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Franchising DeSean sets up an explosive comeback in 2012

For weeks now reports stated the Eagles will use the franchise tag on wide receiver DeSean Jackson. On Thursday it finally became official as the franchise tag was placed on number 10. The Eagles became the first team this off-season to utilize the franchise tag. If the Eagles don’t sign DeSean long term he would earn $9.4 million next season or $552,941 per week which is nearly as much as he made all of last season.

From day 1 the Eagles have mismanaged the contract situation with DeSean. They let him play out this past season as one of the lowest paid players on the team and clearly his mind wasn’t 100% focused on opponents because of it. DeSean knows he was underpaid, the Eagles know he was underpaid, so hopefully everyone can put last season behind them and move on. Placing the franchise tag on Jackson hopefully is the first step in signing him long term with the club.

I’ve been a supporter of DeSean from the moment he stepped on the field in Eagle green. He’s been nothing short of a playmaker so far in his career and players like that are special and need to be taken care of. Top of the line, electrifying playmakers don’t come around often and the Eagles have a chance to lock one up at a young age. DeSean stated on Thursday “I am honored that the Philadelphia Eagles Organization perceives me as a franchise player. I look forward to getting a long term deal done soon and being an Eagle for many years to come.”

Eagles GM Howie Roseman was at the NFL combine last week and was optimistic about striking a long term deal. Roseman stated the following in regards to the announcement of the franchise tag being placed on DeSean Thursday. “We want DeSean to be an Eagle for the long haul and this is a step in the right direction to accomplish that. DeSean is a talented player and a proven playmaker in this league and we look forward to him continuing his career in Philadelphia. It’s our understanding that he has the same desire. We will continue our efforts in getting a long-term deal done with him.”

Both parties have expressed interest to work out a long term deal so hopefully it will happen because as we all saw during the Cardinal game in November this Eagles offense has no explosiveness or electricity what so ever when DeSean isn’t on the field. Although both DeSean and the Eagles have expressed interest in working out a long term deal ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter is reporting on ESPN.com the Eagles are still in fact open to listening to trade offers for number 10 so the possibility still exists for DeSean to be elsewhere next season if a long term commitment can’t be worked out.

I’ve heard all the haters throw DeSean to the curb this past season because of his poor performance. A performance that still almost netted him a thousand yards receiving with 961 yards and that was in a down season. But let’s face it every athlete at some point in their career will have a bad season and I truly believe last season was it for DeSean. I expect to see more of the DeSean we saw during his first 3 seasons in 2012 now that the contract situation will be behind him.

The Eagles finished 8-8 in 2011 and last time I checked DeSean Jackson wasn’t the one letting 4th quarter leads slip away or throwing turnovers in crucial situations. For those of you out there who wanted DeSean to leave town after 2011 you may still get your wish if they do in fact deal him elsewhere.

The bottom line is this team had a ton of issues last season that had nothing to do with the play of DeSean Jackson so everyone who went after him should look at the defense and the poor quarterback play as the main reasons why this team underachieved. Going into 2012 the Andy Reid era is on the line and Mike Vick needs to have a bounce back season which can happen with a happy DeSean Jackson on the field. Throw in the desire Plaxico Burress has to join the Eagles which could add a red zone threat and this offense could be set up for a monster 2012 season.

If the Eagles and DeSean can’t work out a long term deal I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Eagles deal him to another club on draft day. It makes sense to get compensation for him rather than risk losing him to free agency after next season. With a strong wide receiving class available in free agency it could make sense for the Eagles to move DeSean and fill his spot with a free agent receiver such as Vincent Jackson or Marques Colston.

I expect none of that to happen though as I believe a long term deal will happen before the season begins. Mike Vick is already familiar with DeSean and has a strong relationship with him. With so much on the line in 2012 it only makes sense for the Eagles to go into battle with DeSean part of the team. Jackson wasn’t the problem in 2011 and hopefully this is the first step in allowing him to get back to being the explosive receiver we all know he can be.

John Stratis

A lifelong Philadelphia sports fan always looking to share his opinion about the greatest sports town in the world. Follow me on twitter @JohnStratis

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  • I agree too. You might not like his attitude, but he is a baller. Add Plax to this mix and we will be deadly. Need to get a MLB and a S and we will be tough to beat.

  • I have to repectfully disagree John,
    To Say D-Jax wasn’t disappointing last year (as the entire Team was) is not accurate.. His play eraly on and then sulky attitude were part of the many issues that have been talked about numreous time.. I don’t blame D-JAx, but as a memeber of the 53 Man Roster, he must share in the blame as they all do..
    Anyways, it’s water under th bridge now, The eagles have the talen to compete for a Playoff run, and D=Jax is a a big part of it.. The big question to me, is can they get a deal done.. I don’t think it will work out well if D-JAx is only here for 2012 and plays under a Franchise Tag for the Season fir there will be many distractions, other players & Coaches whorrying about his commitment and the teams committment.. Once he agrees to a Franchise Tag at $9.4 Million) then it’s imperative to get him under a deal… I propose a
    3 Years $25 Million … a $5 Million Bonus for 2012 plus a $5.5 Million Salary (this way he actually earns $10.5 Million in 2012), then a $6 Million Salary in 2013 and a $7 Million Salary in 2014.. Also put some incentive/bonus $$ for amount of games,Recetptions,Yards,TD’s and All-Pro recognition to keep him highly motivated.. This should be a fair deal to both D-Jax and the Eagles.. remember the Eagles got awy from underpaying him big time the last 2 Seasons when they should have extending his deal after his 2nd Season and now are going to have to pony up and pay him….
    What I don’t want to see is D-JAx playing the 2012 under the FDranchise Tag all season for it will create Distractions,questions about his future, teams plans, etc,etc and we have already bneen through that and it’s not helpful for anyone.. Also I believe it can send a bad message for other players who contract’s will be coming up and settling for a Franchise Tag instead of concetrating on getting a deal done… COngrats to D-Jax..

