• July 6, 2022

Penn State’s Mike McQueary Has To Be The Next To Go

Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary is the next guy who has to go. I don’t see how he has lasted this long. He should be gone.

As a 28-year old Graduate Assistant, he witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a ten-year old boy in a shower and left the scene. He called his Dad then he told Joe Paterno about what he saw.

McQueary, who is a wide receiver coach and overseer of recruitment for Penn State kept this information to himself for nearly a decade before testifying before the Grand Jury.

Jacksonville Jaguar linebacker Paul Posluszny, who was an All-American at Penn State from 2003-2007 told MIke and MIke on ESPN this morning that Sandusky was around all the time during his years at Penn State. He was at practices and around campus on a regular basis. Posluszny said any time the players wanted to do some volunteer work they did it for Sandusky’s “Second Mile” program, which is supposed to helping kids at risk.

He saw Sandusky at practices and around the Penn State campus on a regular basis. McQueary saw him with children and knew that he had access to hundreds of kids in his Second Mile program.

He knew that Sandusky had never been prosecuted for the crime which he saw him committing, yet he never had enough courage to blow the whistle and tell the police what he saw.

McQueary’s father, whom he called that day gave us a glimpse at why his son didn’t have the courage to expose this scandal.

“He’s a good kid and a tough kid. He did what he was supposed to do, and all of this has been very hard on him”, said Mike’s father John on Tuesday. “Everything from this and about this (case) has been difficult for him, but he’s a strong person and will be OK.”

He’s not a strong person, he’s a coward. The father, John McQueary is a coward. Anybody who would look the other way as young boys are raped is a coward.


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  • The only reason this guy still has a job is because he knows the depths of the crimes and the cover-up, and PSU is deathly afraid of how far this thing goes and how many people knew and looked the other way. He’s going to have to lose his job in the next few weeks, and at that point I expect him to start spilling the beans.
    It doesn’t excuse him for his inaction at the time, to me he’s as guilty as the rest of these monsters who all turned a blind eye to this scandal.

  • Thank you G. I may not always agree with everything you say, but I do believe you are a good man, a strong man of character. I’ve read how you have talked about your father and his expectations for you and I know you have imparted this on your children. As a father of a daughter who place field hockey for a division 1 school, my wife and I chose a coach at an university not just for the coach’s success on the field but more importantly the role model she would be for our daughter and what kind of person she is. I have to say, if I had a son who wanted to play football in college, Penn State would not be on the list. I don’t think that I could ever say this but I could not trust my son’s care to Joe Paterno.

  • great article in Philly.com by Ronnie Polzinsky (spelling) that basically calls McQueary a complete and total chickenshit for leaving that poor kid alone to finish being sodomized –

  • The reason McQueary is still there has to be legal issues that the board has to wait for thier legal team to sort through. Is there some kind of “Whistle Blowers” legality that McQueary could use if he was fired? Is there more issues he knows about? I would think lawyers are making sure when they relieve McQueary he cant turn around and sue PSU stating he did report this to the police and his higher ups? Saying all that the right thing for him to do is not show up and take a leave of absense. Just a thought..

  • I would not be surprised to learn that McQueary was at one time, abused/approached by Coach Sandusky himself when he was a younger boy.. McQueary grew up in State College and attended many camps at PSU while being a youngster and would have been a young teeneager in the late 80’s/early 90’s. McQueary went to Penn State in the mid to late 90’s… There so much going on with this story and the truth will come out over the next 3-6 months…
    Not to change the subject or take anything away from the horror that this entire story brings, and to the Victims and their families..
    But does anyone at all, just a little curious about the timing of all this… I am sure a case as involved as this one, has taken the State Attorney’s Office months and month and maybe even years to put together.. How come the story breaks last week.. this Story breaks what, 1 week after Joe Paterno sets the Division I All-Time Winningest Coaching Record.. Here goes a man (Paterno) from the Pinnacle of his Career and a Week-10 days later , is getting fired for failing to act responsibily on a horrible sexual abuse scandal
    that appearently was going on for years right under his nose.. .Why did the whitsle blow last Sunday when this story break and not 3 or 6 months ago, or after this season is even over in another month or 2 … Just curious if this is simple twist of fate,conincidence, karma or what.. But don’t you get the feeling that some “Powers to be” wanted it to happen this way, To have joe and his Program go from All-Time Glory to All-Time Shame.. and here’s Penn State’s Football team sitting at 8-1 with a legitimate chacne for a major BCS Bowl if they were to run the Table.. Is Joe Paterno the target, the University or Football Program, it’s President and or Athletic Director or are they all part of the Collateral Damage in the pursuit of Pedophile Sandusky…I would think Conspiracy Junkies will be have a field day with this Story for the next 6months to a 1 year as more information comes out..just a thought…

