• August 17, 2022

Mornhinweg Says Michael Vick Has Been At The Nova Care Complex Everyday

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg told Chris McPherson of PhiladelphiaEagles.com quarterback Michael Vick has been virtually living in the building at the Nova Care Complex so far this off season. That’s a must as far as I’m concerned because he’s the key to their season.  If Vick plays great, the Eagles will play great, if he doesn’t then the Andy Reid era here in Philly will be drawing to a close.

The offensive coordinator says the Birds are going through the process of evaluating their offensive schemes so that they can do a better job of taking care of the football and avoiding turnovers.   He talked about the turnovers occurring in many different ways a year ago.

Mornhinweg says he’s been looking forward to getting this opportunity to spend an off season with Vick.   According to him, Vick feels the same way.

The former Detroit Lions head coach said the Eagles starting quarterback had made some improvements at the beginning of last season regarding his ability to recognize coverages and run the offense, but according to Mornhinweg you couldn’t see the progress because they were losing so many games.

The Eagles play caller feels confident about Vick and he mentioned that the quarterback was on a pace during the first part of the season to throw for 4000 yards and rush for a 1000 yards, which has never been done before.

He talked about having confidence in Mike Kafka as a good backup.  Mornhinweg then went onto praise the recently-signed Trent Edwards.   He talked about his strong arm and toughness.   didn’t say anything negative about Vince Young, but he did mention that Edwards was very smart.


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  • I love it. This is what I’m talking about with MV7. He has become a student of the game and if he can cut down on the running, he’s going to make the Eagles a perennial contender again.

  • This is the last go-around for COache’s AR/MM and QB Vick..
    Nothing fancy, no glossing over the reality, these 3 People will determine the fate of themselves and thisd Eagle Franchise for the next 5 Years..
    I am hoping they get it done for there is plenty of talent on this ballclub not to make the playoffs and have a chance for a SUper Bowl Run.. But if they fail in 2012, then it’s over for all 3 of them, in my opinion… I am pulling for these 3 for I am an Eagle Fan, and want our Team to succeed now…

  • Hopefully he is in their ear about bringing back D-Jax and signing Plax.

  • BirdoBemen — I love it too — Go MV7 — I’m alright with Vick running just stop taking vicious hits (slide, run out of bounds, throw it away until the playoffs )

  • Eagles0 — that’s exactly what I was getting at. If he keeps running and taking hits, he’s done for.

    Hopefully the O-Line can protect him this year with the improvements they have made over the second half of the season.


  • Dammit I agree with you guys again, this is two days in a row. Hopefully he can stay healthy this upcoming season. A little off topic, you now what we can really use a legit backup for shady. That’s a must have if you ask me.

  • SIGN EVAN MATHIS! This should be their #1 priority right now. Mathis was a stud last year.

  • Yes mathis is a must have, give him a nice deal this time since it worked out so well last year.

  • I stated over a monrth ago and don’t be too surprised if the Eagles use the Franchise Tag for Evan Mathis and work out a long-term deal with him as opposed to D-Jax who I believe if they can’t nail a deal together by Sunday 3/4/2012, then he will be a goner on the open Market and again, they can still negiotiate with him as a Free-Agent withouth the Franchise Tag being placed on him…

  • Paulman, I have no idea what will happen with Djax and noone does for that matter…what I do think I know is that there is no way in hell the Birds sign VJax if DJax leaves…This guy will get a ridiculous contract. No way the birds let go of Djax because of his diva issues to sign Vjax who makes Djax look like a girl scout and will cost ALOT more than him too. People need to forget about that happening. I dont see Bowe or Colston leaving their teams either.

    I could see them letting him go and trying to sell us on Cooper guys..And then what happens if Maclin gets hurt next year? then what…

    Shady will most likely hold out too if he does not get a new deal before camp. you cant blame him either if he does sicne everyone on here would do the same if that was them. He is the best player on this team period and needs to be taken care of.

    They will have plenty of cash available to work with (esp after they release some players) so there shouldn’t be any excuses.

    On a side note why the hell is Victor Abriami still on this damn team

  • I’ve been consistent in stating the Eagles will have no interest in V-Jax ..
    Way too much baggage and V-Jax wants to remain out West and isn’t going to come to the East Coast anyways..
    If D-Jax rejects offer this weekend, then Eagles move forward and sign a 2nd Tier WR like Robert Meachem, or a Plexico Burress and then Draft one in the Top 3 Rounds.. This team is not going to negoitiate for a month on D-JAx, it’s up to him and his Agent on whether he remains an Eagles and my hunch is that he wants more $$$ than the Eagles are willing to pay

    V Abiamri was on the Roster since he got hurt while under contract and had subsequent surgery by team doctors so Eagles are probably waiting to he gets medically cleared and then will release him so they don’t have to pay him a medical release.. He’s probably over 300lbs by now and maybe could be the secret DT that they been counting on…

  • Pheags- I don’t know about Shady and there is some precedent to not hold out. Ray Rice and Forte both played through crappy contracts. Hopefully they won’t give him a chance by wrapping him up for a long time.

  • You guys really believe this? man you guys are naive.

  • Ok there are how many of you on here today? Can someone please explain to me what is going to be different next year with reid coaching. Im going to keep pleading to you guys PLEASE stop getting yourself worked up over this team. 13 years of Gotta Do A Better Job and you still believe him. If your girl kept telling you the same thing for 13 years are you gonna believe her? The Eagles are playing off the fact we want a super bowl so bad that we will believe anything they show us. we have become gullable to the point we are insane just like them. You will be posting the same thing year after year and epecting Reid to change. His resume shows he is average as a coach. he does not coach well against teams over .500 he has made his living beating sub .500 teams so that makes him average. And guess what, there are no sub .500 teams in the playoffs.

