• July 7, 2022

Andy Reid Has Been Battling For Juan Castillo Since Season Ended

If you mention Andy Reid’s name to coaches throughout the NFL, they talk about him like he’s a Hall of Fame coach who has won multiple Super Bowls.  They talk about all of his former assistant coaches who have become head coaches and doing well around the league.

Reid is respected for his calm demeanor,  knowledge of the game and his consistency.  The coaches emphasize Reid’s willingness to battle for the guys that coach for him.  The fact that he’s never won a Super Bowl is brushed off as if it’s not a big deal.  As far they are concerned he is the man.

An NFL source told me Reid has been battling for Juan Castillo to get another shot at the defensive coordinator’s position since the season ended.  He’s been meeting with Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and team president Joe Banner to convince them that Castillo can do the job.  So the idea that Reid was truly interested in bringing in Steve Spagnuolo is false.  He might have gone through the motions, but Reid hasn’t stop believing that Castillo is the right guy for the job.

I did see Castillo dial up some good blitz ideas in the last four games, by standing up defensive ends Jason Babin and Trent Cole.  He designed some nice stunts which produced sacks for the Birds, but he was doing this against sub-par quarterbacks of non-playoff teams, not Tom Brady and Drew Brees.  Reid has enough confidence in Castillo to tie his future to the success of the defensive coordinator.

I also learned that Todd Bowles paid a visit to the Nova Care Complex last week.  Sources tell me that Bowles sees this job as a possible stepping stone to a chance to become a defensive coordinator and head coach in the future.


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  • Has anyone given any thought as to what trade market exists for Assante out there? Clearly they were not getting what they asked for last year. So what is the guy worth in league circles? A fifth round pick? A third? Knowing the Eagles they probably wanted at least a second and then some. I was trying to think about teams that have excess riches in some areas that could really use a corner. For example, I think Chicago could use Assante a lot more than they need to have Lance Briggs. They are both similar age and I believe that trade is a good one for both teams. The Niners could use a better secondary more than they need nine or ten PB LBs. I mean it is ridiculous how many good LBs they have. So many that people are saying they have a good one in Larry Grant sitting the bench. Why not re-sign Grant and deal Bowman our way? We would have to throw in one of our second rounders, but imagine Assante and Rodgers together. I think that makes their D tougher than keeping Bowman and the bum that plays the other corner now. Opinions Please???

  • ok, here we go. I want everyone to notice what im about to say and then you will trully understand who i am and what im about………. Even tho i hate this…. even tho i think its the wrong move….. even tho Navy has had to heaar me say..”hire a real DC”….. LETS GO JUAN!!!! Im in your corner. You wear the eagle green so… you are my guy. Use the voice you have to get us some LB’s. Dont let the powers that be draft tweeners. DEMAND TULLOCH. you have a job to do. YOU-JUAN have to save andys job. No pressure…… dont worry about the fact that he likes to shoot himself in the foot. LETS GO JUAN!!!

  • the eagles success the last decade was the direct result of Jim Johnson’s brilliance. Without Jim Johnson ——- Andy Reid is being exposed as a tag along average coach. Do all these coaches in the NFL who praise Andy Reid take into account that without Jim Johnson the Eagles slipped into second place in the city to the Philadelphia Phillies in popularity and success and 2nd place in The NFC East to Tom Coughlin in success.

  • you are making me smile Stevo….didn’t think I would see those words coming from you!!

    If one thing is apparent from the article, it is that AR is a pretty good guy to work for. I hope that the coaches and players believe thnat too and realize that they need to have a huge season to save the guys job.

  • There was never a doubt in my twisted mind that Castillo was returning as the Dc for 2012.. There was no way in my mind that Coach AR was going to have another new DC come in with new schemes,techniques to try in implement this Off-Season and epxecially going through all the growing pains of implementing the new schemes from last year and again, keep Washburn and his Wind 9 Scheme which Coach Ar loves is not every potential DC cup of tea as far as a base D.. So the Availiabilty of proven DC’s that may have been out there would have that hurdle to clear too..
    IN the end, progress was made by CAstillo and the entire Defense adn knowing the importance of 2012 Season to AR and the rest of the Staff, I think it was a pretty easy decision to come back this off-season and build on what you started last year.. Remember Stat wise, they were 8th Overall of out 32 NFL Teams, so obviously they did do some good things.. They have to improve in the Red-Zone big time and they have to create turnovers to become the Defensive unit to compete come playoff time.. Adding an experieneced and well respected Secondary Coach in Todd Bowles should hep this Secondary come together better as a unit which will be the key in improving Red-Zone Defense and getting more turnovers..