  • The Eagles weren’t as explosive in that Arizone game because Vick had broken ribs, not because Desean Jackson wasn’t playing.

    We have seen this team score at will without Desean — check Atlanta in 2010.

    To use the ONE game Desean didn’t play in, same game Maclin was still hurting and the same game Vick had broken ribs to try and make your point that without Desean this offense isn’t productive is just idiotic.

  • Fantastic article John!!!! I have stated all off-season, that HE WILL BE SIGNED LONG TERM!!!! Some are still hoping their desire for him to no longer be on this team (Birdo), You are in denial, but here is a dose of reality,…listen real close…for once…. HE’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!! Stop hating on DeSean, and advise the Eagles to fix the damn defense. DeSean didn’t give up leads toward the end of the game. The GM is concentrating on suggesting things that will actually improve the Eagles, not continuing to beat a virtually dead issue….here it is again…HE’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!

    You hear that Birdo? You can give all your onesided opinions on why you hate DeSean, but they just don’t matter. The majority disagrees with you, only because you are straight up wrong. He needs to be here, because it is in the Eagles best interest, period, if they want any chance at getting to the Superbowl.

    I anticipate a…GMCLIFF YOU IDIOT!!….Thats okay, I’m not phased by reactions like that from people who don’t know football as much as they think they do, But I’m not going to comment on this mute issue anymore, until when they announce the long term deal has been reached, and at that time I again will tell you I told you so. I have something already to cut in paste just for you Birdo…Have a good day brother, enjoy kicking rocks……….

  • Desean will play his ass off this year . Hes actaully happy about being franchised when most players are not..hopefully it works out

  • Here’s hoping, but I am not convinced. I don’t know that playing on a one year deal with have him playing any differently than this year which was scared and sometimes uninterested.

    I agree that they should sign Plax as soon as they can.

  • “I’ve been a supporter of DeSean from the moment he stepped on the field in Eagle green. He’s been nothing short of a playmaker so far in his career and players like that are special and need to be taken care of.”

    john stratis

    Nothing Short..

    Here’s the short..

    Has not lifted a weight or gained a pound since he has been in Philadelphia

    Has done nothing to improve his game.

    Drops TD passes if he thinks he is going to get hit.

    Looks for soft places to fall, even with open field.

    Drops too many passes.

    Regressed last season.

    Might as well sign a player from Overbrook HS or West Catholic, and you’d have more size.

    Runs backwards on half of his punt returns.

    As long as Andy keeps playing with little guys on defense and offense, the Eagles will get pushed around when it matters. (patriots game)

    Angry Greg Ryan on youtube’s arizona loss says it all…

    Most players play great in their contract year. This guy stunk.

    Guess it was not his fault. Not andy’s fault. Nobody is responsible.

    Nobody is held responsible for last year’s dissater accept a cornerback coach.

    Now let’s reward the hold out and no effort star.

    Surprised Andy did not trade him to the Cowboys for two 7th round picks, so he could stockpile picks for the future.


    Police officers are underpaid

    Soilders serving overseas are underpaid

    Teachers working in intercity classrooms are underpaid

    This skinny no effort bum deserved exactly what his contract called for and not a penny more.

  • 10 scored a td in that game before he left Bird.

    The offense is fine now…dont mess with it…resign Mathis,hes key to the o-line being dominant next season.

  • What games are you watching?

    Blows the lid off coverage and one of the reasons Mccoy had a all pro year. You know…safeties 20 yards deep.

    Punts werent stellar this year but has won….ahhh a few games off returns.

    Showed some toughness last year towards end of the year after he was read the riot act or wised up.Hes a young guy dude.

    Makes the defense scheme for him weekly.

    Regressed last year but still was short a handful to a g.??

    Maclin and Avant played softer then 10 last year. …see San Fran and Buff.

    I dont remember him giving a game away.

    Why would you want to mess the flow of the o up?

    You crybabies on here dont think he shoulda got a deal or they shoulda traded him but will be the first fist pumpers when he catchs a 50 yard post to convert a 3rd and 12….and then call him soft when he doesnt break 2 tackles after a quick hitch.


