• August 17, 2022

Eagles Unable To Get The Job Done In The Fourth Quarter

In their two losses the Eagles have gone into the fourth quarter with the lead, but failed to hang onto it and failed to score a single point in the period. Their bevy of new defensive players Nmandi Asomugha, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie have been unable to make a difference with the game on the line.

They were outscored 14-0 in the fourth quarter in Atlanta and 15-0 in the fourth quarter against New York. The defense allowed two touchdowns to be scored in each of those games. So with the game on the line, they have been unable to come through.

Last week it was Michael Turner and Tony Gonzalez putting the dagger in them, this week it was Victor Cruz and Ahmad Bradshaw doing the damage.

During those times, the offense has been unable to score and the defense has been unable to hold the lead and injuries have played a major role in this stats.

The absence of enough healthy defensive linemen to continue the platoon system seems to have allowed the Birds defensive line to get tired at the end of the both games. Their pass rush pressure has been missing at those times. Defensive ends Juqua Parker and Darryl Tapp have missed the last two games and it’s made Trent Cole and Jason Babin have to play more snaps.

Vick has been hurt in the last two fourth quarters for the Birds, so it’s understandable that it would have a negative affect upon the offense, but that doesn’t mean they should score zero points.

Mike Kafka did a good job during the Atlanta game, but he was awful against the Giants. In both games he was unable to get the job done in the fourth quarter.


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  • G,
    Yeah, but the good news is……. OOHH wait, there ain’t no good news! BTW, i’m glad they got that redzone DF & OF, straightened out from last year šŸ˜† Absolutely pathetic!

  • Carolina Panthers with D/C Sean McDermott at th ehelm has a better Red-Zone Defense than the Eagles do and this is without the 4-5 All Pro Players that the Eagles have and losing 2 of their best LB’s in Beson & Davis.. Go Figure..
    I will continue to call it as I see it …

  • Since we are now 1 and 2 we will see if Reid can get this team ready. Reid and MM must step up to the plate and put our offense in a position to carry the load. I knew we were going to have some problems on defense, however, this week we need touch downs in the Red Zone not field goals. This team should average 30-35 points per game. Once we fix the offense the defense will come around. Juan is new DC and it will take some time to develop a more consistent defense. I like Rolle replacing Matthews. Matthews probably needs more time to develop. I also feel we should rest Vick this week and save him for the Bills. Vince Young can beat the 49ers if you give him a chance with the right play calling. We must get the ball to McCoy running and passing and get back to the real West Coast offense. Wake up DJAX here’s your opportunity to make a statement for that new contract!!!!!

  • Anyone want to bet that the 49ers WR/Returnman Ted Ginn Jr outplays
    the Eagles D-Jax…

  • skman…how much time and how many losses before our defense comes around?

  • We need a top tier tight end too

  • Do the Eagles even have NFL Caliber TE’s on their Roster
    They released the best one out of the group in Donald Lee..
    Check out Celek’s Ranking on ESPN for TE’s Position in the NFL
    Celek can’s evenbreak the Top #25 (there are a half a dozen back-up TE’s how outrank him as far as production at the TE position… it’s a joke..)

  • Panthers 2 TE’s J Shockey and Greg Olsen
    Lions 2 TE’s S Schefler and B Pettigrew
    Redksins 2 TE’s C Cooley and Fred Davis
    PAtriots 2 TE’s B Gronkowski and A Hernandez
    Saints 2 TE’s J Graham and D Thomas
    Packers 2 TE’s J Finley and AJ Quarless
    Ravens 2 TE’s E Dixon and D Pitta
    Texans 2 TE’s O Daniels and P Casey

    You get the picture..

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