• August 17, 2022

Can One Move Make A Dynasty In The NFL?

If you ask any coach or GM what is the most important ingredient in winning, most will reply team chemistry. While I agree football is a team game, sometimes it’s as much about the Jim and the Joe’s as the x and the o’s.

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh did a masterful job in resurrecting former number one pick Alex Smith’s career. Your’s  included had written off the former Utah quarterback and thought it was time for a fresh face calling the signals for Big Red. But both Smith and Harbaugh proved us all’s wrong as Smith led the 49ers to a 13-3 record and an appearance in the NFC Championship Game.

My feelings are while Smith got a lot of the accolades, this roster from top to bottom is entering a stretch where it could be a serious contender for the Lombardi trophy for the next 5 years. There have been many teams over the past decades where either it’s home fans or the national media felt if it made just one more move to add another piece it would send the team over the edge making it a champion instead of a could have been.

One of the more recent teams was the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles went through a stretch from 2002 to 2005 where they reached the NFC title game 4 straight years. They finally cashed their ticket to the Super Bowl with a victory over the Atlanta Falcons on the 4th try. Although he missed the title game many thought it was the addition of a wide receiver that was the added piece that got Philly over the hump.

Terrell Owens joined the team in 2004-2005 and the Eagles offense dominated the NFC. Many will always wonder what would have become of the Eagles those four years if they had went out and got quarterback Donavan Mcnabb just one more weapon. I for sure think at least one and probably two Super Bowls were left behind by a stubborn coach and a clueless Upper management.

In the two losses to Tampa Bay and Carolina the Eagles managed a combined 13 points when it counted most. As I write this article I think back and get angry thinking at not what could have been but would have been. Both before and after there have been too many other situations in all sports where teams have sat idly by and let another team take what should have been theirs.

A relief pitcher here,, a goalie there and in that case a wide receiver kept a town missing out on a parade and a chance at immortality. We didn’t miss one title we missed a few. It is a fact today that if the Eagles had signed a wide receiver back then things would have had a far different outcome.

Which brings me full circle to the San Francisco 49ers, as well as the assumption of a healthy Peyton Manning. I am more than confident if the 49ers made two specific moves they would not only contend but win at least one and perhaps a few Super Bowls over the next few years. First off you must stop patting yourself on the back about Alex Smith.

Yes, you did a wonderful job with him, but I don’t know if that magic can be created a 2nd and 3rd time. We all saw just how valuable Peyton Manning is this past year. When he went out most experts around the league thought the Colts would struggle and win around 5 or 6 games. But two? Even the most educated of NFL personnel could not predict the collapse that happened. By not throwing a single pass Manning proved just how valuable he was. And if healthy has a solid 4 or 5 years left. Manning, if healthy, would instantly make San Francisco the favorite to win the 2013 Super Bowl. The 49ers with Manning and that shut down defense would be the most feared team in all of football .But why stop there ?

I thought about this for a while as if I were the Niners GM. And many will argue there are more talented players available at the wide receiver position. In fact I had them reaching for San Diego’s free agent Vincent Jackson before I changed my mind. But why not bring a familiar face with him that he already has a comfort level with and just happens to be a free agent as well. Yes sign Reggie Wayne as well. The Niners need a true number one at the position and it would also free up the middle of the field for Vernon Davis.

People forget that before Tom Brady got all the attention for using his two tight ends so effectively Manning  made Dallas Clark a household name on every NFL highlight reel. The addition of the two would solidify them as not just an NFC but an NFL favorite. So don’t become satisfied with what happened this year. To me its clear cut that these few moves will change your franchise and get you that Lombardi trophy. Many people wont remember but it’s been 17 years since the 49ers and Steve Young beat San Diego. Far too long for a franchise that who showed in the past they will do what it takes to win. Shame some of that knowledge doesn’t reach back east.

Charles Bowles

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  • We have a Dynasty here in Philly…just ask Jeffry Lurie.

