• June 27, 2022

It’s Time For The Birds To Send Asante Samuel Elsewhere

There is no question that Asante Samuel will go down as one of the best at his position. He is a playmaker, with a lot of those plays coming in big time games and situations. At the same time, his ball hawking playing style often leads to big plays by the opposing team. He also doesn’t tackle well and at the age of 31, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

I’ve never had a problem with professional players that have a bit of swagger. I think it’s that confidence that helped get them to where they are now, and Asante certainly possesses that confidence. With that being said, some of Asante’s comments last year towards the front office and being happy as long as he was getting paid each Tuesday irked me a bit. Hearing your name come up in trade rumors has to be unsettling, but I think he should have tried to keep his thoughts about it in house. Wide Receivers are supposed to be the divas of the NFL, not cornerbacks.

Another reason I’d like to see Asante go is because I remember a guy named Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie that was supposed to be a pretty good pickup for the Eagles at the corner position. Along with Nnamdi Asomugha, DRC seemed to be a shell of himself last season but he is young, fast and I believe a better cover corner than Samuel. With one year left on his contract, I would like to see what the kid can do if given more room and playing time for the Eagles this season before considering him a bust (although Kevin Kolb hasn’t exactly panned out for Arizona).

I still believe Asante has plenty left in the tank playing wise, but I think his time in Philadelphia is coming to an end. I thought having DRC, Samuel and Asomugha would turn out great, but nothing I saw last year confirmed that. If the Eagles could get a second round pick, or even better, a solid linebacker for him, than I think they should pull the trigger and cut ties with Samuel.

Chris Borne

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  • Uh…no.

    Certainly the Eagles can try to get him to restructure. Sure if the Eagles can get Gary Brackett for him but short of something like that it makes no sense, because then the Eagles would have ZERO BALLHAWKS in the backfield. The interception rate last year was already putrid why make it worse now?

  • Chris, you have a better chance of playing for the Birds next year, than he does. Good bye! Good riddance!

  • Samuel has lost that explosion he used to have on breaking on the ball.. take a look since November of 2010, He does not have the Int’s or big plays since his knees acted up in late November of 2010.. He know playes even further off the ball to compensate for his lack of explosion and gives up 5-6-8 yard outs all game long, and the smart teams who know his timdness actually run the ball with great sucess to his side knowing he is not going to get his body in there to take on a blocker or let alone make a tackle..
    Watch game tapes of familiar foes like the Giants,Cowboys,Redskins,Bears.. they run right at him , throw screens his way, short outs his way, and then burn him with double moves later in the game… He still can play but needs to play for a Defense that is strictly a cover-2 Deep Scheme which the Eagles are going to a more man-press cover team to take advantage of Asmo/DCR supposed skills..
    Unfortunately with Samuel due to make $9.5 Million in 2012 and $10 Million in 2013, there will be no team that will trade for him and give the Eagles a 2nd or 3rd Round Pick in the process.. Teams know the Eagles will be releasing him and will take their chances on obtaining him by offering him a deal but no team is going to agree to take on his Current Salary, not for a 31 year old who doesn’t hit/tackle or match up well with big physical WR’s and who is on the downside of his career and also has some knee issues..
    When you listen to Samuel over the years, he is a man ofd honor, a man who demands respecct and there is no way he will restructure his deal with the Eagles for it would go against everythign he stands for… His mindset is going to be that you got by paying me the smaller salaries fior the 1st 3 years of my deal and now when the big bucks are about to kick in.. you want to renegoitiate.. Ain’t happening.. He may do it for another team, but not the Eagles and I am sure the best move for Samuel is for the Eagles to release him and then he’s free to make a new 2-3-4 Year Deal with bonus $$4 up front and still get a $4-5 Million Salary so Samuel will see his $$$, it just won’t be from the Eagles..
    About th eonly way I see th Eagles getting anything is possible packaging him with a Draft Pick to move up with a team if he agrees to rstructure his deal….
    Example, Maybe the Eagles offer their 5th Round Pick plus Samuel to the Vikings or Panthers for their 3rd round Pick (as long as Samuel is willing to re-negoitiate his contract with them) Bioth the Vikings and Panters are in need of a Cb and Samuel knows Vicking Coach Lesllie Frazier and Panthers DC McDermott well and run very similar coverage schemes as the Eagles do so th elearning curve for him would be minimal..

  • ” Maybe the Eagles offer their 5th Round Pick plus Samuel to the Vikings or Panthers for their 3rd round Pick (as long as Samuel is willing to re-negoitiate his contract with them) Bioth the Vikings and Panters are in need of a Cb and Samuel knows Vicking Coach Lesllie Frazier and Panthers DC McDermott well and run very similar coverage schemes as the Eagles do so th elearning curve for him would be minimal..”

