• December 4, 2021

Moves the Eagles Should Make On Their Defense

As each day comes and goes, it seems less and less likely that defensive coordinator Juan Castillo will return in the same capacity next season. Team owner Jeff Lurie did not give the first-year coordinator a convincing vote of confidence when talking with the press last week; he just said it was Andy Reid’s decision whether or not he would return.

Reid still has not made himself available to the media yet; the longest-tenured head coach in the NFL has been on vacation with family. There have been plenty of opportunities for the Eagles organization to say that Castillo would return next year. But they haven’t. It certainly seems like the team wants to head in a different direction, at least partially.

With former Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo looking for a job, Philadelphia may be the perfect fit. Spags is rumored to be coming to the City of Brotherly Love to meet with the team at the end of this week. Spagnuolo is familiar with the area. He was on the Eagles’ staff from 1999-2006 and then became the defensive coordinator for the Super Bowl-winning Giants. While Castillo’s lack of experience seemingly hurt the Birds in 2011, Spagnuolo’s wealth of time on the sidelines could be a real asset.
I, for one, certainly believe Castillo should remain on the coaching staff even if it is not as coordinator.

When the Eagles fired defensive backs coach Johnnie Lynn, they gave themselves the flexibility to move coaches around and maybe find another spot for Castillo. The man is one of the hardest working coaches on the team, he cares for his players, and he has been here since Ray Rhodes manned the sidelines. Spagnuolo will certainly help bring out the best in this defense, but letting Castillo go completely would be a mistake. He improved during the year and was certainly not put in a good position to succeed by Reid. But Andy always fails to do that now doesn’t he?

This defense is not far from reaching its potential of greatness. If Spagnuolo can come in and bring the squad together, watch out. A few personnel moves here and there and the Birds could easily find themselves in contention. The Eagles should trade Asante Samuel for draft picks if they can unload his salary, letting Nnamdi Asomugha and DRC play their more comfortable man-to-man coverage.

They should also attempt to sign a veteran free agent linebacker, like London Fletcher, who had a Pro Bowl year for the Redskins despite his old age. Then pair him with a stud linebacker coming from the draft. They should look at Arizona State’s Vontaze Burfict. He is a hard-hitting and instinctive playmaker with a mean streak. Something this defense clearly lacked last year.

If the Eagles are smart and keep Castillo while adding Spagnuolo and a few other pieces, this team is primed to make a run at the Lombardi Trophy next year. But we said that before last year, too. Like always, you just never know with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mark Hazlett

From Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Student at SI Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

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  • G, Vontaze Burfict, AND Zach Brown, of North Carolina, should be the first two targets in the draft this year for the Eagles. A good GM would recognize this. The Eagles could actually trade down to get both of them, and I would not be apposed to giving up a #1 next year to ensure that. They can enhance their draft by trading Asante for extra picks in the 2nd, and 3rd rounds. My targets would be Chase Minnifield (CB), and Whitney Mercilus (DE) in the 2nd, and Winston Guy Jr (SS) (they reached on Jaiqwan Jarrett), and Trumaine Johnson (CB/FS) in the 3rd. London Fletcher would put us in a position where he can mentor Burfict in the middle, and be insurance in case he is injured, or regressing. Some feel that we should trade up to get Keuchly. I think he is instinctive but, he looks a lot like Stewart Bradley to me; slow, and not nasty enough. I think Jason Babin would come back to earth next year. Would you be apposed to signing Mario Williams, Albert Haynesworth, and perhaps Lawrence Timmons, and AJ Feeley. I would try to get my hands on Ryan Mallet from New England to groom when Vicks tenure is over at QB. He showed signs of real potential, during their pre-season.

  • The Eagles need to get faster, and nastier on Defense. Andy Reid, always draft guys for HIS SYSTEM. Do you notice when he goes against the grain of his philosophy….the eagles seem to benefit. For instance, His take on WR’S, for years with Pinkston, and Thrash. He goes against the grain brings in TO, and what do you know we’re in the Superbowl, DeSean Jackson and his Offense, and Special Teams become dynamic. Andy has learned on the job for 13 years, he was a QB Coach when he was hired, not a Offensive, or Defensive Coordinator. That’s why he can’t put them in the right position during the game when adjustments need to be made. HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO!! I wonder if he changes his philosophy on Linebackers, and Bigger, Stout DT’S, if we would still have trouble stopping the run, and where we would be defensively in our quest for a Lombardi Trophy.

