• July 4, 2022

Plaxico Burress Is Eager About Becoming An Eagle

Last year after the lockout ended in the NFL, the Eagles almost signed Plaxico Burress.  It looks like they’re going to get another chance and I think it’s a good idea.  Burress was on 97.5 The Fanatic today and he talked about the interest the Birds showed in him a year ago before he signed with the Jets.  could be a solution to some of the problems the Birds have had in the red zone.

During the appearance on the radio Burress made it clear he wants to be an Eagle.  He said, “nothing else would make me happier”  than signing with and playing with the Eagles in the upcoming season.

I anticipate the Birds signing the big guy.  If they do, it’s a good sign for DeSean Jackson.  I don’t think they would sign Burress if their plan was to sign some of the big physical receivers who might become free agents.


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  • Spot on “G” great stuff

  • agree G. Buress would bring something we dont already have. And perhaps it would give Vick an out when things get nutty… just like Eli used to do with him.

  • if the Birds sign both Buress and DJax then Avant and Cooper are gone and two minium wage special team players are signed to replace them —- Avant(2million salary will be gone before the ink dries on Burress’s & DJax’scontract ) with Cooper being cut because Burress would be doing his job

  • I think Burress is signed only if D-Jax leaves..

  • disagree Pman. The eagles know he’s not good enough to replace…. just add.

  • I’m trying to tell y’all ladies and gentlemen.

    Maclin – Burress – Avant – Cooper will be the base of our WR corps next year.

    The year we win the Superbowl. I’m ready.

    Both Maclin and Burress will be playing with HUGE chips on their shoulders.

    Maclin will have a chip because all he will hear the entire offseason is how the Eagles shouldn’t have gotten rid of Desean Jackson and blah blah blah. It’s going to drive a man that’s already a hard worker to work even harder. I expect a HUGE year from Maclin next year. On the same level as some of the top receivers in the game…..which will lead to a contract extension somewhere in the season.

    Burress will be playing with a chip on his shoulder because he wants to prove that he’s really back. He’s going to help Vick out immensely and deliver a damn good year.

    I can just FEEL it all coming together.

    Again, these are just things that I believe will happen. MY opinion. I’m not trying to pass them on as fact like others on this site do.

  • lol Birdo- i feel ya. I could see it when you say it like that. No pool boys gave you this info tho?

    if this happens… i think they will also have a 1st or 2nd round WR. Thats the only way i can see this.

  • I can see us getting Luke with #15 and then Zach Brown in the second…..I dunno what we would do with the other second round pick…..probably a receiver like you stated Stevo.

    I dunno. I just know I want Burress on our team. He’s big with great hands. He had a year to get his “football legs” back underneath him and will have an offseason to learn the system.

    Bring him in. It’s vital. Especially if we lose D-Jax. If we sign DJax to a longterm deal however, great googly moogly. I thought our offense was nearly unstoppable last year……can you imagine with DJax – Maclin – Burress – Shady?

    I have a hard on right now just thinking about it!

  • I hope Jackson is here this year, how Great would it be to see ANY defence try to cover him along with Maclin, Burress and Brent, come on, that’s a killer group.

  • Get this deal done ASAP. Dude wants to be here. He is in shape and he is a legit red zone threat and tough possession WR.

  • yes- if any of them can hold onto the ball. Im not blaming all of the losses on the WR’s at all but they need to bring the ball in when it hits them in the hands/chest.

    Honestly… how sad is it that we have such great players yet we need to fix these basic problems…..

    throwing to OUR players.
    making a tackle


  • I wanted the birds to draft him out of Mich state. Alas they picked Corey Simon instead, can;t really complain about that pick.

    I would only caution against getting hopes up because last year he was walking around with the Phillies cap on etc and didn;t get an offer from the Birds. They didn;t seem interested in him then, so I would guard against any optimism about him coming in here this year. He’ll be turning 36 this season….not sure how enthusiastically the FO is going to jump at this guy. We’ll see.

    On a side note….doesn;t anyone else want the birds to back off the free agent business. I do. It normally takes 2 years for a free agent to become acclimated and gegin to perform at a high level on his/her new team.

