• August 17, 2022

Phils Trying To Sign Ryan Madson And Chasing Michael Cuddyer

As of yesterday, the Phils were on the brink of resigning Ryan Madson to a 4-year deal worth $44 million with a fifh-year option at $13 million. Now, today you hear that management may have stopped it from happening, a report from Scott Miller CBS Sports. David my boy, please tell me this is not true. You gave Lidge a 3-year $37.5 million contract. My man, you have a packed house every night, over 200 sellouts in a row. You just upped the prices of your tix. You can not be serious bro?

It is not like Madson is setting a new trend for closer money here. Mariano Rivera, Brad Lidge, Jason Papelbon and K-Rod all made more than $12 mill or more last season. Madson 31, easily has been the Phils most consistent reliever in the past five seasons, after the season in which he was a starter. I will give him a mulligan on that one. Maybe even the best reliever in the past five years next to Rivera in the post-season with his 2.34 era and 43 strikeouts in 35 innings. I know he struggled with the ninth inning up until last season. But all you need is something little to click in your head when your struggling with something then, BOOM. I love that word, BOOM. And that is what happened to Madson.

He converted 32 out 34 save opportunities with a 2.37 era in his first season as the main closer. I know some of you might think we need to spend the money elsewhere and use a stopgap guy. When you compete for title every year like the Phils do now, not playoffs, a title, you just don’t find a stopgap guy for closer position. You go out and get one of the best. Maybe you can look at other options like Heath Bell. I can guarantee that he will most likely cost you more. Madson has proven what he can do already. So just sign off already Dave! Or maybe saving for Reyes? Hmm…

In other news Michael Cuddyer was in town for a visit with the Phils. Most people know by now that they are going hard after him. Cuddyer plays first, third and the outfield. He is solid hitter and brings alot of intensity that would fit this teams style. Known to be a great teammate, just ask Thome. Could put Polly into a super-utility role as the Rangers did with Michael Young. Not as strong defensively as Polly, but is a better hitter at this point. I love Polly but he cannot make it through a full season anymore. Also Cuddyer could fill-in in rightfield and first base with injury to Howard and Mayberry who maybe not totally ready for a starting job.

Cuddyer 33, hit . 284 with 20 bombs and 70 rbi’s last season and is a career .272 hitter with pop. Listen in a perfect world I would trade for David Wright. But the Mets are going to want Hamels for him not Dom Brown and a couple of other prospects. Maybe Aramis Ramirez? Now with this “budget” thing going on Cuddyer actual fits even more. I sound spoiled. I love it!


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  • Believe me G,, the Mets are looking to shed Payroll and not add to it…
    They simply cannot afford 3B D Wright and LF J Bay and SP J Santana as it is
    With 3B D Wright only being 28 years old, he has the highest value.. The Mets are in full rebuild mode and would be not interested in Hamels but would love 2-3 young inexpensive players like a OF D Brown, Pitchers V Worley or B Stutes or some minor leauge Talent to updgrade thier roster….

  • If I was Amaro, & the Mets GM asked for Hamels for Wright, I would die of a heart attack, from all of the pure laughter. I don’t want Wright, he has been $#!t the last 3 years. Maybe it was just playing for the Mutts, but he has declined just as Utley has. We want to improve & get younger, not add more losers to our team! I want Bell, Cuddyer, & Carlos Quentin. Trade Blanton & Polanco. Swallow some salary to make it work. You have Kendrick getting arbitration, anyways. If Howard didn’t get hurt, I would have traded him in a heartbeat, & signed Pujols. But that ain’t happening!

  • Phillies should not forget about Mayberry… he has turned that corner, hit 15 homeruns and almost 50 RBIs in like 260 ABs. Start him somewhere.

  • Chuck- Agree 100%. Mayberry should be slotted as the starting LF. Brown would have to show quite a bit in the Spring to try to take that spot. I like Cuddyer, but it depends on the money, because he is getting long in the tooth. Amaro does need to check in with the Mets to see what Wright would cost. He has had bad years 2 outta the last 3, but he was injured most of last season. He is a dynamite 3B and he could easily hit 30 HRs in the Bank. Hamels is not even an option, but who knows.

  • Offer OF Brown, Pitcher Worley or Stutes and a AA Prospect and Mets would jump all over it for 3B Wright.. The Mets have some young players (Turner and Lutz) who filled in pretty good for Wright last season when he was injured..
    Wright is only 28 Years Old and has always hit well at Citizens Bank Park
    and could put up 30 HR – 90-100 RBI’s Every Season when healthy

  • Paulman, no way on David wright, choker, and the players you are offering way too much for wright, with the exception of brown, and I would not sign mad so n as closer, untested, ill confident and expensive

  • Who do you like for the Closer role in 2012..
    The Phils also need another left-handed Pitcher in the Bullpen

    To be honest, I prefer the Phils to sign 3B Aramis Ramirez from the Cubs
    and then shift Polanco to 2B and Trade 2B Utley out to the West Coast for some young,talented prospects (Angels or Dodgers) though it wouldn’t be a popular move to the Fans, it would be a smart Baseball move..
    But I wouldn’t be ooposed to the Phils getting 3B Wright either

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