• June 25, 2022

Are Eagles Interested In Stephen Tulloch?

This is the time of year when rumors and conjecture start to run rampant around the NFL, so it’s hard to decipher the ones that have some truth to them from the ones that are complete fantasy.  With that being said, some media outlets are saying that the Eagles have expressed interest in Detroit Lions LB Stephen Tulloch.

Tulloch, a hard-nosed middle linebacker had a stellar season with the Lions last year, racking up 111 tackles, 3 sacks and 2 interceptions.  He was instrumental in a defense that, while not statistically impressive (23rd in points allowed and 23rd in total yards allowed), did start to change the culture of the Lions into a team that will not back down from any opposition.

Prior to the 2011 campaign, Tulloch spent his first 5 professional seasons with the Tennessee Titans where he averaged 91 tackles a year, despite only starting 4 games in his first 2 seasons combined.  One huge upside with Tulloch, as far as the Eagles are concerned, is the fact that he has spent his entire career playing in the wide 9 defensive scheme, first with the Titans and then last year in Detroit.

This would be a huge advantage for the Eagles to be able to bring in a productive veteran that is already intimately familiar with the system they use on defense, albeit not a very common one.  Coming off of a 1 year contract which paid him $3.25 million, reports are that Tulloch is likely to seek a long term deal.

It’s no secret that the Eagles are in desperate need of help at the linebacker spot, which is a position that seems to have been undervalued, if not almost ignored, in recent years.  The ability to bring in an individual with experience in the system could be invaluable to the entire defense, but especially to the young linebackers that are already on the roster and any that Philadelphia might bring in via the draft (Luke Kuechly?).

Carl Conrad

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  • My guess is no

  • Nice write up. Would be a key cog in the middle for a 2-3 season span that would mos def improve the nastyness of the D. Guy made plays everytime i watched them this year and when he was with the Titans he was a stand-out.

    Hearing a little about Mario Williams on here and elsewhere. Not feeling that pick-up. I think the d-ends are ok. Money should be spent on backers and Shady and #10’s deal.Draft right Howie.

  • A year too late…….but SIGN HIM NOW !! Stevo, can I get an Amen?!?!

  • No!!!….The potential of the LB’s that could be brought in from the draft trumps whatever some think Tulloch will bring to the Eagles. Also, No to slow, nonathletic, Kuechly. Might as well bring back Stewart Bradley…No Dammit!!!!

  • Disagree cliff.

    Tulloch is a veteran MLB….Pro-Bowl MLB…who has experience playing behind our Wide 9 scheme. He is perfect for this team.

    We can still draft a LB….but we will not make the same mistake as last year by putting a rookie MLB out there on a defense that was looking for leadership.

    I disagree cliff.

  • @ My man Erock, Mario Williams, is younger, and has more talent that overrated Jason Babin. Do you imagine he will have the same production, as he did last year?…He played over his head. I would think seriously about trading him to some sucker who believed the hype, Especially if I can upgrade the position with Mario. Draft Whitney Mercilus, and Vinny Curry, and you have more youth, and athleticism for the future. It would be a smart move worth of consideration.

  • Paulman has gone back on the birds signing Tulloch… Youve been saying it for the past year haha, happy to see that you realized (like ive been saying for a year) that the eagles will not sign him nor want to sign him.. I feel that they already have a player like him on the team in Brian Rolle and Casey Matthews and in casey i feel will take a huge leap this year and will shock many people…

  • I wanted him last year……thought he would have been KEY to this wide 9 working for us……a year too late isn’t bad tho.

  • @JH…I like Rolle alot….but I believe his size can cause some mismatches covering tight ends ….he has more speed than an LB on our roster. I like him question how best to use him.

  • @ My #1 Greenfan, – Respect your opinion, but the money you would need to sign him would be unnecessary to spend, if you draft the right Lb’s. We need to draft 3 Linebackers in this years draft. I do agree we need a veteran, but one that’s not as costly as Tulloch; London Fletcher, (Pro Bowler with experience) that can start, and allow the MLB, of the future develop. After his playoff performance, where he was neutralized, and unimpressive. You can disagree my friend but there is more talent in the draft….any Wise GM knows, you build through the draft. Andy is not going to win a SuperBowl, so why chance another unnecessary cap hit.

  • I wanted him last year too as did the Eagles who had discussions with him but he signed a better deal with the Lions..I think they will target other younger LB’s with a bit more size who will not be as expensive as Tulloch who I beliver will actually re-sign with the Lions anyways..
    To JH, to compare Tullock to Eagles ROlle/Matthews is assanine and not even in the same park.. I was all over Tulloch last year for the Eagles to pursue, but things change , and now or this Season I think the Eagles are targeting other younger LB’s in free-Agency and in the Draft

  • Courtney Upshaw, Vontaze Burfict, and Nigel Bradham in the draft, and London Fletcher in Free Agency.

  • Preach Paulman!! We are here brother. They do say great Football Minds think alike.

  • @ cliffy……if $ is the concern, and not sure that it is, I would be OK with your Fletcher mentor new draftee scenerio……Fletcher is a BEAST (however, an older Beast) would be a good pickup for a 1 year deal…I could see that working out, but we need veteran leadership from our MLB right now.

  • Carl Conrad…Why would the Birds sign Tulloch and then draft Kuechly? They are both MLBs and only MLBs. That was a dumb end to your article that made no sense. It was a good article though to that point.

  • Casey Matthews should be cut because he should never have been drafted…Andy was hoping he drafted a clone of his brother; Dumb Ass!!! I can’t wait for him to be fired. Please cut Casey.

