• May 19, 2022

Vontaze Burfict Runs A Slow 40 Yard Dash Time

Things didn’t go well for Arizona State middle linebacker prospect Vontaze Burfict.  He has been criticized for getting out of control on the field and getting hit with penalties.  He also has been accused of blowing assignments and starting fights with his teammates.

On the positive side, Burfict has shown a passion for the game.  He’s been a very polarizing prospect.  Some think he’s the answer to the Eagles linebacking problems while others want nothing to do with a guy who doesn’t make a lot of tackles at middle linebacker on top of his attitude issues.

Today he wanted to shut a lot of the negative talk up by running a good forty time.  Instead he ran a 4.93 in his first attempt a and a 5.10 in his second chance.  That is slow for a middle linebacker and will hurt his draft status.

Burfict is also being reported to be making a bad impression to the coaches,  scouts and other front office people.  His draft stock is falling like a rock.

The Eagles need help at the middle linebacker position, but I doubt that Burfict will be drafted by the Birds to help them.


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  • burfict = bozworth —– All talk no game

  • you can’t even use this guy on Special teams because he is a walking penalty flag

  • Paulman Reported this back in early January… Good Job G-Man…
    A man with no team, and a Fan Club started by Songs ..

  • Is it me or is anyone else thinking that Burfict’s belly kind of reminds me of
    D-Jax’s Tranny Dancer friend’s down in Miami that was posted on here a month ago or so…

  • Luke Kuechly is the All-American kid, coach’s favorite, never got in trouble, consistently productive on the field. Heck, he even wears glasses that make him look like a chemistry major.

    Vontaze Burfict is a little different. Was benched for committing too many personal fouls. Got into a locker room fight with a teammate. Lost speed and struggled to make plays after he gained too much weight.

    So you’re the Eagles. You desperately need a young, active, playmaking inside linebacker. Kuechly is the safer choice, but Burfict might have more of a long-term upside.

    Sound familiar? Seems like 2010, when the Eagles took the safer pick (Brandon Graham) over the risky guy (Jason Pierre-Paul).

  • Wow, looks like I owe you $10 Paulman. No way someone drafts a MLB with that 40 time in the first round. I hope we can get him in the 2nd then!

  • Upshaw in the first and Burfict and a DT in the 2nd?

  • Thansk Boyer..
    I will give you a chance to get your $10 back on a Double or Nothing Bet
    I pick the Flyers to lose in the 1st Round of the Playoffs.. What do you say..

  • Hahaha!!!!!!!!!

    You know me too well, Paulman. I’ll take that bet!

  • This dude has dogmeat, written all over him. He might fall out of the 2nd round. If he does, I would still take a fly on him in the third, or even our 2nd, 2nd. He has too much upside, just to totally discount. IMHO, the dude has ZERO chance going in the top 50. Too many red flags, to overlook.

  • Andrew P. To compare Burfict to JPP is just stupid.

    I loved watching the Combine announcers talking about how when they watch tape of Burfict the biggest thein they notice is how often he’s seen just lying on the ground.

    Maylock was basically laughing at Burfict as he domonstrated Vinnietheevictor type speed as he laboured down the 40yrd track. What was his second time? 5.10?? Worse than many of the 300+lb DTs.

    Why you guys have a hard-on for this disaster is beyond me. “Cause he has a video with 50cent rapping “psycho psycho…..” on it? Give me a break. The guy is going to bounce around from practice squad to practice squad for a couple years before finding himself struggling to make the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 2014.

  • As for Upshaw. Both Maylock and McGinest were both saying they think he would be a better DE in a 4-3. That at 270+ he’s just too big to play MLB.

  • Upshaw was a good college football player — not everyone can play in the NFL — he looks caught in no man’s land — neither a LB or a DE you know just like the bird’s guy Graham

  • I think Upshaw would be best as OLB in a 3-4 Scheme like a Demarcus Ware, Terrell Suggs type.. let him rush the backfield and move him around the formations, Stand him up, from a 3 Pt Stance, over the Center… I dont believe he is best suited as a OLB in a 4-3 Scheme.. Now can he play MLB as th signal caller of the Defense… I am not sure about this..

  • They will not draft a MLB. They will draft a position we don’t have a great need for or pull some what they call “genius” movie like a trade out of the first round to “outsmart” all the teams. Or they will draft that diamond in the rough to show everyone how smart they are. There will not be a MLB drafted .

  • Rewatched lst evening and Upshaw looked slow, flat footed and kind of uninspired… Was disapointed in his performance and energy level
    Hightower also struggled in the pass-coverage drills… These 2 are the type of LB who well at the line of scrimmage attacking downhill but not so good at back-pedaling and in pass coverages.. I don’t think either of them are 3 Down LB’s..

  • It’s getting even better for us..Eagles have shown they’ll take character risks in the 2nd round like they did with Djav, so it would be a steal if Burfict fell to them in the 2nd round.

    Look at our 2nd round picks on defense like Laws and Jarrett…Nate garbage Allen.

    This is working out real well. We can actually get a strong DT with the 15th and still get the meanest linebacker in the draft.