  • that’s a powerful post Mr. Bsm about who is really under paid, thanks for posting

  • Now the Eagles can go out and sign WR Plaxico Burress to a 1-2 year Deal with Incentivesl and then have a WR Corps of D-Jax,Maclin,Burress,Avant and Cooper and then Draft a WR from a Deep Draft Class in the 4th/5th/6th Round to compete with Cooper for that last Roster Spot.. or a Burner like Joe Adams/Devin Wylie to handle the Kick-Offs/Punts full-time be a 5th/6th WR ..

  • Rocko, relax your head dude. Why do you get so fired up just because some people are not big fans of Desean? I wish there was a way for me to take a bet on him putting up astronomical numbers this year because it would be like taking candy from a baby. I think Desean will have a bounce back year but I don’t expect him to put up huge numbers. Barring injury, here’s a quick list of players I bet have better seasons than Desean: Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Mike Wallace, Marques Colston, Vincent Jackson, Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Wes Welker, Brandon Marshall, Jeremy Maclin, Kenny Britt, AJ Green.

    I hope to God I’m wrong on this but looking back at his numbers towards the end of 2010, his production has been falling off. And while I understand his disdain with his contract last year, that doesn’t explain all the dropped passes.

  • BSM – I applaud your post and your sentiments – those last comments on underpaid – well said –

    Pman – Eagles have carried too many rcvrs last couple years – one of those spots needs to go to a dedicated return man #5 WR – give the guy Chad Hall’s spot

    My opinion – DJax did deserve a pay raise – still does – no reason he shouldn’t be making more money then someone like Steve Smith or Vince Young (left the long snapper out of this one) –

    so fault on both parties – neither stepped up – Eagles have now put 9mil on the table – more then most of us will see in a lifetime – we are all just guessing as to trade/no trade long term one year – no sense pumping the guy up or putting him down – not our decision – still an Eagle – support the guy 100% – most of us were punks at one point or another in our lives – just go ask your old man!

  • Paulman, I respect your insight on anything football but it looks like you were wrong once again now that Atlanta has placed the franchise tag on Brent Grimes. Looks like Curtis Lofton will most likely hit the open market. Anyone have any opinions on Lofton vs Tulloch?

  • Lofton is a beast…would be a stud in the middle for years to come.

  • btc24…..I can’t say who I would chose between Lofton and Tulloch. Probably Lofton because he can cover better. I still think they will go after Dan Conner and put their FA dollars elsewhere. Conner would be one third the price of Lofton or Tulloch. That allows them to get Burress, re-sign D Jack and Mathis and maybe add another piece in FA.
    By the way, back in the day the Eagles won a lot of football games based on the great trio of Akers, Landetta and Mitchell. Field position is a hugely under rated stat. Did you watch the SB? Anyway, maybe it is time to really get a KR man on this team. We have had ONE YEAR with Demps since Mitchell left after 2002 where KR was not a weakness. Maybe give Eric Weems a call during FA.

  • Absolutely Lofton would be a huge upgrade and he is young. I don’t trust them to draft an impact LB, so woo Lofton away and go get the mountain that is Dontari Poe.

  • Good point on the special teams Jbird. The Birds need a return man in the worst way and it can’t continue to be DeSean. He is too important to the offense.

  • jbrid, good point on the special teams. When was the last time we returned a kick off for a TD? I feel like we constantly return to the 20 yard line. I like Chas Henry

  • bugsy… I agree about Desean. And also I was referring to kick off return man more so than punt return man. PR has been better over the years but KR has been a complete weakness. If the whole team performed like its KR man we would be picking in the top ten of the draft every year. It really has to change this year. Its a little thing that can make a big difference. If you consider us to be basically a 10-6 team after the 1-4 start, then you can count on being an 8-8 team again (with the new schedule which is much tougher) unless you improve some certain key areas. First, you have to tighten up the run defense and passes to RBs. LBs needed obviously for that. Second, improve the RZ efficiency. Burress (who I am beginning to think is likely) would help there and bigger back would be nice too (but we know that is unlikely). And third thing would be to get better field position and stop starting at the 15-20 yardline every posession. Ergo, KR man wanted.

  • Redzone talk and this player and that player is the best. i always look forward to this time of year. Well that was then .. This is now. Since Lurie came out and said he wa keeping Reid i dont get the same hard on as i used to get. I dont understand you writers and fans on here. To be optimistic is one thing but to be straight up nieve and delusional is something else.

    I sound like a sour puss to some of you becaue i took off my childish blinders and look through the eyes of a adult. I too was guilty of believing all the front office slick talk, even the Andy Reid speeches of “I got to do a better job”. I believed because i want my team to win a super bowl. Can any of you tell me for SURE and with FACTS that andy reid can win a super bowl coaching the way he does. Has any other coach who coaches this way win a super bowl? The only record we have to go by is 13 years of NOT DOING A BETTER JOB. And you still believe in the 14th year he is going to change his ways. Stupid asses..

    What 400 lbs man has ever been to see a doctor and they doctor never tells him to go on a diet or your going to die. None. That shows how stubborn Andy is, he knows he is morbidly obese and still hasnt changed his ways. And if a man doesnt care that he hasnt seen his dickin years that says something about his character. I love seeing mine and so does my wife. He wont even change to save his own life so WHAT IN THE HELL MAKES YOU THINK HE IS GOING TO CHANGE AFTER 13 YEARS OF COACHING THIS WAY. No matter who we get we wont win the big one with him coaching that way. Some things never change but i can and did..