  • Brian Rolle and Tulluch are very similar in stature and can both tackle very well, Rolle just lacks experience.. and matthews too will be a sure tackler in this league too.. But just because tulluch can tackle doesnt make him a perfect fit. There are other LBs that can tackle and can play with this wide9 scheme that will be available

  • Paulman…I agree with you that will go younger and cheaper. I am pretty convinced Dan Connor is the guy they will pursue. Carolina has no interest in re-signing him so you can get him without bidding too high. Larry Grant will be their second choice.

  • Go get him….getting a guy in the draft doesnt help this scheme right now asmuch as a system savy vet. Will he be a nice player and contribute if he’;s a quick study ,sure. But i dont see any other lb like Tully that can come in and help asap. I called him Tully.

    Mario Williams would be sick. He’s All-Pro…has had some time to get over the injury but hes a complete d-end. We’ll see on that…i think theres teams more pass-rush hungry who may outbid.

  • I like the Eagles to add the following 3 Players to the middle of their Defense

    DT- A) M Brockers (LSU) or B) Kendall Reyes (U Conn)
    MLB- A) D Hightower (Bama) or B) Audi Cole (NC State)
    OLB- A) B Wagner (Utah St) or B) Keenan Robinson (Texas)
    SS- A) G Illoka(Boise State) or B) Harrison Smith (Notre Dame)

    All these 4 Postions and Players would be selected in the 1st 4 Rounds
    in which the Eagles have 6 Selections

  • John…Mathews will never be a good starting LB in the NFL. They need a SAM as much as they need a MIKE. There are good guys out there that can be had in the second round. I think the Eagles will draft Devon Still over any LB and may draft a WR if they can’t get Desean for a reasonable price. And I was just discussing it with a buddy of mine about the franchise tag. We are close to the cap righht now. You get rid of Assante and then turn around and franchise Desean. Guess what? You have not created the cap space you were looking for by getting rid of Assante. So you are still up against the cap. Look for the kid from Utah, Bobby Wagner in the second round to play SAM. He’s a clean cut nice young man that the Eagles like. I like him too. He seems smart and talented. We just need someone steady and savvy.

  • I don’t see the Eagles as landing spot for top FA this year. Too much uncertainty with the coaching staff goin forward. Would you sign here knowing Andy could be gone after this season?

  • Erock….I would cut Trent Cole and sign Williams in a heartbeat. Next year is the last on Trent’s deal and you know his agent will never get what he wants from the Ealges for a 30+ guy.

  • gran beagle….Why not sign here? Either Andy stays or they get Gruden. Either way you can’t lose.

  • I like that move…Trents been a beast but Mario would upgrade with youth and he is a beast against the run. Your angle is correct.

  • Dan Conner is a bum, that gets hurt every other year whats exciting about that. You always hear that from the Penn State homers. Stop it………

    @ my favorite Greenfan – A one year deal is all you would need, whatever veteran is brought in, is not going to start after this year anyway, because they are going to have to draft a MLB, IF THEIR SMART brother. So, I would be ok with Fletcher.

  • jbird– I agree with you about the Devon Still pick at 15 if hes still there for i mentioned that a few weeks ago.. But the other name thrown in is Mario Williams who will hit the market. If they can sign him, do they still draft Devon Still? Keep in mind that it was reported that the eagles made a run at Julius Peppers but they could not get him and he signed with the Bears… they may infact make a similar run at Williams and i think he would come to philly.

  • If you sign Williams, you have to consider trade offers for either Trent, or Babin. I would trade Babin, while his so-called value is high. We could get a low-mid first rounder – high second rounder, and a pick for next year, Smart!!!

  • gmcliff…I thought I remmebered Connor being a guy that gets hurt. Thanks for refreshing me. They will definitely sign him then.

  • gmcliff…Cole is regraded as the better overall player. Babin really shouldn’t even start. Plus no one wants all that money left on the contract of a guy that is so old. Cole only has 2012 left on his deal and would never get re-signd here so might as well trade him because you can get more.

  • gmcliff…Don’t even know why I suggest the Eagles do any bold or creative moves like upgrading the D line. They love Cole. He is the epitomy of their defense. Can’t lead and can’t finish. He is not tough or nasty and lacks the intangibles you like in a DE.

  • gmcliff– I agree with you about trading Babin while he still has value if they can get Super Mario, but what if they cant get a deal for babin? Id keep all 3 and theyd have 3 pure pass rushers on that line, similar to what the giants have with Osi,Tuck,Pierre and if you want to throw in Kiwanuka you can so thats 4 so you cant put a limit of pass rushers, you need as many as you can get…

  • @ JBird – Thats right brother, like I said, you have to consider trade offers for either Trent, or Babin. I said, I would trade Babin, while his so-called value is high. Owners may look at his production and start salivating. But, we could get a low-mid first rounder – high second rounder, and a pick for next year for either one.

  • Granbeagle.. any guy on the defensive line would love to play in this wide9 scheme, put your head down and just rush the QB, thats a dream for them. And we saw last year and previous years guys do want to play for the eagles.. Plaxico comes out and admits he wants to be an eagle and im almost positive other guys feel the same way but wont say it bc they dont want it to affect there potential deals…

  • @ John Hart – Thats right Brother if you can’t gey a deal for Babin, you keep him in the rotation with Philip Hunt, and Brandon Graham . But, you would have to trade Trent; You can only pay your starting DE’s major money. But we would be able to enhance what we can get from the draft. Mercilus,and Curry would bring you more speed ,and ATHLETICISM TO YOUR ROTATION, which would allow our draft picks to develop gradually with no pressure to produce.

