• July 4, 2022

Luke Kuechly Is Definitely The Eagles Guy

The NFL combine ended Tuesday just about two months away from the first round of the NFL draft which will take place Thursday night April, 26. The Eagles will be on the clock with their first round pick coming at number 15; for now anyway. Do not be surprised to see the Birds look to move up further in the first round.

It would make a lot of sense for the Eagles to try to move up further for several reasons. The first and most simple reason is the Eagles have ten picks this year so they have the chips to play with to move up.

It is already well established this off-season is a can’t miss for Andy and the front office. Couple that with the fact the Eagles have shown in recent years with the picks of Jeremy Maclin and Brandon Graham they are not afraid to move up to get their guy.

Perhaps the most logical reason for the Eagles to move up in first round is the rising stock of the players and positions they are targeting. For example if the Eagles wanted to get Memphis’ DT Dontari Poe they would have to move up into the top 10 to ensure he would be there.

The player that the Eagles should be targeting and trading up to get is Boston College’s middle linebacker Luke Kuechly. Kuechly would be a great fit for the Eagles defense. Even before the 2011 Butkus and Lombardi award winner had a spectacular showing Monday afternoon in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine. There is a chance that he could side to the number 15 pick but if the Birds really want him they should not take the chance.

The main question that many scouts had entering the combine was if Kuechly’s athleticism matched his on-field intelligence. Some scouts were even worried that the three-time all-American could disastrously run in the 4.8 range in the 40-yard dash.

Kuechly silenced all critics by running 4.58 40, third fastest among linebackers. Kuechly was faster than other top linebacker prospects Dont’a Hightower (Alabama) and Vontaze Burfict (Arizona State). Besides the 40, Kuechly also excelled in the vertical jump (38”) third among linebackers, the broad jump (123”) fifth among linebackers, the three cone drill (6.92) fourth among linebackers, the 20-yard shuttle (4.12) third among linebackers and the 60- yard shuttle (11.43) tied for first among linebackers.

The only event that Kuechly participated in and did not finish in the top five among linebackers is the bench press where he tied for sixth with an impressive 27 reps of 225 pounds.

The greatest of Kuechly’s attributes as a linebacker were not even on display at the NFL combine. What is going to make Kuechly great at the NFL level is his “football IQ” and his almost never failing instincts.

Kuechly also has a great work ethic. He played the 2011 season at 237 pounds, at the combine Kuechly weighed in at 242. The fact Kuechly came into to the combine bigger and faster than he was at the end of the season speaks volumes about what kind of player and what kind of work ethic this young man has. It would not be surprising if the 2011 Lott IMPACT and Bronco Nagurski trophy winner came to training camp just as fast and even bigger.

With the superb performance by the 2011 ACC defensive player of the year, this now catapults him past Courtney Upshaw (Alabama), and the aforementioned Hightower and Burfict as the top linebacker prospect in this year’s draft.

The Birds are usually hesitant to use high draft picks on linebackers, however this is a no-brainer. Don’t mess around, trade up and pick this guy. All signs seem to suggest that Kuechly could be a dream come true and instantly turn one the Eagles’ biggest liabilities into one of their strengths. Kuechly would bring not only superior skills, but also leadership to a defense that desperately needs it.

Timothy Hindin

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  • Kuechly will be gone before the Eagles pick at #15….his stock is soaring due to the combine and the Cardinals and Cowboys have taken notice… they pick #13 & #14

  • Sold
    trade up
    draft Poe or Kuechly
    make it happen

  • Doesnt really matter does it? At 240 lbs if the DT dont occupy the guards and center Luke will get blown up by men 80 lbs heavier than him. What dont people understand? Urlacher could play in the middle but without help from the DT on this team he would get swallowed up to. First play of the year a 320 lb guard went untouched and blew up Matthews at 240lbs and Steven Jackson ran 55 yards. It happened all year. Fix the DT and the scheme.

  • Good stuff daggolden; I agree.

  • Even though the defensive line was our biggest strong point last year, it needs to be addressed in a major way given the age of our current starters. Here are the ages of each one at the start of the season:

    Jason Babin: 32
    Trent Cole: 29 (turns 30 in Oct)
    Cullen Jenkins: 31
    Mike Patterson: 29

    Ideally, the Eagles would sign Stephen Tulloch which would provide an instant upgrade to our linebackers as well as provide instant leadership to an already very young group. If this happens, I think it would be best for the Eagles to sign a DT in the first round and then a LB in the 2nd round. I don’t know X’s and O’s as much as some, but can someone please tell me why Dontari Poe isn’t suited for a 4-3? I mean, wasn’t Haynesworth a similar type of player who flourished in a 4-3? Paulman’s boy Fletcher Cox seems like he’d be a nice first round pick as well. If the Eagles could get one of those DTs and then one of the top rated LBs in the 2nd, I think the draft would already be considered a big success.

    As far as Desean goes, I’d take Marques Colston or Vincent Jackson any day over Desean. Both are much bigger targets and clearly more productive than Desean. I like Vincent Jackson better.

  • Why do many keep saying the Cowboys…
    They run a 3-4 Scheme and have invested 2 2nd Round picks in the last 2 Drafts to play for them.. Sean Lee and last years 2nd Round Pick Bruce CArter..
    The Cowboys has needs at CB,Safery and OL/.. I expect them to draft
    CB Dre Kirkpatrick, or Janoris Jenkins or Safety Mark Barron
    Now Arizona could be in play and also run a 3-4 Scheme and probably would want a bigger body and may go for more of an OLB type like Melvin Ingram,Cortney Upshaw type to play the outsde… They still have Paris Lenon and Stewart Bradley who are both under Contract with them to play the MLB/ILB spots..

  • Without reading everyones reaction to Gcobb post when I seen this post I said thats false for one the Eagles never let you know who the like they keep there business in the closet which tells me Kuechly is not there guy. Second why not draft a big DT to plug the middle like Cox or Poe then trade back into round 1 and draft Hightower. Do you see why Ray Lewis has been great for so many years he has had a big DT to keep the blocks off of him so he can roam free. Point is no matter who the linebacker they choose to draft they better get that DT to clog the middle first.

  • Paulman I agree about Dallas Safety or Cornerback and I heard that they will address the cornerback position in free agency so don’t be suprise if Dallas draft Trent Richardson with there pick becuse Romo plays bad in the clutch and they need a thumper who can run the ball in the 4th quarter.

