• August 17, 2022

DeSean Jackson Is Honored To Be Eagles Franchise Player

Philadelphia Eagles speedy wide receiver DeSean Jackson released a statement yesterday in response to the franchise tag being placed on him by the Eagles.

“I am honored that the Eagles organization perceives me as a franchise player,” Jackson said in the released statement. “I look forward to getting a long-term deal done soon and being an Eagle for many years to come.”

It sounds like Jackson will sign the statement.  They could still reach a long-term deal which would help the team with regard to the salary cap and give Jackson more security.

The Birds could also trade Jackson to another team, but I think he’s more valuable to Andy Reid and the Eagles than he would be to any other team.



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  • Could we be looking at the old D-JAX this year? could it really of only been about the money? read below

    DeSean Jackson was criticized at times for his effort and attitude during last season. With that in mind, he almost sounds grateful that the Eagles used the franchise tag on him Thursday.

    “I am honored that the Eagles organization perceives me as a franchise player,” Jackson said in a statement via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I look forward to getting a long-term deal done soon and being an Eagle for many years to come.”

    The statement indicates that Jackson could sign his franchise tender sooner than later, like Florio suggested Thursday. Tim McManus of the Philadelphia Daily News “hears” that Jackson will sign the tender as soon as possible.

    The one-year offer will guarantee Jackson $9.4 million, which is almost triple what Jackson has made in his entire career. While he surely wants a long-term deal, this may be a case where a one-year contract is the perfect scenario for a player and his team.

  • navy…yeah I broke it down yesterday and basically came to the conclusion that Kuechly gives you the most impact as a rookie. A DT or WR will not start here so it kind of wastes the pick for next year. The Eagles prefer rookies not to play too much. That way they can low ball them on their next contract by telling them they didn’t do anything their first year and not much in the second either. They can then point to only two productive years out of four and get a discount by extending them after the third year. That backfired with Shady because B West got hurt and he got major snaps right away. Same with Desean.
    If they drafted a DT, they will play Jenkins because he is really good and Patterson out of loyalty and sympathy for his brain condition. It will not matter if the rookie is better than Patterson because AR always goes with “his guys.” Like the way he wouldn’t play Michael Lewis over Bishop or Q Mikell over Considine. Same way he won’t bring in a good safety through the draft or FA because he is going to go with Jarrett if it kills him whether he can play or not because G damn it he was a second round pick and therefore HAS to be the guy.
    navy… I have to disagree with you about the OLB. As I have stated, SAM is actually your biggest weakness. We can’t go third round on SAM. Has to be a second. Robinson or Wagner look like good ones to me. They will be gone by third round.
    There is this misconception that you simply move Chaney out to SAM. Um, for those of you that weren’t watching, he pretty much sucked at SAM and was much better at MIKE. It starts with the fact that he does not want to play SAM and despite his lip service was obviously sulking about the switch. So you won’t get the effort at SAM to start with. And second, despite his speed he can’t cover for shit. I guess that’s part of the reason the fastest LB at the combine was a seventh round pick. BECAUSE HE CAN’T COVER!! So what does it matter if the speed doesn’t show up on the field in terms of execution??

  • Just heard the Steelers cut James Farrior, I think we should jump on him on a 1yr deal, was cut for salary cap reasons only, would bring leadership and a winning attitude to our D which we all agree desperately needs.

  • andrew…..The answer to your question about the old D Jack is “absolutely NO!” The kid has one tool. Speed. That’s it. The NFL is an ever evolving animal and it figures you out. That’s why only the most committed and hardest workers truly achieve greatness. You always have to stay one step ahead. The league figured Vick out and his six weeks of glory were finished. He returned to a more mature form of the QB he was in Atlanta. No longer a complete asshole punk but still limited in his ability to play QB. The league has figured Jackson out too. A) you only have to cover from hash to sideline because he ain’t going inside that hash for real. B) He’s got no weight or strength so if you can get a bump on him he’s out of the play. C) Keep the safeties back and take away the home run. Does this help the rest of the offense? Yeah but not ten million bucks worth of help. He will never catch more then 65 passes in a season. So the production is not there. And since the league is hip to his game, he will never average twenty plus yards per catch again either. And with the home runs cut down he won’t get in the end zone that much. What you saw in 2009-2010 will never be again. That would take evolution and effort to expand one’s game and he doesn’t have that kind of drive. That’s why he has gained zero weight since coming into the league. Because he is not going to work like that.