  • Paulman….please answer the Assante question for me since everyone else is ignoring it. IT IS SO RUDE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • What the hell has Jeff Fisher ever won ? Jbird it was reported last year that the Eagles were offered a 2nd round pick for Asante but wanted a number 1 pick. Howie screwed up. I would push for a 3rd this year. Maybe back tto NE or a Dallas?

  • My thoughts on Trade Market for CB A Samule is as follows

    #1) He’s best suited for Defense that plays an off-man, zone scheme for SAmuel does not play press-coverages real well (So this knocks out teams like the Bears,Dolphins,in my opinion)

    #2) A couple of teams where he would be a good fit schemactically and who have a need at CB would be the Browns, Vikings & Panthers,

    Taking a look at the Browns is in interesting Team who have a need at CB..
    The have 2 1st round Selections and 2 3rd Round Selections due to that Trade with th Falcons last Draft day when Falcons gave up a lot to move up and Draft WR Julio Jones.. The browns have the 5th & 17th Selctions in the 1st Round this year… Maybe the Eagles can Trade Samuel and one of their 2nd Round Picks (47th Overall) and get the Browns 17th Selection in the 1st Round.. Browns get a potentail Pro-bowl CB to play opposite of CB Joe Haden in a AFC North Divsion that now has some young, productive WR’s on the Bengals & Steelers & Ravens like AJ Green,Simpson,S Wallace,Anthony Brown and Torrey Smith)

    Vikings desperately need a proven CB playing againts teams like the Packers & Lions twice a season with their strong Passing Games..
    HC Leslie Frazier likes that off-zone scheme and Samuel would fit in quickly

    The Vikings have the 3rd Selection in every Round so even a 3rd Round pick would be the 67th Pick overall and again, maybe the Eagles could package one of their 2 4th Round Picks (101st Overall plus Samuel) for the Vikings 2nd Round pick (35th Overall)

    The Panthers are another team that needs CB help to play opposite of Chris Gamble.. Sean McDermott is their DC and obviously Samuel has had success playing for McDermott and would know their system and terminology easily.. The Panthers have the 8th Overall Pick in Each Round So maybe Samuel could be had for their 3rd Round Selection which would be around the #72 Pick Overall..

    The Key is going to be whether Samuel is willing to rework his deal with a potentail Trade Partner.. I think Samuel will be willing to renegiotiate with another team just to get out of Philly, but he is not willing to renegoitiate with the Eagles since he’s a man who stands by his word and integrity and is not going to give back anything to the Eagles and will most likley take it as an insult if Eagles front Office asks him too..He would at that point just as well prefer to be released adn become a Free-Agent where he’s free to make any new deal with any team he wants..and then you bring in a lot of teams in the mix like the Cowboys,Redksins,Falcons,etc,etc…

  • I think a 3rd Rounder is about the Market Value for Samuel this year as far as a straight up deal..
    If the Eagles can package one of their other Draft Picks that they have, then maybe they can move up to a Teams 1st or 2nd Rounder…

  • He’s cut before they owe him anymore.

  • greenfan- u should no be surprised. I have said the exact same things after…

    1) Dawk was banished.
    2) McNabb was traded and Baby arm became top qb

    im not a FO guy at all. Dont like much of what they do. But i root for Green and i get behind my team.

    JBIRD- i think Asam would be a perfect fit for the vikes cover 2 scheme. I think they would be willing to make a trade because they are beyond thin at CB and have been for YEARS. They have 1 guy worth anything at CB and he may be going to prison for a while. I could see some crazy trade that somehow lands us a 3rd or maybe a 2nd at best. But i still say that ASAM will likely be cut because of his crazy contract.

