• May 19, 2022

Cowboys “D” Will Be Blitzing Vick And The Eagles From Everywhere

Rob Ryan is going to blitzing the Eagles on Sunday night. He uses some unusual blitz alignments and will send anybody after the quarterback. Ryan will blitz linebackers, safeties and cornerbacks. He’s very adept like his father and brother at using blitzes which attack the blocking scheme by getting a free rusher on the quarterback.

Many times he’s have only two-defensive linemen on the field on third down. Sometimes they won’t have anybody down in a three-point stance, so the Eagles will have trouble figuring out who is blitz and who is dropping in pass coverage.

Michael Vick can’t try to do to much when he’s under pressure. If he can escape the pocket and gain yardage then he should do it. If he can get rid of the ball to an open receiver, then he needs to do it, but he can’t attempt to force plays.

If there’s nothing there, he needs to throw the ball away or get on the ground. Vick shouldn’t risk throwing interceptions or taking punishing hits from Dallas defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs. He needs to be more conservative about the way he plays the game. Taking care of the football should be the number one thing on Vick’s mind. The quarterback has already thrown eight interceptions in only six games.

I’m sure the Cowboys will try to pull the ball out of the hands of running back LeSean McCoy because he has a habit of carrying it loosely. Wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin will also need to protect the football.

This game will likely be decided by big plays and that includes turnovers. One of the main reasons the Birds are 2-4 is turnovers. They’ve got a -15 turnover ratio and it’s the worst in the NFL. If they turn the ball over two times in this game, it will likely cost them the game and end their chances of making the playoffs.

In addition to the scheme which Ryan will employ, the Eagles must be aware of the alignment of Dallas linebacker DeMarcus Ware. He may be the best pure pass rusher in the NFL and he’s nearly impossible to block one-on-one. They’re going to need to chip him, double-team him and roll away from him.

Vick and the Eagles must know where he’s at on every play.

The Birds have explosive weapons which make it nearly impossible to stop them, but the Cowboys defense will have success if they can force some turnovers and slow the Birds down in the red zone.


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  • That defense pressured Tom Brady into two interceptions. Judging by the play of the last 6 weeks I am not in the least bit optimistic about this team not having any. In my opinion, having two turnovers during a game for this team would be considered a success. lol..
    My heart tells me what I saw last week was not a fluke but a turning point in this area. But alas, my gut tells me that come Sunday its going to be Turnover City all over again. G, I pray, that I am wrong. lol Heres to hoping they can put up enough points to compensate for that and that the Defense can pressure Romo into spotting us by coughing it up a few times.

  • I think you attack the Cowboys on the perimite vs the CB’s and of couse deep down the field over their Safeties (which you have to have good pass protection to allow the deep route to develop..
    ILB Sean Lee for the Cowboys is having an All-Pro Type of season in the middle of that defense and has some deflections and INt’s at a The LB Spot..
    You can have success with quick outs and slants, bubble routes in front of their soft CB T Newman and M Jenkins..
    One thing you know when going against any RYan Defense (Buddy’s, Rex and now Ron) they are going to bring pressue from all over and from various players.. Vick and O/Line will see LB, CB, Safety blitzes from the edgles, up the gut on delays, etc,etc.. The key is quick recognition by Vick and the Eagles receivers to “adjust on the fly” and be able to take advantage of some space that is created in the Secondary when the BLitz… if they can do this, I believe that can get some big plays on them even though they may be short 3-5-8 yard routes like some qucik slants, a Delay Screen play, a TE Screen (like Celek ran in for a TD last Week) and even some Delay QB Keep plays
    Eagles Defense needs to play like last game and with high energy and create some turovers.. You can wear this Cowboy Front 7 by sustaining some drives and keeping them on the field..

  • 3 step them to death. receivers are too good for them to play man the whole game. get the ball out quickly and let the receivers make plays.

  • run 4 and 5 rcvr formations – spread them out – force them into man – if they blitz – find hot rcvr move ball out quick – let rcvrs do the work and turn som eshort passes into longer plays, some delays and short shovel pass/bubble screens to slow that rush down, get vick moving – not a bad week do have some designed Vick runs –

  • Wouldn’t this be a good week to run the ball again? Picking up the blitz and finding the hot WR is not Vick’s strongpoint. And calling short passes including getting D-Jax in motion is not whoever calls the plays greatest strength either. I would like to see McCoy 28 times this week, lots of screens and Celek with a huge week.

  • all hands on Deck for this one. Love all these game plan ideas…. lets hope to God Andy has one of his better coaching days.

  • Um…Last year’s Dallas defense was pretty vicious against the Eagles. My suspicion is that it will be less so this year because many of those blitzes send are going to be zone type blitzes , twists etc. which require some time to develop and haven’t been that effective against many teams (as witnessed by Dallas’ current record.) If Peters is back, Herremans is back at LG, Justice is at RT and hopefully Jamal Jackson is at RG I like the Eagles chances. I definitely like the Eagles chances if they run ball with LeSean McCoy, Ronnie Brown and Dion Lewis. (I thought he Ronnie Brown trade was premature…I mean one bone headed play get’s somebody run out of town…REALLY?)

    If the Eagles can get back to running effectively on the left side between Herremans and Peters Ronnie Brown, as a bigger back, could bring considerable pain the Cowgirls defense.

  • They need to play Clay Harbor more than Celek this week since Sensabaugh seems to have Celek’s number. That extra gear, plus a different set of thinking on cut’s, timing etc. will probably help out quite a bit.

  • I’m not worried about the blitz, like Kolb and McNabb before him, Vick’s been to Quarterback U.

  • I agreed with bugsyhawk we must run the ball. Control the time of possession and have Vick get the ball out quickly when we pass. Our running backs and tightends must help to block when they blitz. As long as we stay focus on handling the basics and play 60 minutes we will be find. If we do turn the ball over we can’t do it on the red zone. Sunday night we must get touchdowns every opportunity we get in the Red Zone. This game can put us on track to make the payoffs and win the division. Birds 35 Cowboys 21!!!!!

  • I think the Cowboys will be on Vick like, excuse me, pit bulls…I don’t have the confidence in Vick that many have…How many playoff games has he won?…I know he won one in Green Bay at some point…I just don’t think Vick is big enough, he doesn’t have a quick release and a communication with his receivers like Drew Brees, another under-sized QB, but light years ahead of Vick, IMHO, in terms of managing a game and seeing the field, and having a good hook up with his receivers.

    I don’t trust Reid and Morhinweg to make the adjustments necessary to use Vick to best advantage, which is quick drops, the shotgun, and having his receivers hold on to quick passes….I hope I’m wrong.

    I’m a LONG TIME Eagles follower…First game I ever heard was Eagles vs. Giants, something like 1966, with Norm Snead at QB, and Timmy Brown at RB for Eagles, and Y.A.Tittle QBing for the Giants…The Eagles brutalized the Giants in that game, blood dripping from under Tittle’s helmet.

  • 3 step them, play action them, & Shady them into oblivion! I f^#@ing hate the Cowgirls & Tony Blowmo! As much as I want Reid out of here, I want them to blow the Cowgirls off of the field, with their tails in between their legs, & watch JJ’s plastic face crack, like a paper mache building, in an earthquake. That would be classic!

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