• May 17, 2022

The Moves The Eagles Should Make In Free Agency

I will be honest as I always am with my articles. I don’t like the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s purely a personal thing as I have dedicated thousands and thousands of my personal income to help save unwanted or abused animals. When it comes to that, I just look forward and control on what I can control, I do not begrudge anyone for not protesting the quarterback as I have.

We have free will which enables me to protest. It also gives others the right to not judge a franchise by it. I have a dear friend named Greg and we are at total opposite ends of the spectrum on this but it doesn’t get in the way of what’s important. He has always been one of the most reliable people to attend every one of my fund raisers so that I show I judge people. So when it comes to what I feel they need to do to get to the next level it is easy for me to be objective.

Quite frankly unlike everyone else in this city I do not bleed green. So I have took a long look at this team, and also what’s coming available in 2012 and I will give the ”in a perfect world scenario as most unrealistic Eagles fan do but then also get into some serious research and see what realistic options are out there. This will not factor in any potential draft picks that may affect the teams need.


Best Available :  LaRon Landry ( Was ) – extremely athletic and isn’t afraid to lay the wood to ball carriers. He is in the top 5 of his position. I do not think the Skins can afford to let him get away

What the Eagles should do : Sign Tyvon Branch ( Oak)  This signing would still be somewhat based on potential. But I like this kid. He fills in support at the line of scrimmage. Not quick enough to be effective in man coverage but wont hurt you in zone.

Other options:  Chris Harris ( Det )  Brandon Meriweather ( Chi )


Best Available ;  Brent Grimes ( ATL ) Great in man coverage. Can’t see the Falcons letting him go.

What the Eagles should do : Find a young corner in the draft. Others available names like Carlos Rogers, Cortland Finnegan, Marcus Trufant don’t excite me or really improve what they have.


Best Available ( Mario Williams )  You would have to break the bank to get Williams away from Houston. Throw in he is coming off a season ending injury after just four games some would say  the price tag is far too much for the risk. Me, I would take him in a heartbeat.

What the Eagles should do:

Dan Connor ( Car ) Bring home the local boy. Dan actually grew up 5 minutes from me. Each year he has been nagged by injuries and he has been bouncing from starter to back up in a talent rich Panther Linebacking core. The Panthers have committed money at other positions keeping some of their key people after last years season. He comes cheap and would be an immediate upgrade.

Other options:

Stephen Tulloch ( Det ) The Eagles actually thought about bringing him in last year. It may be difficult to get him away from Detroit. The Lions are weak at LB but also recognize the need for quality unlike your hometown squad.

E. J Henderson ( Minn )  In my opinion very underrated. Getting up there just a bit in years but would walk in and be the best the Eagles had minute one

Defensive Line

Best Available ; Robert Mathis ( Ind ) Here is a guy who I think the Birds can actually go after and get. Mathis is not a happy camper in Indy. He has been asking for a long term commitment from the and has not received the warm welcoming response he thought he would get. He can cause nightmares for opposing Quarterbacks

Other Options:

Calais Campbell ( Arz ) DE  Again based more on potential but this guy has a non stop motor. I like this guy a lot he is a very productive player.

Also : John Abraham, Antonio Garay, Cliff Avril

Wide receiver:  If you lose DeSean Jackson, there is another Jackson that is a no brainer, Vincent Jackson  Often injured but this guy is huge and makes big plays. A true #1 and wants to be paid like it.

Other Options:

DeSean Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Reggie Wayne, Steve Johnson, Wes Welker, Marques Colston, Brandon Lloyd.   Talent rich year at WR.

Running back:

Best Available:

Ray Rice

Matt Forte

What the Eagles should do:

The Eagles have a franchise back; But there is a guy available that I absolutely love and would give them what they sorely lack in that in between the tackle short yardage runner to get you that tough two yards. They should over pay for Mike Tolbert from San Diego. A powerful do everything running back. Would complete an unbelievable 1-2 punch for Philadelphia for the next 3 years.

Other options: Peyton Hillis, Marshawn Lynch,  Cedric Benson, Ben-Jarvus-Green-Ellis

Charles Bowles

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  • Hey CHuck,
    Some good info but quite a few players you listed have either been franchised or have signed new deals with their Current Teams

    Safety Tyvon Branch (Franchised by the Raiders)
    CB B Grimes (Franchised by the Falcons)
    DE R Mathis (signed a new deal with the Colts)
    DE C Avril (Franchised by the Lions)
    WR W Welker (Franchised by the Pats)
    WR D Bowe (Franchised by the KC Chiefs)
    DL C Campbell (Franchised by the Cardinals)
    And I am sure I missed a couple of others, but the good news is that many quality veteran players will be released by Teams who are in bad shape Salary Cap wise (Steelers,Panthers,Jets,Saints,Raiders & GIants) who have already announced some releases like some of these players

    Steelers Hines Ward, James Farrior, Aaron SMith
    Giants – Brandon Jacobs, and possible OT R McKenzie, DE O Yumenyuri
    Colts – TE D Clark, LB G Brackett, RB J Addai , trying to trade DE D Freeney, Safery M Bullitt.. (Buillitt would be a good expereiced SAfety for Eagles to target)
    Panthers – Are reportedly going to release RT J Otah, L BT Davis and possibly LB J Beason and RB D Williams unless they restructure their deals
    Saints — Are reportedly going to release DE Will Smith, MLB J Vilma and RB C Ivory

  • stick to saving animals…you know nothing about the NFL…what a waste of a thread.

