• August 12, 2022

Tough Decisions Ahead For Reid, Castillo And The Eagles

Andy Reid must be kicking himself for making the decision to move his offensive line coach, Juan Castillo from his long-held position to defensive coordinator. The problem with the defense and this football team isn’t just Castillo but he’s at the heart of it.

The offense can’t score in the red zone and they can’t score in the fourth quarter. Cornerback Nmandi Asomugha was supposed to be the catch of this year’s free agent market, but he’s definitely not playing like it.

There seems to be mistakes and miscommunications going on at the end of each game on the defensive side of the ball. One of the alarming facets of the three game losing streak is way opposing offensive coordinators seem solve the Eagles defense at the end of games. They make adjustments but Castillo and his defense are unable to match them.

I can understand why Castillo has emphasized fundamentals because the team’s tackling has been atrocious. The missed tackles have turned into long plays which have destroyed the football team’s chances of winning.

I wouldn’t have advised the move that Reid made with Castillo but it would have been understandable to move him to linebacker coach for two or three years, then he could have been given the defensive coordinator’s position. The fact that the lockout prevented him and his players from getting valuable time together has helped to cripple the Eagles defense so far this season.

Reid and the Birds are in trouble. They are sporting a 1-3 record after losing the last three games, and they were leading all of these games when the fourth quarter started.

They’re going to have to battle without Pro Bowl defensive end Trent Cole for the next month because of a calf muscle strain. Cole is one of the team’s best defensive players but won’t be able to help this defense for about a month. Defensive end Darryl Tapp, who is recovering from a pectoral strain and defensive end Juqua Parker, who is recovering from a high ankle sprain are yet to return from their injuries. The Eagles desperately need their services with Cole not available.

Right now the Birds have only two healthy defensive ends, Jason Babin and rookie Phillip Hunt. Cullen Jenkins will likely be asked to slide outside and give them some help.

Defensive tackle Antonio Dixon tore a tricep muscle on Sunday and will miss the rest of the season. He was placed on injured reserve and the team signed Derek Landri to replace him on the roster.

None of this is good news for a defense that is already struggling.

This is a difficult situation for Reid and his coaching staff. Everybody on the staff knows there’s something terribly wrong with the teams defense. They are close to Castillo, but he and the team’s defense would wind up keeping the defense out of the playoff and make the 2011 season a disaster.

Reid will need find a way to get Castillo some help without taking the job from him in the middle of the season. They need a veteran defensive mind or two added to the staff to help get this defense performing that way it’s capable of doing.

Imagine how last year’s defensive coordinator Sean McDermott feels. He’s in that position with the Carolina Panthers currently, and he didn’t have three Pro Bowl corners and a legitimate pass rush, but he was fired. Despite the fact that he had to battle and scrape with what he had to help the Birds get to the playoffs. McDermott had sat under the guidance of Jim Johnson for more than a decade.

Castillo has never coached on the defensive side of the ball during his entire time as an Eagles coach, yet he was given the defensive coordinator’s position. If McDermott needed preparation, yet still struggled, how could Castillo be expected to flourish with no experience at all.

The ball is in Reid’s hands now and he’s got to find a way to solve the defensive problems while at the same time figuring out how the Eagles offense can start getting into the end zone much more often.


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  • I’m not sure I understand why this is a surprise

  • …. yea like what Crap LB should we start this week and do we get chix, fish or both on the lunch beffet line. Sorry- that might be my first Andy fat joke. I cant take this anymore.

  • …… or …. do i throw 50 or 60 times this week?

  • GCOBB-“Reid will need find a way to get Castillo some help without taking the job from him in the middle of the season”.

    That “HELP” should have come in the form of 2 LB’s and an actual DC back before the season started. But highnsite is 20/20- its not like we were screaming that day in and day out back 2 months ago.

  • Stevo- Get him some help by showing him the door! They fired Sean Mcdermott and they shouldn’t have! Sean would’ve been much more successful by now! He Sat/Trained/Studied under Jim Johnson….He would be blitzing more, he would have Nnamdi on the best reciever and not all over the place! Put J. Jackson “BACK” at center, and maybe u can score in the goaline!! I mean this is common sense to us all!! But Reid is too stubborn to admitt he made a mistake! They fired Sean too soon!!! I’m sick of it!

  • I think is hard for the team to communicate because every player on the team is learning the defense!

    The only player familiar with the wide 9 is Babin but he cannot communicate linebackers and secindary responsibilities.

    So the confusion is to be expected….The question is why would you put a failed offensive line coach over a new defense with so many new peices and expect a positive outcome?

    The answer to that is “SCAPEGOAT”.

    Mcdermott was a scapegoat sacrificed..Andy was in the clear after sacrificing McD and could have went with a more safe decision maker for defensive coordinator…He chose a loyal friend….While I would respect Reid as a loyalist, he leaves much to be desired when looking for a coach who can win it all.

    Reid know his time is ticking down and just thought it would be the right thing giving Juan a shot at fulfilling his dream to coach an NFL defense. Being around Andy, he knew what to say…and said all the right things.

    Juan is a hard worker, but so is the guy that cut the grass at the novacare center who may have overheard a few plays while Jimmy J walked toward the locker room…

    But it wouldn’t be the smartest thing in the world making the gardener the defensive coach …unless the gardener worked real hard becoming Andy’s friend.

    Andy tells us each offseason how he loves to throw fastballs at the opposing team..

    Well he sure through us a curve by the name of “Juan Castillo”.

    Don’t forget guys….I said Kolb would have a 2 game limit. Where is he?

