• August 15, 2022

Eagles Should Acquire 49ers Backup MLB Larry Grant & Draft WR Justin Blackmon

Regarding the Philadelphia Eagles:  There are two things the Birds need to do in order to improve their roster immediately.

First, find out what it will take to get back up linebacker Larry Grant away from San Francisco. This guy is an undiscovered gem. I will go as far as saying he is a can’t miss pro bowl Middle linebacker. If he wasn’t in back of Willis he would be a house hold name already.

Secondly: The Eagles should Franchise DeSean Jackson and package him in a trade with their 1st round pick to move up and get Oklahoma State Wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Jeremy Maclin is starting to develop into a #1 receiver like he was at Missouri and is just a flat out more important piece that Jackson.   Blackmon would come in and you would have a 1 and 1A. The team would be much more solid in both areas.

Another thing is clear. The New York Jets will never win with Mark Sanchez as their quarterback. He looks uncomfortable on every throw, whether it be screens or intermediate throws. He can’t even throw a deep ball. There are 8-10 starting quarterback’s in this league where you have no chance to win with them.

Charles Bowles

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  • Grant would only be useful in the 3-4 scheme… he is not a 4-3 ILB.

    Blackmon is a top 5 pick and will not be there for the Eagles….

    face it, nothing will change with Reid running the team… they blew their load in free agency last year and will not do anything this year….Samuel will be cut, D-Jax cut loose and the draft will be filled with picks that won’t see the field for 2-3 years…

    8-8 next year

  • Easy on the Egg-Nog G-Man…

    Eagles Trading their 1st pick and D-Jax to move up 10 spots to draft WR Blackmon is crazier than “Paulman’s Trade Alerts”, this is a Deep Draft for Big,talented WR’s.. Also for the Eagles, there is no sense in placing a Franchise Tag on D-Jax, unless they are going to plan on signing him to keep him… Franchising players only to trade them is very difficult to do and does not occur very often for many issues.. Eagles should Offer D-Jax a 3 year – $30 Million Deal with a $4 Million Roster Bonus in for the 2012 and 2013 Seasons and a yearly Salary of approx $7 Million per Season
    I have not seen enough of LB Grant to make any conclusions about his Starting ability and again this years Draft is pretty deep at LB too..

  • So let me try to figure this out. Out of all the potions of need on this team we should use our 1st round pick on a WR? Like him or hate him out of the 4 years DJax has been in the league he has made 2 pro bowls so we replace him. I just have a hard time thinking that WR is the place where we need to spend a 1st round pick. Especially when we have control of a playmaker already. I mean I love Blackmon and if he fell to the Eagles I would think long and hard about taking him. But to move up plus package DJax seems like a luxury move.

  • Yeah….better count convict in those 8-10 QB’s you have no chance to winning with…..

  • daggolden, your right, no way would they draft a WR with their first pick, we all know its gonna be an O-Linemen.

  • Paulman’s Mock Draft (Christmas Version #1)

    1st Rd (14th Overall) – DT Devon Still (Penn State 6-4 310lbs)
    2nd Rd (46th Overall) – QB Nick Foles (Arizona St 6-5 240lbs)
    2nd Rd (48th from Cards) – OLB Jarvis Jones (Georgia 6-3 245lbs)
    3rd Rd (78th Overall) – SS Ray Ray Armstrong (Miami 6-4 220lbs)
    4th Rd (106th from Bucs) – OT Brandon Mosley (Auburn 6-5 305 lbs)
    4th Rd (110th Overall) – ILB Adrian Robinson (Temple 6-1 250lbs)
    5th Rd (142nd Overall) – WR BJ Cunningham (Mich St 6-2 225lbs)

    6th and 7th Rounds will be C/Guard, TE, FB depth

  • The eagles MUST find a D.C. Or at the very least- let washburn pick our LB’s. Bottom line- we need big nasty S.O.B’s in the middle. Let Juan be in charge of pats on the back and keeping tabs on how many hours Andy spends at the nova care complex.

  • it won’t take anything to get Larry Grant he is a free agent after this year. as for jott’s comment, sorry dude but your just pulling this out of thin air. you clearly don’t watch 49er games (why would you unless you were a fan), but i do because i am a huge niners fan, and Grant can flat out play. he has very good size, plays hard every snap, very strong at the point of attack, and hits hard every play. he would fit the eagles and would be an enormous upgrade at MLB, and would add some much needed toughness.