    The Eagles will sign DT Jason Jones and LB Dan Connor……Jones was a stud under Jim Washburn in Tennessee and is only 25yrs old….Connor is better than any LB on the current roster and was one of the best LB’s against the run per Pro Football Focus…

  • the first free agency move has to be OL, one started needed since they are slow foot dragging with the Evan Mathis signing
    Love the Tyvon Branch move, he is franchised but worth a phone call trade proposal offer with the Raiders who have salary cap problems and no high draft picks plus the birds having an extra 2nd ———–

  • Thats 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. When you write an article and the first 3 paragraphs are about how rightous and how much smarter you are then the rest of us eagles fans, the least you can do is get your shit straight. Half the dudes you mentioned are already signed or franchised. Where did you get your info on Mathis? That must be some top secret shit that only a top notch reporter such as yourself can obtain. Great article look forward to your next one. I just took a second look at your article thinking I may have been to hard on you and to my suprise it still blows.

  • ***THIS JUST IN***
    Per sources..The rams and the redskins have struck a deal for the number 2 pick.. Omg the skins are gonna draft RG3

  • The rams are getting 3 first round picks and a 2nd rounder for the 2nd overall pick this year.. if the colts would have been there at the 2nd pick they could have kept peyton and gotten the bounty of picks that the rams got.. wow.. how things are taking shape..

  • Terrible article.
    Was ANY work put into this?
    Get your facts straight.

  • @E0SB….the birds are not dragging their feet with Mathis….they are prevented from negotiating with him prior to the start of free agency because he was signed to a 1-year league minimum contract last year. I can be as critical as the next fan regarding the FO, but as much as many of us want Mathis signed yesterday, it can’t be done yet.

  • RGIII to the Redskins.

    So the Redskins just gave up the universe to draft a guy that no one had heard of before this year. Go Skins! Perhaps this will work out….guy seems to be well spoken.. Good numbers. But always afraid of guys who come out of nowhere.

  • That opening was a joke right? Don’t like the Eagles? Don’t bleed green? Am an Animal lover?

    Hell dude after that mess I could barely focus on your article points. Hell GCobb why not just go recruit so damn Cowboy fans to fluff up so articles, throw in a couple Skins fan’s articles (After they review that arse crunching we gave em a couple seasons ago) how bout that.

    Here is my opening for a n artical on the Cowboys site later this week………

    I must be honest, I am not a Cowboys fan unlike most on this site or in Dallas I don’t bleed silver or embrace the shining Star……………………………………..!!!!!!!!

    If you had left out your animal loving moralizing we might have gotten a decent football treat from your artical. Guys know i don’t directly bash someone when I come on here but that there deserves honorable consideration.

    Thats two Gcobb, one more and we are revoking your Eagle Card. LOL 🙂


  • Yea!! the skins we know and love are back now they will secure the bottom of the division for years to come, thank ya lard hosea yahoo yippy ya ya!!!

    Peace Eagle Nation enjoy your weekend, the Mono is off to work (Sniff)

  • That’s time in my life that I lost, that I could have spent taking a dump. Instead of wasting us Eagles fans time, go do some actual, realistic reserch, or stick with what you do best, save animals & defend your disgraced, child molesting, enabling, alma mater PSU. How do can you embarrass yourself, by saying you don’t like the Eagles, & write an article on them, on one of their blog sites. You make it quite obvious why with your dislike for them & saving animals comments. (Vick). I don’t like him either, but don’t hide your true reason for the article, with your bogus so called research of FA. Come on dude, it’s obvious that you love animals (as I do) & hate the Birds because Vick is a proven dog killer & you clearly did minimal research, & know very little about what’s going on. HAVE THE BEAN BAG NOT TO HIDE BEHIND A WRITTEN ABORTION!

  • Jacobs would be a nice backup to shady


  • Pdiddy, after the first two paragraphs I scrolled down to write the same thing. Don’t even bother Charles, I don’t write articles on neurological disorders affecting young children bc I don’t know dick about it. Jut stick to reading and do us a favor

  • Dan Connor- Injury prone linebacker, can be had for cheap. Count it, he will be an Eagle.

  • Eagles should seriously look at bringing in Safety Melvin Bullitt and possibly even MLB Gary Brackett who were both released by the Colts..
    Bullitt could step in ans Start and be that Strong Safety that plays in the box and can protect the middle of the field that they have been lacking..
    MLB Brackett could be a solid Veteran and man the Middle until a Draft Pick is groomed.. If Eagles Draft Kuechly, then no need for Brackett, if they pass on keuchley and draft one laterin the middle rounds (Mychael Kendricks/Jerry Franklin) Then Brackett may not be a bad pick-up considering that Chaney recovery may take longer due tohis neck injury/surgery

  • As we all know, the Eagles could use a LB, backup RB, Safety, The Colts just released 3 quality players at the positions that would be a perfect fit for us, Addai at RB, Brackett at LB, and Bullitt at Safety, it looks like that New GM that came from the Eagles is doing for us what Ed Wade did for the Phillies LOL

  • Charles, I gotta agree with the rest of the posters on here. We’ve already hashed out the Vick dog fighting issue enough. If you hate him because of that, I don’t blame you one bit; but this is just not the right forum for it anymore and certainly not a way to intro into a terrible article filled with inaccurate information. I thought it was a bit insulting to the group who all follow the NFL very closely.

