• August 16, 2022

Reid” “We will have an answer for the turnovers and get better in that area”

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid had a couple of questions posed to him from Eagles fans on PhiladelphiaEagles.com.

First up, he was asked about keeping Michael Vick healthy and staying away from all those turnovers, which Vick and the offense committed in the 2012 season.

Reid agreed with the comments regarding the importance of keeping his quarterback healthy and he talked about the fact that the four teams in last season’s Conference Championship games, each had a starting quarterback who had started and played every game. He didn’t explain exactly what he was going to do prevent Vick’s injuries, but he agreed that it’s extremely important to keep him healthy.

Regarding the turnovers, Reid said that turning the ball over had never been part of Vick’s game in the past.  He went on to say that they were preparing to be ready to get specific with Vick on coaching him about what mistakes he made a year ago to cause some of the turnovers.

Reid also said that turnovers aren’t only about the play of the quarterback.  He said mistakes at other positions can also cause turnovers, such as battled balls.  He ended his comments by talking about the close correlation between turnovers and losses.

Reid was very emphatic about finding an answer to the turnover problem.  “We will have an answer for the turnovers and get better in that area”.



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  • Inside sources at Nova Care stated Coach AR’s “Plan to Eliminate Turnovers 100%” is to Punt the Ball on 1st Down… I am serious…
    (Who needs to keep D-Jax, L McCoy and M Vick anyways.) Good Grief…

  • Coach Reid sounds like he had to time to think about the answer this time but a brief synopsis of what he just said is:
    “I gotta do a better job”
    same old BS

  • OK E0S – if you were asked what to do about turnovers by the press – what would you say –

    want same old BS – GCOBB folks BITCH Reid doesn’t talk, then when he talks, they say – he says the same thing –

    to me the same old BS is the folks on GCOBB bothcing if he doesn’t talk, then bitcing when he does talk – yeah – I agree – same old BS –

    to me – absolutley focused on the #1 issue that plagued this team last year – I totally and wholeheartedly disagree with all the BS about LBs, Safeties, play calling, pass to run, new DC –

    the absolute #1 reason this team did not make the playoffs last year was the franchise record number of turnovers… keep the EXACT same roster and cut that turnover number down – you make the playoffs –

    add an LB and S – you win the division (no, I am absolutley NOT impressed by the Giants or Eli Manning ) keep Mathis, add two LBs a S and another solid DT – we go far into playoffs

  • Navy I don’t hate Andy Reid — he is handcuffed and doesn’t have the authority to buy a roll of toliet paper without Joe Banner’s calculator saying it is OK —
    Eli Manning has an advantage in a GM who knows football talent and ownership and President(Tisch and Mara) who stay away from evaluating video for personal decisions unlike Jeff and Joe who are watching college videos right now

  • Navy and Philadephiaeagles.com is not the press — Coach Reid is scared of the press

  • Yes, lets just assume Reid will add the right S and LB…Super Bowl here we come…Please someone tell me where on Earth one could get the notion that Reid is capable of adding the proper S and LBs to get the job done through draft or FA? If he is capable of this then why has this been an issue every offseason since basically Dawk and trotter left? WHy does it take a guy so many years of failures to fill those positions that haunt us every year? and then how in the hell can people just assume those positions will be fixed THIS year all of a sudden..

    Reid has shown he doens’t value the position enough. He hasn’t spent a 1st rounder on either to get the best talent in the draft and he doesn’t get the FO to pay the top dollar for the best ones in free agency…Why is that going to change now? I hope Im am completely wrong and eat my words on this shit after this offseason and we draft BArron and sign Tulloch but Im pretty sure that its not happening with Reid as coach.

    I see another year of Jarrad Page’s, Sean Jones, Marlin Jackson’s, and Ernie Sims types BS players that will be in and outta here and then just having to assume it happens the following next year if Reid is back.

    This team isn’t going to touch anything near a super bowl trophy until we have the S and LB spot solved.

  • Eagle0…Andy Reid is the Eagles when it comes to the players on this team. THe players that come here are because of him.

    And yes turnovers were a major part of the failure in this team. But the players that made those fumbles this year were coached fundamentals and picked out to be on this team by Reid. Reid chose to have a QB run his team who had shown he could be a turnover machine.

  • Joe and Jeff have been winning the Salary cap game every year and pocketing millions off of the NFL player’s cut and Andy Reid keeps his mouth shut and accepts it and is a good enough coach to work around these two VEGAS COUNT ROOM skimmers

  • Come on man you really think Reid keeps his mouth shut when it comes to the player personnel…thats absurd. Yea Joe and Jeff are out there analyzing the players in the draft and FA…are you serious man? Joe and Jeff get told who to bring in and sign/draft by Reid. Reid has passed on drafting a safety or linebacker in the 1st round to just get lower quality in the later rounds…Hmmm when it comes to FA we never sign the top LB or S instead we pass for the mediocre crap that wont be top dollar…I guess that just a coincidence? Fact is the FO does spend money, just not on those positions and Im pretty sure thats because of Reid. Since when are Joe and jeff football ppl.

