• August 12, 2022

This Same Giants Team Lost To A Vince Young-Led Eagles Team

Before I even really get started here I still cannot believe that Bill Cundiff misses that field goal. Dude, are you kidding me? 32 yards! Wow. Another I did not get is how they did not even replay that would have been a touchdown by Lee Evans. Man, he was really close to having both feet on the ground. To me it looked like he did. It was under two minutes it was worth a replay. Joe Flacco out-played Tom Brady big time yesterday.  Just saying…

So I am watching the NFC Championship game between the Niners and the Giants. I am thinking to myself are these two teams that much better than the Eagles? I guess they are because they are playing right now. Though I would be lying to you if I were not totally convinced.

I mean the Eagles beat the Giants with Vince Young at quarterback. Mister I threw 5O picks in like five games Vince Young. Then the Niners in which the Eagles decided it was a good day to blow a 20-point lead.

I mean I am really not that bitter even though I sound bitter as hell. The Eagles have no excuses. They deserved what they got. You can blame Andy. You can blame Castillo for not putting players in the right spots, Nnamdi for not living up to the hype even though I think he will have a bounce back year. You can blame Vick for his turnovers and Roseman for looking past the linebackers again and spending that money on Steve Smith and Ronnie Brown instead.

I am sitting here watching MLB Patrick Willis making plays all over the field. Even at one point covering Victor Cruz on a play. Memo to Big Red and Roseman get one!! If I a fan notice what a good MLB does for your defense they have to right? You cannot blame the strike. Every team had to deal with it. Jim Harbaugh was a first year coach for the Niners and look at where they were playing. Are the Eagles really that far away from these? Were they last four games an illusion?

They did seem to finally get chemistry on both sides of the ball. Even though they only faced Matt Moore, Rex Grossman, Mark Sanchez and Stephen McGee after they knocked Romo out after only 2 passes.  All honesty I do not think they are that far away at all. If they do bring in a LB, safety and straight out the D-Jax mess they will most likely be right there. They still have a ton of talent.

I was hoping for Spags to come here but I cannot blame him for going to the Saints. He will have more stability and a guy named Drew Brees over there. If he were to come here he could be one and done. The only thing that may salvage Big Red’s job is another Super Bowl appearance if not Later Big Red! Well at least to me that is the case. Andy better hope he was right about Castillo.  Paging Big Red! Paging… Have not heard from you in a while just letting you know that TIMES YOURS…

I still cannot believe that Eli Manning is back in the Super Bowl and has chance to have more Super Bowl rings than his brother. I really do not know how the dude does it. Eli can look so lost out there at times. He always has that dumb look on his face. The dude does get it done when it matters the most though. I just don’t get how he does it.

Joe Hickman Jr.

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  • That was a Giant Team from 2 Months ago which is an eternity in Football
    GIants have a heathly RB Bradshaw, WR Mannigham and Nicks on Offense
    and on Defense, they have a healthy Tuck,Umenyuri & LB’s Kiwanuka and Boley all back which makes them a superior team than the Eagles…
    No matter if the Giants win 5 Super Bowls in the Row, the Eagles always play them tough as they are Division RIvals and both clubs know each other well, but that in no way,shpae of form, means the Eagles deserve to be playing for the Super Bowl. for they failed to take care of business with the rest of their schedule…

  • Hey was anyone suprissed to see a coach from the Andy Reid school of coaching excellence butchering the end of the game timeouts like Harbaugh did?

    3rd and 1 with 16 secs left…..why not call a qb sneak and then either timeout or spike ball….would have had 8-10 secs to throw into endzone for the win.

    But instead the quick out which was incomplete and then the completely botched FG setup (did anyone else think the playclock got down mighty fast?)

    They were still lining up and the clock was 5…4…3….2..I was thinking to myself….many they are rushing this, I don’t think they’re going to get it off…..and if he does he’s going to shank it call a time……”

    Harbaugh just standing there with a TO in his pocket….couldn’t he see with 10 secs left that they were rushing?

    Andy taught him well.

  • Both Harbaughs really did a poor job at the end of both games in my opinion
    Ravens has a hard time getting the plays in on a timely manner the entire 4th quarter..I mentioned that whole entire helter-skelter sequence in another post adter the game last evening.. I like them both but they definiently need to improve their clock management… Well guess who are the Top 2 Coaches are who managning the clock, their timeouts and challenge calls very well are the 2 Coaches who still have a game to Coach in Belichek and Coughlin..

