• May 26, 2022

Stone Cold Lock For Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.  Here’s a stone cold lock for you as you and your loves ones enjoy your turkey on Thanksgiving Day.


It’s not very often that you will see this Lions team getting points at home. Detroit is 11-3-1 to the spread in their last fifteen games, which includes a home cover last week in which Matthew Stafford threw 5 TD’s and led Detroit to a 49-35 victory over the Panthers. Stafford has been a machine at home this year throwing fourteen touchdown passes to just four interceptions. Stafford’s home successes can be partly attributed to a solid running game. The Lions ground attack has been much better this season at home rather than on the road.

Detroit is getting over five yards per carry on the ground at home this year, almost two more yards per carry than on the road. Even last week without Jahvid Best they still ran the football very effectively. Running back Kevin Smith led the ground attack with 140 yards on just sixteen carries. However Green Bay is the best team in the game rite now and their perfect 10-0 record shows that. As impressive as Stafford has been at home, Aaron Rodgers counters with 14 road TD’S to just 1 INT.

Green Bay is undoubtedly the class of the NFC but this is possibly the biggest game the Lions have played in over a decade. The packers are also being asked to play for the third time in eleven days. This could very well be the week that Green Bay falters, but if they do manage to get a win, Detroit should still give them a scare. Take the Lions as a home dog in this one.

Steve Melzer

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  • Not this idiot again. G are you seriously still posting this moron? Am I alone here? Am I the only one who balks at this guys “stone cold locks”? Does this guy even know what stone cold locks means?

  • Ha! Knew it. I bet your bookie loves you steve

  • Detroit has lost its previous Thanksgiving games by the scores of: 45-24, 34-12, 47-10, 37-26, 27-10, 27-7, 41-9 and 41-10. That’s an average margin of 23.9 points!

    Aaron Rodgers is 30-15 ‘to the spread’ since 2009.

    You can throw our all the stats you like. Betting AGAINST Green Bay is crazy, no matter what the spread

  • What’s the definition for a STONE COLD LOCK again?

    This guy is a fraud and I have no idea why Gcobb gives this loser articles.

    Melzer…..Stone Cold Loser!

  • steve keep telling me who you like so i can keep doing the opposite

  • lmao a LOCK

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