  • eagles0 – wow, that’s pretty darn ignorant. They don’t pocket money they don’t spend on players, they keep it in a fund for salaries. That’s just assinine to think that they A) need to reach in to their salary pool for cash – they’re both paid salaries already, and already rich. Also, that way, if they wanted to sign free agents (you know, like last year), they’d have to put their own money back into an account so that they can sign a guy. If you think that’s how it works, then you’re incredibily naaive.

    And if you don’t believe that, and just wanted to say something against the FO, at least make it something realistic.

  • Eagles0 “…(Andy Reid)…he is handcuffed and doesn’t have the authority to buy a roll of toliet paper without Joe Banner’s calculator saying it is OK ”

    And you know this how? Or, you’re just talking out of your ass…

  • And for whatever it’s worth moving forward
    All 32 NFL Teams as complied by the new CBA must spend within 95% to 97% of the Set Salary Cap Figure set by the NFL… All 32 Teams are now on the same level playing feild when it comes to contracts,players salaries, etc,etc…

    And on a side note, the Eagles have been consistently in the Top 8 For Money spent on Salaries over the Lurie Era…
    You want some cheaper Franchises over the last 10 Years or so… take a look at Buffalo,CIncinnati,Baltimore,Carolina,Tampa Bay,Rams,PAtriots,Giants ,Bears,Packers,Arizona,SD Chargers,KC Chiefs,Jacksonville…

  • E0S – another person with a reading comprehension problem –

    1) I never made any comment or concern if you like or hate Reid – I was commenting on the typical dimwit GCOBB person that expects the book of revelations every time Reid speaks, and when he is (shockingly) vanilla in his speech – people complain, right after they complained he didn’t speak

    2) I made no comment to you as to the status of PFE.com – I asked a simple question – what would you say if the press asked you about turnovers – you took it all on yourself to read into the source and the status of who actually asked Reid the question – so again – if a member of the press asked you E0S about turnovers – how would you answer the question –

  • Paulman, then your point is, and as echoed by samuels, the gm is playing fantasy football with the owners money, that’s what the bulk of the free agent signings last year demonstrates, where was the foresight, the planning, they spent money like drunks in the liquor store

  • Jakedog, good point. We cant bash the Eagles for getting Nnamdi buy honestly where was the thought process in this? You forming a trio of corners on your team that are all terrible at tackling…and then you don’t have quality tacklers in your safeties and linebackers for that matter.

  • Then again guys, they didn’t financially handicap the team for the future which actually shows some forsight, In fact they have a ton of money to spend this year too. Not saying that they were perfect, (far from it), but I would like to see how they spend and draft this year.

  • I agree 100% with you Jake andI don’t believe that GM Roseman is a legitimate NFL Caliber GM and have said so since he was hired and gave him a chance but his last 2 Drafts were average at best when the Eagles had a bunch of picks just like they do again this yaer.. But I did not like the Free-Agent Acquisitions of Asmo, VY, R Brown at all and stated so at the time.. I did like Cullen Jenkins and that was about it..

  • I apologize to the Eagles’ Front Office and Owner for my recent comments. They are great and we fans are lucky to have such brilliant men leading the beloved local football team to second place in the division.

  • eagles0 – It’s all or nothing for you eh? You think I like them? I’m not too fond of them. But your previous critism was utter bullshit. They don’t pocket money not spent on players. And there’s also 0 evidence that they are even cheap. You can criticize their decisions (you have, and you will continue to, and that’s ok), but to call them greedy is just plain ignorant.

  • I hope this apology with help regain what respect is still salvageable from equally great G-Cobb comment posters like schiller & Navyeaglefan.

  • Navyeaglesfan- You are a hack!!! All you do is attack and comment on other peoples posts, which are their opinion. When have you posted a comment demonstrating the ability to have an original thought ? I love the Eagles too, but fans have an outlet to voice their frustration. Just because you believe that showing displeasure in the F.O. or Andy Reid is an act of treason does not mean everyone else must fall under your same train of thought.

    Yes- go ahead and attack!!!

  • Go Coach Reid — do a better job teaching Vick how not to turn the ball over

  • Ouch – my feelings are so hurt – look you sniveling troll – I very frequently post opinions – my own original opinion – I realize you too have reading comprehension problems (wait – aren’t you the head shrinker) – but go –
    read my first post -go ahead up top – better yet – I will post it below –

    repost –

    to me – absolutley focused on the #1 issue that plagued this team last year – I totally and wholeheartedly disagree with all the BS about LBs, Safeties, play calling, pass to run, new DC –

    the absolute #1 reason this team did not make the playoffs last year was the franchise record number of turnovers… keep the EXACT same roster and cut that turnover number down – you make the playoffs –

    add an LB and S – you win the division (no, I am absolutley NOT impressed by the Giants or Eli Manning ) keep Mathis, add two LBs a S and another solid DT – we go far into playoffs

    now lets see what is original in my post – I don’t blame the LBs the S and the DC for not making the playoffs (wow – I think that makes me pretty unique asshat) I am absolutley NOT imprssed with the Ginats or Eli Manning – sorry –

