• August 16, 2022

Sixers Lose Another One On Questionable Call

I thought the Sixers got jobbed last night on a bad call with less than a second to go on the clock.  They don’t get the respect of the top teams in the league.  They’ve already lost too many close games. Last night was one that they could have had.

Sixers guard Lou Williams missed a jumper with 3.6 seconds to go on the clock and the Timberwolves got the rebound then called timeout.

Andre Iguodala gave some help on Kevin Love who drove to the hoop and had his shot blocked.

On his way to the hoop, Love put the ball on the ground and Iguodala tried to tie him up.  It looked like he got all ball, but one of the refs blew his whistle and called a foul.

Love hit two free throws and that was it.


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  • This Team doesn’t know how to close out and win games at the end, plain and simple… They have lost at least 5-6 games in the closing minutes that they should have won, but that’s what happens with a young team that has no real go to guy and they still rely on far too many jump shots instead of taking the ball to the hoop and staying aggressive.. Opponents have watch Tape and they back in the box and make the Sixers beat them by letting them shoot over the Top..

  • The frauds are coming back down to Earth. As I stated a google amount of times on here, “Until we get a good big man, a more consistent starting scorer, & rid ourselves of Brands & Stinkdalas contracts, we win STUGOTS!” This team is fraud, no matter how you slice it. Now that all of the other teams are catching up to our young legs, we don’t have a prayer unless we play perfect DF. We simply cannot rebound, with the stay-puffed marshmellow men playing at the 4 & 5 spots. Also, Collins has to quit with his infatuation with Jodie Meeks. Simply put, “HE SUCKS!”

  • i was there at the game. I was right by the hoop. it was a crappy crappy call.

  • BTW, stop with all of the excuses. If Williams hits his shot with 3 seconds left, the phantom call at the end is a moot point. They didn’t deserve to win.

  • 76ers will end up as a 6th/7th Seed at best and a 1st Round Early exit..
    Philly Teams and the City are going to be renamed the “One and Done City” for their teams lately seem to lack the mental toughness that Philly teams were known for having in the past, but it isn’t that way any longer.. mayve all these “Wine & Cheese” crowds and “Bandwagon Fans” have something to do with it…

  • Paul, all of the teams lack mental & physical toughness, also. What happened to all our grind it out, meat & potatoes, blur collar, hard nosed, playing teams? Man I miss the 70’s & the 80’s. At least we got some good, hard nosed teams & a couple of championships.

  • It’s been about two weeks or about 8 games since my last Evan Turner argument on this site.

    In those 8 games, Evan has scored a grand total of 37 points! Yet I keep being told that this kid is a player and is going to be a solid contributor on this team! ARE YOU F’N KIDDIN ME?! HE’S TRASH! HOT GARBAGE! STRAIGHT DUMPSTER JUICE!


  • BoB, LMFBO! Dumpster juice & hot garbage! F^#@ING PRICLESS!!! 😀

    From G. Cobb – I’ve asked that we eliminate the profanity. What is it that you don’t understand.

  • BoB, didn’t get any argument from me. I’ve been saying to all the
    band-wagoners, that this team is a fraud! Soft, no shooters, no rebounder’s, can’t play a half court offense, no one who can break anyone off a dribble, don’t get to the foul line consistently, don’t get any three pointers, & when they do, they can’t make them good enough. If they do make the playoffs, one & done.

  • Everyone knew this team was a fraud why do you think only 10,000 fans show up every night even with 10 dollar tickets. lol. They play as a team. lol. What a f%&ing joke. They all avg 12 points a game because no one on this team is good enough to score more than 12. Give me the little ball hogging, exciting, eastern championship leading superstar AI team all day everyday and shove this non-talented “play the right way”, boring, not a chance in hell to compete for anything in the next 5 years team up you arse.

  • dag, I agree.

  • The Sixers have hit a wwall, Both Holliday and Tuner are playing some poor basketabll and have been for 2 weeks, Jodi Meeks is contibuting very little.. This team is a #5th Seed right now and sinking fast.. I expect both the Knicks and even the Celtics to catch and surpass the 76ers putting them further down to a 7th/8thSeed and probably facing the Heat or BUlls in the 1st Round with an early exit.. This Team is simply not good enough moving forward and will probably finish slightly about 500 after a terriffic start.. Bunch up the box and let the 76ers shoot over top of your Defense and they are in trouble..

  • Don’t get me wrong, I still think we have a “good” basketball team. Are we good enough for a championship? Absolutely not.

    My problem is with the people that tried to shove Evan Turner down my throat like I didn’t know what I was talking about.

    My brother was at the game (he is from Houston) and I have argued with him countless times about how I think Evan Turner is trash (compared to the talent level in the NBA). He never wanted to hear it. Then he went to the game and saw how much of a moron Turner looked like when he was on the court. Out of position. Can’t shoot. Just plain dumb. He now understands where I’m coming from.

    I think the only player dumber than Turner in recent memory was Samuel Dalmbert. That idiot didn’t know his right from his left.

  • Who would have thought the Sixers would miss Spencer HAwes this much..
    Clearly a different team without him in the line-up..

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