    WAKE THE HELL UP GUYS AND STOP KIDDING YOURSELF. I know your tired of arguing with other NFC east teams about football and getting laughed at. I now realize i have been arguing for nothing becasue it doesnt matter how many time you ALMOST GET PUSSY, IF YOU DONT PUT IT IN, YOUR STILL A VIRGIN AND DONT KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE RIGHT? How many of you on here know what it feels like to win a SUPER BOWL? I thought so…

  • Scramz25 – nice; also, if I were you, I would try some “Horny goat weed” or “Extenze” since Lurie made his comments concerning Reid again. That might help to resurrect your “Eagle pecker” – I do agree with you though.

    Navy – Nice post. We have to be behind our players 100% and hes on the team this year.

    btc24 – Relax your balls buddy. If you hope to God you’re wrong concerning Djax, try having a little faith if that’s the case, It will help.

    Paulman – The “thug” is getting what he deserved for his hard work. If you dislike him so much stop writing and spewing your hate for him every chance you get. He makes more money than you too, sounds like the kind of “thug” program I’d like to join. Daze some rich thugs!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scramz, good luck with those problems you clearly are having. You think reid would be the first fat coach to win a suerbowl? You think he’s stubborn? I don’t. He’s tried many different things. If the giants, who were a concenus mmediocre football team last year, can win the superbowl, the eagles certainly can. And if they do, it will have nothing to do with Reid’s weight, or your emotional baggage from being an Eagles fan. Im sorry you aren’t able to enjoy the team anymore, sucks for you.

  • excellent post scramz , enjoyed that passion in your post, and you are correct, if a man can’t get his body in shape it says a lot of his mental fitness, and rocko , “eagle pecker” classic, lmao

  • Love it Scrams!!!! Never quite saw it like that…LOL!!! But, you are on the money!!

  • Watch the same glaring weak spots this coming season. Pathetic Safeties getting toasted and ran over.

    Linebackers getting trashed by offensive lineman (If they don’t get Burfict).

    Defense pathetic in the red zone.

    Offense pathetic in the red zone.

    Andy Reid poor time management.

    Eagles are just good enough to make these suckers believe the next season will be different.


  • Jbird — good point on special teams –NYG punter Steve Weatherford was flawless in the playoffs and consistently trapped offenses inside the 10 yard line– Coughlin kicked that dingbat who screwed up the DESEAN second miricle at the new Meadowlands play off the team and replace him with a player that did not make a mistake in their superbowl playoff run

  • DJax was more concerned with this payday than any game or play last year — and Boom he got his money ————–
    Lesean will play the same way and DJax, Peters,Duce Staley, Herrimans and Vick will remind him everyday to stay healthy don’t worry about that extra yard stay healthy to get your payday ———– sign McCoy now with a signing bonus or risk another Drew Rosenhaus poison pill season

  • Yeah desean can finally go to the strip club and make it rain with the big boys. Sike all jokes aside, I think with lesean rushing and desean actually playing hard now. The play action is going to be crazy for the eagles next year, djax 1350 yards and ten tds next year. YEEEEEEAH BOY.

  • Glorified decoys, don’t deserve $9.4M annually. PERIOD!!! 160lbs soaking wet, not a #1 WR, buttter fingers, afraid of contact, does a Copperfield for games at a time, injury prone, declining stats, $#!t attitude, one trick pony, & a diva. Yeah, all reasons for me to want him back. Why not give him the top paid WR contract in history? Trade him & get what you can, & get a better all around WR, like VJax, Bowe or Colston, & draft a good one also. The is at least 7-10 deep.

  • G said it as McNabb was walking out the door- there is always going to be a player some fans take their pain out on. Djax was next in line. Negadelphia is Negadelphia.

    The tag is a step in the right direction. Hopefully they can sign him long term or get a good trade for him.

    hate on Pmans of the world, Hate on.

  • Stevo & pdiddy – Good stuff guys I agree. especially 1350 yds and 10 Td’s pdiddy!

    DCar – Stop hating. You’re suppose to be a fan of this team and support the team regardless of your feelings about a player. He’s a player on the team and it makes you wonder who is a true fan of this team or a bandwagon jumper with all these negative comments. Support your team and stop bitchin about Divas. I always thought that sounded real unmasculine anyway (discussing whether a man is a diva or not). We never discussed whether guys like Andre Reed or Shannon Sharpe were divas or not. Stop following everything said and done by NFL.com and others infiltrating this game with unmasculine language, you sound like a chick who just got dumped by her boyfriend.

