• September 27, 2023

Giants Are Getting Ready To Win Another Super Bowl

I’ve got to give Eli Manning a lot of credit because he’s got great mental toughness in staying away from turnovers.  He got pounded by an excellent Niners defense.  He threw the ball down the field despite being under constant pressure.

His decision-making is on another level when compared to Michael Vick. He’s one of the best five quarterbacks in the NFL and one of the best playoff quarterbacks of all-time.  He’s better than his older brother Peyton Manning when it counts.

He knew if he didn’t turn-it-over, somebody on the Niners was going to do it before long.  49ers punt returner Kyle Williams just flat out blew the game.  He cost them ten points in the fourth quarter and overtime.  Some people can play under pressure while others can’t.

The New York Giants defensive line is another level when compared to the Eagles.  They may be better than the defensive line which led them to the other defeat of Tom Brady and the Pats.  They can dominate versus the run or the pass.

Again, I must also give Patrick Willis and the San Francisco defense a lot of credit.  They’ve got some great football players, Justin Smith and rookie Alden Smith.

Niners quarterback Alex Smith just couldn’t get it done.  He made a couple of nice throws for touchdowns to an amazing athlete in tight end Vernon Davis, but you can’t win a NFC Championship game by doing nothing but dumping the ball underneath to your running backs.  You’ve got to throw the ball down the field.

I must give Davis credit, he’s a beast.

New England’s Tom Brady wasn’t himself yesterday in what was a poor performance against the Baltimore Ravens.  His accuracy was atrocious.  Brady can’t be looking forward to his return the Super Bowl against the Giants and another awesome defensive line.  I guarantee the Giants are going to get in his face and make him move off of his spot.

That Patriots defense can’t stop a good offense.  Right now the Giants have a very good balanced offense.  Rob Gronkowski should be able to go in a couple of weeks despite his injured ankle, but if he’s not very close to 100%, the battle if over before it even begins.

The New York Giants are much more physical than the Patriots.  They’ll be able to run the ball against New England and Manning will pick their secondary apart.  If Joe Flacco can pick them apart, you know Manning can get it done.

Flacco showed a lot of heart yesterday.  He played well enough to win it.


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January 23, 2012 9:41 am

I hate to admit it, but Eli is an elite quarterback in the NFL. He can be prone to the int, but he is great(I just puked in my mouth a little). I told somebody last week look at all the great recievers the Giants have had with Eli. They have had Plaxico, Steve Smith, Nicks, Cruz and even Toomer. I don’t say the recievers made Eli, he made them great. Let’s see how great Steve Smith is without Eli, we got a pretty good look this year. Paxico is a stud, but excelled with Eli. The Giants lost their good TE to free agency this year and he makes 2 blocking tight ends in Bear Pasco and Ballard actual contributors.
He seems more relaxed in the pocket and it shows in his numbers. He is a smart guy that understands defenses as well as his brother without all the dramatics.

January 23, 2012 10:47 am

I’ve stated since about mid-season that the Giants offense runs thru WR Cruz..
Eli is playing at a High-Level, but Cruz time and time again all season long has come up with huge catches and plays when the Giants need them the most like on 3rd Down.. Then when teams finalyl start to pay him attention or double cover hi, then Nicks or Manningham beat you.. or the Giants have the option of then pounding the rock with Bradshaw/Jacobs..
The Giants (like all teams) are a reflection and extension of their Head Coach..
The play hard,physical and disciplined for the most part…Do they give up big plays, sure they do for every teams does, but they minimize their Secondary weaknesses by getting after the QB for 4 Quarters..
Wait until next Season when the Giants Defense gets back their best CB back in Terrell Thomas, their best LB in Mike Goff and last year’s 2nd Draft Pick DT Marvin Austin who missed this entire season due to injury..

I have touted Giants GM Jerry Reese for many years now for he does an excellent job in Drafting the type of Players that fit the Giants personality and schemes very well…
Also GM Newsome for the Ravens does a very good job in Drafting the right kind of players for their Team and schemes…

These Teams Front Office’s and Coaching Staffs run cirlcles around the Eagles FO & Coaching Staffs.. The Eagles Window was open for about a 3-4 Year time period in the mid-90’s when the dink-dunk, gadget plays were the trend in the NFL.. Now when you look around at the succesful teams of the last few seasons, it’s getting back to more physical football, even though Teams are passing more, it’s WR & TE who are bigger and more athlestic and doling out the punishment, and not these small, smurf types the EAgles have, I have long criticized this Eagle WR Corp as average and gotten ripped many times because of it, but in now way, shape of form do the Eagles Top 3 of D-Jax,Maclin and Avant put the fear into any good defense which is part of the Eagles problem in the Red-Zone, these guys just can’t muscle out anyone and come up with the tough catches like the Giants WR’s can (or like the Packers, Saints, Cowboys,Saints,Chargers,Lions,Steelers,Broncos,Bengals and many other teams can)

