• May 16, 2022

Eagles WR Jason Avant Was Wrong To Criticize Eagles Fans

I understand the emotions which Jason Avant was expressing on Sunday night after the Eagles beat the Cowboys, but there was no reason for him to attack the fans for criticizing them as they got out to a 1-4 record. This was team was underachieving and giving games away. Even Avant was critical of himself and his teammates.

I remember him saying after the some of the games that they played poorly. Fans of the Eagles are still fans of the Eagles if they’re criticizing them.

Here’s part of the comments he made after the game.

“We look at home games like road games” Avant said after the game on Sunday. “We realize it’s going to be just these guys in the locker room, that’s the way we take it. We don’t want people jumping on our bandwagon now. We want people to go out and still talk bad about us.”

Eagles fans weren’t doing anything wrong for calling it like it was. One of the things that I love about Eagles fans is that they tell the truth. The Birds were stinking up the joint and they knew they were. There’s no way a team as talented as the Eagles should have a 1-4 record. I think an underachieving should be booed more than a team that doesn’t have the talent.

They had a ten point lead over the Falcons in the second half and they lost that game. They were embarrassed by the Giants and couldn’t score on four plays from a yard out of the end zone. How do you blow a 20-3 halftime lead at home and lose to the 49ers? He knows he can’t justify his fumbles against the Bills.

Nobody likes criticism even when it’s true, but he should play ball and refrain from accusing the fans.


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  • Cuts both ways – if fans can set up signs across the street to express their opinions at the eagles slow start, Avant can say what he wants to express his opinion of the lack of fan base support to help them when they were down –

    Eagles fans weren’t doing anything wrong for calling it like it was. One of the things that I love about Eagles fans is that they tell the truth –

    really – you really think fans ‘call it like it is’ – the fans really said – wow, the eagles are playing bad but it is early in the season, lets get this turned around – the fans really said – we always start slow – watch us after the bye week – the fans really said – wow – 500 yards of offense, we get these red zone issues worked out cut down on turnovers we are gonna be killer – the fans really said – hey, new DC, new DL coach, some new players, its going to take a few games to get this train rolling down the tracks – cause that sounds more like the truth then the garbage I was reading on this site —-

    Hell if we listened to 80% of the fans on here Castillo would have been fired – article from today –

    There still is a lot of the season to be played, but for the moment, Castillo’s unit appears to have stabilized. The Eagles have given up just 20 points in their last two games, marking the first time they’ve held back-to-back opponents to less than 14 points since 2008, and the first time they’ve done it in back-to-back wins since ’04.

    In the last 25 opponent possessions dating back to the second half of their Week 5 loss to Buffalo, the defense has given up just 23 points, held opposing quarterbacks to a 50.6 passer rating and allowed just 4.2 yards per carry after allowing 5.3 per carry in the first 54 possessions.

    so the fans poked the eagles in the eye for playing bad – Avant poked the fans in the eye for being (my words here) – fair weather bandwagon jumpers – as I posted earlier – Avant get another 6/7 catches for 75 yards (no fumbles please) – he can tell me I am the worst fan in the world – hell – I will send him hate mail!

    – can’t we just all get along man!

  • I missed Avant’s comments, but judging by what you posted G, I don’t see anything remotely close to an ‘attack’ of ANY sort.

    And as far as ‘telling it like it is’. If people want to say ‘that games horrible, no excuse for that loss’ – that’s fine. It’s true. But many fans went far beyond that and made statements about what the team is, what the players are, and what the team will or will not do in the future. The fans who called the players bums, said the Eagles suck and were sure that they wouldn’t improve were not making comments about the games (including horrible ones), they were making comments about the team and the future – that’s not calling it like it is.

    And I find nothing wrong with Avant’s comments – I think the players SHOULD ignore the fans as much as possible in any situation for any pro team. I can’t think of one argument that would suggest otherwise being benefitial to the team in any way.

  • Wait, if Navy and I are the same person, how were we able to post that much text within one minute, I’m confused….

  • @Navy & Schiller- yes sir fellas keep spreading, real talk!

    Avants comments were to the unfaithful, unloyal, the half ass fans…the fans that are not true fanatics..this is only a story because G was one of these fans, had little faith in the team and the coaching staff, just like many of you….Avants comments addressed GCobb and all of the other doubters…being the god fearing man he is, I wouldnt expect him to rip into these fake ass fans as they deserve, but I applaud Avant for speaking on it.

  • Navy & Shill —–Same person.

    We have known this for a while now.

  • Notice, Avant didn’t use the words ‘fan’ or ‘eagles’. Again, I didn’t hear it or read anything beyond Avant’s comments that G posted above, but he could have TOTALLY been speaking about people outside of Philly/ just the national perspective of the team.

    Garry, please tell us how what Avant said was attacking or criticizing Eagles fans? As far as I can see, it wasn’t – at all. So why did you write a story as if it was?

  • @Schiller – Gary wrote the story because he was offended, he felt like Avant was speaking to him…its as simple as that!

  • I wonder if guys like Avant were Kool-Aid drinking fans when they were growing up? Catch the ball, don’t get stripped, and STFU.

    As far as loyalty goes, being a step-ford kool-aid drinking fool is BS. The team deserved every bit of criticism it received, even Reid agreed. They not only under-achieved and left themselves little margin for error, they did it in spectacular fashion with 20 point collapses. The personnel moves were terrible early on, the tackling and overall fundamentals stunk. I’m as loyal as a dog, but I’m not going to gloss over my team’s failures. I’m ready for Reid to be gone, there are good coaches that would kill to have this talent.

  • Songs and the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz —- Same person.

    We have known this for a while now.

  • E – money – I don’t think anyone was ‘glossing over (the) team’s failures”. Nobody was in denail of what happened early this season. But some were going beyond their failures, and making statements about what the team is and what they can and cannot do in the future.

  • Just curious when we will see some articles about the upcoming game versus the Bears which only happens to be the biggest game of the Season.
    What do the Eagles need to do to win their 3rd in a row and keep their Playoff Chances intact.. If the Eagles lose, then the last 2 Wins are meaningless and the Bears have beaten the Eagles the last couple of games and are coming off a BYE week and are rested and realtively healthy…

  • @ E -Money – Again criticism is fine especially when its constructive…But calling for Reid to be fired can be detrimental to the team, detrimental to the teams focus especially after the the lack of in week 2,3,4,5…I hear your points, but wanting Reid gone now?! just doesn’t make sense! you flirt with setting this franchise back 2-3 seasons by doing so.

    lets clear something up, I wasn’t smiling ear to ear when we lost 4 straight nor was I smiling ear to ear when we made some of the personnel decisions, so glossing over teams failures doesn’t apply here…Point Blank, I wasn’t HAPPY! I was pissed off, I was disappointed and somewhat devastated…but you know what, it is what is, its the price you pay when you decide to become a fan of a professional football team.

    So let me get this straight… fans are called kool-aid drinkers because they support their team NO MATTER WHAT! Amongst all adversity…..I call that FANS! That’s what fans do, they support their squad! How many times have you seen Avant commit a TO as an Eagle? I only recall this season, and you know what, sometimes shit happens!

    your just another cat that was a little cut by Avant addressing the fake ass fans! Real Talk!

