• May 17, 2022

Redskins Give Up Three #1’s For Robert Griffin III

The Eagles will be battling Robert Griffin III two times a year throughout his career because the Washington Redskins have agreed to a deal with the St. Louis Rams to acquire the second pick in this year’s draft.

The Redskins have agreed to give the Rams their first round pick in 2012, 2013 and 2014, plus their second pick in 2012 as well.  That’s a lot to give up and it could put Griffin in a position where he’s not playing with much talent around him.

Right now their offensive line is a joke.  Their receivers are nothing to write home about.  Their running game is shaky at best.  The defense is a question mark, plus the coaching staff itself with head coach Mike Shanahan hasn’t proven to be very effective.

Jeff Fisher and the Rams will have plenty of picks to use to put enough talent around Sam Bradford to give St. Louis a great to win a title.


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  • Muahahahahahahahahahahaha- only the redskins!!!!

  • WOW! Just when I thought Washington couldn’t get anymore stupid. With all of the needs these dopes have, they $#!t away 3 drafts in a row. Especially this year. This is the worst thing that could have happened to this kid. Shanahan is the most fraudulent, overrated coach in NFL history. This tells me with this trade of all those picks, & the amount of cap space that they have, they are going to be major playing in the FA market. Great trade for the Rams. Still get Blackmon, & have 2 high 2nd’s to get 2 more contributors. Nice! Good, now all of the BS of RG3 coming here can cease with the Manning nonsense.

  • Omg how could they give up so much .. They dont even have any weapons for him .. The colts should take him now lmfao..

  • Its never to much for a franchise QB. Who cares about #1 picks if you obtain a stud QB. They are 40 million under the cap and thier 1st round pick besides RG3 this year may be Vincent Jackson via FA. I would trade Danny Watkins, Brandon Graham, Maclin and Nate Allen for RG3 or Andrew Luck. Thats basically what they did. RG3 reminds me of a more mature and smarter Randall Cunningham who to this day I feel was the best QB in the Eagles modern day history.

  • You know what’s pathetic?

    History shows the Redskins will win a Superbowl again before the Eagles.

    Eagles are only good enough to stay competitive and while that keeps the fan base hoping, teams build from scratch to only leap frog over us and win it all.

    Eagles are losers in the grand scheme.

  • Look out for the Rams!!!!

  • Songs, dam you right enough said.

  • Songs,

    I have disagree with you for once. History show the skins will win 3 Super Bowls before the Eagles.

  • You know what people are acting like these are the last two franchise quarterbacks that will be drafted. Next year there will be more quarterbacks relax.

  • This move has Dan snyders fat sausage fingers all over it, with no o line an with a coach like shanahan, who will show little patience, this will hopefully be a disaster pick for the redskins

  • rams could have 2 top ten picks next year

  • Well it shows that they have the guts to take a chance.

  • it might look like a lot of picks but the Skins get a true franchise QB to run the organization for 10-15 years, whereas, the Eagles SUCK at drafting in round one……the Skins still have $35m in cap space to add players.
    Now the Eagles will face RG3 for the next 10 years with their crappy defense.

  • Glad to see who the Super Bowl champ is for the next ten years. Come on people, the eagles are still as good as anyone in their division including the giants. Sure rg3 will make likely make Washington better but they gave up a lot. They have proved year in year out fa is not friendly to them. And this is how they will have to build around rg3

  • They don’t have a first round pick till 2015 thats to much. They have to imrove thier team strictly through free agency and late round picks. Hey I wish them luck especially with the holes they have through out their team.

  • am I hearing things or did some eagles fan wish the redskins luck, I hope this move is a disaster its shaping up to for the redskins

  • You right my fault jake, I hope rg3 gets murdered. What was I thinking

  • I was excited about RG3 as a Heisman trophy winner and probable Cleveland QB who I thought could dethrone the rapist in Pittsburgh as best QB in the AFC North —- now I’ll never be a fan of his because he is a Redskin — the best I could hope for now is sour grape comments from Donovan McNabb and Jamie Dukes as the Shanahans ride RG3 coat tails as one of the best QB in the NFC in a couple years

  • Early NFC East for 2012

    #1) Redskins 9-7
    #2) Cowboys 8-8
    #3) NY Giants 8-8
    #4) Eagles 7-9

  • I guess the Eagles could always sign LaRon Landry to break RG3’s ribs to return the favor

  • The eagles could have traded for that #2 but they believe in Vick and there philosophy first before anything else, they think Vick can win a SB. Thats the truth of the matter. Thats why there not going after peyton manning and why they didnt trade for the #2.. they believe that Vick can get it done..

