• July 6, 2022

Andy Reid; Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Just about a month ago the owner the Philadelphia Eagles Jeffrey Lurie gave his state of the Eagles address to the media and the fans. It was a strange news conference to say the least. Lurie was saying everything to make you think that a change at the head coach position was coming but he announced that the head coach of the Eagles Andy Reid would be coming back for his 14th season next year.

He also told everyone that the other coaching positions would be a decision made by Andy Reid.  Reid has been on vacation and has gotten back but in true Andy fashion he has made only some meaningless comments at the 76ers game the other night. The following is all he had to say about football to Matt Cord of the 76ers organization.

About the Pro Bowl:

“I try to watch every football game there is. I wish we were still playing and [LeSean McCoy, Jason Babin and Jason Peters] weren’t playing in the Pro Bowl and they were in the Super Bowl. I will watch the Pro Bowl and cross my fingers that none of them gets hurt and that they win so they get a little bit of extra money to support their families.”

About the Super Bowl:

“I’ll watch it. I think it’s a tossup for those two teams. It’s going to be a great game. I’m a fan of the sport. I enjoy it. I want the Philadelphia Eagles to be in that game and to win that game, particularly for this city and for all our fans.”

Cord: Must be nice to be at a sporting event and not have to worry . . .

Reid: “I sit here and I scout. I’m looking at tight ends, defensive ends and corners out here. There’s some potential, I’ll tell ya.”

I guess he doesn’t think it’s a big deal that the Eagles fans have no idea what his plans are going forward.  All we can do is guess about what he’s going to do based on what he’s done before.

What it appears to be is the same old, same old Reid.  It appears that Reid is not going to make any kind of coaching changes within his staff and that is a mistake.  Juan Castillo, the current defensive coordinator is coming off his very first season as the Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator.

He was the Eagles offensive line coach for many years and when Reid announced that Juan would be his new defensive coordinator it raised a lot of peoples heads. Juan had no NFL experience on the defensive side of the ball. Many including myself felt that the Eagles should of gotten a guy who had NFL experience on the defensive side of the ball.

Well this promising season did not go the way that was predicted and many blamed it on the making of Juan Castillo the defensive coordinator and who made that choice.  It was Andy Reid.

Well, when the season ended the St. Louis Rams fired their head coach Steve Spagnuolo and there were a lot of speculations that the Eagles would bring Spags back as the defensive coordinator of the Eagles.  Well as many of you know by now, Steve Spagnuolo was named this past week the new defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints not what many in Philadelphia wanted to hear.

Also during the week current offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg interviewed with the Oakland Raiders but did not get the head coach position.  Marty appears to be heading back for another season as the Eagles offensive coordinator for the 2012 season.  It appears to be status quo for the Philadelphia Eagles or does it.

Reid has not come out and let the fans of the Eagles know what is going on.  There is a lot of speculation going on. Even defensive coordinator Juan Castillo has no idea if he is coming back.  The Eagles head coach had the opportunity to fix a mistake he made and a mistake it was to make Juan his defensive coordinator.

Does Reid think he does not need to come out and speak to the fans?  Andy Reid where are you?  If Andy was committed to winning than he would of brought back Steve Spagnuolo but he did not. The Eagles will not win the Super Bowl with Reid.

In fact the Philadelphia Eagles will not win a Super Bowl as long as Jeffrey Lurie owns the team.  Lurie has told the fans that the Philadelphia Eagles model themselves after the New England Patriots. That the Patriots are the blueprint to success.  Really Jeff, well the Patriots have won three Super Bowl titles.  How many do the Philadelphia Eagles have?

Don’t you think that 13 years with Andy Reid is enough.  Andy can only take this team to a certain level but cannot get over the hump.  This team needed new blood, new system, and a new attitude.

Andy and Jeff just take a look up north on the New Jersey Turnpike and see who is playing in the game that the Philadelphia Eagles were predicted to be playing in, the New York Giants are there and not you.  Jeffrey and Andy the team that you model yourself after is also there as well.  Andy Reid you should of just realized that it was time to go but you are just too much of an ego maniac.

You had a chance to correct a mistake but you did not. It is going to be just the same old story.  Eagles fans do not want nor deserve that.  It looks like it is going to be 14 years and counting.

George Remaily

I am a major sports fan... Philadelphia number one but I am very knowledgeable about other teams.... I was a broadcaster, play by play for C.B. West Football in the 1990's during their state championship years... Have interview players, famous people, and had two shows I did with guests and interviews.... I am looking to pursue my dream of being in the sports industry as a career....

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  • I love this comment!

    Football Outsiders released its All Keep-Chopping Wood team, which recognizes players and coaches who did the most to help their teams lose games in 2011. Casey Matthews and Juan Castillo made it for the Eagles. Writes Tom Gower:

    Really, though, naming Castillo defensive coordinator because he wanted to coach defense is like naming [Santonio] Holmes an offensive captain because you want him to show more leadership. It may work out, but you are just asking for trouble

  • I guess he must be back from vacation….or going on another vacation….does it reqally matter anyway?? Coughlin and Belechik are preparing for a game and Reid is picking out what Hawian shirt he will wear today….his boss said that his job is safe….there is no need to make any statements regarding the future of this 8-8 team…business as usual…..they will contact you next when ticket payments are due, that is enough communication…..what questions could possibly be out there anyway??

  • Dude, it’s not the coach’s responsibility to keep the fans updated on their plans for next season, in January! In fact, it IS his responsibility to keep plans secret until they get implemented.

    So George, why on gods earth would you expect otherwise?

  • your right schill….keep everything secret is best for any potential moves……but does he have any responsibility to speak to the trainwreck that was last season?

  • greenfan – in my opinion – hell no. What could he possible say?

    His responsibility is to try to improve the team for next year. That’s his only responsibility – at any point. His job is to coach the team, not appease fans – who we both no can NEVER be appeased – except by team success – so again, his job is to work toward team success.

    Keeping plans secret isn’t even “coaching 101”. If in “coaching 101”, the instructor discovers that someone doesn’t know that, they’re booted for life from the course and coaching without a blink of an eye! But for some reason from time to time, media members and/or fans don’t get that….

  • That is what makes the NFL such a “fan friendly league”….they basically say “F-U for even thinking that we should talk about our team….buy our tickets and merchandise…but expect us to actually talk about last season?? F-U fans…we know what is best”

    Makes you really love being a fan of the team

  • I dont know of any NFL coach who speaks to the public or media in the off-season or before free agency and the draft….

    you will only hear Reid after they select the 28yr old Brandon Weeden with their 1st round pick when he claims he is the next “Brett Favre”…haha

  • I dont know why anyone bothers…as long as Reid is coach, i’m done as a birds fan… f-em

  • interesting view greenfan.

    I don’t see them not keeping us up to date on everything, 24/7, year round as “F-U” at all…. I see it as doing the best thing for the success of the team. The media just spins their words for (the media’s) own benefit when they do speak. It can hurt them, and can’t help them… so…. again, how is that saying “F-U” to the fans?

    How is this different from what the Phillies do/did?