  • As of now, and I reserve the right to change my opinion, I am 100% on board with drafting Vontaze Burfict. This guy is a player and would bring a nasty attitude that this defense is desperately lacking.

  • btc 24 you are a SMART man..if they pass on him , he will become a star for Pittsburgh, or the Giants. That would mean we wift on Pierre Paul, and Vontaze Burfict. Somebody will get fired.

  • Most mocks hace them taking the guy from Boston College – Keudlchy or somethng like that – I think Hightower from ‘Bama is a junior anyone confrim if he is/is not or is declaring for draft – 6’4 260 and can run… and rush the passer

  • Paulmans 2012 Draft Plan (Mock Draft #57)

    The Eagles have 6 Selections in the First 4 Rounds and need to add 4 Quality Players to the Defensive side of the Ball (LB,DL,SS) and probably need to add a WR (depending on what the plan is for D-Jax) and OL Depth and maybe even a young QB (though the QB Class has gotten a little thinner with Matt Barkely and Landri Jones going back for their Senior Seasons which will make some of the 2nd Tier QB’s go earlier in the draft then they would have) This Draft is assuming that Eagles do not add any big name Free-Agent to their Roster on Defense

    1st Rd (#15 Overall) – DT Jerel Worthy – MIch State 6-3 310lbs
    2nd Rd (#45th-Cards) – MLB V Burfict – Arizona State 6-3 250lbs
    2nd Rd (#47 Overall) – CB S Gilmore – South Carolina 6-1 195lbs
    3rd Rd (#79 Overall) – OT N Potter – Boise St 6-6 300 lbs
    4th Rd (#101 Ovreall) – DE Alex Okafor – Texas 6-4 260lbs
    4th Rd (#111 Overall) – SS George Iloka – Boise St 6-3 215lbs (4.5 Speed)
    5th Rd (#143 Overall) – WR Joe Adams – Arkansas 5-11 190lbs (4.38 Speed)

    Eagles have 3 Selections in the 6th Round and no 7th Round Picks where they can add an interior OL, RB , TE depth

  • burfict is undisciplined, has poor instincts, and just recently got benched by az state. He has a high ceiling athletically, but won’t be ready to play right away. if they can get kuechly in the first and burfict in the third, i’d be fine with having both. kuechly is a day one starter who can make an immediate impact. burfict is a penalty machine and a sloppy player. i don’t see how adding a sloppy player to a team whose biggest issue was sloppy play, could be a good thing

  • Navy,
    MLB Kuechley from Boston College is the Safest pick at MLB but many Draft/Scout Oberservors beleive he is limited athletically with his 235lbs & 4.8 Speed though he is a very headsy player, signal caller and a natural leader and very consistent tackler but that he does not have as great as an upside as Burfict & Hightower’s do and may have maxed out athetically…
    Burfict 6-3 250 lbs runs a 4.65 has the speed and size and best athlete but has some character and maturity issues, can he be a signal caller in the NFL and keep his head focused is an issue that some are concerned about
    Hightower is 6-4 260lbs and runs a 4.78 and has the size and especially strong versus the run,great in short yardage and red-zone so he may be the guy Hightower will go by late 1st Round while Burfict will be an early/mid 2nd round selection..
    Remember that Eagles play some Physcial Teams in 2012 with Steelers,Ravens,Falcons,Panther who do like to pound the rock and the Eagels do need to strenthen the middle of the Defense in short-yardage and red-zone
    The Problem with Drafting Hightower at #15 is the (most rankings have him ranked #25 thru #30), Burfict is all over the Board as high as #20-25 and some rankings have him down to #50 (again because of his character/coachability issues)
    Kuechley is rated around #15 ..