  • andrew… Farrior would be a typical Eagle move under the old rules where they didn’t have to spend. He is a second rate option. He’s not that good and has no 4-3 experience. Forget that move. We are not that desperate. I would take Conner in a heartbeat over Farrior and he would cost even less.

  • Jbird, you have some crazy theories about Reid. They DO play rookies, maclin, jackson, mccoy, watkins, mathews, chenney, rolle, allen, coleman, avant, herremans, kelce….. the evidence is against your statements. Graham got playing time. And they do put the best guy on the field, not make decisions just based on loyalty, come on man, clear your head a bit.

  • schill….before 2008 this was clearly not the case. You are citing recent history which is convenient. We shall see (IF Patterson is healthy), how much a first round DT will play. I will look forward to pointing it out to you if we go that way. The kid will get 20-30 snaps per game. Just watch.

  • J-Bird – Dan Conner FLAT OUT SUCKS!!!!…….We don’t need him here, let him play for the Redskins……We want to improve the team, ….How does he improve the team?..When he’s a foot out of the league…..He brings nothing. Penn State loyalist think everybody from Penn State, is a star……HE STINKS..NO THANKS

  • gmcliff….I am not a PS loyalist. I don’t even like PS. I have to believe he will be better than Chaney though. He is not my choice. I just think that will be all that is out there that they are willing to pay for.

  • j-bIRD – In terms of salary, I think I understand, but football skill level, he ‘s not better than Chaney….Connor can’t play anymore; We wasn’t that good when he came back from his original injury to his knee. Our money should be spent paying London Fletcher in FA at Linebacker to mentor whoever they draft to play the middle for the future. 2nd round, we need to grab 2 OLB. My choice would be Zach Brown, and Nigel Bradham; Speed, Hard Hitting, Tackling machines….something we don’t have…Thats not Dan Connor either.

  • James Farrior, was originally drafted by the Jets. At that time, they played in a 4-3 where he lacked, it didn’t play to his skill level, so he didn’t excel so they eventually gave up on him….the rest is history and he ended up with the Steelers. But He’s twice the player Dan Connor is any day of the week. That being said I don’t think Farrior would help the Eagles either. You have to understand how some player are just more effective in certain systems, ……….not every system.

    The same holds true for WR, DT, QB, etc……

  • gmcliff…I agree about the system thing. I just can’t see them going after Fletcher. I think the 49ers would love to have D Jack and he would give them a little hometown discount to get back to Cali. What do you think about trading for Larry Grant (who is restricted)? I have heard good things about this guy. Of course the 49ers will have to give up some other picks in addition to Grant. It would not surprise me if the Eagles have ran this by the 49ers at the combine. Grant is young and they like these young guys that are unproven that they can get a little more bang for their buck from. How about Hawthorne? Would you sign him? You realize if he goes and we don’t sign him, we will then have to trade up to 11 because Seattle will snag Kuechly.

  • gmcliff….I also think we almost have to go after Burress if D Jack stays because we have nothing for the RZ that we didn’t have last year. RZ efficiency has to get better to be a legit contender. So they have to add a piece or two to beef up this aspect of our offense. Just keeping the same guys from last year is not going to resolve everything for this offense.

  • gmcliff…..In two weeks everything will become much clearer as to what the plan is going forward. Will they trade D Jack? Will they re-sign Mathis? Will they trade Assante or release him? Will they release some other vets next week like J Jackson and Justice? Are they going to sign a FA LB? MLB or SAM? Or both? Will they try to make a play for Griffin at Safety? Will they sign a legit KR and stop reaching for garbage? We will know two weeks from tomorrow what they are going to do. All the big names clear out in 48-72 hours. So if they have done nothing by 3/17, then they don’t plan to do much. If that’s the case I will sit back and patiently wait for the AR era to finally come to its bitter and ugly end. Because there is no way they are making the playoffs by not adding anything but draft picks and FAs off the scrap heap.