  • green – I think your expectations/desires are a little out of whack – i’m not trying to be a jerk, but if you acknoledge that it would be stupid for Reid to divulge information, then why is it an “FU” not to divulge info? That’s a messed up logic….

  • I recall that Jeff Laurie indicated that AR would be speaking with the press…actually I remember him saying that he would be talking with them later that week…he also referred them to AR regarding the future of Juan Castillo….how are we to know about Castillo’s future if AR refuses to speak as the owner indicated??

  • I am talking about a recap of the last season…how is that out of whack?

  • Green – what can he recap? We know what happened. What do you want him to say?

    And he WILL speak eventually. It’s January for crying out loud. Free agency and the draft are months away. The SuperBowl hasn’t even happened yet. Slow your roll, what could possibly be the rush other than “you want it now”?

    Be patient.

  • Dude – Allow me to let you in on a little secret – listening to Jeffery, Joe, Howie or reid speak is USELESS. There are only 2 reasons that they will EVER speak to the media (while still in the current positions) –

    1) Because sometimes their contracts obligates it – in which case they’re speaking only because they have to, therefore, what they say is just to go through the motions and do what has to be done – not worth listening to – it can only frustrate you or mislead you.

    2) (to a lesser extent Reid but…) they’re doing it for marketing/pr purposes. It’s a business, they have a team, they have to sell it. – which makes it as dumb to listen to them as it is to take a personal injury lawyer commercial for its word.

    DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND IGNORE THEIR SPEAKING AT ALL TIMES. They will never satisfy you and in most cases what they say is worthless.

  • I didn’t ask the question…DUDE…..George did above.

    Is it really that unreasonable to think that he would have at least had a press conference to wrap up the year as he has in years past?

    I will be patient while I reflect on our 8-8 season while I watch a division rival play in the superbowl for the second time in the last 4 years…I will be patient while I watch other coaches hired around the league while we sit silently, holding our cards close to our vest in fear that anyone actually find out that we have NO PLAN at all….I can be patient …DUDE..because my expectations have fallen so low that nothing surprises me anymore…the time is yours

  • why in the hell does the eagles front office and andy reid always clamp shut and not give the fans any news on what they are doing or plan to do. all around the league things are happening, people changing jobs, season changing moves and the eagles sit and watch. Make one sick . Throw the fans a bone now and then.

  • Andy is not going to bring in his future replacement. You guys gotta understand some things about andy, hes a very intelligent guy and doesnt lack common sense either which is rare, so he looks at this situation as hes not going to bring in a premier coordinator that will eventually take over his job, again going back to his job security and surrounding himself with people that wont be a threat to him.. he gets everyone that is premier out of town and everyone keeps saying andu cant keep these guys around and cant control what they do.. no he can keep them around.. looh who he promoted to defensive coordinator.. someone that didnt know what that heck he was doing, hed rather promote someone like juan than to bring someone in here with experience.. this is what i mean by him feeling threatened and not wanting to help the eagles find his future replacement.. let me ask this,would any of you guys promote juan mudd or washburn to head coach if andy got fired? I dont think any of them would even take the job.. thats what iam saying, andy has all this stuff planned out trust me and hes sticking with juan until hes fired or he steps away…

  • I think Coach AR has been just “winging it” for the last couple of years…
    He throws more shit up against the wall that I Do…At least I am right 1/2 the time. Good Grief…

  • Heres where im standing…..

    always watch what they DO, not what they SAY……

    We alll know that Andy is loyal to his guys. We have a track record of it. From players to coaches…. Andy stands by them. Even when he has to let them go…see Sean M on this one. so…. (follow my logic)

    Juan said he didnt know what the plan was… thats Bogus. There is NO way andy didnt talk with him. Think about this….. they have a relationship. There is no way andy has let him hang for a month. NO WAY. So…..

    Clearly Juan knows and did not want to comment… so what does that mean? To me…. it means that they are looking at someone to come in. Juan gets to stay but i dont believe he will be runing this D.

    I think its a for sure thing that we have a new Dcord this year. Now…. will they bring in someone who knows what they are doing? or aare they looking at hot dog vendors again?

  • according to some on this board, it would be ridiculous to think that a head coach of an NFL team would ever consider talking to the press…what could possibly be the benefit?

    I wonder why the Phillies do the winter carivan circuit meeting fans and talking with the press…don’t they realize that it is better to operate in a vacuum, behind closed doors…the fans will ALWAYS be there, right?? The length to which so pepole will go to defend the organization is crazy…you would think they were on the teams payroll the way they defend them at every turn

  • @ stevo…I agree with your logic…Juan basically issued a “no comment, I’m just working here” when he was questioned down at the senior bowl….I too believe that Reid has a plan for Juan, and he has communicated that plan to him. It is just for the fans to be “patient” to see exactly what that plan might be. I agree with your thinking there rev.

  • Greenfan. I think football questions are much different then Baseball q’s. think about it…..

    Whats a harder q…. who will play first or who will run the D?

    Its venomous for football. Not so for baseball.

  • i dont think Andy needs to speak to me or to us. But i dang sure what an answer. An answer in thr form of a true DC. (sorry Navy, i know you hate those words).

  • *want.

  • Stevo…you want an answer but noboy talks and there have been no moves other than firing the DB coach and losing a player personel guy….how do you get an answer from that?

    The fact that the team went 8-8 and to think that the man in charge should not talk is pretty funny. I guess too many fans just take what ever they are given and say “thank you”. I don`t lose sleep over it, fact is I rarely think about it much when not on this site, which if I were an executive within the Eagles may not want to hear. Fact is not many fans care anymore…I fine most pretty apathetic when ever we talk about the birds….an apathetic fanbase should be their worse nightmare, but the real results probably won`t show up on their bottomeline for a few years…..yawn…realy don`t care what they do anymore

  • green- if you read what i wrote you will see that i said that I want an answer in the form of a DC. sheesh…. read folks. READ. i could care less about what he says. Why dont people read more than 1 line? can someone please tell me this?

  • I now steveo…you want an answer in the form of a hiring, I got it. Did you happen to read more then my first few words

  • Green – Facts: Andy Reid will talk at somepoint. We’ll know who the DC is at somepoint before the saeson. We’ll know who they draft, who they sign for FA and who their starters will be. We’ll know all that before the season starts.

    To me, everything else about wanting to know that stuff now is inpatience.

    Expressing your desire for that info now is fine if you want to get it off your chest. But it won’t speed anything up. And those answers WILL come in time. So…..

  • yes, yes i did.

    Heres why i want an answer sooner than later.

    One of the ways they screwed this D up by hiring position coaches before the DC. If its 1 unit the unit needs to work together. I fear they will be trying to do this again. I go back a few years and look at how oakland tried to build an 0. they had recivers that were fast and could spread it out. They had an Oline built to run the ball to the outside and a RB to pound it up the middle. On top of that… they had no QB who could get it down field. This was clearly a mess. Lots of great names but could not pull it together. I feel that we are doing this on the D side of the ball now.

  • I’m glad he isn’t speaking. What is he going to say. My five year play failed three times. I have to do a better job. You can listen to Joe Conklin’s recording of the song better job. It’s more informative. Let him go out and shop for those loud shirts so he can outdo the big guy on Hawaii Five 0. Juan did’t say anything either and that’s good because how many times can you hear hard work anf fundamentals before you puke. I would like to know why Marty wasn’t offered a job if that’s the case.