  • Eagles0superbowls–this is how brilliant Jim Johnson was–his schemes were eaten alive in the games that matteres. Yeah, they won a lot of regular season games but when it came NFCCG time, he was outcoached time and time again.

    In the 01 and 08 games, Kurt Warner picked his D apart–which included Dawkins.
    In the 02 game against the Bucs, the Bucs came out with a 2-TE formation, a running formation, and passed from it. And he made a bad call letting Blaine Bisop start at safety that game. And in the 4th quarter when the Eagles needed the ball, the Bucs ran at will.

    In the SB againt the Pats, the Eagles were nursing a 7-0 lead and had the Pats pinned at their own 6 yard line. They had a 3rd down if I recall, and then they started screening the Eagles to death–he never adjusted his playcalling.

  • Mr Cobb, I love how you paint the last 4 Eagles games against “bad teams”. Well, the Pats must have had 14 bad teams, because they didn’t beat a team with a winning record the whole season. So is their accomplishment–on the cusp of a 4th SB title, any less because the only two teams they played with a winning record they lost to. Listen, they beat a hot Miami team, on the road, that just barely lost to both the Giants (when the Fins were 0-5) and Dallas on the road; they beat a Jets team that was supposed to be SB material; when the Giants-Jets game still mattered, they went 80 yards against the STARTING DALLAS DEFENSE–they knocked Romo out of the game, and the Cowboys kept their starters in there the whole way except at RB. Washinton I’ll give you that weren’t very good.

  • Sorry, my bad, the Pats beat 1 team with a winning record–the Ravens in the playoffs.

  • bobbyuk – you don’t get it. They’re supposed to call up the league and convince them to let the eagles play tougher teams so negadelphs like many of the haters on this site and Garry himself, can be satisfied with the opponents. That’s how it works right?

  • Paulman and Stevo…..thanks for entertaining me. In referrence to your comments about his contract getting in the way. I thought of that already and here’s the thing. His agent knows damn well that if he is just released he ain’t getting 9.4 in the next deal anyway. So it makes little sense to draw the hard line and refuse to negotiate. However, He will be likely to do so if you try to trade him to a non-contender like Minn or Cleve. So I don’t see them as trade partners that would work. Assante may be a me guy, but he does value winning and he is too old to waste the remainder of his career in Cleve or Minn losing. However, if you wanted to trade him back to NE, to San Fran or Miami now that might be another story. What do you guys think?

  • Actually Assante could probably get close to what he makes now if you can get certain teams in a bidding war. Dallas unfortunately would over spend to get him. NE would throw their hat in the ring as would San Fran and some others.

  • Of course, if Minn or Cleve is willing to pay full freight, its a done deal because then we do not need his cooperation. But would they pay that with all of their many needs in other areas. I doubt it. Its not like he is the missing piece that will get them in the playoffs. If he gets released, his agent will call Dallas first and that would be his first choice. Number one because they will pay and number two to stick it to the Eagles twice a year.

  • 49ers does not need Samuel and he does not fit their press-coverage,physical style of Play and Schemes (like CB Carlos Rodgers plays)
    Doubful that NE would be interested
    A Dark Horse team could the the TB Bucs who have aging Ronde Barber on his last legs and the other CB Talib may face some criminal charges back in Texas this offseason and may be out of Football for a while..
    Panthers could be a good fit, team on the rise, he would make big $$$ and play in a familiar scheme with DC McDermott….

    If Samuel Becomes a Free-Agent he could get 3-4 Year Deal and bonus $$ upfront to make up for a lower salary he would have, but he will get his $$$ from someone, but it won’t be from the Eagles.

  • Guess no one wanted the lame-duck coordinator position, understanding that Reid will be fired next year.

  • Schiller, what are you trying to say? the bottom line is, were still going into next year with the same DC who was an O- line coach for 13yrs, he can be the greatest motivator in the world but that doesnt mean squat when it comes to game plans and halftime adjustments, u have to be blind not to see this guy doesnt have it, hes a position coach only. When u get a chance, take a look at the DCs that won the last few SBs and tell me which one you wouldnt take over Castillo, that is what were playing for isnt it?

