• August 8, 2022

Joe Paterno To Retire At End Of The Season: “I wish I had done more”

“I wish I had done more”. It seems that Penn State head coach Joe Paterno has started to see his negligence more clearly. The fact that he knew about his defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky having molested a ten-year old and didn’t make sure that this was reported to the police was not enough.

The fact that Sandusky wasn’t in jail and was still involved with hundreds of children on a daily basis and Paterno knew about it is disgraceful. The fact that he still had keys to the Penn State sports facilities up until this past weekend is ridiculous.

“I am absolutely devastated by the developments in this case,” Paterno said in a statement that Fox News obtained. “I grieve for the children and their families, and I pray for their comfort and relief.”

“It is one of the great sorrows of my life,” Paterno said. “With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.”


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  • Too little, too late. You should resign NOW! Not retire at the end of the season. That’s not soon enough. You should not be given a last hurrah. Hindsight, my @$$! Don’t try to look for pity, you f^#@ing selfish phoney bastard! F^#@ you & your legacy. What about the kids, whose lives that are now ruined!? Hazmat team, the entire f^#@ing University! Sandusky will get his, no doubt!

  • D – at first I was going to say you were being harsh…. but you now what – you are right. Doing the ‘bare minimum’ is not acceptable. He is in a position of trust and respect, and he did not do what he could to protect those young boys. Many people had the chance to step in and stop this guy..

  • Bullish. You clowns are making JoePa the scapegoat in all of this and it’s a horrible thing to see.

    At the time, he did what he thought was right with the information TOLD to him (he didnt SEE the crime being committed).

    To get blasted like he is all because its a “juicier” story is wrong and brings tears to my eyes.

  • I don’t think the University will let him finish the season.
    How much could he really do other than reporting the allegations to the AD.
    How much information did he really know??

    Tough call. I think he ignored vital information because he knew he would lose his job and hang his “Michael Jackson wannabe friend” out to dry.

    Look for him to be fired within a week after pressure from various sources.

    Penn State better have a great lawyer and their wallets open.

  • I’m not going to make Joe Pa the scapegoat… Jerry Sandusky is a GROWN man, he did this and will pay. NO ONE knows how this was presented to Joe Pa…except for McCreary and his Dad. Was he negligent YES but he did not cause this. Now if it comes out that it was presented differently than hammer him. The shear fact that the AG did not press charges against Joe Pa says otherwise. They had no evidence. NOW after saying all that, I wouldn’ve whupped up on Sandusky if it was my Son… forget the courts.

  • BTW, what the hell does MJ have to do with this…Amazing how people could sit on this story for so many years… NOW they want to come out. I see $$$

  • Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly says Paterno is not a target of the investigation into how the school handled the accusations. But she refuses to say the same for university President Graham Spanier. Curley and Schultz, who have stepped down from their positions, surrender on charges that they failed to alert police to complaints against Sandusky.

  • She also has stated a few time that “Paterno is not a target of the ongoing investigation “at this time” which is the key point.. Paterno will be investigated but it will be after the Season is over and months from now.. you can book it.

  • it brings tears to my eyes when a little boy gets raped and the coach (sorry Joe Pa was in charge) does not even follow up….if Joe Pa was getting anally raped i am sure he would want anyone wo got told about it to make sure police was called,Sandusky does not get a office, parking pass, and free usuage of facilities afterwards…..i always wondered why Sandusky retired all of a sudden in his prime…..Joe Paterno knew too!!!!!!!

  • When I first heard the story I thought of the Duke lax team and what happened to them –

    but that said – there was a very minimal effort – Paterno did the minimum required, and for that, he is not being investigated – put the criminal aside..

    ‘how it was presented to him’ ‘how much information did he have’ ‘what else could he have done’ ‘ what was he told’ – go back and read all the reports about what happened in the Catholic Church and many of these sentiments are echoed there –

    what else do you need to make a decision, we are all rational adults (most of the time) – 50 year old man – alone in shower with pre-teen boy – in an isolated area — not a relative – later at night –

    what else would/could/should PAterno have done – follow up meeting with assistant – sit him down and get ALL the information so you did have the complete picture – think of how you would react – wait – you saw caoch and a 10 year old in the shower – what were they doing? was he touching the boy – the only reason I can think Paterno didn’t get all the info was becuase he did NOT want the info – maybe he was grossed out, maybe he didn’t think his friend could do that – I don’t know –

    What else – have the assistant present when you spoke to the AD – why report second hand what you heard – what better way to show leadership – Hello AD – I need to meet with you – assistant coach – we are meeting with the AD tommorrow – tell him what you told me –

    what else – how about two weeks later – hey AD – how did that meeting go? Did you talk with the assistant – are you sure we are doing everything we should be?

    #4 – hey grad assistant that saw Sandusky in shower with boy – did you meet with AD, how did it go – do you feel they got a complete understanding of what you saw…….

    #5 everybody has a friend that’s a cop – hey PoPo – let me give you a hypothetical and how should they handle it – I gotta frined that coaches out west and he had this happen to him – he is worried if he did enough

    No one is trying to scapegoat coach P – he did not commit the crime – but kind of like the cop that gets a 911 call and goes to a house, knocks on the door, no one answers, walks around the house, doesn’t see anything wrong a leaves – if its a false alarm – he is OK, if the robber/rapist has a knife to the lady’s throat inside the house waiting for the cop to leave – that cop’s career is toast..

    In several instances, his conduct was excused pushed aside, pushed away and if these stories are true – he could have been stopped 12 years prior when he admitted to a mom that he showered with her son and hugged him naked (in the grand jury report)

  • Read the grand jury indictment online. The grad assistant told paterno he witnessed sandusky having anal intercourse with a young boy in the shower

  • That yong Grad assistant at the time is none other that the Red-Headed Offensive Play Caller Mike McQueary who quickly rose up the Assistant Coaching Tree and by many people (myself included) questioned, what has this guy done and accomplished to become the Director of Recruiting and calls the Offensive Plays in such a short period of Time at a Program like Penn State… but this is another story for another time..

  • A program, university disgraced like none other in the history of higher education

  • The Board of Trustee’s of Penn State University have unaminously decided to dismiss HC Joe Paterno effective immediately.. Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley has been named the Interim HC for the remainder of the Season …

  • Great post Navy. Very well said. Anybody that finds anyway to still make excuses for anyone in that University, are clueless, soulless, @$$holes. Sorry, but you are! BTW, I hope everyone that was affected by any of this, sues the University, for every cent they could get. I know it can’t take away the pain & the horrific memories, but it will bankrupt PSU financially just as much as it is morally bankrupt! F^#@ all of them to hell. They all got & will get what they deserve.Just saying!

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