  • no worries Stevo – I hope its so cold in Minnie that your nipples develop a permanent hard on and your little willy shrivels, runs and hides!

    green – let me jump on that – it would be ridiculous to think that a head coach of an NFL team would ever consider talking to the press – comment

    I actually posted a story from Tom Brady where he discussed ‘speaking to the press’ and why he would never, ever. ever do it – something along the lines of ‘ why, if I say anything I will then spend the rest of the week trying to un say it’

    the people on this board (me in particular) could care less what Andy, Joe, Howie or Jeff say – I care about the product on the football field – and to quote Bill PArcelss you are what your record is – 8-8 and drafting 15 so about the dead middle –

    Jeff Lurie about how many years ago made the statement ‘The Gold Standard’ he made it in refernce to the new stadium, the multitude of community events, the award winning cheerleaders and web page (little Spadaro love) – he NEVER stated his football team was the gold standard – but the organization as a whole – now – look at how that comment gets constnatly repeated, twisted, turned and thrown back in his face – so why would they speak again –

    the eagles made an ass load of FA moves last year – an assload – Joe Banner actually made the comment that becuase the year before there was no salary cap, the eagles new players were going to be released to get back under the salary cap – they went out and got JEnkins, Babin, Brown, Young, Smith, DRC, Asmo, PAge. Mathis, in FA and spent to almost the salary cap level – and resigned Vick – and then – at the end of FA – they had spent there load – he said they were ‘all in’ (not to mention they have the highest paid coaching staff in the NFL –

    look at how many times that comment gets twisted? Well in hindsight this didn’t work out – so they didn’t go all in –

    so why say anything? Why? The police tell you you have the right to remain silent – every lawyer will tell you to exercise that right –

    and lastly – Schill’s excellent point – most FOOTBALL coaches do not like to stand around talk to the press – they don’t – baseball coaches like hangin out in the shooting the shit – football doesn’t –

    but question – what is the phillies starting rotation – who is going to come in and pitch the 8th – who is the left handed pinch hitter? These things are all failry well know – different then football where you have to decide how much you are going to blitz, run a zone or man coverage that week – if an injured player is going to play or not, which CB youplan to attack –

  • at the very least, i wish washburn would be the DC. at the very least if he is going to run the wide 9, have him run the front 7 instead of the front 4. ugh… this D kills me.

  • actually Navy, i was in NJ for a week and it was 50. I had shorts on. thanks tho. But i 100% agree Navy… Andy should NEVER speak. The press gets all tissy because he wont speak. Threy try to make it OUR problem as fans. But its not. i dont care. I havet listened to an AR post game interview for prolly 10 years. why? because he SHOULDNT say ANYTHING. and when he does….. he’s almost always telling a lie. good. fine by me.

  • 8 and 8 it’s all good no need to do anything hasty.
    The guys running the Eagles are like the KGB, only they don’t scare anybody.

  • Granbeagle – ALL TEAMS ACT “LIKE THE KGB”, Yes some teams have made moves already – teams FAR more shitty than the Eagles.

  • Being secretive is cool when followed by success.

  • gran – Ok – that’s from a fan perspective of how it ‘feels’.

    But from a coaching perspective, it’s the right thing to do. All the time. Period. There’s not a coach who would tell you otherwise. So should the coaches try to do their job or make fans happy at all times even at the cost of success?

  • No argument there.I don’t buy eagles tix for the coaches personalities, just the results. Not getting much of either. You aren’t named after the German poet by any chance Herr Schiller?

  • lol gran, YES. My prob is NOT that andy wont talk…. its that he hired the ticket counter to run the D after NOT talking last year.

  • Ha gran – nope – but I do get that a lot.

  • interesting point navy…take the advice that a lawer gives a client, stay silent.

    I guess when you have something to hind or may incriminate you, it is wise to be quiet. Makes alot of sense now, thanks for clearing that up for me.

    Good point granbeagle….there aren’t alot of complaints from Patriot fans regarding a secretive nature of the coach, I guess they are spending their time looking back on SB wins or looking forward to the next one. Good point.

  • What’s Coach AR going to say that already hasn’t been said for the last 4 months, Turnovers, Poor Tackling, Too many Penalties, Missed opportunities,Putting Players in Better Postions,etc,etc,etc…
    He’ll talk to the Press when he has something to say..

  • agreed Pman… and besides…. we arent going to hear him say things like….. I should have hired a DC. I now see the need for LB’s and ive contacted a guy that knows how to tackle…. he will help us in camp. All we needed to hear came from the owner who said….

    1. Now or never Andy.
    2. “fools gold”.

  • chilly lands with the browns. Now i just hope we keep marty (did i actually just write this?).

  • I don’t think Marty M going anywhere now that the Raiders/Colts jobs are filled. I belive he would have only left for a HC (Which I was hoping he would)
    Just to throw it out there.. Bruce Arians (from OC ofthe Steelers) was let go and is availalbe,, as is MIke Sherman..
    Steelers first stated that ARians was retirting due to health, the truth is they didn’t renew his contracat for OWner old man Rooney did not like how the Steelers have gond away from being a power running team like years past and beceam a passing team under Arians 5 year tenure as OC..
    (Probably a lot has to do that they have had crappy OL’s and a big strong QB in Big Ben who can extend plays) .. Arians could be a good fit and bring better balance..plus it wouldn’t hurt to have him on the Staff for 2012 since the Eagles play the AFC North teams and he could really help the Eagles game plan versus Steelers,Ravens,Bengals & Browns since he’s very familiar with them….

  • Greenfan, I live in New England. You know of what you speak. And yes it is painful being surrounded by Pats fans.

  • and that’s the whole ball of wax right there green – when a person of no moral character, a confirmed cheater, like Bellicheck has success, he can do whatever he wants – and everyone should be happy? IS it that Andy Reid is the way he is, or that Andy Reid is the way he is and he hasn’t won a SB championship…… and if the response is it is becuase he hasn’t won a championship – that’s just being immature and childish – that’s like saying it is not OK for a kid to smoke pot, but if he has straight A’s then – sure go ahead – there are two sets of rules… either you like the behavior or you don’t – which is it..

  • And honestly – if Bud Kraft had an ounce of integrity – the Pats should have fired Bellicheck – if the JEts can fire a strength and conditioning coach becuase his knee eeeeekd out (and everyone lines those guys up) if Penn State can fire Joe PAterno… no way in hell Bellicheck should have been allowed to maintain his position – that my friend is putting profit over everything else – how about when a school like BYU does the right thing and suspends a kid for violating the honor code.. but your right, people will overlook ANYTHING as long as they win.. and this is why sports are today what they are – why we have middle schoolers ‘shirt poppin’ and taunting, and then we bitch at the refs when they call what the rule book says to call…

  • Basically Navy, we have gone back to Pre-2000 Rules
    It we can’t blame GW Bush, then we will blame the REf’s..

  • It’s funny Navy, that subject never comes up around here.And when it does the slant is: everyone was stealing signals. What do you make of that?