  • gmcliff…I think GMs see through Babin. He can’t produce outside the Wide Nine and he can’t play the run. Personally I would start Jenkins at LDE and only bring Babin in for my nickel package but I’m not as smart as Juan. I mean why have a three hundred pund DE on the strong side when you can play a guy over there just because he is making a lot of money that can’t stop the run? I make no sense. Also Soft Trent is two years younger.

  • Bottom line is Mario is a beast. We do not have a beast on this defense. Imagine if you drafted Devon Still, traded Cole and signed Super Mario! NY who?

  • All this LB talk. I think they really like Chaney. And you know what happens when they like someone? They stick with him. There will be one new starter next year because the SAM is in even worse shape than MIKE. So I’m thinking second round. Wagner seems like a good fit. Safe pick. Nice young black man with not a trace of hood in him. That’s what they like.

  • I like the kid from Texas myself. He looks mean! Like a Raven or a Steeler. Robinson. And he’s big too. Imagine that???

  • Eagles won’t draft a LB in first round. There is no first round value. Kuechly has bust written all over him. If they draft him I will be so pissed. He’s Casey Mathews with more awards.

  • Jbird you sound smart to me brother!!! I love Cullen Jenkins at DE. I would start Jenkins, and Williams at DE, and have Brandon Thompson (my 2nd round pick), and Albert Haynesworth at DT, with Upshaw, and Zach Brown, or Nigel Bradham on the outside, and Fletcher in the middle with Vontaze, brought along gradually. Speed, and Nastiness on Defense. Chaney will probably be a back up for Courtney Upshaw, at OLB. I’ll act like I didn’t hear the black man comment. I’m black, but love all my white, Spanish, Indian, and Oriental brothers; not the best of comments JBird, come on man……….We’re still cool though brother………

  • They have to draft a LB in the first round. I’m not saying they shouldn’t draft another position in the 1st, but Linebacker has to be one of them. They should be able to get 3 #1’s this year with some wheeling, and dealing.

  • gmcliff…I aplogize. That wasn’t meant to offend. I was actually bashing the Eagles for being so concerned about kid’s backgrounds. That’s why they would shy away from talent like Jimmy Smith and Vontaze Burfict. That’s all I meant. I would actually prefer a player that was more streetwise and tough. Just because someone comes from the hood doesn’t mean he’s going to be trouble. But they are too cautious. You see what I mean?? Again aplogies if you took that wrong.

  • Eagles have Zero chance of landing Mario Williams
    He’s going back home to the Panthers who have the need, the $$$ and the Scheme & HC in Rivera that suits him perfectly.. He will be paired with DE Charles Johnson and plays in HC Rivera’s Defensive scheme handled by DC Sean McDermott. Panthers will also Draft DT D Still or M Brockers with their 1st Round pick giving them one of youngest and best DL in the NFL to go along with a LB Crew that when they return of MLB J Beason f& OLB T DAvis and James Andersons will give the PAnthers one of the bset front 7’s in the NFC and will allow them to compete with the Saints/Falcons for a Playoff Spot in the NFC South Division
    There is no way Mario WIlliams will play for a Team up North. Sorry fellas

  • No sense in thinking it can happen now. Paul said it can’t .

  • No Offense taken JBird…as I said we’re still cool.

    @Paulman, and Erock – They may not go after Mario, but It would be the smart thing to do, seeings though Babin, and Cole both, will have to be replaced at some point of time, especially when Cole contract year is approaching. GMCliff, would not just go after, I would sign Mario Williams. I have vision, and know how to reload for future SuperBowl runs. That would be the smart move, but Andy doesn’t think like we do. We on GCobb.com have common sense.

  • Don’t listen to paul, he said the same thing about Nnamdi before we signed him, that hed never come here and that hes signing here n there but not heat, you have no clue what ur talking about. Why waste ur typing when your wrong 95% of the time…

  • Checking around the NFL and the fact that there are 450 Free-Agents hitting the market this year, there are also quite a few players who will find themselves released as Salray Cap Casualties where verteran players are making big $$4 and are either underperforming, coming off injury or beat out by a younger,cheaper players… Every team has a few on their roster, some are big names, some are not
    For example the Eagles
    CB A Sammuel, DE D Tapp, OT Winston Justice and possibly DT C Jenkins
    could all very well be released

    Take a look at the Saints who have a lot of big name players as Free-Agents
    but also have Veteran Players under Contract that will most likley be released to free up $$$ and in esscence join the free-agent market as players
    Saints players to get the hook
    MLB J Vilma, DE W Smith & RB C Ivory
    OLB Thomas Davis, OT Jeff Otah

    The NFL Calender and new Year begins March 8th which is when many of the players either receive some type of Roster Bonus or if active on a teams roster, will count to they Salary Cap… Watch for each team to release 3-4-5 players to free up $$$ over the next few weeks

  • I wish the Eagles would have listened and not sign Asmo, he’s way overrated in my book and I would have pursued more physical Cover CB’s familiar with NFC Football and Opponents and been happy with either Carlos Rodgers and or Richard Marshall and saved about $8-MIllion per year in the process which I then could have addressed LB and Safety

  • Paul…IMO, cutting Jenkins would be a mistake. I liked everything I saw from him last year. I just don’t see that one Paul.

  • What is the since of having coaches if they can’t coach up the linebackers.

    These guys are young.

    The Eagles need to get a linebacker coach who actually knows the defense.

    Then all the linebackers “can be in a better position” to play well.

    This organization devalues the position with players as well as coaches.

