• December 7, 2022

Eagles Defense Makes Adjustments For Redskins

I feel better about the Eagles defense this week, so it also means I feel better about this football team. Still the Redskins have been talking to each other about that serious butt-whupping the Eagles put on them last year in front of the nation on Monday Night Football.

The Eagles have made some adjustments and I think they’re some good ones.

Adjustments is what the NFL is all about, you have to adjust to what other team is doing. It’s also very important that defensive players and their coaches communicate when the defense comes off the field.

“Listen, every game, every game you tweak things here and there”, Andy Reid said after practice. “So I’m sure that’s what he was saying, that there are little things that he’s done. But you do them every week and that’s what you do, both sides of the ball.”

An experienced player wants to know exactly what happened every time the other team springs a big play, so he knows how to adjust to it because he knows the other team is going to run it again. Clear communication is vital on a sideline during a game or the opponent will keep beating you on the same play.

Yes, sometimes some screaming takes place on the sidelines because somebody isn’t giving the effort they need to give, but most of time it’s merely the coaches and the players making sure that what they thought the other team was going to do is exactly what is happening. You get the chance to see what the other team’s game plan is going to be in the first couple of series.

The fact that the linebackers and safeties are very young makes it even more important that they are talked to a great deal during their time off the field.


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October 14, 2011 3:38 pm

the first “adjustment” should hve been to find a D cordinator. Now that they will enter yet another NFL week without 1… lets look at what they could do.

1) Move Nnamdi to the outside.
2) Move Asam to the bench.
3) Move a 3rd DT onto the line on almost every first and 2nd down/. yup… 5 Dline men on almost every play.
4) 2lb’s man the gaps and cover the flats.
5) bring a safety up to pretend to help. (we all know they wont tackle)

and.. fine anyplayer that misses a tackle. use that money to bring in a LB next year.

October 14, 2011 3:44 pm

stevo, you do know that

1) Nnamdi plays outside a ton already
2) Moving your #2 corner to the bench is well, stupid
3) your last point is nonsensical because the Eagles don’t have a lack of money. They have plenty to spend to the cap at all times. it’s a matter of how to spend that money

October 14, 2011 3:58 pm

G — whats the point to this article? Give us some insight! What changes did they make? Why do you feel better? What adjustments are they making that tells us we should feel diff. about them now?

October 14, 2011 4:06 pm

The thing we have to stop doing is giving up big plays,” Castillo said. “That falls upon me, and it’s something I need to fix. We need to mix up our coverages, get consistent pressure, and then make sure that the guys understand their assignments and responsibilities. Really, our big problem is that we’re just giving up big plays in the red zone. We will get this fixed, though

October 14, 2011 5:00 pm

Big plays, Small plays, 3rd Down Stops, Penalties that extend Drives,
Red-Zone Stops, Bubble Routes, Draw Plays, Screen Plays

Castillo mentioned about Safety Jarrett takeing some reps with the 1st team and even CB Curtis Marsh getting in on some Nickel Paskages with the 1st Unit.. ( I Think CB Samuel gets traded Mon or Tue before the Tuesday 10/18 Deadline)

Whatever cahacneges in the Secondary and wehther they play man to man or some of the zone coverages, this gave versus the Redksins is about the Line of Scrimmage.. With no Dixon in the middle, no COle off the Edge,
Parker with high-ankle sprain, Jenkins hurting with pectoral pull, who up front is going to stop this Rushing attack… remember that RB R Torrain ran over the Eagles in Game 1 of last year for 140 yards at the Linc and missed the 2nd game due to injury.. also look out for back-ups RB A Hightower and a surprise ROokie R Helu who is developing into a nice 3rd Down back with good receiver skills.. Then you have the match-up problems of big TE Fred Davis and the crafty Chris Cooley.. I really don’t believe the QB R grossman will need to challenge the Secondary much at all and will proably not even attempt 20 passes.. This game will be lost in the trenches and the Redskins are healthy, hungry and will dominate the line of scrimmage and I don’t see who the EAgles have up front (outside if Jenkins) who will be able to stop them.. not the DE’s, surely not the LB’s and even not a cheating Safety in the box .. Turn out the lights, this 2011 Season is about to end by Halloween.. Redskins 30- Eagles 16

