• November 27, 2021

Boston College MLB Luke Kuechly Runs A 4.50 Forty Yard Dash

Everyone was waiting to see what Boston College middle linebacker prospect Luke Kuechly would run in the forty yard dash at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.  He answered any questions about his speed by running a 4.50 in the forty yard dash on his first attempt.

Unfortunately for the Eagles, he might have run so fast that he’ll wind up getting drafted well ahead of the 15 spot.  Right now, I think the Birds will need to move up to get him.

The Birds may have been helped to get a shot at the youngster because he ran a 4.78 in his second forty-yard dash time.  The much slower second forty-yard dash could chase some teams away from him.

The great disparity in the forty times led some of the scouts to ask Kuechly to run one last forty-yard dash and he ran a 4.59 to again eliminate questions about his speed.

In the standing broad jump, Kuechly jumped 10’3″, which is very impressive.  Next up, he had a 38 inch vertical jump.  It shows tremendous explosiveness.

Kuechly weighed in at 241 pounds.

Alabama’s middle linebacker Dont’a Hightower ran a 4.62 at 260 pounds.

North Carolina’s Zach Brown ran a blazing 4.45 even though he seemed to pull up during the sprint.

Vontaze Burfict hurt himself during his first forty-yard dash by running a 4.93.  Burfict is a major question mark to a lot of the scouts.

Ryan Baker ran a 4.74.

Florida State’s Nigel Bradham ran a 4.53


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  • I was not a fan of Kuechly but the more I hear about him, the more I’m starting to think this guy may be legit after all. All the experts seem to think he is going to make an immediate impact for any team that drafts him; which is exactly what the Eagles need. I didn’t think he was that fast.

  • I must admit that is impressive forty time, I am not a fan of his but dam thats good for a lb. My boy burfict looked slow as hell, he ran what lineman run but on film he looks like a player. And thats all that matters.

  • Matthews can run a 4’5 as well and look where he’s at. We need Burfinct because he is a nasty SOB!

  • It doesn’t matter the Eagles are not drafting a LB with there first pick it will be a reciever or DT and I’m leaning towards DT. Poe or Cox or Brackers.

  • I feel ya pdiddy. I like poe as well Turk.

  • Rocko – don’t compare him to Mathews – was Mathews the concensus best LB in the draft? Not close.


  • I like Worthy

  • Lets now review the garbage some of you have been harping about over and over this past month (ahem Rocko)

    “Kuchley is too small” 6′ 3″ 242lbs (will play at 250 I’m sure)

    “Kuchely is not athletic enough – He looks like he’s running in sand” 3rd fastest time amongst the LBs

    “Kuchley is not strong and will get swallowed up” 27 reps. Tied for 5th best amongst LBs

    So now that all that ridiculous “opinion” has been dismissed…..Lets start hoping this guy falls to 15. While I think the Eagles’ will lean towards DT, I think the academic assasin is a slam dunk. Butkus award. Tackling maching. Very instinctive. Student of the game. Very strong measureables.

  • But he wears glasses Vinnie.. we can’t have a white guy wearing glasses playing in the middle of this Eagles Defense… Can we…

  • Paul – the answer to that is yes. And grow up.

  • DT Worthy or Cox at #15, (unless they move up) as I have stated in about half my Mock Drafts..
    Eagles will sign Tulloch and Draft an OLB in the 2nd Round (Shea McClellin, Bobby Wagner or Ronnell Lewis)

  • Browns Sign MLB D’Qwell Jackson To A Multi-Year Contract

  • This eliminates all the talk about Luke being small and slow.. Enough guys enough.. Hes now most likely going to be a top 10-14 pick.. he will not be a eagle unfortunetly but hes a big talent that will benefit whatever team he joins..

  • i need the birds to draft poe he looks like he will be a beast and they can trade down and still get him and that wr hill from georgia tech looks crazy good

  • Schiller. He’s just gofin. I would love for the Birds to draft Kuchley, but I think the pick is going to be Cox (If hes there) and that’s solid.

    Though….if the draft is deep in DTs (as many are saying) then the more logical move might be to take the LB 1st and the DT in the second.

    I’ve read that Worthy might fall a bit due to poor Combine #s. Perhaps Kuch at 15 and then trade 2 seconds (or a player and a 2nd) to move up into bottom of 1st for Worthy…..

  • C’Mon Schiller, can’t I have a little fun on here..

  • Vinnie – I would love that. Paul – you can do what every you want, but I say grow up.