  • MARCO…….
    Who cares what his useless @$$ has to say. Nothing has changed for the better, & the entire f^#@tard coaching staff is returning anyways. So there is no reason to get bent out of shape over him not speaking. He spews nothing but useless, meaningless, verbal diarrhea anyways. F^#@ him. One more year until his fat @$$ is gone. It’s ashame another year will be flushed in the $#!tter in the process.


  • Just like a draft eligible player can train all he wants but if his best is a 4.6 forty no matter how hard he trains he will never run a 4.4 ——similarly no matter how hard the Eagles try they will never win a Super Bowl with Head Coach Andy Reid —— Mike McCarthy, Bill Belichick, Jon Fox, and Ken Whisenhunt will always out coach him in the playoffs because he just doesn’t have the talent to out smart them.

  • “Does Reid think he does not need to come out and speak to the fans? Andy Reid where are you? If Andy was committed to winning than he would of brought back Steve Spagnuolo but he did not. The Eagles will not win the Super Bowl with Reid.”

    Might as well tape those words to your refrigerator.

    Year 14 will be another wasted year of your life as an Eagles fan.

    “self destruct” Andy will find a way to top…

    Drafting a AARP offensive lineman

    Protecting Vick’s blind side with a Offensive Lineman coming off Back Surgery.

    Making an Offensive Line coach a Defensive Coordinator.

    Putting in Clay…sorry Casey Matthews at MLB

    It will be a challenge but make no mistake, Andy is staying up late at night figuring out a way he wow the fans with his “Crystal Ball” vision of what is right for the Eagles.

    Like Daffy Duck who finally wowed the crowd in a talent contest by blowing himself up with Nitro Gliserin.

    Andy should have only been able to pull the tricks he did last year once.

    But here we go again….

    Thanks Jeffrie…

    You are saving me money. No more Eagles gear until either you or Andy are gone.

  • January 1, 2012 Week 17 post game press conference Head Coach Andy Reid last addressed the Fans of Philadelphia ———— he just doesn’t have the Enthusiasm anymore — the Phillies are the Top Dog in town now and unquestionably Tom Coughlin is Top Dog in the Division now and then and always

  • I want a Super Bowl just like every other Eagles fan. I want badly to wear an Eagles Jersey or t-shirt that says Super Bowl Champions but I’m not willing to bash ownership and coaching at every turn until we get one like everyone else seems willing to do. I don’t think Andy needs to say anything right now because, although many people will deny this, I believe Philly is well positioned to make a run. We’ve got the 15th pick in 2012’s draft and 10 picks overall. There is a decent free agent class coming up and we have 2 possibly 3 players with good trade value (Samuel, Brown, and Steve Smith). I am a firm believer that this defense came together at the end of the year and that it is only 2 players (MLB and safety) away from being like philly defenses of the past. Getting quality players at these positions with our draft placement and free agency is highly doable. I even think we are in position to get a bonafide possession WR. I don’t think it is wise for Reid to say anything publicly because 1) whatever he says will be taken out of context or bashed and 2) because he might tip his hand to the rest of the league. Even though it doesn’t seem like many of the fans on this site respect what we have on this team, the league does. Jerry Jones was not bullshitting when he said he was afraid of the Eagles and if he knows he can steal a pick that we want you best believe he will. The Cowboys have the 14th pick so they have plenty of time to weigh there option and fuck with the Eagles if they so choose. I am kind of glad that the team had the season they had last year because I think it will bring them together in a way that would not be possible if they overachieved in 2010 or last year. The shit load of free agents philly got last year did not come to this team for nothing. Nnamdi could have gone anywhere but he chose philly… Cullin Jenkins left a SB winning team to come to Philly, Ronnie brown was a work horse with plenty left in the tank and came to Philly, Steve Smith (even though he had health issues) left the Giants to come to Philly. All of these guys wanted to be in Philly because they liked what Philly had to offer. And if Reid is so incompetent how does he get a pro-bowl CB and a second round pick for Kevin Kolb. That move alone gave Philly a shit load of leverage. This team is poised to make a serious run… more so than I’ve seen in a long time. I’m looking forward to next season and if Reid doesn’t speak publicly about his plans so be it… I don’t want any of the other teams in the league knowing family business.

  • Um- brown and smith are FA’s and they are of no value after this year. Asam gets like 12 million so teams will wait till we cut him. But I agree- bashing this ownership is stupid. Andy however has done himself no favors. He was given a chance to prove this team didn’t need silly things like D coaches and linebackers but it blew up in his face. He could have hired someone by now that could stop the bleeding- he has chosen to again however play musical coaching chairs and will again be caught standing with the water boy. Did you know that juan was not his first choice last year? Remember when they decided NOT to interview andyone? Yup- doing that all over again this year. And the worst part is we still have the same yahoos picking Dplayers. Who’s at the combine this week? What rory is down there posing as an eagles coach again? Wouldn’t surprise me. With the 15th pick in this year draft the eagles select- a friggin clue! Now lion- don’t get it twisted- I’m not a “hater” and that’s the problem- guys like me who have defended things like… Baby arm being drafted, letting go of dawk, trading mcnabb…. I’m running out of excuses for this clown.

  • And for the record- pappa plastic (jones) was not afraid of the eagles. Its something he said to fire up his team. You are correct tho- this eagles team has LOTS of talent. Now if they could just get a coach or 2 to lead this team we would alright.

  • To Lionsden,
    I think the Cowboys have mnay more to worry about with their Draft Selections for their own team than trying to screw things up for the Eagles..
    Their OL is a mess, Their CB’s and Safeties are of not NFL Quality…
    They have some underperforming highly paid players like DL J Ratliff, OLB DL Anthony Spencer,WR Miles Austin, CB’s Jenkins and Newman.. RB Felix Jones is unhappy about being #2 behind up and coming RB Demarcus Murray though Felix Jones can’t stay healthy enough to play 3 games in a row… WR D Bryant still has not “gotten it” yet and fully understand what it means to be a Professional NFL Player even though he has a world of talent…
    They have plenty of issues themselves.. On the bright side for them,
    for they will play both young ILB’s next Season in Sean Lee and Bruce Carter (last years #1 Pick) and have a very good young RB in Demarcus Murry..
    WR Laurent Robinson, who came out of nowhere this season, is a free-agent and will try to cash in on his big season.. Will th eCowboys keep hime and pay him big $$$ when already having Austin/Bryant who both unerachieved

  • Stevo, do you think the Eagles would be able to get any trade value this offseason for Dawkins or Sheldon Brown?lol…IM sure lionsden would think so (im just kidding with you man but i had to mess with you after your last post)…I think some Eagles fans have lost their minds. Can’t blame them with this HC but its getting kinda sad to see..Even if those guys could be traded, lets be real who on the Earth would give up anything to get them? Brown and Smith were terrible last year…you can easily say that the decision to sign those players cost this team a win or two. Yes, I want a Superbowl just like the rest of us very bad…I just don’t think that will come until we have a HC that is capable of winning it which Reid has simply shown in a more than fair amount of time he isn’t. Plain and simple

    I do think its funny when people who support Reid say all this team needs is a MLB and a safety and we are set…and then they just assume we will have one of each next year…Please somebody tell me where you get the notion from that Reid is capable of drafting a MLB or Safety? He has failed miserably in trying to do so year after year. What in the world are you looking at…FA? O he failed miserably there too…just thinking of Marlin JAckson, Ernie Sims, Witherspoon, Sean Jones etc and all the other trash they has come and gone make me sick…Atleast give me a coach that shows he can improve on his flaws since they all have them…Give me a fact on how Reid has improved as a coach over his tenure..still make the same mistakes during the games…same flawed approach in drafting. I think the football gods gave the Eagles a tough schedule this year for a reason at this time in Reid’s contract.