  • Dudes stop …its a chip shot. Regardless of the time…kick the stinking ball 30 yards.Your a pro.Cundiff and the rest of that team would tell you the time issue is garbage.

    One play defined that game….a dropped t.d. catch that sends the Pats packing. Time managment meant nothing in that game. Calling 2 pass plays on short yardage with Ray Rice and Ricky at your disposal.


  • Players and Kicker were rushed out onto the field as if the clock was running…
    Should have taken their time, Coach Harbaugh should have even called a TO to go over blocking assignments, etc, etc..
    But before this, WR Lee Evans dropped a perfect pass that should have won the game where the FG would not have been needed..

  • I am kinda of surprised though that Vinnie didn’t blame QB Vick on the missed FG..

  • Was Vick that dropped the pass in the endzone wasn’t it??

  • Erock – Time management had everything to do with a quick extremely poor play choice on 3rd & 1 then having to go for the field goal.

  • An issue that must be addressed further this off season is Vicks ability to read coverages, he has greatly improved with blitz recognition, now he has to improve with reading the coverage. I still think he gets a bit confused and figures out the coverage too late. You look at the elite QBs Brady, Rodgers, Brees Big Ben, Peyton, even eli who can read what coverage your in pre snap and can make you pay, and they rarely if ever make mistakes. Thats what we need from vick this upcoming year, we dont need the dare devil highlight reel plays every down because they dont win us games down the line, we dont need a Running back QB, we need a QuarterBack someone that can move the ball and manage the game.. i put the blame on andy again because we still need more of a balanced game, they need to run the ball even more.. thats why i think they need to draft a RB early in the draft too, someone thats a bruiser, i love alabamas RB Trent Richardson, then we d have kinda like what the giants have had for years and what the saints now have, that change of pace backs… But Vick still needs work in these areas i mentioned then he will be considered elite..

  • Trent Richardson is one guy i would not mind drafting if we didnt go LB in the first round… Imagine having this tank running the ball in this offense moving the chains, then we have shady whos that change of pace back, no team would be able to stop us on 3rd and 1, we wouldnt have to try trick plays to get that last yard, we d have richardson back there carrying guys with him 10 yards up the field…

  • For a team that Passes 65% of time and that has one of the top 3 RB’s in the NFL already n McCoy, why would you pick a RB with your 1st Pick Jon.. Makes little sense to me.. Is Coach AR and the Eagles Offense going to become a running first Coach/Offense… .

  • erock is correct, the kicker fd it, you don’t want to ice him, but leave the option to the kicker or the holder to call a time out if necessary, if they felt rushed they could have and should have called the time out, not the coach, man, you guys can really nitpick, ravens should have won but lost because of poor execution on last two plays of game, nothing to do with coaching, time management

  • No paul im saying if we didnt go LB (which i still dont see happening bc who was the last LB weve drafted in the 1st round?) then i would be okay with Trent Richardson, hes worth it. Hes a bull and is durable… we need another RB opposite of Mccoy whose more of a finese runner but Richardson is a bruiser and will run thru the defender.. I say pick richardson up if we dont go LB, also im a fan of blackmon too… stay far away from SS baron, he can hit yes but there are too many deficiencies in his game… besides they drafted 3 safeties in the last 2 years, i dont see them going in that direction…

  • Paul, 95% of the teams that run the ball more than others make it far in this league.. or you have a great QB like brady or brees or rodgers p manning, you cant expect a mike vick to be something that he hasnt been his entire career, you gotta provide balance for the sake of this team and for vicks sake..

  • That’s not AR philosophy JH… besides both Blackmon and Richardson will be long gone beofre the Eagles select at #15..

  • I will mos def say the whole process of rushing those guys on decreased there chance in winning. But it didnt outweight the blown plays and such. That kicker and anyone else with some experience in driving a football 30yards would tell you thats as easy as a finger roll on the break.So it WASNOT time management that cost the Ravens that game. It was exactly the reason the 1b in the NFC eAST is sitting home and 1a is in the CHIP!!.Missed clutch plays. Your have either ice in your veins or you just pump luke warm. Which can win you some games and even keep a team competitive….but a ship?Ehhhh. T.O. had it….Don,not…reason y we came up short. Lee Evans…..YOUR COLD AS ICE!!!