  • Stevo == I do miss booing McNabb but have found a new target in Howie and Juan because Casey Mathews has been saved by not seeing the field much anymore — Casey was getting close to Izel Jenkins Toast territory before they pulled that plug on his career

  • I agree rocko, dcar is a complainer, thats just what he does everyday on here..
    Eagles0SBs– I wouldnt exactly say Casey Matthews career is over. He was just given too much too fast.. Again like ive said over and over, andy knows nothing about defense, hes an offensive guy and always has been. So he leaves defensive player personnel decisions to whomever is the dcoord at the time and our guy is juan castillo.. so he put casey in the middle at a position he wasnt accustomed to being in and he played poorly but the entire LB group played bad from the beginning of the year to a little after the mid point of the season.. but towards the end we did witness some improvement from the young group and that includes casey matthews and he was playing at the wlb position and even played some strong side too.. but i expect a good year from Casey Matthews maybe 40 or more tackles and has a chance to regain the starting spot..

  • Rocko, let’s get some things straight, I don’t hate anyone! My feelings for DJax as a player are valid & aren’t alone. If you want to be a DJax slurper, go ahead. I choose to root for players that don’t quit on my team. He can easily be replaced, for reasons I’ve stated above. Facts don’t lie, & if the truth hurts, too bad. Also, comparing DJax to 2 HOF’s is stupid & moronic.
    BTW, I’m 6’3″ 240, trained in Karate & MMA, married with 4 kids, so don’t talk out your @$$, with the non-masculine comment. I spoke my piece & gave my honest, truthful, opinion on DJax, & if you don’t like it, I could care less. Don’t tell me what to say, it’s a free country. Too bad if you don’t like it.

  • JH, & you are an idiot. That’s what you do on here everyday, is say idiotic things. I don’t complain everyday, just 5 out of 7 days. LMFBO! I’m not negative, nor a complainer, I’m a brutally honest, truth telling, skeptic. BIG DIFFERENCE!

  • yo dcar nice size and weight you can be our sam linebacker. lol

  • i think short quartbacks do better with big receivers like brees.. brees has colston meacham and grahm 6’4 6’3 6’6 .. vick has mcalin jackson and avant 5’10 5’11 6′ i think vick needs some bigger weapons at lest one .. we well probabaly end up getting burress but as paulman was saying how about that tight end from that small school he was 6’6 and ran a 4.47

  • Ddcar that 240 is too heavy, trim down to 220, amp up the cardio, chicks dig the leaner look

  • as always- muscle flexers…. im right… bla bla bla. Remember guys… we all root for green.

  • I have no confidence in Desean…..as someone already mentioned, he has done nothing to make himself better as a football player….he relies on his speed and thats it…. he needs to get stronger and work on route running…. he is a punk and I would NEVER pay him $9m for a season….use that money on Vincent Jackson, a player who tries to improve every year and is a team player.

  • Stevo – what was the name you gave to Castillo about a week ago that you thought of, I forgot? You said Juan something…

    Jott1972 – if you bleed green, shut up and have confidence. Wasn’t desean the same one who got behind the cardinals defense in the NFC championship game and scored the TD to put us ahead before our defense let them come back and beat us? You’re starting to sound like Paulman with this “punk” stuff. Well buddy, that punk is 9.4 million dollars richer than you. Stop complaining, maybe he’s amping up his game as we speak. Wait til the season starts before all the bitching.

    DCar – you sound more and more ridiculous with your “Bruce leroy” “Shonuff” Karate Kid Shannanagans man. You still sound unmasculine calling another man a “Diva”. leave that talk for the women. Since you trying to be like “Shonuff”, you do need to trim down a bit though, guys coming in like “Bruce Leroy” are wearing the bigger opponents out (like you so claim to be; huh yeah right)…last dragon music playing in the background -“take life one day at-a-tiiime” HAHA!!!!!

  • Rocko you crazy, bruce leroy you took it back on that one. Dam I wonder if vanity still fine as hell. But anyway man look desean is here now for this season don’t let the haters bother you man. What you think about the saints and the bounty’s. At least you know the eagles not doing that shit. Our defense don’t hit shit. lol

  • Pdiddy – I feel ya about no longer letting the haters bother me about DJax. Anyway she was a fine lil something and I would of been glad to be her bodyguard! Actually i went on the tube after my remarks and had to check a few of those clips man. When me and my 3 brothers were young, we would watch the heck out of The Last Dragon and be playing some Tecmo Bowl. Those were the days man. I’m actually kind of tired of hearing about this saints and their bounty scandal, at least they won a Superbowl and if this happened in 09, why is it becoming such a big issue? Every time i check NFL.com for some news since this morning, that saints D-Coord bounty crap is plastered all over their site. I’m looking for some new information. Also I don’t really agree with trying to intentionally hurt a player which could derail his career or health, but i do believe in the kind of punishment that Dawkins, Ray lewis, Polamalu and Reggie white administered; our defense needs to take a look at those legends manual on laying the would and becoming a dominant defense.

  • I meant “laying the wood” not would.

  • @rocko – Ive been an Eagles die hard for 20yrs…..Desean is Allen Iverson all over again……..we need to move on and bring in players who make the team better and can lead…. not primadona crybabys who are afraid to get hit across the middle.

  • Jott72 – Relax buddy, wait til the season starts before comparing him to Iverson who was a number 1 pick and made that kind of money out the gates. Those 2 don’t compare at all I.M.O. Djax has been a model citizen and has been in no trouble since being drafted here; he’s just underpaid. This season he will blow the NFL doors wide open with a breakout year!