  • avant was wrong, Philly fans know their football, many knowledgeable posters here rightfully criticized their pathetic play, that’s what a fan does, he doesn’t sit back like a lemming, accepting the company line that it will get better, especially the way they were playing, show me you are better, avant should get roasted by the Philly faithful, a resounding chorus of boos

  • So let me get this straight Real? When a team blows games the way that the Eagles did and lose 4 straight games, we aren’t supposed to criticize what they are doing wrong. We should be happy with underachieving? That is not a real fan. That is an everyone gets a trophy fan.

    What is your definition of support. Everyone was here every week breaking down the game. They stunk during those 4 weeks and people were not happy with it. They have played well the last 2 weeks and they have had a lot of support.

    For Avant to say that their home games are road games is just ignorant. He didn’t single out fairweather fans as you state. He made a comment about all Eagles fans by saying that home games are like road games. That place was electric on Sunday night and it will be on Monday night too. How can a team’s fanbase be fairweather fans if they sell out all of their games and have tens of thousands on the waiting list? Pretty sure every jersey that i saw at the game was an Eagles jersey.

  • @bugs – read my last post! How about that!

  • No jakey chu – philly fans are legends in there own minds – I posted the stats a while back of 1) the most loyal football fans and 2) the most knowledgeable football fans – and ‘gasp’ Philly fans did not do so well in either category. Avant has every right in the world to be critical of bandwagon jumping, fair weather loving, negative when things are not going well assholes.

    Funny pattern developing here – the use of terms ‘kool aid drinking’ step-ford wife, lemmings, accepting company lines – so here is the kool aid – love the eagles want to win a super bowl – stepford wives – I think means we all think and act the same – so yes, I like to hang out and drink beer and watch the eagles with fellow eagle fans that want the eagles to win a super bowl – lemmings – yes, I follow the other guys to that section of the bar where the eagles game is on TV and the men are wearing eagle jersey’s – I follow the eagles fantically – – company line – um…… what does that mean – that I will wear an eagles shirt, go to an eagles bar, and cheer for the eagles to win a super bowl,…… wow – Jakey chu – you are a rebel without a clue –

    you get um –

  • I hate when people read half a damn post and then come at me with some nonsense..

    Bugs to you have any intellect?

    Home games are road games – meaning thats how the team plays on the field, its them against the world.

    We don’t want people jumping on our bandwagon now – was addressed to those wanting his coach fired, saying the team sucks, calling him out when he committed a turnover….

  • I did, but I still don’t see your point. he is not calling out specific fans. He said home games are road games. I still don’t understand what you need by support. If a team loses close games, I am ok with it. If a team doesn’t tackle, can’t stop the run, can’t keep Vick on his feet and blows winnable games, then I have a problem with that and I am going to say it. That makes me a fairweather fan?

  • saying the team wont make the playoffs, calling for the coach to be fired…saying this player that player sucks…That is not supporting your team. its that simple!

  • Bugsy – so you really don’t get the difference between –

    The Defense and linebackers in general need to play a lot better, do a better job in the red zone, and need to create some turnovers as opposed to:

    Castillo is a failed experiment fire him – Allen and Coleman are ass – our LBs are the worst in the NFL – Casey ‘I get run over cause I suck’ Matthews was a wasted draft pick – we are going to get run over for 250 yards of rushing this week’ Reid is fat (gotta say that about 10 times – cuase many don’t know Reid has a wgth problem) Reuid can’t draft defensive players – wide 9 sucks – Graham is ass- since Rhpodes players left we suck-

    you really can’t tell the difference between those two forms of communication?

  • “Bugs to you have any intellect?” I bet it says that you pay great attention to detail on your resume too.

    I read your whole nonsensical post. I understand that it is them against the world. That means that you don’t trust/like an entire fanbase. How is that confusing for you?

    The team did suck during those four games, and there is nothing wrong with pointing it out. It doesn’t mean that I hate the Eagles. Why would I be posting in an Eagles forum if I hated them?

  • I forgot some of my personal favorites – TE _________ (fill in blank) is going to be licking his chops, the eagles are going to lose ____ to ______ (a score with us having fewer points. I my honey bunches Drummer who now must remind all that for 13 years he has been denied his binky.

  • Yes, Navy I can, but that was not Avant’s comments.

    “We look at home games like road games”

    That is a shot at all fans.

    I agree that stating that the team stinks without backing it up is not constructive, but the team did stink. Didn’t Allen and Colemen get benched? So pointing out that they played bad is not ok for us to do, but ok for the team to do?

    So what you really want to do Navy is for this to be a forum where we are just less dramatic and not as passionate about our posts after the team blows a 20 point lead in the second half to the 49ers?

  • Bugs – poor form to comment on minor spelling error – your last line is an interesting note and one I have often pondered –

    you are correct – the eagles did suck for 4 games – they were bad – we ALL agree – but by the same token, when I point out positives from the 4 games they suck, or refuse to throw in the towel on the season by KNOWING that teams that fire HC and DCs midseason typically mean they are giving the year up, I get the kool aid, stepford, lemming comments –

    the issue again – is the constant non-stop chatter about last years draft picks and why watkins wasn’t one the field from day one, and fireman comments and the loss of Rhodes players and how the eagles never replaced Dawkins and on and on and on and very, very little to do with, the team sucked this week

    you are typically very reasonable – I for one happen to think that when a team is down and struggling they need MORE support – could you imagine sitting in the film session on Monday following those loses? You really think the D enjoyed that quality time? Is you level of support directly related to the teams level of success? Are you a ‘if we don’t win the super bowl we are a failure’ kind of person?

  • So you would like people to be more constructive, so instead of we can’t cover the TE and instead of listing the TEs that have burned the Birds since Emmons left, we should say “man, they really need to work on covering the TE better.”

  • ‘Philly fans are legends in their own minds” just outed yourself Schiller , I mean Navy as not being a “philly ” fan but a schill or lemming for this organization

  • G:
    I agree with you. Jason’s a great pro, but he needs to keep his mouth shut about the paying fans. But we can take it, G. No biggie.

  • Bugs – way too many people confuse ‘passion’ with free ticket to be an asshole – if you have a valid point – make it – but constant comments on Reids belly (get in my belly!), making references to bringing tacos with respect to castillo, demanding people be fired 5 weeks in to the season, displaying not 1 ounce of patience and giving the team time to come together – do you honestly think the team did not, does not, or will not know they blew a game against SF – really – so you kicking them in the crotch does what? Shows your ‘passion’

    And as I have posted at least twice – If Avant gets another 6/7 catches for 75 yards – he can say whatever the heck he likes – he can treat the game as if he is playing in New Zealand

  • Navy- I normally agree with getting personal, but he questioned my intellect first. That pretty much opens the floodgates.

    Definitely not a SB or bust fan. I never accuse people of drinking the Kool Aid, because that would be the same as calling people who criticize fair weather fans. I love the 6ers (against my better judgement) because they go out and play hard every night. I know that they won’t win a title in the next couple of years, but they are fun to watch. I work at Drexel and it is the same with the Drexel Bball team. They aren’t going to win championships, but they play sound fundamental basketball centered on defense and rebounding.

    Listen, here is where I stand. I want the team that I support to play hard and to play solid, smart football. If you lose a tough game, so be it. But if you continue to find ways to lose, then I get frustrated. I also get frustrated that they don’t seem to take advantage of matchups the way that other teams do until this week. They don’t make in game adjustments very well since Jim Johnson passed away. They don’t take advantage of one of the best RBs in football until the last 2 weeks. They don’t put their stud Cbs in a position to be successful until this week. I get frustrated when the decisions seem simple and they seem to over think them. Bear in mind that I recognize that what I know about football is 1% of what they know, but I just try to call it like I see it.