  • Paulman….Panthers is a good look. They may be willing to pay. And they are on the rise so he might be willing to take a small cut to go there. Of course, he could just tell the FO he will not renegotiate his contract with any trading partner so that he gets to just be a FA and go where he pleases. Plus he screws the Eagles out of getting anything for him and I really believe he is bitter enough and feels disrespected enough to do just that.

  • Andrew….we are all pissed that we didn’t get Spaggs but he never wanted to come here. If you could come here or go to New Orleans, where would you go? No brainer. Better coach, better QB, more talent. Easy decision. There is something to be said for consistency and there was no one out there that would make this defense significantly better. Lynn was a disatser and needed to go so they fired the right guy. Anyone who thinks he was the scape goat is an idiot. The guy did an awful job. Bottom line is our personnel is weak and there is nothing on the roster that is going to make it good enough next year. And getting instant impact from rookies is rare. What we really have to watch for is FA. If they do nothing there its a wrap because that means Andy is sticking with his two second round picks at safety because they are second round picks and he has to prove us wrong. And that means he will draft more LBs after the second round again. If he stays stubborn there, we can just kiss his fat behind bye bye and write off the season.

  • Man, I will give Andy this much… he is the epitome of loyal to his coaches… not so much with some players. I could work for a guy like that anytime. The new DB coach will be able to help out a lot I believe. Now let’s get some LBs in the draft and FAs….

  • I agree jbrid about Samule refuses any deals just to stick it to the Eagles..
    Hers my take on it.. He has 2 Year on Current Eagle Deal for $9.5 Salart in 2012 and $10 Million for 2013 which is $19.5 Total over the next 2 Seasons

    #1) no other team is going to pay that, The Eagles know it, Samuel and his Agent know it..

    #2) if Releeased by the Eagles, then he will be looking a new Free-Agent Deal with someone while the EAgles get zippo in return

    #3) I can easily see a Team offering him a 3-4 Deal worth $20-$25 Million with a $4-$5 Million Bonus up Front.. and than a $4-$5 Million Salary per Season so again, Samuel will see his $$$ but it may take a year or 2 longer to get it and if he becomes a Free-Agent, you can bet your bottom dollar that Jerry Jones and the Cowboys would jump all over him as would the Redskins and as long as Samuel gets a decent Bonus for 2012 + his Salary, he will will be losing out too bad..
    I would not be surprised is the Eagles Offer Samuel one of their 4th Round picks to the Cowboys in exchange for their 2nd Round PIck (#46 Overall) which would give the Eagles 3 selections in the 2nd Round (45th,46th & 47th Overall) which would be sweet and a great deal for the Eagles

  • We talk about needing a new group of LB’s…but has anyone thought that we may need a more experienced LB coach also?

  • I cannot see Cleveland or Minny at all. Both are “rebuilding” teams that will be working in new QBs. They’re not going to give up assets for a guy who will be 32 next season.

    Carolina is more of a possibility because it appears on the surface that Newton is more polished, and they might feel that they are ready for a run to the playoffs. I think this is a premature assumption but understand why their brain trust might think that. (This esp after the probowl the other day. I know its just the probowl, but Newton almost rivaled McNabb’s near historic ineptitude from a few years back – was sooo ugly)

    On the Castillo front. This is of course the right decision. Another new scheme…3rd in 3 years….would have been counter-productive. I would have taken another half year for the players to become familiar with it, and as we’re clearly learned, this team does not have the offence to carry another rebuilding D.

  • If other teams know the Birds dont want him with Nam and DRC taken over WHY wouldnt they just wait for them to cut him?

  • I agree Erock…I think most teams see that our glut of CB’s didn’t work last year and will just wait to see how ends up being the odd man out…why trade when you can get him on the open market soon

  • Vinnie- I say the vikes becasuse they have a boat load of older talented players that could get it done…. AP, allen for example. The coach needs to improve. If they land a CB, WR and a few quality players, they could fight it out for second in that div. Asam would not be out of the question there.

  • Big question- if we move on from asam, move nnamdi outside, who’s our slot cb?

  • CB J Hanson still has another year on his deal I believe and the Eagles
    also have CB Graham who would be a better fit at Slot CB over Curtis MArsh and don’t foget that CB T Lindley is still on the roster who would probably make a better slot CB than playing out wide in my opinion so they have some options there.