    2 years ago they had some bum whose only experience was playing in a semi-pro league, coaching the linebackers. And I got that right off the Eagles website, when Ernie Sims was stinking up the stadium.

    It’s obvious that the offensive line coach, excuse me, defensive coordinator does not know the defense, nor does the current linebacker coach. Their incredible off season dedication to the system, or lack there of, was apparent with the way the team started.

    Get a linebacker coach, then draft a stud and bring in a vetran to hold down the position until the stud is ready.

    And no slow, high motor, non-athletic linebackers like that overachiver at boston college. The ACC is a joke. Their best program (VA Tech) lost to a division 1AA team last year. He would not even see the field in the SEC.

    Draft an athletic stud who will knock your teeth out, and has a temper, on and off the field. With the size to back up his trash talk.

    Texas Oklahoma LSU Alabama Florida – Get somebody from a football factory with no torn ACLs in their history and draft somebody who actually plays the position.

    No more freakin experiments.

  • Did’nt Fat Andy learn anything from getting linebackers from Detroit?

    Silly me, that’s the same guy who picked up an offensive lineman with back problems, after dealing with the Andrew sisters.

  • YES, bsm…..YES YES YES….why has nobody else picked up on our need to upgrade from the 1st year LB coach Caldwell????? Is it because he are Zordich are former Eagles???? I question both since both groups wer alot of our defensive problems last year.

    From my memory…which is sometimes not that great…I would say we have not had a first rate LB coach since Ron Rivera left.

    Also, since we have heard that BDawk is considering retirement, I would like to see Mike Zordich replaced with Dawk.

  • Sean Andrews had back problems prior to becoming an Eagle, maybe as far back as high school.

  • Paulman….given Patterson’s health is a question, Laws is useless (and a FA) and Dixon may not be a good fit for this system, it would be a horrendous mistake to cut Jenkins.

  • bsm and greenfan….I have been saying Caldwell sucks. Another guy they are loyal to for no good reason. He sucked when he was a player. Is this a case of those that can’t do, teach? Do you remember how much he sucked back in 2000-2001? I thought make Juan the LB coach because he has most familiarity with that and then get a D coordinator.

  • @jbird….I am sure that Jon Hart will tells us that he thought of that in a dream 4 weeks ago….just kidding with ya Jon…keep up the good work!!

  • Current DTs: Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins. Everyone else is a FA. So we technically have two DTs at this moment. And one just had BRAIN SURGERY!!! Laws has to go. Landri is better and cheaper and they can restrict Dixon. If they cut Jenkins what would they do? Re-sign Laws? Andy might as well tender his resignation. They cannot TAKE AWAY anything from this defense right now as it is hanging by a thread as it is. They can’t be cheap on the defense or its a wrap. And they may not get a very good DT with the 15th pick that can play right away if Still is off the board. If they cut Jenkins they are going backwards. Not to mention they will fuel defensive improvement for the Packers who will scoop him up in a heartbeat. Then we fall even further behind our competition.

  • I think that Dixon will be a contributor on the DL this year…..word is he has recovered from his injury.

  • If they need money then cut Assante before training camp after all the FA money has been spent and he cannot get paid. If he wants to play hardball and refuse to renogiate his contract with a trade partner, then you screw him back by waiting until all the money is off the table before you cut him. Then some teams desperate for CB help will have spent on someone else and he will not get more than 3-4 million that someone can squeeze under the cap. If you cut him by 3/13, Jerry Jones will give him $8M within 24 hours of FA starting and he wins and Dallas gets better in an area of dire need. So we wait or he can agree to negotiate with a trade partner for a little less money. If he says no then we should try our best to screw him hard.

  • greenfan….I agree about Dixon. He just needs a full off season with Wash. But they can’t let Jenkins go o save five mil or we will be getting worse on defense which we absolutely can’t afford.

  • I agree about Cullen Jenkins, Eagles need to keep him no doubt, but I was answering another posters question about some the Salary Cap issues the Eagles haveto work..
    This Offseason and probably subsequent Draft have a lot to do with what the EAgles do about D Jax and A Samuel.. It will be hard to upgrade the Roster, Draft the Best players for need until they address these 2 players

  • My take on Andy Reid’s job security: First he does not need to make a deep playoff run to get an extension. That is a fan and media based fantasy because this is what they want to believe. I believe under certain circumstances Luire would let him go. With tears in his eyes, but he would do it–if Banner told him to. I do sicerely believe that Banner is over Reid and it occurrs to him he will soon become bad for business. However, he is also a very pragmatic person and firing him now made no sense. First, you eat two years of a BIG contract. Second, what new coach necessarily wants Vick because that’s who he would be stuck with for the first year. Next year makes so much more sense.
    But here’s the thing. Eages fans are EASY. The FO doesn’t give a damn how much we bitch because we will always bitch until we win the SB (and then still probably find something to complain about). We can’t bitch with our mouths. We have to bitch with our wallet. But if we win ten games next year, the Linc will be packed and the jerseys will fly off the shelves next Xmas. It is up to us fans to show our displeasure in a way that means something to the FO. But like I said we are too EASY and crawl back to them with any glimmer of a chance at a SB.
    I think we will tune out if this team sucks again next year and Banner will make Lurie pull the plug. But if he wins ten games but doesn’t make the playoffs, he will be back until 2016 with a three year extension. Same goes if he wins one WC playoff game. Do you think if we finish at #4 and beat the Lions who finish #5 and then go get smoked by the #1 Saints in the second round Andy will get fired?? NO WAY!! So one playoff win guarantees his job for four more years because they will not have him be a lame duck in 2013.
    With the schedule they have next year, I can’t see them winning more than ten games and that will be very tough as things stand now. If he wins ten but ten doesn’t make the playoffs, he will be back. If he makes the playoffs, 75% chance he is back win or lose. The 25% is if he has home field and gets smoked like he did down in Dallas. If they compete but lose, he’s back. If they win one WC game there is a 99.9% chance he is back regardless of what happens the following week.
    Now if he somehow got a bye (which is highly unlikely), he may be worse off. The one thing he can hang his at on is that he has only lost once in 17 games with two weeks to prepare and that was the SB. So if he loses at home to a WC team with two weeks to prepare, 75% chance he gets canned. So what if he wins? Is it ok to lose his fifth NFCC in six tries? Simply put I think it depends. If we are #2 and we go get beat by #1 New Orleans in the Superdome when they are playing to host the SB, they are not going to fault him for that. If we are #2 and say some WC team “gets hot” like the Packers and Giants did and beats the Saints in the second round before coming here? Lets suppose Detroit is #5 beats #4 San Fran and then #1 NO on the road. They come here for the NFCC playing outdoors in January in their third consecutive road game and beat us. I think there’s a 75% chance Andy gets fired for that. So it is all circumstantial.
    The idea that he has to get to the SB or he is gone is pure fantasy on the part of the media and disgruntled fans. It is what we WANT to believe. It does not make it at all true. It will not take nearly as much as we all think for Andy to keep his job here for several more years.