    NFL teams who buy buy buy do not normally do well. All I’m hearing about on this site is Burress, Meachem, Tulloch, Haynesworth etc…..I’d rather the birds got back to drafting and developing, with the occasional big splash to bolster the team……

  • sorry 35

  • There are so many good players year in and year out, I rather Draft and delveloped them and add a free-agent player here or there.. but build thru the Draft.. I am excited and hope the Eagles can nab 4-5 really good quality players for the Defense to be the cornerstone for the next 5-8 Seasons as many of the older players on the EAgles Team Jenkins,Trent Cole, M Patterson, Asmo’s,Samuel beging the downside of their careers in Philly.
    Football more than any sport is a young man’s game and the average career lasts about 4-5 Years .. You have to keep bringing in talent every off-season

  • Love it BirdoBeaman!!! Power to ya! I sincerely hope that your passion and optimism becomes contagious. This site needs more readers like you, rather than a bunch of know-all, tell-all “Doomsday” theorists getting in pissing matches because they think that they’re opinions on “why we will fail this year” are the golden standard.

  • Maclin – Burress – Avant – Cooper. I don’t think any secondary will be impressed or scared of this WR core. Maclin in my mind is a very good #2. Burress is over the hill and only a role player at this point in his career and I havent seen anything out of Cooper that keeps him on the team this upcoming season. If Desean is not resigned and does not get the franchise tag I believe the Eagles will use their 1st rd pick on a WR or sign a Vincent Jackson/ Peirre Garcon/ Robert Meachem. I don’t see anyway that this team goes into 2012 with Maclin – Burress – Avant – Cooper as their WR core. I like the Idea of Burress along with D Jax, Maclin and Avant but to replace Jackson with Burress is not an upgrade what so ever…

  • Vinny, Im with you on getting an A draft this year over making a big splash. I think its ridiculous when some of the FO groupies on here bash others when we demand something better than the crap we have drafted on D the past 6-7 years. Havn’t drafted a probowler since Trent Cole, thats freakin putrid. But then you have the guys that say hey who cares why does it matter where the pieces on D come from a draft or from FA. It does matter which was evident this year plain and simple.

    However, saying that I would like the Eagles to sign Burress. His biggest strength is our biggest weakness on Offense. He wouldn’t cost much either. Prolly a 1-2 million which wouldn’t kill the cap. Im also saying this because of who we have as our QB. Vick needs a guy like Burress he can rely on when he throws a bad pass to go up and get for him. Burress catches anything thats around him and if getting him screws up Cooper’s improvement so be it cuz I dont think Cooper is all that good anyway. He had a chance to showcase this year and he didn’t..way too many drops.

  • sullybleedsgreen……adding a legitimate redzone target who had DOUBLE the amount of tds as a small receiver that can only run a straight line isn’t an upgrade?

    Learn football and get off the desean-juice.

  • I think everyone on this site can agree that not signing Burress and signing Steve Smith was a Double Mistake last year — the only question is who’s decision was it Howie, Andy, Joe , Mornhinweg

  • Birdo, Superbowl? Really?

  • I don’t see why we can’t sign djax and burress that would be great. I love djax but i am in agreement with people who say 6-8 a year for him is good enough. He is very good but not fitzgerald or megatron so he shouldn’t get that money. But he is a top ten receiver in my eyes closer to santonio holmes.

  • Pdiddy — Fitz gets 15 and Megatron gets 12 ——— DJax wants 9.4 million next year — he can beat 6-8 on the free agent market —- Eagles have to give him 9.4 or he walks and signs for 9.4 elsewhere

  • Cool thanks for the info i agree eagles0, I hope they get it done.

  • lol See what you started G..lol Calm down and take a sip of REALITY. Remember that saying Joe said about insanity. It still is true. Continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result. Think about that for a second. So after 13 years of not winning a super bowl what makes you believe He can coach a team to a super the 14th year. Thats the definition Einstein was talking about fellas. Stop kidding yourself thinking adding one 6 foot 5 guy is going to help. Reid still will manage a game the same way he always have and you will be yelling the SAME thing you did for 13 years…Run the ball!!!! His record is showing you he has a hard time against a team with a winning record. coach Reid has built his wins over sub 500 teams and you WILL play a team with a winning record and Head coach. He will continue to be out coached net year also. I am willing to bet the house on that, and the years after that you will be getting hyped all over again for nothing.

    Lets face Reality together. We cant win a Super bowl with Reid coaching this team and calling the shots. Numbers don’t lie and his says he will be out coached again net year. And Vick will not be able to read blitzes by week 5 when teams change things up which they will and he will resort back to running because his instinks will kick in and that’s all he knows. His record also shows he struggles against teams with winning records. As Reid goes his QB’s go.
    I think the best thing for us to do is Not set our expectations so high. Super bowl? Come on guys they cant do it with this crew. Just watch some football and if they win we cheer and get drunk and when they lose we still get drunk and CHEER them on. Its not there fault there Head Coach is NOT DOING A BETTER JOB. We have some really good players but a Lazy stubborn coach.

