• July 3, 2022

Message To Tom Bradley: Stop The Saintly Talk About Joe Paterno

Somebody had better tell interim Penn State head coach Tom Bradley to abandon talking about Joe Paterno in the saintly manner. Bradley said Paterno “has meant more to me than anyone except my father.”

I’m concerned that Bradley said no comment when asked if he knew anything about Mike McQueary seeing Jerry Sandusky raping a ten-year old boy in the shower in 2002. If he knew about it, should he be the interim coach. I would be shocked if nobody else knew anything. I think they’re going to find out that many of them knew something was wrong but did nothing.

Bradley seems to still be brainwashed that Joe Pa is deity. When asked what he would expect to hear from Paterno if he goes over his house Bradley said the following.

“He’ll say, ‘Well, you just stay focused on the task at hand. You know what has to be done,’ ” Bradley said. “That’s what he will say to me. I know him well enough that he’ll say, ‘Take care of the kids. Take care of the team. I’m OK.’ That’s just the way he’s going to be. I don’t think he would want me to come over the house. He might kick me out anyway and say, ‘Get back and do what you’re supposed to do.’ ”

Nobody wants to hear that St. Joe stuff any more. Bradley sounds like one of those college kids who were out there chanting for Joe Pa last night. Nobody wants to hear that any more when you’ve got all these kids who were molested because Paterno and others cared more about their reputation and stupid football program.

Bradley should refrain from talking about Joe Pa any more. He’s going to get swept out of Penn State after they play in their bowl game this season any way, but he still should end all the talk about Paterno.

I hear people calling 94-WIP and I read emails from Penn State fans, who want to talk about all the good that Joe did. I’m sorry to say that it’s all tarnished with all of the suffering of these kids who were abused at the hands of Jerry Sandusky.


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  • I think your being a little hard on Bradley G-Man,
    This Guy is put into a damnning, almost impossible situation to try to pick-up the pieces of a crumbling Football Program, a Universirty with no leadership,and the entire Town of State College.. Paterno made him Def/Coordinatot and Asst Head Coach years ago, so you know that Bradley is going tio be loyal and is fond of Joe Pa..
    I am not sure what you expect him to say in his initial Press Conference..maybe you were expecting something like this ..
    ” I hate for this to happen the President,andCoach Paterno, but they all got what they deserved, now watch us go out and kick some Cornhusker Ass on Saturday” C’Mon G, have a little empathy for a man (Bradley) who is simply trying to do a very difficult job under very difficult situaitons in the best way he can..This is Bradley’s 1st Press-Conference as the Head Coach and the man in charge for the remaining of the Season.. With a lot of the players probably still in shock as is the Coaching Staff, bradley needs to walk a fine line of keeping his team/players focused on the game and maybe use the Dismissal of Coach Paterno as a rallying cry for his players.. How else is he going to keep 60-70-80 College kids together and as a team…
    Now if Bradley continues to be sappy about Joe Paternon in the coming weeks, then I could see where your coming from, but Bradleys life,duties and responsibilities has changed dramatically in a 24 hour period, so lets give him some time to get it together..

  • ” I’m sorry to say that it’s all tarnished with all of the suffering of these kids who were abused at the hands of Jerry Sandusky.”

    Exactly, take the focus off of JoePa and onto Sandusky please.

    JoePa made one “mistake,” even though this was a non football issue that he handed off to someone to take care of. I still argue that Paterno has little fault here. Im not a crazy Paterno or psu fan either, frankly I kind of hate seeing everyone and their brother with a lions sticker on their car.

    Stop focusing on the guy who didnt do anthing and focus on the sicko.