  • Burfict has officially fell out of the first round and possibly out of the 2nd round. The Eagles do not have the leadership on their team to keep this guy in check. I was a huge Burfict fan before the combine but I want nothing to do with him now. His only hope is to get drafted by the Ravens and play under Suggs and Lewis. Those are probably the only two guys who keep this moron in check.

  • Trade CB Samuel and one of the the Eagles 4th Rounder to the Vikings for their 2nd Round Pick (#35th Overall)

  • For the Record,
    I called Burficts demise back about 6-7 weeks ago after hearing about and then researching his background a bit.. There are a lot of bad vibes out on him..

  • you can trade asante alone for somebodys 2nd rd pick you dont need to add anything to it and once the lions fix there cap word is they will offer the birds a 2&4 for asante so the birds then will have three 2nds and three 4ths and the birds should draft steve hill wr from gt and the te from stanford coby fleener

  • I still really am not a big fan of drafting Kuechly with the Eagles 1st round pick. It seems like he was about 10lbs. lighter during the season and probably bulked up on protein shakes for the last two months for the combine or Pro Day activities. All of that is fine, BUT his dimensions still would pretty much make him a WILL in the Eagles defense and there are already 3 or 4 of them on the team. Kuechly probably will be a great WILL, but it’s time for the Eagles to move and draft Hightower or Upshaw or one of those monstrous D-tackles.

  • butch007 shut up, Vinny was right, stop with the kuechly bashing He is a guarantee starter and potential Pro Bowl candidate

  • Kuechly proved he is faster than both Alabama backers and stronger
    — and the tape/video proves it —
    and everything people worried about Kuechly was even worse with Burfict

    Vinnie you are the man today


  • Sorry Gloomy,
    CB Samuel will not return a 2nd Round Pick in return on his own.. His Value has gone down over the last 1 and 1/2 Seasons.. He has few Int’s, Knee issues and he’s 31 Years Old with his best playing days behind him.. He probably returns a 3rd Round straight up and that would be after agreeing to rework his deal.. Samuel will be almost impossible to trade, unless he’s willing to re-do his deal.. It will be easier for him to get released, becoem a Free-Agent and make his own new deal with someone, unfortunately,the EAgles will get zippo in return which is exactly what Samuel wants to happen

  • Burfict wil be an all pro for years to come …then what you’ll say?

    Well many thought he was a problem…or Who would have known then he’d be so good with character questions coming out?

    Well, we know!

    He’s the most talented linebacker coming out character issues aside. He have the linebacker mentality and these other guys like keuchly will be an after thought down the line when everything is said and done.

    If the Eagles squander this opportunity it will be one of many.

  • Burfict is in the Casey Mathews draft area now (the 4th round) but Casey may be stronger LOL

  • Poor Songs, His main squeeze (Burfunk) is dropping like a hot potato …
    I bet that Casey Matthews has a longer Career in the NFL than V Burfunk does and who keeps screwing himself worse and worse..
    Go ahead Songs, Call it a Conspiracy if you want, but the guys a head case
    You keep stating that he’s the best LB talent wise and no one agrees with you anywhere on this whether is former players analysis, front office and scouts or even us lowly G Cobb Posters…

  • Songs just likes Vontazes youtube videos with the crazy music and the same highlight reel hit being played over and over and over again to make it look like it happened more than just once.

  • Did you hear that, It’s Jeff, Joe,and Howie violently ill puking at the thought of paying the going Free Agent MLB rate
    D’Qwell Jackson agreed to a five-year, $42.5 million deal that includes $19 million in guaranteed money and roster bonuses.
    if Juan Castillo and he’s cheap salary is goodenough for defensive coordinator than Jamar Chaney & Casey Mathews cheap salaries are good enough for MLB this year —— dumb eagles won’t know the difference

  • You know whats funny, we are throwing all these names out there. Get this guy or no get that guy. We all forget who we are dealing with here. The eagles will draft nobody we say. They are going to draft somebody that will have all of us scratching our heads on draft day watch. Deep down you all know it.

  • 5 years at 8.5 mil a year isn’t bad at all. The Eagles should be able to give that to Tulloch and be good to go.

  • BirdoBeamen — Joe and Howie will offer Tulloch an incentive bonus and tell Juan if he hits the bonus he’s fired

  • Eagles already have tons of young LB’s…they need to address this position via free agency…get Tulloch, we need leadership and experience at this position.