  • Paulman, I know you have said that Vontaze is dropping on draft boards but I really don’t think this guy falls to the 2nd round. He seems like the type of player the Ravens would draft in a heartbeat to replace Ray Lewis if he were to fall that far. The Eagles need to get this guy in here.

    Navy, yeah, I like Hightower too. He is a monster. Paulman actually told me about him.

  • Pman – like it – question – do you think they should try to find a Safety a little sooner (we will have DRC, ASMO, Hansen and the last two years we drafted CBs)? Maybe find the best safety w/ #47?

  • the thing about burfict is that when reading his scouting report, all i can think of is ernie sims with character issues. fast hard hitter with poor instincts who will end up paying a lot of fines in this league.

  • Couple points Paulman,

    1. You’ve now posted about 17 mock drafts and have the Eagles taking a different guy with their first pick in each one. Talk about the dartboard approach. I guess in May you’ll be able to say, “I predicted it!” You’ve pretty much covered all the bases.

    2. Look at what you say about speed.

    Kuchley is slow and limited athletically because he runs a 4.8 40 yrd dash, but Hightower and Befunct aren’t because they run a 4.78 and a 4.65. So they are 0.02 and 0.15 seconds faster in a 40 yard dash.

    Do you actually realize what this means? In one case the guy is 2 one hundredths of a second faster after 40 yards. If they were to race, one would win by about a millimetre. The other guy is about one tenth of a second faster over 40 yards. So for typical lb play (what…10 yards running and shedding blockers) will this count for anything?

    Lets please all just accept this premise. Stop getting caught up in ridiculously minute details about whether one guy is 3 onehundredths of a second faster than another guy. I personally like to look at how productive a guy is over his time on the football field.

    That being said, no one here, nor anyone in any scouting dept has any idea which, if any, of these 3 guys (or any draft pick) will turn out. It might be fun to speculate who the Eagles’ pick, but in the end it matters not. There’s about a 30% chance he”’ pan out in the NFL. For every McCoy there are 2 Ki-Jana Carters. So I don’t lose sleep over it, I just evaluate how they are as pros a couple years after the draft.

  • Paulman, I actually saw a pretty reputable mock draft showing the Chiefs taking Vontaze at 12/13 (can’t remember where they are drafting).

    Vinnie, it’s just fun to speculate on potential draft picks. Of course nobody knows who will pan out but all we can go by at this point is how they perform in college.

  • Vontaze having issues with anger and attitude is a good thing. We need that…im fine with an angry defender.

    Plus his name is VONTAZE,……BOOM!YOU GOT VONTAZED!!!

  • I can tell gcobb you didn’t do your homework on Vontaze Burfict or watch any games of him to

  • Guys I love all the comments. But sleep on Zach Brown 6-3 235 OLB from North Carolina. he has a demeanor like Lawrence Taylor, runs a 4.4 40, plays the run, and pass equally as good, and is a monster blitzer….He is ranging from mid 1st to Top 5 2nd…..I like Brian Rolle much better than Casey Matthews, but I’m not sure he is a 4 down starter. This kid is the real deal.

  • I meant don’t sleep on him

  • Chiefs already have All-Pro ILB in D Johnson, so it’s very unlikley for them to Draft LB in 1st Round, my guess has the Chiefs going for one of the Top OT’s (Reif from Iowa or J Martin from Stanford since they have a big need at OT)

    To VInnie,
    My 1st Round Selection at #15 changes because of the Rankings changes due to some plays choosing to go back to school and some juniors annouce they are entering the Draft… In the last 2 weeks or so, QB Matt Barkely and Landri Jones both announced they are returning for their Senior Seasons which now changes the top 15 Picks, Others Juniors like QB RG III, DT Jerel Worthy, CB D Kirkpatrick CB M Claibourne and many others have now decided to enter the Draft which again changes to Pool of Talent available. You have to also the remember that certain Positions are just “Valued” different.. Burfict is rated as the 3 MLB in the Draft by most observors, but MLB are simply “Valued” lower by Position than QB,CB,OT & DL & OLB Postions, I am not saying this is right or wrong, but it’s the way that Teams slot their “Value Positions” based on the Depth and Quantity of the available players at those positions in the Draft versus their own rosters and their own needs.. This is a very deep draft at LB and Interior OL,DT, WR and CB but not as deep at OT,DE and now QB..

