• August 16, 2022

Report: Graham expected back after bye week

A league source tells Profootballtalk.com that DE Brandon Graham is fully expected to be healthy and ready to play when the Eagles host the Dallas Cowboys on October 30th. He tore his ACL last season and then underwent microfracture surgery this offseason.

The ACL is one thing, but having microfracture surgery is extremely risky at best. So while it’s good that he’s coming back, who knows what version of Graham you’ll be getting? And let’s be honest, he didn’t show much to begin with.

I guess you could always look at it as this defense needs as much help as it can get. But, Graham is yet another undersized player who won’t help the run defense. Who knows, maybe he’ll be much better with the Wide 9 system? I’m grasping at straws most likely?

As PFT notes, some have speculated that he could play linebacker. Graham might be best suited for linebacker, but in a 3-4 system, not the Eagles’ 4-3. Then again, we’re talking about Andy Reid here. Graham could end up playing safety!

That’s what they should do. Move Graham to safety, then slide Jarrad Page up to play defensive end. Babin would go to the bench and Chas Henry would become the new defensive coordinator, with Juan Castillo moving up into the front office as the head of scouting.

Micah Warren

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  • Groundhog Day Alert.. A Eagles DE who didnt pan out. And this was supposed to be our Elvis Dumervil (who?) and/or Dwight Freeney..Sheesh.

  • Jimmy – not your usual tone there. Kid got injured. It’s his second season. You usually don’t throw in the towell that early….

  • Brandon Lee Graham – drafted by the Eagles in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft with the thirteenth selection in the draft and the first from the Big Ten Conference. He played college football at Michigan.

    Graham was the 2009 Big Ten Conference Co-MVP (as a DE!). He was the 2009 FBS tackles (TFLs) for a loss (per game) champion after finishing second in 2008 by .01 TFL per game. He was the 2008 & 2009 Big Ten Conference TFL (total) champion.

    After completing his career as defensive end for the 2009 Michigan Wolverines football team, he had a total of 29.5 career sacks and 56 career TFLs. In 2008, he led the Big Ten Conference in TFLs (20 in 11 games). In 2009, he posted 26 TFLs and 10.5 sacks in 12 games. As a member of the 2008 Michigan Wolverines football team he earned Second-team 2008 Big Ten All-conference recognition from both the coaches and the media.[2] He was a finalist for the 2009 NCAA Division I FBS football Hendricks Award. He was a First-team 2009 All-Big Ten selection by the coaches and media.[3] He was named to several First-team and Second-team 2009 All-America lists by various publications. Graham was also named MVP of the 2010 Senior Bowl.

    In high school, he was a highly decorated and highly rated linebacker who served as captain for the 2006 U.S. Army All-American Bowl. He was listed on numerous All-American lists and was a finalists for some of the highest individual honors a high school football player can earn.

    Wait – Graham was an all american linebacker in high school – and they switched him to DE in college – who was that arrogant, round hole square peg coach that did that (or was it Navy who CONSTANTLY points out that EVERY coach does that) – yeah – I can see why everyone is upset the eagles wasted a 1st round pick on a guy who has basically been an all american since he was 16, did he magically become undersized the day we drafted him…………………………………..

    he did start 6 games as a rookie – had a sack or two – forced some fumbles –

    so Mr Micah – other then pouring sarcastic gasoline on the fire – why the dripping with sarcasm write up – the guy was an all american linebacker in HS and clearly is an outstnding athlete and football player –

  • schiller – stop posting so close to me – silky songs is going to pop up saying we are the same person –

  • Good news and anxious to see what Graham brings to the table..
    I envision him as a rotational player and almost a carbon-copy of Darryl Tapp..
    High energy, always trying hard but just not making a whole lot of plays..
    I hope I am wrong about him but the biggest thing that disturbed me watching him last season as a rookie was how quickly he becamed gassed, I recall numeroues times from th early to mid to late in the season befire he ever got hurt, thet he would get exhausted and alsmot hyperventilating after 3-4 consectuive plays… He’s 23-24 years old and a professional athlete and I have never seen this before for an athlete that’s in shape… I believe he has a Cardio-vascular, breathing issue going on .. Now of-course coming off a re-hab and his injury, I expect it will take him a good few weekes to get his ootball legs and cardio back, but take a close at him when he returns to see if anyone else notice in how quickley he gets gassed and if he is only going to be a rotational player, than that’s not good for the Eagles traded 2 3rd Round Selections and moved up 11 SPots to draft him… He needs to get a good 6-8 games under his belt here in 2011 in and be an impact player in 2012 or I am afraid that he will be just another ‘guy’ on the DL..

