• July 2, 2022

Eagles Talent Making Them Deaf About Ball Security

We saw on Sunday in the second half, how quickly the explosive Eagles offense can score. At the drop of hat, this Birds team can take a short pass and wind up in the end zone. They’ve been averaging more than 400 yards per game in offense, yet the team is only 1-4. Turnovers, ineffectiveness in the Red Zone and poor defensive play has wiped out the yardage advantage that they’ve had in their games.

For a split second, the Buffalo Bills took their eyes Michael Vick and when they looked up he had put the Eagles in position to score. On the next play, LeSean McCoy put the Eagles into the end zone.

The next time the Eagles got the ball, Vick connected with DeSean Jackson on a wide receiver screen and like a blur, Jackson took the ball into the end zone. He was dancing in the corner of the end zone while the Bills defense was trying to find out where he went.

They’re talented and they know it. They’ve got the fastest quarterback and wide receiver in the league, but they’re 1-4. The fact that they know their ability and potential to score at will has created a mindset that’s not a good one. You can see it in the cavalier manner in which they carry the football.

You may have noticed a number of Eagles players saying that the best team didn’t win after their losses. That demonstrates a mindset to me. They believe they’re better than everybody whether they beat them or not. I’ve always thought that the better team on the day of a game is the team that has the most points on the board when the clock read 00:00.

These players know they’re more talented than the teams which they have been playing, but talent alone doesn’t make them a better football team. Not making mistakes and staying away from turnovers is a talent which they haven’t demonstrated. They’ve got to be more disciplined and do a better job of eliminating turnovers, which means doing a better job of protecting the football.

When I look at the way Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin carry the football, I know teams are going to be trying to pull the ball out of their hands on tackles. That’s what happened to Jason Avant even though he has always done a pretty good job of protecting the football.

Maclin ended the Eagles chances to win the 49ers game by coughing the ball up on a fumble.

If I were the defensive coordinator getting ready to play the Eagles, I would be stressing the idea of pulling the ball out and forcing them to turn the ball over. Vick, Maclin and Avant have cost this team games by fumbling, but notice that Jackson and McCoy haven’t changed the way they’re carrying the ball at all.

This means Reid’s message of cutting out the turnovers hasn’t really reached its target. He should threaten to put guys on the bench if they don’t start doing a better job of carrying the football securely. I think McCoy and Jackson have been fortunate that they haven’t coughed up the football yet. I think those fumbles could be coming up if they don’t start putting the ball away and carrying it more securely.

I expect the Washington Redskins to try to force the Birds to fumble by attempting to pull the ball out of their hands. Andy Reid hasn’t been able to get this offense to take the turnover issue serious enough. They continue to carry the ball like a loaf of bread.

Washington has a better defense than the Bills, but I expect them to be thinking turnovers when the play the Eagles this Sunday.


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  • Take away the turnovers….Then we have our good ole 10-6 Andy Reid teams back….beat bad and ave teams bad….spit with the good teams but still lose in playoffs cause we can not (chose not to run) and more important can’t stop the run, no LB’S, dependant on the big play which leads to 3 and outs and red zone trouble…..no thank you

  • Mangini what are u thinkingto pass up an opportunity to work with a once (twice)in a life time genius like andy reid. why may i ask u did not take it? No Lb’s. explain a little more…Well Tonto , with lack of Lb’s a few things will happen. oppositions TE will dominate in 2 ways. By being open for a pass and blocking untalented Lb for the run. Tonto: sorry mangini i am an Eagles fan. What is the Run? Mangini keeps explaining why he won’t take the job…cHe said that is just Te position…WhEN u get deep in playoffs historically SB winners even recently, have been balanced offenses

  • continued: Tonto; ASKs so? mANGINI: WELL with balanced offenses u have to stop the run…Tonto:yes……mang: well has Andy Reid ever stopped the run….no…well it is important….well with 5 yds runs u get first downs and keep the drive going , tire the D at the end of the game which they don’t score too many points, and get TD….Tonto ,wait what are TD’s…nm keep going…well with these LB u can’t stop it no matter who u bring in unless u get someone who believes in the philosophy …Tonto u mean the philosophy that is proven…Mangini; yes…..Remember Tonto has much has u loved Dawkins and Trotter Defenses they stopped the pass but did not stop run in playoffs when it counted……..that is true, love those guys but allstot,Dillon, Carolina Rb’s ran them over

  • Mangini to Tonto: U see lack of LB’s EVEN the Dline suffers even if we get a ton of sacks. Te domination and running ball, balance attack that keeps drives going and produces TD. Alot of things since LB’S are 1/3 of a Defense…Tonto; wow no wonder u won’t take the job!! u see Tonto, BABIN has 7 sacks and Jenkins about 5 but that is all for nothing with Lb pilosophy. Are u saying ,Mangini that if we got 2 all star Lb’s in here the D will be rocking, Cornerbacks will look better but u don’t want to be a part of it cause we still lose cause of the no balance on offense, too many 3 and outs like with mcnabb which might point close to philosophy and not qb play….mangini: no commment , us in the football world are a close knit family so we can get hired amongst each other like u wanted me……. Tonto to Mangini” Mangini u are a genius!! no, i just have common sense

  • So, the Eagles didn’t do a Castillo press conference this week huh?

    I was going to get a good laugh.

  • G:
    Tonto5 speak sooth. What is run game and preservation of defense’s energy? Coach like Utah Utes and Mountain West conference. Throw baby throw. Offensive line always move backwards – never close and hit. JJ Defense show every blitz in book by week 4 because of time spent on field. Big Red is Big Dodo.

  • G:
    I like the bench-the-offender approach. It works. I don’t know if Big Red has the cajones….

  • Vikings have to beat Bears. Bears have good defense. 5 need to play good as of old. Good luck to 5.

  • Songs–Castillo spoke yesterday afternoon for about 10 minutes
    Nsidious– Bears Defense is not good, have you watch them play this year..
    J Peppers is hurt, both starting Safeties are benched for this week and Briggs/Urlacher look old…

    This year is upside down with 85 % of teams really struggling on the Defensive side of the ball.. You cannot go by past performances of most teams this year.. What you can look at is who has teams that are healthy, have a decent running games and stability in their Coaching Staffs and that’s who will be there in the end…

  • and another comment on the BEars D – they went out and hired a REAL defensive coordinator, a guy with over a dozen years of defensive skill position experince and a former NFL head coach – just goes to show you the grass isn’t any greener and overly simplistic solutions don’t always work – soemtimes you just have to suffer through the growing pains

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