    Dudes …even Andy in a pinch sees Shady as the first down maker in one of those downs fellahs.He picks it up. Yes,Wilfork setting the point of attack 2 yards deep. But you gotta trust your horses. Once they blew that shot,had they even made that kick,im not seeing the Ravens wining that extra session. My angle.Who knows…..I hope Walrus watched how angry these defenders need to play to get to the next level. Did he lose sight of that once JJ left?

  • Vick can without a doubt get this team deep into the divisional round and to the ship with his arm. Look,the elite debate can go on and on.But can he play elite? Yes.If your doubting that then your a moron. Its about mastering this offense and the coach leaning on Shady.

    Eli is one tough s.o.b…. Mike is just as….Eli’s accuracy has gone up a notch,he’s one notch over 7….Mike has better touch on his deep ball…Mastery of the offense…im goin Eli…improv skills. …Eli has gottten on par with Mike on that based on Mike allowing himself to get tagged too much when he does it. Dudes having a topshelf year. But im sick of this elite and waxing poetic about this guy. Hes a beast ….but until he doesnt get beat to piss by the Skins twice in a year hes not topshelf.

    Pats 42 Giants 20

  • For those that blame the defense and Juan Castillo…..here is an awesome article from the 700 level:

    By Andrew Kulp

    In an NFL season, 16 teams play 16 games each, producing 256 winners and 256 losers. Fans and even some analysts believe brilliant coaches and elite talents separate the two columns. In theory, they would be wrong.

    ESPN reporter and former Philadelphia Inquirer scribe Ashley Fox published a telling piece on Friday about the only statistic that ultimately matters on the gridiorn: turnover margin. “Since 2000, teams that have been plus-1 [or better] in turnover margin have won 92 of 128 postseason games (a winning percentage of .719). Teams that have lost the turnover battle have won just 14.8 percent of the time.”

    Fox specifically details turnover margin during the playoffs, but the same holds true during the regular season as well. In 2011, teams that were plus-1 or better won 157 of 200 such games — a winning percentage of .785.

    No surprise, the Eagles were 3-0 when they won the turnover battle, and 3-6 when they lost.

    While many would argue defense was this team’s biggest problem, we’ve maintained all along it was turnovers first and foremost. The Eagles had a 6-3 record and allowed 16.6 points per game when they gave the ball away two times or less, but were 2-5 and allowed 25.6 when coughing it up on three or more occasions. Still, plenty are not convinced the defense couldn’t have done more.

    To put those numbers in perspective, all 32 teams combined to win 17 out of 103 games when they committed three turnovers or more — a winning percentage of .159. In eight of the 17, or nearly half of them, the losing team was also on the hook for three-plus.

    Amazingly, the Eagles won two of the 17.

    As for the defense’s part in this, the league average was 29.4 points allowed. By comparison, it was 20.4 PPG when there were two giveaways or fewer. Interesting that the difference for both the Eagles and the entire NFL was exactly the same — nine points.

    However, the Eagles were actually superior to the rest of the league. Whether they committed five turnovers or zero, Philly’s defense almost always allowed fewer points per game, and the club’s winning percentage was the same or better. See for yourself:

    5+ 0-13 (.000), 34.4 PPG
    0-1 (.000), 31.0 PPG

    4 5-24 (.172), 32.2 PPG
    1-1 (.500), 25.0 PPG

    3 12-49 (.197), 27.0 PPG
    1-3 (.250), 24.5 PPG

    2 59-74 (.444), 22.6 PPG
    3-2 (.600), 16.8 PPG

    1 101-70 (.591), 20.1 PPG
    2-1 (.667), 20.3 PPG

    0 79-26 (.752), 18.0 PPG
    1-0 (1.000), 7.0 PPG

    3+ 17-86 (.159), 29.4 PPG
    2-5 (.286), 25.6 PPG

    2- 239-170 (.584), 20.4 PPG
    6-3 (.667), 16.6 PPG

    There have been some accusations that we are cherry picking stats that support an agenda, but all we’re talking about here is points scored, and how it correlates with giveaways. Clearly the defense was fine when they weren’t being bludgeoned by turnovers, and in practically every instance, they were above average at keeping points off the board. This isn’t sorcery, folks, and there really is no disputing it.

    Of course, there will inevitably be detractors from our research regardless of its authenticity. You think hiring Juan Castillo was ignorant. You think Andy Reid is a joke, and the talent is overrated. We get it.

    Don’t take our word for it then. Just ask Bill Cowher, who was questioned about turnover margin days prior to winning his first Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers, notably in his 14th season as head coach.