  • I like how people come on here and say the Skins will now win a SB over us because of this pick, its the same people that say we will never win with Vick because of his style of play, RG3 plays the same way morons! besides him being a couple inches taller than Vick hes SLOWER!

  • AndrewP –the Redskins have been the doormat of the division since Synder took ownership– RG3 ends that for the next 10 years and somebody replaces them as the doormat of the division

  • I bet the Skins win a SB within the next 5 seasons whereas the Eagles wont even get to one…. Reid and Roseman need to go before the Eagles ever win one… Eagles fan for 20 years and letting Roseman run the show is flat out stupid….the guy is playing fantasy football and not putting together a TEAM!

  • good luck defending RG3 for the next 10 years with an aging DL, sh!tty LBs and a makeshift secondary…. the Eagles past 3 drafts have given the Eagles nothing for the future on defense.

  • jott1972 – you mean jarrett, allen and graham can’t handle RG3

  • Eagles would never have traded that much for the 2nd pick & RG III
    and Peyton Manning has no interest in playing for the Eagles or any other NFC East Team or the NY Jets for he is not going to directly compete with Brother Eli

  • As we all know, the Eagles could use a LB, backup RB, Safety, The Colts just released 3 quality players at those positions that would be a perfect fit for us, Addai at RB, Brackett at LB, and Bullitt at Safety, it looks like that New GM that came from the Eagles is doing for us what Ed Wade did for the Phillies when he was the GM for the Astros LOL

  • Way too much to give up for a team that has so many holes. Good thing that he is so athletic, because he will be running for his life.

  • Redskins haven’t won jack with current ownership, stupid, foolish moves, Haynesworth, Bruce smith, Deion, mcnabb, now this, I’m laughing, redskins doomed, go birds

  • everyone can taalk about the redskins winning in the past all they want- the question remains… was this a goood trade? I really dont see how it could be. 3 years without a first is a LONG time. then again…. they do get the pick this year. so its really only 2 years without a first- still… its a lot.

  • We may all believe that the Redskins paid too much but Manning made public what I’m sure lots of competitive players think: the Redskins are a mess. The Skins have overpaid for years for players that came for the money, not the chance to get titles. With a marquee free agent like Manning publicly being “uninterested” in their money, it is a clear sign that the Skins needed to pay whatever the cost was to have the opportunity to select a potential stud that cannot say no. Every player drafted is potential stud/bust.

  • Not so fast guys. There are reports the Cleveland Browns were willing to offer the same package if not better to the Rams. Redskins acted fast on this one. I think when you look at Dallas, Eagles and NY if im the Redskins owner im sick of being last in this division. So they made a move and a very good one. Your future in Fred Davis, RGlll, Santana Moss and Roy Helu does not sounds like a bad connection to me.

  • On another note was anyone else shocked when they heard that Indy let go of Dallas Clark? I know he got hurt but mannnnn just last year he was a top 3 TE in the league. Its crazy how 1 year in the NFL can change everything. Should the Eagles or NYG be interested? I can see Andy Reid loving the two TE sets they run in New England and try to run something like it with Celek and Clark.

  • EaglesSuck, those players you mentioned were suppose to be real good with McNabb as their QB too, RG3 isnt coming in here next year and doing what Cam Newton did, thats a once in ever 15yrs thing he did (P. Manning was the last to put up those numbers in his rookie year,Marino before that) by the time RG3 gets comfortable playing in the NFL those players will be long gone, that team isnt going anywhere.

  • get vick a big receiver and i guarantee 10-6…. vick is underrated ..think about this, desean alone dropped what 4-5 touchdowns.. and vick had 4-5 tipped ints which usually doesnt happen… so instead of 18-14 td to int .. it should have been at least 22 -10 .. not to mention vick doesnt even have freinds anymore.. i like michael vick as our quarterback..

  • larrwd-

    its back to basics for this eagles team. they have all the talent in the world but if the WR’s drop everything, the qb throws to the wrong team, the entire D cant make a takle and the coach puts 6’9 guards in front of the 5’10 qb’s fav throwing lane… they cant do ANYTHING. I’m 100% with you. Get a guy at the WR position that can jump up and catch the ball at its highest point and we are rocking. I like Jmak but id love to see what he can do with crossing routes from the slot.

  • “I guess the Eagles could always sign LaRon Landry to break RG3′s ribs to return the favor”
    I like this Idea!!!

  • @ stevo and if you look a drew brees whos only 6 foot .. his recievers are 6’3 6’4 6’6 you can have a short quarterback and midget receivers.. we have the smallest receivers in the league the smallest linebackers and the softest corners…

  • QB Brees throws with an nice “arch” to his passes, VIck’s passes are like line-drives from a 3/4 arm angle which is why he gets so many tipped/deflected at the line of scrimmage. It’s the way Vick throws and when opposing D/Lineman time their jumps on the short to imtermediate routes, this will always be an issue with Vick..