    I said was callling for Segrest while he was lurking in background….he’s outta here.

    When everyone thought it would be impossible to sign Asmo…I was the only guy on here saying he can be signed.

    And now Juan.

    Juan have up until Sunday to show what this defense can be and if it faulters against the Bills you’ll get an announcement by Tuesday.

    Paste it

  • See these four posts are what frustrate me about GCObb – (I have given up refiering to you as Eagle fans)

    Example – look at the Steelers – They got torched for 150 yards rusinh and lost to Foster – they have a bad ass linebacker corp – they have a bad ass defense – they got smoked Troy P was missing tackles all over the place – there defensive Corodinator has experince – they have bad ass linebackers – if the eagles follow the magical formula you guys talk about – then what ??? I am so smart and Ried is so stubborn – maybe Ried and the Eagles are watching the rest of the league and saying – Oh shit –

    need another example – Cam NEwton and the panther scared the hell out of the bears – by ‘GCOBB fan direction – a bad ass linebacker and an experience DC’ the bears should be good to go – oopps – nope the needed a couple long returns by hester – and after giving up about 175 to Smith – they squeaked out a win –

    I could go on and on – bottom line is I do not know what is wrong with the eagles defense – and niether do any of you other then they suck and can’t hold a lead –

    but you r’cures’ are not cures at all and I can show you example after example of team that are doing EXACTLY the things you are saying and they are worse defenses then we have here – there Os and Special teams just scored enough to hide the weakness

    The argument is not records, woin lose – its that the ideas you are all putting forward – are boing proven incorrect weekly…

    Stevo – the bears gave up 175 rushing and 380 sum through the air with a DC (I am using him for a specific purpose) who has a dozen plus years of being a D Coach and a Head coach – TO A ROOKIE QB on a team that won how many games last year……………………………………

    Your answers are simplistic and not based on anything other then ‘I am angry and disappointed and if the team just listened to me and hired an experienced DC and got a stud LB — example #1 of why that may not hve worked

  • Navy

    You forgot one thing about the Steelers. They’re trophy case isn’t empty.

    There’s a difference between a fan and a Kool-Aid addict.

  • What is wrong with you angry fans? KUMBAYA MY LORD!

    When did it become wrong for a fan to be disappointed, fed up, tired or angry?

    After the amount of money spent on coaches and players this season, only one group of people should be pleased with the results? Krazy Eddie and his cousins, THE INSANE!

  • Should have been “their trophy case.” I’m anal that way.

  • Navy and Schill ater the same person. Look if you want the comany’s propaganda go to the official eagles website and read spuds articles…That’s the fluff you need…We’re gong to tell it like it is here….unless Lurie make “G” and offer he can’t refuse and this becomes eagles dot com duex …but until then the real fans who want a chip will state what’s missing until we get it.

  • Anyone who follows Football know that the Steelers and Trpy Palmalu are not the same team (They have a lot of age along that DL,LB and even their Secondary are getting older..) Most fans would also know that they have become a more passing team under QB Big Ben instead of pounding the rock they that have traditionally done so and that their OL has not been good for about 2-3 Years.. but we all know that their Coaching is still top notch and that their Philosophy of playing Physical Football wears down opponents and even intimdates some…
    Anyone who also follows football knows the Texans are a much better team than they were 2-3 Years and that RB A Foster is a legitimate big time back so the fact that they played well at home against a good team is not surprising at all since home teams should play well and be fired up (not unlike the Eagels who have no home field advantage anymore in the Linc)

    Any Football fans also knows that the Panthers have a dynamic Offense led by their OC Chudzinski who was with the Chargers the last few seasons and had them tossing the ball all over the yard and scoring points..Obviously no one expected QB Newton to be this successful out of the gate in his rookie season but again it goes to the excellent coaching he is receiving..They added TE Shockey and Greg Olsen, have All-Pro Steve Smith who is rejuventated playing with Newton and then added WE L Nanee from the Chargers who is very familiar with their system. Add RB D Williams and J Stewart and an experienced OL with Kalil,Gross & Otah and the Panther Offense is as dynamic as anyone in the NFL.. Their Defense is another story
    Their record won’t relect it this Season, but the Panthers will be a tough out as Newton gets more experience..

  • This is way less complicated than it seems…

    Castillo: Simply play your players to their strengths…Stop trying to be a mastermind, keep it simple! Man to man coverage behind the Wide 9, and blitz a bit more to stop the run. We got Nnamdi doing things he’s never done before…in Oakland he played one side of the field, we have him on the left,right, over the tight end, just moving him around way too much…just as bad as the LB movement, Get DRC on the field more! …you have a new scheme new players, young players…keep it simple…

    On another note, I will say the loss of Dixon hurts, but signing Landri was a real good move…I felt he should of made the team to begin with.

  • I agree 100% Real. Stop messing around with things that work. He has turned a strength into a weakness. The 3 CBs should play man coverage.

  • I hope we keep losing. It’s the only way to get rid of Andy Reid.

  • G nice touch with the picture of the challenge flag. seeing as how’s 1 for 30

  • Drummer – THATS NOT THE POINT – that is just a typical distraction and fallback answer anytime someone that actually understands the game and challenegs the typical GCOBB poster methodology gets – right up there with Blame Bush and it must be the immunizations – GCOBB person confronted with a fact or expmale to show wrong – we haven’t won SB – post. the point is these ‘magical’ just do this answers people keep spouting are not all that ‘magical’ and I don’t really think the TExans gave a rats ass how many trophies the steelers had in the case as they ran all over that stud LB defense and experinced DC –

    RT777 – sometimes simplfying is a great way to go – Bugsy while I agree with gettng 3CBs on field — playing 3CBs in man is difficult becuase you can bunch or go in motion and do crossing patterns – you have to hide the coverages – trying to match man to man like that is tough.