  • Paulman — it came out of Jerry Jones’ mouth — he expressed his displeasure about his LBs, although he was not specific between Spencer, James, Lee or Brookins

  • Excellent points both Btc24 and Turk
    All things being equal, take the big man at DT 1st..
    One school of thought is that there are probably 7-8-9 really good DT prospects and probably only 2-3 MLB in this Draft and the logic may be that the Eagles could still get a good DT in the 2nd Round where they probably can’t get a good MLB after the 1st Round .. . Kuechley does appear to have the skill set to be a 3 Down MLB which is something that Hightower is not
    and would have to come off the field in passing situations which is about 1/2 the snaps anymore in the pass-happy NFL..

    and back to BTC’s point is the Eagles can sign a Veteran MLB who will man the spot for the next 2-3 Seasons, then they don’t need to draft a MLB early and can concentrate on DT, OLB, Safety, WR, etc,etc

    The Draft Strategy for the Eagles and every other team will really come into to focus much clearer once Free-agency comes and goes…
    Who knows, the Eagles coule lose D-Jax,MAthis, Landri &Laws and really have to address other positons or the Eagles could add 2 Free-agent LB and a DT where their Draft needs would go in another direction.. Lots of moving parts over these next 30-45 days and then we’ll have a lot better idrea but
    If the Eagles seleced Kuechley at #15 (assuming he was on the board) I wouldn’t have a problem with it and in fact, anyone who says they weren’t inpressed by his working and measurable is not a true fan of the Sport..
    He’s bright (which you have to be for agood signal caller, has quick feet and is bigger 6’3 245lbs than many thought he would be and there is no fdoubt that he’s a competitor, strong work ethic and a team player and leader and his body has the appearance where he could put on a easy 10 lbs within 2 yers in the Eagles program.. there is lots to like about Kuechley and very little downside that I see when studying him..

  • Luke Kuechly is not a wide 9 linebacker. Smarts will not shed a 300+ pound charging offensive linemen or a beast like Stephen Jackson. Luke Kuechly is the darling golden boy of this years draft, and that’s ok I think he will be good in the right system. Not here though, not in this system. He would get blown up like a bomb. Donta Hightower or Dontai Poe for the Eagleswide 9.

  • I really don’t care what Keuchly did at the combine. I don’t think he’s going to be a good pro period; I absolutely agree with Daggolden, that we need a Big run stuffer like Dontari Poe, not a Mike Patterson clone like Jerel Worthy. If you pay attention to the pattern in which the Eagles draft it’s always similar to what they already have.

    Mike Patterson – Trevor Laws
    Brian Westbrook – LeSean McCoy
    Trent Cole – Brandon Graham
    Todd Pinkston – Jeremy Maclin
    Jaqua Parker – Victor Abiramiri
    Matt McCoy – Clay Matthews – Luke Keuchly get the point………

    In order for the Eagles to go to the next level, they have to compromise their philosophy of system players, for some real football players. I also agree with Paulman, in that I wouldn’t mind Keuchly, based on his performance but thats only if we had the DT’s, and complimentary OLB’s as well, to make up for what I feel will be his deficiency…lack of tenacity, nastiness,and aggressive pursuit; You can’t evaluate that at the combine, either you have it or you don’t, and on tape, I don’t see it. So, I don’t know how he helps the Eagles. He’s just another glorified option, and I’m for damn sure, not trading up to get him, when I can bring in a free agent veteran who proven he can handle the fight better on Sundays. The pick SHOULD BE Dontari Poe!!! Period. Give up a draft pick next year and get another pick in the first round, trade down, and draft preferably Whitney Mercilus, or Vinny Curry, and concentrate on OLB in the 2nd round – Zach Brown, and Nigel Bradham.

    We need more talent, nastiness, and athleticism on this team, that doesn’t realize what they are actually lacking They are going to blow this. When the chips are down , and things get rough, people fall back on what they know…and Howie, and Andy will deserve to be fired…It takes 14 years to realize your philosophy in talent evaluation, and as far as being CHAMPIONS, that your vision doesn’t work.

  • Good stuff gmcliff

  • Excuse me fellas, I meant stinkin Casey Matthews

  • gmcliff, there is no comparison between Casey Matthews and Matt McCoy; other than the fact that each one is white. McCoy was long gone before Matthews got here. Also, people need to relax when it comes to Casey Matthews. He was drafted in the 4th round; what do you expect? While I realize he looked clueless out there at the start of the season, it’s not as if the Eagles drafted him to be the starting MLB of the future. Also, please don’t ever compare Jeremy Maclin to Todd Pinkston; who was also long gone before they drafted Maclin.

  • Eaglehaslanded – Good Brother aren’t you tired of mediocrity? I want a superbowl!!! Paulman and I both agree, that this won’t happen under this regime, because of thinking like this. He, and I are available to do that job. We can’t do any worse.

  • Btc, my man, Yes there is ….they both were brought in overrated, they both stink, and both will be out of the league in a short period of time. McCoy, still plays for the Buccaneers now, but when he was drafted he was mocked as a 4th round pick at best.

    Oh I agree with you BTC 24 on Maclin….He is much better than Pinkston, but, the reason I mentioned it is, if you look at the measurables, and the speed, their similar, although Maclin, has much more heart, and skill level. The point is the problem is their philosophy, and until they change it, we’ll never improve the talent level.

  • And lets be honest fellas…They drafted Casey Matthews, imagining they would get the second coming of his brother.

  • That same stupid thinking would go into drafting Luke Kuechly.

  • gmcliff….you say you don’t care about the combine but now you’re all over Poe mainly because he blew up at the combine. just sayin…Believe me tho Im not set on Kluechy either…I don’t think he would be the pick anyways since REid doesn’t take linebackers in the 1st round.

    I admit what Poe did at the combine is ridiculous but I’m just cautious about the guy. I think he is the work out warrior of this year…

    I said it before and I’ll say it agin…at 15 Im drafting Barron if Im the Eagles. I dont care if its a couple of spots early or whatever that kid was the best safety on the best team in the NCAA. He is a winner and is coming out of Sabans system who basically runs a pro team over there.

    I go Barron in the first and then i draft Brandon Thompson in the 2nd who i think will be just as good as any DT in the draft..you want a guy thats aggresive and gets to the ball well he does that well.

    Then i sign Tulloch and draft another linebacker with my later second round pick Lavonte David.

    Remember ppl, the Dline position is getting ridiculous year after year these days…There are always a good amount of prospects to choose from. Its not the same with the Safety position. Every year there are only 1-2 guys that can really play ball. I think Barron is in a category by himself this year while the DT position is very deep.

    Further, I think BArron is needed badly here. Would be a perfect compliment to Nate Allen who cant make the big tackle when needed.