    I think that makes me original

    so assclown – go ahead – pee all over yourself –

    got anything else douche – wanna express your ‘frustration’

    and yes, I like the verb HACK – I frequently HACK the lame ass, stupid sniveling whiney conversations that take place on here – I hack them to shreds – and frankly – its easy because as you said – the intellecual level on here is so freaking low it has become nothing more then a bunch of wanne be trolls constantly bitching……

    fans have an outlet to voice there frustration – do you read yourself – doc really – its a GAME – you follow the GAME to see what the team will do – how the team plays – but you are jumping in on a conversation where an idiot makes a comment about Reid talking about turnovers – WTF else would Reid say about turnovers? We want more? They are good for us? Really – take the next medicare payment and by a clue – and careful on that use of the word Hack there buddy – starting to question your credentials – ‘an outlet for their frsutration – really – a dude is soooooooooooo frustrated he needs the therapy of typng bad things about a coach

  • Hack Hack Hack Hack Hack on the attack. No original thought!!! You are a joke.

  • Oh yeah, LOL you are funny! Attack me some more, it’s great comedy. Didn’t know I could get under your skin so easily. By the volume you wrote it doesn’t seem asif you can take someone taking a shot at you. By the way, I’m 6’2″ and far from a troll. I bet your wife would like me. Your turn!!!

  • I am speechless reading these posts.

  • xtian999- It’s all in good fun, for some of us. Wait til the draft draws closer, it will really get going then.

  • oh gee – talk about a lack of original thought – yet another idiot that thinks he gets under my skin – wow – yet another fool that thinks – its fun to get a rise out of Navy – – woo hoo you and you are the one of the very few degreed ones –

    now is that 6’2 with or without your heels – not that there is anything wrong with that – but for future – you want to brag reference –

    and troll – my 16 year old daughter is 6 ft 2 (heavily recruited OH in volleyball) – my son is 6′ 7 – so I (and I am sure my wife) would consider you a short little troll (I am 6’4)

    I have an idea – why don’t we have a group angst and discuss our feelings doc about our frustrations,…. how magically talking bad about the eagles will make them better… oh doc…. I feel so frustrated doc, someone owes me soemthings doc….

    your turn princess!

  • Hack Hack Hack, still no original thought. Clearly I’m under your skin. Ok you are boring me now. I expected more from you. I’m disappointed in you Navy. I expect you to come stronger next time. Bye Hack, Lol.

  • lol @ the catfights on here today. Thanks guys I really needed a laugh today. :oP

  • Eagle has landed – dude – snappy comebacks – do you have a little voddo doll you stick a pin in when saying ‘hack’ and poke – cause that’s about how much that hurts bro – I am pretty sure I have been called much worse, but i realize this is for you like steppin up and goin gangsta – you put on a little Tupoc when you blog me hoss – nah – you are probably a Vanilla Ice kinda fella –

    I haven’t figured out which mail order school you got your degree from – just hope like hell you ain’t paying student loans – that would suck – a monthly reminder –

    a gee – you are right – you sure are under my skin, wow, using those key mental abilities to just totally change my behavior (yawn) wow, I am almost as impressed with that as I am with how tall you are! a truly impressive human specimen – guess in your keen insight you think me hurling insults at idiots is somehow not fun? I am truly disappointed cause I thought maybe just this once someone with some capability to read and write could provide a challenge – instead I get the AFLAC duck…

    now does this mean we can’t sit around discussing our feelings and our frustrations and how angsted we are…. no group hugs, no touchy feely songs …

    Sorry I am boring you – I will keep working to elevate my game, I realize people expect the best from me – – but if I am so boring – why is it you feel the overwhelming need to respond – and we both know princess, you will respond princess – oh here – let me do it for you (hack, hack, hack, hack – boy I am under your skin hack) ouch – now I need a band aid from the self inflicted beatdown!

  • Mike Vick % intercepted last 6 full seasons:

    3% 3.7% 3.4% 3.4% 1.6% 3.3%

    Anyone who believes he’s going to magically throw less than 3% ints next year is relying on wshful thinking only.

    The guy will come in at 3.3 or 3.4% int. It’s what he does.

    And before anyone goes all gaga about his 1.6 in 2010…I will remind you that he threw 1.7% in his first year as a starter….then setting in to his career avg. Why? Guy is a physical phenom…no doubt…he shocks Ds when they first see him. No dount. This happened 2x in his career….1st yr as a starter and then again after disappearing for 3 years and there was a massive turnover of players and coaches. In 2010 Vick was “new” and suprising again.

    Once the suprise wears off, film is collect Vick fades. There is no magical fix for this. Look up any QB you want. Int % usually stays remerkably consistent. Perhaps marginal slow improvement over time. This is not the case with Vick.

    Do not be suprised when he throws 3.4% ints next year.

  • Spell much? Can we get a gcobb spellcheck in here…this is embarassing….

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