  • I may not post near as much as the rest of you guys on here, but I check this website at least four or five times a day. However I am going to start checking this site less and less with each animal reference to Vick. If you don’t like the Eagles anymore, fine. Stop writing about them so the rest of us that are here for Garry’s articles don’t have to listen to you complain. We get it. You don’t like what he did. Well, guess what, Vick did his time.

  • “stick to saving animals…you know nothing about the NFL…what a waste of a thread.”
    Absolutley agree with the above comment! Stories like the above are why I go to other sites and read what they have to say. Some days I wonder why i even read the nonsense on here!

  • I take it your a vegetarian. If not, your a serious hypocrite. I don’t condone nor like what Vick did, but unless you protest greyhound racing (thousands of puppies culled and dogs killed each year), and hunting, (putting on warpaint and shooting large mammals with bow and arrows that oftentimes maim but don’t kill), and don’t eat mass produced chicken, veal etc, your “F.O.S”. The self righteousness is sickening. “Look, there be a witch”!!! You would have carried the torch if you were back in Salem, MA.

  • I dont believe that the eagles will enter the season with the wrs the way there curently constructed, they need another 1 or 2 big receivers for Vick. Drew Brees and Vick are the same height yet we see how the saints surrounded him with bigger wrs big targets.. thats what Vick needs.. he alao needs to get the ball out faster and that comes from reading the coverages faster and getting that ball out of his hands.. i say try to sign Marques Colston who is younger than both RMoss and PBurress.. Vincent Jackson looks to be targeted by the redskins so he may be going there for RG3.. so id bring Colston to town and have a awesome tough to defend offense.. they cant just sit back and keep things the way they are they have to keep upgrading and up with the rest of the league.. there is nothing wrong with having alot of options at the same position.. so tis is my order of wrs to bring in as big targets for Vick:

    1. V.Jackson
    3.P.Burress( Ive been saying to bring him to town for a yr now)
    4.R.Moss(Heard that at the saints workout he ran a 4.39 and a 4.40. Thats sick, hes 35 yrs old)

  • More NFL Veterans got their releases today

    Vikings released Starters LG Steve Hutchinson, RG A Herrera and CB Cedric Griffin saving approx $13 from the Vikings Salary Cap
    Falcons sign MLB Lofa Tatupu to a 2 Year $5.5 Million Deal meaning they have given up on being able to resign Curtis Lofton who becomes a Free-Agent on TuesdayRainders release Safety Hiram Eugene and told DT J Henderson and OLB K WImbley to either accept re-worked contracts or that they will be released too..

  • DT Jason Jones would give the Eagles the best front 4 in terms of getting to the QB in the NFL….Cole, Babin, Jenkins and Jones would cause havoc on offenses in a psssing league

    DO NOT sign Curtis Lofton – he is NOT the answer….the guy is terrible in coverage and Pro Football Focus ranked him as one of the worst LBS against the run giving up 7 TDS up the middle last season

  • Then with their 1st round pick, the Eagles need to take a defensive playmaker…. look at LB/DE Courtney Upshaw and CB Dre Kirkpatrick of Alabama….both can step in day one and contribute….. then in round 2, LB Lavonte David, my fav player in the draft who I think is going to be the best LB from this draft 3 years from now….he has put on more weight and reminds me of Jon Vilma….he is a 3-down LB who makes plays and is a leader on the field. This is a passing league so your LBs better be able to cover. With the other 2nd round pick, WR Chris Givens of Wake Forest… he is a Greg Jennings clone and would give the Eagles plan B if Desean walks next year.

  • damn, what type of lowly credenials to write articles for gcobb, first paulman, now this trash, what a puss

  • CB Dre Kirkpartick is intriguing, he’s 6-2 190lbs, who could easily put on 10lbs, and is a very physical player.. Many Scouts believe he could transition the Safety Position and would probably make a a better Safety then CB in the NFL since he lacks elite speed.. Word is the Cowboys are very high on him and need help at CB & Safety and will probably select him with the #14 Pick
    Cortney Upshaw has been dropping of late after his disappointing Indy Combine and did not perform at Alabama’s Pro Day last week which has raised some more doubts about his conditioning and work ethic..He says he will work out in late March when Trent Richardson and Mark Barron are slated for their workout days due to their injuries… Let’s see if Upshaw keeps his word..but many believe that Upshaw would be better suited for a 3-4 Scheme Defense

  • To much emphasis placed on the combine and pro days, 40 yard dashes etc.. The game tape and the interviews is where the majority of weight should be placed. If a person comes in grotesquely out of shape then that’s aredflag, but to analyse every little milk n cranny may do more harm than good. Look at Mamula (old example I know) and all the other combine warriorswho didn’t live up to their hype. Ray Lewis had a slow 40 time !!! How many probowls has he been to. I’d take Hightower or Upshaw over Kuechly, who by the way was coached in combine drills to improve his performance. The tape and level of competition should be the true indicators of ability fllowed up by the interviews. Combines may demonstrate potential, not abilty on the field against high level competition.