  • Navy?

    Go paint SPUDS toenails.

    You’re on the wrong site.

    objectivity and truth reigns here….What they have you working overtime after losses?

  • Someone needs to wrestle that red hanky from “The Cheeseburgular”

    Hell..a dropped interception can happen right in his face and he’ll miss it thinking of sauteed mushrooms and onions over a double cheesburger on a potato bread bun.

  • Songs you piece of amphibian slime – you wouldn’t know the truth if Andy Ried fell over, rolled down a hill and smacked into you – Objectivity – only if it constant – baseless ramming negativity down everyone’s throat – Castillo sucks – he just happens to be better the 16 other DCs in the league right now – they must SUPER SUCK

    And really Spadaro jokes…. lame………. If I want to be objective I will look at the Raiders, Cowboys or Patriots. I don’t want to be objective – I am a die hard, bleeding green, spread my ashes on the 50 yard line at the Linc Philadelphia Eagle fan I don’t care if they have three wars and two pimples on their ass – I want them to win, win games, win championships – its called being a FAN – try it some time skippy

  • Navy, you ‘re more on the line of a naive fan who bleed green, speading your cheeks behind the bleachers at the novacare the the Eagles geeks taking turn, wishing for a win with .

    I’m focusing on what we need to do to avoid groundhog day celebrating multiple wingbowls instead of multiple Superbowls,

  • Dude – you are focused on being a duchebag – you wouldn’t know anything about how to build a team, run a team, or even be part of a team – you can’t even be a fan of the team.

    In line behind the bleachers – Songs – you so funny….. you stay focused songs – keep at it – with your laser like persistence, I can see good things ahead for you in your plan to take over the world………………………….. I am sure Ried and the FO are secretly recording this site and transmitting it to the CIA to ensure you are being monitored at all times – have you ever heard of ULTRA – yeah – the CIA is going to put you on ULTRA mind control so you can’t take over the eagles………………………. I gotta go home

  • Can’t argue Navy’s points so you just attack him eh?

  • man i just read something that blew my mind that makes me know that the eagles are good team and just alittle unlucky the eagles on 3rd down %is 48 and there only giving up 36% this team is good they just hav a few mental breakdowns at the wrong time sure they give up the big runs here and there but for most part they shut it down I MEAN MEN LIE WOMEN LIE BUT THE EAGLES STATS DONT who knows where they would be at if vick didnt get hurt in either of those games if the D can get it together just alittle bit wow he keep coming back this its no time for this team to panic keep the ship afloat win some games with the o and st until this D gets it together look out i still think if this plays the way i think they can they are the only team in the nfc that has the qb,rb,wr,dl,cb to get on with the packers

  • paulman thats the first thing that you said on here that i agree with i dont know why anybody is shocked that cam newton is playn the way he is he has 2 good te’s a great running game a solid ol and steve smith if they had a D man next year they can win the south maybe the eagles trade samuel down there next yaer cause the falcons are old and not very good on d the bucs are good but not great and they dont hav any speed on offense or defense and the saints will always be good as long as they hav brees but look out for the panthers next season they are young and scary

  • Andy picked Juan for the same reason he picked Rory Siegrest for special teams coach and defensive line coach. He knew they would get the job done because only he knows these things. That’s why he is a great coach and we are just ignorant fans.

  • Big E – when you re-read that – does it sound as stupd to you as it does to me – really, you have nothing new, different, insightful – maybe he didn’t like any college coaches, maybe there were no former pros – maybe he moved him laterally like he did with the Harbaugh now at Baltimore to help his career – no your right – since it din’t work out perfectly it must be some absurd stupid reason – but I do agree – most are just ignorant fans!

  • gloomy – there ya go step back from the ledge – all isn’t lost yet –

    Geez – the Philly I knew and loved was a town of grit and determination. Dig down deep and cheer for the underdog –

    I swear if they re-do Rocky he is just going to cave after the third round – give up becuase Mickey clearly was a lousy trainer – and the fans are gonna walk away because the bum can’t de defense…… and Apollo is way to fast, way to ‘gold standard’.

    Kind of wierd but my impression of most of my Philly ‘fan’ brethern is a whiny bunch of cry baby’s who cave becuase things aren’t going the way they want…. bo hoo, Andy think he is so smart… bo hoo where is Biran Dawkins,,,, bo hooooo the eagles make people change positions… bo hooo the eagles picked the worng DC – lets lose so we canget the coach fired, lets lose so we can get a better draft pick, lets gloat because the team sucks.. booo hooo if they just let him play press cover vice zone….

    Whatever happened to those guys I used to sit in the VET (section 240 row 10, seat 11,12, 13) who showed up every week without fail – you know the old guy with the siren – where are those fans – the faithful – the no matter what the weather, what the record, who the coach or players – we came to win that game? Where did they all go? Boy, I must be getting old…

  • Maybe navy is really Reid? frustrated fans have the right to vent and opine about things they are passionate about. Everyone has an opinion and venting is an excellent cardiovascular prophylactic. I think some of the opinions or suggestions, if you will are excellent. However, we all know you…er, uh Reid will never employ them. You make it sound as though valid criticism is anologous to disloyalty. I happen to think it’s the exact opposite.


