• December 2, 2021

Hamels Showed Us All That He’s As Mentally Tough As Anybody In The Game

I’ve got to give Cole Hamels all the credit in the world for how he performed against a tough team in a tense atmosphere while not having his best stuff. Hamels remained poised and composed during all those jams that he worked out of last night in St. Louis. The former World Series MVP didn’t have his best control, so he had to work to get through each inning as the Cardinals kept the pressure on him.

Hamels did something that fan favorites Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee weren’t able to do in their first performances. He shut the Cardinals out during his six innings of work in the game. Cardinals lefthander Jaime Garcia was mowing down the Phllies with less pitches, but Hamels was matching him and putting nothing but zeros on the scoreboard. The lefthander was keeping his composure and working hard to get the job done.

“I think that’s kind of something that I’ve been able to stress throughout the season”, Hamels said afterward. “It’s not going to be easy. We’re playing against a really tough lineup and a tough team, and they’ve got really good hitters, so that’s just something where knowing the post season, you don’t want to make the mistakes. You don’t want to leave the balls over the plate, especially up. I was just trying to make good pitches and just keep them down.”

This shows the maturity of Hamels and why he is such a big-game pitcher. Nearly every inning the Cardinals put runners on, but he wouldn’t panic, he just cooley made the pitch he had to make to escape each jam.

“And if I missed, I knew I got another opportunity, and I think that’s just kind of where I was”, Hamels reasoned. “If you’re making your mistakes up in the zone, you’re pretty much going to pay for it really bad. But if they’re down, you give yourself probably a better opportunity to get out of the inning”.

The Cardinals were doing a tremendous job of making him work. They fouled off some of his best pitches did a great job of forcing him into a high pitch count, so that he was only able to go six innings, but Hamels made sure that there were nothing but zeros on the board when he left the game.

Think about Garcia was dominating the Phillies for most of the game as Hamels battled the Cardinals hitters and escaped jam after jam. In the end, it was Garcia who made the big mistake, while Hamels left the game with nothing but zeros on the board.

“Yeah, it’s just … it was a tight game, and I think that was kind of where … I knew that every pitch mattered, every inning mattered”, Hamels said. “They had a great pitcher on the opposing team, so I knew that I couldn’t let it get out of hand, especially with just the way we were 1-1 in the series. We’re not in our home park anymore. You definitely focus and try to dig deep a little bit more, so I think that was just me kind of psyching myself up again.”

The fact that he’s from San Diego and he grew up in front of Philadelphia fans makes many Phillies fans undervalue Hamels but he’s been able to remain true to himself despite hearing fans and local media types question his toughness and manhood. Hamels has always remained confident in himself and comfortable in his own skin.

“I guess you can only be your worst enemy, I guess”, Hamels said. “I don’t know how that quote goes. But I understand how to pitch. I know how to go out and succeed. But at the same time, this game can really get after you, and you have to really dig deep and try to put things in a different perspective just for the fact because if you get out of your element, you’re going to really get hurt.”

Hamels grew in front of the Phillies fans and used to get so angry that he gave up a home run or made a mistake on a pitch that he would self-destruct on the mound any time he ran into trouble. He showed us all on Tuesday night that he’s got a major league heart.

“So I think that’s kind of something where I don’t know if I’ll necessarily learn that fast, but as long as I keep learning at the pace that I’m going, obviously things will go well.”


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  • Hamels, is the man!! I met him & his sexy wife, on Friday. My wife snagged me checking out the goods! BWAHAHA!!! Cool, laid back, nice, dude! Changed my girlyman perception of him! Really skinny! I have a couple of inches on him, & about 40lb’s. He asked me if I played, I told him 20 years, 5 surgeries & 30 lbs ago! We had a good laugh! He took pictures with my two rugrats & gave autographs, with no problem! My son had his jersey on at the time! Beautiful timing! He signed it! I framed it & went out & bought him another. AWESOME SAUCE! Made his & my weekend!

  • If they can find a way to consistently hit, this will be awesome! Polanco & Utley look baked & Howard looks clueless right now! WTF!

  • Nice win for the Phils! I was nearly shitting myself when Lidge came in! Charlie should have left Worley in, as opposed to Bastardo/Lidge/load the bases,etc.