  • Why rush him this season is over anyway.

  • schiller/navy you’re not fooling anyone other than yourself. we all know you’re the same person.

  • I think you bring him back slowly and try to see what he has to offer the final 8 games or so.. Give him the next 3-4 weeks to really get into Football shape, and then try to find out if you have a real player for 2012 of not..Activate Graham and flat out release Juaqu Parker who should not have made the final roster over Anthony Hargrove to begin with and Coach AR stubborn loyalty to PArker caused another roster spaced wasted .. Has anyone seen DE/DT Hargrove play for the Seahawks the last coupld of games,, he is all overthe place and can play inside and outside.. another stupid move , just like not keeping TE Donald Lee..

  • Leroy Keyes was great in high school and college and was the third pick in the first round. He failed as a running back and as a receiver and as a defensive back.

  • This is some of the poorest writing that I have ever experienced.

  • Bunkley was a beast in college and the 13th-14th player in the draft and he bombed.

  • 5/11ths (45.4%) of the Eagles defense is marginal, not to mention key injuries. How much better do people expect them to get. I thought a well coached team
    was ready to play, had minimal turnovers, few penalities and was instinctual as opposed to having to think where they should be on a play, and could gain a yard when needed. We went from aggressive moves and all in to every excuse under the sun. Reid is a Super Bowl coach. If only he had better luck.

  • Brandon Graham sucks and was a waste of a pick… Reid again thought he was out smarting the world when he moved up and picked Graham…. a tweener who doesnt fit the Eagles at all…. he will not give the Eagles anything positive

  • dude, do not compare college to the NFL…. Graham was a very good college player, but poor pro player.. he blows

  • Graham is ass.

    We should have drafted Jason Pierre Paul

    Now, you expect him to be the same after major surgery?

    Look for this loser to be worse than he was before the energy.

  • Songs – based on WHAT! Graham had a much better rookie year and then got hurt – Pierre had a horrible first year but is playing now – other then ‘Songs knows’ what are you basing this on – Pierre couldn’t get on the field last year

    Jott – really – so a dude that was an All American in High School, an All American in college and stared 6 games as a rookie in the NFL – ‘blows’

    wow – must be nice to just sit around on a website and talk about how much everyone else sucks……. does it make you guys feel smart or smug or what?

  • RTBag – your an idiot – find a hole – go in it – die – problem solved –

  • Eagles record 1-4

    This weekend will finally end the Reid Era.

    Thank God!!!!!

    Have we seen anything on our defense to have us believe this team can stop the Redskins running game?

    Oh yeah..Garbage ass Justice may get the start from the left tackle position.

    Damn…Vick just needs to stay healthy enough to get to next season when we contend with a new coach.

  • He got injured..I think he looked good as a rookie before he got hurt. They can bring him in on rotational basis and increase his reps as he develops. I think he and Allen are going to be fine. We need to just concentrate on this Washington game this week. It’s really the season on the line…Go Birds!!

  • tko – wow – you must have actually watched a couple games and understand a little about football – see in the world of many on here if the player does not become an instant superstar from game 1 he sucks – you keep up this being rational stuff you are going to have people start calling you names

  • I don’t know how the injury will figure into Graham’s play moving forward, but I do suspect that if he has the same speed he’ll benefit from being in the “Wide 9” IF he gets any plying time behind Parker and Babin. Definitely should have taken Pierre Paul.

    It probably would make more sense to start Herremens at LT given Justice’s previous experience at that spot.

  • He is not fully healthy! What exactly do they gain, by bringing this kid back so soon? Let him fully heal, damn it! It wasn’t Graham’s fault that they played him at DT, half of his snaps & played him at the joker at other times. NAVY, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with you. JPP, sucked last year & also got hurt, but he came on a little at the end of the year.

  • I just heard the great news, their gonna move Herremans over to the other side and Have Justice on his gimpy knee protect Vicks blindside, schill, navy, justify that brilliant move.