  • You know whats funny, is people forget that allen iverson is a first ballad hall of famer. With his numbers its not a question. I will take that anyday. I tell you what the sixers could use an iverson right about now. Nobody on that team can score thirty. And rocko from a young mans eyes she was fine. Let me clarify she not beyonce, but she was nice at the time.

  • This F.O.doesn’t know how to draft first rounders, so I suggest we draft Dontari Poe out of memphis and trade Mike patterson. Sign darren sharper to a 1 year deal at safety and trade away 2 2nd round picks for somebodys first round pick to draft a good LB. Kuechly is another matthews and we need to get Burfict in here ASAP.

  • Rock, interesting idea about trading patterson if we go DT in the first round. I hadn’t thought of that….

    but to say “the front office doesn’t know how to draft first rounders” to me is like saying someone doesn’t know how to stop time, control the weather, or fly with nothing but human arms. The grass is always greener on the other side for sure, but if you legitimately examine facts… well…

    And lastly, please tell me what is similar between Casey Mathews and Luke Kuechly other than race and position? On is the concensus best inside lb going into the draft with several prestegious awards, while the other is just a guy with a brother….. Your lazy negadelphian going through the motions catch phrase severely lacks substance.

    And lastly, why do the Eagles “need” a guy who everyone except for some knucklehead fans agrees that he SUCKS AT PLAYING FOOTBAL?

  • Ha, two “lastly”s… shit happens.

    Look, if keuchly ends up being mediocre and the eagles draft burfict and he shines, GREAT! But I doubt that.

  • Sheila – the only reason I’ll give you a “wee” second of my morning time and because I’ m even checking the site this morning is because I have an Exam in the morning and have been up since 5:30 PM yesterday, am tired as hell, and you are the morning squirrel running on top of my roof when I’m trying to get some sleep…so here it goes:
    Sheila – your ass just sent me a text – it said “please let Sheila know that I need him to stop talking out of me for just one second because I need to fart”.
    Just passing it along, don’t shoot the messenger.

    Hope you got that loud and clear you early morning “turd tart”. I’m out

    Schillers quote to Paulman which I would like to gladly give to you Schiller as a taste of your own medicine:

  • Oh yeah, since I figure you’re wide awake like a trolling possum with nothing but garbage to spew out in the morning, In reference to your 2nd post; “Shit happens”, it does Sheila, take a good look in the mirror and see the shit that happens to stare back at you.

  • You know what guys be careful with poe, his collegiate stats were not all that. Only one sack last year and his tackles for losses were not that great either. He may be a combine warrior aka bunkley.

  • Rocko, good luck on the exam, and im sorry you are cranky.

    Anyway, do you happen to have anything to say about the football content I spoke of? Got substance?

    Thanks for trying to insult me with my own material, imitation is tne greatest form of flattery.

  • pdiddy – you’re correct with the “workout combine warrior” thing; I didn’t really take into account everything concerning poe, I need to prolly do more research. thanks.

    Schiller- all i can do is laugh at your stuff man…anyway I.M.O. Kuechly is another big hype that guys like Mike mayock puts in the media and Front office ear on who we should get. Burfict just got through with meeting with the ravens organization, specifically Raylewis and john Harbaugh and said he’d love to learn and play along side a guy like lewis. What I’m saying is that we tend to stay away from some of the best athletes based on what others say about them or small infractions they may have committed in college without looking at the big picture and getting veterans to teach these guys not only to be tough, but respect the organization and everything we stand for. you see, Burfict couldn’t bring any foolishness with the ravens Lewis, reed and the boys without getting seriously reprimanded. Here, we draft these guys who we think are gonna come in and play like warriors on the field and be choir boys off the field. We need some nastiness that we have to help train to tone it down when not on the field. We need some guys who talk noise to the opposing offense like ray and James harrison. We need a nasty SOB and Burfict fits the prototype. Plus, Kuechly is just more hype; while the Giants got 260lb’s like trotter was, we get these lightweight 230-240 lb so called “small high motor” guys who every team in the league passes up except us.

  • Rocko, I hear you. I do. But Burfict just sounds like a really bad football player that’s all. I would love them to draft a bigger tougher lb who plays football really well, but I don’t see that in burfict. If a guy is big and tough, but shitty at playing, in don’t want him.

  • Rocko, im not trying to be a dick here, but giants heaviest linebacker is listed as 3 pounds heavier than Keuchly. He’d be one of the biggest on the team if the giants drafted him.

    Fact is, huge lbs aren’t for todays nfl. Its a passing league, and slot routes, use of rbs catching the ball and TEs in the middle…want you want is understandable, but it would be bad for football

  • Schiller – well we’ll see man, we’ll see. I do know we need some nastiness on this D in order to put fear into opposing offenses because I believe “defenses wins Championships”.

  • Jake, Rocko, you are both right, I do need to knock off another 15-20 lbs. I was up to 265. The training is helping me get back to my college days. Rocko, “Bruce leroy” “Shonuff” Karate. LMFBO!!! CLASSIC!!! It’s all good brother. Just trying to make a point. All that counts is that we love the Birds.