  • Jakey – its snack time – go take your milk and cookies and go out and play with all the other little boys, the grown ups are having a conversation

  • Avant was out of line. We don’t know what critism he heard, but the overwhelming complaints were directed at the coaching staff. I was and still am very leary of this group being able to coach 7 more 60 minute football games and get a win. I overlook many warts and spend too much time at this site and following the team, but football is great. It doesn’t mean I will listen the AR and the coaches make elementary mistakes on game day that I should ignore and not call them out. I’m not a stupid person and will not blindly be led to believe all the Eagles moves are correct and can not have my own opinion.
    This site is full of guys like me, some smarter and mostly dumber(haha).

  • Bugs – its all good – one thing that I don’t think has been mentioned – we played Cooley and Whitten the last two games……………. didn’t hear much about them.

    Drexel huh – I had a problem in the Navy back in 2001/2 a piece of shafting broke – one of the professors from Drexel was kind enough to look at some pictures of the two metal parts and tell me why he thought they failed – saved a young sailor from getting in trouble (every one thought he did a procedure wrong) when the Drexel prof said – nah – just fatigue (he had some snazzy engineering word) – did it for free and was happy to help –

  • mostly dumber jphalines

  • Witten yes. Cooley is pretty much done. Davis had 6 catches for 95 yards though. Maybe Nnamdi as the “spy” will work going forward. Defensive gameplan against the Cowboys was awesome.

    I don’t understand any of the engineering terms either.

  • G always keeps it real. I think if anything he should be thanking the fans for motivating the team to play better. Even Andy Reid (as much as I bust his chops..lol) came out and said he understood the fans not being happy with this team’s play.

  • @bugsy – Ok, son, firstly I do not need a resume, I’m a computer engineer and have been full employed for the last 12 years at the same company. Excellent job security bud!

    Excuse me for the typo, like a turnover in football, shit happens…and again, that’s another example of how damn nit picky some of you fans are…

    However, if my comment did not apply to you then ignore it..it that simple…My comments were for the fans that were picking their TEAM to lose in prior weeks, even this past game, fans ON THIS SITE picked the Eagles to lose…Support your team…which is a shout out to your statement, of if you didn’t support the Eagles why would you post on this site) Kicking the team over and over while they were down, isn’t the problem solver. Support your team.

    Also Bugsy, open the floodgates if you’d like…your really don’t want to tangle with RealTalk, I have jokes for days!

  • keeping it real has nothing to do with pointing fingers…If any of you cats were a member of the Eagles locker room, whenever a turnover occurred or a loss, you’d be blaming Reid, Vick, or Castillo. You’d destroy the team from within.

    To believe Avant believes all Eagles fans abandoned them is absurd! I’ll say it again, his comments were strictly for those that threw them under the bus and wrote them off!

  • G I like Jason Avant but I don’t feel this is the time to make these comments. Stay focus on football. The way this team played their first five games was horrible. Just because you won two games does mean anything. We must win the next three games to have a chance at the payoffs. I want him to spend time watching film and preparing for these next three games. This is not the time to make comments about band wagon fans. Let you play on the field define who you are and then once you earn a winning records then you can shut people up. Vince Young started the Dream Team drama now the rest of the Eagles have to perform at a level to play up to these expectations. I’m pulling for the team because I love the Birds but if I can speak with Avant I would tell him to shut up and play football especially with a record of 3 and 4. These last two games the Birds have play their best football now its time to stay consistent and strive to earn a winning record!!!!!!!

  • I think that was more directed to the media then anything else, media talks alot of crap. I wrote an article about them with lebron james. Its one in the same with this team. Vince loud mouth young said he FELt like they were building a dream team, and since the media has hawked it and been obsessed with it.

  • I’m happy that it only took the coaches seven games to make adjustments like running the ball equally as much or more than passing and shortening the routes
    of the receivers. Now only if they played bi-weekly, the sky would be the limit. Avant is one of the born again Christian players. He should forgive others as he would request being forgiven. 3-4 not bad for a slow starting team who hopefully is picking up steam.

  • For whateve it’s worth,
    I will always support the Eagles (No matter the PLayres,Coaches) they play for the City and the Fans.. but I will not hesitate to call it like I see them, If they are playing like crap or making questionable roster decisions or game plans by the Coaches, then by all means, I will point it out.. It’s doesn’t mean I don’t love the Eagles any less, after all, we all as fans want the Eagles to Win a Championship and now that I am older (48 years old), I don’t have forever to wait and the old “we’ll go get them next year” The time is now and this Team is as Talented as they may ever be.. So I will rally behind my Eagles Team and support them as they continue their march to get into Playoff Contention.. This weeks Game is huge versus the Bears where neither team can really afford a loss and is almost like a playoff type of game.. Bears lose they fall 2 games behind the Lions and if the Eagles lose, they fall 2-3 games behind the Giants with a Division loss alreasy too…..

  • I gues he’s comfortable when he’s on the road fumbling away passes while the crowd is cheering….

  • guess.. my bad

  • Jakedog – “”Philly fans are legends in their own minds” just outed yourself Schiller , I mean Navy as not being a “philly ” fan but a schill or lemming for this organization”

    Wait, so Navy saying something about Philly fans ‘outs him’ as not being a philly fan? So if I say, Philadelphians are notorious for saying words like “hoagie and water-ice” – that mean’s I’m not a Philadelphian? If Ray Lewis says “Ravens linebackers are notorious for hitting hard and making plays” – does that mean he’s not a Raven’s linebacker?

    You are worse at logic than Tim Tebow is at NFL quaterbacking!

  • LOL before the fumble lost this year, Avant had only one fumble lost previous and that was in 06…when did everyone become perfect? I didnt get that memo…

  • I’m pretty sure what Avant meant by ‘we treat home games like road games’ is that as a player, you have to block out fan negativity while you’re on the field. If anyone disagrees with that, I say they’re clueless. When a player is on the field, negativity from fans can ONLY be a bad thing to have in mind.

  • I agree with Navy . He is a Philly fan who is a legend in his own mind.

  • BigE, you are a Gcobb legend of sarcastic haterism

  • The key to the Eagles wining this game is simple on offense keep running the ball with McCoy and stay with the short passing game thats gonna keep Vick clean and on defense only used the wide nine on obvious running plays and let the corners play man to man and passing downs double Forte with a linebacker and safety.

  • Maybe Avant meant it’s up to us 53 players in the Locker Room to get this turned around.. Not the Coaches,not the Media or Fans and whether we play on the Road or at Home.. It’s us players versus the world..

  • Schiller I think navy would agree with my post about him based on many prior posts where he extols his fandome and knowledge and accomplishments. Watch out for that ugly ID raising it’s head.

  • I agree Big E – I am a legend in my own mind! Not too long ago I challenged my son to a race – my girl to play some volleyball and my wife to a marathon sex session – (not all at the sam etime mind you – I am not that crazy!) I rmember being really, really good at all those things a while back – but DAMN! Was I sore the next day after these three ‘legendary’ feats! a Dcar BWHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • I’m sorry I meant used the wide nine only on obvious passing plays.

  • way toooo much drama for me. Fan wants to speaak his mind cross the street? fine. Avant wants to speak out against homever (dont know that it was a shot at fans) Fine.

    bottom line is….. when they play well… ill give em credit…. when they start Mathews…. im taking em down. Clean cut.