  • Slick1, thank you for being smart & level headed. Unlike the Reid sack slurpers on here! They think because your a fan, you can’t criticize the Birds! And if you do, your a hater & not a real fan! Nobody is beyond criticism! NOBODY! I’ll say it again for millionth time, if you’re happy with staying status quo, & always being second best or the bridesmaid, whatever analogy you want to use, so be it, you’re a loser! But don’t come down on the real fan, who see’s the truth, the real problems, that are preventing this team from Greener pastures (No pun intended). That is Reid & this front office! We will not win a SB, under this waste of humanity, & his cronies! He needs to be fired, because this season is a loss! I hate to say it, I really do, but it’s true! I would love to see them go 10-1 in their last 11 games, but they’re 1-3, with the hardest part of the schedule awaiting, a coaching staff, that is clueless & hindering any chance of progression, with this team, the team itself has too many holes, that can not be filled, & the D-line is decimated by injuries now, also! If you are delusional enough, to believe otherwise, you are in a state of major denial, & are really set up for major heartbreak & disappointment! I am as disappointed & pi$$ed off, probably more than anyone on here, because of the current state of this franchise! That’s why I’m so adamant, about my assessments of this team! It’s all the truth & facts, but I know how the truth hurts, but hey it ain’t my fault. You can look at the Nova Care complex for that!

  • Oh yeah, & now we have to put up with King “aint DunCrap” on the already $#!tty line! Vick better where one of those blow up, Sumo costumes this week, because he is going to get buried! He might get sacked/ hit 20 times this game! Guaranteed, at this rate, he gets a season ender by week 7, guaranDAMteed! It is a joke!


  • Rocko, couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWizsEq9GyY&feature=related

    Check out part 2 on youtube – 15 min. This fan couldn’t of said it better; It’s exactly how I feel!

  • Maybe if the Offense could score in the last quarter it would help take some of the pressure off the D

  • HA! This board is alot more entertaining than anything I have seen from the Eagles in the last 4 weeks. @ Rocko and Dcar! Thanks guys for giving me a much needed laugh. lol. :oP

  • Rocko – Excellent! People need to embrace that it’s simply time for change!! He can not adjust in/during games. He relies on his talented players, and NOT his ability to coach them! The Pats have won Chips without “stars” because they were “coached” up to their abilities/strengths.

    rcp1936 – It’s not fair to say “if the offence can score in the forth q,……because the Offense even got you a lead, should be good enough! If anything it puts pressure on the offense to maintane a lead with the defense blowing it…..which leads to Juan “Caffine” Castillo…so Andy and Juan can hold hands and Skip theirs azzes into the Sunset!!

  • Navy…Don’t know if you actually grew up in or even lived in Philly at any point of your life but your recollections of pre Patriot fan Eagles fandom are extremely flawed. This City and it’s fans have always had a love-hate relationship with the Coaches and Owners of the Franchise, even Buddy Ryan had his critics even though he was an extremely popular Head Coach.

    I grew up during the seventies (that would be during the Leonard Tose Ownership era), graduated from Lincoln High in ‘83 and was employed for a few years by the City of Philadelphia (City Representatives Department) until getting layed-off in late ‘88 while Goode was Mayer (orders a bomb dropped by helicopter and lets a block burn then gets re-elected, just shows the ignorance of this City).

    Just because you have no problem “drinking the Kool-aid” the Reidtard and Patriots fan serves up every season doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be so blindly loyal to those whose only ambition is to extract the maximum amount of cash out of those Homers who are stupid enough to buy into their lies every year. Blind loyalty isn’t fandom, but it has made the Patriots fan a Billionaire. True fans are critical when flaws and arrogance are obvious, the team means more to them than keeping the idiots who are running the team into the ground happy and the Homers who think they are doing what it in the best interest of the team.

    Sadly, I don’t think the Reidtard is going anywhere. He has proven himself good for the bottom line. At least another three year extension, the scape-goats are in place and the Reidtard has proven throwing Coaches “under the bus” is another skill set for him.

  • funny stuff guys – Slick1 – 22 years in the Army – good for you —-

    the key here is the term – valid criticism – I have no problem whatesoever with valid critisicsm – but make it valid – let me give you a prime example (one of many, many, many, many, many possibilities –

    The Eagles draft people, sign people and then play them ‘out of position’ – is the Army so much different then the Navy that you expect every ‘professional’ to have a core set of skills? So taking a LB/DE prospect from college and having them play LB/DE in the pros is some mythical/magical thing – no – it is something that every single pro and college coach in the country does it – sometimes it works (Trent Cole) and sometime it doesn’t (GoCong) Sometimes you can convert a tackle to a guard easily (Hermanns) sometimes it takes a little longer (Watkins) – happens on every team – every single team – so to single out the eagles for following an extrmemely common practice, is in my opinion, not valid critisism – its just people being stupid a whiny –

    so you can print/post/’not take it anymore’ last great act of defiance, we aren’t to accept it – whateever – and then I will post why I think your posts are stupid – really Riedtard, Juan Cheerleder, the Patriotsfan, idiots running the team into the ground – sound more like a bunch of sexually frustrated teenagres then they do football fans –