October 14, 2011 5:54 pm

Paulman’s Picks for Week #6 (Overall Record of 54-23)

#1) Panthers 29 – Falcons 27
#2) Bengals 24 – Colts 13
#3) Lions 30 – 49ers 17
#4) Packers38 – Lions 16
#5) Bills 27 – Giants 26
#6) Steelers 27 – Jags 13
#7) Raiders 34 – Browns 16
#8) Ravens 26 – Texans 17
#9) Pats 34 – Cowboys 27
#10) Saints 26 – TB Bucs 24
#11) Vikings 23 – Bears 16
#12) NY Jets 24 – Dolphins 13

#13) Redskins 30 – Eagles 16

(Bye Week for Broncos,Titans,Cardinals, Chargers, Seahawks, KC CHiefs)

October 14, 2011 6:27 pm

man paulman i know the eagles turn the ball over alot but damn the deadskins are gonna hold us to 16pts thats crazy i go to cancun for a week and hell breaks loose we will win atleast the next 4games. mark it down if not more wins

October 14, 2011 7:02 pm


October 14, 2011 7:55 pm

shiller- chill out. most of what i said was stupid. its friday ok!!??

i know NNamdi playes outside a ton. I also know that most of what he has done wrong this year is when he has been…. you guessed it….. in the middle. Asam without the ints is worthless and so…. he’s not been playing amazing. The $ i was talking about would be from the players- they would be fining themselves and using that cash to get a MLB….. since we know Andy wont get 1 himself.

October 14, 2011 8:03 pm

i’d been fine with an Asam trade cause its clearly not working as is. But i pray to god they dont trade him for a pick. We need an actual player.

October 14, 2011 8:08 pm

paulman i didnt know the lions played twice on sunday?

October 14, 2011 8:11 pm

#1 – play a nickel defense….
#2 – Nnamdi and DRC to the outside man to man and Samuel in the slot
#3 – blitz Kurt Coleman and Jamar Chaney non-stop all day long as Grossman can’t run and is prone to fumble….the front 4 are not getting enough pressure; keep Allen is the deep safety over the middle…
#4 – put Brian Rolle on the TE man up

October 14, 2011 8:16 pm

Reports are asante samuel to the lions for a 2nd and 3rd round pick which would be a win for the eagles. Getting rid of his non tackling ass would make this team much better.

October 14, 2011 10:01 pm

WHAT? Where did that come from? Did G change his meds or something? What in the world could this team have possibly done in the past 5 days, short of signing a stud LB and or a stud safety along with a 55 gal drum of stickum to help them tackle, to suddenly make you feel better about this defense?

Sounds like G is suddenly feeling sorry for the Eagles and trying to turn the tide of bad press and pissed off fans to me.

October 14, 2011 10:09 pm

Schill ? How can you call people stupid on here yet refuse to point out the stupidity that regularly comes from Andy Reid?

October 14, 2011 10:23 pm

“G” what did Lurie do ?

Promise you a few spots on the post game show or laced you with a couple of G’s to write a feel good spin?

What have you seen that could make you feel good about this defense?

Will Casey Matthews slip into the lock room this weekend to play in his brothers place ?

Have the Eagles contacted a seer who could conjure Jimmy Johnson during the game and transmit the game to Juan Castillo?

Will Nate Allen crawl out of the fog to wolverine opposing recievers and runningbacks?

hell no!

Look for Torrain to look like Jim Brown running all up the right side this weekend.

Redskins 38

Eagles 28

Grossman is Gross …but as we all know runningbacks and tightends is all that’s needed against this weak ass defense.

Well, andy told us it’s a passing league so there’s need to defend a running game racking up 200 yards this game keeping the ball out of Andy’s offenses hands.


October 14, 2011 10:24 pm

Sorry Eagles Suck (just another typo error by the Paulman)

Should have read Packers 38 – St Louis Rams 16 (Lock of the Week)

October 14, 2011 11:07 pm

Songs – what did Jerry Jones offer to give you a chance to be Romo’s Bitch?