  • Per various Sources

    49ers placing Franchise Tag on Safety Dashon Gholston (then maybe an Eagles Trade D-JAx for Gholston…)
    Raiders to Franchise Tag on Safety Tyvon Branch
    Saints to Franchise QB Brees
    RAvens to Franchise RB Rice

    Reports from Oakland is that LB Kamerion Wimbley will be a Salary Cap Reliease .. (a 6-4 255lbs and 28 Years old, could be a good SAM LB for the Eagles… Also RB Michael Bush is going to test Free-Agency and would be the perfrct compliment big back to spell McCoy as the #2 RB in my opinion..

  • For my 2 cents, I’d like to see this FA and Draft go as follows:

    1) sign Mathis at LG. Should be a priority.
    2) sign a veteran MLB, either Tulloch or Fletcher.
    3) they have (10) draft picks in the draft, including two second round picks.

  • Just like an interception — shake off DJax’s 2011 malcontent season and lineup and give the best effort for each play going forward
    Mathis or Justice? only one gets that starter money and the other is not an Eagle in 2012
    I still offer Oakland a draft pick package to get Tyvon Branch, that guy is a real good SS

  • 2012 scorecard
    Drew Rosenhaus: 1 ———————– Joe Banner: 0
    next up Lesean McCoy

  • OK…prematurely posted the last one (OK guys, hit me up with the standard jokes, it is too easy)

    In the draft, I would go after the following
    1) A stud DT that will only help our play up the middle. I like either Jerel Worthy from Mich ST or Fletcher Cox from Miss ST. I think I would prefer Fletcher Cox, but either are going to really help the defense, especially playing with Jenkins.

    Round 2, our first pick. Grab Dont’a Hightower, LB from Alabama. He should be a force in the middle, and played on the best team in the nation.

    Round 2, our second pick. Go after a BIG reciever. I like Steven Hill from Georgia Tech, but if still available we could look at maybe a Juron Criner from Arizona who should also be around. If they wait around to fill this need (I say need, because I am tired of waiting for the Riley Cooper experiment to actually produce results), then maybe in a later round go after someone like Tommy Streeter from Miami.

    In the 3rd round we only have one pick. I don’t like many of the Safeties in this years draft, but maybe give a shot at Antonio Allen from South Carolina.

    After the 3rd round we still have (5) more picks. I would hope that maybe we use some of those picks to move ahead in the draft and get some impact player. With whatever is keft I can see them picking up a QB they like for development in the future.

  • paulman…I thought the same thing. But D Jack straight up for Goldson will not fly with the Eagles. The Niners will have to give up the 62nd pick as well. Just because Goldson has a tag doesn;t mean the value is equal.

  • I wouldn’t trade for Larry Grant, or Hawthorne. Although they have had good seasons, neither is really that good. In Grants case, especially because he is a restricted free agent, we’d have to give up a draft pick for.

    Yes on Plaxico, but I don’t expect him to set the world on fire, even in the Red Zone although he will help.

    DeSean Jackson is not going to be traded, especially not for an overrated Safety.

    JBird – First and foremost The Eagles have to draft better. We need to draft players that are going to make an impact on this team for years to come, instead of system players, that may, or may not pan out. I make our #1 Pick Dontari Poe. I also give up my #1 next year, and Asante Samuels, to Cincinnati, FOR ONE OF THEIR #1 and trade down, a few spots for extra 2nd rounders, and do the same in 2nd round, for extra 3rd, and 4th round picks.

    I.a Dontari Poe DT
    1.b Whitney Mecilus DE

    2.a Zach Brown OLB
    2.b Vinny Curry DE
    2.c Kelechi Osemele OG
    2.d Nigel Bradham MLB/OLB

    3.a Josh Norman CB
    3.b Devon Wylie KR/PR/WR
    3.c Bobbie Massie OT

    4.a Sean Spence SS
    4.b Vontaze Burfict OLB/MLB

    5.a Nicolas Jean Baptiste DT
    5.b Brandon Brooks OG

    6.a Jordan Jefferson QB
    6.b Kelcie McCray FS
    6.c Dorell Scott FB/RB

    7. Kenny Tate LB/S/ST

  • Oh, and I don’t think he is going to make an impact on this defense, especially with small DT’s.