  • gmcliff — if you look at the video G-cobb provided for Luke Kuechly look how much ground he is covering — OLB Mark Herzlich is so slow they are forced to play him all the way in the flat and Luke Kuechly is actually playing two positions and noone is getting by him while making 12 tackles a game – the next year with Herzlich gone his responsibilty changed and he averaged 16 tackles a game —

  • Bruce CArter was 2nd Round Pick for Cowboys who got hurt in Preseason and dind’t play much until the last month of the Season.. he is the heir apparent to Brady James who did not have a great season and KKeith Brooking is a free-agent and they won’t re-sign the aging player who lost his starters job to Sean Lee to begin with.. Now Jerry Jones was not happy wth OLB Spencer who has been an enigma during his 4 year Career with them.. He was promising but has disappointed them the last 2 Seasons.. They will upgrade OLB but need Secondary help first and OL help more that OLB.. They are high on Bruce Carter who came from UNC and if you remember, many fans last year at this time had the Eagles liking and selecting him in many Mock Drafts too…

  • “I don’t know X’s and O’s as much as some, but can someone please tell me why Dontari Poe isn’t suited for a 4-3? I mean, wasn’t Haynesworth a similar type of player who flourished in a 4-3? Paulman’s boy Fletcher Cox seems like he’d be a nice first round pick as well. If the Eagles could get one of those DTs and then one of the top rated LBs in the 2nd, I think the draft would already be considered a big success.”

    Poe could play in a 4-3 or 3-4. He’s not your 3 technique ( Warren Sapp, Tommie Harris, Cullen Jenkins) that you hear the guys talk about. He is more of a Nose Tackle which is a 0 technique or a 1 technique. A zero is when they play straight up over the nose and the 1 is when the choose a gap on one side of the center between the C and G. Think of this as what Hollis Thomas played when he was with the Eagles or what Wilfork now plays with the Pats. The Patriots run more 4-3 now then they run 3-4 and Wilfork is still very productive.
    One of the reasons the Wide Nine got the Philly’s Linebackers in so much trouble this past season wasn’t just because of how wide the DE’s played but it was also because many times early in the year they had Patterson and Jenkins both playing the 3 technique which was leaving a huge gap in the middle of the Defense. What daggolden was saying in the earlier post is absolutly right. They need to get bigger at the DT position and get at least one player that commands a double team. The reason why the Wide Nine was so successful in Tenn is that Albert Haynesworth was a Beast when he was younger.

  • I think McCoy was a 2nd rounder so the expectation for him was much higher. I loved the Matthews pick in the 4th. Low risk and he comes from a good pedigree. Now, I agree that he has been awful but you can’t knock the Eagles for missing on a 4th round pick. Also, he only has one season under his belt so lets wait and see. One thing is for sure about the Eagles’ philosophy and that is speed is far important than size and strength; which is why our defense gets run over year in and year out.

  • pheag88 — everyone is right in their draft choices because the Eagles have so many below average D players — SS. DT, OLB, MLB — I like Barron alot and SS are impossible to find in college because they usually play them as LB since QB are not that good and use a below average CB as the College SS

  • Dude your right about that…Im just saying Im cautious about Poe. The guy is a freak and did some abnormal things at the combine but every year there is a guy like that and Im not so sure it plays out come game time. And because the position is so deep Im grabbing Barron and getting Brandon Thompson in the 2nd.

  • Eagles0Superbowls – Good brother your talking about college. In the pros, he will need to have more than he can offer.

    btc 24- I’m not referring to where these guys are drafted. Their build, size, and speed were similar to the players mentioned, and how they fit into the Eagles system.

    Sully – He can play in both schemes.

    Big Pheags – I’m actually not concentrating on his combine performance, as much as I remember, and am still pissed that we wouldn’t move up 1 spot, and draft Haloti Ngata, but drafted Broderick Bunkley, yet we wonder why we get run on religiously. I just think he is the best of the DT’s.

    I love Fletcher Cox, but only as a DE, and situational DT maybe, but I like him…Props to Paulman on that call

  • I think Sean Spence is a good example of what eagles0superbowls is talking about. Linebackers who would make better SS. He ran a 4.48 40, but he is 5-11 220 lbs…he would remind us us Brian Dawkins, with more speed, and cover skills….He would be just as good as, or probably better than Barron, and we could get him in the 3rd round.

  • btc24 the sad part is the Eagles aren’t even a fast D either

  • And if the EAGLES do the right things, they could have Poe, and Brandon Thompson…..We have to get bigger at DT. Those two would help the effectiveness of the wide- 9. I do like Thompson, as well as Nicolas Jean- Baptiste 4rd-6rd

  • Good points all around. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    Pheags, keep in mind that there was a one-year wonder who did freakish things at the combine a couple years ago; his name was Jason Pierre-Paul.

  • Barron is coming off that double-hernia injury he sustained.. He will have his Pro Day in Alabama (with Trent Richardson) and other Alabama players in late March and depending how well Barron does may determine if he’s a mid 1st Rounder or id he slides down towards the end of the 1st Round…
    Many teams need a SS like Barron, the Cowboys at #14, the Jets at #16 and the Bengals at #17 and chances are, one of the 3 teams or the Eagles will Draft him unless he has a set-back or a real poor workout.. Also keep in mind that OLB Cortney Upshaw did not impress at the combine at all and he’s going to have to step it up at the Bama Players Work out day or he may fall out of the 1st Round…
    I just think the Eagles are hoping that the 2 2nd Round Picks in Allen/Jarrett with Coleman will only get better and improve so I think it would be very surprising if they go Safety with their 1st Slection, unless they traded down/back and he was still on the board ..
    Sean SPence was another who did not have a very good combine and was slower then what Scouts anticipated…
    Did anyone see MLB Mychal Kendricks from Universisty of California.. This guy shot up rankings after a terriffic combine and may be a 2nd/3rd Rounder .. He;s typicl MLB Sice whjich is 5-11 245lbs but can run jump,lift weights, etc,etc.. I am checking out some Cal games to see if he can tackle and another MLB who had a fine Senior Week in Mobile as well as a strong COmbine is James Michael JOhnson from Nevada who is 6-1 245lbs .. both these players have move up ahead of Burfict who has falled big time…

    NFLDraftScouts.Com has the Combines Biggest Fallers/Disappointments listed as the following

    WR J Blackmon – Did not run 40 time, dropped some pass, looked disinterested most of the day the WR’s worked out
    OT M Adams – Poor Footbwork, poor lifting and strength tests..
    DT M Brockers – Young immature, looks soft, ran the 3rd slowest time of all the DT’s was last in power lifting.. needs a lot of work per most scouts
    MLB V Burfict — SLow 40 time, did not lift, looked lost in pass drills…

  • Biggest winners of the COmbine pe rNFL Draft Scouts.COm

    #1)QB RGIII – Speed, strength and measurables, INterviewed well per teams/scouts
    #2) DT Dontari Poe — 346 lbs who ran a 4.78 40, are you issing me.. Powere lifted 225lbs 44 times (8 higher than the next player), had quick feet, big thighs and butt but not fat.. Interviewed well and mature beyond his years per most team reports who spoke with him
    #3) WR Steven HIll — 6-4 215lbs and ran a 4.38. Got all the passes and probably went from a 3rd Round pick to a late 1st/early 2nd Round..
    #4) MLB L Kuechley – 6-3 242lbs, Rand well, an did well in all field drills as well as lifgting/jumping measurables, Interviewed well and solidified his spot as the Top all-around MLB in this Draft class and as a 3 Down LB whcih many in this class are not.. .I think he could end up like a Zach Thomas or even like a Brian Urlacher as he gets bigger and stronger and hell both of these guys were pretty good MLB’s for a long time in the NFL…

  • Dont forget mychael kendricks.. he ran a 4.47 …

  • I like Poe, Kuechly, Jenkins, Cox, and Barron in that order for the Eagles #15 draft choice wish —- I just hope they use both 2nd round draft choices on players and don’t trade down worrying about getting 2013 extra draft picks

  • Is that CB Janoris Jenkins that your referring too..