  • still cant have your receivers be 5’10 5’11 6’0.. there needs to be contrast

  • No doubt, which is why I would like to see WR Riley COoper operate in the slot instead of the outside, He’s quick, big target and should be strong enough to take the hits that coming.. I would have Cooper compete with Avant for the slot spot and then go out and get a 6-4 outside WR whether it be Burress for the short-term or draft a big Wr, but this is one of the reasons the Eagles struggle in the Red-Zone for the smaller guys can’t get open or fight thru the traffic as well as a bigger WR could

  • Lesean McCoy stole 20 TDs from wide receivers which is a good thing

  • I would trade Maclin, Graham and Watkins for RG3 —- 3 first round draft picks

  • The Redskins just gave up the universe to draft a guy that no one had heard of before this year. Go Skins! Perhaps this will work out….guy seems to be well spoken. Good numbers. But always afraid of guys who come out of nowhere.

  • This could have the same effect for the Rams that that Hershel Walker trade had for the Cowboys. The Skins are not gonna be good next year, so they will have a pick in the top 15 plus their own.

    I would like to see this guy play 1 effin down in the NFL before he is anointed. And a SB for them in the next 5 years someone said. They are still the 4th best team in the division.

  • ***Report***
    The Falcons signed LB Lofa Tatupu. The Vikings released Guard Steve Hutchinson and CB Cedric Griffin.. Alot of guys getting dumped into FA…Brandon Jacobs hopes to sign with the jets keeping him in ny..

  • Hey Jott, brother Eagle lets keep it fair and on point. Other than three good seasons with Vermeil, the best thing that has happened win, lose or draw for the Eagles has been Lurie, Reid and the FO.

    Not making excuses for the short comings of the said gentlemen, just showing a degree of respect thats all. No matter how awsome our top five of all time defense was during the Reggie years those teams won jack crap who care if they didn’t have an offense, as a team they won nothing.

    Yet some guys sing high praise and glorious memories of those losing days and scourge a coach and team that has accomplished more with less.

    Any three winning seasons of Reid out performs any three seasons of any coach of the Eagles during the Superbowl era, so some of you get off your high horeses acting like you have won something in the past before Reid, we have won nothing, but Reid has gotten us closer than ANY FREAKING COACH this team has ever employed again during the superbowl area.

    Reid hasn’t won the big game, and if you want him gone for that I am down with you brothers, but please super fans look in the mirror before you walk down memory lane. Buddy Ryan my arse his defenses hit hard but he won us Jack Crap do you hear me boys nooooothing get over it!!!!

    If there is Karma in the univers sometimes I think it spurns us to spite us high minded Fans, so wronged by the best coach we have ever had during the Superbowl era. Karma is a witch Vermeil left Philly and won a superbowl, Reid won a superbowl in GB, came here and wow!

    As a Fan base thinketh, so it is!!!!

    Regardless of the coach my friends keep the faith in the Birds that our day will come inpsite of who is the Head Man.

  • Good points Andrewp. Perhaps they will attack free agency? make a splash for colston?

  • Vinnie, you weren’t scared of that bum, Kolb.

  • Monolith, you keep pointing out that these coaches won nothing, but isn’t that EXACTLY what Reid’s done? To make matters worse, it’s been 14 friggin years with him.

    If coming close makes you happy, great for you, but he hasn’t been close in a while and he won’t be close ever again. To make matters worse, he should have won, but he refused to get receivers and linebackers when we were close. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing worse than knowing we could have won, but didn’t.

    This bum Reid lost how many playoff games in which he was favored? It’s some kinda record, isn’t it? You’d better get over it, cause Reid sucks!

    I still love you, dude!

  • Did it cost the Eagles 3 firsts and a second to get him?

  • Stevo…Skins are going up 2 number 1’s…..They are swapping picks this year.

  • Songs, and…..are you that shortsighted that you just ooverlook 2 1rsts and 1 2nd rounder in the next few years? Wow, you got problems

  • For wahtever it’s worth,
    I think this is a good deal for trhe Redskins who have been mired in mediocrity for 10 years now and need a real Franchise QB.. Is RGIII the Answer, who knows, but they had to do something and with no other QB’s out there on the Market (Peyton Manning already told the Redksins he was not interested in joining them or any other team in the NFC East to directly compete with Eli) the Redksins decided to pul;l the trigger… Shannahan is in year 4 of a 5 year deal and want to grrom his son (OC Kyle) as the next HC of the Redksins.. This is the perfect opportunity for him and Kyle to get a promising young QB in and Coach him up to lead the Redksins back to a potential PLayoff Team.. I don’t see where they had much other choice..