    I really hope this happens! Asante has been great here for the time he has been here but he just doesn’t fit with Nnamdi and DRC

  • I hope so too Sully…
    I know the Vikings/Panthers/TB Bucs all need a Quality CB and Assante is from the Tampa area originally and still makes his year around home in Central Florida but I don’t see a Team giving up a 2nd Rounder straight up for Samuel… .. .

  • If they can get something good for asante.. if not i dont think its a good idea.. DRC is not very good position wise ..Asantes one of my favorite players but if theyre changing the scheme maybe they should trade him if not … im not so sure.

  • Paulman McDermott will not want anything to do with him — He disrespected McDermott like TO disrespected Brad Childress —- In the playoff game loss to the Cowboys, Dallas used the bubble screens on Samuel nonstop and McDermott keep calling for press coverage and Assante would not move up to defend it — I was shocked when they shipped Sheldon Brown to Cleveland thinking they got rid of the wrong guy — Assante was the problem not Sheldon

  • Ii don’t believe the Eagles can have their 1st OTA’s after the Draft and start with the 3 CB system again.. Someone has to go and it appears that it will be Samuel. . They need to start with Asmo/DCR and switch to a mostly Press-Man Cover schemes with the outside Cb which suits Asmo/DCR style much better..

  • ON A sie note

    SD Chargers 9 Year veteran and past Pro-Bowl Left Guard Chris Dielman is retiring due to Concussion.. Chargers O/Line is in bad shape as it is…

    Steelers to announce the release of the popular 14 Year Veteran WR Hines Ward as Steelers cut Salary in order to be able to resign rising start Mile Wallace to a long-term deal… ..

    Bears Release DT Anthony Adams in a Salary Cap cutting move yesterday..

    I expect a lot of Releases to be announced over the next week or 2 leading up to the Free-Agency period to allow Players who are currently under contract to become Free-agents and participate to join another team before all the regular “Free-Agents” get all signed up so we may see more players released sooner this year would be my guess..

  • Can Oakland afford Tyvon Branch? Because if the Eagles sign one player this offseason that is the guy I want — a young 25 year old rising star — Eagles would be wise to offer a 2nd round pick to Oakland to franchise and trade him to the Birds

  • Safety Tyvon Branch is a good one.
    Another Safety to look at who would be a little risky is the Titans Michael Griffin who I liked out of College a lot, but has had an up and down Career, when focused, he is a very good player and flys all over the field and a big hitter.. He does have some emotional issues and can disapear at times mentally but with a Secondary Coach like Bowles coaching him up,he could proabably be a nice addition on a 2 year deal without a large salary…

  • Steelers are reported to not place a “Franchise Tag” on WR M Wallace since they are over the Cap and cannot absord a $9 MIllion Deal for him..
    They have decided to place a “Tender Offer” to him meaning they will have a chance to match any offer and if they lose him, would get a 1st Round PIck in Return… I believe we will see the Eagles do the same thing with D-Jax

  • Paulman — Mike Wallace is a 3 year vet and still restricted and DJax is a 4 year vet and unrestricted — only the franchise tag can be used on DJax to prevent his free agency

  • Thanks for the Info Eagles0Superbowls, way to be on top of it..
    I thought it was strange that if it were that easy, why no one had mentioned it before.. I still think Eagles 75/25% don’t place Franchise Tag on D-Jax.. How about you..

  • the Eagles painted themselves into a corner — DJax has no trade value at 9.4 million so not only will they not receive a draft choice in return for losing DJax it will cost them a high pick to replace him – the eagles were adamant he is not worth Fitz money but all 4-5 year players are cashing in ( Golston, D’well, Bowe) —- They cave and give him the money and cut Avant to pay for it but it is an all out nasty competition to see who gets it (2013 10 million ) between Maclin and DJax—- only one gets it — and the other is a free agent in 2013

  • ugh…. Pman with the Djax thing again. Pman…. they CANT use trans tag on him, thanx bowls for telloing him….. Djax is getting the BIG tag Pman and they will look to trade him if they can get something better. Otherwise…. “Djax has a bright future with Phillly”- regardless of what you WANT them to do with the “PUNK WANNABIE”.

    as far as having no trade Value- you guys are wrong. Teams like the Pats would LOVE to have this guy. My guess is that he knows he’s not getting 9 mil a season and is at this point trying to get a long deal in place. The birds know that his speed will prolly fade and that is All he really has.

    Asam and Djax BOTH have trade value.