Promise to let you clean up the cowboys locker room after the game – maybe sniff the laundry!

What has songs seen to make him feel good about himself?

Will Silky’s relatives convince him to stiop supporting the cowboys and crawl back over to the eagles and ask for forgivenss?

I don’t know!

No matter what happens this week – Silky will show up and be the same jackass he is all the time! And no matter what happens he will 1) state he predicted it and 2) claim he caused it

Redskins 17

Eagles 31

Songs is a douche – but we all know he has a need to be an asshat – posting on multiple sites under multiple names then accusing other of doing the same. weak ass was his high school nickname

Well, after writing about silky I have the need to take a shit….

Songs = Idiot


October 14, 2011 11:33 pm

G, this article is pointless if you don’t actually provide reasons why people should feel better about the defense this week. What exactly will be different? Besides working in more safeties what else have you noticed that can make them better is this short period of time? Just wondering.

Jott, Asante playing in the slot won’t work. You have to be physical in there which is why DRC isn’t playing well in their either. Asante in there would have to cover TEs, be in on more tackles and getting picked off and we know he avoids contact at all cost. Hanson is our best slot corner. The others are just outside corners.

October 15, 2011 12:17 am

scorp – what the hell are you doing up so late – go to bed – nothing good happens after 11PM –

but to go with the argument – aren’t most of the articles on this site pointless? Mindless rehashing of percieved failures and constant negative vibes…….

October 15, 2011 1:24 am

Lol nave- this just in- did u know the eagles run a wide 9? Haha- I’m so sick of the same 3 topics.

October 15, 2011 2:07 am

wait and the LBs are struggling… and undecided on the safeties…. whaaaaatatata really. Stevo – why are you up so late – you all need to go to bed – I have to pick someone up at the airport at midnight (west coast) so I am stuck up for another hour… –

October 15, 2011 7:16 am

It will be a story when the Adjustment the Eagles make is giving a 400 lb
red headed man a one way ticket to the set of “THE BIGGEST LOSER”.

October 15, 2011 10:14 am

damn paulman your going out on a real limb pickn the pack to beat the rams wow theres a shocker but what adjustments did G see that D is making in practice in jarrrett is going to be starting at ss on sunday maybe he will be in the box alot

October 15, 2011 10:59 am

I take it Gloomy that you missed your flight back to Cancun, sorry to hear..
I will let my 70% Winning Record speak for itself for my weekly picks…

Another thing to look for is how often/much CB A Samuel is on the sidelines..
Castillo alluded to Rookie CB Marsh getting in on some Nickel-DIme PAckages with the 1st unit.. I expect a trade to occur involving CB Samuel come Mon/Tue before the Deadline.. I think we will see DCR on the field in the place of SAmuel.. Everyone has to remember the DCR is in his final year on his Rookie Contract and he wants a big Deal for next Year and the Eagles really need to find out if he is a premier CB, If not, there’s an excellent chance that DCR will bolt via Free-Agency to the highest bidder and the Eagles need to find out now how good or not good he really is.. No doubt that Samuel is a goner, it’s a matter of whether it’s now (which is a good move) or after the Season come next years Draft time.. I believe Samuel’s Value will not be as high come next Spring and the Eagles needs to move him for HIgh Draft picks and maybe a LB in return..

October 15, 2011 11:22 am

Paulman, eagles will play hard more mistake free football but shanahan and the skins want this one, skins 30 eagles 24 what you say paulman?