  • yep, cover corner because I question DRC’s durabilty and talent

  • If he didn’t get in trouble last year in FLorida and entered last years Draft as many thought he would, he would have been a Top 15 Pick.. He’s good ballplayer with some baggage but it seems he’s matured a bit over the last year.. He can fly too but at 5’10 180 lbs, I would like to see a bigger more physical CB to go against these big WR in the NFC East and the NFC in general anymore .. I like Stephen Gilmore at 6-0 & 195 lbs and Trumaine Johnson at 6-2 204 lbs (which some Analysts see as a potential Safety in the NFL) and this Josh Robinson from UCF who ran a 4.37 and is 5’10 199lbs and had great leaping, long jumping measureables..

  • yeah ok..FOOTBALL IQ…can stop a 330 pound unblocked offensive lineman coming free against the wide 9…this runt will be destroyed in the middle.

    football IQ…give me a damn break.

  • So does this mean Trevor Laws is another wasted early pick? Isn’t it ironic Trevor Laws was picked before the bad character Djax and showed absolutely nothing.

    where are he experts who claimed Djax was a risk and his stock is dropping? remember guys? Is there a receiver drafted before Djax with 2 pro bowls?

    Look real good when the so called experts start hating.

  • keuchly is not 6′ 3″….it seems the media gives this guy an inch a day. he have little boy arms too.

    his nickname this year…”SPEED BUMP”.

  • I want Vontaze. I heard the same things about Brandon Graham two years ago and the eagles picked him ahead of JPP. I want a freak of nature at linebacker that will be a force in that defense not just another player. From what I am hearing Burfict might go in the second and third round. It would be an absolute steal.

    Beware of these so called can’t miss guys.

    Keuchly will be ass and if they pick him …this will cement the Reid-Roseman Era.

    The Eagles will not find a more passionate, physical presence like Burfict and with him slipping there’s no excuse.

    Get a 1st round talent on the cheap to give this defense a new attitude.

    The Eagles are soft after the 1st level..everyone knows it.

    Burfict can change that immediately.

  • i actually like keuchly… hes always in the right position..he ran a 4.5 forty and weighed 242… mychael kendricks ran a 4.47 though and he looks more freakish more explosion 5’11 240 .idk i think keuchly could be special ..

  • kuechy is a 240 lb lightweight who will get run over by 260lb B Jacobs and other o lineman. Another matthews I M O. Mayock has been drafting for this team with his ridiculous picks for Reid. We need Jerry reese in this front office.

    A lot is made of New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese and his NFL Draft philosophy. Since he took over as GM in 2007, the common theme is “take the best player available.”

    Thats what we don’t have here.

  • Songs still hanging on to Burfict… If you want to watch Vontae, he will be around thru the late 2nd and wuite possibly thru the early to mid 3 rd Round… He is nothing special and not sure why you and others have been so ga-ga over him. He had a bad Junior Season on the field for a bad team… and then when you add all the off the field baggage and issues, he is nothing special and if he doesn’t get his act together, may not even make an NFL Active Roster in 2012… Hew was a Top 5 LB Prospect out of High School and after a great Freshman year at Arizona State, his play and attitude went down hill the rest of his career at Arizona.. He displayed below average meaureables and apparently did not interview that well either from many reports… He may end up being this years version of Ricky Sapp from Clemson a few years ago who many rated as one of the Top Rated DE’s in the Draft and ended up falling to the 5th Round .. Then out of Football the following year.. I as GM would pass on this fella all together ..

  • Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is the same way as Giant’s Reese which is why they ahave a solid and deep Roster every season.. and for th eRecord, Giants Bransdon Jacobs probably won’t even be on the Giants on 2012 as he will have to take major pay cut and will probably be a Salary Cap Cut casualty

  • sometimes i wonder about most people on this site because it was 2years ago when the eagles traded up and everybody and there momma thought they were gonna draft earl thomas they dont value safety like you guys do is barron even in the same breath as earl i dont think so in other words why in the hell would they draft barron who has less talent than earl and as for lb they havent took a lb in rd one in years and dout they will any time soon and they will and if im the birds there d-line is getting up there in age and we and the eagles have no clue what brandon graham is so you cant count on him yet until he shows you something, so with that said the eagles need to sign tullock in fa and i would also sign erin henderson from minn to be the strongside lb and let chaney and matthews fight it out for the weak side lb and if there is any way at all sign super mario and in the draft you go 1st,poe 2nd steven hill wr 2nd best lt left on the board 3rd dt and the rest of the depth cb,s,rb,te ect… and try to keep d-jack and hell if you can get ne 1st rd pick the 31st and a 5th rd pick if they are able to do that i also draft flectcher with poe and now ur birds are fixed and what the hell sign plax to with that young kid hill and maclin,avant,celek,mccoy thats scary.

  • Last 1st Round LB selected by the Eagles was in 1976, I believe,
    which was HC Dick Vermeil’s & GM Carl Peterson’s 1st Draft and they selected OLB Jerry Robinson from UCLA, who was a pretty good ballplayer and obviously Dick Vermeil knew what they were getting in Jerry Robinson very well since he recruited him out of High School and then coached him for 4 years when Vermeil Coached at UCLA before taking the Eagles Job..

  • I hate to break it to the “you need a thumper in the middle” “Luke is undersized” crowd, but almost all teams actually don’t have that anymore. The 250+ MLB is a thing of the past. MLB’s now have to be able to cover speedy TEs and receiving threats. You can’t just stick an anchor in there and have him take on blockers. Urlacher and Lewis are the exception and they get by with it because of their supreme ATHLETICISM. You need someone who can move. Tulloch who everyone clamors over, is 5’11 240 and slow as molasses. Curtis Lofton, a better athlete is 6-0 241, Pat Willis the best in the game right now is 6-1 240, Navorro Bowman, 6-0 242, Fletcher 5-10 245, Mayo 6-1 245, Beason 6-0 237, Ryans 6-1 247. I could go on an on. It’s exactly why Hightower isn’t going to be a top pick. He’s a 2-down backer who will be a liability in coverage, especially in the redzone when you think you need a run-stopper on the field only to see him scamper out into coverage as the RB goes in untouched for another TD…Not only is Luke ideally sized for todays NFL game, but his athletic measurables are as good if not better than most of the best MLBs playing right now. At 6-3 242 and showed good both upper and lower body strength, size is no where near a concern. In fact, it seems people are doing a 180 on him because first it was he wasn’t athletic enough, but now it’s he’s too small. The evidence just doesn’t back either of those positions up.