  • Paul, I believe the Cowboys will have a lot of issues with their salary cap this upcoming season. I think it will be pretty tough for them to resign Robinson. I think they get him to stay somehow (for Romo’s game) but it will cost them when it comes to signing talent on defense. Dez bryant is a stud like everyone expected him to be but his issues off the field just go to show you what happens when you have no leader at QB or on the team in general..kinda like Vick and Djax. (dont think Djax would ever be an issue with Brady or Manning as his QB).

    Think about how good this NFC is really getting..GB, NO, SF, ATL, NYG have all passed the eagles by from behind due to the misses in the draft/FA that Reid has made over the years…The Cowboys and Bears are right there with them and if the Birds screw up this draft the Cards, Hawks, PAnthers
    will pass the Eagles as well. Time for all the BS to stop and for Reid and his team to show up big this year.

  • There’s really no pleasing you guys. I mean you guys think winning a super bowl is the easiest thing on earth. You guys think Brady, Manning, and Brees came out the womb as better QB’s then everyone else (especially your own team’s QB) You guys forget that Brady was avg college QB that got drafted in the 6th ROUND, Peyton was not deemed a winner coming into the league, and Brees was a bust in SD that finally got his shit together when realized his career was headed for the toilet. All of these guys either had a number of years to sit and learn, or have been in the same offense as the starter for several years, or got a second chance. And all of them play in some of the most innovative offensive systems the league has seen.

    Andy Reid is the best coach Philly has ever had bar none. He has achieved more than any Philly coach has bar none. He’s not perfect and he makes mistakes, but he deserves FAR MORE RESPECT THAN THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE GIVE HIM. He’s the longest tenured coach this team has had, he has more wins and the highest wining percentage of any coach this team has EVER HAD. For all those who site Bill Belichik and NE, please remember that he was a complete and utter bust in Cleveland… they ran him out of town. He got a second chance with a great owner. And let’s not make lite of the fact that Belichik is a stone cold CHEATER…. People on this site are so dismissive of Reid’s ability to put together a defense, but he hired one of the most legendary coaches in league history in Jim Johnson. Because of that decision Philly’s defense was respected and feared for years.

    Andy is not perfect but I trust him, more importantly the PLAYERS TRUST HIM. That’s why a few of them went out this year and confronted some of you guys who were out in front of the NovaCare Complex with FIRE ANDY REID signs… and told you to Shut the Fuck up and go find another team to crap on.

    No one can do enough for you guys. McNabb can lead the team to 4 consecutive NFC East Championship games with zero help at WR and 1 Super Bowl appearance when he finally got a #1 WR (even though I will admit he did choke in the SB) and he is still crap to you guys. Vick can lead this team to an NFC East title and a Playoff appearance in his 1st full year with the team (even though he wasn’t the starter in the beginning of the year), can give you stellar performances and he is still a bum to you guy…. Whaaaaa, Whaaaa, Whaaaaa we want Brady, we want Manning, we want Brees…. You guys are never satisfied and it’s pitiful. I SUPPORT THIS TEAM, I LOOK FORWARD TO NEXT YEAR BECAUSE THERE IS ALOT TO BE POSITIVE ABOUT AND I LOOK FORWARD TO THIS TEAM WINNING THE SB WITH THE CURRENT CORE PLAYERS IN TACT SO THAT I CAN SAVE ALL OF THE POSTS AND REMIND EACH OF YOU HOW MUCH YOU TRULY SUCK AS FANS!

  • I agree Pheags,
    Cowboys do have some $$ coming off their books, I think CB T Newman will be cut, LB’s Bradie James OLB A Spencer & LB K Brooking bite the dust clearing some more $$. I think they are in not as bad shape as you indicated for if you remember, they cleared some big salaries last season too in Center A Gurode, RB Barber, WR WIlliams, OG L Davis… They probably from a financial point and salary cap are in the best shape they have been in a long time under Jerry Jones when you think about it…

  • lionsden – it was never really Reid, but the players he inherited from the Ray rhodes era that was feared for years; do your research little”kitty kat”. Also, sure he drafted Mcnabb, but he had Mcnabb on a tight leash and didn’t use him to the best of his ability by providing him receiving support or letting him call audibles like Manning, Brady and Brees is allowed to do at the line. Again Reid is a terrible game coach and team manager in which was his title at the time. The players Reid inherited and had were already bonafied playmakers in their own right, Reid just happen to be here at the time. like Brett Favre; Reid didn’t make Favre, Favre made Reid. also this pathetic front office business minded idiots are a joke. So lionsden let me ask you this: Would a “good coach: promote a o-line coach who never coached D to be the D coord? None of us suck as fans by the way. Who are you, some idiot who just came out the blue posting on here and ragging everybody else. you sound more and more like “Sheila”, for at least that HE SHE knows that we’re all eagles fans. So buddy I’d advise you to go back to the stinking kat you came out of and learn to have respect for us true eagle fans on here.

  • stevo and pheags88.. OK, OK… you got me.. I totally forgot that brown and smith signed one year contracts but I don’t think those were bad moves. Those guys were new and not having a full off season with the team hurt their comfort with the system and Reid’s ability to assess how they fit on this team. If anyone thinks Nnamdi is getting cut they are smoking something. Mark my words Nnamdi and DRC will be a very potent secondary combo. I mean you guys must think having an off season means squat to a successful regular season. What happened last season was unprecedented and while it opened up unique opportunities for the Eagles to get FA’s it also hurt the teams ability to come together because of all of the new and moving parts.

    If Bill Cowher can do it… So can Andy Reid!

  • Rocko… If I hurt your feelings, I’m sorry but as an Eagles fan I would ask you not to be so sensitive. More is expected of you.. (Kitty Kat… really???). I have been reading articles from this site for a long time and finally decided to join when I realized that there is almost never a positive article about the Eagles and that all most people on this site do is bash the team and its coaches. Somebody has to stick up for this team and its players. As a matter of fact the very first post I put on this site was applauded by a member of this site because in there words FINALLY SOMEONE APPRECIATES THIS TEAM. If I offend you because I say that the majority of the members on this site SUCK AS FANS… then so be it. You would not be offended if you didn’t think I was talking to you. Because if you were a true fan you’d know where I was coming from like that first person who congratulated me for standing up for this team.

    Ray Rhodes, who lasted all of 4 season put in place some good players. Andy Reid, hired Jim Johnson who put in place a world class defensive system that produced multiple pro bowl players. Andy Reid is undefeated coming off of bye weeks. Andy Reid took this team to 4 NFC East Championship games and a SB. Are you really saying that Ray Rhodes was the reason that this defense for many years under Reid has been successful???? You’ve gotta be kidding me right??