  • The Phillies were out-hit, out-pitched, out-coached and the Cardinals played better defense and the Phils still won the game. Only in baseball. Gotta love it. Oswalt needs to give us more that 6 innings tonight. Bullpen is a mess.

  • Huge game for Halladay and Phils tonight. The Phils will win this series tonight or on Friday but the impacrt for the upcoming Brewers series will be effected tonight. If we close out the Cards tonight the Brewers get a well rested Halladay in game 1. Halladay would probably be able to pitch 3 games if need be in that series. If Halladay has to pitch game 5 against the Cards we probably dont see him until game 3 in the Brewers series. Well I guess throwing Lee than Hamels 1,2 isnt that bad eithier but I would still rather have Doc.

  • Don’t tell Paulman that Cole Hamels is mentally tough — he’ll disagree vehemently.

    I’m tired of teaching noobs things as well. You don’t get OUT COACHED in a baseball game. You get OUT MANAGED. Learn the terminology.

    As to DCAR — Utley is getting on base, he’s just not getting any help from Hunter Pence right now. Pence needs to earn his stripes this postseason and do what he was brought in to do. So far, the only outfielder Pence has outshined is Dom Brown and Mayberry, and not by much on Mayberry. Even Francisco has been more effective than Pence and he’s only had two at bats.

  • Out managed?

  • Phillies pitchers better be able to go 8 innings because the BP is in a shambles unless Bastardo and Stutes get over their funks

    It is bad enough they are shaky but never having played under post season pressure makes it even worse

  • Birdo

    Pence has not hit in the clutch all year
    He gets hits after the Phillies have the lead etc
    I think he is too overreved

  • Andy, take notes!

  • Hamels is mentally tough now since he followed Paulman’s Advice back in Febuary which was to remind eveyone..

    #1) Trust your Stuff
    #2) Challege the Hitters and don’t waste pitches
    #3) Throw the off-speed more often…
    #4) Keep your head up and battle thru adveristy..

    He followed my program and is back on top again which is good for him and great for the Phils… He’s had an excellent season..

  • Yes jakedog, out managed.

    Rich Dubee is the pitching COACH. He’s the one that goes out there and tells the pitchers where to throw, what to throw, etc. etc.

    Cholly doesn’t “coach” a baseball game in the traditional sense of the word…he MANAGES.

    So Cholly can OUT MANAGE Tony LaRussa, he can’t OUT COACH him. Thats why they are called MANAGERS and not coaches.

  • Easy Birdo,
    Did your local Dunkin-Donuts run out of D-Caff again…

  • Cripes Birdo who cares? This isn’t a grammar blog.

    Hamels put it all together last night. In 2009 when he struggled, he would fold when hitters would foul off his change up. Now he battles and gets outs.

    As far as the bullpen goes, Bastardo got an out vs. a right handed hitter, so I will take that. Lidge gave up a solid hit to Holliday and a bloop to the next guy. His slider wasn’t working at all. Worley didn’t look great last night at all. Mad Dog saved the game in the 8th really, so I don’t mind if he gave up a run in the 9th, because he had 2 to work with.

    Utley and Howard against a tough lefty are going to look just like they did last night. Why is anyone surprised? Garcia is a good pitcher and the Phils were not patient at all last night. Polanco is the one that doesn’t look good at all out there. He should be giving them bonus hits in that spot.

  • RCP- what are you talking about?

    Some Pence stats for you.
    .339 with RISP
    .340 in August
    .317 in September
    .444 in extra innings (I love this one)
    With the Phils this year.
    .324, 11HR, 35 RBI and 35 runs scored in 54 games. Plus he plays an above average RF. What else do you want?

    Are you referring to game one when he knocked in the 10 and 11 runs? What are your other examples are your referring to? He had an RBI and a run scored in game 2. Dude has pretty much been everything we asked for.

  • Bird I know he is a manager. I am questioning the statement by dag he was out coached without calling him a dope like you

  • Should have just written/said he was “Out-Jaked”… ha ha

  • testing

  • Coached, Managed, Instucted, lead whatever you want to call it Trust me Birdo Sports didnt originate on GCobb.com. Anyway Jakedog maybe out-Coached was a little extreme for this game. He can only go with what he got. But I dont want to see Lidge in another close game. If we are getting blown out or are leading big its fine.

  • FYI Cliff Lee is in the bullpen tonight.

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