    “The biggest thing that you can control is how you protect the football,” Cowher said. “We put more of a concentrated effort on talking about that. On defense, you play hard, get to the ball and try to strip the ball or get an interception. We certainly talk about that. But those can come in bunches, and you can go through periods where you do all of those things and the other team is just taking care of the ball and you don’t get a turnover.”

  • Paul i understand thats how andy is, he hasnt changed at all and probably wont, but if that guy is still there at 15 and the LB most of us here want is gone, then they have a serious decision they have to make… take the ball out of vicks hand a little bit more, have more balance…

  • Erock, good points bro. I been meaning to ask you, are you from philadelphiaeagles.com? There is a guy on there that performs interviews occasionally… but to get back to your points, we have to keep in mind that Eli has been in the same offense for his entire career and knows that playbook like the back of his hand, he looked like a bum early in his career, has had many bad bad bad seasons, this season was the first that we can say he put up elite type numbers, i still dont consider him elite yet but he has had a great season… Vick hasnt had long enough in this offense as the starter to expect greatness from him just yet, hes done pretty good in a short period of time.. i just want him to improve in reading coverages better, his accuracy is up there with the best in the league i dont doubt that at all i just want him to keep watching film over n over again just like the greats do all off season, i guarantee that guys like brady is looking at film right now as we speak wanting to get an edge on his opponent the giants…Vick gotta do the same and andy needs to continue to build on the somewhat balance that they had this year running the ball… this team would have won those 6 games they lost in the 4th quarter if they ran the ball more.. thats when a trent richardson would be awesome for us…

  • Jon,

    If by “his accuracy is up there with the best in the league” you mean ranked 19th, then you’re bang on!

  • Vinnie he had a down year, but when Vick is given time he will get the ball to the reciever, whether deep passes or intermediate.. im not making excuses for the man but he needs time in the pocket, towards the end of the year the oline looked good and so did vick but it was too little too late.. dont let that blind you to the fact that vick still has alot of work to do… most glaringly reading coverages correctly..

  • Vick looked damn good at the end of the year when he had TIME. The o-line got it together (it took time as most knowledgable football fans knew it would) and thus the QB succeeded. It’s really quite simple. When your QB actually has the talent to play QB, and you give him time, the offense will succeed, period.

    The o-line was improving every game but I think the o-line finally got it together CONSISTENTLY in the second game against the Giants when Vince Young came in.

    Since Vick’s haters like to use numbers, here’s some from when Vick came back from injury and the o-line was playing at a high level:

    97.9 QB rating
    277 yds passing per game
    7 tds, 3 ints, 1 fumble lost

    Most telling, he had 5 or LESS rush attempts in each game. Which tells me (and I saw) that he wasn’t running for his life. He was trusting them.

    Vick has this next year to get back to MVP contention. An offseason for the o-line to continue to work at their craft…..quite possibly the best RB in the game…..I’m content going into next season with Vick as the QB and believes he gives us the best chance at winning a Superbowl (out of whats available).

  • Good points Birdo, i agree totally…

    Im throwing this out there for the sake of argument… if we had the chance to get a Peyton manning to play here for the next 3-5 years, do we take a chance on him or stick with Vick? Me personally i say stick with vick…hes 32 (same age as brees) and has way more years to play in this league if he stays healthy and still has alot of room to grow, he still hasnt reached his ceiling…

  • Man this sucks…can the draft come any sooner? I really hope we get some new blood in here before it comes. We need a different perspective on evaluating talent and on the value of positions in where to pick them. I was all for them taking RG3 when they were 4-8 but since we have no shot at him now for your own sake Reid and for Eagles fans everywhere, pick a safety or linebacker in the first round, whatever position has the best talent left. Were not going anywhere until we sure those spot up on the defense period.

  • Anybody read that article (i think it was on philly.com) about how Spags was down to the Saints and the Eagles as his last 2 choices. Guess it wasn’t as nuts as some people said it was…The article said he made his decision based on Brees being much better than Vick.

    Not saying this to keep bring up Spags…more about on how having a inconsistent QB can affect the desire of people coming here…Further, this article points to the fact that the EAgles onviously don’t think Castillo is the best guy for the job if they were talking to Spags behind the doors…Lurie even said in his press conference that CAstillo was not the first choice and got hired because others didn’t work out…Like i said before, I don’t think its a stone cold lock that Castillo is back…If he is it will be more about others not wanting to come here than Castillo abilities to coach D himself…he will be just the leftover.