  • Burfict got out performed in all areas, by a 345 lb defensive tacle. Still not sold on Kuechly. He is pulling a Mamula at the Combine. Give me one of Poe, Brockers, Still, Worthy, Cox, or Hightower, or Upshhaw with 15. Do all you can to trade up & get another one of them.

  • DCar — Kuechly, Poe, Brockers, & Cox won’t be available at 15 —— Still and Worthy are worth a look but Upshaw and Hightower are too weak physically to draft that high

  • Thanks for the props eagles0.

    I just want to re-iterate my original point. Only about 35% of all draft picks make an impact. Everyone on here seems to hate when the Eagles’ “reach” for a player….or take a chance on an unknown.

    For this reason, I feel Kuchley is a solid pick at 15. He has been incredibly productive in college. He has won multiple awards. He’s allegedly really smart. Seems like he’s got his head on his shoulders. And on top of all that. Kicked ass at the combine. He was 3rd in the shuttle drill on top of his 40 time, bench press etc.

    I would not be upset if the Birds picked him. Nor Cox who seems pretty solid at DT/DE

    BTW The Mamula comparisons don;t make any sense. He was an outside 3-4 rush backer at BC as a Junior then became a DE in his senior season when they switched to a 4-3. He was drafted as a DE. And he was a pretty small DE at 6’4″ 252.

    I don’t know why you are comparing DEs to LBs. ‘Cause they both had a good workout? Kuchley has been dominating in college for 3 years. He is not a “workout warrior”

  • Mamula turned out a freak combine when they expected average. Keuchley turned out an average combine when they expected crap. Pretty shitty comparison there dcar. Both white from bc, sure. But its a weak comment

  • we want super mario and poe on our d-line

  • Gloomy, get off of mario’s jock. The eagles have weaknesses and you want them to overpay for a guy to add to their biggest strength and not have the money to lock up shady or a fa lb or wr. DUMB DUMB DUMB

  • vinniethevictor — you were swatting away those Burfict and Hightower supporters and schooling them so badly they are still concused and confused

  • How is it a weak comment? Both weren’t expected to do much at the Combine, & both surprisingly WOWED at the Combine! They are comparatively the same & mirror each other exactly. They are built almost exactly alike, both from BC & yes, both are white. The only difference is Mamula was a little heavier & stronger. What’s your beef Schill? All I did was state the obvious. Don’t be your usual d!@#head self, & make something out of something that isn’t there.

  • Dcar, one was rated the consensus best at his position entering the combine, and did a little better than expected at the combine. The other wasn’t considered the consensus best at his position, not even close, and then did FREAKING AMAZING at the combine. Keekly did a bit better than expected, he didn’t beast everyone in his category and come out of nowhere.

  • Its like going from 45 to 85 v going from 90 to 95

  • They don’t mirror each other at all. They don;t even play the same position.

    SOME people thought Kuch wouldn’t post “athletic” numbers – others did. His combine numbers confirmed his stock. He’s still being projected as a mid-first rounder. Again, the combine results confirmed what most people expected.

    To call Kuchley….who won multiple awards, has been the consensus best LB available all season. Has posted monster numbers for 3 years….a “workout warrior” like Mamula and who is only rising because of his combine is just silly. And ignorant.

    Mamula was completely different. He was a guy, that while well regarded at the time, was by no means expected to be a top 10 pick. His Combine numbers moved him up the list the the birds taking him too high hoping he was the next Charles Haley. He wasn’t.

    That being said, if Mamula had been drafted in the 2nd round, there wouldn’t be much fuss about him. He put together 5 ok seasons…

    BTW you never hear the Vikes getting hammered for 15 years for choosing even bigger bust Derrick Alexander at pick 11…one above Sapp…..

  • And mamula was considered a bust. Keuchly has yet to be drafted or play a game. Another bad comparison.

  • A couple of MLB’s who were all over the leaders list on the different drills today
    From 40 YArd Time, Weight lifting, Long and High Jump and Cone Drills
    Here’s a couple of Prospects if EAgles go DT in the 1st Round and Select one of these MLB in the 2nd/3rd

    #1) Mychal Kendricks (Cal 5-11 240lbs) Great workout today in all areas today
    #2)James Michael Johnson (Nevada 6-1 241lbs) had a great Senior Bowl week
    #3) Jerry Franklin (Arkansas 6-1 241lbs) my sleeper pick in the 4th Round

  • By me saying that he pulled a Mamula, was said in reference to him putting up numbers that he wasn’t supposed to, & by him WOWING the masses. Vinnie, by no means am I ignorant. It was my opinion, if you & @$$clown Schiller don’t agree, so be it. It’s called an opinion. Deal with it.

