• August 17, 2022

Sadly, Penn State’s Joe Paterno Passes Not Long After Being Fired

Penn State head coach Joe Paterno was unfairly judged. He went to his grave with a broken heart. Some say he was an ego maniac. News Flash: To be the best at what you do you need that ego. Those who say it lonely at the top mean that you always need to find your own source of inspiration.

That Ego , who knows how many people’s lives he changed in a positive way. He lived like the most modest of men, donating his fortune and time for the advancement of others. True leaders bring everyone up as he did. When you are responsible for other’s success, or when many look to you for the answers, life is viewed much differently.

Could he perhaps of done more with the Sandusky’s incident ? Of course but he did report the crime. To judge the man on this one incident and not by his lifetime of selfless work is just a foolish way to look at him.  He not only cared about others he gave the majority of what his celebrity earned him away.

I was only in his company one time but it was like royalty was in the room. I didn’t know him like some did. But I grew up idolizing both he and the Penn State program. He made no secret of why he held on to the coaching position as long as he did. He said he did not want to end up like Coach Bryant did at Alabama dying shortly after he retired. Like coach Bryant he had nothing else. This was his life.

The board  stripped him of his dignity by fed’ Xing him a phone number to dial into where some coward told him over the phone he was fired. And to say he must have known coach Sandusky was a monster again just shows ignorance. Two years ago I coached with a monster. A child Molester. I spent sometimes 12 hours a day with this guy. Until the day he was caught, I had no idea. So I’ve been through the same situation first hand. And looking back there were no signs.

So when Coach Paterno said he had no clue, I believe him. The man who built not only the program ,but the school, was cast aside and left on the side of the road for dead. So the 2nd love of his life, who he gave 61 years of his life to, threw him away like garbage. And he couldn’t recover from that. Coach Paterno is and always will be a legend. He was Penn State. Rest in peace Coach. Thanks for being one of the primary reasons I love the game as much as I do. You will be missed.

Charles Bowles

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  • Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Paterno & Penn State Family and to all Football Fans and may Joe Pa, Rest in Peace….

  • Joe Paterno was Penn State… Penn State needs to do the right thing and secure his Legacy in Happy Valley. That man was was 85 hrs old and he had no reason to lie… The powers that be totally did an injustice to him and literally the situation did more to him than lung cancer ever could have. Just my opinion… May God have Mercy on your soul Joe Pa you will be missed…

  • Where is the sadness for the victims? Where is the moments of silence for them? Where is the outrage for the cover-up that he had partaken in? Let’s be real, he was there over 60 + years, & there is no way in hell he didn’t know. He choose to look the other way & not do anything to stop it! He was 85 & lived a life that many will never be blessed to have. So why should I feel bad for him dying. It’s sad, but life goes on.

  • Sorry to be so harsh about the subject, but the asinine, delusional, cultist following that PSU has, is both nauseating & disturbing. This entire situation is disgusting because since day one, no one even gave a crap about the victims & the cover-up. They instead blindly follow, make excuses & worry about the way Paterno lost his, that he hasn’t deserved to keep for the last 20 years! He was an 85 year old man who had partaken in this entire debacle & deserved to lose his job. For anyone to look the other way & talk of all the great things that he did for 61 years is absolutely gut wrenching, nauseating. So because he did great things all those years, gives him a pass on children getting raped & God knows what else, on top of the cover-up? He said he reported it to his superiors. Any responsible & good caring person what have done a follow up & did something about it. He did nothing, helped in the cover-up, because he wanted to save embarrassment for his beloved PSU & his legacy. So BOO HOO for him. Give me a freaking break. I really hope that the investigation is thorough & made public, so the facts will shut you stinking delusional cultists up. I’m tired of the lot of yous.

  • Well said Charles. My thoughts and prayers to the entire “-Pa” family. My heart deeply goes out to Sue Paterno. Who will be completely overlooked by all of these blind “DCar-like” hate spewers. She happens to be arguably the biggest sweetheart to ever walk this planet. She has selflessly given every single drop of her existence to the well being of others. I single handedly owe my passion for sports photography and cinema to that woman, her generosity, and I wish her and her family the strength they need to get through these trying times. She just lost the love of her life, and miserable internet trolls who in a million years could not do half as much good as she already has are using her husbands death to put themselves on morel “pedestals” and ride some sort of viral high horse.

  • Andy “Cultist” Victory. My point made loud & clear, by your response. If the truth hurts, too bad! I am not a miserable internet troll nor do I put myself on a moral pedestal. But right is right, & wrong is wrong. Period end of story. So you can believe what ever you want that makes you sleep at night. If one of those kids that was rapped was a close family member of your’s, your outlook would be drastically different. So keep going along through your life in denial if you want, but my hopes, prayers & heart deeply goes out to the victims, not an enabling, ignorant, old man, who put his legacy above the well being of innocent children, who got their innocence stolen from them, & could have been stopped & prevented from going forward, if his ignorance, would have been changed.

  • BTW, the world doesn’t revolve around PSU & I hope you know that. But as the fellow cultist that you are, I doubt you understand that.

  • Also, yes Sandusky is the monster, not Paterno, I’m not ignorant to believe otherwise, but for anybody to believe that no one including Paterno, did not know anything, is delusional, stupid & ignorant.