  • Erock and Green….the only problem with “waiting for him to get cut” is you then have him up for grabs. 31 teams then have dibs. If you really want to make sure you get something, then you have to give something up. Its not as simple as saying oh we will just wait until he gets cut. Say Minn could agree to pay the 9.5 and just get the guy they want. If they wait for him to “just get cut” he ain’t going to no stinking Vikings. You see what I mean? Thats why you would trade to make sure you get your man rather than risk a free for all that you miss out on.

  • and don’t forget the Detroit Lions & Dallas Cowboys being in need of a top flight CB..

  • I know that contracts and everything plays into who stays and who goes….and I guess some of Assante’s comments are not helping him…but as far as on the field performance I believe that Assante played better than Nhamdi and DRC….that play with DRC dogging to during a play is still stuck in my brain….I still like Hanson as a nickleback and Nhamdi & Assante at the corners….I would rather see them deal DRC if possible.

  • I think we can all agree that no team would agree to trade for Samuel unnless they could work out a a new deal with Him and his Agent. No team is going to assume his Current Deal at $19.5 over the next 2 Seasons..

  • jbird, its just not about Spags not coming here, nobody would come knowing you have to adapt to a D-Line coaches scheme, do you know how crazy that is? Look at the Colts, they went and fired Polian regardless of what he did in the past, they didnt like the direction and moved on, What did Manning say? He said he doesnt know anybody there, thats right, when it doesnt go right make changes, look at Sean Payton, he won a SB 2 years ago with his DC but let him walk cause he didnt like what happen in the SF game. Forget all this loyalty talk, if the man cant do the job then he cant do the job, and Castillo cant do the job, its my team so i gotta root but it just gets me sick that were the only ones that see this.

  • LMAO! @vinnie and green…never thought I’d be saying this, at least in Vinnie’s case but I totally agree with the both of your last posts…A new scheme would definitely be counter productive, but even though Castillo didn’t do a great job and we can argue “good” job, he did show some improvement in, in game adjustments…As far as getting players to play for him, him knowing the game of football, I never questioned…I questioned why start a rookie at MLB and why it took so long to undo that move…the fact the he is a new coach against veteran OC, he would struggle with in game adjusting…The last 4 games the Eagles did played very well and bottom line it was a step in the right direction…I also think Asante was our most solid CB this season…in fact I think teams threw at Nnamdi more than they did at Asante and that says alot..I forget what QB it was, but I think it was Eli who said he wasn’t going to risk throwing at Asante because the guy is unpredictable…Asante was our best CB in 2011, hands down!

  • He will not be traded…teams will wait for him to be cut. You Birdbrains have spent all day talking about somehting thats not even gonna happen.Trade partners and scheme he fits.Come on!!? I expect more from you guys….cept Paulmandomis.

  • But why do the Eagles have to trade or cut Asante? could they renegotiate his contract? possibly, with Smith salary coming off and Young salary coming off that is 10mil right of the team salary from last season, in those two players alone…Not even including the salary that Brown had, who won’t be back in 2012…
    I say keep Asante, if it truly is all or nothing for 2012 season, why trade a shut down corner?

  • RT777 I would agree…out of all of our CB’s I want Assante back the most, but after the comments he made about the FO playing “fanatsy football” and the size of his next 2 year contract…I doubt they will make that decsion…if there is one thing that this FO has shown over the years is that when you speak out against them or the team, you will soon be gone (do I need to say Sheldon Brown?)…so yeah, I agree with you, I want him back..just doubt it will happen that way

  • Andrew – In regards to your question to Schiller I’d rather have Castillo than Gregg Williams even though he was Saints DC for their Super Bowl. If the Pats win, I wouldn’t want Matt Patricia (who is the closest thing they have to a DC) over Castillo either.

  • Real – what incentive would Asante have to renegotiate his contract? Every indication he has given is that if anything, he wants MORE money. Dude is a (extremely talented) headcase….

