• May 26, 2022

Reid Has Decisions To Make About Graham And Parker

The Eagles have made the defensive end position one of their priorities in the both the draft and free agency the last couple of years. Once of the players that they added in last year’s draft is second-year defensive Brandon Graham. He is recuperating from an ACL tear and micro-fracture surgery.

Andy Reid talked about him today and wouldn’t guarantee what plans he had for him after the bye week, but you could tell from his conversation that the youngster is on his mind.

“He’s worked so hard,” coach Andy Reid said. “You can’t help but be pulling for him. He spent so much time rehabbing and got out there running around and doing the things you need to do. He’s coming off a tough surgery and we’ll see how he does.”

There have been reports that the Eagles are thinking about trading veteran defensive end Juqua Parker because of Graham becoming available in the near future. Reid didn’t give us much information with regard to whether he would trade Parker or not. He did admit that they’re getting calls from teams about possible trades.

They have until the 10th week of the season to take Graham off of the PUP (Physically Unable To Perform) list

“You have to be realistic about it and then go from there,” Reid said. “We’re looking for him to get back in the swing and groove of playing football.”

I don’t think Reid and the front office are going to trade Parker because there’s no telling how long before Graham is going to be able to line up and play. I think they will take their time in bringing him off the PUP list then have him work to show that he’s ready to play.

They want depth at that defensive end position because it allows them to rotate them and keep them fresh.

The bye week will give Eagles defensive end Trent Cole some time to get healthy. Parker and Darryl Tapp will get the chance to get healthier and the defensive end rotation will be in business again.

The Eagles healthy players will be off until next Monday.


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  • J Parkers has very little trade interest at this stage of his aging,often injured career unless a team was decimated with Injuries.. He’s 33 and has played in what 1 or 2 games this season after missing just about all of Summer Camp and though he took a pay cut to return to the Eagles.. He still is overpaid for his production (or lack there of)
    The decision should be an easy one, you relelase Parker and activate Graham only if you think Graham will be healthy enough to play 4-6 games at the end of the season so he can hit the ground running for 2012 .
    .If Graham’s return is still a question mark or the Doctors are not sure when he will be cleared, then you shelve him for the remainder and start him off again in the Off-Season.. Sure would be nice for him to play in 4-6 games just to get back t oplaying and establish some confidence and momentum leading into the off-season which will be huge for him and his future..

  • I just hope they dont get rid of Landri to make room for these guys, i love the energy he brings to the team plus he seems to be in on alot of plays everytime hes on the field.

  • Another option is to get rid of another one of the great Draft Selections in 2010
    in LB Keenan Clayton…

  • young to raiders.

  • Eagles may very well trade asante for the right offer. I dont really think thy should but they may. Possibly for a LB… but they may pull off a nice trade by tmr we ll have to wait and see. Im hearing some things but i cant report anything at this time… but im looking forward to seeing graham play and hopefully bolster this dline even more… were about to have great depth at DLine by next week

  • hart… what are you hearing?

  • I doubt they’ll trade any of the corners…they went to great lengths and at great expense to try to platinum coat the secondary. Unless the season was lost they wouldn’t start a fire sale. Interestingly enough either the Raiders I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make a gamble on trading for McNabb if the Bengals are unwilling to trade Carson Palmer.

    Parker has still put up ridiculous sack numbers every year for the last couple for a reserve. Even with his age he probably has significantly higher trade value than many people may think.

  • Non-decision. You can’t bring this guy back this soon! There is in no way shape or form, that he is ready to contribute anything of value right now, let alone make them cut, release or trade Parker! I had the same to operations on my right knee, & know quite a few others through therapy, etc. & it takes you a good 1-2 years, to even feel close to 100%. But you are never fully healed or 100%. BTW, from what I’ve heard, that his micro-fracture was worse than the ligament tear! If they rush this dude, there is a very high probability of him injuring himself even worse & possibly ending his career! So it ain’t happening. But Andy is a brainless dip$#!t, so he’ll probably suit up & start after the buy, & they’ll trade Parker today, for a 7th rounder, & draft a 5’10”, 215lb RB to start at the WILL next year!

  • DCar


    Since when does Andy Reid use any logic when it comes to injurys?

    He actually was depending on Winstin Justice and he had his surgery in February.

    He depended on Jamal Jackson and his injury was at the end of the year.

    He sent Akers back out on the field after he collasped.

    The Fat Man is a fraund. They will continue to beat the scrub teams and keep the “die hard” fans believing there is a chance.

    He is a bafoon who is being exposed now that JJ is gone.

    Yes the Eagles will continue to beat the scrub teams.

    Hiring Juan and not admitting that mistake is all any norman human being would need to know about his character.

    A loser.

  • I don’t see the Eagles making much moves before the trade deadline. The only reason you would trade Parker for anything is to get some more cap room. So the only way they trade him is if they plan on giving D-Jax his deal now…other than that there is no reason to trade Parker since he is one of the best Dline players we have against the run and gives us quality depth in case Babin or someone else were to go down in the second half of the season.

    BTW, some of the people on here who think the Eagles are just going to let a player of Djax’s skill walk after the season are complete fools. I believe they sign him. The FO knows he isn’t just really good but a player they make a lot of money off of. Everyone knows who D-Jax is, people that don’t even watch football like my gf know who D-Jax is. The guy makes the eagles alot of money. And if contract talks do shut down they will franchise him in a heart beat and then trade him for a 1st round pick if they can’t get it solved…But people who think their just going to let him walk free must be high on something.