    If there is one piece of criticism that I will gladly agree with is that the front office has been notoriously cheap. Especially when it comes to WR. Players have always complained that the Eagles don’t like to pay what their players are truly worth. That I believe is a mistake and it played out with DJax this year… while it’s not my opinion that he should get #1 WR level money, they should have acknowledged that he is an important part of the team and at least negotiated without stonewalling him completely. Could he have handled it better?? Yes, but I understand where he was coming from.

    Rocko my friend I’ve been called worse than “Kitty Kat” since I’ve been on this site. If I pick fights and offend people for the sake of this team by saying SHOW MORE APPRECIATION AND RESPECT FOR THIS TEAM then so be it. If it didn’t apply to you then it wouldn’t hurt baby cakes!!!

    You can say what you want but I’m here to stay and I SUPPORT THIS TEAM WHOLE HEARTEDLY. And I appreciate that in spite of a limited off season Philly went 5-1 in the division and had a top ranked offense and vastly improved defense by years end.

    By the way I’ve heard better insults from a nun… and if you keep talking smack instead of showing respect for your team and its players… I’ll introduce you to some so go back to the bathroom and sit on your toilet with your magazines and lotion where you came from before you got so angry.

  • @lionsden, I couldn’t agree with you more. I have never seen so many “fans” be so critical of the team, players and coaches. I will support Reid and the team regardless win or lose, Eagles fan forever. Thanks.

  • Eagles fans (fanatics) are frustrated. It’s a culmination of hearing and watching the Eagles FO act as if the Eagles have won a championship, A.R. and his arrogance, the team failing to meet expectation set forth by the FO, (we want to win championships) (we’re all in) and simply not ever winning A championship, and yet again on the verge of watching our NFC East rival/foe preparing to possibly win yet another superbowl. The giants have been to two superbowls in five years, won one and possibly another in a weeks time. The Eagles, one superbowl in thirteen years of Andy’s tenure and lost. Eagles fans who voice displeasure via this medium is only exhibiting the passion they have for the fooball team they have vowed their allegiance to. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s not a fans job to sit back and accept or appreciate any and everything the organization does. Especially if the road the team has taken to get to a superbowl continuously fails, then it’s backed up with poor drafts on the defensive side of the ball. Especially when everyone can see the areas of weakness on the team but those responsible to strengthen that weakness repeatedly fails to do so and the team fails because they have not learned from their mistakes in the past. True fans should voice their pleasure when warranted and voice their displeasure when necessary, looking at the way things have been going as of late, not just on the field but the way fans are treated via press conferences, there is a reason why there is so much negativity. Give the fans something to cheer about and the negativity will disappear. Let’s face it though, the last three years, there has been no progress, just regression. Being a true fan does not equate to blind loyalty, if so, Norman Braman would still own the team!!!

  • Paulman, good points. I don’t think they will cut Spencer tho…I could see them making a run at Mario Williams to give them a pass rush they desperately need. Regardless, I think the Giants will separate themselves from the rest of the NFC after this year is over which makes me sick but i just think that they will be very hard to beat in the coming years.

    Lionsden come on man, those signings were horrendous. Complete fail by Reid and this FO. Ronnie Brown played a huge part in costing us a game with his flea flicker on the goal line…the only time steve smith was on the field it basically hurt us. The play against the Giants I believe where the pass hit him in the hands and went into an INT in the redzone was a killer for us and cost us that game as well. Further, the Birds gave him 4 mill for that crap while 2 of the best offensive players on the team who have won us games single handily made pocket change in the NFL. Total disaster…Im convinced he was a spy.

    I do agree that Nnamdi and DRC can be very good together if they are played to their strengths next year. However the offseason excuse is BS to me. Im so sick of it. Nobody had an offseason. WHat you saw was the good coaches and players show why their superior to others in how they handled it.

    Does a free agent really need an offseason with a team to know that a flea flicker on the goal line doesn’t work? give me a break

  • Yes the “Eaglehaslanded”! I couldn’t have said it better buddy; that’s exactly how us die hard fans feel lionsdung. Your eagle bashing fans who voice displeasure with the organization is exactly why we feel the way we feel and have the right to bash this tired 13 year clown show when we feel it’s necessary. By the way, you claim to use a word like lion and I was calling you a soft Kat because of your comments, but i guess feline “pussy” is more like it for you, being that it seems like you got a little pissed at my rebuttal. you and Schiller seem like you 2 are made for each other…pure “dumb and dumbest of the dumb”.
    By the way, you say you pick fights with others on here for the sake of this team because people aren’t showing any appreciation for this team; buddy you’d be better off tickling castillos nutsack while blowing Andy before you think any tired fan of this organization is going to buy into that load of crap you sucking. You stink buddy, and it smells real bad. Go and clean Eli’s jockstrap you fake feline pussy.

  • I believe DE/OLB Anthony SPencer is a Free-Agent this Season and that the COwboys are not willing to spend big $$$ on his return.. I look for him to move elsewhere via Free-Agency..

  • Hey Rocko, don’t even spend a second thinking that “lionsden” is an eagles fan. The guy is a fake just looking to stir up trouble.

  • @Green, what is the definition of fake? from what lions, said in the above post how do you gather that he/she is a fake fan? Majority of you cats, have no appreciation…all it is is bitch and moan, pause, pick your nose and fart, then bitch and moan again…Nothing wrong with showing your frustration with the team, but at some point all of the venting is not productive..Did the Eagles have a disappointing season? Most definitely…were the guaranteed to win a SB? absolutely not! Did they under achieve? most definitely Did the Eagles lose because of coach AR? Hell no! Did the lose because of the DEF alone? Hell No…Did the lose because of Vick? Hell no! It was an accumulation of things which are understandable and can be corrected moving forward…Considering new coaches, players, systems, no OTA’s, shortened camp maybe time is what this team really needs…they’ll get that this off season, and I expect to see a different team in 2012 and so should you…well if you possess the ability to think logically…

  • @RT…..where in my single line comment did I blame anything on Vick? The voices in your head are starting to get louder RT777.

    My definition of “fake” is the unilateral support for a coach who just produced an 8-8 season.

    “Fake” would be reading a post, which if all were as glowing as “lionden” (by the way, why would an eagles fan have a handle supporting another team??) the head coach would soon be ushhered into the HOF.

    I would term “fake” belittling any fan who is not ok with the status quo…not ataisfied with their team being 8-8 and a division rival in another SB….to label a fan as a whiner, bitching and moaning for stating an opinion that the team will continue to get the same results as long as thier 14 year coach is not held responsible for his leadership and the results….

    What I don’t get are all of these “fans” who are just happy to be in the league…why wouldn’t you want more for your team?

  • Rocko – really? Rhodes players helped Andy Reid – dude – I have blown that myth out of the water about 10 times and it just keeps popping back up – that is a false statement, not true – go to profootballreference.com they have the orsters for the 1998 3-13 Ray Rhodes team and then follow along up to the magical 13-3 2004 super bowl team – almost an 85% turnover of the roster – exactly 1 starter from the 2004 D was a starter in 1998 – Dawkins – I went through previously and listed the starers and how they came to be eagles – all but Dawkins on D was brought here by Reid –

    how does this false rumor keep coming back? Are there not enough football sites that have the info listed?