  • This time shows what many complained about, he obviously did not prepare for this event, there is no way in hell that is his normal 40 time, he ran faster than that in high school, he is out of shape, undisciplined in a bad way, not prepared to play, it takes more than raw ability to play in the NFL, first and foremost you need a work ethic, and he does not have it, fooled me

  • Paulman I was thinking the same thing about Upshaw and Hightower while back pedaling — Kuechly looked OK back pedaling so I understand the concerns about him in pass coverage

  • Songs,
    Give it up Bro… Burfict is probably a 3rd and maybe a 4th Rounder now.. Eagles and about 25 other teams will not touch this guy no matter how far he falls… Find another Poster Player who the Eagles need to to Win for it’s not Burfict…and for the Record, he is not the best,talented LB in this Draft and his out of shape,shitty attitide and lame excuses are proof positve of this…

    Other LB’s who has nice workout days and improved their Draft Status
    MLB –
    #1) L Kuechly (Boston College – Solidified his spot as the Top MLB in Draft)
    #2) M Kendricks (Cal – Moved up to maybe a late 2nd Rounder,measureables were off the charts and was his drill work)
    #3) J Michael-Johnson (Nevada – had a strong Senior Week, did well in all his Drill and Measureables)
    #4) J Franklin (Arkansas – 3 Year Starter in the tough SEC conference, does everything well, smart kid and a very high motor )

    OLB –
    #1) Ronnell Lewis – (Oklahoma–has some character flags as well, but came in with a great performance in all measureables and drills 6-2 260lbs and projects early to mid 2nd Round)
    #2) Shea McClellin- (Boise State – more athletic than he appears, can play outside,inside, 3 pt Stance, a solid all around good player 6-3 260lbs and probably a mid-late 2nd Round selection)
    #3) Nigel Bradham – (Florida State – Great workout yesterday and is moving up the charts.. at 6-2 240lbs, would make an excelent SAM LB in Eagles Scheme..did well is pass coverage drills and has long rangy arms..and may move up to the mid/late 2nd Round Selection)
    #4) Keenan Robinson (Texas 6-3 242 lbs) has size,speed, fluid movement and good feet.. Could probably play all 3 positions but looks real comfortable at OLB and probably moved up to the 3rd Round
    #5) Damario Davis (Arkansas State 6-2 235 – Excelled in all drills and had some great measureables, small program but looks like real player and could be a nice Pick late in the Draft..(6th Rounder)

  • Paulman.. I will never give up…

    I’m the same guy who was harping on Asmo last offseason when guys like you was saying we will not be able to sign Djax if we got him….Remember?

    Now, you are against Djax signing.

    garbage buddy.

    Burfict is needed for this defense..
    there’s no heart on this dense.

    There’s no one who will challenge the coaches when they are wrong on this defense.

    there’s no linebacker who can break through an offensive line to make a play, so I don’t give a damn way you guys say.

    There comes a time when a guy who have that edge is good.

    This team need a player on this defense with a chip on their shoulder to balance with these damn choir boys.

    Who would Buddy Ryan pick?


  • Paulman did Wagner, the Utah State LB work out at the combine because noone is talking about him anymore

  • Songs — Burfict has one more chance –drop 15 pounds before the draft and prove he can play special teams at 235 LBs. and run a 4.8 and bench press 225 20 times —- if he doesn’t complete that task befor April’s draft he is not worth a draft choice — the ship has sailed at him being considered a starter next year and he must convince teams he can help on special teams

  • Vontaze is obviously no longer a 1st round caliber pick. He hasnt had any breaks, whether during his last season at arizona state, to his combine drills/stats, many say he has a bad attitude, he has alot of negativity around him right now but the one that is the root cause of all this is himself, he has to point the finger at himself noone else.. All of these college guys have to carry there own load and have to prove themselves.. Hes had a rough year… But in all honesty, Burfict could be good value in the 3rd round for the birds if he makes it that far.. I believe they currently have two 3rd rounders so i would take a chance on him there if he makes it that far and from the looks of it if he continues to fall like he is he ll be a 3rd round pick… crazy…

  • Jon Hart who gives a damn about Burfict pointing the finger to himself? That’s fake BS.

    He’s real.

    This is not a beauty pageant.

    If he comes to the NFL and wreck shop and cause havoc as a defensive star ..who will care where e was drafted?

    Now, that his stock have dropped a team will get 1st round talent, and the best linebacker, with the highest upside at a premium.

    This is even more reason to get Burfict.

  • Listen Songs,

    All the guy had to do was work out hard for 3 months and he would have been rewarded with millions and millions of dollars. Insead, he did nothing to prepare (clearly) and will drop from the first round to…wherever……..

    He couldn’t even be motivated enough to set him and his family up for life. This clown will not be able to motivate himself for anything.

    Waste of space. Turn off the 50cent soundtrack and see the guy for who he is. A lazy ass, still trying to live off his highschool reputation.

    Enjoy Saskatchewan Burfict. It gets mighty cold there come those December games. If you’d like I could set you up with some season tickets Songs. You could follow your new favourite fallen star there.