  • Yeah Charles you’re sounding just like the Eagles FO with this “get em cheap for the discount mentality”. We need to draft a 1st round nasty S.O.B. like Stevo says, I’m all for it. And by the way hot 97x, if you’re an expert and fan of the 49ers, what in the heck are you doing over in eagle nation tellin us who/how and what we need to draft?

  • because i am also an eagles fan, as i am every hometown sport team. i live in philly, grew up 45 outside the city in boyertown, so i am a fan of the eagles, sixers, and phillies, not really a hockey guy. but the 49ers are the only team outside of philly that i am a fan of, and i have been since i was 5 years old.

  • let’s not overthink this….resign desean if he’s willing to be reasonable, then draft the best linebacker available with our first round pick like Hightower from Bama…draft a safety, a mid-round QB, and a corner….use FA to upgrade the LB and safety positions for the short term…they need to draft a REAL MLB, though, not someone who they think can play there…no more projects, no more guys at new positions, no more undersized speed guys…they need a physical presence that will rub off on the rest of the D

  • IF, my aunt had balls she would be my uncle.

  • Charles, have you an escaped from an asylum, or have you over rummed the Egg nog? You can’t trade someone while they are franchised! Also, WTF, would you waste a 1st rounder on this draft, on a WR, even if they don’t plan on D-Jax being back, with dire needs at LB, safety, DT, & possibly QB of the future!? Dude, take your Lithium & Prozac!

  • Eagles can get a very good MLB in round #2…..they need a defensive playmaker like Coples to roam the DL and cause havoc….

  • DCar, how do the eagles have a dire need at DT? their 4 DTs starting next year will be Patterson, Jenkins, Landry, and Dixon. i don’t see them adding anyone there. i also somewhat doubt that they add a starting safety, even tho i think they should. but i believe they want to see an entire year of Nate Allen healthy, and they won’t give up on Jarrett just yet.

    jott, why would they spend yet another 1st round pick on a DL when they’re pretty set there? Cole, Patterson, Jenkins, and Babin are the starters. and how do you think they would get Coples even if they wanted to? he is a surefire top 5 pick right now. that can always change after the combine, workouts, etc. but it’s unlikely. furthermore what 2nd round linebacker is going to come in and start right away? it’s easy to say “they can get — position in the 2nd round”. there are 3 top level MLBs in this draft and they will all go in the first most likely. if the eagles can’t find a FA solution to the MLB position they need a young stud there, preferably Vontaze Burfict who is just a beast physically and would bring much needed attitude to this defense.

  • To Hot97x
    Who are the top 3 MLB in this Draft that you think are going in the 1st Round

    Paulman’s Top 7 ILB/MLB’s in 2012 Draft as of Today thru the 4th Round

    #1) Luke Kuelchy – Boston College 6-3 240 lbs – (approx 20th-25th Selection)
    #2) Donta Hightower – Alabama 6-4 260 lbs — (25th-30th Selection)
    #3) Bobby Wagner – Utah State 6-0 235 lbs — (Mid 2nd Rounder)
    #4) Vontaze Burfict – Arizona St 6-3 250lbs — (Late 2nd/Early 3rd Rd)
    #5) Audi Cole – North Carolina St 6-4 240 lbs — (Late 3rd/Early 4th Rd)
    #6) James Johnson – Nevada 6-1 240 lbs — (4th Rounder)
    #7) Emanuel Acho – Texas 6-2 245lbs — (4th Rounder)

  • Personally I like Donta Hightower… Not real good in Pass Coverage yet, but a beast on Running downd,Short-yardage and Red-zone Defense.. I expect the Steelers or Ravens to select him late in the 1st Round and be an All-Pro for the next 8-10 Seasons as both thier teams have aging inside LB’s…

  • Congrats to RB L McCoy, LT J Peters and DE J Babin for all making the NFC Pro-Bowl from the Eagles Dream Team.. I recall many on here stating the Eagles would get 8-9 Players to the Pro-Bowl.. .

    Also congrats for the 49ers CB Carlos Rodgers making the Pro-Bowl squad for I still believe to this day, that he was the best all-around CB in Free-Agency last Off-Season, bar none andwas signed for chump-change by the 49ers and proved many of the nay-sayers way wrong.. Eagles should have went after him instead of “Hypo Asmo”..

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