• January 20, 2022

Eagles Name Anthony Patch And Rick Mueller to Player Personnel Positions

Rick Mueller 1

Rick Mueller 1

The Eagles have named Anthony Patch as Director of College Scouting and Rick Mueller as Player Personnel Executive.

Patch has been with the Eagles organization for 10 years and worked his way up.  Mueller earned his stripes in New Orleans.

Here are some of the players that Mueller drafted during his time with the Saints:  Jamaal Brown, Roman Harper, Jahri Evans, Marques Colston, Jermon Bushrod, Carl Nicks, Donovin Darius, Brad Meester, Donte Stallworth, Devery Henderson, Reggie Bush, Robert Meachem and Pierre Thomas (UFA).

“We are very pleased to promote Anthony and add Rick to our scouting staff,” Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman said. “Anthony has been one of our top talent evaluators during his tenure as a college scout, has great relationships throughout football and is an extremely hard worker. Rick brings a wealth of NFL experience while giving us a new and fresh set of eyes to evaluate incoming talent. They will both play a role in helping us prepare for this offseason of free agency and the draft.”


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  • Okay this is good and bad news… First the good news, they brought in some fresh eyes, someone that doesnt evaluate the way that they do, because theyve really missed on alot of players.. But the bad news is they promoted a guy that has been doing the evaluations of all these college players for the past 10 years, smh they took a step forward then a few steps back…

    Side note: Maybe them bringing this guy Rick Mueller from the saints who did in fact help draft M Colston who is going to be a FA, perhaps he can get the birds to sign him to a deal, we would finally have our redzone reciever that weve needed since losing T.O, Chad Lewis and OC Brad Childress…thats if he would even leave New Orleans with Brees there…

  • Saints will re-sign both QB Brees and WR Coltson…The other WR Robert Meachem will hit Free-Agency…

  • “Fresh Eyes” That’s funny..normally that means somebody had to get the boot, but I guess not in Howie’s case.

  • Butch.. i see what you mean. But in this case they hired someone knew but kept one of the guy that has gotten us in this mess…oh and if you havent noticed all the guys besides roman harper were offensive players that mueller evaluated and they drafted.. so kinda like more of the same in a way… iam happy they have someone new in there even though i think mueller does better on the offensive side of evaluating then defensive bc roman harper is noone to rant and rave about of you ask me… we need defensive studs… bring in coach del rio he ll help strengthen this defense…

  • Paul. I feel the same way but anything can happen.. colston may want to come and play with vick, just because vick had a down year doesnt make him a sucky player.. hes definitely top 10 sometimes top 5 when hes efficient.. but hes injury prone too much.. gotta stay healthy and we ll get that top 5 QB…

    Vick wrote on his twitter account a few days ago “going to work out at the team facility”.. hes putting in work already, this early in the off season and im happy to hear that he is.. he has alot of catching up to do.. film room and weight room..has to be durable this upcoming year.. and what sucks is towards the end of the year he was coming into a groove and was finally healthy.. now he has to bring this with him going into next year…

  • Butch, booted is only one way for someone to leave….ever hear of Grigson?

  • Colston is playing with one of top 2-3 QB’s in the NFL in Drew Brees on a Team that is a legitimate SUper Bowl Contendor, Why would he want to leave New Orleans..
    As far as Vick goes, That’s good news that he’s staying in town to work out at the NovaCare Center which is what the leader and QB of the Team should do.. and I hope WR’s Macklin,D-Jax,Avant & Cooper do the same thing (though I am sure D-Jax will be out in California until he gets a new deal)
    There’s no doubt from the time he took that shot n Atlanta to about the 12th Week, he was banged up and not 100% or regular self which is why he needs to protect himself better and toss the ball away when no ones open and get down or run out of bounds instead of taking needless hits…
    In Hindsight, after the Falcon game, he probably should have been kept out for the next week or 2 and then could have healed up for I think he had a pretty severe concussion and only aggravated it more playing the following week versus the Giants then Bill and only made matters worse for him as far as the Season went…
    On a Side Note, Dolphins hired Mike Sherman as their O/C and Kevin Colye as their new D/C…. Kevin Coyle has been the Secondary Coach for the Bengals since 2001 and is highly respected to join new HC Joe Philbin..
    Sheramn and Philbin go back a long ways together and worked together for PAckers when Sherman was HC there.. There is little doubt in my mind that Dolphins will look to sign or tradr for Free-Agent QB Matt Flynn from the APckes to come down to Miami to be their #1 QB… The Dolphins could be a team that gets right into the Playoff race next season as the Jets have a ton os issues, the Bills still have no defense and can probably compete for a Wildcard team

  • ok…how could he have been with the Eagles for 10 years and help draft those players for the Saints?