  • Drum your right on all points brother, can’t argue any of that which you have said we are on point with that. My thing is that we sometimes act like he was the worst for us when in truth we was in fact the best we have ever had during the superbowl era that is, he is not what he was but don’t act like he never was, come on brothers that is arrogance on our part.

    Further arrogance is that someone owes us a Superbowl, they owe us the best effort every yearto get there and win thats all they owe us. Now I admit that the Eagles maybe guilty of not giving us the best effort on some seasons and I will stand with you on those complaints you are right on with that.

    Its like a man who had a hot wife, not as hot as the guy down the street but better than mostly all other wifes. The guy complains to himself and his buddies about how hot the guy down the street wife is, and why he couldn’t have a hotter wife. Now this guy’s wife puts on a few pounds and this guy goes on about how his wife has been a pig their whole marraige.

    You see the wife was not a pig the whole marraige, she recently put on the pounds, but she was one of the hottest wifes out, just not the hottest.

    Now if this guy wants to leave her for the weight gain and getting slack fine, but he would be silly to go ranting about how she has always been a pig.

    The point I was making was that outside of Reid and one stint with Vermeil you guys have never been really deep in the playoffs, never been to the conference champ, never been to the superbowl, rarely had back to back 11 plus seasons or triple seasons over 11 games.

    Yeah his teams coked the big ones, but mostly those teams that beat us went on to win the big dance or showed a stunning performance that confirmed why they were there and not us.

    The worst historians are the revisionist and the nagators…..those who look back and say what was never was; and those who look back and say what was was only becasue “Hey we played in a weak division, the conferance sucked,we got lucky, the coaches on ther teams were sub par yada yada yada”

    Not complain is not with the present complaints it is with the arrogant redition of our past, for some reason it irks mean and clouds my view of anything some guys say when they comment.

    Yeah I no, sorry for the novel brothers, but I am not an everyday man here so I get a long post credit. Right? haaaaaa you guys are funny, stay tuned brothers hopefully we will all have to eat our words on Reid this season when we win that Bowl game.

    Finally I want us to win the Bowl, for all you loyal Eagle fans, but at this point I want Reid to win one also.

    Peace brothers!!!!!

  • The Redskins get 1 pick and gave up 4.

    So there is a net lost of two 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder

    A few of the eagles recent 1st round picks from 2001 -2010

    Freddie Mitchell – good hands, contributed
    Jerome McDougal – complete bust
    Shawn Andrews- nut case
    Broderick Bunkley – never got penetration – average
    Brandon Graham – contributed nothing

    A great QB can be the foundation of a francise for the next 12 years.

    With free agency and their remaining draft picks, the redskins can put a winner on the field.

    I thought redskins were stupid for letting McNabb go, but since he stunk up the joint in Minnesota, I like the courage they showed to let a bum go, no matter what his resume.

    Now that the Giants have won 2 superbowls during the Andy Reid era, let’s hope the Redskins can lay a foundation for success for the next decade.

    Then we will have more excuses for why Andy Reid has not won a superbowl and keep him for another 5 years. As long as he stays competitive and promises “to do a better job of putting the players in a better position to win.”

    Whether they succeed or not. The Redskin Owner really does want to win a Superbowl.

    Jeffrey Loser just wants to win enough games to keep fans buying merchandise, and tickets.

  • BSM – actually, check profootballtalk.com… the Redskins are also being docked millions by the league out of their salary cap because of how they mismanaged last year – as opposed your favorite front office – the Eagles. Same goes for the Cowboys.

    BSM, again, you have the right to be frustrated, but you don’t have the right to say stupid shit – “Jeffery (Lurie) just wants to win enough games to keep fans buying merchandise, and tickets. YOU STUPID STUPID MAN. Winning a superbowl is by all means the BEST thing an owner can do to keep fans buying merch and tix. If you think otherwise, get your head checked. And the Eagles HAVE spent money. They HAVE traded draft pickst before – they’ve been criticized for both, but don’t act like they are dormant or timid in free agency or draft trades because that just demonstrates that your point of view disregards one key element: REALITY.

    Yeah, sit there and root for the Redskins to fuel your Reid/front office hate. Because it’s clear you’ve become a much bigger Eagles front office hater than an Eagles fan. Sad, really really pathetic.

  • THis is an interesting move given Shannahan’s disdain for “Super Star” QBs ever since Elway. I almost wonder if this is more Snyder and the GM and their line up a future without the Shannahans?

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