    That said, I wouldn’t trade up for him. MLBs just aren’t overall that valuable. There’s a good reason why you typically don’t see them drafted in the top 10 Willis and McClain aside. Mid teens is a great spot to land one. With the amount of DL talent there is in this draft, the Birds will be well served to stay put and take BPA at 15.

  • Songs, I also still like Burfict, and would draft him, but not before the 4th round. You have to bow to what Paulman is saying. I am as big a fan of his (Burfict), as it comes on GCobb.com, but I was disappointed that he didn’t show up in shape, for the combine, which in all honesty is a job interview. As a GM, you have to wonder what his work ethic would be, as a professional. That being said, I’m not blinded by all that to ignore the POTENTIAL, and because he IS a talent, I take a chance on that, and draft him in the later round; but no later than the 4th, which is probably where he will go now.

    I’m gonna be straight up Songs, Vontaze was getting too much pussy before the combine. All you guys that run track remember what the coach used to tell us, during the season, NO WOMAN. But, also he wasn’t working out, or training for this, and he knows it. I think he is better than this, but the problem is he didn’t put himself in a position to show it. So, realistically, he will have to do everything he didn’t do prior to the combine to earn a job, which may humble him.

    I would be encouraged if he improves on his pro day, by showing up in better shape, gets a trainer, and running a better timed 40. My suggestion has been, bring in London Fletcher to help him develop. But I would still use him on the outside. 4th round, we have 2 picks, I would use one on Vontaze Burfict, but he has a lot of work to do.

  • with every passing day Stephen Tulloch seems to improving on this website and soon people will have him as a HOF candidate– he is an average maybe slightly below average MLB — nothing special, the equivilent of Mike Patterson playing DT or Quinton Mikell playing safety === just a guy on the field

  • Paulman – a major difference buddy, in Burfict, and Sapp, was Ricky Sapp had a major injury, that prevented him from reaching his potential, but at least he put in the work. Vontaze, and I hate to say it, has to grow up. He is still a kid, but if he wants to get paid, he better get hungry….and if he does, somebody is going to get a steal when the lightbulb goes on.

  • Excellent points Centipede Man…and I agree 100%, the Best MLB’s are all around that similar size 5-11 to about 6-2 and around 240-245lbs.. What they all have in common is great play recognition, sound tackling and getting the right formations/plays called that you recieve from your DC to your defensive teammates.. The Top MLB’s are 3 Down LB’s and excell in all phases whether it’s stopping the run, dropping in pass coverage,etc,etc..
    This Kuechley has a bright future, I am not sure he’s an All-Pro Caliber player but I think whoever ends up with will be happy with his production,leadership and professionalism… He reminds me of a Zach Thomas/Brian Urlacher type who both have had very fine career’s in the NFL.. With all this being said, I still think Eagles select a DT at # 15 and then select an OLB before a MLB in Round #2..

  • Even if the Eagles have to take out a Dontario Poe or Luke Kuechly on 3rd down and long for a Trevor Laws or Brian Rolle, I’m fine with that isn’t that why you draft these Nickle players as specialists anyway.

  • I don’t want to get into another stat argument with hot97x but MLB are forced now to be playing in the 230s to keep up in speed and in agility with the spread offences invading the NFL

  • Ozzie knows talent….He’ll definitely get Burfict….and if they had a choice between him and baby arms …it’s Burfict hands down.

  • Jason La Canfora has an article written on NFL website insinuating the Eagles could be signing Titans defensive tackle Jason Jones — anyone watch alot of Tennessee football to give an opinion on Jason Jones?

  • “I want a freak of nature at linebacker” LOL..And by freak of nature you clearly mean the slowest, weakest and most out of shape lb available I suppose.

    Kuch at 15 (if there) then use 2 seconds or a player and a 2nd to move back into the 1st to get Cox. Done and done.

    Any comparisons between Kuchley and Matt McCoy or Matthwes junior are assening.

  • I think we’ll trade our first round pick to the Giants for 2-2nd round picks and a guy coming off of 3 ACL injuries. Andy is smarter than the rest of us. He knows how to get small “high motor” guys whose bodies aren’t quite prepared for the pounding of the NFL and usually get hurt at the beginning of training camp. Relax guys, trust that our lawyer GM Roseman (who prolly listens to more Mike Mayock than anyone) who has never played a down of football is on the hunt to pick the “best guy at that time and position on the draft board”. We’re set to go for another “SB bound” team this year as Lurie and Banner always puts it. Remember, they will settle for nothing less than a SB like they have for the last 13 years.

    TIMES YOURS!!!!!

  • @Eagles-
    Jason Jones is a versatile lineman who can play DE or DT….he excels at getting to the QB in passing situation on the interior line….he would give the Eagles a nice pass rusher inside to compliment Jenkins, but still gives them a hole against the run in the middle of the defense.

  • ugh……. Asinine

  • get this dumb ass rocko off this site ASAP.

  • I really can’t help but laugh at your comment gloomy (seriously!) The truth is the truth buddy, get use to it.

    TIMES YOURS!!!!!

  • I mentioned DT Jason Jones a few weeks back due to his relationship with
    DL Coach Washburn.. He’s long-armed and has quick 1st step for penetration.. He’s a good player, 25 Years old and should be coming into his prime at 6-5 276lbs and played mostly DE and then would move inside to DT in passing situations… He had 27 tackles with 3 Sacks last Season and has 15.5 Sacks and 112 Career Tackles and 7 Forced fumbles in his 4 Seasons and is more of a solid rotational player than any kind of All-Pro potential players .. Release Darryl Tapp and sign Jones gets you a bigger,cheaper player with more size, longer arms to play along the DL who has more upside..

  • Why do guys continue to write articles about Luke Kuechly? Jeez, enough already. Hes not going to be an eagle guys. Get over it. Hes a talent, yes, but the eagles WILL NOT take him at 15 of at all for that matter. They will go DT without a doubt in my mind. Not LB S CB.. it will be either DT or DE.. We can debate which one they will draft. Seems like Devon Still is falling a bit,into the 15th spot or lower..Poe is going in the top 10 so if they wanted him they would have to trade up. Coples is a guy who i want but he may go in the top 6 or 7. So the three defensive lineman that I would be happy about if they drafted and would have an instant impact.. Here they are in the order I would draft them if they were available for us..

    1. Quinton Coples DE/DT 6’6 285
    2. Dontari Poe DT 6’4 346
    3. Michael Brockers DT/DE 6’6 306
    I ll throw in an extra
    4. Devon Still DT 6’5 310/ though hes fallen a bit I believe he will be a impact player at the next level, he needs to be put in the right situation, a team with leaders already in place..