  • Yo Charles,I sincerly hope this is the last article that G lets you write becaue that was the dumbest shittiest article Ive ever read on this website.Who gives a shit about your views on Vick,isnt that stroy like 10 years old already;whats next,how you dont like the Eagles because they traded Sonny Jurgensen!I got an idea you could write a list of free agents the Eagles could use that are retired.We need a linebacker,why not sign Dick Butckus im sure hes available and I think Ronnie Lott with his chopped off finger can come in at SS!!GET A CLUE L-O-S-E-R!!!!!

  • Charles Bowles Tweeted that he and his family have safely arrived in Greenland and looks forwards to starting their new life as the 1st Recepient of the new GCOBB Witness Protection Program.. .
    (only teasing of course Charles) …

  • Eaglehaslanded– I totally agree, guys are putting way too much stock in combine numbers.. thats what has happen to the eagles with new GM roseman. He pays close attention to combine numbers and senior bowl week and stats.. trevor laws is one guy i think of that they made such a big deal out of bc of his numbers.. these picks have to be right this year or there putting themselves back..

  • I agree that you can’t make too much of the Metrics, and Combine #’s for what they are.. but what you really don’t want to see is a Player who comes in out of shape, poor condition and then doesn’t interview to test well or has a poor atttitude… Then you take that player off your board.. If some players can’t take this part of the evaluation process seriously, I don’t want them on my team..

    I do think the Eagles will be involved in 1 or 2 trades to try to secure more pickes in the 2nd/3rd Rounds where the best Value is in this Draft and would not be surrpised at all to see them trade Down from the #15 Selection to later in the 1st Round and perhaps pick-up an extra 2nd or 3rd Rounder in the process..

    Randy Moss is reported to be heading out to San Francisco for a WOrkout for Monday… He could help that team out tremendously if he’s serious about playing football again..

  • LOL this comment section was an epic ass kicking..Like rostadoc said above if you eat meat what can you really say about Vicks actions…I hate what he did but im not at the place to antagonize Vick for his actions since I eat meat almost every day of my life. I would be a hypocrite if I did so Charles if you feel that way then thats fine. My guess is that you haven’t had a nice porterhouse steak or burger since Vick went to jail tho.

    I would never stop rooting for this team tho based. on that. Im an Eagles fan merely due to the football aspect of it not off what these guys do in their personal life.

    But yea your article was maybe the worst ever…At least don’t start off by saying something absurd like I did serious research on this blah blah blah and then write crap like this. DAmn I guess you fell off the earth for the past couple weeks in regard to the NFL…but hey being in Happy Valley is basically like falling off the Earth

  • EHL i agree about the combine…I’ll say it again the 1st round pick for the EAgles should be MArk BArron period. was the best safety all year on the best defense in the entire country coached by a pro ready coach like Saban..Guy is physical and has all the tools. would be an excellent compliment to Nate Allen. Further we would finally sure up the safety position (hoping Allen gets better with a talent next to him) that has been haunting us for years…

    Just bringing up names like JR Reed, Considine, Sean Jones, MArlin Jackson, Quintin Demps, Macho HArris and CJ Gaddis should make all you people cringe…stop the merry go-round disaster at Safety and fix it once in for all Reid.

  • Charlie…you profess not to love the Eagles which is fine. You should also have stated that you know nothiong about football. First, safety. Um Laron Landry is steady hurt. And Tyvon Branch is franchised so to say sign him makes you an idiot. Try to figure out your asshole from your shoe sole before you write such a useless and disappointing article that I was hoping would be interesting.
    Mario Williams, further moronic banter. Wow do you even know anything about football. First he’s a DE not a LB. Second, Houston has no interest in signing him.
    Mathis already re-signed with Indy and is a horrible idea anyway since he weighs about 245. Did you do any research??
    You suck Dude. Terrible article. Go pet your dogs. And do some research next time before you write this load of horseshit. This article was beyond useless.

    G….Why the hell would you let this guy write on your site???????????


    Sign Mathis right away…..get a veteran LB, safety….then get ready for draft.

    Does anyone know when we need to make a move with Assante? Is there any roster bonus date hanging out there?

  • Greenfan– I can’t believe Free Agency is starting up already, time flies… and i agree about them signing mathis, thats a top priority.. LB is a priority but in my opinion not a must, but they may feel like it is so they may make a play for one of these free agent LBs, I want Mario Williams here.. if they sign him i wouldnt care what else they did if they found a way to lock a guy like him up…

  • Mathis deal needs to get done at 4:01pm. after that….. lets land the big MLB- i want to hear about visits from these guys right away. Perhaps we hear that they involved in trade talks about a MLB… id be fine with that. I also would love to hear early on that the eagles are really interested in a FS. i cant wait!!!