  • I just heard the great news, their gonna move Herremans over to the other side and have Justice on his gimpy knee who hasnt played all season and still isnt 100%protect Vicks blindside, schill, navy, justify that brilliant move.

  • I just heard the great news, their gonna move Herremans over to the other side and have Justice on his gimpy knee who hasnt played all season and still isnt 100%protect Vicks blindside schill, navy, justify that brilliant move.

  • Justice is most comfortable playing RT and Herremans is versatile and very familiar with the Left Side so ithis is a no brainer that I stated would occur once Dunlap went down.. . This will mean that Herremans is going to match-up with the Skins B Orapko mroe times than not , which is a better match-up for the Eagles than a gimpy, short on confidence Justice who will be seeing his 1st action since getting yanked in last years playoff loss to the Packers..
    I am sure that Redskins will line up Orapko some over Justice side too.. and Justice will have his hands full with rookie DE R Kerrigan.. The Redksins have the best Front 7 in the NFC and will be putting Pressure on the EAgles OL regardless of who is playing where and they will have a struggle

  • navy – there were plenty of all americans who sucked in the NFL and Graham happens to be one of them…. he doesnt fit any system… especially the Eagles…. the Birds could have gone with Pierre-Paul or Earl Thomas (who I wanted)…. but again picked garbage..
    yes, Graham blows… you are one of the few posters on here that is a complete ass and knows nothing about the game of football..

  • NavyEaglefan..too funny, yeah..does anyone on this board actually watch the games. I really think Allen before he got hurt was on his way to becoming a very good player…but everyone’s down on him. Graham had his moments..the San Fran game comes to mind. I think they will both be good contributors. This week is scary. It’s bad enough that we have to turn this thing around..but now the offensive line is all banged up. Maybe they can put Jackson in and when they get down at the goal line…run behind him and Watkins…who is another player that I think is going to pan out…stay positive

  • Navy,
    to say you have served this country and then go tell another eagle fan to go in a whole and die is ignorant as hell man. I might not agree with everyone one here all the time, but I wouldn’t go tell them to go die. You’re one ignorant SOB man. As a matter of fact, I really enjoy the disagreements and battles with individuals on here and never take things personal (though I’m gonna talk my fair share of crap); sometimes we’re on the same page, sometimes we’re not; but it’s all in fun etc. NAVY YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE US ARMED FORCES AND TO EAGLENATION THE WORLD OVER. YOU ARE BEING RELIEVED OF DUTY AND ARE BEING DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED FROM THE YOUR AFFILIATION WITH INTELLIGENT MEMBERS OF SOCIETY. YOU CAN TAKE REID WITH YOU ON YOUR WAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JERK

  • Beautiful rocko, just beautiful

  • Way to go Rocko.

    Navy is pathetic

  • Look at this Snow white songs and a couple of his dwarfs – Rocko – waaaaaaaaaaaaaa – to be as much of a douche is you are and to breath is just plain wrong – a waste of good air for all the other people – – you short, pudgy, balding , pathetic Jersey Shore wanna be – you are the reject from you family that couldn’t get into the armed forces – After I was done with your momma the other night – I asked her why you are the way you are, first she talked about all the special ed classes she put you in, all the money spent on the shrink after you went throught the lighting fires phase, but after that inceident with the little boys a couple back – hey – you need to go easy – bad enough you are an embarrassment to your family being on the sexual predator list – you should no better then to hang out with known deviantes like songs and lil jackie chu –

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    So here we go – we got snow white songs – paid cowboy shill and know for his feminity – we got little jakey chu – you can be sneezy – we will give a shout out to DCar – he can be grumpy – Pman will give him Doc
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    And rocko – seriously – why do you keep trying to pretend you were ever in the services – wait – did you actually sneak in and then get one of those ‘medical’ seperations for adjustment disorder – or you justlike to watch those MASH re-runs?

  • I notice navy attack anyone who states the truth.
    Navy, these guys on here calling Andy want a championship and know this can’t be with a coach who gets in the way of what we needed before hired. It’s time for the next guy to try..

    True fans know a better coach could do so much with the talent on this team and would have never put an unqualified defensive coordinator over a team with championship aspirations.

    These losers attach us for fighting against those who are in our way of that Lombardi.

    Harbaugh came in from the College ranks with a new staff and the same players the 49ers had last year and kicked our ass…So the short OTA garbage is an excuse.