  • Jon Hart – How can you be so arrogant as to say you know who the Eagles won’t draft. That’s just assinine.

  • DT M Brockers had a very poor Combine
    He ran a 5.36 40 time, only pressed 225lbs 19 Times (Poe was 1st at 44 Reps)
    and did poorly in his cone and shuttle drills…
    Word is his body mass is soft, he’s young and a bit immature…
    He’s only played 1 full year at LSU and may be a high risk as a 1 year wonder, though many believe he has upside due to his large frame and athleticism which didn’t show well in Indy… I would not risk a 1st Round Pick on him for too many questions about work ethic,maturity and durability.. .
    Devon Still is falling a bit and had a decent Combine work out, but players like Poe, Fletcher Cox, J Worthy,Kendall Reyes all outperformed and looked better..

  • we cannot have another MLB rookie to start the season. Now with this system… not now. They need a run stopper- someone who will jame the A and B gaps as needed. The MLB is the most important piece of the birds this year…. NO ROOKIE PLZ. They have to make a spash in FA for this. If they want to bring in Luke or any other rookie LB… FINE….. but they better not pencil the guy in as our starting MLB. Period.

  • As pman just mentioned, the guy you all should start paying attention to is Fletcher Cox. By far the most athletic DT in this year’s draft. His agility and spring in the lower body were amazing for a 300 pounder. He is the perfect fit for Johnson’s penetrating 1-gap system. Him learning from Jenkins and Washburn could be gold. Plus, he’s played against top flight competition in the SEC.

  • one thing to keep in mind is that if the Eagles were unable or unwilling to re-sign D-JAx and E Mathis, that the draft board definitely changes

    Let’s say D-JAx leaves or gets traded
    Then WR Michael Floyd, Stephen Hill, Kendall Wright could all be possible
    If Evan Mathis goes unsigned, then there are many scenario’s that could play out… Maybe Eagles Draft Guard Dave Destfano from Stanford or a Gord Glenn from Georgia to replace Mathis, or Draft an RT like J Martin from Stanford and slide Todd Herremans back to LG….
    As usual, lots of moving parts, Once Free-Agency comes and goes, the Team needs will be much more defined…

  • Schiller– Im actually not being arrogant at all right now, which is a shocker.. But if you look at what the eagles have done the past 2 seasons, theyve revamped the entire LB core, they already have young guys there that have an opportunity to grow together in this defense. If they acquire a LB, i dont think it will be in the 1st round, but possibly in later ones. I also see them possibly signing a veteran LB in free agency but if they do not i will not be surprised at all, the eagles are always looking for ways to maximize there current players/talent on there team. The LB struggled last year, stevie wonder could see that, but like i said they are all young and hit a serious learning curve and crashed and burned, it was a epic fail. But again andy is the type that likes to do the unexpected so many expect them to nabb a LB via free agency or the draft but andy and this defensive coaching staf may look at the tape and reason, “Yes they struggled in the beginning of the year but they looked alot better in the 2nd half of the year”.. So not only do i think they wont draft Keuchly but they may not even sign a LB… This is imo..

  • I don’t see anyway Mathis doesn’t get resigned. He’s clearly a Mudd guy and was a gem for the interior of the oline last year. I would be hugely surprised if he isn’t resigned. DJax is a different story.

    I don’t think Hill is a 1st rounder. He has 49 career receptions. I don’t care what sort of numbers he put up in the combine, game tape matters as well. 2nd rounder at best at this point.

  • DT Fletcher Cox I think can be a beast under Washburn’s tutledge, long arms, lean build with an explosive 1st step… I would be most happy if they selected him at #15 and he’s so athletic that he could line up as a DE from time to time… I would grab him hands down if I were GM ..

  • Howie while peacocking himself in the backround of the Wharton School of Business interview said that the Eagles will be selecting players on talent and best player available in the future not on need

  • Paul– yes i get pumped when i see the combine numbers but lets not get carried away and put all stock on that.. There are superstars in the NFL today that did not have overwhelmingly standout statistics at the combine. We dont need combine warriors, we need guys that can play football and can make a huge impact on this team, whatever position they play.. Brockers didnt have the best combine numbers, but i would still draft him, because the guy can flat out ball, he may not wow you at the combine but that does not me he wont be a force in the league..

  • Playing 5-6 really good games on a great team for one season does not make a NFL Player either.. I would be very wary of a young kid who is overwight and soft at 21 years of age for durtability and conditioning issues if nothing else..

  • Poe plz.

  • With that said, I have always like Still, Coples and Poe.. Poe reminded me of Haloti Ngata, Coples reminds me of Julius Peppers. Still doesnt remind me of anyone, hes just a good player that had a outstanding last year in college.. I heard some say that he hasnt shown alot in college before this past year but does that matter? Ive seen this before.. As long as hes productive in the game..

  • Coples could become a beast and will probably be the 1st DL off the Board in the Top #10.. (Jaguars,Bills or maybe as far down as the Panthers)
    I wish the 76ers had a Power Forward as athletic as Coples but that’s a different article for another day… …

  • I just can’t decide whether I want to draft this guy in the first round or not. I have heard good and bad. Some reports paint the picture of a highly decorated Casey Mathews. While others have him as the second coming of Zach Thomas. And we would be putting the most important need on defense in the hands of a rookie with an absolutely brutal schedule coming up. Very tough call. We are old at DT, Dixon is a major question mark, Landri is a FA and Laws stinks. We need a DT so maybe this is where we should go for value. Of course they will start Jenkins and Patterson and the kid will not get much chance to help very much in a rotation. But DT also cannot really be addressed in FA because the crop is thin and DTs are very pricey. I keep coming back to SAM because if you broke down all eleven positions on the field, you would have to say that SAM is the weakest of the eleven. Chaney is mediocre but he is not bad. SAM has two career STers as options that should not be starters. The only good SAM options in FA are Manny Lawson and Anthony Spencer. I think I would sign one of these guys and draft a DT in the first round if you put a gun to my head. But if Jackson is allowed to walk that muddies the waters even more. Then I would want to sign Burress and draft a WR in the first round. Once again given Burress and Avant, the uber cautious Andy will severely limit the kid’s snaps and he won’t help much. What it comes down to is that Kuechly would probably play the most and have the most “potential” impact for a first round pick.