  • Eagle has landed – wow – interesting – we used to have a saying a happy sailor is a bitching sailor – but you seem to rationalize away a great deal in your statement. WHile it is clear no person needs to be ‘passive’ do not most professionals advise people to control the things they can control and to not worry about the things they can’t? Don;t you find it interesting attitudes like the one you seem to validate lead to things like death threats against the punt returner from San Fran? It is getting so bad that a young high school player from Ohio is getting threats because he selected Michigan as his college – I am disappointed in you, you had the chance to explain to people positive ways to channel frustration (stop buying tickets, do not buy gear, do not watch the games – things they can control) but instead seemed to encourage the non stop complaining and carping.

    You had a gret chance to explain that life is full of ups and downs, sometimes things work out (hey, 5 weeks ago the NY papers were all calling for Coughlin to be fired) sometimes they don’t – frustration or otherwise – it is a game –

    and this attitude you discuss – this frustration, you don’t see the fact this ‘my way’ is now trickling down into every single layer of sport – the players see the pros do it, so they copy, the coach sees the pro coach do it, they copy, the fans act like idiots at one event – now we have a you tube of fans brawling at a 6 year old flag football game – surprised you seem (maybe just to me) to acknowledge and validate –

  • did anyone else watch any protion of the Pro-Bowl??

    The line play was beyond pathetic…it boardered on “patty-cake”!!

    They should have just run a 7 on 7 sketleton drill with a 3 second timer to get the throw off…that was reall a waste of time. I lasted maybe 10 minutes and turned the channel.

    Did anyone else see it?

  • @navy…from your response to eaglehas landed it sounds as if you want the eagles fanbase to become know as a group of “lovable losers”, like the Cubs fans have over the years. Is that really what you think, or am I misinterpreting your statements?

    Do you find no place where a fan can be disenchanted with the overall results of the team?

  • It would be more exciting if they played Madden Football versus each other..
    Football is one of the sports that you can’t play at 3/4 Speed..
    QB Cam Newton was horrible too.. Almost every pass was behind the WR.
    i watched about 10 minutes of the 3rd Period and switched it off..
    I found thre Weather Channell more informative nad exciting…
    Is Doug Flutie a horrible annoucer or what..anyone notice that everytime he says something, he always refer’s back to himself to when he played..I hate announcers like that…

  • agreed Pman..Flutie was tough to take also…must have watched the same 10 minutes!!

  • greenfan – there is a huge chasm between ‘lovable losers’ and where the Eagles fans are…… huge…. gaping…

    Look at the articles on hear recently – it has been known for a while now that Reid will be back this year – so why constantly write posts bashing Reid? Why – he will be here another year and the Eagles record for 2012 is 0-0 like every other team. Castillo looks like he will be back – so why continue to bash him – sure – you disagree with the decision – OK – then DO somthing about it… just sitting around bashing, carping and hammering away at decisions that have already been made – or better yet, making up pure bullshit (like the whole Ray Rhodes myth I have to put down every few weeks) or the BSM lundry lists of every things he didn’t agree with for 14 years – or worse yet – the ‘skewed expectation’ that there is some obvious magical answer that will ensure a super bowl – is just dumb…

    but do you think we can not issue death threats over fumbled punts or not harrass a players girlfriend?

    I assure you, no one outside of Philly thinks of philly fans as anyhting remotley close to ‘lovable’ the recent Geno’s 5 on 2 beatdown on a guy 1/2 his size was just another fine example of what the rest of the country sees with respect to eagle fans..

  • Every city has examples of “fans” going too far….Baltimore & San Fran threats to players….LA fans attack and beat a SF Giants fan to the point of permenant physical,and metal damage…Oakland Raiders fans have violence problems at games…I can go on and on, but YOU choose to go after only Philly fans.

    Yes, as you have repeatedly brought up, the Geno’s beating was bad, but should the actions of a single FLYERS fan be used to condemn all EAGLES fans? I believe that there is a portion of posters on this site who are “self-hating” eagles fans. That they much more enjoy putting down Eagles fans than commenting on the actions or movements of the actual team. There are examples of bad behavior from sports fans all around the country…something that I am sure many are aware of and have opinions for the reasons…but for some reason the constant reference to the “Geno’s” fight keeps being brought up? I wonder why?

  • @RT777, Short, and NavyEaglesFan I just want to say THANK YOU for understanding where I’m coming from. Thank you for being great fans that are not satisfied with the outcome of the last couple of years but show support and can see things are looking at least better for next season.

    @pheags88 I understand what you’re saying with regards to the free agent signings of Brown and Smith, but I still stand by the fact that the lockout had a huge detrimental effect on them fitting into the team, Reids ability to evaluate how well they fit into the scheme, and the eagles as a team in general. Both Brown and Smith were successes in NY and Miam so picking them up was not a dumb move it just didn’t work out… yes every other team had to deal with the lockout but what other teams had to deal with a new DC and a new Defensive philosophy (and to that point how do you replace Jim Johnson???) What other team had a retooled offensive line that was trying to learn a brand new blocking scheme. Defensively, they had to fit 4 new players into a scheme that wasn’t even fully developed when the season began. The DB’s and LB’s looked lost all year long. Offensively, Peters was hurt and much of the o-line played out of position… it was an unprecedented season for the Eagles and that can not be denied.

    Take a look at the teams that made it to the playoffs…with the exception of the Bengals and the Broncos no other team went through the drama that Philly did this year with regards to integrating new players, schemes, and philosophies. SF did great but let’s be honest Singletary built that defense, which is what carried them. All harbaugh had to do was bring a new attitude to the team which he did and I respect him for it. BTW, did you see Vick eviscerate their defense? If Maclin doesn’t fumble we are in the playoffs and possibly in the superbowl. Giving up a record 5 4th qtr leads tells me that the Eagles were dominant in most games.

    At the end of the year the Eagles finished 3rd in overall offense and 8th in overall defense and they were fourth overall in yds per game. These are reasons to be encouraged.

    Andy Reid is the best coach in Eagles history and he gets bashed left and right and I am sick of it. If I heard the shit that people like Rocko and Greenfan were saying I’d be standoffish too. If after all the shit I’ve done for a franchise that was not used to the kind of wining that Andy Reid brought and I still had people chanting “Fire Andy” I wouldn’t say shit to the fans either because you don’t appreciate it. You guys act like Andy Reid is the second coming of Richie Kotite!