  • 49ers are definintely not a 1 YEar Wonder
    Their OL has 3 #1 Picks on it (Staley,Davis and Iupati)
    Their Defensive Front 7 may be the best in the NFL and is still relatively young outside of DE Justin SMith (#94)..
    They have a great TE in DAvis, strong RB in Gore, but do need some WR’s.. Justin Morgan came on strong last season but was hurt and missed the final month, T Ginn has been erractic as a WR but very good as a Returnman but is a Free-Agent… Crabtree has the physical tools, but plays scared and will not be an elite WR, he’s play reminds me a little of D-Jax/Maclin where he has all kinds of talent, but plays scared and seems to be more concerned about where where the hits are going to come from instead of catching the ball.. plus his attitude/work ethic is is questionalbe ..
    Interesting to see if Manning gets released which I expect the COlts to do soon, and if he’s healthy on whether the 49ers pursue him.. I think it will be summer time at best before MAnning really knows if he will be able to play again and meanwhile the COlts have to move forward with their new program, GM,Coaches and 1st Round Pick in A Luck.. I think Manning gets released sometime soon…

  • agreed paul , no way he gets a check for 28 million ! what do you think of the shiano hiring ? and do you think he was on the birds radar ? i think it was a nice pickup for the bucs!

  • I was Surprised about the Schiano hiring to be honest..
    I think he’s done a great job of building the Rutgers Program and when you look around the NFL over the last few seasons, there are more Rutgers players doing well in the NFL than Penn State and almost every other COllege program in the Northeast..so it appears he was not only a good recruiter but a good developer/teacher of talent which there is a lot of down in Tampa.. The Bucs biggest problem was their of discipline,maturity or any real team cohesion work which should fit right into Schiano’s strength as a no-nonsense type of Coach but still young and energetic enough to be able to relate to his players.. Their Defense is loaded along the DL and if they get their Secondary straightened out, they could have an excellent Defense in a short time.. The key for Schiano will be surrounding himself with a good Staff and will be interesting to see who joins him as OC/DC..
    As far as Manning, it’s becoming ridiculous of the tit-for-tat Tweets back and forth with OWner Irsay.. They need to release him and he will look to hook up with a couple of teams if he’s heatlhy to play.. I could see the Jets,Redskins,Arizona as possible landing spots, but only if he’s heathly which no one knows or may never know.. (If I was a betting man, I would say an 80-20% that he ends up retiring which is sad to see but you just can’t take chances with the neck..) .

  • First I think the author of this article is nuts if he thinks Manning has a good 4-5 years left. 3 neck surgeries in one year isn’t good. Once you have multiple surgeries like that, your career is on the downside.

    Second, nothing guarantees a SB–yep, the Eagles went out and got Owens, but did it win them a SB? Nope. Can you say if they had gotten a game-breaking WR they wouldn’t have lost to the Rams, or Tampa, or Carolina? The culprit in those games was a leaky defense–the great JJ’s defense.

    Third, the last 6 teams or so that hired college coaches have not dome well. Harbaugh was the exception because he played

  • (accidentally hit then enter button)–as I started to say, Harbaugh was fortunate because he played in the NFL as a starting QB for 15 years and he was familiar with a lot of the coaches on his staff. Spurrier, Petrino (who only lasted 13 games), Saban and even Pete Carroll–who was an NFL coach before he went to college–have not doen well. These guys get used to winning and then when they step up, and they start losing, they can’t handle it. Even when Vermeil coached the Eagles, he was only 9-19 in his first two years–and he was chided by a lot of his players at first because of his college rah rah attitude. You can’t tell me there weren’t better assistants or former head coaches that couldn’t have taken the Bucs job.

  • bobbyuk thanks for the coments. Its obvious the intelligent people are in this thread which its mission accomplished for me that sal I want. That being said Manning’s injury is not your typical neck/spine injury. Its more nerve related. There is minimal threat unlike with other neck injuries where one hit can end someones career. So while I respectfully disagree I appreciate your comments. Keep em commin. Time will tell with Manning

  • ***RUMOR MILL***

    Word has it that Todd Bowles may be on the eagles radar.. may be bringing him in as the secondary coach and assistant DC.. stay tuned

  • Sign manning, be the risk taker you proclaimed you are Jeff Lurie , trade Vick for a 2nd or 3rd,

  • That would be an excellent hire if the Eagles can add Todd Bowles to the Coaching Staff.. He has an excellent reputation and communicates real well with the younger players of today’s NFL..