  • For 1st Round Pick–
    I still say DT Fletcher Cox is the best overall pick, He improved every season in the tough SEC against big, OL every seasons and put up good numbers even when double teamed.. He has the Versatility to play inside and outside ..
    I would be very wary of DT’s Brockers, Still & Poe for they could be 1 Year Wonders.. Poe played for MEmphis and not against good competition week to week though I like his upside over Brockers & Still…. Fletcher Cox is the pick here unless the select a WR at #15 which probably depends if the Eagles can lock D-Jax on a long-term deal..

  • Rocko…do we need a “badass” LB…yes.

    …do we need a “badass” LB who runs a 5.1 40 yard dash? I say No.

  • Bills reportedly sign WR Steve Johnson (back to back Seasons with 1,000 Yard in Receiving Yards) to a 5 Year Deal worth $36.25 Million with $19.5 in Guaranteed $$$ over the 1st 2 Years of his deal, and a whopping $24 Million in Gauranteed $$ over the the first 3 Years of his Deal …This is a good indicator where some of the WR $$$’s amounts are going to be.. (I think Banner/Roseman will now plan to trade D-Jax, knowing they will not be able to sign him to a long-term deal with a Dollar amounts that they are comfortable with and they will want to get something in return for D-Jax instead of losing him after the 2012 season since D-Jax will most likely only want to stay and play under the Franchise Tag of $9.4 Million to maximize his $$$ for the 2012 season.
    Texans sign RB A Foster to a 5 year Deal which means they could place a Franchise Tag on DE/OLB Mario Williams
    Titans are to annouce Franchise Tag to Safety Micheal Griffin
    49ers placed Franchise Tag to Safety Gholston

  • This MLB M Kendrick from Cal looks pretty impressive to me and should be on the Board for the Eagles second Selection in the 2nd Round .. (51st Overall)
    Some have him even rated as a 3rd Rounder but Kendrick eye-popping performance at the Combine has him moving up as other MLB players like Hightower and Burfict continue to slide downwards..

  • im hoping they add a LB in the 2nd Pman but i do not want this guy penciled into the MLB spot. We need a vet there. I want a DT in the first and i like the guys mentioned, although (and i know it prolly wont happen), i would love RG3. Chances are that Vick plays 13 games at most. Having this guy there to step in (and perhaps take over) would be good. Truth is…. we dont have many holes and this could be a good time to make the move. It wont happen but it could.

  • Avril gets the tag- Welcome to philly Mr. Tulloch- stevo’s been begging for you for over a year.

  • greenfan – ok man we’ll see what happens in the middle.

    stevo – what was the new name you gave to Juan Castillo about a week ago that you came up with?

  • Stevo — Paulman and myself have been campaigning for Tulloch since Free Agency of last year.

  • dont remember Rocko, sorry.

  • its was a clear choice of many. I was not trying to state that it was my idea alone. Im not into the “you heard it here first” stuff that Pman is into.

  • I agree Stevo about MLB
    I don’t thnik Kendrick is ready his Rookie Season and besides from Luke Kuechley, I am not sure any other Draft pick in the MLB Class is going to step in a be a Starter,, I would love to see Tulloch and really wanted him last year which is why I was pissed when the Eagles signed Nnamdi, because I knew they were not going to be able to upgrade at the LB or Safety positions after his signing, but that’s last years business… Moving Forward a LB Corp of Tulloch,Chaney,Rolle,Matthews, with Rookies OLB K Robinson and a MLB Kendrick would be light years ahead of the Current Crop of LB’s..

  • I would love to see them sign Tulloch but I don’t see it happening. Were talking about Reid here and he clearly doesn’t value the position enough to pay top dollar for the best FA linebacker or draft one with his 1st round pick..The Eagles Brass goes out and signs what Reid tells them too based on how he thinks they fit the mold of the team. After 13 years I would hope that Reid changes his ways but in reality it prolly won’t happen.

    And same goes for the safety position…i will continue to say Barron should be the 1st round pick. The FA this year for safety is going to be pretty bad. The guys we have are pretty bad. I also don’t know why someone would call BArron a bust…he was the best safety on the best team and defense in the entire NCAA. played against the best talent in the SEC and was coached by a pro system type of coach in Saban.

    Get ready for the likes of Rocky McCintosh tho…and a 1st round pick like Vinny Curry…a fastball with a high motor perfect for Andy Reid

  • pheages – Didn’t they sign TKO Spikes for near top dollar at the time? They’ve brought in FA lbs a bunch in the past. And ‘don’t value the position’ – isn’t that what they said about Reid with the WR position prior to TO, Avant, Desean, Maclin, Smith?

  • Schiller,
    If my memory serves me well, they Got Takeo Spikes on the cheap who was coming off a KNee Injury/surgery from the prior season which is why th Bills let him walk if I Remember well..

    A couple more players with Franchise Tags slapped on them
    KC Chiefs – WR D Bowe
    Cowboys – OLB A Spencer
    Colts – DE Robert Mathis
    Lions – DE Curtis Avril
    Titans – Safety M Griffin
    Patriots – WR W Welker

  • Paulman, we all have the internet too.

  • Some of you guys are just idiots. Why is there still talk about Burfict in here?