  • Saw a mock draft that had the Eagles taking a WR from Baylor at 15 and then using both 2nd rounders on LBs (Burfict from AZ (that might be ASU)) and I think Jones from NC?

    As for DT – You have Patterson, Jenkins, Landri. Laws and Dixon coming back – I think Dixon was a tricep – earlier in the season so I don’t think it will be an issue (not like a leg) I still think the Eagles go out in the 4rth or 5th round and get another really big body DT, then let the 6 fight it out – I think Jenkins Patterson (depends on the surgery) and Landri (how the hell did he intially get cut?) are in and then other 3 are battling for the 4rth spot (and the rook could go to practice squad).

    I think it is much more important to resign Jenkins and Mathis then keep D Jackson – I am more worried about extending McCoy then keeping JAckson..

    As for Tulloch – If the Birds are going to draft a couple young LBs – bring in an old vet like London Fletcher for a year and depth – if they want to sign a vet free agent for a coupel years – Connor or Tulloch would both fit well

  • jb – not a bad piece there boss – hard to add input without being classified as a lover or a hater – but as a practical matter – I think 10 wins and makes the playoffs he gets another year… everyone loves to predict next years ‘record’ off this years ‘ record’ but truth is – a team that SUCKED (the Lions for example – or the Bills early in the year – or maybe the 9ers) can come on strong and teams we thought would be tough (you really think we were going to go 5-1 in the division?) can be easier – but I think being pragmatic – 10 wins and the playoffs he will be back

  • Navy…. Laws and Landri are FAs so technically they are not on the team until they are re-signed. Second, they only carry four DTs every year. They may carry five if they draft someone high enough. Doubt Laws gets re-signed. So Patterson, Jenkins, Landri?, Dixon? and Rookie? hard to say what they do here. Jenkins is under contract. He is just due five Mil bonus which it has been speculated could make him a cap casualty. this is the full story. Now you can come from a position of knowledge.

  • Navy we are on the same page with D Jack. Keeping Mathis and Jenkins is way more important. Also I stated earlier if you get rid of Assante by cut or trade, the franchise tag for D Jack eats up every penny of Assante’s money against the cap so we are no better off. But then again they franchised LJ Smith! Are you kidding me?? So they may be stubborn enough to do it. I hope like hell they don’t. But they might.
    As far as extending McCoy I have been talking about them having to that as well. I have kept saying they need to do it this month. But upon further thought, they are not up against any deadline as long as they get it done before training camp its kosher. Maclin probably won’t take their offer and will elect to renegotiate after the season because they would really low ball him right now based off last year’s numbers.

  • j – true – I just don’t see much of an outside market for Laws – you need camp bodies – why not let him fight it out? Landri can be resigned as well (I think Landri will get more offers then Laws don;t you? I do think they will keep 4 with one on the PS –

    you know – colleges these days have these sports management majors – that probably would have been an interesting thing to get into… what is the ‘background’ of a sports agent – are they mostly lawyers? Contract specialists?

  • laws will get some interest
    Teams like the Colts,Panthers,Vikings,Rams,Falcons could all use DT help
    It won’t be for big $$$, but there will be interest for him..
    The Eagles FA who I thinkg gets a lot more interest and offers will be
    OL King Dunlp.. (Steelers,Ravens,Redskins,Cowboys,Falcons,Bears)
    there are a lot of teams ghurting along their OL and even for back-ups who have some experience .. again it won’t be at big $$$, but he will get more interest that many think…
    Players who won’t drum up much interest are Abiamri, Jamall Jackson,VY,R Brown.

  • laws will get some interest
    Teams like the Colts,Panthers,Vikings,Rams,Falcons could all use DT help
    It won’t be for big $$$, but there will be interest for him..
    The Eagles FA who I thinkg gets a lot more interest and offers will be
    OL King Dunlp.. (Steelers,Ravens,Redskins,Cowboys,Falcons,Bears)
    there are a lot of teams ghurting along their OL and even for back-ups who have some experience .. again it won’t be at big $$$, but he will get more interest that many think…
    Players who won’t drum up much interest are Abiamri, Jamall Jackson,VY,R Brown, O Schmitt.