    Valid critisicsm – sure go for it – again the challeneg flag – Philly.com did a great analysis a while back on every coach in the NFL – Ried is above average in winning challenges – Bellicheck is the worst – Coughlin has the highest percentage of overturns – yet ‘valid criticism’ is to say Ried is the worst, horrible, take the flag from him – the a story comes out the other day that said Ried threw the flag the ‘least’ (i.e. the least number of times) and someone on here misreported saying the eagles were the worst again –

    valid criticism – I have heard ad naseum about the hiring of the ‘inexperienced’ DC and the lack of a stud LB – and pointed out that hey – look the bBEars hired an extrememly experienced DC and have a stud LB and guess what – our D is ranked hire then theirs –

    use f the term arrogance – if Ried is arrogant then so is every coach in the NFL (so guess what jack nuts – the next guy is going to be arrogant too – so if getting rid of Ried’s arrogance is what you are looking for – guess what the next guy is gonna do…. yep – he is going to be arrogant, move players around, install his system, think he is smarter then everyone else – so where is the valid criticism..)

    but see – this isn’t about valid criticism – this is about people being angry, mad, frustrated, pissed off, and not being mature enough to handle it –

    see Slick 1 – is you did your 22 you must have risen to a leadership position – so you frequently stood there and communicated and then had those of less maturity gripe, complain, whine, snivel – all under the guise of ‘trying to offer suggestions, or coming up with a better plan or had to deal with the young troop who offers a suggestion that you know will do nothing to actually improve the problme but will just make him feel better’ – you’ve been there –

    So offer valid criticism……. tell me why our draft picks suck – just give me a metric by which I am rating that ‘sucking’ so when I look at all the other draft picks I can see how many ‘suck’ and if all draft picks ‘suck’ then my thoery that the draft is just a crap shoot will hold true..

  • Kach – Bucks/Montgomery counties – season tix holder from 76-84 when I went off to play ‘Navy’ started being a fan when Kayaht (spelling) was coach – remember great QBs like Pete Liske, Jon Reeves and Mike Broyl! First one to admit I have an overly optimistic view of the world – Colin Powell leadership principle # (I think 6) Optimism is a force multiplier –
    So Maybe I didn’t follow the city/team relationship that closely – but wow – out here in San Diego the literally have to worry of blackouts – and I mock them for their lack of faithfulness to there team (here is some hypocrisy for you songs) Then I come on here and can honestly say there are about maybe 5 people on here that win, lose or draw – are truly eagle fans – the way I personally think a fan should be there for their team – unwavering, never ending support – bury me in my EAGLE jersey – I don’t care who the coach is, the QB, the RB or if the D is #1 or #32 – I am an Eagle fan – drink kool aid – by the GALLONS – as long as its green

  • Fire the FAT MAN.

    And don’t give him a 2 week notice.

    Give him a 2 day notice.

    Your fired TODAY!



  • Navy, you wouldn’t expect an seaman trained and rated as an ITSA , a rating belong to the Cryptologic Community to perform the same job as an enlisted member rated as ENFN-belongs to the Surface Engineering Community with the same degree of proficiency would you?

    This same reasoning can be applied to Reid’s idea to have Watkins play LG without sufficient prep time is ludicrous. Although I see nothing WRONG with Watkins EVENTUALLY occupying that position, given the unusual set of circumstances that developed this season (unusually long lockout-protracted contract negotiations) meant draftees were going to be denied the opportunity to acclimate themselves to a position that is slightly foreign in that blocking assignments and responsibilities are different. For example guards may be required to pull whereas tackles do (normally) not.

    Tackles are assigned block DE’s for the most part. Guards are usually lighter, faster, and shorter than tackles but at any rate, Watkins still needs a FULL TRAINING CAMP to develop any degree of proficiency otherwise, it would boil down to OJT which many Eagles fans no longer have the patience for. Many believe, given Watkins unusual circumstances (didn’t play ball until the age of 22- present age of 26, no camp, etc) is defeating what Philadelphians desperately want, A SUPER BOWL TROPHY.

    Watkins needs more time to adjust just as in the Navy, Army or anywhere else that cross trains. And that brings us to the crux of Reid’s reasoning which many fans think to be a bit skewed. After thirteen years at the helm, Reid does not seem to exhibit the same sense of urgency and desperation as the fans of this city. He seems to neglect, overlook, or completely ignore the little things that would bring a winner to this city. The lateral appointment of Castillo is another example. Neglecting the LB position and assigning another rookie (Matthews) to play MLB, a position completely foreign to him yet another. One year, ( 2007, I think) he didn’t even have a punt or kickoff returner and had to bring back Reno Mahe. I don’t know how many years you served but do you think you would have lasted thirteen years without accomplishing your assigned mission? I doubt you would have lasted thirteen weeks.

    This is not just about Watkins. None of us are getting any younger. Many of us have been fans for several decades. We’ve done our part. We’ve been patient. We’ve given Reid more opportunities and time that exceeds any definition of reasonableness. We have run out of patience and Reid has run out of time. Besides, the very reason you served. The very reason we can express this is the very reason you, of all people, who says they served, or is serving, to protect this right under the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution, should be more than tolerable of that right.

  • Navy the key is that Rory had no skills at either position he was coaching and if you can find him anywhere in the NFL, let me know boy! He coached Babin into being released. and he coached the special teams into one of their worst seasons. Any negative comment about Reid & Co sounds dumb to you because your lips are wrapped around his sack while Sheler’s lips are wrapped around his butt cheeks.

  • Naavy says- maybe he moved him laterally like he did with the Harbaugh now at Baltimore to help his career.

    NOW THE EAGERS ARE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT HELPING SOMEONES CAREER RATHER THAN HAVING THE BEST COACH POSSIBLE TO WIN. and if that doesn’t sound dumb. Maybe you should move laterally off the screen.

