl makes or breaks a player or a coaches career – a super bowl is a reward, a goal, an achievement. Not making the SB or winning the SB does not diminish the accomplishments of that particular player or coach. I can rattle off a list of outstanding coaches that did NOT win the SB and I can give you a list of coaches I think sucked, but managed to coach a team that won. I can also show the most common variables in winning were luck, getting hot at the right time, and avoiding injuries.


  • his system didn’t require No. 1 receivers, which ate up about 7-8 years.

    Reid hated the 3-headed monster and refuse to use them when needed.

    With Corell Buckhalter averaging 6 yards a carry for several games, Reid chose to give him ball a few times in the first half, then 1 or 2 times thereafter. And after each game, he claimed he would him the ball more often.

  • his system didn’t require No. 1 receivers, which ate up about 7-8 years.

    Reid hated the 3-headed monster and refuse to use them when needed.

    With Corell Buckhalter averaging 6 yards a carry for several games, Reid chose to give him ball a few times in the first half, then 1 or 2 times thereafter. And after each game, he claimed he would him the ball more often.

    I don’t know what you’ve been watching, but it obviously is different from what comes across my television screen.

  • Drummer – I am not even going to look that up – I will say that this year – right now, as we sit here TODAY – the Eagles are #5 in rushing, McCoy has exaclty 1 yard less in rushing then A Peterson and is 12 yards shy of being the league rushing leader and the pass to run is 53/47 (understand some sku for Vick but hey, thats part of the game)

    and our defense is TOTALLY NEW – so you can’t say we are doing the same old things and expcting different results – come on man – hate Ried but give me that point

  • What about the entire season lost because we didn’t have a punt returner. What NFL team has EVER done that?

    How many times McNabb get the blame for clock management and timeouts. Is he still to blame?

  • and what you are posting convinces me even more that this isn’t about the Sb – its about your desire to punish Ried

  • Of course, the linebacker issue is a new one. We’ve always had great linebackers. Okay, we’ve always had good linebackers. Okay, we’ve always had someone playing linebacker.

  • We have the greatest PR in history (love me some Djax) – every team changes sometimes they get it right sometimes they get it wrong – but to repeatedly win 10/11 games and 6 division titles – man that shits elite and puts him up in the top 5 coaches in the league today

  • Drumm – I love you man – great conversation love the intensity – I have to run to a follow up meeting and my admin assistant is looking at me like dude – if you can typoe that fast type your own crap (she can’t see the poor spelling)

    did you at least look at the list of people I would look at if Ried resigns – comments?

  • You are too simplsitic and statistic. It’s not about stats alone. When does McCoy get his rushing yards? Does Reid use the run to keep the defense off-balance? And what kind of runs? Usually McCoy break 2 or 3 long ones, not because of consistent calls, but because he is that good.

    Let’s look at this: Which team in the NFL is known for NOT being able to pick up short yardage.


  • Coach Ar is signed thru 2013 and not going anywhere until then, so it’s a waste of energy to even talk about it until then.. there is no way shape or form, that Owner Jeff Lurie is going to fire the HC who has helped increase the Value of his Franchise from about $400 Million to about $1.5 Billion during his 12-13 years here.. It’s not going to happen fella’s… I am not saying it’s right or wrong, it’s just the way it is and Lurie is very loyal to those who are loyal to him just like Coach Reid was very loyal (to a fault) with many of his Coaches and Players over the years.. It’s the bond that keeps them together… ..

  • How in the world can I punish Reid? He doesn’t even know I exist.

    The way your mind works really makes me wonder.

    This is about my desire to see him replaced with a more sound coach. And yet that somehow escapes you.


  • Paul

    Why not publish a list of approved topics? So that we don’t waste our time.

  • And please let me know when this topic can be broached.

  • I”ll be sure to check daily in anticipation of your approval.

  • Funny no one talks about how bad Fokou has been (outside of Tommy Lawlor). He’s a big reason for this switch as well.

  • No, Navy. YOU were being a douche when posted as if your “opinion” somehow has more value than the rest of us.

    Again, if you know so much about the NFL and how to build a team, why aren’t you working in the NFL?

    Yeah, go to your meeting. Let me guess. You’re a bean counter.

  • wow – drumm – thought I left with a nice out – actually its you that is the binary simplistic dolt – its 1) win SB or 0) not –

    funniest thing about this group is that not only do the eagles have to run, they have to run at a certain time, with a certain person – who cares when they run if they keep hangin 31 points on the board? You want to change the metrics of the argument in the middle of the argument – you want to claim Ried can’t change – but every time he changes it either wasn’t right or wasn’t soon enougn and of course – always judged by you and you ilk in hindsite and always, always judged by 1)win Sb 0) not win Sb (that whole maturity thing.

    you personnaly can’t punish Ried – its your and the majority that want to see Ried punished – fired, humiliated so you can feel some vindication – because nothing in you rposts reveals anything other then that. Every year 31 teams are ‘insane’ because they try to win the Sb and can’t. Every year 31 teams ‘fail’

  • Let me get this out of the way.