    One more thing, Brian Rolle dont you dare spazz on one of my fellow fans. Listen little man if YOUR peers(the whole league) called you SOFT you have no room to talk. Hell you wont even be playing football in the NFL next year. If im lying why are football experts telling us to draft more LB’s. They wont carry all you guys and Howie is the only dummy that drafts 5′ 7″ LB’s you are a teenagers size bro. Good luck at least you played one year..lol

  • Man, that would be nice having Plax good addition. I wouldn’t even mind if they brought in Albert, give him a low paying contract with stipulations, no work, no pay………………..well the Eagles will have all they need. They will be monsters

  • ahhhhh Plaxico… I thought Philly would learn not to sign anymore former NYG WR’s (See Steve Smiths stats for 2011-12) Teams that win build through the draft. Plain and simple. You want a Redzone touchdown? feed it to Shady McCoy who has 17 on the year. Brent Celek looked to me toward the end of the year like a top 10 TE in the league feed him in the endzone. Michael Vick best running QB we’ve ever seen get him in the endzone. This team has some descent options when it comes to the redzone.

  • I’m not strongly opposed to the Eagles signing Burress, but I want to see DeSean Jackson and Vincent Jackson playing across from one another in midnight green for years to come and I don’t think that’s too much to ask. To be honest it seems like if anyone would have asked for Nnamdi, Samuel and DRC on the same team EVERYONE would have said it was too much to ask for.

  • Suckywukcy – one case doesn’t make a rule. Did you stop being heterosexual after your first breakup?

  • RGIII to Dream Team II for Superbowl Championship I.

  • Schiller, why would you assume that his first break up was initiated by the girl? Have you had a tough time with ladies? If you could use some pointers, I’d be glad to help you out. lol

  • Listen, knock the Steve Smith signing all you want, but it was a strategic signing by the FO. I’m not trying to be an apologist, but with Maclin coming off his mysterious illness they didn’t know what they had with our receiving corps. Avant is a steady slot man w above average hands, but provides no mismatch issues defenses would have to respect.
    They had a choice between adding Plaxico, 2 years removed form the game (and Vick was pedestrian at best his 1rst yr back from prison and was already declining in production prior to prison) or a 75% Steve Smith who was 1 year off a pro-bowl and who team doctors thought might be back to form by mid-season. The FO was willing to take a bet on DJ, a ?% Maclin (still with a big ? for 2012) and Smith (who they still had the option of moving outside if necessary). Obviously, Smith ended up being a bust and Plaxico was fantastic in the RZ (w 8 TDs).
    Hindsight is 20/20, but how is anyone going to tell me that the Eagles taking the cheaper option ($2.2M) on a 3-down player is a bad choice considering Plax was paid $3M to work in the red zone?
    The result was the FO swung and missed, which coupled with the VY, RB and defensive draft struggles is not going to buy them too many do overs. To keep your job you need more hits than SO, but if you are trying to justify your comments by the numbers (prior to 2012) its just not there.

  • Birdo, I am not on the “Desean Juice” whatever that is… I didn’t say I don’t like Burress, I said to replace Desean Jackson with just Plaxico Burress is not an upgrade at the position. It does not make this offense better. Personally I think the F O should have signed Desean after the 2010 season and locked him up for a few years just like I would like to see them lock up Lesean right now long term. The Eagles Brass decided to choose a different path and it’s starting to look now that they may have made the right choice. There are going to be a few solid WR’s to grab in free agency and there is a lot of talent at the WR position in the draft this year. Replacing a 25 year old WR that was one of the best deep threats in the NFL for the last 3 years with a 34 year old WR that had 13 less catches and 350 less yards than the guy you had is a down grade.
    Desean 2011 #s 58 rec 961yards 16.6 avg 4 TD
    Plaxico 2011 #s 45 rec 612 yards 13.6 avg 8 TD

    4 more TD’s doesn’t blow me away. But pairing these guys together does sound good.

  • Good one drummer, but I said nothing of who initiated it.

  • drummer , i think rg3 is a package deal , get him and your giving reid an extension !


  • Scramz: you said it best. Andy will not suddenly be channeling Lombardi this year, the Eagles will be interesting to watch and talk about, and we’ll all be drunk.

  • “nothing else would make me happier” than signing with and playing with the Eagles in the upcoming season.**

    Ditto! Nothing else would make me happier as a fan than having Burress on this team. He wants to be here and could contribute to this offense.

  • Been away for a while but good to be back and love reading the articles. This is my favorite place to come. Thanks G for keeping us up to date.

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