  • G, you keep it up. Joe Paterno should be held accountable. In your article you wrote:
    “When asked what he (Tom Bradley) would expect to hear from Paterno if he goes over his house Bradley said the following.
    “He’ll say, ‘Well, you just stay focused on the task at hand. You know what has to be done,’ ” Bradley said. “That’s what he will say to me. I know him well enough that he’ll say, ‘Take care of the kids. Take care of the team. I’m OK.’ That’s just the way he’s going to be. I don’t think he would want me to come over the house. He might kick me out anyway and say, ‘Get back and do what you’re supposed to do.’ ” “

    First of all sorry, Joe, I don’t really care that you will be ok. There are 18 boys who due to your poor judgment and lack of compassion will never, ever be the same. Bradley expects Paterno would say take care of the boys. What about those young boys? Why did no one take care of them? And then Bradley would expect Paterno to tell him to do what is supposed to get done? Why didn’t Paterno do what he was supposed to do; make sure that those children were protected!

  • Great article G…Whats crazy is that to me this is just the beginning…I have a feeling that as time passes and the investigation gets deeper were going to find out a lot more crap about how this all was a cover up for years and even more terrible stuff about Paterno and what he failed to do..

    All those retards that were out last night screaming for justice for Paterno should all go to jail with that child molester…Its ridiculous that people at that school are willing to put that stupid overrated football program that hasn’t done shit in years on a high standard than justice for all those kids that were abused over the years..Man, imagine what they were feeling when they were watching TV and saw people actually supporting this zombie troll…Paterno is just as guilty as anyone else, he was the BOSS and could of stopped what was going on in his own damn locker room in a second but failed to make a 10 second phone call to 911…and people are mad that they fired him over the phone? unbelievable..Screw PSU, PAterno, Sandusky, and all of them involved in this mess..

    They are all screwed big time…Just wait till the law suits come

  • G, stop the hate. Let the facts come out entirely and then convict. You of all people know how bad the media is and how things get wildly embellished… If the facts come out even remotely close to what we’re hearing then start the bidding with the death penalty for hurting a child like that!

  • Mr. Cobb i have lost all respect for you with your recent writings on Joe Paterno,. Learn your damn facts if your going to bash him. He was not told what happened, only sandusky was doing wrong things, which he reported to the AD and president. Penn State’s president should be the one held accountable to everything. O and don’t forget instead of bashing Paterno, why not bash the stupid idiot that molested the kids, Mr. Sandusky, i havent read one damn article bashing him at all. All of you media people make me absolutely sick, Joe Paterno is the best college football coach ever, period. PSU treated a living legend very disgracefully and that also makes me want to puke. But u my friend should get the hell off of Paterno’s back, every damn article i read just pisses me off incredibly bad. So shut the hell up with the Paterno stuff. How bout McQuery? the guy who witnessed it? why does he get to stay coaching? HE IS THE ONE WHO WITNESSED IT!!!!!!! So Gary Cobb screw you! I used to enjoy looking at this sight till i realized what an idiot you are. SCREW YOU

  • G if i didnt make that clear to you listen to me now. Learn your damn facts, you of all people i didnt think would be doing this to Joe. Shame on you, you are no better than any other dumbass media person. I’m thoroughly dissapointed

  • Wild Bk…your right Paterno didn’t do anything..thats the problem…The sicko you speak of was his best buddy who he chose to protect over protecting kid after kid after kid..Paterno was the damn boss…There is nobody in that shit hole that has more Power than him…hes prolly the one that hired that sicko, that gave him his office after he retired on campus, that let him workout and be on the premises until last week, You could go on and on…AND this was after he was told his bff was performing sexual acts on lil kids in the shower…UNbelievable…More and more is going to come out about this and Everyone involved in this is going down big time, just watch…Half of the bad shit hasn’t even prolly come out yet

  • I just ready where the Big-East Conference, declined Penn States overtures about returning to the Big East after realizing the move to the BIg X was a mistake…

  • G, you are right on the money! I am sick and tired over the whining over Joe Pa!! The hypocrisy is appalling. Joe Pa sat back and did nothing while a monster child molester roamed on his campus…and he is supposed to be a example of moral excellence…the Penn State administration are hypocrites and morally bankrupt! I dont want to hear about Joe Pa’s football ‘legacy’…his real legacy is defined by the failure to protect children…everything else is irrelevant!