    Rocko my buddy you gotta do better than what you’ve been doing. Every time I read one of your insults I see a little freckle faced girl with pig tales… But then again you are the one who implied that Ray Rhodes was the force behind the success of Jim Johnson’s defense so because I now realize you are intellectually challenged I get why you can’t do any better.

    greenfan… I’m here to stay my friend and contrary to what you said I’m hear to stir up SUPPORT. And from some of the responses, there are allot of good Eagles fans on here know where I’m coming from. Those fans were not the least offended by what I said because they knew I wasn’t talking to them… but somehow you were…. things that make you go hmmmmmm…

    @Eaglehaslanded I understand where you are coming from and If I didn’t see good things on the horizon I’d be venting frustration too, but I would not be bashing one of the most successful and longest tenured coaches in modern times. The Eagles FO is cheap and they often times create player controversies by not negotiating with key players. I am not a TO defender at all but no one can deny that he helped take this team to a SB and that not negotiating with him hurt the teams chemistry. Let me repeat I do not think TO was blameless and I do believe he went too far, but he was a bonafide #1 WR and they should have paid him. It’s like the FO didn’t learn from that when dealing with DJax. But having said all of that I’m not so frustrated that I can’t see the big picture… the lockout and all of the moves the team had to make hurt the teams play but this team will be stronger next year… I am very confident in that.

  • thank you…..you really like me…thank you….give me a break

  • I can understand how some posters show unwavering support for a player, i.e., Vick, but this love affair for a coach, any coach, but especially this coach, wtf……

  • green – I typically don;t go to other teams sites to comment on the bad behaviors of other fans (control the things you can control) and I was making reference to PHILLY (note the statement – people outside Philly think PHILLY)

    you really think anyone outside of Philly pays attention to a guy getting tasered, people booing Santa Claus or cheering an injured player, or beating up a guy while he is getting a cheestake and decide which Philly sports team it was?

    As for chosing to go after Philly fans – dude – show me a Philly fan and he will be my best friend – most of the cats on here claim to be Philly fans the same way a dude that beats his wife claims he really loves her – sorry babe – I have to say all this nasty shit about you but its for your own good – I pay the bills so its OK I slap you around, If you don’t perform the way I want – the hell with you – but I am really a fan….

    typically fans SUPPORT the team, read on this string of posts up and down how many um ‘passionate’ see how many people have already declared there is no way the Eagles can win the SB next year – this year is not over and next year is already dead – go ahead – look – BSM video tops it all off – our ALl Rookie guard who is all of 27 is really AARP eligible – and next year will be a waste of your life if you are an eagle fan – Dcar – ntohing has changed – I thought there was a shit load of change last year…. but next year is flushed down the shitter –

    so if I am in a bar in Dallas and some ass clown starts saying shit like that about the eagles – do you think I give a little friendly some some back – so why the hell would I not hand it right back to a disloyal, feeling sorry for himself sad sack, who is poissing and whining cause things didn’t work out they way they want?

    So two paths in my opinion – get onboard with the team, and suppor them, or don’t… but to claim you are in fact a ‘fan’ while bashing just about everything about them seems a bit counter-intuitive to me?

  • navy you and I will never be on the same page…but I also travel all over North America, and see plenty of other fans..and just like you claim..I “support” my team…but that doesn’t mean that I blindly support every action by the team….if I honestly believe that the team has made a mistake or should make a move, why does this mean I need to trade in my fan-club ID?

    You take simple statements and turn them into some long winded example ….like above..of a wife-beater being compared to a fan who disagrees with your opinion….get over it man. You can still be a long standing and ever interested fan without giving loud and knee-jerk support to every move the team makes. You tend to ignor any comment that your certain targets make that may be positive, and only focus on views you deem lacking your perspective of fandom.

    I would suggest that you take that trip to other teams fan sites and you will find a similar (at least teams that have had some disappointing finishes the last few years) percentage of fans that are both positive and negative as on this site. I have alot of family in Baltimore and even though they made it the AFC championship I can hear some complaints….does that mean all of those fans are evil? Come on…does every fan need to wear rose colored glasses and always see it as sunny in your view of NFL fan?

    Philly is not as bad as you like to portray…I know that you are no longer associated with the area, but the shit you like to spew is the same shit that the national media loves to bring out at every opportunity…if you are such a fan, why associate with the pieces of shit that you describe? Go ahead…call me a whinning pussy and refer to things that you want to shove in my ass ( a fact that has not gone unoticed from past posts, I think you have issues dude), but I don’t get where you are coming from and really don’t want to. We can disagree…you love AR (you will claim that you don’t, but no one can defend him as vehimently as you do without some type of attachment) and I believe that he has taken this team as far as he can and the team should have made a move last year….but reality is AR is out coach and I want our team to win every game, even if it gives you and schill the opportunity to say “I told you so”…I don’t care because I am a birds fan…just not like you.

  • green – two things – 1) I never ever talk abolut putting anything in anyones ass – so before you comment that I have issues – might want to check your own there hoss –

    2) you are right – we will never see eye to eye – because apparently you equate not acting like a spoiled rotten little bitch and whining and complaining cause things aren’ t the way you want them to be, as ‘blindly supporting’ – reality check partner – doesn’t matter what move the eagles make – I have no say – you have no say (again – who has the issues?) so why sit around trying to ‘ESPN’ it to death – no matter what brilliant conclusion you think you come to – you (nor I) matter! I can not think of any time I – or anyone else – has given ‘loud and knee jerk support’ but in your world I guess not acting like a bitch is the same thing – if you ain’t carrying the pitchfork, your a supporter – got it – we all need to be just like you – note to self – act like a bitch more cuase it will get you?????? You can only control what you chose to control – and I am gathering you did not go up and down this little blog here – because you clearly minimize the ‘not agreeing with each move’ and the toxic spew that comes from here –

    So you keep being the ‘hard ass’ ‘non kool aid drinking’ nont buying the FO compnay line’ ‘not gonna blindly follow’ ‘not going to blindly support’ hard ass tough guy fan you think you are – let me know how that works out for you – I am curious – me – I prefer to let the coaches coach, the owners own, the GMs GM, the players play, and I like being a fan!

    my favorite part is you declare I love Reid – – and that I defend him? I don;’t know which dictionary you use – but when people type lies and faulty information – I correct the faulty information – and that to you is defending? Wow – a product of the Philly public schools? I have noticed a serious problem with the meaning of words on hear – If you tell me Hitler was a communist, and I say no, he was a NAzi Socialist – did I defend him? Be samrt enough to let your argumnets speak for themself, don’t lie and distort other peoples position (so if you support Reid you love him? Really – what are we in thrid grade – you sat next to her so you love her?) so you just make shit up?

    as for ‘the area’ if that makes you feel better to cast me as an outsider – fine – my season tix used to be in the Vet – section 240 – row 10, seats 10, 11 and 12 – right behind the guy in the end zone with the siren – sorry I grew up, got a job and moved away – as for the media portrayal – you let me know when the ‘media’ reports something false – like the old Vet having a jail and a judge on duty for the games – cause I remember lots of drunk idiots! I remember going and watchng the Old Philly stars at franklin field – you think its easier or harder to be an eagle fan when you travel and don;t live int he city?

  • How could you refer to kool-aid drinkers….don’t you know that was a reference to a mass murder…how insensitive of you…

    Navy…you did tell me during the month of December to shove an item up my ass…you were quite descriptive of how and what you wanted me to do…you have issues dude. I chalked it up to PTSD…I will cut you some slack.

    I can make up seat and row numbers too…was that supposed to buy you some west coast cred?

    Sorry also, you were wrong on the education…private and out of state.

    we will not agree, and I am good with that

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