• July 4, 2022

Roseman: “We think he’s got a great future….. DeSean Jackson in Philadelphia”

Philly.com says Howie Roseman spoke glowingly about the future of DeSean Jackson in midnight green.

“We think he’s got a great future and we’re excited about the possibilities of DeSean Jackson in Philadelphia, but we also want to communicate with his representatives and him before we voice the direction that we’re going in,” Roseman said.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that the Eagles will try to work out a deal with Jackson and his agent Drew Rosenhaus, then franchise for the 2012 season if they can’t reach a long-term agreement with them.  All the positive public comments are a way of letting Jackson and Rosenhaus know that want to keep the negotiations private.

As for Asante Samuel, Roseman had nothing to say but good things, “Asante Samuel’s a big-time playmaker … we feel fortunate to have him as a Philadelphia Eagle”.

I believe they’re trying to trade Samuel, but are having trouble accomplishing that because of the money he’s going to make next season.



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  • if Howie Roseman loses these 2 Pro Bowl players than 2 legit Pro Bowl players better be signed to replace them

  • or what – people on GCOBB.com will print negative things about him???? Niether player performed anywhere near Pro Bowl level last year – so – how would it be that hard to replace them? DRC and Asmo are ‘pro bowl’ players so if effect Samuel is already replaced – if DJAX walks – lets see who they find to replace him – but your comment (along with your others about the signing of the back-up OT and QB) is lame – get off the guys jock and let the off season play out.’legit pro bowl player’… I will settle for a CB that doesn’t free lance and can tackle someone – tired of watching WR screen right

  • You know what, if they resigned desean thats cool. He is a great player when he wants to play. However if you can get Vincent Jackson go for it. He is 6’5″ and can fly. He can be our redzone threat and deep threat. Cause I personally think j mac sucks.

  • Agree with you 100% Navy. BTW, long time, no argue! 😀

  • Howie has been GM for two years — and the birds have taken a step backward each year —- and aren’t you tired of watching Howie select defensive players that don’t play well together if at all –

  • eagles0, I don’t trust anyone in this organization, to make any roster decisions. They are the most egotistical, stubborn, narrow minded, incompetent, FO, that I’ve seen in a very long time.

  • Welp — so much for THIS article.

    Eagles are open to listening to trade offers for Desean Jackson, who is expected to be franchised. Per Schefter.

  • Keep in mind the Vincent Jackson will NOT be franchised and Mike Wallace od the steelers RFA is out there too whose a bigger desean jackson but wallace i dont see happening bc the birds do not like being in bidding wars, but VJ is a strong possibility if the birds decide to franchise desean and move him for picks or a player…anything can happen at this point as teams are making there decisions on there current players and FAs..

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