  • Vinnie, you mean getting rewarded like Mike Mamula?

    Again.who gives a damn about the combine?

    You know how many players who are ass that was drafted in the 1st round and were combine perfectionists…that were busts?

    A team will draft Burfict!!!

    You know that will happen right?

    All I’m saying is if a team will draft him, it might as del be us. A team tat need his aggressiveness.

    If we can give garbage ass Matthews the starting job without proving anything, the least we can do is get Burfict at a discount price to give attitude to our weak defensive unit.

  • Go Get em Songs I’m with ya buddy! I must admit, you called for Asmo last offseason when others didn’t think it possible, predicted Kolb would be garbage and that Matthews would be a waste; “3 for 3 buddy”! I’ll stick with your odds man – I do believe Burfinct is the kind of nasty attitude we need around here to shake up these “pansy” boy soft attitudes around here. I believe that the combine doesn’t show everything a player has. There have been plenty of busts and I believe RGIII will be a much better QB than luck because he’s 1 smart dude. I think Luck may end up being a bust I.M.O.

  • The combine shows us whether the player did his work prior to the event, will he do the work necessary to prepare for the season, a game, if this guy couldn’t motivate himself with millions on the table, then sorry but even with all his apparent talent then he’s not worth investing in until such time he invests in himself

  • Asomugha had an awful year last and would have been realeased if not for guarantee money in 2012—

  • To Songs,
    and I still don’t like the CB Asmo signing a year later.. talk about overrated..
    I would much rather have had CB Carlos Rodgers or even Richard Marshall who are much more physcial and better ball hawks that Asmo is and then Eagles still would have had $$$ enough to sign Safety Dwan Landry or Pollard and even LB Tulloch… but that was last year and water under the bridge.. Asmo was a huge disappointment to me and he has lots to prove to me this Season or I will call his signing one of the worst in Eagle History..
    As far as Burfunk, I have been posting for 2 months on why he would not be a 1st Round Selection and basically not a player would even have on their radar due to his character,attitude and coachability issues..

  • Pualman…you still didn’t answer the questions

  • To Eagles0SuperBowls

    RE: LB Bobbie Wagner was hospitalized in Phoenix last Monday 2/23, where he been working out at one of the Sport Camps in preparation for the Combines, and was listed with having pneumonia and stayed in the hospital overnight for observation and was not medically cleared to travel to Indianapolis for any workouts or interviews which is a real shame after a great week at the Senior Bowl and was it’s Defensive MVP and leading tackler… He will get a chance to show Scouts/Coaches/Media his skills at his Schools Pro Day come March 8th if he gets medically cleared ..

  • All I hear about Burfict is that he spends a lot of time on the ground with running backs blazing past him. He IS aggressive, DOES tackle hard, and DOES have attitude. And it all results in him playing crappy football. That’s all I’ve heard except from Songs and his minions.

  • Burfict has officially dropped in 3 Prospect Rankings to approx the 120th Prospect and is now projected as a late 3rd RD/4th Round Selection…
    I can’t recall a “Healthy” Player Falling as fast and as hard as Burfict has…
    He really blew a chance to prove the many nay-sayers to come to the Combine in tip-top shape and to show his skills to the best of his abilities to prove that his final season was just a fluke, and instead he comes in not-motivated to do so, not in the best shpae, did not interview well… Pass on this pyscho at all costs, if he can’t train and prepare for the biggest “NFL Job Interview Process” of his liefetime seriously, then I don’t want him on my team.. Not even close…

  • The increasing reliance on the pass in the NFL is making the “big MLB” obsolete. MLBs need to be as effective if not more in pass coverage and agility than being a thumper and plugging holes. Take a look around the league at the best MLBs. Lewis and Urlacher at 260 are the exception. Most of best MLBs are 245 and under.

    Burfict’s undisciplined play doesn’t led itself to success behind a wide-9. A MLB in this defense must be able to diagnose plays and maintain gap control. Burfict would be a much better fit in JJ’s downhill attacking scheme ala Trotter. This team should go no where near Burfict.

  • burfict is working with the first team now since ray maualga is out .. he worked his way up from the third team

  • And so he’s moved from 3rd on Cinci’s depth chart to 2nd. What does that mean exactly? Who’d he beat out?


    Are we already complainging we didn’t draft the right guys? I read that the DE in NE is tearing it up….we coulda had him too!!

    I also read that Kuchley is all-world down in Carolina. Shoulda traded up for hiperhaps.

    At the time of the draft Burfict was slow, lazy, and out of sahpe. Good for him to work himself up from Cinci’s 3rd to 2nd LB.

  • I saw Burfict had an INT in his first preseason game. Good for him.

    Still didn’t want nor currently want any parts of him

  • Bengals have some injuries to their LB Corp so Burfict will see plenty of reps this Preseason which is probably the best thing that has happened to him.
    He will make the Bengals Roster out of neccessity, but they have a very young Defensive Group and he can possibly make a nice move into their Rotation

  • Burfict with a very spectacular effort tonight. 2 solid tackles as Ryan tears the Bengals a new one.

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