• August 8, 2022

Michael Vick To Marry Longtime Fiancee In June

The next football season will be a huge one for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.  The Birds will go to training camp in July, which will be a month after Vick will make another huge move and I’m talking about getting married.

Vick will marry his long-time fiancee Kijafa Frank on June 20, 2012 in Miami.

Vick and Frank have been together for three years.  Of course Frank was there waiting for Vick when he was released from prison and has been by his side as he has put his NFL career back together.


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  • Congrats Mike! She had your back through thick and thin, now have hers. Behind every good man is a good woman. Good job Mike, now go out there and win us a Lombardi!

  • Is Vick………… TEBOWING??!!!

  • Congrats to MIke & Kijafa….
    The Wedding Date is a little close to Camp Time so, by the time the Honeymoon is over, it will be back to work,work,work up in Lehigh.. …

  • Just checked a couple of offshore casinos and they have the odds of a reception shooting at 5:2.

  • AWWW, ain’t that sweet. Give me a freaking break! LMFBO! Lets talk about stuff that matters, like Conference championships, Flyers, Sixers, draft, FA, etc. etc.

  • BTW, Rocko, in what way, shape, or form is Vick a good man!? He is an egotistical, animal murdering, punk, who thinks he is entitled to everything. And how the hell do you know his fiancée is a good woman!? Some of you guys make me laugh. He has a better chance of seeing Vince Lombardi, than winning us one.

  • I have to admit,
    At least Vick has better taste in women than D-Jax does… Good Grief…

  • paulman,what’s up with the constant use of “good grief”, are you Linus or something, I bet you look like Charlie brown tho

  • DCar from all your wack posts on here and you sucking Navy’s balls every chance you get to try to please him, youre a sucka man. Show some respect pussy. I’ll tell you directly… don’t dance around “the some of you guys make me laugh” mantra, tell me directly that you mean that to me. Have a pair of balls you softy; and who knows, you could be a Sandusky child molester who just ain’t been caught yet. Suckas like you spend time tryin to kick another man down, yet claim this is the good ol USA where a man can’t redeem himself. Fuck outta here with your crybaby animal murder talk. Why dont you feel the same way about all kinds of animals put in the pit to fight. You just hate Vick for who he is. A wealthy bro who would have your ol woman (who prolly already cheatin on you) to lick his balls then go in the kitchen and make him a sandwich. As a matter of fact, take your ass in the kitchen and start making some biscuits for your womans lover – pussy.

  • Rocko, you have issues man. Major issues.

  • Congrats Mike for doing the right thing…some of these vicious personal attacks I’m not going to touch today. mike served his time and it’s in the past… These fake thugs who hide behind there on line names… Cowardly…smh

  • lol btc 24, lol now thats funny man…it is what it is buddy; it is what it is!

  • Nice outfit to propose in. Big shirt with big pants hanging off his ass. What a low life thug. So much for cleaning up his act. What a disgrace to have that as the qb of my team. Can’t wait til he gets cut after next season cause we’re not winning a thing with him. Open your eyes people!

  • Eagle highllightes: Vick getting married
    Juan will get better in 2012

    Giants highlghites: Going to the Super Bowl

  • Hey Rocko, you don’t know me, & don’t have a clue. Why so defensive? Are you an underground dog fighten punk? I was just asking you a question? BTW, there is no one on here whose balls I suck. If you had any knowledge of my past posts, you would know I have had numerous battles with many of you on here! BTW, I did say you by name @$$hole. Who do I have to show respect to, Vick, YOU? Who the hell is Vick & who the hell are you? Nothing to me. F U & him! I could care less if Vick is a wealthy bro. I’m a bro who does pretty damn well for myself, numbnuts, so that’s irrelevant. As for the stupid comment you made about me being a child molester, shows what a classless, piece of $#!t, dumb@$$ that you are! If you read any of my past posts on that subject, you would be eating your words, like you eat Vicks balls. Be a man & stop slurping his sack. Trust me, you don’t know me keyboard gangster. So don’t comment on things that you don’t have a clue about & that you bent out of proportion. Go get your head examined too. Nut-case!

  • @DCar, its obvious you have a problem with Mike, don’t know if it has to do with dogs (which I truly doubt) his race or maybe because he’s wealthy, which ever you definitely have a problem……..What are you mad about?? Who is Vick, that alone was a stupid question, you know who Vick is, which is exactly why you are making these ridiculous comments. Fact is your comments have jealousy written all over them.

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