  • just read a great piece about Djax helping out a fam fill shopping carts. I love this man. As a youth minister who now lives in MN… i cant be proud of my philly team and how he is doing stuff like this. The me me me crap spoken of him does not fit the bill as far as i can see. Yes he wants the ball… yes he wants to get paid…. but i have yet to hear of him getting high or arrested. Pay the man…. kepp him here… he does wonders on and off the field.

  • “It’s really good to get into other people’s worlds, to see what they go through”. jackson said.

    Yes Djax…. thats just what Jesus did and im glad you are helping where you can.

  • I think Avant can say what he feels he needs to…. I personally dont take offense to it…. And I’ll admit… I had lost my faith in these guys because they eroded it by their play….

    I can feel the team bonding thing but Avant should remember that alot of these fans have been on this bandwagon longer than him and he should have a little more respect for the fans… he is gonna need them soon enough

    the good news is that the fans will be there for him because he is an Eagle and the fans are loyal regardless of what they may say..

    if he does his part, we’ll do ours

  • Avant was just protecting his family, his team ,hes very religious.. and as far as his play ive been waiting for a break out year ..he has some of the best hands in the league and is very fast of the line .. and is a beast he look like hes 225 pounds.. steve smith coudnt even replace him .. and vick is finding him more and more..

  • there is no defense to avants comments……………

    he was not referring to the so called haters, a new word spoken by sissies far and near on this web site, he was talk about the entire fan base, I’m sorry avant it appears you don’t have the balls to play in this city, must be a Chicago thing ala McNabb if you defend this type of blatant disrespect to this fan base, you are a moron, or worse, a schlep, a schill , or navy, same thing, or a lemming, boo his arze

  • Avant keeps sticking those routes and blocking like a grown man he can say what he wants.He loves the fans heck they all do,he was just rally crying for his squad. The press and fans have been heavy,righfully so,so hes just blwoing off steam. Least its not one of the young guys.

    I think he picks it up here in the next few weeks and gains some loyalty back . Mike has been sticking the ball to him last two games.Look for a 2 td game here in the next few weeks from Jason.

  • I will defend Avants comment Jake you little shit – you are a pussy plan and simple – Avant can say whatever the hell he wants whenever the hell he wants and you – you insignificant little pissant can eat shit and die if you don’t like it –

    One day Jake, one day – karma is a mother f’r – one day we will meet. I can feel it. Avant can say anything he wants about douche bag, fair weather, bandwagon jumping assholes – you don’t want to be a schill or a lemming – don’t be a fanatic about the Eagles – as a very wise man once said to me – shit or get off the pot – are you in or are you not – if not – go crawl in a hole with the cowboy fans – but don’t let your slimy ass show up come playoff time acting like you knew something you tiny piece of fecal matter –

  • Once the season is over and he can clear his mind a bit I want him to look at the first five games of the season and say that a fan doesn’t have the right to be critical of the team.

    Obviously, right now, the locker room has to muster up all it can for for motivation, inspiration etc. If that means they have to beat up the fans and that’s what propels them to the superbowl it’s a small price to pay.

  • I still want to see Steve Smith get in the game, so that if there are injuries the dude can step in.

  • For someone who comes out has two costly fumbles, that caused his team to lose a game, has a lot of balls criticizing the fans. How about you shut your f^#@ing mouth & play ball. Your team deserved the boo’s & criticism it was getting. You blew three late leads, to possible wins, 7 you fumbled away one of them all by yourself, you jack@$$. It’s funny how a win or two, makes guys puff their chests out. You criticize the hands that feed you punk. You have people that re-mortgage their homes & spend their hard working $$$, in this $#!tty economy, to pay & come to watch you overpaid, overrated, overhyped, diva, babies, you maggot. Be thankful, you have fans that care enough to boo, at least you know they are there to back you. You could be in SD, Atlanta, & other Cities, were their teams don’t even show the F^#@ up, & get their games blacked out. Keep you stupid pie hole shut & play ball.

  • …………………………………….________


  • schiller
    November 2, 2011 – 4:01 pm
    BigE, you are a Gcobb legend of sarcastic haterism.

    Bastard, I thought you gave me that title. BWAHAHAHA!!!

  • And the post of the year goes to ?…Drumroll….
    Congrats Navy .LOL…

    November 2, 2011 – 1:22 pm
    Jakey – its snack time – go take your milk and cookies and go out and play with all the other little boys, the grown ups are having a conversation

  • Seriously though…no one thinks that Avant is right ?
    WE ALL know who the fair weather fans are on this site…
    Dude has a point…If you were calling for the Coaches to be fired after the loses and have now changed your tune..you ARE fairweather…if you were calling the DC clueless and in over his head and have now changed your tune..you ARE fairweather…Yep Im calling em out,
    Im glad everybodys all happy and believing now………but many of you were in here last week crying and fretting about how hopeless this team is and gave them little chance against “Dallas”. When Romo and his brokeback friends came in talking trash………u bowed down to them and gave them all kinds of love you wont even give the team you root for.

    At least Romo and them ride and die for their team. Its easy to be a fan when everything is peachy keen….as Tyson would say….where the f are you once you get hit in the mouth?

    Nobody has crowned anyone yet, but thats what the more POSITIVE folks have been saying all along. Its too early to crown or eliminate anybody yet, even with a very bad first 5 games.

    So go ahead….type something now to justify your negativity……..

  • Avant is talking about guys like Songs, DCAR, Paulman, vinniethehater, and hatedog. THOSE are the types of fans that Avant is directing his comments toward.

    Not us real fans.

  • @Gotta – yes sir!!

    E-A-G-L-E-S – Eagles

    Lets Go!

  • Birdo….Avant was completely out of line with his comment. “I just play for us, we treat home games like a road game” business is insulting to the team’s fans.

    This Birds team shit the bed for 4 str8. It was more than understandable for fans to express their anger, especially after living through an offseason when THE PLAYERS THEMSELVES were dropping lines like:
    “Dream Team”
    “No Devensive Coordinator can stop me”
    “this team could be pretty special”
    “we’re all-in” (banner)

    So Avant was what? Surprised? Shocked? that after 6 months of hype (much of it prompted by the players themselves) the fans got a little restless when the team dropped 4 str8? Hard to believe they might react that way.

    We now clearly know what was said in his “players only” meeting. They want to adopt an “everyone disrespects us – its us against the world” shtick to motivate themselves…..so be it. I think it fits some of their personalities. But keep it behind closed doors. Otherwise, shut up and do something. Stop with the fist pounding, “its all us!” BS. What’s he going to say if they win a SB? Stand up there on the podium and say, this isn’t for you Philly!! This is our trophy. The guys in the locker room! We don’t need any bandwagon fans!!!” I’m sure that’ll go over well.

    Lets also rember that the team has played one good complete game this year. Against a team with 2 wins over STL and Wsh – remember they also losing by 10 to 49ers with 10 to go when….) So the birds are 3-4 and 2 back of the division lead. The schedule suddenly breaks pretty favourably over the next bit, but there are still some tough games to play and the Birds dug themselves a big hole.

    And drop that “you’re not a fan cause you don’t like or criticize” a player bullshit. Are Cowboy fans not cowboys fans if they criticize Romo? ‘Cause they know they’re never going to win with that clown. Are Charger fans not allowed to talk about Rivers or especially Norv? ‘Cause they’re never going to win with that guy running the show. Gimmie a break.