  • “If you mention Andy Reid’s name to coaches throughout the NFL, they talk about him like he’s a Hall of Fame coach who has won multiple Super Bowls. They talk about all of his former assistant coaches who have become head coaches and doing well around the league.
    Reid is respected for his calm demeanor, knowledge of the game and his consistency. The coaches emphasize Reid’s willingness to battle for the guys that coach for him. The fact that he’s never won a Super Bowl is brushed off as if it’s not a big deal. As far they are concerned he is the man.”

    That’s all I need to hear… Whatever moves Andy makes I’m not going to second guess him. The fact that he has never had back to back seasons without going to the playoffs let’s me know things will be much better next season. Get ready to make your Super Bowl plans for next season folks cause the Eagles will be representing the NFC next year… I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • adrew – since danimal actually ansered your question – I will too.

    I would probably take any of them. But it’s a dumb question – first, what makes them available. Second – you just picked the top 4 this year – DUH, everyone would want those guys right now. That’s just lazy envy.

    Dude, Juan improved as the year went on. And when you say ‘he’s a position coach only’ – that’s BS – first, every single DC ever was a position coach before hand – it’s impossible to always have been a DC, so I’m right there. Jim Johnson was a position coach before DC. And then he became a DC. Same as Juan.

    There is indeed no question that the D underperformed last year – point blank. But to say that you know they won’t improve significantly this year is fortune telling (a specific type of bullshit)….

  • Listen, I have no idea if Castillo can improve this defense, but I am hoping for the best. What I want to know is the standard Castillo’s critics want him to meet before he can be considered a legimate DC? Top 10 defense? Top ten again maybe? I have this bad feeling that even if the Eagles D plays well next year Castillo will still see very little credit.

  • Here is plan to fix the birds this off season trade asante&babin to the lions for a 2nd and 3rd picks now that we have got rid of all that cap money now in fa the first person i sign if he hits fa is mario williams.Now that mario is here get your middle lb in london flectcher on a 1yr deal also if i didnt say it before try to resign desean if doesnt tagg him asap then trade him for 2013 picks. Now to replace him i WOULD love to v-jack or colston but i we dont need them sign a player like robert meachem you dont need a star just a nice #2.I will get to the draft later but lets recap get babin,samuel to lions they need dbs and could also use another de for their verson of the “wide 9” plus babin doesnt cost alot now ,sign super mario to a 5yr deal now go and get the old man london ,and sign meachem. And for all those who dont think the birds can trade asante think again the lions still want him and when you multi teams after a player there is always gonna be atrade made.there is no need to release him at all

  • @ gloomy….I would go after Fletcher on a 1year deal any day….draft a rookie as an understudy ….Fletcher would give the defense the veteran leader it needed last year

  • Great question danimal- ill answer for me. I want Juan to show he knows what he is doing by simple things like… 1) get this team to tackle. 2) stop leading the league in redzone failings. 3) have this D make a play we remember FOR THE GOOD at any point during the year. 4) don’t allow 5 4th quater comebacks. 5) don’t have the wrong packages on the field over and over again. 6) get in andys face when he won’t give your D a break (why was it one of his assistants that had to do this?).
    I guess what I’m looking for is more than pompoms but for a leader. I know I know- they were the 8th best 5 this year. Lol.

  • Why is everyone on Mario Williams’ jock? Either the guy is still very very good – in which case, why would Houston let him go – or, he’s damaged from those injuries (which I suspect)?

  • To me this last year was all about coaching failings. We had the #2 sack leader, the #2 or so rusher. Lots of points, lots of great players but coaches who failed to get them to play consistant. Who started our rook MLB? Who failed to replace Q and stew (neither hard to replace)? Who allowed DRC to quit playing during plays? Coaches coaches coaches. Who faled to teach these softies how to tackle? Who’s system of 11 undersized “fastballs” simply does not work?

  • And for you vinnie- who allowed vick to not slide? Or to throw into double cov? Who put a 6’9 guard in front of out 5’10 qb’s fav lane? I know the players have to make the plays but sheeesh let’s help THEM for crying out loud.

  • Schiller– youve been keeping up with the wrong balls, leave yours alone and start keeping up with Football.. Mario Williams is going to be a FA and the texans have drafted rushing OLB and DEs already that pretty much have replaced him for they didnt miss a beat after he went down.. Hes more of a 4-3 DE rather than a OLB/DWare type of player.. Hes a dominant player but will cost the texans too much money and they already have great rushers at the DE and OLB positions so Williams is gonna walk..