  • **Breaking News***
    49ers Rookie DE Aldon SMith arrested onr DUI Charges approx 930am (Paific time) .. He led Rookies with 14 Sacks and is a favorite to win the Defensive Rookie Player of the Year Award…

  • Indy Colts hire Bruce Arians as their Offensive Coordinator
    Arians was the OC for the Steelers the last 5 Seasons until getting pushed out by Steeler Ownership for passing too much and getting away from the power Run game that the Steelers were built on…
    A very good hire by new HC Pagano and GM Grigson who is 2 for 2 so far in getting quality, well repsected and sucessful Coaches to join him in Indy..

  • ***Breaking News in the MLB***
    Cardinals about to annouce the SIgning of Starting RHP Ryan Oswalt giving the Cardinals the “Favorites” to repeat as World Series Champions for 2012
    Their Starting Pitching Staff will be Carpenter,Wainwright,Garica,Loshe & Oswalt which is the best starting 5 of any team in Baseball bar none…
    Who needs Albert Puljos with Pitching like this…

  • Paulman Good stuff . And agreed what a staff

  • cbowles—- is Todd Bowles your dad?

  • Interesting speculation about Manning & 49ers…However, most NFL teams too conservative to make a move like that.

  • Remember the 49ers did use a 2nd Round Draft last year on QB Colin Kaepernick who many scouts and 49ers Coaches were pretty high on.. I think the 49ers Defense and Special Teams are good enough that they don’t need spectacular play to win games.. Just think if Ted Ginn Jr was not hurt and was trurning kicks forthem like he usually does, they are porbably in the SUper Bowl.. I think the 49ers Stay with Alex Smith thru 2012 and then transition to Kaepernick come 2013..

  • His injury was not JUST MORE nerve related, he had disc fusion, & had a herniated disc on his neck removed, with a bone graft with screws & a plate, put in. So the minimal risk comment is stupid. With all of the head trauma & hits a QB takes throughout a season, this would be a high risk for a 35 year QB, with 3 operations on his neck in less than a year to take. Especially with him being a statuesque, non-mobile QB, that will definitely be with a different team, if he is ever medically cleared. IMHO, it would be ill-advised & a bad business decision, to take a chance on him. It’s ashame, but that’s reality. Just saying. Is that intelligent enough for you cbowles111.

  • Peyton Manning unfortunetly may not be able to play this upcoming season and possibly done for his career if the nerves in his neck wont regenerate.. a real sad reality for a great NFL QB… We dont know if he can even throw a football at this point… But the moves you mentioned would make them the favorites for the SB, of course the games still have to be played but it would make them a main stay at the top of the league for the next 3-5 years depending on if Peyton is healthy and able to resume his NFL career…

  • Paul, is Ryan Oswalt as good as, ex-Phils pitcher Roy Oswalt? Just caught that one. LMFBO!

  • Oswalt will be a #4 or #5 for the Cardinals Staff and will pitch in a bigger park than the CBP and probably pitch well for them… He’s a high-strike, FLyball pitcher who still ahs game left, his heart was not in it for the Phils since getting yanked early in 2 back to back strats by Manuel last May, then the storms hit him hometown, then his back went out and I think he just didn’t want to come back to Philly at that point,,, If Wainwright comes back healhy for the Cards,they are team to beat hands down.. but it will be interesteing to watch their new Manager to see how he does compared to LaRussa who probably over-manages quite a bit..

  • Dcar nice to have you back. Thanks for pointing out nobody is perfect but we already know that. Have a great night

  • without the perfect weather conditions of a Dome, Peyton Manning in 2012 has no chance to succeed in a stadium like San Fran’s candlestick ——– he is just a mirage of his former self and is more likely to look like a 2011 Donovan McNabb than a 2011 Aaron Rodgers if forced to play outside —

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