• May 19, 2022

Questions And Answers About The Eagles Defense

What kind of defense lets a team begin the game by getting the ball run down their throats? I think the Eagles need to draft some big tackles. I think they miss Antonio Dixon because he’s the only big tackle they have.

Why were those holes big enough to drive a tractor trailer through on that first drive? I don’t think the Eagles were ready for the football game from an emotional standpoint. They thought they were going to walk through the game with no trouble.

Why didn’t the Eagles take Jason Babin out of the game when they saw the Bears game plan of running the ball at him every other play?
The Eagles need to have one or two big defensive ends, so that they can get bigger if a team wants to run the ball against them.

Did the Bears put together a strategy that will allow other teams to dominate the “Wide Nine”? I think the Eagles are going to see more teams double their defensive ends with tight ends the way the Bears did last night.

Why is Nmandi Asomagha putting his hands on a receiver with the ball in the air to get a pass interference penalty? Someone as experienced as Asomugha should know not to put his hands on a receiver when the ball is in the air.

How did Asomugha get beat by Bennett early in the game? Asomugha looked back for the ball when Bennett changed his route. When you’re in man-to-man you are not supposed to look back for the football if you’re not close enough to touch the wide receiver. If you look back and you don’t have the receiver covered, all you’re going to see is the receiver catch the football.

Why is it that Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie might be the most talented cornerback in the NFL but he can’t cover anybody? I think we see why the Cardinals were willing to trade him. The coaches need to work with DRC all off-season to improve his fundamentals.

How does a stiff like Roy Williams pull away from DRC on a key play with the game on the line? DRC let Williams get inside of him on the key pass that he caught. DRC has to know when you’re playing man-to-man you can’t let the receiver beat you inside. DRC doesn’t play smart football.

Why was Earl Bennett able to beat DRC every time they matched up against each other? Bennett was able to outmuscle DRC on his routes. DRC needs to get in the weight room and get stronger.

Why does Asante Samuel line up seven yards off a receiver who is lining up on the five-yard line? Samuel needs to mix up playing up on the receiver and playing back. He can’t play that far off a receiver or teams are going to simply throw quick hitches. He was so deep, Bennett could have caught the football and run into the end zone.


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  • The Pats just cut Haynesworth, is he worth the headache of a half season tryout… He knows the DEF line coach… Plus he would be motivated against the Pats and Skins who are still left on the schedule.

  • “Why were those holes big enough to drive a tractor trailer through on that first drive?”
    G as always you are on point,
    The very first drive told me everything I needed to know about this game. I was screaming at my tv screen for the Defense to “WAKE UP” all while Forte was running laps all over the place. lol

  • As I said before the plan that the Eagles put together to build this team is very flawed. They have been beaten by the run in the worst way. The guy from Pitt is no kick returner and Desaun is scared to get hit and teams now have his MO. Vick looked like McNaab on the last throw to Macklin. From sceme to player selection to selecting coaches this plan has yielded a 3-5 record and has reduced the Eagles to a non playoff caliber team. I am sick and tired of hearing that Andy Reid has to do a better job. He has maxed out. It’s time to change. The Eagles were out played and out coached again.

  • The Eagles are not a physical team and didn’t sack Cutler one time. When he fell down all they had to do was touch him and they couldn’t do that as they fell on each other.

  • Hanyesworth is toast and has been done for 2 years now, He’s ballooned to about 340 and has no motivation for himself, his teammates, his coaches and sure for any fans out there.. I stated haynesworth was gone off the deep end and that his effective playng days were long gone… and he proved me right which was way too easy to call.. I can’t even believe that 1/2 of you wanted him here in Philadelpha, the guy has no pride, no self worth, no motivation.. What a waste

  • I would move DT Jenkins over to DE in Babin’s Spot and have the line as follows against running teams like the Bears,Giants,Jets,etc,etc,

    LDE Cole DT Landri DT Patterson RDE C Jenkins

    Jenkins played DE for the Packers very effectively against the run the last couple of Seasons…
    If Babin plays 30 snaps per sacks in Passing situations would still get you 12-14 Sacks per Season, but it’s the other 30 snaps that your RUn Defense is that much better, Babin terrible versus the Run, he just is..

  • Answers to all of your questions is, Reid didn’t have 2 weeks to prepare for this game. In all seriousness, this has to be the most disappointing team, that I have ever witnessed. With all of the $$$ that they have invested to these overpaid bums, their is no reason for the way they are playing. Other than McCoy, what other positives are on this team. Also he might be the only player performing better than last year. Everyone else has regressed, or are rookies that can’t play or who aren’t ready to play.

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