    ANd gotta love it…no, I ain’t changing my tune. I knew Vick would have a big game and said so. He loves that Primetime business. He’ll be more of the same come Monday. And every single magazine cover in the sporting world will be bowing down at the Vick alter come Tuesday am.

  • Your probably right Birdo,
    I am not a real fan of the Eagles…

  • See Vinnie – your choice of words is what is actually the key point of this discussion – and I quote –

    It was more than understandable for fans to express their anger, especially after living through an offseason when THE PLAYERS THEMSELVES were dropping lines like:
    “Dream Team”
    “No Devensive Coordinator can stop me”
    “this team could be pretty special”
    “we’re all-in” (banner)

    you used the word angry – not disappointment, not being let down – anger –

    Anger is an emotion related to one’s psychological interpretation of having been offended, wronged or denied and a tendency to undo that by retaliation

    and the key point for what have come to be grouped into the ‘hater’ category is the need to undo that anger by retaliating – hanging posters to fire the coach, posting nonsensical gibberish on this website – booing the players –

    but in the end – its a sport, a game, a weekend escape from the reality of life to bond with brother eagle fans – am I disappointed when the lose, sure, am I disappointed when they don’t win the super bowl – yep, am I angry? Why? Its one organization against another and one is going to go home unhappy at the end of the day……

  • Birdo, just because I choose to honestly criticize them, for their stupidity & faults, & you choose to be a blind loyalist, doesn’t make you a real fan or me a non-real fan. You choose your way, I choose mine. We all love the Birds, & want them to win a SB. IMHO, they will never win with Reid. I hope I’m wrong. If I am, I’ll be the 1st one to eat crow on here, & apologise to Reid & each one of you. There’s still 11 games left, so don’t puff the chest out just yet. There’s a very tough schedule left on the board. So worry about yourself, lil Birdy & go back in your cage, varment! 😆

  • semantics

  • I also used the word “restless” to describe the fans….but you didn’t provide any internet definitions to inform me that I shouldn’t have used that word. That’s odd.

    Man, I wrote the post in 5 mins. Next time I’ll make sure to consult Thesaurus.com to ensure there aren’t any further misunderstandings.

  • Vinnie, shut your dumbass up!

  • It fascinates me how Avant says one thing, in one context, and they people who disagreed with him saying that or were offended by his words or tone, WARPED HIS WORDS as if he said what they heard. He DID NOT say it was wrong for fans to be critical of their bad play. He DID NOT say anything AT ALL about ‘rights’ or what fans have the right to say/do. All he really said was his apporach to dealing with fan negativity. That’s all.

    You can be offended or disagree, but don’t put words in the man’s mouth that he didn’t say.

  • Vinnie – not dogging you out – If you are the dude from Canada – I actually enjoy some of our discussions – you make some great points – I really do think – interenet definitions not withstanding – I do think many fans get angry – and feel the need to lash out, as if the eagles have somehow let them down –

    I think one of the key ‘division’ amongst the ‘fans’ on this site is the way individuals respond when thngs do not go well –

    for example – I will use myself – I have been told I am a schill, a lemming, a step ford wife fan etc.., for various reasons even though I have posted many times I think the eagles performed poorly during those 4 games and the if I were the FO I would consider replacing Reid if the team doesn’t make the playoffs – I just refuse to buy into firing the coach adn DC 5 games into the season becase things started slowly, or I refuse to give in to calling a draft pick ‘ass’ becuase he didn’t start his very first game or didn’t make all-pro his rookie season.

    IF you are the VV from canada that writes about Vick – did you notice the stat the TV had on Sunday night about Vicks performance the first half of last year as opposed to the 2nd – now lets hope the short passes and run help Vick out –

    is it getting cold up there yet?

  • can’t we all just get along???? LMAO we’re all REAL EAGLES fans right???

  • BirdoBeaman says I am not an Eagles fan so he must be right..

  • Reed, thanks, finally some sense on here.

  • No we all can’t get along, Vinnie is the fakest of the fake…he’s no fan, there is no one on this site that I have more disdain for, than that chump…insults from me will come at full barrage against that clown. He only has a problem with Avants comments because he felt he was talking to him..just as the rest of the cats that took offense to the comments. We all may be Eagles fans, but some of you are 100% b%&#$! I spoke no names, but if you feel I’m talking to you, then so be it! Real Talk!

  • Its been nice this week. Unseasonably warm. 10-12 degrees celcius (about 54f) but that was a bit of an indian summer. It’ll be dropping bleow 0 tonight, and the good times will begin!

    Firing coaches mid-season is a fools game. Always works out poorly. Team inevitably goes on 5-2 run and interm coach gets hired. Problems return. See: Cowboys, Dallas. 49ers, San Fransisco.

    I don’t get any local Philly boradcasts, so if it wasn’t on NFL network I didn’t get it. But as you know I have my own opinion on that…and that it carried over to the first 5 games this year.

    I’m not willing to go nuts and say the sky is falling with 4 losses, but I’ll also not swing too far the other way. I’m not going to read myuch more into the Washington and Dallas wins other than they were wins.

    Did anyone else watch the Wsh debacle in Toronto Sunday. That team is terrible. And Dallas? Not buying that hype at all.

    Earlier I read one of you on here, “Vick is da truth!” Whatever. I disappeared for a while because there’s be no talking to many of you….He looks fantastic when he has lots of time. Dallas not adjusting their D till late 2nd half helped a bit with that. We talk about Reid not adjusting…how long till Ryan moved his safties up a bit?

  • Vinnie — you already know why I think you’re a hater.

    A hater to me is someone that continues to bash another human being for the sake of going AGAINST the grain.

    Vick is a 100 million dollar QB with a rocket arm (with pinpoint accuracy now), houdini like escapability, and the fastest QB/possibly player to ever play the game……yet you still disregard all these things and try to downplay his accomplishments.

    Who does that to their teams QB?

    Only haters.

  • Vin, I know Vick has shortcomings, but you gotta give him some credit, he is playing well, now that the O-line & Reid aren’t getting him killed.

  • VINNIE the douche…seems like you came back out of your rat hole eh? You were hiding after Sunday’s game. It seems like “the old dummy bum Navy” is trying to proposition you for a blowjob; this ain’t the place for that, this is real eagle fan territory. You’re a disgrace to even the lowest of the bums navy. I see why you were dishonorably discharged…your “bumdom” stinks buddy. At least try to be a smart bum like your pop’s, not a dummy bum…YA BIG BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • birdo – you know I’m generally with you, but can we stop saying ‘100 million’ – that’s plain old false. Don’t let the media get you …

  • I agree with Reed_Richards

    Seeing people on here bickering about who is a real Eagles fan is 6th grade juvenile….