    Reid have peaked and we need new blood before the talent on this team is wasted any further with Reids gimmicks and arena style play in an hard nosed NFC division.

    Send Reid and Juan to coach Jaws team “Philadelphia Spirit” and bring in an NFL coach that represents the blue collar, tough, teams we’ve come to respect.

  • NAVY,

  • Songs you wouldn’t know the truth if the truth was Andy Reids ass and he sat on you! Come on silky – lets read chee from you – come on silky –

    E A G L E S – Eagles! Come on SIlky sing along – fly eagles fly, on the road to voctory, fly eagles fly score – Silky i don’t here you – Silky songs – are you not cheering…………………………… its almost time to beat the skins! Even a cowboy fan has to want the skins to lose—–

    Idiot + Cowboy fan = Romos Beeeotch = Silky Songs

    R(snooki)ocko – here’s a tissue and a tampon – I am very sure you know what to do with both – fix your caps lock key – or better yet, have your girlfriend songs fix it for you (mother’s of my enemies – shit is priceless) –


  • We should contact the Philadelphia soul and use some of their players.

    then Maybe call Mike Mamula and get Warren Sapp out of retirement.

  • I expect a shake-up after tommorrow’s “Rock Bottom” performance
    The Trade Deadline is Tuesday 10/18

    #1) Trade CB A Samuel and receive a 2nd Round Draft pick in 2012 and a 4th or 5th Round Draft Pick in 2013 in return. (Lions,TB Bucs,Vikings,Panthers and Cowboys as potential landing spots)
    #2) Activate DE Brandon Graham and release DE Juqua Parker
    #3) Flat out Release RB Ronnie Brown and elevate Dion Lewis as the #2 Back behind McCoy
    #4) Trade WR Steve Smith for a 4th/5th Round pick to a team that needs help at WR (Ravens, 49ers, Cardinals, Browns)

    As far as younger players who will get more chances to play.
    DCR will take over for Samuel, B Hughes will be the 3rd CB in NIckel packages.. Jarrett will play SS while Allen plays FS..
    DE Brandon Graham will be the primary back-up to Cole and see some snaps
    DE P Hunt & D Tapp will also back/split time with DE Babing
    Later in the Season we will see LB Greg Lloyd brought up from practice squad and will see some action at MLB, and DT C Thornton brought up from Practice squad to get a good look for both M Patterson & T Laws may have played their way out of Philly (neither one has played well nor seems to be a good fit for the Wide Nine Scheme which I stated all Summer long)
    I see Clayton Harbor getting more snaps than B Celek at TE ..

    It’s time to cut the chord on some players tafter this season hat are just not producing results any longer or just simply don’t fit into the future plans
    players like …DT Patterson, DT Laws, CB J Hanson, C J Jackson, and take good looks at W Justice & TE B Celek ..
    Need good looks at TE C Harbor, LB Clayon, LB Rolle, CB’s Hughes & Marsh and Safety Jarrett amd WR R Cooper and start thinking on who to add and draft to improve the deficient LB,DT,OL,Safety,TE Positions..

  • Navy, Grumpy, classic! LMFBO!
    You can be douchey! šŸ˜†

  • i thought you’d like that shout out! Douchey – that would be a whole new line of dwarfs and I dont think Disney would approve – hey – enjoy the game tommorrow – it will be the first win in a (when do we play the Patriots) win streak!

  • Let’s try to stay away from silly insults everybody. I have people writing me complaining about the personal attacks.

  • paulman , rather than cut the cord wit C jackson cant we give him some action ? has he become a stiff since his injury or is he just in the reid doghouse !

  • Center Kecle is the now and the future for the EAgles at Center
    Jamal Jackson will not see the field unless Kelce sustains an injury.. Jackson is too big and has played one 1/2 of Football since early December of 2009..
    I do believe they could utilize his size in Short-Yardage/Red-Zone situations.. but his playing days for the Eagles are over after this Season

  • You gotta love Jimmy Johnson, he’s the only one to tell the truth about our defense. He said that ever since JJ passed away, our defense has never been the same, and to take an o-line coordinator and put him as your d-coord without ever coaching D is the dumbest thing in the world. That’s from a 3 time winning SB coach boys. Reid made the dumbest decisions and it’s time for him to go whether we win today or not. FIRE REID, HE’S FINISHED. HE HAS TO GO.

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