  • I could see the Eagles signing 2nd Tier Players like MLB Gary Brackett and Safety Melvin Bullitt which I would be happy with.. I don’t expect any big name signings..

  • Im giving up whatever we need to get a guy who can snag a pick with the tape club on his hand.He is franchised so dunno if we could swing it,Howie and the boys might not want a special player to man the back end. They may feel really good about a guy who has yet to lay wood on a tailback in 3 years and a “hardworker” from OSU.

    Mathis,Plax,Lofton….Tolbert would be a huge addition and he would replace what we lost in Leanord Weaver, however several teams are gonna be chasing him.I think the Chargers bring em back.

    Only problem with Moss to Sanfran is Alex Smith is the qb…not buying him yet…the receivers didnt make any catchs in the title game…but thats on the q as well.

    Odds on Andy wearing a vintage Don Ho shirt at the FA pressy? Im goin 70%.

  • Ok with second tier guys huh? How does that get us closer to the Giants? It doesnt.They got released cause they’re backups or just solid players. We have those players already.

    A legit vet backer is all we need in FA .If we get Branch from the Raiders cause we decide to wheel and deal great….but doubt it.

  • I as ready for FA like the rest of you guys but I agree with Paulman here, I don’t see the Eagles making many big splashes…I would take an A draft on defense over any free agent signing. Give me 2 stud young hungry players on defense like a BArron and Brandon Thompon and I’ll bee more than happy with that.

    Erock, Im with you on Tolbert. would be awesome here. perfect compliment to Shady who could easily handle the load if needed. The backup RB spot needs to be solved…its essential to have one in this league. I would be all for them getting Gary Bracket here as well. Not as the solving the complete puzzle at linebacker but just as part of the solution. I can see it too since he would be affordable…I just think there is no way in hell Reid spends big on Tulloch. Has shown he doesn’t care enough about linebackers to pay for the best in FA.

  • The eagles are not going to draft Safety in the first round. However, I would not be surprised to see them take a fly on Dre Kirkpatrick, and convert him to a safety. I think Mark Barron, is over hyped, and unfortunately will be a bust. I like him but, there are a lot of players like him already grounded in the NFL, it just so happens that he is the latest/ greatest prospect.

    Paulman, who is the fullback the Eagles wanted from San Diego last year?
    He will probably be brought in. I would like to see them draft Dorell Scott, from South Florida, he’s a big 6-2 244, fast RB, that can be converted into a FB, with 4.48 speed, that can really block, or Jeremiah Trotter’s nephew, Terrance Gannaway, from Baylor, 6-1 247, at fullback.

    I do like Lofton, but I can’t disagree that he is somewhat of a liability. I would like to bring in London Fletcher, and draft the future MLB, that can learn behind him for a year, or so.

  • Pman- 1 year ago you said the birds would sit pat. you were wrong.
    this year you say the birds will sit pat. i again dont agree. The birds will have 3 new starters on this team and i think only 1 comes Via draft.

  • they will trade desean and asante to clear more cap space and yes come on in super mario we place right here for you on our d-line right next to cox,jenkins& cole.and dont worry you will have lofton behind you.

  • and i think the birds will trade down in the 1st rd if poe is not on the board when they pick and look for n.e to trade there 2 2nd rd picks for desean and maybe they throw in there 3rd for desean tapp and a 5th rd pick

  • also now that rams have traded down they may hav traded down to far to get blackman so they also come in to play for desean with there 2 2nd rd picks

  • ***Report***
    Jason Cole of yahoo sports is reporting that you can add the Eagles to the mix for Safety Laron Landry’s services.. The bears are interested as well.. It should be interesting what happens tomorrow with the start of Free Agency..

  • With all those extra round picks the RAms have, it would be smart of them to use them to get proven guys on the NFL level like a DJAx or Mike Wallace over a college player that has not played an NFL game yet…They got a gift in that trade and it only cost them moving down 4 freakin spots in the draft. If their not a playoff caliber team and atleast a top 5 team in the NFC after 3 years then Fisher and that ownership should be fired on the spot.

  • gloom, desean is going NOWHERE.

  • I want a good LB or two, a WR, Mathis, Landri, Dixon, and Safety help too… but to be honest, I really don’t know what da heck will happen, let’s face it, anyone who does at this point is delusional.

    I do think that you don’t need to add in free agency to become ‘closer to the giants’. The superbowl winning teams have seldom made big changes in free agency – prove me wrong – show me the last SB team that one with major free agency signings. The Giants were a bad football team last year who got hot and lucky, and then played the better game in the Superbowl. The Eagles can do the same this year. Sure, better players would help, but we don’t need to be desperate here.

    They do still need to spend money on Shady, leave room to address QB if Vick has another bad year, and sign a receiver whether it’s Djax or someone else.

  • The FB Is Jacob Hester from the Chargers who you are thinking of GMCLiff (he went to LSU is you recall and I liked him out of College a few years back)
    He’s a more athletic, better runner and receiver version on Owen Schmitt and would not be a bad pick-up at all in a very thin market for FB..
    I still like Le’Ron McLain who is a stud blocker and had some success as a runner earlier in his career when he got a good amount of carriers with the Ravens..
    Safety Laron Landry I am not crazy about due to his recent injuries issues..
    (he’s missed a lot of games the last 2-3 Seasons) and would rather the Eagles go for a dependable Vetrean like Melvin Bullitt or a Deon Grant or a Chris Hope..