January 23, 2012 11:31 am

Facts:::All 4 teams rushed the ball more than Reid does in playoffs. Patriots RB’s total 25 rushes, Ravens 27, Giants 25, 49ers 22
Eagles last three playoff games, ALL LOSSES
against Packers2011 RBs total 13 rushes
Cowboys 2010 10 rushes
Cardinals 2009 16 rushes

January 23, 2012 11:34 am

Eagles Window of Opportunity was open in the 2003-2008 Range
and not the 90’s…(but I am sure most of you knew that already)

January 23, 2012 11:37 am

I hear you Tonto but were’t the Eagles way behind in all of these 3games in the 1st half meaning that the running calls get tossed out the window..
All 4 teams in yeasterday’s 2 games could run more since the games were close and gone have gone either way, so these teams were more likley to run their “normal” offense.. It’s way difference when playing from behind..

January 23, 2012 11:42 am

When a team’s Defense are playing the Eagles, the are at an advantage before the game starts. The Linebackers know the Eagles TE will probally go out for a pass and will not be fooled on a play-action. 2 playoff games last night, i am sure the LBs Were thinking before the snap ” ok pass or run, pass or run……..Can someone explain to me why TE year after yr always crush our LB either blocking the hell out of them or looking like Jerry Rice

January 23, 2012 11:44 am

People say that, but it always look like they get way behind cause of lack of balance, lack of LB’s and dumb philosophy all around. Hell i never mention clock management or making decisions during the game..

Jon Hart
Jon Hart
January 23, 2012 11:54 am

Good point GCOBB and i agree…. Think about this too that the giants front office has guys in there that are football guys not just number crunchers… I woke up thinking about howthe eagles always end up signing the wrong guys each and every year except on the offensive side of the ball, they have too many misses on defense.. But i also woke up with the thoughts that the eagles would rather have mediocre guys on defense that wont be too expensive down the line then to draft the sure thing, Theyve been doing it for years sacrificing the success of the team for financial flexibility and thats not right, thats not a winning mentality nor does it promote the winning type of atmosphere…Its sickening because you watch a team like the giants go back to the SB twice in the last 4 years and may very well beat brady and the pats. This should be a wake up call for the eagles but instead they will continue to do things “there way”…They have a bunch of small fast guys on there team that wear down by midseason on. They may be talented but there too small at key positions, they may be talented but they lack discipline..this front office is a mess, this coaching staff is a mess, and the players they brought in do not fit along with the players theyve drafted oh besides a offensive player whos an offensive lineman Danny Watkins.. go figure… all the other picks were questionable… the eagles are so fast to get rid of quality staff members, As mentioned Marc ross, spags, Harbaugh and the list continues.. guys that were huge for this team.. why dont we hear about front office members of the steelers being let go or the ravens or giants or the packers? They keep the core together, if its not broke dont fix it and they all are on the same page with the direction of the team whether it be the type of coaches they want to the type of players they want to the style they want to play and if there is a problem they correct it… the eagles on the other hand are up in the air and they take this approach: “We’ll figure it out when we get there” Those words have come out of andys mouth before and thats the mindset that this entire organization has and it has crippled this franchise in every way, with there decision making with the way they draft players to how they coach this team and how the front office manages this team..its been a problem for years and may remain a problem moving forward.. it takes them too long to correct a problem area,and signs of a great coach and front office is that they have the ability to see a problem and have a solution for it before it happens.. andy may be a good planner and the same goes for the front office but they dont see a potential problem before it happens nor do they have a solution…This has handicapped this team and has created a stubborn arrogant smug dilusional atmosphere.. you have players still coming out saying we should be playing in the SB or that should be us but next year we ll be there and all year long and the past few years saying this is a SB caliber team and this and that but thats being told to them every year and theyre believing it even though there play on the field does not match such lofty words… this is what has been caused by andy reid and this front office…

January 23, 2012 12:39 pm

One disagreement I have JH is the Eagles getting rid of Cacohes..
You can’t prevent Assistants from pursuing their dreams of getting promotions and becoming Coordiantors and Head Coaches elsewhere, it’s the nature of the Business… ave we ever heard BIll Belicheck getting rid of Assistants … or take a look at the Packers this offseason where they may end up losing 3-4 key Assistants.. you only have x amount of Coordinators and Asst Coaches and that’s the price you pay by having a successful Franchise or Team.. They is replacing them with good,qualified coaches which is where Coach AR has erred big time..
The Eagles FO will be having to address all of this next Off-Season and Ar and his Staff will finally be gone and the Team/Franchise will decide on a new VOicie/Leader moving ahead.. This doesn’t help us fans for now or the 2012 Season, but it’s coming soon I believe..

January 23, 2012 3:03 pm

Well Paulman (and others).

You wrote, “These Teams Front Office’s and Coaching Staffs run cirlcles around the Eagles FO & Coaching Staffs.”

John, You think the Giants staff are “great football guys….” Why aren’t they in demand around the league?