  • BTW, where did I ever say that he was a workout warrior. I was just making a valid comparison to Mamula. Everyone is compared to someone else. It’s done all of the time by scouts, coaches, & mocks. It’s the way of making comparisons. Stop freaking nitpicking! Get a life!

  • pdiddy
    February 27, 2012 – 6:08 pm
    “You know whats funny, we are throwing all these names out there. Get this guy or no get that guy. We all forget who we are dealing with here. The eagles will draft nobody we say. They are going to draft somebody that will have all of us scratching our heads on draft day watch. Deep down you all know it.”

    This is so true!!!

  • Dcar, you are probably the first person ever to refer to mamula and not mean workout warrior. That’s what he’s known for. Either you are trying to weasel out of it or just being weird.

  • Combine numbers are not that predictable of future success, and scouts today do not rely upon them too heavily, especially since they have seen the players live and on film, particularly the projected 1-2 rounders, but poor numbers at the combine can kill the prospect, and all here who say they predicted burfict’s poor numbers at the combine are full of it, but the numbers are telling, and this beast of a player did not prepare for the event, cost him millions, and the eagles must stay away from him

  • You’re right jakedog. Combine numbers don’t mean much.

    But when you include the best LBer in college award along with a very strong combine, it DOES mean something.

    I would rather have Luke than Vontaze. On work ethic alone.

  • I agree birdo, but I still would not take keuchley with the 15th pick or any of the other backers, burfict appears to have tremendous upside, but if doesn’t think enough of his future to have prepared for the combine then he is not worth taking even a flyer on, too bad

  • Burfict has been a train wreck for 3 months now, it’s just not that he didn’t perform well yesterday at the combine.. He is falling fast big time so forget about him….

    Eagles New Mock Draft

    1st (15th) DT Fletcher Cox (Miss State 6-4 298lbs)
    2nd (47th-Cards) CB Stephen Gilmore (South Carolina 6-0 190lbs)
    2nd (51st) DE Vinny Curry (Marshall 6-3 266lbs)
    3rd (79th) WR Juron Criner (Arizona St 6-4 224lbs)
    4th (101st-Bucs) ILB James Michael Johnson (Nevada 6-1 241lbs)
    4th (116th) OLB Keenan Robinson (Texas 6-3 244lbs)
    5th (143rd) OT Nate Potter (Boise State 6-6 305lbs)

    3 Picks in 6th to add depth at TE,RB,OL

  • Paulman? Will Burfict be drafted?

    If he fulfills his potential will that be better than any linebacker available?

  • All that other so called issues and stuff would have been forgotten, discounted, if burfict prepared for the combine and put up the numbers of which he’s capable, had he done the work his name would be in the mix with keuchley , et. al, not now, 3rd, 5th, maybe, and I still would not take keuchley at 15′ too many better dts available

  • Songs, who cares how talented he is, he couldn’t get ready for the biggest day of his football career, he’s a mega talent, so what, as Coolidge stated, nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent, move on

  • keuchly is ASS!!!!!

    paste it and remember it!

    losing team in college who’s o happen to be he best tackler on his team. Burfict will have a very successful career. keuchly will be Mamula 2.

  • Songs,
    So what’s this make for Burfunk then, He was on a worse team and still didn’t lead the Arizonma State Sun Devils in Tackles, He’s a bigger ASS and so are you …

  • Songs, give it up man, you are sounding foolish, screw burfict, he’s made you look bad, me as well for touting him, he needs to figure it out yet

  • Songs — his potential has just been downgraded — His ceiling has just be moved to slow white mans round four draft area

  • Songs he on field production would have him a round 7 prospect

  • Songs and the He and his potential is Burfict

  • Schill, again, you smacked @$$, your reading comprehension is moronic. I, nowhere in any of my comments said that Mamula WASN’T a workout warrior, nor did I say Kuechly WAS a workout warrior! I have no reason to weasel out on any comments, you dunce! Go back, R E A D S L O W L Y, & figure it out on your own, because apparently you are like talking to a head of lettuce. Don’t assume things that aren’t there, & don’t put freaking words in my mouth! This is the last time I comment on the matter. This is a fun time of the year, & you even manage to vampire the life out of this. In your world, Schiller Bizrro world, no one has the right to an opinion, & has to go through the Schill editing dept. Get a life, loser! I would curse you out, but I gave GCobb, my word about the profanity. So go fudge!!

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