  • Oh getting ganged rushed – I got you all –

    Rocko – I will post as long as I want when ever I want – you can kiss my rather large german butt – you don’t wanbt to read my long posts – stop friggin posted stupid nonsensical, not based in fact BS – and bashing my eagles. I don’t co-sign for Ried I just proclaim to have a much, much higher level of football knowledge then the rest of most of you ignorant clowns – I base that on 1) I think I am the only former Division 1 player that posts here – anyone else chime in— 2) I am the only one that has coached at the College (Community College – offered a Div II job) level – anyone – anyone – anyone (crickets) and 3) a certified Referee – so I don’t make shit up – I don’t get my ‘football knowledge’ from a bunch of asshats on ESPN on on this site – I look at the hwole league and form an informed objective opinion based on facts and data – not – I think someone is ass – deal with it guys – I have the playing and coaching background to understand things you guys do not – deal with it (see – I have that coaching arrogance too – )

    so that takes care of Rocko =

    slick – we are not talking about taking an IT and making him an engineman – we are talking about we are talking about an offensive lineman and having him stay as an offensive lineman tackle to guard – port to starboard- so to use your Engineman analogy – taking an engineman working on a main propulsion diesel engine and having him move over to work on and emergency diesel generator – A Db should be able to cover a WR in man, press or zone – sure the engineman may like the main propulsion diesel – but his tasking is the emergency generator – its in his basic job description (must be able to cover a WR)

    why the fascination with Watkins – If he is ready he plays – if he is not he doesn’t – my issue is the people declaring him a bust 4 games into his rookie year – he does need adjustment – thank you for saying that – then you will have no problem supporting the team (and me) when douche bags proclaim this years first 3 draft picks ass.

    and again – another lame ass attempt to use the 1st amendment – yes slick you and every other person has the absolute god given right (though that right is actually oppression from the government – and I don’t think the government monitors this site for dissent amongst eagle fans) – you can post it – you are not going to go to jail – but I also have the right to post what lame, weak, thoughtless, pointless posts they are – that’s my right – and just as you have you use it, I will use mine. You right to post dumb ass comment does not extend to being protected from having someone point out how absolutley moronic your statement is. And Slick – I use the moniker Navy – because that’s my college – I went to Navy – if I went to Temple I would be Templeeaglefan…

    Big E – honestly – you don’t have the knwledge or the background to even begin to understand that you have ZERO clue what it means to be a coach at any level – you just don’t – you are guessing and making crap up – Babin could have been released because they had just drafted a bunch of DEs – they decided to only keep a certain number – or some other reason – STOP MAKING SHIT UP- have you even looked at his bio to see how many total years of coaching he has – (as of course compared to your extensive background of coaching at high levels which makes you an expert qualified to determine the skill set of all other) you like songs use a very common tactic of declaring everything a failure (but will never ever ever provide the standard or metric on which we are grading and then do a comparison to see if the person is in the top 20%, 40% 80% – its one person being graded on an island with no possible way to refute – and if someone with actual knowledge steps up to prove you dead wrong – ried ball sucker – apologist, kool aid drinker, get off his jock, Fo shill, spadaro, – you get the point

    Really Big E – Silly – did you ever look at the coaching tree of Bellicheck – how about Holmgren – then look at Rieds – do you think as managers and leaders they moved people to help the team and themselves become more well rounded – you do know that Harboagh now with Baltimore left special teams to become DB coach because Ried told him he needed to do that to move on in coaching – and don’t be a jackass – I never ever wrote the eagles are more concerned with helping peoples career then having the best possible coach to win – thats you being a jackass and twisting what I wrote – when someone moves someone laterally to help his career – he must think enough of the person to think he has growth potential – ( oh – I just had an epiphany – you probably don’t have any leadership or management experience so this is all lost on you – I’m sorry) the only people I know that want things to go worse for the Eagles are cowboys fans and some of the people that post on this site – and I didn’t say he did – I said he might – you clowns write these moronic statements –

    Andy picked Juan for the same reason he picked Rory Siegrest for special teams coach and defensive line coach. He knew they would get the job done because only he knows these things.

    so you write this moronic statement and I offer one plausible alternative – then you twist my response – nice touch – I still don’t even know what the hell you wrote means..

    CAn’t wait to read all the rebuttal’s in the morning!

  • Navy, why do you have to write a thesis, every time you post. Just curious. It’s like reading War & Peace 3 times in a row! God almighty! LMFAO!

  • BigE, LMFBO!!

  • DAMN Navyeaglefan….everytime I think I’m out…you pull me right back in…lol
    appreciate your posts my man ..you actually type something worth my time
    whoever doesnt like Phuck all you Ho’s…

  • Navy,

    You sound so ridiculous man. Who cares what you played or coached. You’re on this site like everyone else. You ain’t writing for any major sports news outlets, or in the locker room like G-Cobb. Stop living off of your “wish that was what I was doing” fantasy. Out of all the eagles fans the world over, you think that your opinion counts when eagle nation know it’s time for AR to get the axe? Get outta here man. you sound so ridiculous; you’re not even fun to debate with, with your pathetic…whatever man. Oh yeah, you said you have that coaching arrogance (which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard), we’ll Reid has it too and look where he is; LOSING. Anyway, AR is a so-called winning coach because of the Playmakers that were on his team, not his coaching. HE HAS LOST HIS ABILITY TO THINK CLEARLY AND MANAGE A GAME. FIRE HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NAVY, DON’T FORGET TO GRAB ANDY’S “PUNT PASS AND KICK” JOCKSTRAP ON YOUR WAY OUT THE DOOR!