  • ok read it again….got it

  • Word down in the French Quarter is that HC S Payton with Spags’s support has secretly paid Mueller under the table to come to Philly and select poor players to help give the Saints a better chance of winning a Super Bowl…
    Every one knows that New Orleans is one of the most corrupt cities in the world

  • @Paulman – the Saints cant afford Brees, Colston and Nicks… my money is on Colston to walk….

  • WR’s Colston and Mechem are both Free-Agents, They can’t let them both leave.. Maybe they do just end up keeping Meachem since he will be less $$$ that Colston.. .. Maybe Brees struxtures his Deal to be able to keep COlston

  • ??????? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We’re signing/ promoting Beavus & Butthead, meanwhile other upgrades at Coordinators are off the market. Del Rio to Denver, Chilly to Cleveland. In the meantime, Reid is playing Marco….Polo…. at 76ers games. FU Andy Reid! FU!!!
    Welcome to the Titanic II. What a horrific, cruel, joke!

  • BTW, the UFL picture above, is PRICELESS!!!

  • Another coach that is just sitting out there waiting to get a call is Mike Singletary who is one that helped build that 49ers defense. I would call him if i was the eagles and get him in here to be the assistant defensive coordinator and have him come in and help juan with the play calling and coaching up the linebacker position, im almost positive Singletary would be able to identify a stud MLB in the draft..and they could still bring in Todd Bowles as the replacement for Johnnie Lynn… I see the eagles coming out announcing something this week since its going to be SB week..

  • They cant ignore the fact that Juan needs help on that side of the ball.. you ask him to take over the defense okay he was overmatched there but then you have him calling plays too? Thats asking alot for him esp being that hes in his first year and not understanding all the intricacies of how a defense is supposed to be run… if your gonna roll with Juan you gotta get him some coaching help this year..

  • Did Rick Mueller get hired to become Player Personnel Executive because he disagreed with the selection of all the horribe draft picks the last 2 years and was not responsible but in hindsight should have been listened too or was he hired because he agrees with Howie about everything —–( yes your right Howie, it does snow on the equator and one need lots of sunscreen at the north pole and elvis is alive )

  • Ddcar, Banner “marco”, Reid “polo”

  • Stars of the Senior Bowl won by the North 23-13 over the South

    LB Bobby Wagner of Utah State led with 7 Tackles and 1 INT
    WR Joe Adams from Arkansas (a bigger,strong verssion of D-Jax who is 5-10 190lbs and runs a 4.38) had 8 Catches for 133 yards
    RB/Returnman Isiah Pead had 98 Yards on Punt Returns and also had 31 yards rushing on 8 carriers was the MVP on the Senoir BOwl…
    QB’s N Foles, K Cousins, R Wilson, B Lindley and K Moore all had some nice moments and led their units to TD Drives though they threw for a combined 5 Int’s throughout the game
    Foles was 11-15 for 136 yards and the only QB not to throw an INT
    I have mentioned Foles a few time who is a big QB 6-5 245lbs from Arizaon State but has some nimble feet to move around in the pocket and probably has the best pure arm in the Draft, in my opinion and can make all the throws at the NFL Level to the Deep Ball, the deep sideline outs and the intermediate throws though he does have to work on getting more touch on his short throws FOles has definitely moved up in the Rankings and will probably battle Ryan Tannehill as the 3rd QB Selected after Luck & RGIII ..
    I could see a team like the Broncos taking him late in the 1st Round or a team like the Browns/Redskins/Seahawks or even the Eagles in the 2nd Round

  • ***NFL News****

    Indy Colts hired LB Caoch from Steelers Keith Butler as their new DC to head up the Colts Defense..
    I am very impressed on how GM Grigson is building this Staff..
    Hiring HC Chuck Pagano from the Ravens, OC BVruce Arians from the Steelers and now Keith Butler as their DC… I would venture to say that the Colts days of being a small but fast team are in the rear view mirror as Grigson and the Coaching Staff will builf this team in the Steelers/RAvens mold os some smash mouth football and a roster of a big,physical players..
    I know it’s early, but does anyone else wish that Grigson was hired instead of Howie Roseman for the Eagles GM Position 2 years ago… I do…

  • This assistant DC crap is bogus. Perhaps that’s why these guys don’t want to come here. It was a failure andy- stop trying to save face and deal with hit. Make the water boy your LB coach and hire a f-ing DC already.

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