  • No Jon…different Erock…im the o.g.Haaa.Noway on Manning. Gmen would end his career .Hahaha.I think he stays put if that org. knows whats good for em. You dont turn the keys over to a rook like that when the legend can still do it. Groom em and then let em loose.

    88 i cant wait for the bowl to be over. Such a lost season.Gimme the draft!!!

    Anything other then a inside backer in the first round is a failure. I was considering safety but we need some tough guys in here with some tackling skills.

    The only positive from this season is we know we can play with the Giants.Tough eating the way this season went but next year i think we’ll be mentally tougher from all this in the biggames.

    I just talked so much trash to a Giants fan on FB they de-friended.How nice is that?

  • We’ll already have a new o-cord. Im not feeling a d-cord too. Im gonna give Juan a shot a the title next year. He’s study’n hard all off-season and i think theres a noticable difference in camp.

    Asante?Released…or do they give him his money and trade him?

  • Pheags, i agree bro i wish the draft was next week… but dont you think nate allen played good towards the end of the year? He seemed to have fully recovered from the injury and looks himself again… i see Jaiquain Jarrett getting the start opposite of allen… I wouldnt go safety in the first round, id definitely go Line Backer, a stud.. Burfict or Kuechly..

  • Guys juan is in attendance at the senior bowl with the rest of the eagles organization minus Andy… What does this mean? Is juan coming back? I doubt theyd fire him after theyre in this evaluation stageand after hes able to see who the eagles have there eyes on… unless the move him to a different position but that doesnt make sense either… juan is coming back

  • Our Offensive Coordinator should be Tom Clements of the greenbay packers who too runs the west coast offense but a better one then what andy runs… I would not be shocked if childress did get a call from andy, one thing we can say about chilly is that the birds ran the ball and stayed balance… Dont be suprised if andy decides not to bring a O coordinator in at all and he resumes calling plays and is the O coordinator himself… all these scenarios are possible..

  • Jon, I don’t think Juan would ever be fired next season, I just think its not a stone cold lock that he will be D-cord..If the right guy wanted to come here, they could give him a position of assistant head coach/D coach and let Juan still hold the title if his title or make him linebacker coach…I think the Rams had a similar situation when they won their rings in the past not sure tho.

    When it comes to Nate Allen, I’m not ready to give up on him. I don’t think he is anywhere as good as you think or played at the end of the year tho..i think it had a lot to do with the QBs they were playing. If you go back and watch the games again I think he was getting beat a lot by below average WR’s but the Qb couldn’t make the accurate throw(see int in redskins game). The good QBs won’t miss throws and will make him pay like Brady did in the Pats game. Don’t know what NAte Allen was doing in that game. Obviously for the Birds to go anywhere in this league he will have to play well against the best QBs so well see what happens with him next year.
    I’m not gonna give up on him right now, but hey we need 2 safeties anyway. JJ couldn’t beat out Jarrad PAge and Coleman so I think he was just a major reach in the draft…nothing special.

    I would draft Barron in a heartbeat if he was there. Think his physical presence and size would make Nate Allen much better knowing he won’t be needed to deliver the big hits.

  • I’d be even more shocked if they went Safety in first round more so than LB.

    1 – because its not a position of high value to them as far as 1st rd pick/contracts usually go…and

    2 – because they’ve spent 2 high picks on safeties the past 2 seasons….drafting another #1 would admit mistakes on those guys and I dont think they are ready to give up on Allen or Jarrett.

    I see DT/LB in round 1.. DT Devon Still will be there at #15.. 6’5 300+ pounds, hes a load and would demand a double team and would take pressure off cullen jenkins…he’d help correct the run defensive issues..

  • I like DT still a lot, but he will gone in th Top 10 most likely (Panthers)be there at #15 .. I also like LSU’s Michael Brockers who just entered the draft
    Some good OL too…. Iowa’s OT R Reiff, OT J Martin and OG D Decastro from Stanford… Lots of Good LB’s should be on the Board in the 2nd ROund where the EAgles have 2 Selections..

  • Everything again points to intangibles. This teams is always top 10 in both Offense and Defense but never wins. Andy Reid is the problem. Until he goes we wont win, he doesn’t have “IT”. He does have 300 winning percentage against teams over 500 and 700 against teams under. Those are the facts.