  • LOL…Rock ..can you name these so-called play-makers AR has had ?…..I myself can only name maybe seven

  • Navy( Seaman)Rory Seigrest is no longer in the NFL coacxhing and I did read his resume on the Eagles sight. Babin had virtually sacks with the Eagles under Siegrest and made the probowl under current Eagles DLine coach. He went from 2.5 sacks to 12.5 sacks. For such a football expert you sound dumber than
    a bag of rocks. You defend Siegrest who hasn’t done shit even though his resume is better than yours. Where is Rory now. You ifnored the questin the first time to go on your epic posting marathon. When you live you life vicariously through your kids life it’s a strong indication thay you have no life. Where is Rory now???????????

  • I am sorry I fail to meet your expectations Rocko – And clearly you don’t care that I played or coached – who would actually want real persepctive

    DCar – I write long enough to make an effective rebuttal – just wiritng DCars opinion is ass – deosn’t really so it for me (and sometimes I forget people have to move there lips to read – s-o-u-n-d i-t o-u-t)

    My wish I was doing it list is to be a ref in a mojor college Div ! division – and Rocko – clearly you you ain’t he birghtest bulb or sharpest tool – ALL COACHES have it – ALL COACHES do – and ah… Andy Ried has oh – 6 division titles, 9 playoff seasons, 5 NFC championship games – I mean game – you got at leat that many right – bitch – so I think you sound ridicoulous –

    and if I am no fun to debate with (that might be that fact you actaulyl don’t have a point to debate) then don’t respond – I can live with that – whatever right

  • No BigE it is actually youringnorance that blinds you to the fact that the Eagles played entirely different D line systems and expected much differetn things out of there D line prior to this year –

    good try though – keep at it – maybe one day I will let you have some scraps from the table

  • Navy you’re the most ignorant person on here. Nobody likes you. Go back to molesting schiller.

  • RTB – you tiny particle of fecal matter – nobody likes me – whaaaaaaaaaaaa – my feelings are hurt, I feel cyber bullied…. nobody likes me…….waaaaaaaa

    I love when you come in for your quick reach arounds…………. nobody likes me – well I don’t like any of you guys either – what are you 14…

  • navy, as a member of our armed forces you should comport yourself better and stop waisting time and our tax dollars worrying about the eagles and what the majority of us feel is a doomed coach, season, now get back to work, that’s an order

  • Jake – silly, silly, silly Jake – I am a retired (used to be, has been – collecting the retirement check) – i.e. no longer a memebr – the Navy is the college I went to a long time ago (you know – Army-Navy game, Napolean MaCallum – David Robinson era)

    Funny thing is Jake, I finally gave up using stats and logic and making what i thought were very valid rebuttals to the constant negativity on this site – for example – Ried is horrible with challeneg flags – well, no, he’s not – he is about average – and then gettng told I lick his balls or his ass, or whatever –

    so in my opinion – I am simply resorting to the same for lack of better word ‘tactics’ and just being a douche.

    And Jake – you worry about yourself – you take care of yourself – I do just fine all by myself – sorry you feel the season is doomed – I think its just about ready to get rolling – and its going to be fun – if you are right – well that sucks for all of us cause it means the season blows – if I am right – we will still be playing after the holidays – I hope I am right

  • Navy it’s obvious they played a different system last year one in whick Babin was totally innefective as a pass rusher so to go from 2.5 sacks to 12.5 and the probowl is of no consequence to you. Check this system and see if it was effective because Rory is no longer in the NFL. They expected different things from D line. You mean like getting to the passer?

  • Navy loved ship life because he was around sweaty men all the time. I couldn’t get enough of it.

  • aint that right? i love men… oooh yea… big sweaty men… mmmm… give me more schiller

  • Big E man – keep running that to ground man –

    I mean you do realize in the his first 3 years in the NFL he had 13 saclks – about 4 a year – then the next 3 years he had 2 sacks for the seahwks/Chiefs –

    so in 6 years he has 15 sacks – about 2.5 a year – then comes to Philly and has one year of Rory and actaully beats his annual avergage and gets 3…

    then goes to Tenn and breaks out –

    and your take away is that it was Rory’s fault- did he put a hex on him his first 6 years in the NFL – – OK – you win man – I blame Rory too! you want a medal, a note to your mom………..

    RTB you malovelant parasite – I did love my time int he Navy man – I loved my port visits the the Philipines, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, all over Italy, GReece, Spain – you ever done a Med deployment during the summer – Ibiza, Malta, Corfu, Haifa, good times my friend good times – makes my life seem kind of stale and boring now…….. Eygpt, Turkey, France, Florence, Bari, – damn man – Rota Spain during the summer it is light enough to be out on the beaches at 10 at night – estabamos tomando Sangria Y hablando con las chicas bonitas – bailando todo el noche – thanks man – the memories.. Did Imention Australia – how could I foregt Australia – Sydney, Perth man those were fun times how could I almost forget Australia

  • No it wasnt a mistake to sign the best press corner in the league. Maybe if we let him press.

    it was a mistake to overlook bringing in some vets to play LB…Paul is a complete tool who picked the Braves to win the east but he was all over inking some fa backers early. I wasnt too concerned at the time but now im defcon 5 on the defense.

    Breakdwon,strafe,wrap,drive,wait for help.

