• May 19, 2022

Mornhinweg Tries To Explain The Turnovers

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg couldn’t help but address the number one weakness of the Eagles offense, turnovers. They’ve been able to move the ball on every team they’ve faced, but they haven’t been able to kick the turnover habit.

The offense only committed one in the Bears game, but it probably cost them seven points in a game in which they lost by six. Vick threw an interception with the team in the red zone. DeSean Jackson added to the turnovers by allowing the ball to stripped from him when he tried to return a punt. I think those two turnovers are major reasons they lost to Chicago.

“Well we turned it over twice including on special teams”, Mornhinweg said. “These turnovers – we don’t talk too much about stats, but that’s the one statistic that we do discuss on a regular basis because that’s the, one of very few stats that really correlate highly to winning, is turnovers. So we have to take care of the football.”

I think all the turnovers have occurred because this Eagles football team doesn’t have the ability to focus the way they should. This starts with Michael Vick. He’s not playing well and if he doesn’t play well then the offense isn’t going to excel. That interception he threw in the red zone on Monday night was terrible.

His throw to Jeremy Maclin on that crossing route was high. He was wide open and all he had to do was hit him in stride, but he didn’t. Vick isn’t seeing the field very well, which is a major problem. Teams have decided to take away the deep stuff and force the Eagles to prove they can be consistent.

I’ve talked about the way these carry the ball many times. You have to work on things in practice with precision and focus or you won’t do it during the games. The later it gets in the game, the more you’re prone to turnovers because of fatigue.

“The turnovers have been created by different situations and all individuals on the offense have had a part in that, and it’s just a high level of execution”, Mornhinweg. “And the other thing among some other thoughts, but another thing is there’s been some once-in-a-blue-moon things have happened to us that really happen once every three or four years – well shoot, we’ve had about 10 of them happen to us. And so, some of them I took some calculated risks and they blew up”.

At the end of his session with the media, Mornhinweg was questioned about the Penn State situation because he son Skylar, who is a All-American quarterback at St. Joseph’s Prep School has signed a letter of intent to attend Penn State.

“Well, my son has advised me that he’d rather I have no comment on the situation”, Mornhinweg said. “And I’m sure he’ll come out and speak one of these days and I think it will be quite awhile. So we’ll see.”


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  • A couple of things to nit-pick G..

    #1) The Eagles Offense in the Red-Zone has been shaky at best, let’s not assume and them a TD with 20-25 Yards to go depsite that Int..
    #2) you failed to mention 2 other horrible passes that should have been picked off by the Bears A) 1 when Vick was rolling to his left on a 3rd Down play at the beginning of the 4th quarter when they actually had the lead of 24-17) Vicked rolled to his left and threw back across the middle where the pass was dropped by a Bear Defender that hit him in the chest, I did not see an Eagle receiver within 10 yards of the Bears defensder and have no idea of hwo he was passing to.. B) later in the 4th Quarter, that 1st down lazy pass to a covered Desean at the sidelines, 1 more step and Bears CB Jennings would have picked that ball off and scored a TD..

    These were horrible passes made in the 4th Quarter when it matters to most and when you need to be playing your best ball… I’ll be honest, After Vick was slammed out of bounds by LB Briggs late in the 3rd Quarter, it appeared to me, that Vick didn;’t want to play any longer, he looked a step slow, wat late and inaccurate with his passed and forced some balls into double coverage when he had better options, maybe Vick landed on his head and his bell was rung, but he looked larthagic to me and as if he didn;’t want to get hit and I have never seen that from Vick before.. Maybe he’s hanging out too much with D-Jax/Maclin who always play that way…

  • Any body notice Desean take a dive after the int when he saw a blocker coming at him? Run away, danger. I know you don’t want to take a chance and lose the big payday, but dude, you’ve got teammates who are supposed to think exactly what, when they see that.

  • Vick and Desean. Are they the same guy?
    Always pounding their own chests when something goes right.
    Always scowling when things going wrong. (lately often)
    Both too small for their positions.
    Both produce amazing plays, but not consistently. Very frustrating.
    Both careless with ball.
    Neither anywhere to be found during offseason.
    Both try to hog the spotlight.

    Both cancers.

  • With having success running the ball, why aren’t they trying to run play action more? Having to respect the run with the way McCoy is playing right now, play action should give the WRS or TE a extra step or two… and what happened to trying to stretch the field with this teams speed on the outside? I bet there’s a huge disparity in pass attempts of over 30 yards this year at this time compared to last year.

  • The Eagles team is “Soft” and plays “Soft”

  • I am sick and tired how this Coaching Staff cojntinues to blame Turnovers, and Penalties… How about some poor schemes and poor play by players who are overrated, undersized and don’t have the mental toughness to overcome setbacks.. This Team and Organization has become a haven for the “weak” and Players and Coaches who play the ‘Victim Card” too often, i am about sick of following this group as they have become an embarrasment to the Eagles Franchise in my opinion..

  • Listen, I told you all before the Kolb trade the DRC was garbage.
    Elite corners do not have 68% completion rates against them on 3rd down and that is why the cardinals dumped him.

    If I’m the opponenet DRC is the corner I’m throwing against on 3rd down period and this have nothing to do with him playing in the slot.

    He was getting torched last season playing on the outside and he’s not a corner that’s willing to stick his head in there against the run.

    The Eagles need to keep Hanson for the slot next season and draft a fast hard hitting corner or pick one up in free agency after letting DRC and Asante walk. Sheldon Brown and Lito could cover and tackle.

    We also need 2 nfl caliber linebackers Chaney. Lance Briggs should be the target for the Eagles next season.

    Bring in Greg Williams as head coach and let him take over the defense and keep the offensive coaches in tact.

  • Cutler didnt exactly light it up either.. he threw alot of baaaad balls that should of been picked off too.. its just that our defense is worst then the bears defense. Vick hasnt played well this year so far… AND THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE EAGLES HAVENT STUCK WITH RUNNING THE BALL!!! You have a stud/beast in Lesean MCcoy and he only get 6-8 carries monday? are you serious??? This offese isnt looking crisp because there asking Vick to do way too much just like they used to ask mcnabb to do too much.. they have to maintain there balance… Andy and marty have fallen victim to old habits.. THROW THROW THROW all over the field against a team geared to stop the pass.. the eagles had plenty of opportunities to run away with that game… but i hope this sunday they can establish balance and a rhythm on the offense…

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