I think one thing that is missing here (esspecially when talking about Eagles vs Giants coaching staffs) is the amount of tunover the Birds have.

Under Reid’s tenure here….I see at least 8 coaches who have left for promotions on other teams. 3 have gone on to become head coaches….and we’re about to lose a 4th in Morningwheg.

Say what you want about who left, but there has been an incredible “brain drain” from the Birds…especially since 2004. Chilly, Spags, Harbaugh #1, Shurmur, Rivera, Frazier are the big names….there’s also Toub and Reed. Hekert left to move up in Cleveland…..

The Giants under coughlin have by no means lost as many coaches….Spags obviously…..other that that….John Hufnagel to the CFL??

Granted the Pats have lost about the same amount as the birds….but you don’t think that’s affected tham? Their D is beyone porous with a WR playing DB for goodness sake. They’re only around in the playoffs because of their craempuff sched and the good fortune of getting a Tebow/Flacco combo at home.

I actually am suprised the Eagles’ FO and COaching staff has been able to hold up as well as they have with the amount of turnover they’ve endued over the past 7 years.

You watch and see what stars happening to the Saints and Packers as the taffs begin to be vulltured away. (Though the fall might not be as precipitous as they have Rodgers and Brees to cushion the fall…..we didn’t have that…..

Paulman….if Reid has “erred” replacing the guys lost…..then why do they keep getting hired/promoted by other teams? Morrninweg is a replacement who is about to get a HC position…Heckert was a replacement who was promoted…..we just lost that other guy to Indy…..We may lose The QB coach who was a replacement.

If this staff all “sucks” why do they keep getting hired away by other teams?

January 23, 2012 3:15 pm

It goes to show that the others teams are stupid too….
The Eagles run a 1st class operation, and they do things the right way so you will get no argumen about that.. but Coach AR and his Phliosophy will not win a CHampionship and if your a Franchise trying to sell tickets and have an exciting team, then great (I am sure that 1/2 the franchises fit this need exactly) but if your stated goal to compete at he highest level for CHampionships, then maybe this 13 Year Recorf of not winning it all or when it counts should be looked at harder by the Owner if indeed, that Winning is what really matters..

January 23, 2012 3:25 pm

And I mean runninga first class operation by how they manage the Business and Marketing functions of a NFL Team with their merchandise, facilities, community service ,etc,etc and not necessarilty when it comes to real
“Football Business” at hand which is doing what it takes to win a Championship

January 23, 2012 3:32 pm

We need something new here written about, to post about, we know eagles are inferior to Giants, probably Cowboys as well, pretty much from top to bottom, and things are not going to get better until such time there is a new coach, new quarterback, new philosophy, and the problems this year were largely on the offensive side of the ball, turnovers, and play of quarterback, when do pitchers and catchers report

January 23, 2012 3:38 pm

I accept inferior to the Giants….but Cowboys? Com’on Jake…….their defense is so bad, even Vick had good games thie year against them!

January 23, 2012 3:51 pm

To be honest VInnie,

After the Top 5 Teams in the NFC, (Giants,49ers,Packers,Saints,Lions)
the Rest of them I see as .500 Teams and basically just average..
Can the Bears, Panthers, Falcons,Eagles,Cowboys or Sehawks finish at 10-6 and make the Playoffs, sure they can. I just think these top 5 Teams have better Talent, Coaching and better Schemes, are are poised for legitimate Super Bowl Runs over the the next 2 Seasons.. The 2nd Tier of Teams in NFC (which the Eagles are part of) are just average and just don’t have the consistency, Coaching, GM savvy or Talent level at this time to legitimately compete for a Super Bowl run in my opinion..

January 23, 2012 3:55 pm

For whatever it’s worth,
Paulman called both Playoff Games Sunday and the South Carolina Primary going to Gingrinch over Romney…
I am now going over some Mock Drafts for the enitre 1st Round now that we know the Draft Order of 30 of the 32 Teams ..

January 23, 2012 4:10 pm

And what do 4 of the top 5 teams have that we don’t? Begins with Quarter ends with Bck.

Oh, and before we go annointing the 49ers as anything special. Remeber the rookie coach bounce. Difficult to maintain….especially “fiery/emotional” guys like him. Act can wear thin quickly. Was not a fan of the way he dismissed both Peyton and then Coughlin at the handshake. This is still a team with Alex Smith at QB….and didn’t we all enjoy him Sunday opening the game 2 of 8 and then ending it in the 4th Q going 4 of 10 with 2 sacks. Still a team with a selfish Vernon Davis as the best player on O….still a team with no WRs and a RB who has had 6000x hard carries over his career. Look for a pullback on the SF success next year…road games at NE, NO, GB and NYJgoing to be very difficult……10-6 at best next year..(though they still have the adv of the NFC west to keep them afloat)

January 23, 2012 4:23 pm

and a Team (49ers) who will be adding WR D-Jax in Free-Agency this year