October 15, 2011 12:01 pm

I’ve stated that this will be the “rock-bottom” game for the Eagles as they are just manhandled along the Line of Scrimmage on both sides of the ball.
Offensively, the OL is in flux with no Peters,no Dunlap, It’s Wakins 2nd NFL game and the Return of RT WJ who hasn’t played competitive football since last December (and many will state that he wasn’t too competitive back then)
The Redskins Defensive Front 7 is the best unit the EAgles have faced thus far, they are rested, heatlhy and chomping at the bit too atone for last years humiliating performance versus the Eagles on that Monday Night Game
The Redskins Safety Tandem is also one of the best in the NFL and I expect that both Otegwe and Landry will be looking to knock the heads off of the Eagle WR’s all game long.. Vick will be running for his life from the get go and the WR’s will get frustrated and not be able to complete their routes sinec VIck won’t have th etime to find them.. This Eagles WR corp is not real good at adjusting routes on the fly, they have a tendancy to keep their heads down too often and complete theri route withouth ever realizing that their QB is in trouble.. They must as a group (especially D-Jax/Maclin) be congnizant of certain coverage packages the Redskins will throw at them and adjust accordingly and this have been a major with me about the Eagles Offense over the years whethe McNabb or Vick was QB o even who the WR’s .. It just seems the Eagles Offense and their WR’s is predicated on them completing their routes before looking for the ball and you will not have success goign against agressive Defenses and Def/Coordinators like Haslett who will apply pressure from all over the field with CB & Safety Blitzes, etc,etc..

Defensively, with no Dixon,COle, PArker is hurting, Tapp is not 100%, I see no possible wa the Eagles front 7 can slow down this Redskins Rushing attack or even put consistent pressure on QB Grossman who we all know, when pressured, is likely to force some passes and make mistakes, but give him time, he can run an efficient offense and I expect the Redskins to rush for about 225 yards as a team with Torrain,Helu and Hightower (if he plays) with about 40-50 Rushing attemtps and simply wear down the remaing Eagles DL which will be sucking ofr air by the 3rd operiod.. Babin and Jenkins will have to play more snaps than usual to make up for Cole & Dixon’s, PArker’s absence… Does anyone think that Patterson,Laws,Tapp,Hunt can withstand, this Running game for too many snaps. and then still apply a good pass rush when needed.. I don’t..
Then icing on the cake, expect QB Grossman to hit open TE’s Fred Davis and C Cooley often as they present difficult match-ups for the Eagles LB’s and Safeties and then you always have the qucik screens,bubble routes that explosive players like S Moss, Anthony Armstong can provice just to keep the CB’s honest and make them come up and tackle which we all know has been a major porblem with this Eagles Defense across the board.. This game could get real ugly real early if the Eagles don’t start strong and at least hang in there with them for the 1st half.. It would take a very patient game plan and excellent execution by the Eagles to have a chance and unfortunately, I just don’t see it happening across the board.. After this game and going into the bye week, we will see some changes in personnel and some possible trades,releases in my opinion (Possible trades involving Samuel, Releasing Parker and activating Graham, Releasing Ronnie Brown who just seems in the doghouse and not very engaged with this team) See Harbor getting more snaps and play time over Celek, Steve Smith will see more playin time as the Eagles really have to decide on whether to pay D-Jax the big bucks or whether to have him leave via free-agency.. (my gut tells me that he’s a goner) and I still don’t know what they can do about Castillo as the DC and will probably have to wait util after the Season to address this.. No one with any stature will come in as a “consultant only” and to rebuild a defense or adjust their schemes dramatically at this point in the Season is just too difficult to achieve with any success..
The good news or silver lining is that after falling to 1-5 which realistically put them out of the Palyoff picture, the Eagles regroup after the Bye and put together some good efforts anbd wins and start playing much better ball as they also get Peters,Cole and others back from injury (Graham) and maybe the pressure (self induced) just was too much or them, maybe the locker room personalities just didn’t mesh with all these new players, and maybe the Coaching was just not good enough utilizing the talents of all these new players and did not do an overall good job on scheming which would utilize these talents to their fullest.. also the questionable Draft Picks the last few drafts and also not addressing teh OL/LB & Safety positions adequately enough has come home to roost… Chances are it’s a real combination of all these things and maybe too many players and coaches thought it was going to be easy and they just flat out didn’t work hard or more importantly, smart enough to figure how to put all these new pieces together be a good team and this my friends is the story of the 2011 EAgles.. Verey disappointing indeed.. but lot of season left, lots of talent and suit up to play th egames for many players and coach’s jobs will be on the line the final 10 games so it will be interesting to see what Players and Coaches stand up and show themselve as “Eagles” moving forward (.
One thing that I am really tired of hearing about over and over is the typical Coach AR repsonse line “We are goign to continue to Work Hard” I wish some reporter would ask him about when are you going to begin to “Work Smarter”

October 15, 2011 2:35 pm

Wow paulman, that’s quite a gloomy outlook, this will biggest game in years for Reid, if they lose the season and his tenure as head coach are over, the eagles won’t win, it will be close, but a monumental disappointment for the legacy of Andy Reid

October 15, 2011 5:11 pm

nave, im up till 2am- someone has to watch the planet. I play madden and chill. I sleep rom 2-7:30. how did the airport go?