  • “show me the last SB team that one with major free agency signings”…Schiller, your right those recent teams like the Giants and Packers didn’t make splashes in FA but thats because they didn’t need to. Thats what your forgetting in your statement and post…Those teams were busy drafting clay mathews, BJ Rajis, JPPs while our defensive drafting has been putrid. Don’t you think that make a difference. So your post is not relevant when it comes to the eagles until they draft some quality on defense. just saying…Like I said tho before I would take an A draft on defense over any free agent out there for my team…but I just have no hope in Reid when it comes to drafting defensive players. I hope he proves me wrong

  • pheags, I hear you. I do. But the Giant’s first round pick didn’t play last year (injury), it’s not as simple as you made it out to be. The Packers also have had the most consistent, talented, and all around offense, yes, mostly through the draft, but still, it’s not all about defense.

  • Here we go again. It looks like we might get 90% of the pieces again like the SB 04 year except this F.O. always leave something out. We need redzone help immediately and Burress is the man to get for us in the NFC. If we can pay steve smith for nothing, surely we can sign Burress. If we don’t, it will come back to haunt us in the end; just sayin…

  • Rock – ” It looks like we might get 90% of the pieces again”… Buress

    So what makes you think they won’t get him or another big WR? What makes it “look like”? Or is that just your default pessimism?

  • Now, that Burficts stock have dropped here’s another opportunity for the Eagles to cash in on 1st round talent without spending a 1st round (Even though current history shows this FO have no idea how to properly evaluate defensive talent in the Early rounds).

    We can get a passionate, hitter, leader, who can make plays, cause fumbles and stop runners for lost yards…and get him in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    When you think of the wasted picks like Matt McCoy and many others drafted by this pathetic FO, if Burfict is there after the 1st round we just have to pull the trigger. Keep Kuechly as far as you can get him from Philadelphia. Maybe he can go wrestle swine with garbage ass Kolb.

  • songs — the picture of Burfict broad jumping looking like Oprah Winfrey is closer to reality than your delusional wish of him playing like Ray Lewis

  • Are we still talking about Vontaze? Really?…..No no….Really? I’m serious…..really?

  • I have did some careful researching and can not find one white player who was a talent in college expected to get drafted in the 1st rd, and dropped because of character issues. This is crazy.

    If someone have a player please post it.

    I was in college and noticed everyone regardless of race doing the same things….so why are blacks the only race affected with character issues?

  • god i want super mario here so bad

  • Gloomy, he’s a great player. But he is good at one thing only, pass rush. We were the best pass rush team in the league last year. With holes at lb, s, I don’t see how making a great pass rush better and taking snaps away from babin helps the team, especially when he will be very expensive. I get why you like the fantasy, but it woud be a stupid way to spend money for the Eagles…

  • first of all he is better than babin and he is a all around de he stops the run as well as he rushes the qb and once the birds trade asante they will have more money im in favor of the birds trading desean to the rams for there 2 2nd rd picks and with one of those draft hill from gt

  • Smitty, the trading of asante and djax, are assumptions at this point. It takes two to tango, so I wouldn’t rest your plan on two steps ahead that might not happen, but that’s jjst me.

  • Brothers, DeSean isn’t going anywhere. As far as Stephen Hill, This is an example of falling in love with someones Combine Measurables, as opposed to his overall talent….Why would a smart GM trade DeSean Jackson, a Pro Bowler, in exchange, for an unproven talent, and unproven professional production of an over-hyped rookie that may not be even close to what we already have. That’s just stupid. He was projected as a 4th round pick before the combine……..I don’t want to waste picks, and we don’t need to draft a receiver unless he is returning kicks ala Devon Wylie.

  • Smitty I do share the same desire to have Mario Williams here…I do not believe in Jason Babin

  • I doubt Super Mario is even on the Eagles Radar or discussions for adding another High Dollar DE is not a list of Priorities at all ..(Unless Trent Cole was Traded to the Patriots for their #31st Overall Draft Pick)
    I expect them to sign a LB,Safety and FB and maybe a Tall/Big WR
    I expect them to attempt to trade CB Samuel and possibly D-JAx come Draft Time but not sure if they will get the High Draft Picks or Value that they expect in return…
    I think they will re-sign LG Evan Matthis, DT A Dixon and back-up OT K Dunlap and let all other Eagle Free-Agents Walk and not pursue any of them,
    I also think they attempt to Trade OT Winston Justice, DE D Tapp and CB A Samuel and if not succesful in working Draft weekend Trades, then these players will be released unless they agree to restruture their deals significantly which probably won’t happen…

    Redskins Released Safety A Otogwe today who was a big free-agent bust for them last year and has missed lots of time and games over his career.. Stay away from him and Leron Landry in my opinion…

  • Has anyone else heard the ruling about the Cowgirls and Deadskins from earlier today?

    NFL is taking away millions of dollars of salary-cap space from Cowboys and Redskins for how they front-loaded deals during uncapped year.