  • Stats are stats Ozzman,
    But the 3 Top Categories are
    #1) Red – Zone Scoring,
    #2) Red-Zone Defense (which has been very poor since 2009)
    #3) Turnovers which they led the NFL in 2011..

    I really believe the Turnoves this Season were an anomaly and are very correctable, but the ineffieicency in the Red-Zone Defense is what holds this Team Back year in and year out in my opinion and until the get tougher up the middle of that Defense, MLB and Safety in particular, it’s not going to improve..

  • the Giants got healthy and hot at the same time….they have a killer instinct and play physical football…. this team would beat the Eagles right now easily… Vick is a turnover machine and Reid a fat pig….

  • “Are the Eagles really that far away from these?”

    Yes. And the gap will widen next year. Guarantee it.

    The only reason it SEEMED like the Eagles were close to the Giants was because the Giants had massive injury problems during the middle part of the season. They got healthy at the right time and went down to the last game. Regardless….

    “YOU ARE YOUR RECORD.” — Bill Parcels

  • Your guarantees are b.s..

    Taxes and death…next question.

    There mos def a more complete team…but im not buying there head and shoulders above.Lets go with a head right now. Dont forget the didnt move the ball past the 50 in a half.Pats are playing MUCH better D and will give em hell. And wont muff 2 to give em the game.


  • erock, my guarantees are at least as good as anyone else’s.

    How about a wager – if the Reidles post a record of 8-8 or better, I will make no more posts to this site. If the Reidles go 7-9 or worse, you promise to never post another comment here.

    So how confident are you?

  • Paul, i think the panthers issues was the coach they had.. they have the talent to get it done, they have plenty of playmakers on defense… but i think they may go offense with that first pick. Maybe WR…

  • I think DT STILL will be on the board.. id go for a player like him over a LB too… look what a moster like vince wilfork is doing for the pats.. he is a force, did you see how he calapsed the pocket on one of the last plays of the game and got to flacco? You can teach size and brute strength, hes a load standing 6’4 6’5 300+ pounds, hes a savage… I want that on my team in the middle of my defense…

  • I guess we know why the eagles have been passing on penn state players all this time, they wouldnt draft not one penn state player all throughout andys tenure (besides tony hunt and he didnt last)… did the eagle organization know what was going on at penn state? Makes you wonder…

  • To JH
    WIlfork goes like 330-340lbs… He’s no 300LBs like the kids out of the Draft are.. there are only a few players of WIlforks Size wo can still move around enough to make plays but they are very few and far between.. (Ngota from Ravens & Raji from the Packers come to mind)

  • About the Panthers Too JH,
    They lost 5-6 Players on their Defense within the 1st month of their Season
    Starters DT Ron Edwards, MLB Jon Beason, OLB Thomas Davis so season ending IR then Back-up LB’s Mike WIlliams and A Phillips and even O Gaither, then Starter CB C Munnerlyn..
    Lost 3 Starters at RG (Geoff Schwartz) & WR David Gettis for the Season and RT Jeff Otah played in 3-4 Games…

  • Beat the Giants and lost to 6 bad teams

  • But Paul as a Dcoordinator you gotta work with what you have.. McDermott just isnt fit to be a Dcoordinator. Thats why he was fired, again…they did lose many on defense but what did the packers prove last year? If you have 15 guys on IR you can still win the SB,and you need a strong coaching core inn order to rally your guys every week and not to get down over there teammates falling left and right…

  • Paul, Vince wilfork is 6’2 325 and Devon still is 6’5 310… Devon wont put more weight and muscle on? Highly likely he will.. maybe another 10 pounds.. Hes already taller than wilfork …

  • Id love to have two tall fat athletic guys in the middle at DT.. im talking fat slobs that cant be moved… im talking guys that are 6’4 6’5 310+ and are physically imposing… we havent had that here in years. the giants have it. the packers have it. the pats have it. the 9ers have it.. We gotta keep up with these teams.. they have monster at DT.. Id keep cullen jenkins because he was a force all year and stayed relatively healthy all season which wasnt the rap on him for they said he had durability issues but it wasnt the issue here, so keep him and get another monster at DT…

  • Wilfork is at least 335lbs + .. I don’t care what his stat sheet says..
    Just like Vick is listed at 6 feet, my ass, he’s about 5 10 1/2
    Just like Safety Jarret was supposed to be 6’0 215 lbs and he’s about 5’10” and 190lbs… ..

  • and my surprise pick in Politics for the coming week…
    Rick Santurom wins the Republican Florida Primary next week…

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