  • NFL News**
    Steelers releases CB Bryant McFadden and WR Arnaz Battle as Salary Cap Casualties start to begin. Stay tuned.. .

  • Chargers really need OL help – great spot for all the OL backups JJ, Dunlap – Justice (I don’t see him being there this year)

  • Raiders has released Stanford Routt…kinda shocking…didnt they just give him a huge contract?

  • THEY’D BETTER BE! GMCliff, I guess his 250 tackles combined for the last 2 years, means nothing. How can you say that a draft pick, brings you more than a very good veteran, that has played in our system his entire career. Upshaw is a 3-4 rushing OLB. Some clueless $#!t that comes out of some of your mouths.

  • paulman
    February 9, 2012 – 10:38 am
    I like the Eagles to add the following 3 Players to the middle of their Defense
    DT- A) M Brockers (LSU) or B) Kendall Reyes (U Conn)
    MLB- A) D Hightower (Bama) or B) Audi Cole (NC State)
    OLB- A) B Wagner (Utah St) or B) Keenan Robinson (Texas)
    SS- A) G Illoka(Boise State) or B) Harrison Smith (Notre Dame)
    All these 4 Postions and Players would be selected in the 1st 4 Rounds
    in which the Eagles have 6 Selections.
    PAUL, I second that. Just as we discussed a couple of weeks ago. 🙂

  • Instead of a blind mock draft…lets talk about the possibilities of FA..
    2012 eagles (yes not capitalized): $13.5M under the cap (per eagles cap.com)
    DJax: $9.5M (est. tag)
    DJax Tag…. $9.5 (2012 eagles draft and remaining will be wiped out w 2012 draft and UDFA signings{$4M}) {assuming no cuts and draft signed at current picks}

    Drop list cap effect est: (after dead $) (WJ. $3.3M, Tapp $2.6M, JJ $1.9M, Asante $6.4M)….total est. savings $14.2M

    Conclusion worst case scenario: eagles have $14.2M to play w assuming they don’t try to sign FA, Mathis, franchise DJ, and don’t extend Shady in season..

    …..assuming contracts are reworked and mock drafts are worthless before FA but it will cost the eagles (still lower-cased) around $9.5M to Franchise DJ and about $5.5M to Franchise Mathis…..

    Pman..DCar…Navy…Jbird..Gcobb… is anyone talking about this of Mr. Banner or Roseman???
    Is resigning DJ’s offensive worth the $9.5M in Cap Room to a replacement Tier-2 MLB (Hawthorne) and possible replacement WR (Meachem) for nearly the same price?
    Again the eagles almost never cap out in hopes of creating space to resign “their guys” for the following year(s).

    For all the DJax haters the Eagles are supposed to hit total payroll of $120 M this yr (20120) according to the CBA . P.S. I d like to be Djax hater but I’m conflicted as one of those dam 1%ers.

  • *Obviously they have to make a choice between franchising Jackson and Mathis

  • mryan, great points. If it were me, I’d sign MLB Lofton or Hawthorne, Safety Griffin & WR Bowe.

  • great points mryan and I stated some weeks back that I would not be all surprised if the eagles make LG MAhis their top priority as far as signing their own Free-Agents.. If the Eagles lose Mathis, then the next option is to move RT Herramans back to LG leaving a open-door carousel again at RT like last last summer camp.. I think Coach AR would rather go into Camp and the Season with his O/Line intact and worry about getting another WR or Outside Weapon by some other means (Signing Returnman MArdy Gilyard already and perhaps draft a speed WR Joe Adams./JAruis Wright) and I think that’s what it will get down to concerning where D-JAx future remains.. ( I think he is a goner)

  • @mryan….IMO I would not let Mathis get out of here.

    Key to our success in 2012 will be the play of the O-Line….we have a chance to have the same unit back and healthy for the first time in a long time….more important the unit is really starting to play well under Mudd’s new system….I would probably place Mathis as a higher priority than even DJax.

  • Can someone tell me why Mike Caldwell is still our Linebacker coach? Our conerbacks played horrible and we fire their coach, our linebackers play worse and yet we keep him, forget that former Eagle stuff too, if he cant coach he cant coach, you cant have a double standard here, this is the reason why AR will never win the SB, he only rights half the ship.

  • greenfan….I could not agree with you more. Why did the Eagles start off 1-4 last year. The key reason was the O line. Did Vick turn the ball over a lot? Yes. But if his O line was tight, he may not have had half those turnovers. The O line was a big reason for the turnovers. The defensive meltdowns didn’t help, but I blame the poor start to the season primarily on the O line disorganization. Mudd more than righted that ship and we need to keep it that way. Mathis is top FA priority.

  • Tulloch is a good player but not worth the long term contract or money he is going to demand…. if you are going to pay someone to play MLB for the Birds for the next 5 seasons, its Curtis Lofton of the Falcons at age 25, he is a thumper and can cover and plays sideline to sideline…. NO ONE the Eagles draft at LB will hit the field this year so thats a moot point…

  • @andrew…..there have been a few onj here that have had the same questions about Caldwel and also Zordich. Last year along with a 1st year DC, we had 1st year LB and Safety coaches….and both areas were trouble last year. Personally I would like to see us bring Dawk in to coach the safeties…but I guess that would also go against my 1st year complaint!!

  • I will say it again and again and again. Robert Meachem. Perfect economical solution to D Jack crisis. Is he fast? Check. Can he stretch the field? Check. Can he pick up our complex offense quickly? Probably. Sean Payton’s offense is not exactly vanilla. Can he return punts? No. Can D Jack return punts? I saw no evidence of that lately. Besides a starter should not be returning kicks in a perfect world.
    Meachem has bigger body, better hands, does not fear the middle and is more effective in the RZ. Last year he had 40 catches for six TDs as the Saints fourth or fifth option behind Graham, Colston and Sproles. And the Saints can in no way compete with us for his contract. Its an easy signing.

