• August 12, 2022

Manuel, Pence And Giroux At Philly Sportswriters Event

Charlie Manuel, Hunter Pence, Ruben Amaro Jr. and Claude Giroux, were at the 2012 Philadelphia Sportswriter Banquet last night at the Crown Plaza in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Manuel said he was pleased with the way Ryan Howard recovery is going and expects him to be ready within a month of the start of the season.  He said he expects a big year out of Ryan with his numbers being in the 4o homer, 120 RBI range.

He also said he was pleased with the way Chase Utley has recovered from him knee surgery.  He’s hopeful Utley will stay healthy the entire year and regain his power.

As for the hitting, Charlie is thrilled to have Jim Thome around for his pinch-hitting, but also for how his positive hitting mindset will help the other hitters on the ballclub.

Charlie said he expects a great year from Cole Hamels who is in a contract year.

Girous is excited about getting the second half of the season started tonight.  He believes the Flyers will continue to improve because they’re so young and he doesn’t think they have a goallie controversy.  He feels they have two number one goallies.


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  • Garry, he has alot of if’s, hopes & expectations, doesn’t he? I hope he’s correct, because with the age, salaries, diminishing skills & lack of position prospects on this team, the window is closing rapidly. They better win it this year, because many changes will be a coming, like it or not. To me, they were a bigger disappointment than the Birds. At least we know, Reid is incapable of winning a SB. The Phils were rated & picked by the majority to win it all.

  • Phillies announced they signed a setup pitcher, Chad Qualls from SD….they guy blew some saves last year, but as a setup I think it is a quality pickup

  • Qualls has a rubber arm. Good pick-up.

  • A nice pick-up and is best used in that 7th/8th Inning role, but could close some games with Stutes/Basterdo if and when Papelbon needs a rest..

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