  • ok navy, you are another drain on our overtaxed budget, doing nothing to earn your pension, which I doubt you earned, and by your admission of being a father,your posts are below decorum of a father, and if you doubt that, let your children read your posts

  • navy you little piece of garbage bragging about the fun times you had in the navy while many of our finest risked their lives, lost their lives, my mother, god rest her soul, listening to the radio every night waiting to hear of combat casualties when my brother was a navy pilot in conflict with Libya off the Eisenhower, meanwhile your contribution on this site not only demeans your service but the service of all who contributed in defense of this country, if you ever served, you served yourself, as is apparent by your posts, you wear the flag and brag, but you are are a parasite, a miserable miscreant, and on behalf of my brother, a veteran, I would so much enjoy the privilege of beating your little pussy ass

  • jake – time and place my brother time and place –

    doing nothing to earn my pension (here I go bragging again) Desert Shield, Desert Storm – Restore Hope in country in Somolia getting my ass shot at! Humanitarian ops in Cuba wit Haitian refugees – Bosnia OPS, Desert Fox off of Iraq – dude – I was tha actual person putting the marines ashore to go up into Afgahanistann – welaunhed LCACS full of marines into an area west of Karachi Pakistan – that was my ship! Our Marines took Kandahar – I spent 4 months chasing suspected Al Quadi south of Pakistan trying to escape to the horn of Africa – I have flown in helos down the highway of death in Kuwait – my mother, sister and wife and small children waited and watched for 20+ years

    so little Jakey, you want to put on your big boy pants and come play with me – we can do that – my 7 (yes that is seven deployments) earned me that retirement and the chance to enjoy some fine ports.

    So I am sorry you feel I didn’t earn my pension – clearly like most of the people on this site with respect to football – you also understand very little about the life of a Naval Officer – the what 9 moves to 8 different states over 20 years – the constant – hey you are leaving in a couple weeks because of a trouble spot somewhere –

    my ‘contribution’ on this site is to be the most positive and supportive person of my beloved eagles – I am just sick and tired of being called a name every time I disagree that everyone sucks –

    So little Jakey – you want to play with Navy – you just let me know little man – I will give you ample chance to ‘whip my little pussy ass’ all 6’3 250 pounds of it – and as for letting my kids read it – my son asked if you had a friend that wanted to come play – don’t worry – he is only 6’8 220 – he is the small one – but he has a freakishly wicked leg kick.

    So Jakey – your brother has one whole deployment – just one – its OK – the way the world is going he will get a few more

  • Lil Jakey – let me emphasis this for you one more time 5 times (7 times total – 5 married) in my life I kissed my wife and kids goodbye on the pier – I left them, alone for 6 months or more. Do you have any clue what it is like to leave your family behind for half a year – I am not talking my mom and dad – I am talking my infant children, my ten year old son – who is asking – why do you hae to go dad.. How about leaving your pregnant wife to fly to Somolia – how’s that for a christmas gift! You don’t think every veteran’s mom worried? You spoiled, snotty selfish little prick – how dare you – who has done NOTHING – NOTHING even think to breath in my presence about such things as duty and honor – could you even get into a service academy let alone make it through 4 years – could you get shot at without peeing yourself? Could you stand there pointing an M-14 and having a 50 cal gun crew poiinting at a small boat and wondering if it was going to have people pop up and shoot at you or be full of women children and old men just earning a living – so yeah Jake – I partied hard when the ship pulled in – and I really partied hard after my time in Somolia – I have seen shit that will make a little boy like you throw up and cry like a baby, so why don;t you get some ‘service’ and stop living off your brother who has done about what 20% of what I have done – so there ya go jackass – add what your briother did and multiply by 5 – he got wife and kids yet? Wait till that happens and see how well it goes

  • Jake, don’t waste your time on that condescending, arrogant, egotistical, delusional, parasite. The only place he’s traveled, is from Reid’s @$$ to Schiller’s bedroom. The more he posts, the bigger of a ignorant, classless, lying, tool that he is! People that has done all of the accomplishments, that he so called has done, would have a little more humility, & humbleness. He’s a creep! I feel bad for his kids, if he really has some. I think he is a computer gangster, Nazi, poser, who still lives in his parents basement! I am a proud family member, of a 4 generation military family. I would never shame the memory of my family & country, acting like that @$$hole! Get a life dude, you ain’t $#!t. Don’t bother responding, because what you have to say is moot!

  • Dcar – I am calling you out – you lied to me yestruday – you lied to me when you said 1) you played both baseball and football at Temple

    you lied when you said your kids went to Florida state on baseball scholarships –

    Busted dude – BUSTED – I had a friend that was astar RB at Temple and a GRad asst inthe late 80’s – he was pissed the coach would not let him run track – why I thought it was sooooo funny when you said you did two sports –

    Then I noticed the years – and the immediate comment about the boys going to Florida Sate on baseball scholarships – kind of narrowered when they could have gone – not thta hard to look at the recruiting classes at FSU from 2006 to this year and go – wow – no kids from the NE on this team – only set of brothers are from Tampa – BUSTED

    And D little tt – why should I be humble – why should I be sedate – why? So a bunch of douchebag, eagle hating assholes can berate and belittle my team? So people can just make shit up out of the blue and put forth garbage to debase the team I have faithfully followed since I was like 7 – why is it I have to display clas when every time I posted that someone was not correct I get called every name in the book –

    what you dont realize there D little tt – is I started acting just like the rest of the assholes on this blog – just from the other perspective – and its amazing how much you guys hate it

  • Reid better improve his decisions. Bad High Draft picks, Bad D coordinator pick, under emphasis on safeties and linebackers, poor adjustments at halftime. It seems every season there is a hole in personnel.

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