    and besides, what else is there to talk about when our Eagles Team are home for the Playoffs…

  • If the Eagles stay put at 15 this pick shouldn’t be anything but a Linebacker or Safety period. They are easily the weakest positions on this team and could easily be the most important positions on a defense. If Reid decides to go any other way he should just be fired immediately. I could see a DT here as a long shot but its not even close how much more we need one of the other 2. I think there will be much more free agent options for DT, CB, WR, OL than there will be Linebacker and Safety. (unless they make a trade)

    I really would love to get Hightower but I think Barron will be gone by the time we pick again, unless we trade up to get back in the 1st round (which I doubt Reid would ever do)…Does anybody know what that would take? I would trade both the 2nd rounders if that meant getting Hightower and Barron in the first round.

  • Paulman I’m sitting reading this post and I disagree with you for one the Eagles are noy gonna take a DT in round 1 its a linebacker or Wide reciever or Safety and let me tell Donta Hightower is the best linebacker in this draft let me ask you where did Ray Lewis get drafted and the Eagles had the chance to draft him and they paid for it. The guy from BC is good Kuechley but Donta does everything he’s 6-4 260 if they draft him they won’t be running all over us no more.

  • Donte Hightower is an excellent run stuffer, but the reason he is NOT

  • Navy,
    I do think the Eagles could use a top SS, but I think they are going to give every opportunity for N Allen and J Jarret to develop instead of selecting one in the top 3 Rounds
    I think Safety Mark Barron is a Stud PLayer and a potential Pro-Bowler, but I don’t see the Eagles using their 1st Round Seleiction on him and Barron won’t last until they pick again with the Cardinals pick at #45
    Many Rankings have Barron as the #1 SS (As he was last season too but he chose to go back to Bama for his Senior Season), but again since Safety is not “valued” as high as other positions, he is ranged anywehere from the 20th thru 30th Ranked player (some have the NY Jets selecting him at #16 just after the Eagles select at #15 since the Jets are hurting at the Safety position themselves)

    Couple of other Top Safeties to check out besides Barron who will go in the 1st Round

    Antonio Allen – South Carolina 6-1 205 lbs – Runs a 4.57 (Projected 2nd Rd)
    Markelle Martin – Oklahoma St 6-1 200lbs – Runs a 4.47 (Projected 2/3rd Rd)
    Harrison Smith – Notre Dame 6-2 215lbs – Run a 4.55 (Projected 3rd Rd)
    A Henry – Wisconsin 6-0 210lbs – Runs a 4.52 (Projected 3rd Rd)
    Robert Lester – ALabama 6-2 210lbs , Runs a 4.56 (Projected 3rd/4th Rd)
    Geroge Illoka – Boise State 6-3 215lbs – runs a 4.55 (Projected 3rd/4th Rd)
    Sean Cattouse – California 6-2 220lbs – Runs a 4.7 (Projected 4th Rd)
    Duke Ihenacho – San Jose St 6-0 205lbs – Runs a 4.6 (Projected 4th/5thRd)

  • Donte Hightower is an excellent run stuffer, but the reason he is NOT the best linebacker is because he is a huge liability in pass coverage. The way the eagles use their linebackers, he would need to be stronger in that area. Don’t be fooled by how he played in the championship game because he did not play like that consistently for the entire year. Add to the fact that he runs a 4.78, he wouldn’t fit what the eagles would really need; He is a thumper, and I would have him on my team but not as my starting MLB. Burfict is perfect for what we need. Team him with Zach Brown on the outside we have 2 potential Pro Bowl linebackers.

  • Draft Hightower at 15..trade 2nd rounds (46, 51) and Samuel to the Titans for pick 20 and draft Barron

  • gmcliff he is ok in pass coverage I watched 10 Alabama games this season and he did quite well in pass coverage you guys want the perfect player there is none every player has a flaw. Lets take Leshan McCoy is a great back but his flaw is that he cutback to much the reson for all the negative yards. Trent Cole great pass rusher but average against the run. Past player Jerimiah Trotter great against the run but average against the pass. That negative against Hightower you talk about is from last season tape the first year back from a major leg injury but this season 100 percent and the best Middle Linebacker in College Football.