  • Houston dont have the money to pay him and there other fa and get other players to help there team so thats why so if anybody doesnt super mario ur crazy he is a upgrade pver jason alli can do is rush the passer and suck against the run. I mean mario is 6’6 290 damn who dont want that here

  • great analysis Stevo….Why did we let Stew and Mickell walk? I really believe that might have been enough to help us win this division this year…..even with all of the coaching mistakes, becuase of the poor play of the division, we still were very close….


  • Im going to be completely honest with you guys (as i always am) Mario Williams is a better DE than all the DE’s we have on our team, and that includes Trent Cole who is one of the best in the league but tends to slow down alil towards the end of each year.. So lets not act like Williams isnt better than all of our DL players… Im on the Mario Williams train, bring him to philly and that would be the best defensive line in eagle history.. Our reserves would be better than most starters… Also, Mario has the size and range to play DT in this defense along with Cullen Jenkins in the middle with him and Babin and Cole on the edges… thats a scary group..

  • Hmmm- sorry- not the best in eagles hostory. Check out reggie and jerome and co for that one. But…. Mario would be beastly- but then again… Getting to the qb was not the prob this year…. The wonder juan 7 was the prob. Get me a MLB stat.

  • Hey, if Mario Williams is available and healthy, and they bring him in, great. But Dline wasn’t our problem, so I’m not looking to ignore our problems and strengthen an existing strength. It would be icing on the cake, but I’m more interested in making sure we have enough flour and sugar first…

  • Schill- no need for more flour- half our D is made up of flowers. We need a friggin ham bone in this cake.

  • Fair enough. Pick your analogy

  • schiller…great!

    What are the weaknesses?

  • Songs- coaching. The coaches coaching and the non coaches they hire to coach. The coaches they try to make other coaches. Also- lb’s, fs’s, and coachhes.

  • Stevo – You’re overboard buddy. Coaches don’t fumble balls. Coaches don’t throw interceptions.

    Songs, LB, Safety. That’s it. They also have some weak fans on Gcobb, yourself first and foremost…. but I can’t have everything, I’ll take a stud LB or two and a better safety than page to round out the 4.

  • A list of Quarterbacks I believe are better than Michael Vick

    Tom Brady
    Arron Rodgers
    Eli Manning
    Peyton Manning
    Jay Cutler
    Mathew Stafford
    Andy Dalton
    Ben Rothlesburger
    Drew Brees
    Alex Smith
    Phillip Rivers
    Tony Romo
    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Matt Schuab
    Matt Ryan
    Cam Newton

  • Chill schill- clearly I’m playing. However- the 2011 eagles was a poorly coachged team in the 2ndary and over the WR’s and qb’s.

  • Yeah yeah, I agree about the secondary. And that’s changing with Bowles supposedly. I still am not a fan of Morningweig. So I guess our views are not that far apart.

    But I still think the top 2 problems with the current Eagles team is LB and unchecked egos.

  • These pictures here are getting pretty scary.

    Juan adjusting his punk panties right next to Reid’s army utility belt.

    “Don’t ask” Don’t tell”

  • Schill- I’m with you. As a youth minister I can tell you that a camp retreat with a round or 2 of singing “cumbya’s” would do wonders for whatever team leaders we hope to have. They talk about fundamentals… How bout they start with catching and tackling.

  • Schiller why do you think the Eagles have become so weak at LB & Safety?

  • Songs- you fool. I’m not playing your game. Doesn’t matter. They just need to improve. Blaming and dwelling in the past just makes your crabs more itchy. You fix that hemorrhoid issue yet?

  • Songs, the pats currently have a superbowl team, with a roster over 1/3 undrafted players. Does that mean that Belicheat and the pats are horrible talent evaluators and can’t draft?

  • schill….the Pats hit on 90 percent of their 1st rounders since 2001

  • Not all of us weak fans can be Super Fans like you Schiller. You’re a dog turd that sits in the summertime sun. Why don’t you do the world a solid, & commit yourself in an Asylum. PLEASE!!!!