  • Amen G!

  • “if somebody came to me and said theres a coach in the shower alone with a little boy and I think he was raping him, I would have a million questions if I was Joe Paterno, wouldn’t you?”
    -Lou Holtz on ESPN 11/10/11

  • Stop all this talk about all the good paterno did, for every fan who gets sappy about paterno ask them this: would you feel the same if it were your son getting raped in the shower?

  • Joe ignored it hoping it would go away like a whole generation (or more) did with the church. I still can’t understand how the grand jury has cleared him (for now).
    There is a major gap in truth between what McQueary says he told Joe and how Joe remembers hearing it.
    Joe squashed the whole thing top to bottom. Somebody needs to step up and tell the whole truth.

  • G, great article, as always. Keep speaking the truth. For the 2 clowns ^^^ that have the balls to come on our site & say anything of positive of Paterno, should go to hell with the entire PSU cover-up members. You should be ashamed of yourselves. joemustnotgo, you are a disgrace to humanity. You should get sodomized, & have everyone that you work with & trust cover it up, & then come back on here & tell us how you feel then. Do you have any common sense, or are you just stupid enough, to get caught up in the JoePa is a saint crap. It’s sickening to here you people spew your non-sense. Did you read the Grand Jury testimony, & also here the contradictorily comments that JoePa said each time he made his feeble comments. Is it any coincidence that he hired a high powered attorney tonight. Are you f^#@ing stupid, dense in the head, or just plain nuts? He is preparing to go all out to cover his @$$, & then eventually deal his way out of all involvement. He is a disgraced figure, & deserves just as much blame, if not more than anyone else. He, being the supposed PSU Saint, could have stopped all of this, with one f^#@ing phone call. Don’t give me he did what he could, reporting it to the other 2 @$$clowns. NO HE DID NOT!!! Follow up, Call the f^#@ing Police, do not turn a blind eye, & wash your hands, to the cover-up for your precious PSU, & it’s supposed pristine image. Remember God, doesn’t like ugly, & all of you evil bastards WILL, get yours!

  • Man you are all a bunch of cowards to keep preying on Paterno. You act like all of you have perfect character!!! Remember that Joe Pa comes from the baby boom era back during WWII. That generation did not speak about issues like they do now. We have been taught to talk out more and more each decade. Paternos era you handled things quitly and sweep it under the rug.

    Sandusky and the red head are the problem. Paterno made a bad judgment mistake and should of done a little more, but dont judge or crucify him becuase he has way more character, morals than any person writing about him or lowlife criticizing him. Everyone acts like they are perfect and to be honest with you including G and any other writer on this site you all could hold a candle to Joe PA!

  • Another thing….Paterno should of had an opportunity to be head coach for this last home game against Nebreska then he could be let go. He deseerved a fairwell from the crowd. And yes he is the greatest coach of all time…Bradley can talk good about Paterno all he wants. Im tired of the media using this sensative subject to try and control what any Penn St. coach, player or fan can say or beleive.

  • If Joe Paterno was a real leader, he would resigned himself immediately,
    He and his ego and aging mind botched this entire episode up.. He and others knew Sandusky had issues back in 1998/1999 and still allowed him the access to Campus Facilities as well as use the University’s name in promoting his camps which opnly put more kids at risk with his perverted former Asst Coach and close friend.. The Board of Trustee’s had no choice but to remove him immediately but Paterno should have been man enough to see what a mess this had all become and stepped down himself..

  • Agreed. But for a coach/Legand who is cleared legally to be attacked by the media who act like they are all saints is a little too much. The media are criticizing every student as well. They are emotional and do not know what to do with their emotions. Once again I would take Paterno’s character and morals over any coach or media or sports analyst any day of the week.