    Avant has a ‘circle the wagons’ mentality going and as far as Im concerned? whatever it takes to win games, just do it…

    but forreal, the people who criticize the Eagles had every right to do so because the Eagles were stinking it up for 4 straight weeks… Like I said earlier… Most of these fans been Eagles fans before anybody had ever heard of Jason Avant, so he should watch his mouth not get carried away talking reckless about the fans…

    there are some bandwagon fans and some people with an agenda, but for the most part Philly fans call it like they see and if you stink, they’ll let you know about it…


  • @Sheed

    “there are some bandwagon fans and some people with an agenda”

    exactly, and what would you call these type of fans? real or not? there is a pride I have being an Eagle fan and I do think that some on this site have the same. I’ve criticized the Eagles as well…I said Matthews needs to get off the field, I’ve said Fokou is ass, I’ve said Coleman is ass…I’ve lashed out at Castillo wondering what the hell he was doing, I’ve questioned why Reid doesn’t run the ball…I’ve had the same concerns criticism as pretty much everyone else on this site…but some people take it too far…Coming to this site when the Eagles lose just to blast the QB, but nowhere around when the Eagles win and can give the team or the QB a kudos, only surfacing and bring negativity ain’t what a fan does….or how about saying the Eagles will lose this coming week, like so many were doing over the past few weeks…those are not real fans…
    I rest my case on this topic for the time being…

    Lets Go Eagles!

  • Blow it out your ass Realtalk. I’ve been going to and watching Birds games since before your father decided he would drop his nut on the inside. I’ve forgotten more about football or the Birds that you’ll ever know.

    Thing Avant said that was wrong was he didn’t want bandwagon fans. I was pissing in a broom closet at the Vet before he had ever heard of the Philadelphia Eagles, so he can shut his trap about who or what he thinks is bandwagon.

    1) who cares about his contract. Just ’cause someone paid him $$ is irrelevant. If we judged QBs on their contracts then Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russel would be in the hall of fame. Scott Mitchell got a gazillion dollars back in the day after a 4 game run for Miami (I was at game in Cleveland when Marino blew his achilles and Mitchell came in). How’d that work out for Detroit? Vick’s salary is irrelevant.

    Drew Bledsoe had a rocket arm.

    He’s a fast houdini…like Cunningham and Tarkenton before him.

    You bring up all his attributes. And that’s fine. The issue is that the history of the NFL dictates that these metrics aren’t very important when talking about champiionships. What is important? Football IQ, intelligence, study and awareness, decision making. Vick has not yet proven he can do any of these consistently. The Dallas game might have been a step in the right direction, but I want to see that continue for a whole season before I think about changing my mind.

    Sorry that you think its ‘hatin” to bring up the fact that Vick does not posess what history consistently tells us makes a champion QB.

  • Snookie – speaking of crawling out of holes – how was work last night – don’t worry, I don’t judge, whatever you need to do to feed your habit – just hope you made them all where protection – and I think of all the people on this site – only you could find any of that conversation as solicititation for a blow job – kind of giving away your trade secrets precious – careful – and get something to eat with some of that money. Get in a program of something – find a sponsor –

    Old dummy bum – really, WTF is that – someone with an objective opinion – is that like a put down – Old dummy bum…. should I be offended, or does that sound as stupid to you guys as it does to me? My ‘bumdom stinks – I don’t know but to me that sounds like you are sniffing my ass? Why are you sniffing my ass? Why do you want to sniff me ass? – really – At least try to be a smart bum like your pop’s, not a dummy bum… – what the hell are you like 15? geez man – get some material – develop a shtick – watch the Comedy channel something – that was a really, really sad effort –

  • Vinnie shut your dumb ass up! you dont know shit…all you know is the cons on Vick!

  • Was listening to Eagles live and Merrill Reese said Vick is the best QB to play for the Eagles…I think Merrill Resse knows much more about the Eagles and football than your dumb ass does!

  • avant was wrong, there is no way to justify it, remember when Cole Hamels got booed after his first start this year, and we are talking about a world series champion and MVP, getting booed by the home fans, his response “I would have booed myself”, that’s a guy who gets it, avant does not, we booed mike admits, Jaworski got killed, but we supported them like no other fans could once they figured us out and what we require from the teams, players we support

  • How about an internet definition of Narcissism – over inflated sense of self-importance + once they figured us out and what we require from the teams +

    wow – the day did arrive where I refer to someone else with the term narcissism –

  • “You bring up all his attributes. And that’s fine. The issue is that the history of the NFL dictates that these metrics aren’t very important when talking about champiionships. What is important? Football IQ, intelligence, study and awareness, decision making. Vick has not yet proven he can do any of these consistently. The Dallas game might have been a step in the right direction, but I want to see that continue for a whole season before I think about changing my mind.”

    History shows? There is no BLUEPRINT to winning a championship Vinnie. You need talent, coaching and a little bit of luck — thats it.

    That’s why its ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. That’s why football is the greatest game ever played.

    Your hatred towards Vick goes well beyond the football field, and it’s sad. It’s sad that you can’t support the quarterback on your “favorite” team when he’s trying to better himself from what he use to be.

  • &Schill, the only way Vick doesn’t see those 100 million dollars is if he doesn’t PLAY the years in his contract. Right now his contract is for 100 million and thats what I’m going to go with.

  • And I suppose if I was still 12 I’d gobble up that mush too.

    When Michael Vick (currently 11-7 as Eagles starter, 3-4 this year) goes on a three year run like:

    Jawarski 33-15 from 79-81
    McNabb 54-14 from 2000-2004 (an insane record esp with wrs)
    or even
    Cunningham 31-17 1988-90 (though that mostly because of D)

    Then we can put him in ‘best QB to play for the Eagles” talk. I doubt that’s going to happen.

    For now, keep suckling on Merrill Reese’s teet, admire your VT Vick poster on the wall and deam of the day when your acne fades and you actually get a taste of some pussy.

  • Those are team stats….who brings team stats/accomplishments to an individual argument?

    Oh thats right…..HATERS do.

  • Weak jokes won’t get you far. I’m more of a man than your dumb canuck ass could ever dream of becoming.

    As Vick continues to shine, representing the Eagles and its fanbase proudly, you continue to hate…..like the scum of an individual that you are.

  • crap – over 100 posts – the BOB – VV main event is rolling into round three – in this corner we have BOB, a proud american, and proud eagle fan. Stands behind his team – best shot fired n the opening rounds – reference to everyones favorite US territory and future 51st state – Canada! in the opposite corner from the fighting north VV a man that says his piece, and sounds a lot like me when talking about Vick when he played for the Falcons – but hasn’t joined the church of mike just yet – best opening shot – Merril Reese’s teet (the first reference ever I believe to sexual acts with Reese) and a taste of pussy – and he got them in the same sentence (loud clapping) – this looks like a classic for the ages – all you late joiners run back and read to catch up –

  • @Vinnie – shut your dumb ass up!

    you said you know a lot about football…but you think totally different from that of one that has seen all of the QB’s you named play live and in person in every game…I’ll take his word over yours anyday!

    Also, I’m married man, have no issues with getting loving from my wife, son!

  • Are their any women up there in Canada Vinnie, or is it true you have to
    go to Buffalo or Detroit for some “Poo-tang” like some “Sources” have stated….

  • Oh – and out of no where RT slides under the rope and ambushes V V – he is staggered, but folks – he lives up where the daily temp is -10 C during the winter – my nipples got diamond hard just thinking about -10 C – lets wait for the come back –

  • The announcer is stunned – that P (I live in the mountians of NC) Man is setting up a distraction, maybe that is how RT managed to pull off his sneak attack – – – what – a person in the crowd asked that if in wisconsin what is the difference between a women and a moose – the women where flannel shirts – does that also apply to Canada? We will have to wait for the next intermission to find out

  • Vinnie?

    Glad to see you crawled out your hole.

    Maybe you can answer my question that went on unanswered last Monday when you crawled into obliviousness.

    How did you like Michael Vick’s decisions and call changes at the line scrimmage QB against the Cowboys?