    UPDATE: Cowboys lose $10 million in cap space, Redskins lose $36 million in space. Can split it over 2012 and 2013 any way they want. More at ESPN.
    Per @AdamSchefter

  • first of all paulman we dont have to get rid of cole we can trade babin instead i would rather have cole and super mario than babin and super mario and i dont care about the trade value of cole either i want the best players on the teama and on the field now if ne wants to give up there higher 1st rd pick then we can talk other wise than that bye bye babin cause babin sucks playn the run he is a one trick pony and we dont need that here.so super mario,ryan grant,and tullock and resign mathis get everything else in the draft that we need.

  • first of all paulman we dont have to get rid of cole we can trade babin instead i would rather have cole and super mario than babin and super mario and i dont care about the trade value of cole either i want the best players on the teama and on the field now if ne wants to give up there higher 1st rd pick then we can talk other wise than that bye bye babin cause babin sucks playn the run he is a one trick pony and we dont need that here.so super mario,ryan grant,and tullock and resign mathis get everything else in the draft that we need.

  • he was projected to go in the 4th rd because he was on a run first team and nobody knew what he was they didnt know if he could run the whole route tree or anything and i love djack i just think he has a asshole for a agent and he will never get the money that his agent wants him to have so trade him save money for other spots on the or resign other guys shady maclin ect… plus this guy is almost as fast as desean plus he is 6’4 220 hello redzone” this is what i think the birds should do trade down and get extra picks lets say extra 2&4 draft cox,still either or get hill in early rd2 and if he fall to the 2nd get zack brown i know this is all wishful thinking since nobody has a clue how the draft is gonna go but these people are on the board when the birds pick DRAFT THEM PLEASE and if they trade down and poe is still there get his fat ass in here asap

  • Randy Moss signs with the 49ers, a 1 year deal.

  • Moss will send that offense to a different stratosphere.. congrats to moss

  • Thats just it Gloomy, he’s not worth a 2nd round pick. His stock is what it is, because of his performance at the combine. Reality though is, that he really is not that good….and he damn sure can’t touch DeSean…..DeSean’s not getting traded, so they don’t need to draft a WR that high anyway. Besides that he won’t be anything special. You have to be able to have an eye for talent, despite the fluff. There will be better prospects drafted later that will be better than him.

    If you want a big target rookie for Vick, give me Brian Quick, from Appalachian State in the 4th round. I like the idea of bringing in Plaxico, but understand that he is only going to be effective in the Red Zone. He can’t separate from anyone. We really need a YOUNG, Big, target.

  • Super mario? Trade our sack leader? What the smurf is going on around here? We need a MLB and a FS and you are stuck on djax and super mario? Ugh. Please shut it.
    As always- people focus on how our strengths aren’t the all time best and ignore the GLARING HOLES!!!

  • Songs —- Ryan Mallet last year dropped from 1st round talent to the 3rd round because of character issues and Jimmy Clausen dropped the year before because of character concerns into the 2nd round.
    Now stop with the bigotry
    the NFL, NBA, and MLB are the only occupations in the world based 100% on talent and ability instead of nepotism and other negative hiring practices

  • Gloomy,
    Babin has little Trade Value while Trent Cole’s has the highest among current Eagles DE.. Of course this is not going to happen anyways sinec I don’t believe the Eagles are interested in 1 iota of signing Super Mario, or trading weither Cole/Babin so it’s a moot point ..

    Eagles will sign a MLB, (Tulloch I hope) but probably a Dan Connoe or a Gary Brackett and then sign a Safety (Melvin Bullitt or a Chirs Hope)
    Add a WR (Robert Meachem or a Lagandu Nannee or Braylon Edwards) and then add a FB (LeRon McClain or Jacob Hester) and that’s about it… Then add DT, OLB, OL, CB, TE, RB, in the Draft and go to battle with what they have (including siging OL E Mathis, DT A Dixon)

  • G…get rid of this guy he is killing the credibility of your site…he called Mario Williams the best available linbacker.

  • Guys, you may be calling gloomy crazy but i twnd to agree with him.. we both may be crazy and this may not happen but i believe babin is expendable and may have a little value on the market bc of all the sacks he had.. but i have the feeling that the one big splash the birds make will be Mario Williams. I could be dead wrong but i think there waiting in the weeds as a team that will swoop in and sign him, similar to what they did with Nnamdi Asomugha a year ago.. Something Roseman said in January was them and the giants have in common that they both put huge stock in the QB position and a great pass rush… there isnt a limit to how many DEs you can have.. the giants proved that.. we need a better pass rush and run defense, babin is weak at run stopping, mario williams is dominant at both.. dont be suprised if they make a run at Mario.. 1 big splash will be enough for me.. they can even sign a fletcher or a bracketts for cheap and the young LBs could learn from him..