  • To Stillmatic,
    He hasn’t been cleared of anything yet (hence his hiring of his own personal lawyer), if you heard the DA’s Press Conference, they stated a few times that
    Joe Paterno was not targeted in this investigate “at this time’ which does not preclude him from further investigiations as they peel away the layers of deciet and the cover-up by the University.. To say Paterno has no culpability at all at this point is way too premature… I find it very hard to believe with his ego and the overall power he had at the University and especially over the Athletics Dept side of things, that other circumstances involving this perversed Asst Coach and friend Sandusky won’t be coming out.. You also can’t tell me that the Charges and Case that was settled out of Court in 1998 didn’t have to do wityh his sudden retirement from the Coaching Staff in 199.. This Sandusky already had a history of perverse behavior and then to allow this sick man to have full access to Campus facilities for other incidences in 2002 and to still allow this creep access is negligence of the highest order…
    I don’t understand why a man of Paterno’s stature would allow himself, the Athletic Dept or the University as a whole to have anything to do with Sanduskybut Paterno choose to look the other way due to his friendship and loyalty and in the end, this is what cost him his job.. Now when you look at other potential cases that will come out post 2002 and that occured at Penn State University camps or Facilities, you caan bet your bottom dollar that anyone associated with Penn State could be and should be liable for allowing this to continue… I believe there will be a lot more chargers involving the hiearchy of Penn State coming within the next 3-6 months..Paterno losing his job and leagcy will probably be the least of his problems as more details/info come out…

  • Paterno losing his legacy is the biggest problem……that is what he worked so hard for that is what carries on when he dies. Charges to a 84 year old man whos has little time to live is not his biggest problem. Too loyal I agree and he is paying for it. Mcquerry should be getting more crap than Paterno. The red head walked in on it and went and told daddy lets understand that it ends right there if he would of been a man and rescued the kid and called the cops.

  • McQueary is being protected by the DA’s Office and isn’t going anywhere until tthe Case is heard and decided, he’s on-leave by the university for Safety Reasons, but still on the payroll.. He’s one of the States leading Witnesse’s right now in the case versus Sandusky and the perjury Charges facing the President & Ad and may eventually lead to Paterno..
    Paterno knew in 1998 that Sandusky has perverted behaviors towards young males, why wait unil 2002 until another episode is brought to his attention and why on earth would you allow your Football Program, your Facilities and even on a personal level, want to have have anything to do with Sandusky at this point after the 2002 incident, instead Paterno and the rest of Penn State allow this pedofil complete access for another 10 years .. How many more kids were abused and violated on Paterno’s watch and facilities under the PSU name and camps,etc.etc… This guess will get much worse for Paterno where like I said, his firing from being a Head Coach will be the least of his problems.. You have to wake up ans smell the coffee on this one Stillmatic..
    Forget the press, forget the football and his legacy that he built up for 50 years,follow this story, the timeline, his relationship with Sandusky and a lot of things don’t add up and in fact, it will make you sick..
    His Football legacy means nothing in comparis to the violation, shock, and abuse with life alterting changes that these innocent children and their familes ahve had to go thru and probably continue to go thru. Paterno had a bad egg on his staff and knew it and not only did nothing about it, but allowed that person more access to do more harm.. Sounds just like an accessory and or an enabler to me … If Joe PAterno comes forward now and tell the whole truth and the complete story, he would be back on the road for redemption, but until he personally come 100 % clean, or what and how much he knew, what he did about concerning any improper behavior concerning Sandusky, then this will continue to drag him down and he only has himself to blame… If Paterno, gave Sandusky a break after the 1998 Case and let him resign in comfort in 1999 (which is what he did) due to be a loyal friend and a long time Asst Coach, It surely should have ended after the 2002 Shower episode is brought to his attention, he should have cut all ties with Sandusky, and not allowed any acces to University/Athletic Facilities or Camps,or being affilitated at all with him, this failur to take action in 2002 is what has now hurt and tarnished his legacy 10 years as the story unfolds. he sould have been way ahead of it and nipped in the bud right then and there in 2002

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