  • Paulman, I think we have enough 2nd round safeties on this team. Most people think Barron is a sure thing as a stud in the NFL..I think you go all out to get him if you go linebacker at 15. The Falcons needed a WR and basically traded the house to move up in the top 10 and got a stud in Julio Jones..Solve the rest of the problems on your team later in FA or trades..I mean its what we do on defense anyways since our picks have been terrible the past couple of years

  • How about Eagles trade CB A Samuel and their 2nd Round PIck #47 to the Detroit Lions for their #1 Pick ( #22 or #23 Overall) and then the Eagles can grab both Hightower/Barron in the first Round… Woo hooo

  • Pheags88 your a smart man getting 2 players from a defense that was the best we seen in College football in years and played in 2 national championship games its good when you draft winners.

  • Tell me Paulman whats your problem with the 2 Alabama players.

  • @gmcliff…I agree with you thoughts on Hightower.…like what he has done, and cannot believe what I am going to say…but I fear that he might actually be too BIG for LB….there are some reports that he is over 270 now and could go bigger…think he could end up being like a Levan Kirkland how was a great run stopper but had trouble covering anything on pass routes later in his career…we don’t need a MLB that can only play on non-passing downs

  • Turk, I’m serious about trying to get both Hightower and Barron. The offer I threw out there tho is just a thought…it could easily take more than that to jump 20 spots but im just saying if a team like the Titans would take it I would do it in a heart beat. Or even give them something more..Again on defense the past couple years we just save our picks to draft average tier players at best…in which then we have to go out in FA and solve those problems. If you know a guy is gonna be a sure thing in this league then go get him and figure out the rest at another time

  • greenfan do you actually watch the games I guess you rather have 37 year old London Fletcher or the kid from BC the Mike Mamula clone or the kid from Arizona St who when I watch the games he is always out of position not to bright.

  • Pheags88 good points I think most of these guys go online and get there opinions from Mel Kiper

  • what are you the kids agent Turk?? If you actually read what I wrote….which from your response you are working on 2nd grade comprehension skills…let me make it simple for you

    – I said I like Hightower. My concern about him is that ther are reports he is over 270 now and growing.

    – I would take 37 year old London Fletcher over the LB’s we had THIS year (that guy is a beast and always kills the birds), but want LB to be a priority for our 1st round pick this year.

    -While there are alot of mock drafts saying the birds will take Keuchly, I am not a huge fan. The reports I have read usually say he is of “average” atheletic ability and below average speed for an LB. I think using the Mamula reference is valid with him.

    -I think that the kid from AZ has some maturity issues, and many believe that because of this he is not suited well for MLB. I think he may drop in the draft, and if he does he is certainly worth a 2nd round choice.

    -I the draft is not providing the best choices at LB, I say go for a veteran FA like Stephen Tulloch of the Lions. He played behind the wide-nine scheme and is a Pro-Bowl claiber player.

  • greenfan, I’m with you. Hightower is almost too big and actually seems like he has a build more suitable to be a DE. When I saw him play in the championship game, I couldn’t believe how big he is. But maybe that size would complement our small speedy LBs.

  • So greenfan what you want the outcome to be about the linebackers we have we need a leader in whatever linebacker they choose. My choice is Donta Hightower if its the college route if its the free agent route Stephen Tulloch because he played in the wide 9 for many years.

  • There is nothing wrong with bringing in London Fletcher for a year – I am sure he would like to have a shot in his twilight – he is a solid ball player. If you plan to find your LBs of the future through the draft – this is the way to go bring in the kid with some maturity issues and mentor him up with Fletcher – wouldn’t hurt ROlle. Matthews and Fouko, Clayton adn Jordan to see him either –

    If you bring in Tolluch – you can focus on other postion in first round..