  • Rocko
    “I think we’ll trade our first round pick to the Giants for 2-2nd round picks and a guy coming off of 3 ACL injuries”
    Funny stuff there but too true!
    Jason Jones from Tenn played much better 2 years ago when he was just a 3rd down (passing down) rush DT. Think of him how Darren Haward was used here a few years ago. They moved him to DE last year and he had a down year which is why Tenn is letting him walk. This would make some sense for the Eagles to sign him but he is not a everydown DT & would be the Eagles 3rd or 4th option at DE so if he is asking for starting money this won’t happen.
    As to what Jon Hart said “Why do guys continue to write articles about Luke Kuechly? They will go DT without a doubt in my mind.”
    I agree with that 100% They will target Fletcher Cox, Devon Still, Kendall Reyes and hopefully Dontari Poe. There has been a pattern and a belief that the Eagles don’t want the Big DT’s but I believe that they covet speed more than they do size. Poe has both so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles have him pretty high on their board. Brockers on the other hand is another story. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t even on the Eagles board. He came to the combine out of shape, over weight and didn’t compete or interview well. Either way I dont see the Eagles going for LB in the 1st rd.

  • jbird
    “I keep coming back to SAM because if you broke down all eleven positions on the field, you would have to say that SAM is the weakest of the eleven. Chaney is mediocre but he is not bad.”
    Ya the SAM LB without a doubt was the worst of the LB positions last year. At the start of the year Chaney was the starting SAM but Mathews was getting blown up at the MIKE so they went back to Chaney at the MIKE which is what he played his rookie year. There are going to be a few MIKE LB’s available in free agency and some real good DT’s in the draft so if the Eagles are doing their homework they will look at both of those spots and move chaney back to SAM.

  • Jbird, with all due respect, how do you see any comparisons to Casey Mathews? Other than race and position, they seem totally different. Casey Mathews was seen as an OK player with the family pedigree/name thing. Kuechly is the concensus best LB who impressed in combine. (just coming out of college) it’s like comparing a 3 to a 10. I’m not saying the guy is going to be a stud or the Eagles should draft him, but the Casey Mathews comparison… why?

  • Eagles just franchised DeSean…….I told you so.

  • djax tagged- time to pack up and head for the hills Pman

  • ha ha pman he is here for another month

  • i wish the eagles would trade up a few spots and get poe… and trade up a few spots in the second round and get mychael kendricks… theres no need for a bunch of draft picks of mediocrecy it makes no sense at all.. all picks should be traded up to the 1st 2nd and 3 rounds

  • I love Cox!!!

    Wait….that didn’t sound…..whatever…..

    I think he fits what the birds like to do. 6′ 4″ 300lbs. Can play both DE and DT….He can play DE and seal the edge on running downs, then move inside to DT and Babin into his spot on passing downs. I like the idea.

    That being said, he’s being mocked between 20 and 30…most coming in around 25. If Birds want him they’re going to trade down, and I’m sure that will elicit another set of groans from the faithful….But, with 2 second round picks and tradable assets like Desean and Asante (who I think are both leaving) and Justice, I can;t see how the Birds wouldn’t be able to take Kuchley at 15, then trade the 2 seconds and perhaps an asset (if req’d) to move back into the 1st to grab Cox.

    Can;t see how anyone could complain if we finished day one with the top rated LB and a top 5 DT.

    Of course this could then be complimented with COusins in the 3rd. Wow. Hope for the future! SB in 2015!

  • enough of Poe…..he is a lazy fat slob…..dude has done nothing in college and had a good combine…. he is a 3-4 NT similiar to Vince Wilfork of the Pats….eagles fans will hate him because he cant get to the QB…
    Devon Still is the perfect fit for the Eagles DL and scheme…. Poe is NOT a fit!
    I would take Still or Worthy over Poe….Brockers is overrated and will be a bust.

  • #15 – DT Devon Still, PSU
    #46 – OLB Lavonte David, Nebraska…..the next Jon Vilma… watch out!
    #51 – WR Chris Givens, Wake Forest…..Greg Jennings clone…..DJAX will be shipped before the draft or gone after 2012….he wont be an Eagle.
    3rd round – CB Chase Minnifield, Virginia
    4th round – ILB Vontaze Burfict, ASU
    4th round – S Brandon Taylor, LSU

  • no disrespect jott, but I would not be pleased with that draft. I think there is a better player/fit at each spot likely to still be on the board when you have those guys drafted.

    Still would be ok, but I think Cox has more upside and would be a better fit in Johnson’s scheme. If we are assuming they don’t address MIKE in FA, they really should consider Luke here. I’m not keen on taking a mid-round MIKE and plugging him in as the starter next year. There are a number of guys who are worthy to take in the mid-rounds to develop in a year or two, but LK is really the only 1st round talent who can step in immediately at MIKE.

    David may be a good player, but he’ll be on the weakside in the NFL. I think they should take Boykin at CB there if available since Asante is good as gone and they don’t have a 3rd CB on the roster who can really play. There really aren’t any OLB’s beside Brown worthy of taking that high. There are a number of quality 3rd round types that they should target.

    I’d probably ok with Givens

    I think 3rd is where the value at SAM will be. Keenan Robinson is the proto type who didn’t run well in the 40, but was a good showing in other drills. He can cover and set the edge. Other options would be Demario Davis who really impressed at the senior bowl and the combine. He can play both inside and outside.

    I’d stay as far away from Burfict as possible. A head case, who is uncoachable, with a bad additude and a blame everyone else but me mentality who isn’t as athletic as put out to be? If they look to MIKE in the mid round James Micheal-Johnson or Bobby Wagner would be much better options.

    Taylor is a SS. I think they need someone to press Allen at FS, not Coleman. Kurt played much better as he got healthy and is a decent SS. Plus they just drafted Jarrett in the 2nd last year. Markell Martin may be around in the 4th who is a speedy safety that won’t get beat. I think he has a similar skill set to Allen and can press him to get healthy and improve his play or get benched.

    anyway, mocks are made to have disagreements. I’m sure mine isn’t ideal to others as well. just my $.02

  • I like Centipede-Man’ Mock much more that Jott’s ..
    I am not sold on DT Devon Still and am leary of his 1 Good Year of Play after not doing much his first couple of seasons at Penn State.. He would have to be really researched and interviewed (As 1st ROunders do to see what makes this kid click.. hey, maybe the light-bulb finally went off for he did have a hell of a Season last year and was a 1 man wrecking ball against many good Big X O/Lines
    I do like L David and agree that he will be play WILL Position in the NFL
    (while Vilma plays MIKE for the Saints)
    I think the Eagles need to take a SAM LB who is 6-2/6-3 and 245-250lbs in the 2nd Round.. (like a N Bradham,S McClellin,K Robinson) for the Eagles have too many WIll LB’s as it is in Rolle,Clayton,Jordan,etc,etc)
    WR Givens in the 3rd is probably 1 Round too soon though he is a good prospect and a little quicker and strong than he appears

    Good stuff Jott/GMCliff..

  • Come on…Some of you seem to be forgetting something.