    Check it out, some are saying he may not even be drafted. If that happens, we can sign him to an undrafted free agent deal just to make you Burfict baffoons happy.


  • Schiller- lets be real TKO Spikes was by no means a top player at linebacker position when the eagles got him…he was 30 with diminishing skills. they also didn’t get him in FA, it was through a trade with the Bills I rmbr, where they didn’t have to bid against other teams that valued the position clearly more than them.

    Obviously that makes a difference, esp when you think about Tulloch who is still young in his prime and they will actually have to go through FA to get him. You really think the Eagles are going to outbid other teams in regard to signing Tulloch in the open market? I hope I’m dead wrong but reality says its not happening.

    Yes they have brought in FA linebackers and safety at the bunch…who are below average players that suck so bad their out of here within 2 seasons…whats your point? Thats valuing the position to you? Ugh I dont think bringing in Sean jones, Marlin Jackson, Ernie Sims translates to them valuing those positions esp when a talent like Antrelle Role was available a couple years ago.

    I mean dude they could have had Tulloch last year…he was there for the taking…But obviously the Eagles passed and paid the price for being smarter than everyone else and declaring a 4th round rookie their starting MLB in an offseason that was drastically cut down due to a lock-in. thats some incredible wisdom right there dont ya think..

    Like I said man I hope I am dead wrong and reid tells the FO to spend the big bucks on the Linebacker position and sign Tulloch…and I hope they draft Barron. I want my team to succeed and I think those 2 moves will really help them improve. But I have no hope with Reid..he had spent a 1st rounder on a WR lets not forget about the magnificent Freddie Mitchell. Until I see it with a linebacker and safety im not gonna believe it.

  • Rocko — training camp body.


  • Birdo – I know; lol!

  • Thanks Birdo

    Rock – while you’re shutting up, please also GROW UP

  • Pheages – I hear you. And I was kinda joking on the TKO thing.

    But my point about WRs in the past I think is quite valid. If they make us happy and draft high and/or spend for quality LB this year, it will be a philosphy shift – but they’ve demonstrated a philosphy shift in the past – WRs. Despite what fans thought that they knew they’d do. I’m hopeful and reasonably optimistic that this year, they might do that. And as far as safety – sure they’ve only spent for 2nd tier guys in FA, but they have most certainly spent 2nd round picks on them…

    I’d be fine with Barron, but if we solve the LB problem somehow, and the DL continues to improve, I’m not sure that Allen,Coleman, Jarrent + x? isn’t enough to do the job back there. The giants just won the superbowl with less than elite safeties.

  • Rocko, He’s the answer to our LB problem. LMFBO!!!

  • Eagles sign 6-3 228lbs OLB Monte Simmon who was an undrafted Free-Agent from Kent State University who was on the 49ers Practice squad all Season.. He has 21 1/2 Career Sacks and played DE during his 4 Year COllege Carrer at Kent State, Eagles trying to convert another College DE to a NFL OLB just like they did with Ricky Sapp, Bryan Smith, Chris Gocong, etc,etc.. .Some things just never change with this Front OFfice/Coahign Regime.. Eagles need size and strangth and get smaller in the front 7 with this signing… Maybe they will try him out at Fullback or at Strong Safety.. …

  • Giants group of Safeties Kenny Phillips, Antrelle Rolle and Deon Grant are far superior the Eagles Safety Corps.. Not even a comparison when you think about it Schiller.. I believe both Phillips and Rolle have been to Pro-Bowls in recent seasons ..

  • DCar – yep thanks man; I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to see the answer to our Lb problem buddy! ALL HAIL TO MONTE SIMMONS, THE ANSWER TO THE EAGLES LB SITUATION. WE KNEW WE COULD COUNT ON YOU REID AND Co!!!!!!!!!!

    Sheila – Just get back in the kitchen and start making “sammiches” for everyone; your statements sound more and more ridiculous every time you step out and add your “2 cents” in.

  • Lol Schiller, its ridiculous that you even tried to compare any of our safeties on this team to A. Rolle…Their safety group might not be elite but their way beyond anything we have here. get real man you have a problem with anyone else on here when they say something stupid like that…they also played behind a secondary that was absolutely demolished by injuries unlike 3 probowlers that ours had the luxury of playing with. A. Rolle was there for the taking in the offseason and we passed on him just like we did Tulloch last year. Rolle is better on one leg than Allen and Coleman combined. I didn’t see Brady and Welker abuse this shit out of him like they did with Allen who they just embarrassed before they were kind of enough to instill mercy on him before he could throw like 8-9 TDs.

    Just saying, Going into the season with the same safety group will just be another mistake this team makes causing them to fail again under Reid. With the FA market on safeties pretty pathetic as well, Barron to me is the only solution

  • Rocko, “Sheila – Just get back in the kitchen and start making “sammiches” for everyone; your statements sound more and more ridiculous every time you step out and add your “2 cents” in. PRICELESS!!! LMFBO!!! He is nothing but a disagreeable, correcting, douche-bag, septic system nugget. Dude has no life, & got bullied & picked on his whole life, he can’t help himself but to have a computer Napoleon complex!

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