    Listen to NFL network on satalite radio other fans arent complaining about the SAME stuff each year. Only eagles fans. That says something. If we can go years back and read our posts they are the same thing. Dont believe the hype as long as Reid is here. Just enjoy football and lets TAKE BACK OUR TEAM FROM HIM. If it wasnt for the fans he wouldnt be coaching here.

  • I feel like Vick..DJax..Namdi..Reid they all took us for a ride to the Kool-Aid stand and then pissed in our face..it’ll take more than a fluff piece about how a 100 million dollar QB is practicing in the off-season to make me a believer again.. Last season was a disgrace and all involved should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Has Vick,D-Jax , Asmo have ever won anything during their College and Pro Careers.. No I didn’t think so, this Team needs some “Winners” at the crisitcal positions…

  • Vince Young was a winner.

  • Paulman yeah Vick has 100 million dollar contract I would call that a winner wouldnt you? A starting QB in the National Football League. The toughest job in sports. Nah he aint no winner. lol DJax/Asomo play in the NFL I would call them winners wouldnt you? Marino, Barkley, Phillip Rivers Vincent Jackson and so on and so on they havent won shit eithier. Whats your point. They arent winners? I guess we are winners typing on our laptops. lol. Minnesota, Cleveland, Detroit San Diego and so on havent won shit eithier. We arent the only city.

  • They are players Dag … All 1500 Players in the NFL are a special talents just to reach and play in the NFL.. But I mean Championship type of Winner… Winners find a way to win, I don’t see anything Iin Vick’s career state since his College Days or D-Jax or Asmo to show that they are Winners and step up when it’s needed the most.. Has any of the players won anything where they have had to slug it out, dig deep and not just rely on athletic ability.. not that I’ve seen… .. Amso played on terrible teams in Oakland, So what, no one threw to his side for 3 Seasons since the other CB’s on the Raideres CB were weak, well he got exposed here on the Eagles real fast didn’t he.. I didn’t see the Giants back down from challenging him, in fact they went after him and hie couldn’t man up versus V Cruz or and 75 % healthy Nicks.. Asmo’s comparisons to Revis Island is no comparison.. Asmo is better than average to me and not much of an upgrade from Dmitri Paterson and definitely not worth the $11 Million per season (which could be 3 more very good players for the Eagles like Safety/LB and OL)

  • Oh and for the Record Dag, QB Vick will never see that $100 Million frommThe Eagles, If the Eagles don’t compete for a Super Bowl run in 2012 , Vick’s ass is out the door along with AR, MM and many others from thios Roster and Staff…

  • Good Job MV7. Keep it up buddy. We loyal fans of the team and city want to see us birds bring the SB home! Keep working hard buddy and lets do it this year. Us loyal fans still believe in you buddy!

  • What is this clown saying?

    Ridiculous statement….

    Starting quarterback had made some improvements at the beginning of last season regarding his ability to recognize coverages and run the offense, but according to Mornhinweg you couldn’t see the progress because they were losing so many games.

    Kinda like saying…I did my job really well except for the fact I lost all of our major customers and the company went inter chapter 11….

  • Dam why are some of you people so negative, you simply never have anything good to say regardless of the article, especially Paulman. If the team disturbs, or disappoints you that much why not take yourselves out of your misery and find another team to root for. I believe you would complain had the Eagles went 16/0.

    @Rocko, with you 100% and some.

  • I will always call them as I see them Peace-Brother.. but this Franchise has been at the cusp for what, 5-6-7 Seasons and keeps making the same blind mistagles whether it’s leatting good players and real leaders leave without have proper replacements in place..
    Take a look at the Steelers, They are finally letting go Hines Ward, but only after having ample replacements in Wallace, Brown and Crochery in place..
    A few years back when they let Bettis go, they had capable RB’s to replace him and so on and so on.. The Eagles address and fix one postion, but let 2-3 others go on a whim… like a Kick Returner, WR’s,FB,RT, MLB,CB,Safety)
    You can keep on drinking the Kool-Aid and believing in the Eagles Propaganda and Hype Machine… But I will believe it when I see it with my own eyes and this Team as a Team has taken 2 Steps Back over the last couple of seasons and I don’t want to hear about Franchise Records for Offense in yards gained, points,etc,etc for about every team in the NFL are setting offensive records in a pass-happy NFL of today.. It;s about winning games and the Eagles are slightly above average overall and definitely below average versus the good teams as their Record bears out.. .. .

  • wow Pman- you actually said the oppposite on the other post. wow- i just got done saying the same thing to you. You want to move on from Djax without a guy there to fill in.

    Im behind this team. I think they will be better. Still need a MLB but i feel they have the tools to do this. Juan cant get worse this year.. can he?

  • @Paulman, hey dude I don’t drink kool-aid, I’m just not as critical or bitch as much as you. It would sometime be nice to come to these message boards and have a discussion without having someone (such as yourself) bitch and complain, this would include when the team is doing well. I personally don’t feel the Eagles have taken two steps back, in addition I believe they will be just fine next season. I also think I would rather believe the Eagles Propaganda than yours………………….

  • Oh yeah Paul who told you that if Vick, Marty and Reid didn’t win a superbowl next season he would be out, for our sake I hope you’re wrong (talk about taking steps backward).

  • Djax tagged. woohoo

  • Peace – Paul talks out of his ass and pretends to have sources. It’s always been that way. Half the time he’s just kidding around anyway. But don’t think of him as a normal person, he’s ‘special’.

  • @Schiller, thanks so much, I kind of thought that. LOL

  • It’s a new month Peace-Man and I ran out of my Medication.. I’ll be back up to speed by the weekend….

  • Glad to hear that Paul LOL, please try not to run out of medication again LOL

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