    I like Donte Hightower, but he is an extreme liability in coverage, which makes him more of a 2 down linebacker, and his past knee injury concerns me a little bit, but not much. With the threat of Cole leaving, and Babin coming back to earth, I draft Mercilus, with 2nd #1 and Curry in the 2nd.

  • Kuechly will not make an impact, that is, with the Eagles, without a stud DT, so no need to draft him.

  • Eagles cannot draft defensive players

    trade Both 2nd round picks for SS Tyvon Branch who was just franchised by Oakland Raiders and if they say no offer the 1st round pick #15 instead

  • Ray Diddenger thought the eagles might draft PS DT Devon Still
    he knows more than Howie
    === he wanted Earl Thomas instead of Brandon Graham and he wanted Vince Wilfork instead of Shawn Andrews
    at least call him up and ask his opinion
    and I know he doesn’t want anything before during or now with Juan Castillo on Defense

  • I love Ray Didinger, but with all due respect, he has been wrong in his evaluations as well. I think drafting Still, or Worthy would be a lateral move in mediocrity. Neither is any better than Mike Patterson. They’re just the newest options available to the Eagles, but there are better options. He also stated how much Broderick Bunkley would improve the defensive line, more so than Haloti Ngata, because he felt Ngata was more of a 3-4 NT; Sound familiar to his evaluation of Dontari Poe? That type of being overly critical, is what causes the misses on All-Pros. But, Poe would be my pick, with all due respect to Ray.

    The trading for Tyvon Branch, is just stupid. How good do you think he is? Most will make suggestions based on what they know as need, but will roll out the welcome mat for every, big name just because it’s new to the Eagles. He’s not worth anyone’s, 3rd round pick, let alone our 1st.

  • If you don’t like what Ray Didingewr said………well, did anyone catch Heath Evans analysis of Mesean on NFL network yesterday? Ouch. He was not nice. I think words were soft, selfish, me-first,…….(I agree)

    And Walterfootball.com with their 10 most overrated list? Vick and Mesean at 2 and 3 respectively (I agree).

    GO Birds!

  • GM CLiff, I step away for a 1 day and I see your taking my spot as the Mock Draft Man. I am going to have to replay with the following Draft and I will not be factoring in any trades though I am sure the Eagles will do a couple…

    1st Rd (#15 Overall) – OT J Martin (Stanford 6-5 312lbs)
    2nd Rd (#47th-Cards) – DT B Thompson (Clemson 6-2 315lbs)
    2nd Rd (#51 Overall) – CB T Johnson (Montana 6-2 204lbs)
    3rd Rd (#79th Overall) – OLB N Bradham (Fla State 6-2 245lbs)
    4th Rd (#101st-Bucs) – MLB M Kendricks (Cal 5-11 240lbs)
    4th Rd (#115th Overall) – SS Antonio Allen (South Carolina 6-1 210lbs)
    5th Rd (#143rd Overall) C/G Quenton Saulsberry (Miss State 6-3 305lbs)

    Use 6th Rounf picks for RB/WR/DE

  • Gmcliff – Ray only predicted what he thought the Eagles would do with the selection I don’t know if he likes Devon Stills or not but the next day Ray Diddy always tells everyone what he would have done with the selection minus the players drafted ahead of the pick of course ——–

  • Gmcliff — Tyvon Branch is a top 50 NFL player and in the elite class — best player on the Raiders roster but they have no draft picks and salary cap problems – I thought he might be ripe for the picking ——– Even if you don’t agree with me about Branch’s Elite level he is certainly better even for your eyes than Jarrett, Allen, Coleman, Branch, Marlin, Demps, Mikell, Considine or any other Eagle attempt to play S

  • Tyvon Branch is a legitimate Franchise player at his position

  • Paulman, they’re taking a QB somewhere….

  • gm cliff love your mock, that would be excellent if they even came somewhat close to your picks. However pman even though you have been wrong a lot lately. Your draft is more likely for the birds, they will take someone first round that we wouldn’t expect. He was the highest rated player at his position on the board, time yours.