  • When Mike Vick was condemned for dog abuse, there was strong condemnation for anything approaching a defense for him. His background, his serving time for the crime was by and large ignored with the focus placed on the dogs. It strikes me as rather odd that all kind of excuses are coming up for Joe Pa, McQueary and the other criminals who allowed young boys to be raped. G is right…a man who sits by and watch a child being raped is a spineless coward…and that’s putting it mildly! These men involved in this are morally reprehensible and deserve no excuses…if it were up to me all of them would be in jail with ‘Bubba’ so that they can understand the pain of these children!

  • How the hell did all of these people hear these stories and not call the cops? Joe Paternos wife, Joe Paterno, Spanier, Spaniers wife, Mike Mcquery’s dad, Mike Mcquery… etc. I’m so pissed off I can’t even see straight.

  • As a father of a 12 year old son i cant agree more dude.Its really something that has made me look at there whole program and all college programs with a different light. There so hellbent on keepin ghtere image and bottomline straight that anythign can be looked over. I cant believe that these dude didnt go right to the authorities about this stuff. So you walk by a room and see this and your first instinct isnt to snuff that dude out ? Come on,talk about brainwashed.Ask 5 of your buddies what they would do if they saw that,even if it was your own brother,im goin beast mode on that cat and taking the kid to the hospital or cops to get help. Pathetic. And these children,againchildren making a fuss up there are morons.Speaks to the moral fabric some kids have today. No different then if they said, were playing drunk twister tonight…yeah lets do that,im down. Friggin pawns.Think for yourself…question authority.

  • Paul,i agree with that theory. it just smells fishy…htf didnt they know this stuff?

  • Screw football, this is a sad day for humans. I wouldn’t blame God for coming back at any given point. If the United States lost it’s way where are you supposed to put your finger on a map and say now this is a country that does right by there fellow man?

  • … I shouldn’t be surprised by this with all crap that goes on in this country. Everything from abortion to this. We deserve nothing. God can take away everything I have and I wouldn’t question him for a second. If we can’t weed people like this out and have the courage to stand up for human life…

  • Check out Costa Rica, Run the Ball,
    That’s where I am moving to in about 10 years when my kids are out of College.. I hope they come down with me …

  • I am reading all this outrage and I am heartened, there is much disagreement among posters on gcobb about our teams, but we stand united in justified condemnation, anger about this institution, great posts, carry on with the good fight, it’s worth it

  • As a Father of 4, with a Grandson on the way, & 5 Godkids, I would have beat that monster, predator, SOB half to death with my bare hands. McQueary is 6’5″ 270lbs, & did nothing, & waited a day to even report it. You piece of $#!t coward, @$$clown. You only worried about your future with the University, while these kids got raped. The whole lot of them need to be put on an island & nuked. This is this most horrific story, I’ve ever heard. Poor kids. All of my prayers & good thoughts go out to them, & I hope they can somehow find normalcy & happiness with the rest of their lives.

  • Jake, not all of us. Their still are dirt bags on here, backing Paterno. BTW, I am sickened & sadened by the display of those PSU students. They are absolutely stupid, moronic, idiotic, misguided, & useless souls. Look in the mirror you piles of heartless, mindless turds. If this is how our youth is thinking, we have no chance, in the future. You should be out there picketing Sandusky’s house, & trying to send prayers to all of the victims in this case. F^#@ you & your F^#@ing precious football team. You stupid, bastards.

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