    Macho HArris, Sean Jones, Demps, Coleman, Considine, JR Reed…its time to stop the bleeding and the sunday afternoon torture watching the crap that comes in and out of the safety position year after year since Dawk left. The guys we have right now in Allen and Jarret could easily be on this list after next year since they showed they are horrible when they had to play quality Qbs. Still got nightmares remembering on how Brady and Welker just toyed with Allen out there like he was a child. Honestly, who lets Welker beat them deep on a bomb? Dont even get me started with them trying to tackle M. Lynch either…

    Reid you have proven to show that you can’t solidify the safety position if you life depended on it. For heavens sake, draft BArron with the 1st rounder and pair him up with Allen and you most likely solved the problem for the next 5 years. BArron would compliment Allen perfectly.

    There are options in free agency and the draft for the linebacker and DT position people. THe DT position is so deep and some of the guys that go in the second (like Brandon Thompson) can be just as good as the ones mentioned above. Same with linebacker…

    Put it this way, if you don’t draft Barron then what? what FA do you think is capable of filling that spot once and for all.. same with the draft, there is a huge drop off after Barron. The last think we need is another mid-low level rated safety in the draft..we already have a bunch of those.

  • And the ones that are pleading for Dlineman like Stills and Brockers and Poe etc…year ritght were talking about Reid here who still doesn’t understand that size of defensive players matter in the NFL..

    Get ready for Vinny Curry guys if its Dline…another high motor fastball

  • I’m not as down on Kuechly as I was, but I still don’t think he’s not going to be very effective if the Eagles keep all of the LBs in the 235 lb and under range along with him in a wide nine. Melvin Ingram seems to compare favorably to the bigger LBs like Courtney Upshaw and Dont’a Hightower that may or may not be available at #15. Again if Dontari Poe or Brockers are sitting there it makes more sense to take a tackle.

  • Word is the KC Chiefs at #10 are going to Select MLB Kuechley…
    The Chiefs addressed their beiigest need at OT, by signing Free-Agent RT Eric Winston who will come in an dbe the Starter from Day 1. New HC Romeo Crennel is siad to be very high on Kuechley stating that he could be the Defense’s signal caller and leader for the next 10 Years..
    I also see th eBIlls/CArdinals as potential teams interested in Kuechly and I now see the Vowboys at #14 Selecting Safety Mark Barron.. I believe the Eagles will look to Trade Down but it will be difficult to find a suitor for many teams will be in the same boat, and the Talent level between #15 and #30 Selections is very marginal and there appears to be not a whole lot of difference on the players that will be avialable based on what your Teams Needs are making trading down even more difficult… There are about 5-6 Potential Game Changers in this Draft (Luck,RGIII, Blackmon,Coples,Claiborne and maybe RB Richardson and that’s about it and then there’s the next 50-100 very good football players that can go from Mid/Late 1st Round thr the 3rd Round and there is not a real talent difference
    By the 4th Round, this Draft becomes much weaker in a hurry..
    The Key to this draft is having trying to get the most selections between that #25 thru the #100 Spot.. then it’s a crap shoot afterwards

  • dont the chiefs have a middle linbacker.. what do they play 3-4 or 4-3

  • I cant picture the Kuechly playing in a 3-4 .. I know there are some mock drafts with him going to the chiefs but they have .. derrick johnson, tamba ali , jovan beltcher, and justin houston and they all had solid seasons..

  • LB Hali, Houston are OLB/DE’s and Primarily used to Rush the passer on Passing Downs, DJ is the only Inside LB the Chiefs really have and he is entering his 8th Season and will be turning 30… What’s wrong with having Kuechly and Johnson as your ILB’s with Hali/Houston as your OLB’s.. Sounds like a pretty good LB Corp to me for your Base Defense and we all know that Crennel likes to be creative with his Defenses and move in and out of the 3-4 to a 4-3 back to a 3-4.. Kuechley is headsy and probably athletic enough to play tsome snaps on the outside if needed be …

  • jevon beltcher is the other inside backer and is young and solid.. hightower would fit them better in my opinion if they were to go that route

  • The Bills at #10 are another strong option for Kuechley..
    They hired Dave Wannstadt as their DC and he is converting them back to a Traditional 4-3 Defense from the 3-4 they ran the last couple of Seasons.. They Drafted Marcel Dareus last Year who is a DT and signed Super Mario last week who will play a true DE and not a OLB to go along with DE Alex Carrington on the other side
    Their LB Corps consist of Nick Barnett at MLB, who can shift to the Outside and OLB Kelvin Shepard who was a 3rd/4th Rd Draft pick in 2011 Draft who really came on the last half of 2011 Season.. You add Kuechley to the middle and all of a sudden the BIlls have a pretty good Front 7 which they haven’t had in years in Buffalo… New DC Wannstadt loves MLB and is always been used to having good ones whether it was Zach Thomas in Miami or Urlacher at Chicago..He knows the importance of having a leader and smart signal caller in the middle..

  • Hightower will not go that high in the 1st Round, there are too many questions about his pass coverage abilities and being a 2 Down LB at the NFL Level and most have him as a late 1st Rounder from the #24 Selection on..

  • **Word down in Dallas is since they Signed CB Brandon Carr to a big deal, and signed a few OL to updgrade their talent along the OL, is that they are now targeting SS mark Barron with that 14th Overall Pick to help shore up Safety

    I belive that Kuechely and Barron will both be off the Board by the #15 Pick meaning the Eagles go DT .. or really try to Trade Down which many teams in the mid-1st Round will try to do..

  • In my earlier scenario of trading WR Maclin to the Rams for their 2nd Round pick, The Eagles then keep that #15 Pick and Draft WR Michael Flolyd as the heir apparant to Maclin ,which wouldn’t be a bad move at all .. and again by Signing Plaxico Burress to go along with D-JAx/Avant/Cooper, any WR Drafted pick would be allowed some time to learn and adjust to the NFL Game and not be expected to come in right away and start and contribute which could be huge for any young player to have that time and mentoring on their side..

  • Well , since seattle signed matt flynn today i guess they wont be taking a quarterback and since the lost fatupu last year they may take kuechly

  • Seahawks sign Flynn who will compete with Tavaris Jackson for th eStarting QB spot
    Dolphins appear on the verge of Signing Alex Smith..
    Now it comes down to the 49ers or Titans signing Peyton Manning,,
    Probaby the 49ers leaving the Titans with Hasselbeck & Locker battling it out..
    Maybe the Browns at #4 Draft QB Tannehill to compete with McCoy but #4 seems way to early to Draft Tannehill… Maybe an opportuntiy for the EAgles to move up to the Browns spot and grab a stud player (DE Coples or CB Claiborn)

  • Not anymore…… Not with the Eagles signing DeMeco Ryans. Got him for a 4th rounder too…… LMAO, Texans got robbed.

  • One good thing that came out of Ryans trade is this loser kuechly will bomb some place else. They hyped this bum like they hyped the Penn State Bum paul posluszny…I told everyone he would be ass…Keuchly will be an non factor in the Pros..and can someone tell me How Kolb continues to get millions? Just asking.

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