  • vinnie I thought I heard that the QB class is weak this year —

  • If iwere the Eagles i would sign Plax on offense and resign Mathis.I would sign Curtis Lofton to be my middle linebacker and Reggie Nelson at SS.In the draft i would take Fletcher Cox and then trade back up into the end of the 1st rd and take Zach Brown.

  • Word out of DC is they placed the Tag on Fred Davis which means that hard hitting saftey Laron Landry might be available, i say go get him asap.

  • I don;t read much into the “weak/strong” class talk. History says about 35% of draft picks become startrers…it doesn;t matter what year.

    Remember when 1999 was going to be the “greatest QB class since 1983”. I do.

    Results (ist round):
    Couch – disaster
    McNabb – probowler
    Akili – Disasker
    Culpepper – would have been nothing without Moss and Carter
    McNown – disaster

    So I don’t put much into the strong/weak business. I love wetching/analyzing trends (main reason I am not fan of Vick and why I think Mesean is overrated). Trends say its time for birds to take another QB. Their starter is 32, innnacurate, and injury prone. How can they not take a QB – because they have Trent Edwards???

    Couch – disaster

  • Superbowl, I do agree he is better than what we have on our roster, but not a top 50 talent in the league, he is okay though.

    Paulman – I only through it out there so I could light a fire under you to finally give your Mock Draft. I see we agree on Nigel Bradham, and I neglected to mock Trumaine Johnson, which you know I’ve been talking up all off season.

    I also know Paul, that they will probably, look at one of the Stanford lineman. My mock is who I would attempt to draft, no barring, on who they will actually select. Everyone that tries to mock the Eagles is always wrong.

  • Mark my words, Andy will sign a vet LB. My guess is CURTIS LOFTON (who fits their profile: young, getting better every year, an upgrade over existing players, and fits the system). Then they address the biggest long term need – a QB! My guess is TANNENHILL , but I think they will make an effort to move up for RGIII (but they clearly can be out bid). I see no way they bet their future after next season on Vick.

    DT, WR, and LB needs pale in comparison to having a franchise QB….

  • Waste a pick on a QB? Who the hell wants to gamble on a project QB? Havent we been down that road? Unless your getting a blue chip RGIII or Luck I dont want any projects. The odds for Luck and RGIII both being studs are 50/50. What are the odds on a on a 2nd, 3rd or 4th round project. ala Kolb.to succeed. This team needs to spend them picks on defense. Wait until your ready to move Vick, Bring in someone to manage and then move up in draft to get that years must have.Hopefully we will have built or defense ala 49ers to survive by then. Dont sell me oh we drafted a Kevin Kolb with our 2nd round pick the hell with MLB we will get one later.

  • I thought to the 2 biggest moves the Eagles needed to do by this point were:
    1) fire Juan Castillo and replace with a playoff winning Defensive coordinator
    2) Resign DJax or replace with an equally explosive WR weapon

    Do I look at the off season as a half full glass of water off season so far or half empty glass?

  • Just wondering how pissed everyone would be if the eagles traded down lol.. any thoughts? I just dont want them trading down i want a good player.. its like they trade down because thyre incapable of making a good tough decsion

  • With the signing of back-up Veteran QB Trent Edwards, I don’t see the Eagles Drafting a QB at all this Draft.. They will have 4 in camp with Vick,Edwards,Kafka and Practice QB Johnson
    As far as Trading down, a possibility could be with the Patriots who have 2 1st Round Selections at #27 and # 31.. .They also have 2 2nd & 3rd RD Selections as well
    Let say the Eagles trade their #15th and maybe throw in a DE Darryl Tapp to the Pats for their #27 and # 31 .. I would take it in a heart beat.. The Pats need DE and also a DT/NT to groom for the aging VInce Wilfork plus they may want a shot at a top nothch deep threat at WR.. ..