  • And just for the sake of this nWo-type beatdown you are receiving Vinnie (courtesy of navy’s interpretation) — SUCK IT!

  • Woooo Navy has not declared a winner – in terms of putdowns – I think Vinnie is up – as I said in the intro – the Merril Reeses’s teet and taste of pussy – I have not seen a solid comeback yet – true, more people are jumping in on V V – but he has held his own and most of the come backs lack quality and depth,

    Quality counts people! Is it me or is there something wrong about snookie and songs talking about other crawling out of holes?

  • Birdo – this from Deadspin:

    “Here’s what Brandt has to say about the “sixth” and “final” year of Vick’s deal, 2016, when Vick is “set” to “make” “$20 million” (kudos to the Philly Daily News’s Les Bowen for pointing this out as well):

    This year voids (disappears) with minimum playtime (35%) in any year, making the contract an actual five-year $81 million deal. It appears the year was added on to reach the $100 million figure […]

    To repeat: The sixth year is a fiction. Barring injury, that last bit of the contract will get ripped up in mid-October of this season.

    Brandt also notes that the total guarantee is $35.5 million. So how did everyone come up with the $40 million figure? Per Brandt, Vick “can add to the total guarantee of $35.5 million by another $3 million should he win a Super Bowl in 2011 or 2012.” That gets us to $38.5 million, and my guess is people merely rounded up from there, apparently unmindful of the fact that an Eagles Super Bowl is the very definition of not guaranteed.

  • Vick will get his 38.5 million then. Lets go

  • Birdo – well, kinda, the rest of the article was about how he’s still living on a court ordered budget for a few more years, and that most of the money will go to his lawyers/creditors….

  • LMAO @ navy

    you know what they say about a man with a goatee Vinnie? I look like a brown skin Brian Wilson (SF Giants pitcher) – its crazy I gotta shave every two days

  • a buch of sissy wannabe eagle fans.


  • Well that fight of the century dissolved quicker then a Nancy Grace news story – for the record – I like Vinnie – he’s a cool dude – he will come to the know and appreciate Mr Vick one day – he seems like a reasonable – oh careful snookie’s gonna think I am propositioning him – kind of like when you are in the sketchy part of town cause you took a worng turn and stop to look at a map and all the sudden you have a new friend at the window – AHHH SNOOKIE – is the real snookie tall enough to be see into the car window… ah heels – good call

  • Ok. You want individual arguements? Hater this then.

    Vick over last 16 games vs McNabb 16 games in 2004

    Vick 9-7 McNabb 13-2
    Vick 5 300 yrd games McNabb 5 300 yrd games
    Vick 13 Ints McNabb 8 Ints
    Vick 25tds McNabb 31 TDs
    Vick 17 fumbles McNabb 8 fumbles

    Do I have to go on?

    Mike Vick is not “the best Eagle QB I have ever seen” right now.

    And As I said….McNabb fell off a cliff when he hit 30s cause he relied too much on his legs. Same thing is going to happen to Vick, but he won’t be falling from as great a height.

  • It isn’t hating to point out that the statement, “Mike Vick is the greatest Eagle QB I’ve seen” has no merit.

  • Jeez…seems I missed some fun. Was busy, and just read the thread. Better get cracking…here comes round 2.

  • Just as we – including your intreped reporter – were thinking this battle royale was going to fizzle – V V shows up – what was he doing – working, earning a paycheck, doing any one of a zillion much more important takss then blogging here for my entertainment – inquiring minds would love to know – but now that he is back, he has left us all with the teaser – here comes round 2 (I know – he can’t count – they do canadian math up there – its a metric system thing – remember when we were in elementary school and we had to do the metric system because we were going to switch over to it one day)

    what a lead in……………….

  • Vick is 31 isn’t he? Doesn’t look like he’s slowing down….matter of fact, looks like hes getting BETTER. Because he’s actually a STUDENT of the game and WANTS to get better.

    Not like your hero McNabb who sees “nothing wrong with his mechanics” even though he’s been told the same thing by three different coaching staffs and the rest of the football universe.

  • BOB circles, being cautious, not wanting to extend – he jabs… throws a quick combo – clearly his corner has instructed him to play defense until they can see the V V strategy…. I am expecting big things from Danny Watkins biggest fans

  • I just want to know….when’s the last time you saw McNabb completely audible out of a play into a completely different play?

    I have NEVER seen it. I’m being completely honest. Not one play stands out to me where I saw McNabb read the defense before the snap and change the play.

    Its one of the reasons I wanted him out of here…..then when Kolb came in and started audibiling I was ecstatic……his physical ability however didn’t match his brains.

  • Birdo, “Suck it” came from D-Generation X. WWF at the time. How am I supposed to take you seriously if you can’t even get your wrestling references correct?

    Good God, who in their right mind would ever touch anything that came out of that swamp they call Detroit? And Girls from Buffalo? Sorry man, we grow ’em tall and lean up here. If I ever wanted to experience what a girl from Buffalo might be like, I’d have to buy my wife a fatsuit.

    Don’t any of you from the fattest nation on earth come around knockin’ Canadian broads. I just rolled through Delaware and Virginia this summer and frankly didn’t know there was enough tatoo ink in the world to cover the globulous amounts of back and drooping arm flesh that I saw. Did you guys add a new constitutional amendment that states every overweight women in America (68% and climbing) must wear clothing 3 sizes too small while sporting a “I can’t look away” lower back roll tat or sleeve?

    Birdo there is absolutely a blueprint for a championship. And it includes Coaching, and luck, but you’ve left out the part that 9 of the last 10 SB winners were all 4 year college graduates, with solid GPAs and who scored high on the wonderlick. The only QB who wasn’t a 4 year graduate was Dilfer, who went back and got a masters in something right after his career ended.

    You seem to leave this part out. This isn’t Terry Bradshaw’s day where a QB could yell ‘Yee-haw” and chuck it 15x a game. QBs have to be intelligent, studious pupils of the game. These skills are learned through years of practice. Years Vick skipped.

    Were the calls from pass to run well done in the game Songs? Yes, they were. As I said, step in the right direction. But am I going to go ga-ga over a guy who has had 1 good game this year? We’re supposed to be happy that the guy has (perhaps) learned to make calls at the line of scrimmage? Well wow-iee, only took him 10 years. Well done Mike.

    I especially liked during the broadcast when Collinsworth was outlining how Morningwhig has had to basically force Vick into the classroom…..’cause you know….he’s changed. He studies now. He’s comitted. Too funny.

  • Wow, so now we’re going to go the “educational” route.

    Why play football anymore? Why watch NFL games? According to Vinnie’s “Superbowl Winning” formula, it looks like Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to be Superbowl MVP for the next five years AT LEAST.

    “One good game” lmfao! This guy is an f’n clown.

    At least Paulman is joking with most of his diatribe, this moron actually believes what he’s typing.

  • BOB throws antoher jab and BAM – here comes our Gretzky loving fur hat wearing Hab V the V (was that a decent mocking of Canadians?) Not a shy one is he – he takes on ALL COMERS! (no Jake – that’s not the type of coming I was refering to) We have insulting various groups of american women – check – mentioning of the tramp stamp – check – solid research and knowledge – the suck it – who knew – the wonderlick – who knew – A Terry Bradshaw yee-haw – I gotta go bonus there guys –

    V V a solid, solid effort – but – wait – BOB was just toying – he was jabbing – now he has seen you direct fire, lets see the response and see who else wants to jump on the dogpile –

  • Damn – snaked by having to bleed the lizard BOB got his respoinse in first – lets take a look – – – – –

  • educational route – quick ID of the strategy just as I predicted –

    Sarcasm – always a solid retort – predictable though –

    Mocking and name calling – solid, shows he was well coached – scores a point –

    Phones a friend – he watched his who wants to be a millionaire – Pman – setting us up for the next round with that I think – you don’t invoke the Pman unless you plan to use him……………………..

    a hush as now the crowd realizes they are watching two grand masters square off –

  • I will agree with Vinnie though, that Canadien Chicks are hot and not as uptight as our American Counterparts..