  • greenfan….Dawk has no interest in coming back to Philly at this time and it is doubtful he has any interest in coaching at this point in his life. I think he needs a few years off from the game before he makes any decisions about his future career.

  • Eagle’s To Do List by 3/13/12
    1) Re-sign LG Evan Mathis for continuity of O line. Poor O line play was primary reason for excessive turnovers and 1-4 start last season. O line became a strength by the end of the season and that needs to be maintained.
    2) Re-sign Landri. He seems to thrive in this system Washburn has long history of turning retreads and busts into good productive players. Landri might even be able to start over Patterson in this system.
    3) DO NOT re-sign Trevor Laws. He has been unproductive and injured and in no way should be retained over Landri.
    4) Re-sign Dunlap for a reasonable price for continuity in backups on O line.
    5) Release Justice for cap space. He has been a bust and now he is an injured bust. Justice was awful for three years, had one solid season, got paid, and turned back to mediocrity. Acknowledge mistake by cutting him.
    6) DO NOT re-sign Juqua Parker. He is done and there is no room. DE line up should be Cole, Babin, Graham, Tapp and Hunt.
    7) Tender Antonio Dixon at third round level to retain him for next season at a reasonable price.
    8) DO NOT release Jenkins as cap casualty. He is the only currently signed and healthy DT on the roster. Tony Jones is not an alternative that will improve the defense. Without Jenkins the defense is worse off than it is currently. I wouldn’t mind signing Jones over Dixon though but that is AFTER 3/13.
    9) DO NOT put franchise tag on D Jack. This eats up all available cap space. There are very good WRs in both FA and draft. It is only being stubborn to franchise D Jack and will sabotage other off-season plans.
    10) Trade Assante Samuel. If they cannot trade him before FA starts, they need to retain him as long as he is not due any bonuses. Then release him in July when all the big FA money is off the table. This will be retaliation for him refusing to renegotiate his contract with a reasonable trading partner. It also keeps Dallas from snagging him for a similar paycheck to the one he is already due. No one will give him 9.5 but Dallas may give him 7+ and it improves their team. If you release him in July, teams will not have money to fit him under the cap for big dollars so he has to settle for 3-4. This is the penalty to him and his agent for being greedy and vindictive.

  • Sources close to NovaCare to report that on Monday, the Eagles will release the following players as Salary Cap Casualties
    CB A Samuel, DE D Tapp, LB M Fokou and OT W Justice as they prepare to move forward in their Off-Season Roster Plans… The Source did not rule out that the Eagles could Re-Sign any of these players which is a standard response but very unlikely to occur…

  • p-man , how many picks will have been wasted by releasing Tapp , iknow we gave a pick or two plus clemons to get him , did we waste picks to get clemons ?

  • Everyone is wasting time trying to guess the moves the FO will make. This happens every year; then BOOM!!! there is a surprise signing/trade/draft pick. You all just keep on drinking the green stuff and claiming to know everything this FO will do. After it’s all said and done, you will be back on different players sack (such as djax) if he’s signed to return. Blah Blah Blah…everybody knows it all -whatever, just wait a few more weeks and it’ll all be said and done. Until then…”KEEP ON DRINKING TIL YOUR BELLY’S ARE FULL MATES”, ALL OF THE ROUNDS OF GREEN DRINKS ARE ON ME!

  • To Nev,
    I think the Eagles traded DE Clemons & a 5th Rd Pick for DE Tapp
    (Clemons is the first Seahawk to get over Double-Digits in Sacks for 2 consecutive years) while Tapp plays about 15 Snaps a game and makes 3 times as much as Clemons…
    TO Rocko,
    It’s what we fans do during the slow times of the off-season, but I do believe the trend of this off-season is that we will see many teams releasing many veteran, big name players to reduce some of the payroll, if the player is makaing big money and on the downside of his career, has a young replacement in place or coming off of injury, they will be let go by their current squads to free up salary cap $$$.. and most of this will occur between now and March 8th when the NFL Calender begins and some players are due roster bonuses,etc,etc and teams will have to calculate their Salary Cap $$$ by who is active on their Roster come MArch 8th so if a player doesn’t fit in future plans, many teams will release these players to get them off the books, salary wise

  • hey paulman your sources suck they are never just gonna let samuel walk and i just seen on profootball talk that the birds as of today 11million under the cap and the new cap year doesnt even start til march 13 so they will have even more money

  • im sorry once the birds trade asante they will around 20mill again as they did last year

  • The Decision is easy,
    Do you Franchise D-Jax (for $8.5 Million) or do you keep Samuel for 2012 ($9.5 MIlli and on Salary) They are not in postion to do both and try to extend McCoy’s deal and re-sign players like Mathis,Dixon & Landri and add a LB..