  • Stevo I don’t think DJax accommodates or cooperates with the Eagles– it is 9.4 million or total Free Agency and nothing in between — if the 9.4 tag is given then year two is now up for salary negotiations and the starting price would be 10 million

  • it the Eagles don’t franchise DJax, he is going to the team that pays him the most money and it won’t matter if theQB is John Beck or Tyler Palko; if it is hot or cold; indoor or outside doesn’t matter — MONEY is the only factor

  • Dumb article…

    If we get a good offer for Asante? Yes. We have other needs and can spare a corner. But I dont wanna hear any more nonsense about how you dont like what he said to the front office, or any of this other whiney BS I hear coming from fans. Who gives a rat’s a$$ what Asante said to the front office? Asante has played great since being here. He was the guy who sparked our last real playoff run in 08. Picked off Eli early in the Giant game and got a pick 6 in the Viking game. He didnt look good last year, but then again nobody on defense looked good besides the D line… If you wanna trade him and upgrade another position? fine. But it is the height of stupidity to trade a guy of his caliber because of something soo petty as being offended over his spat with the front office.

  • On Sunday March 4th at High Noon if I am the Eagles GM
    I announce the following flat out Player Releases

    WR – D-Jax (savings of $9.4 Million)
    CB – A Samuel (savings of $9.5 Million)
    DE – D Tapp (Savings of $2.75 Million)
    LB – M Fokou (Savings of $875 K)
    OL – J Jackson (Savings of $1.2 Million)
    OT – W Justice (Savings of $3.5 Million)
    Savings of approx $26 Million plus the approx $15 Under the Cap to begin with which gives them $40 Million to acquire 4-5 Players plus Draft 6-8 Good Players.. I would only re-sign Mathis,Dixon, & possibly Landri & Dunlap and let all the other Free-Agents clean out their lockers and move on.. (No VY, Ronnie Brown, S Smith, O Schmitt, V Abiarmi & J Paker)

    Add a verteran MLB (Fletcher on a 2 yer Deal would be awesome and not real expensive) Add a real Strong Safety which will cost some $$4 but Gholston, Griffin, and a big Target WR like Burress and then go add players in the Draft..

    Now I have she

  • but your not…. thank God. You are….. the pool boy.

  • So Paulman wants to get rid of a fullback, the year after our RB was one of the best in the league. With very little out there to replace him…. stupid stupid stupid. Nobody is Leonard Weaver (healthy), but we damn well better keep Schmidt until you replace him with someone known to be better.

  • what i think is funy pman is that EVERY YEAR you say parker…. will this be the year? Every year you say its Andys last year? Will this be the year? ALL of the moves you listed with exception of the #1 move makes perfect sence for our birds. Clearly Asam has to go. He does not fit the system, he is NOT worth the cash. Unless they have something under contract that is BETTER than Djax/Jmac/Avant- I say they SHOULD not let djax go. And as i said the other day…. Shame on you for wanting to fill that hole with crap. You know and I know that Vjax is not going to get called because of his tude…. Dont try and sell us on some teams #3 receiver….. you know we dont have Brees as our QB and you know the new reciver is gunna get like 7 million or more a year…. DO you really think want to save 2 million by letting Djax walk? Dumb.

  • crap- i missed the FB on your list… yeah…. Dumb idea PMan.

  • btw- If we grab a FS in FA, i see the birds trading one of the other 5 guys that have the same “ball hawk” but cant hit or tackle mentality. But noone will want them and someone gets cut.

  • Schmitt is not athletic enough.. He’s is not even on the field for 1/2 the snaps Schiller, He’s a so-so blocker, (Most of MCoys big runs come from busted plays when he changes directions behind the line of scrimmage and takes off the other way) ..
    I like Free-Agent FB LeRon McClain from the KC Chiefs, Hedgecock from the GIants will be avialable..Last years pick S Havili may also be read to step up..
    Schmitt did an admirable job taking over for Weaver, but he’s just doesn’t add anything to the offense, short-yardage, he’s poor, receiving is not much better.. I stated that I would utilize TE C HArbor in th eFB/HB spot and probably get a lot more production and maybe a valuable weapon out of the backfield as opposed to Schmitt..

  • Stevo, you mean 4 other Safeties, COlt Anderson will not see the field this year after severe injury late in the season and surgey just 2 months ago.. He will be PUP and maybe even to the IR list…
    I forgot to mention that I would let T Laws walk also..

  • FB Jacob Hester from the Chargers on the market too.. as well as Marcell Reece from the Raiders which are updgrades over Schmitt..

