• August 16, 2022

Flyers Fans Boo Cancer Video

This fall has been filled with embarrassment for Philadelphia sports fans, Wednesday night the embarrassment continued when the Flyers faithful booed a stand up to cancer video that had the Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby in the video.

Flye fans are quick to point out that they were booing Crosby, not the video. In response to their defense I say grow up. There is a time and a place to boo an athlete a cancer video is not the time or place.

Thanks to the 20 thousand plus idiots on hand at the Core States, First Union, Wachovia, Well Fargo, Center last night Philadelphia sports fans have yet another black eye and are again a dart board for the national media.

There are a certain cult following of Flyers fans that are an embarrassment to the Philadelphia, the funny thing is they embarrass our great city, yet live in Jersey. This small select group root against the other sports teams of the city, they laugh and mock other Philly fans when the Phillies and Eagles lose.

Just last week after the Phillies were knocked out of the NLDS Facebook was lit up with happy Flyers fans mocking the rest of the city’s sports fans. “Haha welcome to Orange October now baseball dorks!” “Yes, now its finally hockey season.” I’d venture to guess those same type of fans are the morons who booed the cancer video.

“But it was Crosby man!”

Yeah, in a cancer video encouraging people to donate money and help find a cure for cancer-real good call booing him on that life choice.

Cult Flyers fans you do not hate the Phillies and you do not hate Sid the Kid, you are jealous of them. When was the last time the Flyers won a cup? 1975? It’s borderline pathetic how the team finds a way each season to honor in some way shape or form a Broad Street Bullie. God love them, but how many times does one team have to be honored for winning two Stanley Cups 36 years ago.

Flyers fans are going to say I am “hating” for bashing them for booing Crosby, look in the mirror Cult Flyer fans you are the haters. You hate on the Phillies because they have won a title in your life time, and you hate on Sid the Kid, because he is not a Flyer and he is great. Stop it! Grow up, and fire witty comebacks at my article, after your team wins a cup.

Jerry Brennan

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  • Also there is another article on another site where flyer fans are happy for the NBA lock-out and hoping the NBA folds…

    these are some real losers….

  • Jerry, they were booing Crosby, not the cancer video, you f^#@ing stupid hack! I was there! It wasn’t the whole arena. It was a handful of nitwits. A guy & his son, next to me & my wife did it. I said dude, it is for cancer awareness. He said oh $#!t, God, forgive me, I didn’t know! Jerry, why do you only write on here, just to start trouble!? You really learned how to be an @$$clown, working with that joke of a morning show on WIP!? God almighty, get a life dude!

  • Jerry, you are supposed to be a philadelphia fan. You’re a joke!

  • They were booing Crosby, get over it. This is a non story, how about the fans in San Fran that put the guy in a coma and oakland that shot someone in the bathroom. Hear much about that story and how ‘bad’ those fans are? Nope, they still rag on philly for doing something every fan should do, boo the rivals player.
    Get over it, no one was booing towards the cancer video, just Crosby. Another non-story here.

  • Just typical Over-Hyped and Over-Passionate fans that every team in every major city has.. and don’t be dissing on the rich fans from NJ for if not for them
    the Flyboys,Phillies wouldn’t sell out their games and buy all that overpriced merchandise which makes these Franchises a lot of $$$

  • Paulman shut the f*** up can’t stand you new jersey ppl if u ain’t from Philly dnt come to Philly

  • Let’s just all agree this is a non-story.

  • JJ, AGREED!! & Jerry is a doodle doof!

  • @josh
    A non story is the flyers signing of a ECHL defenseman in July, when national sports sites are talking about philly fans booing, like it or not that is a story.

  • CAT FIGHT, between writers! Bowen vs. McClain 2! BWAHAHAHA!!!
    Quit while you ahead, Jerry. Your a saggy boobby!

  • This is the last I will comment on this-
    1) Flyers fans come out in droves for the annual Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Carnival. It’s one of the most successful charities run by a sports organization. The majority of fans, as with most Americans, are sensitive to the issue of cancer, which is why Mario Lemiuex was recived with a standing ovation and applause from Flyers fans when he returned from his cancer treatments. I don’t believe that all 20,000± fans were pro-cancer last night. You can certainly make the argument that any booing was in bad taste, but the only reason this is a “story” is because the national media likes to paint Philadelphia as a city full of filthy, neanderthal knuckler draggers when, at least in my opinion, we are no more prone to isolated foolishness than any other city with a large sports fan base. It’s a preconveived narrative.
    2) I’m also confident that the majority of Flyers fans are also Phillies and Eagles fans in some form. I don’t know where this idea comes from that Flyers fans are a unique base that mock those teams when they don’t succeed, like an orange-headed stepchild in want of attention.

    I respect your opinions, Jerry. I just hate it when other sports bases indulge in hyperbole to paint Philadelphia in a bad light because “we threw snowballs at Santa Claus once in 1968.”

  • and in 1969, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1976 (Bicentennial) and 1978, 1979 and all during the Regan and Bush Years too..

  • worst article i’ve ever read. why someone in his own city would write this is beyond me. especially when they have no idea what they are talking about. loser.

  • Pman: The Flyers would have NO trouble selling out every game as there are so many on “this side of the river” ready to pounce on tickets given the chance. We welcome Jersey fans, but let’s be realistic here. Flyers mania extends westward well past the surrounding 4 suburban counties!! I was one who didn’t have season tickets, but every time a local doctor decided not to attend with his season tickets, he offered them to us. On Dec 17 I visit my son, new grandson and we’ve got tickets to the Bruins game… and I live in Morehead City, NC. No way I’ll ever support Hurricanes or other NC teams. Loyalty runs deep with 53+-yr roots there.

  • Well said Josh.

    Total non-issue Mr. Brennan. Who else was in the video? If Pronger is/was in it and they showed it in Boston, NY or Pitt, he would have gotten booed. I would say NJ, but they don’t have any fans.

    This is a story for Wilbon and Cowherd to jump up on their high horses and you too I guess Jerry. Let it go man.

  • And you can be sure that if Briere was in it, he would get booed in Montreal. It was in bad taste, but you make it seem like it could only happen here which is untrue.

  • I understand why they booed and I also understand why they shouldn’t have booed. Just a matter of the perspective the media wants to take on it. You can paint the picture of flyers fans being insensitive, moronic idiots that should know when to separate sports from real serious life issues that affect all of us or you can make them look like competitive, knowledgeable, rabid fans who are able to separate the sport from the real life and boo the athlete and not the cause.

    But I do agree that no matter how much you dislike someone there are times when it’s appropriate to be a fan instead of a human being. But not sure about this. It’s all a matter of perspective.

    And Jerry, I do agree with you that most people (not just Philly) boo the best players in a sport who don’t play for their team because they wish they had a player like them. But that’s every sport in every city. There’s always a little envy behind that but it’s nothing new in sports. We hate a guy when he plays for someone else and love him when he’s ours. Also Jerry, there are a lot of Phillies fans that do not like the Eagles and loved to point out how the Eagles were losing and how the city is really a baseball town now, etc.. That’s not just Flyers fans. That’s fans all across the board. I bet some Eagles fans were a little pleased with the Phillies losing after hearing a bunch of Phillies fans proclaim how much better they Phillies are over the Eagles and so on. Everyone isn’t a 4 for 4 fan in this town or any other town so I think you went a little overboard in slamming the fans because this behavior isn’t specific to just flyers fans.

  • NJ Surburbs and West of Philly Suburbs are one in the same to me..
    It’s not the City, since many of the residents can’t afford the Tickets to go to many games….

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