  • Schill, I don’t even think that you are really a fan of the Birds or any other sport for that matter. My suspicions are that you are just a loser, with no life, that just gets his jollies off of coming on here & criticizing everyone, & breaking everyones balls. You call us haters, but you do nothing but hate on everything that we all say on here. BTW, you don’t have a clue half of the time at what you are talking about. I’m convinced that you were bullied & picked on most of your life & have a Napoleon complex, so that’s why come on here with your Computer Nazi & Computer Gangster BS. GO AWAY!!!! PLEASE!!!! You’re violently nauseating.

  • I may be intense, brutally honest, skeptical & mostly negative, but at least I really love my 4 teams, know my sports, do my research before I comment, & know what the hell I’m talking about. I also don’t contradict myself like your hypocrite dumb@$$. You do it all of time, forget what you say, then turn things around on everyone else saying you didn’t say that. Prove it. Please go away! I beg you!


  • Lets play a game called “What SOngs says – what Songs means!

    Songs says:
    “….the Pats hit on 90 percent of their 1st rounders since 2001”

    Songs means “The pats hit on 45% of their 1st rounders since 2001”

    2001 Richard Seymour – solid player. Pro bowler for a while Traded.
    2001 Dan Graham – career backup. Now played on 3 teams.2002 Ty Warren – cut
    2003 Vince Wilfork – pro bowl player
    2005 Ben Watson – Picked because earlier pick on Graham didn’t pan out. Neither did this pick – hardly spectacular. Playing for Cleveland
    2006 Logan mankins – Pro Bowl
    2007 Laurence maroney – Has hit 700 yrds 2x in 6 years. Now a backup on Broncos.
    2008 Brandon Meriwether – cut
    2009 – Jarod Mayo – pro bowler
    2010 Bevin MCounty – had good rookie year now 2 INTs on worst secondary in football
    2011 Nate Solder – starting tackle. Looks promising.

    Of 11 first round picks: 4 pro bowlers, 4 guys busts/cut, 5 current starters.

    So clearly 90%. Wouldn’t be too difficult to get an “A” in math class in Songsworld.

  • Safety Brandon Merriweather was a Pro-Bowler too but had a me-first/poor attitude and some off the field issues with the law which is why Pats released him..
    CB Devin MCCourty was Pro-Bowler last Season

    So reallly that’s 6 Pro-Bowlers in 10 Draft Years which is pretty damn good if you ask me..

  • As for the terrible terrible drafting Eagles:

    2001 Freddie Mitchell – bust
    2002 Lito Sheppard – pro bowl player. 2x all-pro. Traded
    2003 Jerome McDougal – bust
    2004 – Shawn Andrews – pro bowl player. Career cut short by injuries. Sill a good pick.
    2005 – Mike Patterson – solid starter
    2006 – Broderick starter – solid starter. Now in Denver
    2009 – Jeremy Maclin – solid starter.
    2010 – Brandon Graham – jury still out. Injuries. Potential bust
    2011 – Danny Watkins – starting guard. looks promising. Named to rookie teams.

    So 9 picks. 2 probowlers. 2 busts. 3 current starters,

    Look, I would take the Pats draft class over the Eagles’….but there isn’t as big a difference as everyone wants to believe.

    1st round picks work out about 35% of the time and the Birds are right there. Pats are at 45%, but they’ll fall back to the mean….everyone eventually does…..

  • Merriweather had one good year. There were 1000s of red flage about him pre-draft, but the Pats took him anyway. He rode the bench year 1 (and wouldn’t Eagles’ fans have been screaming about that!” ) and a solid 2008 and then excellent 2009….faaded in 2010 only to then be cut do to the behaviour issues everyone knew about prior to the draft. I guess that’s just Bellickick just “thinking he’s smarter than everyone else” or “being stubborn” like Reid is constantly called.

    MCCourty was a probowler because of his int total. 5 of his picks came against the impressive list of Favre, Sean Hill, Sanchez and Chad Henne. Not exactly guys who are known to protect the ball. He certainly wasn’t able to back up his performance from last year. Do you really want to describe anyone on the Pats secondary as a pro-bowler. Methinks you’re going to see a lot of McCourty being torched this Sunday.

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