  • Pman- if they grab a better FB- Fine…. but have you not learned a thing about how they work? They wont just sign a guy because they need a guy. They would rather call Dan Klecko and james thrash up and see what they are doing for the fall. And thats my whole point….. How can you root for goood players to walk out the door before we have ANYTHING to fill the hole? Look at what they did when Dawk left. Was he the nest FS in the gam? no… and i supported the move…. but….. we still dont have a player at that spot. What about when S. Brown left? Have we filled that hole yet? How about when they moved on from Stew Bradley? Clearly these players were not worth the scratch they wanted BUT….. the eagles have PAID MORE MONEY TO TRY AND FILL THESE HOLES!!!

  • I think Jaquan Jarrett was a poor pick, he’s 195 lbs and is simply not big enough to play SS in the NFL and his is nto quick enough to play Deep Cover.. he was perhaps the biggest disappointment out of the entre Draft Class last Season where other players like ROlle,Mattews,Watkins,Kelce nad the kicks all improved as the Season went on.. JArrett looks physically and mentally overmatched at the NFL level.. I would cut him and keep COleman as the main back-up if a Free-Agent was signed.. No sense in hanong onto mistakes just because he was a hogh draft pic, somple players just don’t have it physically and he’s one of them in my opinion which is a shame for he seems like a smart,great kid, but barely over 6ft and 195lbs is not going to get it down playing Safety in the NFL these days unless your super fast and a great cover guy which is his neither ..

  • Maybe Chad Hall can take over the FB duties..

  • and this is where we get back to the draft. You will not find me say the birds draft is crap…… BUT….. why have we not seen talent behind the stars that are about to leave?
    Bradley- Casey
    S. Brown- Lindley

    is this bad coaching? Bad drafting? Some of these guys were drafted the year a player left and that makes it even worse.

  • pman- you laugh about Hall but thats EXACTLY the kind of crap they try and pull on us.

  • i think Coleman is the best safety they have and he is below average — Allen has no pop in his pads and is now too timid to play SS – Jarrett looked lost trying to defend Fitz but just like Freddie Mitchell if he can’t beat out Thrash and Pinkston(Coleman and Allen) he can’t play

  • “WR – D-Jax (savings of $9.4 Million)
    CB – A Samuel (savings of $9.5 Million)
    DE – D Tapp (Savings of $2.75 Million)
    LB – M Fokou (Savings of $875 K)
    OL – J Jackson (Savings of $1.2 Million)
    OT – W Justice (Savings of $3.5 Million)”

    D Jax is a free agent so he won’t be released. They have Cap room to place the Franchise Tag on him unlike the Steelers with the Wallace situation. Asante worst case gets the Eagles a 5th rd pick. Some team out there will want him to come in and help. Don’t rule NE out. Their secondary is horrible. They moved their best cover corner to FS in the playoffs because they couldn’t cover anyone. The Vikings, Bucs, Colts all have issues with their pass defense and all these teams would gladly give a 5th rd pick for Samuel. He is prob worth a 2nd or 3rd talent wise but his $9.5 Million cap # will prob need to be restructured for a team to want him.

  • Eagles just franchised DeSean…….I told you so.

  • Paulman

    “Maybe Chad Hall can take over the FB duties..”

    Hes going to return Punts, Return KIcks, take over the Nickel Corner job from Jose Hanson and be the Emergency QB on every sunday!
    Clay Harbor would actually be a decent candidate for FB. He really isn’t a TE he is more of an H back…

  • PMAN “If the speedy wide receiver and his agent Drew Rosenhaus decline the offer, then he will be a goner and will not be franchised.

    The Eagles are not going to pay above what they feel will be a good fair offer. It goes against everything they do. Why would they risk having to spend $9.4 million on a wide receiver for the 2012 season, when that player rejected their offer. They would only end up losing Jackson after 2012 anyway.

    If no deal is struck within the next week, then he’s a goner, no doubt about it. To be honest with you, I hope he goes”.

    well- wrong- wrong- wrong- um- wrong… and wrong.

  • It happens Stevo,
    Sometimes you have to go against Conventional Wisdom or what appears to make sense on the surface .. Let’s see how it turns out and I hope for the best but now maybe they can get serious about a long-term deal or a trade scenario..
    could a package deal of Eagles 1st Round and 2nd Round picks with and D-Jax,Samuel,Kafka,Tapp,Justice all get traded to the Rams for RG III ..

  • the prob paul is that you dont tell people what the eagles or phills SHOULD do… or COULD do…. you tell us what they WILL do. you “report” and your “reports” are nothing.

  • During my Sabbatical, I will work hard to improve my writing and be more inclusive and not such a know it all … This may take some time, probably some medication and perhaps even some alcohol mixed in, but rest assured I will take a step back, and look at myself first, evaluate my processes and tendancies and make the neccesary changes to raise the bar… Then I will come back and contribute better quality posts here on GCobb.Com..

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