• June 25, 2022

Dissecting the Lingering Nash-to-Philly Rumors

Reader Deasr commented the other day, “There will be another trade. I believe it will be a package deal bringing in another dman and pking center with size.”

All the latest rumors after yesterday afternoon’s game suggested he was onto something- that Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren was not done with trades after acquiring defenseman Nicklas Grossman for draft picks.

With the trade for defenseman Pavel Kubina yesterday evening, all eyes are now fixed on Columbus.

Blue Jackets general manager Scott Howson was not only in the Flyers press box yesterday (along with his Senior Advisor of Hockey Operations Craig Patrick), but reportedly Howson spoke with Holmgren and Bob Clarke for upwards of 45 minutes.

Nobody but those four individuals knows exactly who or what was discussed in that span, but it is believed that the majority of the discussion was centered around Howson pitching Rick Nash to Philadelphia.

Despite the fact that there still appear to be many more problems with the defense and goaltending than goal scoring, you can’t blame Howson for trying.  If there’s any organization that isn’t afraid to pull the trigger on blockbuster trades, it’s the Philadelphia Flyers.

According to Dan Dreger via twitter, “Price too high for Flyers (at moment) for Nash.  May re-engage later. JVR, Bobrovsky, Schenn or Couturier believed to be part of asking price.”

Howson also met with Brian Burke, general manager for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Glen Sather, general manager for the New York Rangers, this morning in New York. In other words, nobody is asking to trade for Nash; Howson is trying everything he can to send the face of his franchise away to rebuild a team going nowhere.

Assuming the Flyers organization could make the cap space work, a trade of James van Riemsdyk, Bobrovsky and draft picks could conceivably work in the offseason, but taking on $7.8 million for a player who is being outscored by Wayne Simmonds doesn’t make much sense.

As we learned last June, anything can happen in the offseason. In the next eight days, though? It’s a stretch.

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Josh Janet

Josh Janet was raised in Northern New Jersey, but by an odd set of circumstances, is a Philadelphia sports fan. While recently converted to the Phillies, Josh is a diehard Flyers fan and can be expected to stay on top of the latest NHL news.

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  • Yay, I was in an article. Ha. Yeah Josh, I really thought it would have been a deal with say LA for like Stoll, and Jack Johnson. However, the Kubina trade was a decent one. I like the fact he is a big body and a right handed shot. Hopefully Lavy will stop using every forward on the point.

  • I was 2/3 of the way through the initial draft of this post with my thoughts on Johnson and Stoll when I thought to check twitter again for old times sake. Sure enough, Flyers traded for Kubina.

    FWIW, the web site “Left Wing Locked” wrote an article on why Mike Richards’ point totals have been so low this season, suggesting much of it has to do with the ridiculously low shooting percentages of Stoll and Dustin Penner. A good read if you have the time: http://www.leftwinglock.com/content.php?221-Explaining-Mike-Richards-Low-Point-Totals

  • Thanks Josh, was a good read. Richards was my favorite flyer. I was so pissed when they traded him. But, it seems like it was the right move.

  • JJ, would you be opposed to the rumored trade that was circulating the other night, of Nash & Mason coming here for Bryz, JVR, 1st & 3rd. At this point, I’d drive the both of them to Colombus. Bryz is a coo-coo bird bust & I don’t see all that much more of a ceilng for JVR.

  • Biggest Free-Agent Busts in Philly Sports

    Is it Eagles DE Jevon Kearse, Flyers Goalie Bryz or Phillies 3B Mike Bell
    or Eagles CB Nnamdi Asmogoah

  • Paul, I never thought I’d long for the days of Roman Chechmanik. At least he’d try to make saves, ala his head butt saves.

  • I think me and you were about the only ones who didn’t like the Bryz signing and stated back when it was annouced ..I hate Eastern European players and especially Goaltenders and to lock them up on such a crazy long-term deal has to go down as one of biggest blunders a Philly Franchise GM has made in a while… Just pure panic move pushed down by demented Owner Ed Snider and Holmgrem being the yes man that he is, went out overpaid by probably double over what he had to in order to obtain Bryz.. The combination of Snider/HOlmgrem is becoming very reminiscent of AR and Roseman in my opion, 1 panic move over another, more Square Pegs in round Holes… searching, trying anything to see if it works.. How this Flyers Front-Office escapes criticism in comparison to the EAgles is beyond me and must be some sorta of “Philly Thing”.. .

  • Yep! They panicked & signed him too a ridiculous contract, & unless the new CBA is going to allow teams to amnesty a player like the NBA, they are screwed, for the next 8 years. Unless Homer can miraculously get Colombus to include him in the Nash deal. With every great move Homer has made he baffles me with moves like Bryz, Lilja, Shelly, Walker, Carcillo & the idiotic lengthy contracts, like the ones he gave to Briere, Carter, Richards, & Bryz. Also WTF, is his infatuation with the NTC & the NMC? Ridiculous!

  • Paul, I’ve said it a hundred times, the reason the Flyers don’t get criticised is because, the legitimately try to win every year, they always spend top $$$ every year & the owner isn’t afraid to make changes & fire anyone, ala his Son Jay & his adopted son Clarkie. Snyder is also beloved in this city. The Birds are happy with status quo, all of the FO, staff, & the owner are disliked because they are arrogant, & up until this past season, have never spent $$$, nor went all out to better the team. It’s that simple, Mi Paisano. 🙂

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