  • So I’m a cultist DCar? and you are not a miserable internet troll? If “one of those kids that was rapped” (as you ignorantly and unsympathetically put it) was a family member of mine I know exactly what I would do. I would peel myself away from the computer screen and tear people limb from limb until justice was served. I’m showing sympathy for a family full of innocent, mourning human beings. I am not condoning “pedophilia” or publicly sticking up for the man you speak of (even though you have already falsely generalized me as that type of person.), I never even mentioned his name. Just throwing some perspective and humanity out there. I am not going to spend 5 hours of my life trolling this thread as you clearly already have. So enjoy the last word and have a good night.

  • BWAHAHA!!! Sorry I hit a nerve. How was I being ignorant & unsympathetic? I have shown nothing but sympathy towards those poor kids, you delusional idiot! I am not trolling. It’s a quiet night at work, & I’m trying to pass some time, & this article is ridiculous, so I spoke my peace. So if you don’t like hearing the truth, don’t come on this site. So sleep good with your clean conscience & act like nothing happened, & give your misplaced sorrow & sympathy to the wrong people, like the rest of your fellow cultists.

  • Dcar you seem like a real angry guy. Maybe seek help. I’m actually a Michigan fan and played at the division 2 level. ever play a sport ? Why don tyou write an article ? Seems like you know it all ? I’d love to read what you had to say on all subjects since you have so many opinions. All Negative and offer no substance. Purely pathetic

  • And FYI I STILL coach at the high school level. Yes I actually do things unlike you who seems to be obsessed with commenting on others actions. I coached with a guy who after th eseason in 2010 was arrested for solicitation of a minor for sex. And I never knew. How was I suppose to know what he did in his fre time ? So before you act lik ean authority on anything, maybe actually do something besides sit at your computer and comment on others hard work. Start with not being so angry at the world

  • Andy thanks for the kind words. Seems like you had interactions with Sue and knew the person unlike the angry trolls on here. Sorry for your loss.

  • Bowles, I think your wrong here..Obviously Dcars comments bothered you and thats fine for you to feel that way but why write an article in the first place to just get mad at people when they comment on it? If your going to spend your time to write an article, isn’t the whole point of it to see people’s reactions and thoughts on it by them commenting? Not just getting the comments you want to hear… Guess what there will be people on here or anywhere for that matter that will disagree with your story and you need to be mature enough as a writer to handle it, not insult people that they have no lives when they comment. Esp when you write about a guy that has this much controversy surrounding him right now, you should expect it.

    I do agree with Dcar to an extent, obviously he kinda went off, but hey child rape makes people very angry. IN regard to people that get angry about it, I think the last thing they need to seek is mental help. The people that don’t get angry and slide it under the rug due to a large amount of college football wins and donations of money should actually be the ones getting checked out. This whole PSU thing disgusts me and when I think about Joe Paterno 20 years from now i’m going to think about kids getting raped in his “house” and him barely doing anything about it in which he said admitted before his death that he should have clearly done more. The last thing I will consider him is anything near a hero like some do but hey thats just my opinion and prolly much of the nations as well if you didn’t go to penn state.

  • Pheags, thanks for understanding why I am pissed off by all of this. Delusional, cultist clowns like AndyVictory & cbowles, can’t fathom any true understanding in this matter, because of their blind love for the PSU mystique & legacy. From day one of all of this, with all of the articles, interviews, news reports, etc. etc. I have not once heard any of the former players coaches or alumni, show any sorrow or sympathy towards the victims. It is disgrace that all they seem to worry about is Joe Pa’s stinking job loss. It is pathetic. I know that the real monster is Sandusky, not Joe Pa. I also know of all the good things he did for the University. Heck I loved PSU football growing up. But for all of these delusional, blind loyalist, cultist @$$clowns, to come out & lose sight of reality of all this, is both asinine & nauseating. It is the biggest disgrace that I’ve ever seen. From the vigil & celebration the dumb@$$ students had the night he was fired, to the cover-up, questions about the disappearance/ death of the former prosecutor, case being dropped, the Alumni not supporting the new coach even before the new coach had a chance to be introduced, to the poo poo attitude of all the students, I don’t know what makes me more sick. BTW, cbowles, yes I’m angry, what am I supposed to be happy about this clusterf^#@. I have 4 children, 2 who are in college & 2 on the way. So I have the right to worry & be angry, that there evil monsters out & people willing to cover-up & turn a blind eye, to save face for their legacy & precious schools, instead of doing what they are supposed to do, & teach & look after the well being of our children, when they aren’t home. I don’t need help, you & all of your pathetic, irresponsible, delusional, cultist, cohorts, need to look in the mirror & get some help, get your priorities straight & find God, because all of you are messed up people & I feel sorry for you all.

  • BTW, cultists, my anger stems from me losing a very good friend of mine, because of complications of suppressed memories of being molested as a child. She killed herself, because no one in her family believed her at first & then hid the truth & not getting her help. So before you preach to me about my obsessions, anger & mental state, get a clue, come back down off of your high horse, come back to reality, look in the mirror & re-prioritize your blind sorrow & say prayers for the many children whose innocence was stolen from them, when it could have been stopped. The entire coaching staff & athletics department knew what was going on & did nothing but hide it & look the other way.

  • So you know that for a fact huh ? I coached next to a child predator for two years and hadnt a clue. None of know the facts.

  • Pheaggs- You make a solid point Sir. I just took his attacks as a more personal thing. I think its great fo rpeople to come on here an ddebate topics. But in a constructive intelligent matter. I dont get the anger at Paterno. I coached next to a predator for 2 years very recently and honestly I had no clue what he was until he was arrasted

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