    I think the bye is going to be very beneficial to this team. Comes at a perfect time and gives the Eagles more time to gel and work things out since they didn’t have that luxury in the offseason with all the new moves. JC better be watching tape all day and every day this week, this guy still has alot to prove as a D cord. I think if we sweep the Cowboys we will make the Playoffs. Book it. Usually we dont match up well with that team but this year is different. We have 3 Corners who can play and if you put one of each on DEz, Austin, Whitten i think the D-line and linebackers can feed on the Cowboys O-line and get to Romo. What killed use to kill us was that Cowboys always had a really balanced run/pass team and their O-line was enormous compared to our D-line. Now they cant run the ball, (they will be wo Felix Jones for weeks to make matters worst) and their Oline is garbage. On top of that their pass rush other than Ware is suspect as well…anthony spencer is nowhere need as good as people think and Ratliff has slowed down as well. I think a sweep is very reasonable this year.

  • BTW the 4 million we gave to Vince Young was terrible..this guy is useless on this team…I think the only thing he would be good for is on those 3rd and 1 QB sneaks that Vick is just not big enough to get himself…I dont get why they dont use VY since he is bigger and stronger on those plays than Vick. I mean what else is he good for…

  • lol@pheags88. I am also curious as to why they aren’t using Vince Young on those 3rd and 1 QB plays as well.

  • Ddcar and BSm – by ‘logic’ do you mean listening to fans on an ameteur blog/comment website over trained professional medical staff who have access to both the player, his body, and his medical records for injury management issues?

    If so, your logic is PISS POOR

  • DD, I know you had an injury of a similar nature. But every patient and every injury is unique. And he has access to top notch medical staff and rehab. I’m not saying you had bad docs or whatever, but not as situations are identical. And frankly, you and I have limited information whereas the team and their medical staff do not.

  • pheags – hate the vick QB sneak – hate it – hate it – hate it – McNabb is a big guy – Vick is not (and can someone tell Vick to just run out of bounds and NOT kick the ball at the cheerleaders) hate the QB sneak – I want to see the LEwis guy from Pitt on short yardgae –

    some good points – I never understood the VY pick up – AR and Joe never called and asked me – but hard to fault a guy who gets one or two plays – maybe one day we will go 5 for 5 in the RZ and be up 35-0 and he can get some reps…..

  • Do people remember how Vick sucked it up when he first got here? Maybe VY can be good if they keep him for a few years… (not saying he was every Vick’s caliber though…)

  • Anyone ever get the feeling when watching VY that he just doesn’t seem to care.. That he doesn’t go or prepare “All-In: to lead his teams for battle like he used do in his College Years.. I heard and read about a lot of complaints from Tenn Titan Fans over the last couple of seasons that he just wasn’t focused or work hard enough and worse, that he really doesn’t care on whether he’s succeeds or not, that Football is not a life and death thing for him and that he really doesn’t have that fire, that sense of urgency, that the great ones have (or at least the ones who aspire to become great)
    I don’t know VY from adam, but I sense his easy-going,laid back personality is very similar to that of Donovan McNabb.. The Talents theres, I am not so sure his head or his personal drive is … This is Dr Paulman’s perspective..

  • pman- stop thinking. This is something of note- He could have went somewhere and started…. instead… he came here to learn… he WANTS to be here. Thats good enough for me.

  • My thoughs on the Eagles/Redskins…

    Use my new 9-9-9 plan to help the Eagles win the Superbowl

    FIRE ANDY GREED at 9:00 on the 9th of November and give him $9.00 to catch SEPTA home from the NovaCare Complex.

  • I am not so sure he had too many offers elsewhere..Hopefully VY will be inspired by QB Vicktand learns what it takes to learn and work hard to prepare yuoself for the rigors of being an NL Starting QB.. He was branded as a quitter with emotional issues with a me-first attitude from most of the Coaches,and even some ex-Teammates from Tennessee and was not in postion this short off-season to declare or demand himself as a Starter type ..He and his agent did a smart thing and came to a stable organization to rebuild him image and hopefully his work ethic so he can get the chance again to be a Starter in the NFL..
    To Stevo, can you name a team who was seriously interested in bringing him in…

  • Schiller…Vick looked just as bad but he was also in jail and away from a football field. At that time, I wanted Billy Volek as our backup behind vick who would of been much cheaper. I have absolute no faith in VY winning us games if Vick goes down. Don’t give me his record either…he was probably the 6th or 7th reason they won those games. Im just saying we could of put that 4 million toward a linebacker but it is what it is now.

    I just don’t want to see anymore Vick QB sneaks on 3rd and 1..they should just run VY in for those plays like they use to do with Vick for a play here or there. Or maybe King Dunlap? Seriously though, all he would have to do was fall down on his face and he could get 3 yards.

  • pheags – for those of old enough to remember when they did that with Harold Carmichael – and they did use the fade pattern back then!



  • Schill, good points, & they are valid, but there has never been anyone that has had those surgeries, that have been close to 100% until AT LEAST a full year, & that’s with great doctors & therapy! This is football, too! I played baseball, it was hard for me to even come back & play softball, let alone full time baseball. Football is much, much more strenuous on the lower extremities. I had both my knee’s done at the Rothman Institute, by Ciccotti, who is the Phillies Doctor also, & rehabbed at Magee. So I didn’t exactly go to shoemaker’s, to get them done, & rehab. So I think I might have knowledge & experience in that area, & I’m very confident in my comments. So unless the Novacare complex, has a direct waterline to the Lourdes healing Fountain in France, he will be insignificant, & not be fully healthy until sometime next season. So they should IR him, before he re-injures himself, & gets a career ending injury.

  • yes Pman i can- clearly oakland was interested if they were interested 4 days ago.

  • and Oakland took a chance and gambled their future by trading for a QB who has not picked up a ball in 9 months and really hasn’t had a good season in the last couple of years over VY and the Raiders also gave a 1st Rounder and a conditional 2nd Rounder for Palmer which doesn’t say much about their interest in VY does it…

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