  • i think they are gonna draft devon stills from penn state and trade asante and i would tag d-jack then trade him if he ask for to much money

  • and sign only super mario williams, curtis lofton and dan connor and i would be done in fa

  • Falcons will not let LB Lofton go, they will most likely Franchise him per most reports from the FAlcons Coaches & Front Office .
    Mario WIlliams is a luxury that the Eagles will not pursure.. If you obtain him, then what do you do with T Cole, Babin or B Graham.. He is not going to be signed for big $$$ to be a rotational DE– Williams is an everydown DE and will probably end up with the Panthers or Falcons

  • To trade Samuel, what team is going to give up a high Draft pick (2nd or 3rd Rounder for the Eagles) and agree pickup his contract, that’s right no one..
    Samuel gets released free & clear and becomes a free-agent where any team is free to make him any deal they want and no give up any Draft Picks in return…

  • well there are teams that want him lions,oakland,tampa bay, cowgirls and mario would welcome that so he can stay fresh year around and if you get him we may just dump babin. So when you have more than one team after a player thats called a bidding war and also any team that trades for him rework his contract before the deal is done seen it happen before just recent with sheldon brown,hell with jason peters when he came here so this type of thing happens all the time around the nfl so by the middle of march asante will be a lion or a cowboy or buck hell even the pats might want him back



  • Well gloomy, what is there else to do… Franchise Tag, then Trade or Sign for a long-term deal.. You are a genius …
    If he stays under the Franchise Tag, then Samuel is a goner, no doubt about it..


  • Whitney Houston was a addict/junkie.. It’s a shame for all that wasted Talent she had, but no real surprise here, she’s been battling those demons for 20 + years now and to be honest, I am kind of surprised she lived to 48 .. .

  • Let them Franchise him and pay him $8.5 Million on whatever the tag amount is for 1 more year of half-assed, uninspired football and then he’ll leave after next off-season,… big wipty do… Cut the chord is what they should do, but Coach AR is on his last leg here in 2012 and will take D-JAx back for one more season because his job is on the line..


  • Riley Cooper a Starter.. Now I understand your use of Capital Letters Gloomy..
    Plax in the slot where he’s never played before is also interesting but very unlikely..

  • Paul – you are 1 truly disrespectful bastard man. She is one of the greatest singers in the world, made a few mistakes and is a mother, but to call her a junkie is way over the top and ignorant as hell. That stuff comes right around though (God forbid) you may have to deal one day with that through one of your own children or loved ones. You need to learn what humility is and be brought down a few notches into reality man.

  • Paul– just keep it sports on here man. That was a very very poor choice of words and lack of good judgement. There are millions grieving right now including her family and for you to say something like that shows what type of guy you really are.. horrible man. If your wife or kids were to go thru that you would never say something like this. Your better off keeping it sports related.

  • Paul, asam is gone anyway. He does not fit us anymore. I’m glad to see djax will get tagged- let’s see what he’s really worth. I’m fine if they trade him but the have dang sure better have a plan before hand. If they want to pretend to be tthe packers they are gunna need as many weapons and for sure a guy who can stretch the field.

  • Riley Cooper a STARTER! WTF are you smoking, Gloomy? BWAHAHAHAHA!!! What the hell did he possibly show you that he could be a good WR, let alone a starter? Some $#!t that comes out of some peoples mouth’s. GEEZ! Rocko, with all due respect, she was an admitted junkie. Although it is sad, & I loved Whitney. She was an Icon in her own right, but truth be told, she had a major drug problem.

  • Stevo- I’glad to see Djax tagged as well. DCar, poor choice of words too buddy. lets just show a little bit of respect for her and her family as Jon Hart indicated, and lets stick to the sports.

  • sadly my friends we are remembered foor the things we have done….. not the things we wish we had done.

    Wittney had a great voice- she had class and a strong faith background. Sadly- she did what many do- she got high… and it destroyed her. Im guessing the word “junkie” was what sparked a few people here…. perhaps he should have said she had “drug problem”…; that would have seperated the sinner from the sin….. in any case…… it was sad and it seemed to have killed her. Its a shame the things we do to ourselves.

  • maybe the word Junkie is a little too harsh for Whitney, but she’s been an addict for over 20 years between the Alcohol,Prescription,Coke & Speed and could painfully not ween herself off of these.. There have been many who have tried to help her with her addictions and demons, tried to resurrect her career to give her space & peace for healing and many opportunities for her to make songs, perform concerts,work on new tunes in the studio, give her acting work and many times she would not show up, or show up high,drunk and stoned to the point that people who were trying to help he finally got fed up with her or were driven away from her enablers.. She was definitely one of the best Singers/Performers of our generation but most of her good work and innocence was way back in the 80’s for she started her downward path shortly after hooking up/marrying Bobbie ‘Thug” Brown..
    The word Junkie has a bad connotation of a vagrant living out in the streets,but the reality is, to have substance abuse problems for over 20 years requires resources and access and unfortunately many artists/musicians/actors fall into their spell.. A junkie to me is a chronic user of Drugs regardless of their fame or lifestyle.. One of my favorite artisits of all time, Jerry Garcia, was a Heroin/Opiates Junkie for his last 20 years of his life.. Nobody held a gun to his head, people truied to help many times overv and he even had some “sober periods” but for too many people, it’s extremely difficult to stay sober and eventually it catches up with you whether it’s physically,emotionally and usually both..

  • pman- im with ya. to think that the 6 guys who actually post on here were offended by your words is crazy. If they are so so concened with the feelings of the dead- they should perhaps start thinking about what they say regarding the living. Dont dare call houston a name but we hear the same crap about Andys kids all the time. What about reids weight? that i guess doesnt matter because he is still alive. you people make me laugh..

  • Rocko, I agree that we should stick to sports, but I didn’t bring it up. I just agreed with Paulman. BTW, this is the definition of a junkie- junk·ie /ˈjəNGkē/
    A drug addict.
    A person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something.

    That’s what she was. She was a junkie. So what’s your beef? Why am I supposed to feel bad for someone who made over $75 Million, & pissed it all away on drugs & wasted away her God given talent in her prime? Wasted talent! Sorry if the truth hurts.

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