October 15, 2011 5:47 pm

Stevo – not bad – Got in and had to sleep – had to ref three games this morning – nothing like pop warner playoffs at 8am to start he WE –

Pman – thats is one loong post brother – I can tell you are nervous – keep the faith – the boys are gonna start rallying! 2-4 into the bye and then rattle off some wins post bye to climb back in the race – lets see how the team (not the fans – we know how Philly fans respond to adversity – if this team were the Titanic – I pity the woman and children – they will be cold and wet cause the GConn wannabes already got the lifeboats!) responds under pressure

October 15, 2011 6:52 pm

Here’s what thye team needs to do especially when they are playing against teams that don’t have a lot of weapons at the WR position and the QB isn’t great…… bring the safety up with the LBs and let the corners play their man and the other safety (preferably Nate Allen) play center field. Of course it’s not ideal that you want to play 8 in the box all the time but I just think that’s the best way for this specific group of players. I just think you want to force teams to beat you with the pass. But if they can run on you, they will beat you with both the pass and run. This is a passing league but good running opens up the pass. You shut down the run, you make it difficult to pass the ball.

It’s clearly not working with the wide 9 AND the poor LB play and we’re getting killed on the ground. I’d just rather take my chances with letting those corners be on a island than to have players out of position. It’s hard to be out of position in man coverage because you only have one thing to do. I just think this may be the ideal way to go with this personnel until they get better.

Many good teams are successful because they have very good DBs that can play man and allow other players to not have so much responsibilty. Give that responsibility to the best players on your team. Let your Dline do what they do and let the corners cover and bring 1 safety up until someone shows they can consistently beat that coverage. Up until now, each team has shown they can consistenly beat our 7 in the box. Time to adjust. In fact 3 weeks ago it was time to adjust.

October 15, 2011 7:18 pm

Excellent ponits Scorp and there is no doubt that the Eagles missed opportunites versus the Giants,49ers where their Passing Games and a lack of outside weapons would have been good teams to play this scheme against. Also the Redskins,Bears, Jets would be other good teams to make them beat you with their passing games and take their running game away from them..
I have stated using a 5-2-4 Scheme with an extra DL to limit teams run success..

October 15, 2011 9:57 pm

hey paulman drc isnt a free agent until after 2012 season but i do think they will trade samuel i think they can get a 2nd and 3rd for him i would not trade him to lions for they are a good team already and if the eagles get it together they may see them in the playoffs and as i look at the rest of the eagles for the season the only team i think that may have the whole team to beat the eagles are the pats and there D wont hav me up at nite scared so with that said we hav to stop beating us teams are not beating us we are if play sound football wecan still go 11-5 10-6 but if im the birds i love samuel but the 3cbs are not working so i would trade him cause he is the smallest out of the 3 and the slowest he plays good in zone but not man 2 man and i think thats what the birds want to do but cant because of samuel and drc isnt good in the slot look for marsh by the end of the season to be the slot cb and i see the eagles winning the game tomorrow 35-17 yeah i know what everybody is gonna say i pick them to win every week and i do one im a fan and two i think the deadskins hav more talent than us now i know talent on paper doesnt mean a damn thing but just look at the facts the eagles havent been beat by any team yet they hav beat them selves now but if vick plays the whole game in the atl we win the gaymen game if he plays we win sf andy beat us by not running the ball and the bills they got a lot of fluke picks the bills are not a very good team if you dont turn the ball over against them they might get blown out in every game for the eagles hav had more yards than any of the teams thay hav lost to we cut down on turnovers and were 5-0 right thats why i say we can come out of this so 7 weeks from now if we cut down on the turnovers and were 7-4 i dont want to see people back on the bandwagon and if were 5-6 or worse i will say im sorry all of you were right