  • And what could be the biggest turncoat shocker since bendict arnold, since Robert Hansen – PMAN GOES CANADIAN ON US! Oh – I think BOB was counting on some american love in this international – the field is 100 yards, not 110 – football smackdown

    having been to vancouver a few times, I will remain silent on my views of the smoking hot babes that inhabit that fine fine city

  • wtf? can’t understand your gibberish. you know what, Vinnie, you are coming a long eh…

    Vick is not the best Eagles QB you’ve seen, RIGHT NOW – you said this, wow….

    “right now” is the key words used by you…I expect you to say Vick will never be the best Eagles QB, very surprising…have you come long enough way to admit replacing Vick for Kolb was a good decision? Wonder what the hell you was smoking/drinking whatever it was they should take if off the shelf where you’re from immediately or write in bold, will cause hallucinations, diarrhea (referring to the ish you spew, weight gain (your probably a 400lb, cat that does the belly rub with his wife during intimacy) drowsiness (you obviously black out from time to time and miss when Vick is playing well)… First step to recovery is admitting when you’re wrong Vincent. Follow Vick’s lead! Maybe your not that big of a dumbass I thought you were, maybe your just ass. I have this goatee, but I don’t like to play around ass, so chill.

    Lets compare McNabb’s 2004 season with Vicks after this season or Vick’s best season considering he is not done? Unfortunately McNabb may not start again… Also for the record, Vick still has more to do before considering him the best Eagles QB…McNabb is still deserving of that title!

  • Too bad Vancouver is basically on the other side of the Earth. Olympics this year were $$ though.

    Your mockings of Cdns are decent but you have to add beer swillin’, back bacon lovin’ donut eatin’, earmuff wearing, curlin’ (my season starts tonight!), peacekeepin’ and fence sittin’. Just avoid calling me a Hab. I’m certainly not that.

  • I’m going to put it like this. If Vick stays HEALTHY, he will have a better year than McNabb did in 2004. Thats my bold statement!

    And if we’re still on the “educational” route and wonderlic scores…..I’m assuming you didn’t think McNabb was ever going to win us a Superbowl either eh?


  • Wow – RT 777 – wow – like the Lou Albano, the Grand Wizard – the Classy Freddie Blassie (now you all know how old I am) he takes on the role of manager and we have some SOLID SOLID material there – you young ones learn – mocking PRAISE – different then straight mocking – the judges will be impressed – the 400 pound cat doing the belly rub – that’s new – originality always does well – the labeling the bottle – nice transition – strong, strong performance – the crowd has asked for one clarification the whole I have a goatee but don’t like to play around ass? We are missing – hard to give a final evaluation as that one is subject to different views?

  • I’m no longer a dumbass! Houray! And this from a guy with the intellectual capacity of a turnip. Good times. Glad you cleared up any potential misunderstanding I might have had concerning your ass play tendencies though. I appreciate the heads up…..or I guess heads down in your case.

    Vick for Kolb will be considered a good desicion if the Birds do something…like win a championship with Vick at the helm. I’m not backing off my feeling that this isn’t going to happen.

    As it stands right now, the Eagles are 3-4, Vick has a 187yrd game, a 4 int game, and 8 fumbles under his belt, so right now I find it pretty difficult to see the benefits of having Vick under centre. But the dallas game, the dallas game!!!! Keep it up for the rest of the season and I may reconsider.

  • come on Navy, I’m trying to keep it PG – 13…

  • Not such a Bold Statement about the 2004 Comparison, but Vick would have to eliminate his Turnovers for McNabb had very few that Season if I recall correctly..
    I love Canadien Beer,Broads and Hockey..and even Ice Curling with a couple of Chickies is not a bad Friday night..

  • BOB – these are why you must wait until the final rounds to judge – notice how BOB makes you think he is almost going to make nice – then BAM – turns the argument back – the last line – yes we did BOB, yes we did.

    Vinnie – the world awaits – this will probably be the last volley – I want to cut this off before 150 posts so I can go to the judges –

  • My son’s middle name is “Carling-Labatt’s” fyi..

  • LMAO – Vincent, what do you know about my intellect? I don’t recall any IQ tests taking on GCobb, nor any type of exams…We can measure intellect, simply by asking the following question? Vincent, last year 2010, when Vick was tearing it up, did you want Kolb as the starter? there you go, so once again I will throw the dumb on your ass, dumb ass!

  • Ok, it’s clear that this moron is just trying to get a rise out of ppl.

    It won’t happen with me though.

    Anyone that blames Vick for that “4 int” game is too ignorant to understand the game or is just a hater — in Vinnie’s case, it’s both.

    What is it? What’s the real reason you hate Vick? Is it because you’re a dog lover and are pissed about what Vick did? Are you mad because everytime you lock eyes with your Chihuahua as it licks peanut butter off your testicles, you start crying because of the pain those pitbulls must have felt?

    Oh I get it, it has to be because of the “thuggish” background Vick comes from. You don’t like the whole “swagger” “me against the world” attitude?

    Which is it?

  • Gents – I think I speak for the crowd when I say thank you for this absolutley stunning display of skill, sportsmanship and frivolity. I have learned much. As a former member of the US State Department (when Colin Powell was State) the first thing we are taught in Diplomats schools (yes, I am being serious – it is Called A-100 and is taught at FSI at the corner of route 50 and gearge mason in Arlington VA) is to find areas of common interest to build relationships – our common ground will be the strong desire to watch the eagles – including Vick – kick the snot out of the bears this week – RT 77 and BOB – can we agree NOT to call out Vinnie and annex Canada the rest of this week? Vinnie, can you agree to refrain from negative comments about MR Vick until such time as the Eagles lose again – – – – – –

  • @Navy – I got a lot off my chest, I won’t be bothering with Vincent for the rest of the season…Lets sit back and enjoy, Eagles football!

  • lock eyes with your chihuahua as it licks peanut butter off your testicles – that is too funny – but you have to be careful – we are going to end up reading about Jakey chu and Snookie actually doing that shit not realizing the adults are telling jokes – next thing you know we are reading about a couple uniballers in
    the paper – duhhhh it felt good at first but then it got a little painful – when it started pulling and snarling………….

  • Hey, just got back. Felt the sudden urge to make a PBJ sandwich. What did I miss?

  • oh wow- i had no idea the pissing contest was in this blog room today- noone sent me a memo.

    bottom line- i was here before the owner… the coach…. the players…. ill be here long after they are all gone…. ill do what i want… say what i want…… and you can too.. Now everyone shut up.

  • Damn, Vinnie, did you pi$$ in these guys corn flakes? Damn, you guys are cold! LMFBO!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!! God, I love this site. It gives me much needed amusement, in a tough working week. You guys are nucking futs!

  • Some of you guys need to go to washy, washy & release some of that tension.
    (o) (o) LMFBO!!

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