    Don’t think the Kuelechy/Mamula is a fair comparison other then they both went to BC –

    MAmula was a relative unknown – this current guy is a very highly thought of prospect – Mamalua used the combine to SHOW OFF his physical prowess, and jumped way up based upon his combine perfromance – as Keuchty is already being slated as the #15 pick – how much higher is he going to jump?? – where as most are saying this Keutchy is not the greatest (read biggest/fastest) of athletes –

    totally different animals in this case –

  • Turk,,
    I have no problems with Hightower and Barron from ALabama..
    I would love the Eagles to get both of them and have praising these 2 players as potentail All-Pro NFL players for the last month or so…
    I like the players from Alabama because Sabin coaches,prepares them and schemes his players and especially his Defenses very similar to what the NFL Teams do, so players from Alabama have less of a learning curve adjusted to the NFL Game

  • I personally think that the eagles will not draft a LB in the first round. I think they have confidence in their young LB core and if anything they will go out and get a more experience LB who will help the young guys. I also think the eagles will not get much for Asante if anything they may just release him because the league knows we don’t want him and he is due 13 mil this year which ia a lot for a corner who can’t tackle. My question is if the eagles don’t draft LB in the first round who do they get. I know it may seem a little crazy but if Desan does not come back a possibillity may be to trade up and get Blackman.

  • I gotta back Paulman, he has been backing both Hightower and Barron. I also agree with Navy that bringing in both Vontaze and London Fletcher would be a monster upgrade in the middle. Would be good for Vontaze to have some good solid leadership like Fletcher in his first year. Go to YouTube and watch Vonte’s highlights. He is just what the Eagles need and he is a BADASS.

  • @ Turk – I have watched Hightower this year, keep in mind Alabama’s coach would swap both he and Courtney Upshaw in games at MLB, depending on who they played, and what scheme was used against them, Yiu may have been watching Upshaw who is the better prospect, because he can play both and the adjustment was made in at least 4 games where Hightower was pulled for series where he was being burned by more athletic, and shiftier RB, and TE’S. He is flat out, significantly weaker in his pass coverage. You will see that at the combine, and the prospect games. He is more of a 2 down LB. You obviously are a fan of his. Nothing wrong with that but I have had enough of inept MLB’S for the eagles. Burfict played a totally different scheme, although I did see some of the things you mentioned .I also saw some extraordinary things you didn’t mention that will be enhanced by coaching. I do think he is the better prospect because of his ability to do more than stuff the middle on more than 2 downs. London Fletcher would be a nice mentor to whatever MLB they draft. I do agree Keuchly is being hyped too much for what he is going to need to do in the Pro’s. He isn’t athletic enough to hang for the long haul. I see a more instinctive Stewart Bradley

  • I just read a report that speculated (way too soon, I know) that Hightower would still be around in the 2nd round…alot of people like him, one review had the Raven looking at him as a replacement for Ray Lewis once he retires. The kid can play, no doubt, but with his size I think he might be a mix between and “hand-down” player and LB….if I am not wrong, I think he is actually larger than some of our DL’s (Graham?)

  • Navy, I would be all for signing Fletcher to a 1-2 year deal if that means we also drafted a stud LB in Hightower, Kuelchey, or VB…the guy is old but can still ball. We need more than just one draft pick at linebacker to be completely solid in that position. Tulloch would even be better but I don’t think the Lions let him walk. (even though they will be in a tough spot in trying to sign all their quality players to new deals, plus they need a secondary).

    ONe misconception I can’t stand is when people say the entire draft is a crap shoot every year and hindsight afterwards is bullshit. There are “sure” players in the 1st round of the draft every year…you just have to be willing to go get them. Just last year every draft guru and their grandmother knew Miller, Aj Green, Jones, Peterson were going to be studs. Even some later picks in the 1st round in previous years like Orapko and Dez Bryant were sure things. The only true crap shoot in the draft in my opinion when it comes to the first round is the QB position. Trade whatever you need to trade to get one of the top linebackers and Barron this year and the defense will be in good shape with some key FA acquisitions.

  • @pheags88 – spoken just like someone who knows what they are talking about. We need more than one stud linebacker in this draft, we need 2 and one veteran.