October 15, 2011 10:04 pm

and paulman are u crazy ur still saying there gonna let d-jack walk they would be dumb as ever to do that if he doest get a new deal before the season is done they will use the tag on him to think that slow ass steve smith is gonna take ur wr/pr spot is just dumb as hell smith doesnt play because he is slow is leg isnt right yet lol just thinkn that he would ever be able to do what djack does is funny lol lol lol

October 15, 2011 11:18 pm

gloomy – juset be careful – my good friend (that will ruin your rep) Pman makes a lot of predictions – but there have been a few times I thought he was crazy – ad he turned out to be pretty accurate – you have to learn to pick thorugh his – I’m bored and messing with people, and when he is really making the prediction –

like the attitude my friend – get this thing turned around, eliminate the mistakes –

hihc is more difficult – bowel elimination, eliminating mistakes, or elimintating songs?

October 16, 2011 1:03 am

Wins now will only prop up a record on in a losing season that my give Reid another opportunity to keep us in purgatory next season.

I want it done once and for all. We’ve finally got a season that have been thrown away due to Andy Reid’s decisions directly. In the past our teams would win in spite of Andy’s poor clock management, or the reid created blind spot that cost the team post season advancements. Guys when was the last time our team won a home game?

How painful it is we’ll be better off if the Redskins drive the last nail through the coffin.

remember last offseason we screamed for Andy to pick up a center after Jamal’s surgery?

did he listen? no

Put Mcglynn in there to help Vick get killed and after Mcglynn had a poor preaseon rushed Jamaal back first game of the season which caused him a season ending injury.

These are the blind spots created by Reid.,,,now where is McGlynn?

Now Reid do the same thing with the middle linebacker position this offseason. We’re tired of Andy getting in the way.

The front office went out to get the coveted Asmo and Andy puts the dishwasher over the ktchen as head Chef.

The fans do their part…the front office does their part….Andy and his coaching staff are the weak link.

October 16, 2011 3:37 am

We made some adjustments oh wow… this is good news. I don’t remember reading about the linebackers we signed. Sooooo… who are they? because if these adjustments are with the same players we’re screwed. It’s the players. It always was the players. This was obvious going into the season for anyone who knew this team except for Andy.

We’re either going to get slaughtered in the run game or killed deep. I bet my life Andy tries to bring the safeties and Shanahan is going to either kill us deep with a slot receiver.


October 16, 2011 4:24 am

Let’s make this clear…..The preseason showed us the linebacker experiments was not working.

We were told everything is alright and because of the short offseason the they would gel by midseason.

We’re near midseason yet the linebackers have not shown any improvements since preseason.

This linebacking position was supposed to a have been addressed when the the preseason showed they were not good enough. Everyone seen it accept Andy. Juan claimed he would teach them.

Well? what have they learned?

These linebackers are special teams players at best and their positions in the draft proves most teams in the league believed that too.

You don’t pick a 4th round rookie to start at middle linebacker.

Who would do that?



October 16, 2011 4:34 am

Castillo’s defense is ranked 30th against the run and has allowed an NFL-high 11 touchdown passes.

Boy, I’m glad the Eagles used the early exit from the playoffs along with the time off in the offseason to improve their defensive strategy?


what you see is what was implemented during the offseason.

Remember those articles during the lockout telling the fan base the coaches were working day and night which gives the Eagles an advantage over other teams?

well.. We’re seing the plan unfold.

the plan you ask?

Castillo’s defense is ranked 30th against the run and has allowed an NFL-high 11 touchdown passes.

October 16, 2011 7:21 am

Keep us in purgatory another season LOL Songs Classic! I needed a good laugh at 7 in the morning! Good article man, I agree. FIRE REID, HE HAS TO GO.

October 17, 2011 9:39 am

Paulman, Are you EVER right? Redskins dominating? Really?

October 17, 2011 10:29 am

Redskins layed a golden egg and what was with their game plan.. Poor Coaching, QB plany blown opportuntity just like the previous 4 Games by the Eagles..The Eagles live to play another week…. who cares, I am done with Coach AR…