  • To GmCliff.. I have checked up on CB Trumain Johnson as you have talked about… At 6-2 205lbs, this kid could very well turn into a SAfety at the pro Level.. He has the frame to put on 10 lbs easily and can run,cover and hit too..
    Have him learn both positions and could see the field as a Safety …

  • To Larrwd
    Let’s say DT’s Poe,Brockers & Still are off all the board as is MLB Kuechley, once their turn at #15 comes up which is a strong possibility, then what do you do.. Go WR ( M Floyd, K Wright) or OLB (Ingram or Upshaw who both project as more 3-4 Scheme pass rusing OLB) or a CB (Jenkins/Kirkpatick that you really don’t need in 2012).. .

  • I cant see all of them being off the board .. Theres still mark barron .. Id rather have them trade up then trade down ..

  • Do you see the Eagles taking Safety at #15 after selectiing Safeties in the 2nd Round the last 2 Drafts in Jarrett and Nate Allen.. And Barron is still coming off the double hernia so I finshd it very unlikley and would exect the Eagles to possibly draft an OL or trade Down if the DT/DL s not there that they value at the 15th Spot… ( OT Jonathon Martin, WR M Floyd ) could be real sleeper picks at #15 ..

  • I’d be more shocked if the eagles went WR here as opposed to Barron. There is too many needs on defense to use this pick on any offensive positions.

  • Guarantee you the Eagles do not draft Mark Barron, and I see, it’s hard for some to see, that he will be a bust anyway………..I predict there will be more bust in this draft than in recent history…..some in particular :
    Trent Richardson
    Alshon Jeffrey
    Luke Keuchly
    Devon Still
    Melvin Ingram, and Brockers from LSU.

    Some will disagree, but lets reserve judgment, because I can show you better than I can tell you, by just letting things play out over the next 3 years. Players like these are so overrated, from their college production, that even Mel Kiper doesn’t realize how inaccurate he has been, on his predicted cant miss prospects. He can’t see it like GMCliff

  • Paulman, thats right. He can play safety too. He would provide some flexibility, in the secondary if Nate Allen regresses, or if our ProBowl CB’s is injured. I believe if they draft he, and Josh Norman, they won’t be looking for CB help, once Nnamdi, and DRC, are no longer here. What I really like is the cover skills, and speed they provide. Barring injury, I think they could potentially be Pro Bowlers. In the meantime they can learn the system, and Nnamdi, and DRC. To the GMCliff, it would be a smart, proactive move.

  • If i were the Eagles I would take a DT with the 15th pick.I would trade my 1st second rd pick and next years first to the Pats for the 31st.
    RD1)15 Flecther Cox DT
    RD1)31 Zach Brown OLB
    RD2)51 Bobby Massie OT
    RD3)77 Ladarius Green TE
    In free agency i would like the Eagles to get Plaxico,Reggie Nelson and Curtis Lofton and i think with that and a good KR later in the draft we will be ready to make a Superbowl run this upcoming season! EAGLES ALL DAY BABY!!

  • Like your picks Phillylifer033..
    I am not so sure about OT Massie at #51 though

  • to GmCLiff

    I think LB Keucley, Safety Barron and RB Richardson have good solid NFL Careers..
    M Ingram has very short arms (similar to Brandon Graham) and will have a problem disengaing from NFL Blockers and is probably better suited as a Stand-up Pass Rushing OLB in a 3-4 Scheme ..
    D Still is a wild-card and I am not sold on him but was dominant at times last season in the Big 10 going against good O/Lines
    and I would at all costs stay away from DT M Brockers

  • Only reason I put him at 51 is beacause in some of the mock drafts I saw he was already picked b4 the 77th pick so I figured why not reach slightly to get a lineman that fits Howard Mudds scheme and can replace Herremans eventually at RT.

  • To Paulman

    Who do you like as a KR because the Eagles struggled mightily in that department last season?

  • I would like to see CB Curtis Marsh practice all OTA/Summer Camp for the KR Position.. He played RB his 1st 2 Years in College and Returned Kicks while at Utah State also… Then the Eagles also Signed WR/Return-man Mardy Gilyard who was an explosive punt returner in COllege and the U Of Cincinnati…

  • I would also add a Draft Pick like a WR- Returnman Joe Adams, or a pure Return Specialists in the Draft in the 5th/6th Rounds..

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