    Some of you super-smart bloggers need remember who you really are. You’re simply fans – that’s it. We’ve been given the privilege to express our opinions. Sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re wrong, but if any of us were right all of the time or even most of the time, we’d be earning the big bucks working for an NFL team, or media outlet, etc.

    Instead, you’re here blogging with an idiot like me.

    Please try to keep that in mind when you post. And just because you post more than some others, that doesn’t make you any more competent either. In fact, it says something completely different. Perhaps some of you need to get a life, a real life with family, friends, school, skills, hobbies, etc. A little diversity might do you some good. There’s more to life than GCobb.com.

  • No Drumm I am a training/simulation instructor for the Navy retired from the Navy –

    whay not in NFL – I coached for several years at college – but to move up throught hte college ranks you frequesntly have to go down a division to get a bigger job (coordinator) and then take a lesser job to go up – I was able to have a job and coach college for a while but i had to either 1) go into coaching full time and give up my big boy job or 2) take a promotion at work and the higher level you go in college the more you need to recruit… recruting sucks!

    the job was as a DL coach at a Div II school in the Dakotas with an avergae daily temp of 6 degrees in Dec – the family did not want to leave San Deigo for that –

    so I switched into ref’n. I do have aspirations of becoming a Div I college football ref in either the Pac 12 or MWC – but that is about a 10 year goal.

  • and Drumm – now that you have made your proclamation – I will make mine –

    I am a die hard – bleeding green eagle fan – I take exception to any person, any person anywhere disparing my team. I love my team without condition. I love them when the win, I love then when they lose. I will ALWAYS be an eagle fan – cremate me and sprinkle my freakin ashes on the 50 yard line.

    To all you bloggers – you have th right to post or blog what you want – I reserve the right to respond in kind. If you attack my beloved Eagles I will respond and defend my eagles. I don’t care who starts, who plays, who coaches, as long as at the end of the game – we win.

    I would love to have more – ‘football’ discussions , but sometimes this is ore of a bitch board the a football board, so quit your bitching!

  • Navy

    Certainly, winning the SB is a crap-shoot. Injuries largely dictate who wins. Luck plays a major part. That’s all the more reason why you can have a coach who’s ineptness prevents his team from winning.

    Reid is a great coach in many ways. He’s an awesome motivator. He’s an innovator offensive play designer. He meticulous in certain details. He is loved by his players, even those who were cut. He’s very good at choosing certain positions, i.e., running back and, in my opinion, pretty good at choosing QBs. However, his “blind spots” are numerous and they prevent him from winning the big one. It is my opinion that McNabb and Westbrook won in spite of Reid, not because of him.

    What coach calls 50 pass plays when his QB is suffering from a very painful sports hernia? Who calls 50 when the run game is working and the protection is pitiful? Common sense seems to elude Reid.

  • Welcome to America, Navy. Didn’t you just say we had the right to blog whatever we want?

    Then you turned right around and said ”stop bitching.”

    Are you bipolar or just stupid?

  • It might help to put some thought into what you post. Just sayin’

  • Drumm – I will say it agin – I love you man. Great intensity. That Monday night game where the Gnats had 12 sack – all Rieds fault – every single on eof them. I get it. He is not perfect.

    Maybe, just maybe I am afraid of going back to that abyss that was Richie Kotite or Ray Rhodes – but I assure you one thing – If Ried gets fired and quits tommorrow, next week or next year, I will welcome the new coach and still be a die hard bleeding green eagle fan because I always think this os our year

  • Well, I had to clean out the garage and now I’m done.

    Time to get ready for rehearsal tonight, besides you bore me.


  • And again drumm – you can bitch if you want to go ahead – I will just point out you are being a bitch and why you sound like an immature bitch – that enough thought for you

  • have fun – enjoy – west coast time – eatin lunch – got to ref tonight Umpire – my favorite – enjoy the rehersal (a bold assumption to think you are a drummer in a band rude of me not to ask your accupation after I told you mine?)

  • paulman, I know the Reidtard isn’t going anywhere as long as Lurie is in control of my team and he continues raking in the bucks. I totally expect an extension sometime during the 2012 season and the continued frustration of this fan base. Money is all that matters to Lurie and as long as the Patriots continue winning Super Bowls why should he care if the Eagles ever do.

  • See Drummer – like this guy here – Kachtice – Riedtard – really – what are we in thrid grade?

    I assure you if Ried stops winning 10/11 games and divisional titles Lurie would have a probelm with him.

    Clearly not understanding the mindset of uber wealthy men let me explain it to you. Nothing grates the shit out of Jeff Lurie more then knowing thet Bud Kraft won 3 Sbs in 4 years about 7 years ago right before his coach got busted for cheating – he HATES that. You don’t think Lurie had any input into signing 24 and DRC and VY and Babin and jenkins…… You don’t think he maybe watched the Brady/Rodgers air show and said – AR – how we gonna beat these guys?

    And again – what are we 4 – mommy doesn’t love us cause we can’t have a new car… really – he speant to the cap – he needs to resign McCoy and DJax –

  • Fokou didn’t play that well either. Although against the run, so far, as a group they seem to consistently improve in second halves of games. My main concern is that with Rolle getting substituted on pass plays that doesn’t say much about Matthews coverage skills. I guess we’ll find out in two days.

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