  • @ pheags88…I was in Detroit some this week and from what I was hearing you are right, and they might have trouble signing Tulloch this year…hope the birds learn a lesson and make up for missing him this year

  • first step- get the D a coach and go from there. Im with Navy tho… get Fletcher or better yet- Tulloch (i wanted him.. wanted him.. wanted him!!!!!) and add 2 LB’s in the draft. If we are rolling with the wide ( we need to think of it as the “smashin 7” instead. Or at least have 6 of these guys smashing.

  • If Eagles signed a Tulloch or Fltcher for the MLB
    Here are a couple of OLB’s I like for maybe a 2nd Round or 3rd Round Pick
    (Zach Brown will be a 1st Round pick and be long gone)

    Ronnell Lewis – Oklahoma (6-2 244lbs, Runs 4.63 – Projected 2nd Rd)
    Bobby Wagner – Utah (6-0 232lbs, Runs 4.60 – Projected 2nd Rd)
    Bruce Irvin – West Virgina (6-2 245lbs,Runs 4.54 – Projected 2nd Rd)
    Sean SPence – Miami (5-11 240lbs, Runs 4.58 – Projected late 2nd/3rd Rd)
    Brandon Lindsey – Pitt (6-2 250lbs, Runs 4.68 – Late 2nd/3rd Round)
    Travis Lewis – Oklahoma (6-2 240lbs Runs 4.72 – 3rd Rounder)
    Keenan Robinson – Texas (6-3 240lbs Runs 4.68 – 3rd Rounder)
    Nigel Bradham – FLorida St (6-2 240lbs Runs 4.67 – 3rd Rounder)
    Tyler Nielson – Iowa (6-3 235lbs, Runs 4.55 – Late 3rd/Early 4th)

  • I just can’t see the Lions letting Tulloch go. He is literally all they have on D other than their D-line

  • btw Paulman- i hear from one of my guys that Williams will leave NO at the end of the year and join Fisher in STL- and trust me…. my guy is the KING of this stuff. you heard it here folks…. thats another one for Stevo. lololol.

  • I would not be surprised on the Stevo…. WIlliams get a Title of Asst HC and run the Defense for Fisher.. What is going to be interesting is who Fisher talks to about the OC position with having a young QB like Bradford who needs some stability.. Maybe a Mike Sherman or Brad Childress …

  • I also would not be surprised to see Greg Willaims interveiw with the TB Bucs for a HC spot.. I think he’s chomping at the bit to be a HC in the NFL again…

  • Your article was ok until you added london fletcher in the mix Mark. At this point, we might as well go young and in this new direction. No more oldies at this point. Also guys, is it time to let Trent Cole go? I mean he wears down as the season and games go on. I for one believe it may be time to unload him and get a young cat to pair up with Babin who can man the right side. Just something “I think I think”. What do you all think?

  • Rocko – I would bring Fletcher in WITH a rookie LB – a veteran player, smart savy – give you some solid reps and mentor the young LBs (all the big LBs guys are mentioning) – if you get someone like Tulloch – no – fill another spot early and try to find another player to challenge later rounds

    COle – got to give Graham this yea to see if he is worth it – Rotation of Babin, Cole, Tapp and GRaham and let Parker and Hunt fight out for #5 (and maybe move Jenkins out on run plays?) I think Tapp getting hurt gave Cole more reps then they would have liked –

  • Samuels salary should NOT be much of an issue for any team needing an impact CB! They can easily restructure the deal which would make him more cap friendly while making Samuel happy! It’s a no brainer for any team that needs an impact CB as long as he fits their style of defense.

  • Navy,
    Tapp is due to earn $3.8 Million Salary for 2012 and it’s no given that he’s on the Roster after March 1st… (unless he re-does his deal)

  • Pman – amazes me the info you know –

  • yea like how tulloch has 3 years left on his deal (wrong). and thats the pman problem sometimes. He’s got truth lumped in with crap. Its the same reason the book “Davinchi Code” was so problimatic…… lots of truth and then stuff just flat out made up. I say throw the pman out with the bathwater. Jk Pman….. im just grumpy cause i have 2 hours to finish my sermon and im at my office instead of home with my kids.

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