  • Now if the Eagles were creative and Traded DE T Cole to the Patriots for their #31st Selection in the 1st Round and Traded Samuel and a 4th Round Pick to the Vikings for their 2nd Rounder (35th Overall), then the Eagles could sign DE Super Mario and have the following Draft Picks in the 1st 3 Rounds

    #15) DT – Fletcher Cox ( Miss St 6-4 295lbs- Future Starter at DT)
    #31) WR- Stephen Hill (Georgia Tech 6-4 225lbs- Future WR after D-Jax leaves via Free-Agency after 2012 Season)
    #35) MLB – Donte Hightower (Alabama 6-4 260lbs-1st day Starter at MLB)
    #47) TE – Coby Fleener (Stanford 6-6 250lbs-Double TE sets w/Celek)
    #51) CB/S – Trumaine Johnson (Montana 6-2 205lbs- Groom for Safety)
    #79) OLB – Nigel Bradham (Fla State 6-2 240lbs- Competes for SAM spot)

    Eagles would solidify 3-4 positions immediately on Defense and specifically the DT,MLB,S & Sam positions.
    D/Line would have Super Mario,Jenkins,Dixon,Babin as starters with Graham,Tapp,Hunt as rotational DE’s and Patterson,Cox as Rotational DT’s..
    LB Corps would be MLB Hightower/Chaney, WILL D Connor/Rolle , SAM Chaney/Bradham with Casey Matthews roving at all 3 positions for Depth
    CB’s Asmo,& DCR (Hanson,Marsh & Hughes as nickel backs)
    Safety – T Johnson/N Allen with Coleman/Jarrett as back-ups

    On Offense, you have WR S Hill, a future Big play who can be a Red-Zone Target his 1st Season and a huge,athletic TE who can block, run good routes and has great hands and would be another Red-Zone Target,and great in 2 TE’s sets and like another Gronkowski type who can be a major contributor in his 1st Season as well as Celek’s full-time replacement in 2-3 Years time

  • Moss to the 49ers. Oh well…there’s only less team the Eagles’ have to worry about. And they had soooo much promise. To throw it away on a diva WR who will never win the SB. Wrong move SF.

  • 49ers can get 1 decent Season out him, if he acts up Coach Harbaough will cut him loose.. But this way, the 49ers now don’t have to trade any picks or give up any players to the for WR D-Jax.. The 49ers will simply be able to sign him as a Free-Agent Next Off-Season,,

  • There not going to trade trent cole then sign mario williams. What sense would that make? Thats taking away from the DLine, theyd want Trent Cole and Mario on the same line.. Babin is the odd man out if anyone.. i wouldnt be surprised if he got traded…but what i feel the eagles want to do is add not take away. Now they can afford to rid themselves of asante samuels, his contract, and his attitude.. thats someone i see getting traded for sure, i dont think they want that headache anymore.. sign Mario Williams and your LBs dont have to be extraordinary.. did they giants have good LBs? Heck no. They were barely average. I say stock up on Dlineman beginning with the biggest Super Mario.. then attack the draft. They are going to draft a CB too, i just dont know which round.. DT in the first.. i dont see them drafting Kuechley, hightower or any of those other LBs.. a safety? I dont know about that. I just was told that the eagles are no longer going to pursue Laron Landry so idk what they will do there, but they have to add another safety..

  • Honestly, this is just crazy. I give up on you fools.

  • Im hearing that Dan Connors to the eagles is “virtually a done deal”. Take that as you may but that’s what i heard late monday night.. im not really a huge fan of the guy, if its true lets hope he can stay healthy for us.. He did play very well last year as starter. I guess we have to wait and see what happens..

  • Also heard that its very possible that Peyton Manning signs with the Broncos and Dallas Clark and reggie wayne will follow him there.. scary possibility..

  • It was said, that during his 49er’s workout, Moss ran a 4.48-40. That is outrageous. For a 35 year old WR, with all of those years of wear & tear on his body, to still be able to run a 4.48-40, is brain-numbing! If he can give them 70% of his former self, they are going to be explosive next year, with Vernon Davis, Frank Gore & himself. If the Eagles don’t sign a top notch MLB, trade Asante, or make some kind of big splash, within the next couple of days, I will be very disappointed & heartbroken. Dan Conners wouldn’t surprise me. That is a typical Birds move, a cheaper option, coming off of underachieving, injury riddled past. BRILLIANT!!!

  • JH, the Manning rumors are down to Broncos & Arizona. If Denver got all of those three at anything close to 100%, you’re right, they would be instant SB contenders. They already have a great DF. But Wayne is getting a little long in the tooth & Clark & Manning are coming off of serious injuries. Who knows, this is starting to get fun & interesting! 🙂

  • Randy Moss has been dumped from every team he`s played for. He couldn`t even find his way onto the field in 2010.

    His last good season was in 2007-08 and that was with Tom Brady throwing to him. Alex Smith is not Tom Brady. How is Moss going to react when Smith completes 17 passes a game. Half to Vernon Davis…Oh hello Mr. Slacker not running routes Moss….we`ve missed you.

    Bad signing.

  • Dcar – if the manning rumors are down to those two teams, why is Peyton meeting with the new coach of Miami, why is the Tennesee owner stating he wants Manning, and why are the Texans expressing interest? You like to take media speculation as fact and jump the gun. I know you hate me and don’t want to take advice but here it is anyway – cool it with jumping to conclusions. Only take news as news when it actually happens, not when media people speculate.

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